League Cup: Manchester City v West Ham

Live text commentary as Man City thrash West Ham in the first leg of their Capital One Cup semi-final.

8 January 2014 Last updated at 18:30 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 2253: 

    That's a wrap then for us, on another very turbulent and entertaining evening in the Capital One Cup.

    We'll be back at the weekend when the Premier League returns. Will Big Sam be joining us?

  2. 2250: 

    Barcelona wrap up a 4-0 win over Getafe then, with Lionel Messi grabbing the headlines. He's back!

  3. 2249: 

    Lionel Messi again! Wow, what a few minutes for the little genius! He scores a sensational second, running at the Getafe defence, beating a man to come inside and thump home.

  4. 2248: 

    And Lionel Messi then bends a fine free-kick into the side-netting from 25 yards! Lovely effort that.

  5. 2246: 

    Lionel Messi is back! He scores with two minutes to go in Barcelona's Copa del Ray tie with Getafe, a tap-in with his left foot. He doesn't miss those.

  6. 2245: 

    Is Jermain Defoe really going to sign for Toronto?If he does he'll be playing alongside the likes of Steven Caldwell and Richard Eckersley.

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    Michael Grainger: Let's face it Arsenal and Spurs both got a pasting. MCFC are a force to be reckoned with when they get on the go.

    Mark Adamson: Crystal Palace's side cost roughly the same as West Ham's and they didn't get turned over like that. Too many excuses Sam.

    James Sanders: I'm fed up with the excuses, be 'Big' Sam for once and accept some responsibility. There's been no passion for a while.

    PLAYER REACTION- Man City 6-0 West Ham
    Alvaro Negredo and Pablo Zabaleta

    Manchester City defender Pablo Zabaleta: Congratulations to my friend for the hat-trick!!!!

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    Martin from London: Big Sam's line about about MCFC's cash simple does not and should not wash. Look at the performance of Palace at the Etihad. Played with passion and unlucky to go down 1-0.

    Liam, Birmingham: If Big Sam's claims that the price of the two squads is a relevant issue, then surely the fact that he is 13th highest paid manager in world football should mean he has the skills to do something about it?


    Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany: Couldn't have done any better today. City 6 - 0 West Ham.

  11. 2230: 

    Tottenham Hotspur striker Jermain Defoe is poised to sign for Major League Soccer side Toronto FC, according to reports from Canada.

    The MLS club posted messages on their website and Twitter account warning fans to expect "a bloody big deal".

    Could be a two-for-one on junior kits though couldn't it?

  12. 2227: 
    MORE FROM BIG SAM- Man City 6-0 West Ham
    Sam Allardyce

    West Ham boss Sam Allardyce: "When City have got such quality as they've got we cannot near them, we tried to get near them, they laid the ball off with one touch. Their quality and awareness, the availability of players - you think our players are not trying but they are, but the quality of opposition is that good.

    "When you buy some of world's most outstanding players it is as simple as that.

    "Their squad is far better than ours, we have not got a full squad but even if we had we might have been beaten but I do not think would have lost 6-0."

  13. 2225:  
    Former Manchester City defender Danny Mills on BBC Radio 5 liveMan City 6-0 West Ham

    "All credit to the West Ham fans they have been brilliant tonight. The players have gone over and the fans would be within their right to not clap them but they have been bigger than that and I applaud them. Some of those players put more effort in going over to the fans at the end of the game than they put in during the game and that's what bothers me."

  14. 2222: 

    The great one, Lionel Messi, has just made his return from injury for Barcelona. His first touch is understandably greeted with cheers as Barca lead Getafe 2-0 in the Copa del Rey.

  15. 2221:  
    Former Manchester City defender Danny Mills on BBC Radio 5 liveMan City 6-0 West Ham

    "This is the time for senior players to be brave and take responsibility - you are going to make mistakes because you are playing against world class players but you have to have the courage to get on the ball, try to get something and that's not happening at the moment and I don't know why."

  16. 2220: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Man City 6-0 West Ham

    More from West Ham manager Sam Allardyce: "Because of the loss of our defenders, the goals have started to come thick and fast. Our best team simply wasn't good enough against Manchester City.

    "You have to give them credit for what an outstanding side they are. Our players were running to try and stop them but because of their skills and abilities they couldn't get near them."

    (The owners backing him) "They really mean it because we keep talking and communicating. We are actively communicating between each other on the injured front and trying to bring players into the club."

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    Wolffy: West Ham fans right to call for Big Sam's head but they must be deluded if they think Paolo Di Canio is the answer!

    Ross Parker: I know Allardyce's style is much maligned but he can get results in a relegation scrap. If West Ham sack him, they WILL go down.

  18. 2216: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Man City 6-0 West Ham
    Sam Allardyce

    West Ham boss Sam Allardyce: "We came in the hope we could do something like performing to our best but we fell foul to a Man City with simply great quality and great talent. Our players could not cope with that.

    "However hard they tried, and they did, was not good enough to stop the quality and talents Man City have bought on the finance that is available to them.

    "On the finishing front it was a lesson of outstanding finishing throughout the game."

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    Tony Cocozza, London: Excuses, excuses. Instead of lamenting the injuries how about making some decent signings! Does he know the window is open?

    Harry, Tonbridge (Season ticket holder as of yesterday): Forget all of the bad results, poor tactical decisions. Allardyce has to go for the simple reason of playing Maiga and Jarvis week in week out. Two of the worst players to grace the Premier League.

  20. 2214: 

    Sam Allardyce keeps repeating the line that his side cost a fraction of Manchester City's and were outclassed. Does that address the manner of his side's defeat?

  21. 2209: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Man City 6-0 West Ham

    West Ham manager Sam Allardyce: "They are a side who have outstanding players because they spend outstanding money. What do you expect when you have free transfers against players who cost millions and millions?

    "Let's face the fact, City have a miles better squad and are on miles better money. For us it is about not letting the players get too low."

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    Steve in Hornchurch, via text: Just read Julian Dicks article. Very true words from a West Ham legend who gave his all. If he was out there tonight he would of rallied the team and pointed to the huge West Ham support to remind the team why they are wearing a West Ham shirt.

    Stuart in Chelmsford, via text: So so poor. Encouraging my 4 & 6 year old sons to follow another club. Despicable by all at the club.

    Bun, via text: The West Ham Players should be ashamed of themselves, hard working honest fans pay a lot of money to travel and watch them! They should refund each and everyone of them, absolute disgrace!!

  23. 2208: 
    Man City 6-0 West Ham

    Sam Allardyce is not exactly holding his hands up to this one, he keeps insisting that Manchester City have beaten many teams heavily this season...

  24. 2207: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Man City 6-0 West Ham
    Sam Allardyce

    West Ham manager Sam Allardyce: "It's not unique to us is it? Manchester City have done this to Tottenham and Manchester United. We knew they had to have an off night and they didn't, their finishing was outstanding in every sense of the word.

    "We've got a struggling defensive unit and they are low on confidence. Roger Johnson did a good job. We haven't got a fully fit squad and we are in a hole and we need to dig ourselves out."

  25. 2205: 
    Man City 6-0 West Ham

    Here's Big Sam...

  26. 2203: 

    Sometimes playing in goal can be a lonely, lonely place. You have to feel for West Ham keeper Adrian tonight, he made some fine saves.

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    Adamski: The fact Maiga, Downing, Diarra got a game after the Forest match shows Big Sam has lost it.

    Richard Powell: Allardyce looked like McClaren, but without the umbrella! His bubble has burst and his dreams have faded and died

    Simon Smith: Good job Big Sam, now you can rest some more players for the second leg

  28. 2157: 

    West Ham travel to Cardiff on Saturday, where a win could take them level on points with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's men.

    After that it's Big Sam's old club Newcastle at home on 18 January, followed by this now dead second leg against City and then Chelsea away on Wednesday 29 January, two days before the close of the transfer window.

  29. 2154: 
    FULL-TIME STATS- Man City 6-0 West Ham
    Manchester City v West Ham

    There are lies, there are damn lies, and there are statistics. But even these (32 shots!) don't really do justice to the extent of Manchester City's dominance this evening. I'd like to see how many tackles were made by West Ham.

  30. 2153: 

    Still no sign of Sam Allardyce. I get the feeling we may be in for a long wait to be honest...

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    Anonymous via text: It's time for Sullivan & Gold to clear out the spineless, overpaid excuses for players. Allardyce must lock the dressing room door and give the lot of them a right rollicking, then resign. Who will want to come to West Ham and manage this bunch of overpaid wimps with no pride for our club. GUTTED.

    Matt in Saffron Walden, via text: Been a Hammer for 40 years. Never been deterred by the team not being good enough, but there's no spirit left in them, or Allardyce. If SA doesn't do the decent thing after this, then that's it for me.

  32. 2150: 

    Julian Dicks talking as hard as he tackled there...

  33. 2150: 
    Man City 6-0 West Ham
    Joe Cole

    Former West Ham defender Julian Dicks on BBC Radio 5 live: "Man City are a great side but the least you expect from your players as a supporter is to work hard and give 100%.

    "It costs supporters a fortune to go to Manchester City and it was a case of players not giving a flying monkeys how they performed. The work rate over the last half a dozen games has been disgraceful

    "We all have bad games and make mistakes but what you expect every single game is to give 100%. To watch some of them play is embarrassing.

    "I cannot see a way how Sam Allardyce can continue, they got beat 5-0 by Forest and 6-0 at City and I can understand how the fans feel. The football is not good."

  34. 2149:  
    Former Manchester City defender Danny Mills on BBC Radio 5 liveMan City 6-0 West Ham

    "I don't think being out-classed is the problem tonight. For me it was the sheer lack of effort. After being battered by Forest you would expect them to come here and the senior players should put a shift in and show the younger players how difficult it is to get in to the first team but they didn't show anything."

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    Andrew: Big Sam is in BIG trouble.

    Unhappy Supporter, Surrey: BIG embarrassment BIG humiliation BIG hiding so BIG Sam has got to GO!!!!!! BIG

  36. 2147: 
    MANAGER REACTION- Man City 6-0 West Ham

    Manchester City boss Manuel Pellegrini: "It was a brilliant performance. It doesn't matter if we were two, three or four up we kept playing the same way, always looking for more goals.

    "Alvaro Negredo had a great match, he was the link between the strikers and midfield but Edin Dzeko was great too. They are not used to playing together but they are getting better all the time."

  37. 2145:  
    Former Manchester City defender Danny Mills on BBC Radio 5 liveMan City 6-0 West Ham

    "West Ham have some massive games coming up, they could be completely doomed by the end of January if they don't pick up at least one win. In between the league games they have the non-event which is the second leg of this semi-final. City were excellent tonight but West Ham were just woeful. "

  38. 2144: 
    PLAYER REACTION- Man City 6-0 West Ham
    Edin Dzeko

    Manchester City striker Edin Dzeko: "We are getting better all the time. It's not easy to win 5-0 at home against a Premier League team but we did.

    "Was it 6-0? Oh."

  39. 2140: 
    Man City 6-0 West Ham

    Edin Dzeko trots out the old 'it's not over yet' line as he faces the TV cameras. His massive grin as he says so rather gives the game away though.

  40. 2138: 
    FULL-TIME- Crawley 1-2 Bristol Rovers

    Goals in the last 10 minutes from Elliot Richards and John-Joe O'Toole secure a third round tie at Birmingham City for Bristol Rovers.

  41. 2136: 
    Man City 6-0 West Ham

    Alvaro Negredo gobbles up the matchball as Carlton Cole and Joe Cole leads the West Ham players over to the hardy fans in the away end where they are met by a mixed reaction, with some applause back and some pointing.

  42. 2135: 
    FULL-TIME- Man City 6-0 West Ham

    Six and out. That's that one done and dusted. What next for West Ham and Big Sam?

  43. 2135: 
    Man City 6-0 West Ham
    West Ham boss Sam Allardyce

    Samir Nasri has a chance for seven but doesn't catch his shot as Big Sam stands forlornly in his technical area.

  44. 2133: 
    GOAL- Crawley 1-2 Bristol Rovers - John-Joe O'Toole (90 mins)

    What a turnaround for Bristol Rovers! Former Watford man John-Joe O'Toole surely sends the League Two side in the third round with a near-post finish.

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    Mike in Colchester, via text: The most embarrassing side we have ever had , please please don't give Allardyce any money in Jan , just the sack !!!! At least when we were relegated in 2003 we had some players!! Perhaps we should stick to athletics in the new stadium ?

    Johnny in Bradford, via text: West Ham need Malky Mackay to salvage their season. Cardiff's loss would certainly prove to be their salvation.

  46. 2132: 
    GOAL- Man City 6-0 West Ham - Edin Dzeko (89 mins)

    No, it's not back-to-back 5-0 defeats as City get their sixth. Aleksandar Kolarov cuts the ball back and Edin Dzeko sends a left-footed missile right into the top corner. Pick that one out!

  47. 2131: 
    Man City 5-0 West Ham

    Stewart Downing spanks a cross into the stands and tries to hide under his shirt as he lifts it over his head. There's nowhere to hide at times like this for West Ham's players, it's two 5-0 defeats in a few days.

  48. 2130: 
    FINAL FIVE- Man City 5-0 West Ham

    Manchester City fans can probably start planning for a trip to Wembley on Sunday, 2 March. Get the date booked off work.

    Into the last five minutes now.

  49. 2130: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Crawley 1-1 Bristol Rovers

    Bristol Rovers almost come from behind to grab a late winner as captain Tom Parkes strikes the post with an overhead kick.

    Robbie Fowler, Former Liverpool, Leeds and England strikerJoin the debate at #bbcfootball

    "Getting reminded West Ham beat Bury 10-0 once... So this game ain't over yet."

  51. 2127: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Man City 5-0 West Ham

    Another fine save from Adrian - who has made a few, despite the scoreline - keeps out Edin Dzeko. Fine stop that one, one-handed and right in the corner.

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    James Keeling: This is not just about 2 appalling results for West Ham. Sam Allardyce has sucked the soul and the spirit out of the club.

    Jonnie Horden: 18-1 were the odds for West Ham beating Man City tonight. Turns out it was also a prediction of the final score. #ouch

    Jonathan Burrows: Is this time now for Di Canio to get his dream job until end of season as interim his love for the club might keep them up.

  53. 2126: 
    Man City 5-0 West Ham

    Will Sam Allardyce be in charge for West Ham's match in Cardiff on Saturday? If the fans are finally turning maybe not. Or does this defeat not really count?

  54. 2125: 
    GOAL- Crawley 1-1 Bristol Rovers - Elliot Richards (83 mins)

    Crawley are punished after they fail to clear a corner and Elliot Richards is on hand to smash the ball home from 16 yards. The rain resumes.

  55. 2124:  
    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at the EtihadMan City 5-0 West Ham

    "The first serious signs of dissent are coming from West Ham United's fans as they chant loudly - and colourfully - against Sam Allardyce. They have shown remarkable patience and support tonight but have every right to feel betrayed by what they have seen from their team."

  56. 2123: 
    Man City 5-0 West Ham

    Alvaro Negredo dries himself with a towel on the sidelines as we enter the final 10 minutes. I'm not sure that he broke into a sweat to be honest, despite scoring a hat-trick.

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    Stav in London, via text: Only the fans can come away with any credit. Players just rolled over and played dead. Shocking capitulation. Fans will go down fighting. But where does Sam go from here?

    John in Tunbridge Wells, via text: I've defended Allardyce to my friends but now enough is enough wasted money, no fight on the pitch. Gold and Sullivan we need Redknapp back RIGHT NOW!

    Mike in Bristol, via text: I can't believe West Ham have turned up and shown no effort whatsoever. It's shocking. There's a big problem at Upton Park and it's not Allardyce. Oh, Olympic Stadium next season. In the Championship mind you.

  58. 2121: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Man City 5-0 West Ham

    Alvaro Negredo will have to give up at three, he's coming off and Aleksandar Kolarov is on, while West Ham also make a change as Razvan Rat takes the place of Joey O'Brien.

  59. 2120: 
    FA CUP LATEST- Crawley 1-0 Bristol Rovers

    Into the last 15 minutes at the Checkatrade.com Stadium with little to keep either keeper busy in the second half.

    The reward for the winners is a third round tie away to Birmingham City next Wednesday.

  60. 2119: 
    Man City 5-0 West Ham
    Edin Dzeko (third left) looks on after scoring for Manchester City

    Andy makes a good point there. That child who was in tears at the City Ground has been invited to watch a home game at Upton Park in the directors' box by West Ham. Is there no end to the cruelty? Why not give him a free season ticket while you're at it...

  61. 2119: 
    NOT A HAPPY HAMMER?- Man City 5-0 West Ham

    Embarrassing, humiliating, abysmal…that's how the BBC 5 live team at the Etihad have described West Ham at various points during the evening. Anything to add Hammers fans? Call 0500909693 or text 85058 for a post-match discussion on 5 live.

    Text us on 81111

    Andy in Mansfield: I hope that little boy who cried his eyes out on Sunday is fast asleep in bed ready for school tomorrow and not watching this game! He'll be on anti depressants at this rate!

  63. 2117: 
    Man City 5-0 West Ham

    I think City may have declared at five, there's a noticeable drop in tempo from the hosts. West Ham have a free-kick in a decent area now though which Roger Johnson is standing over. Interesting.

  64. 2115: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Man City 5-0 West Ham

    Debut for City - as number 64 Marcos Lopes replaces David Silva. Absolutely no pressure on this debut, just pick which West Ham player's shirt you want to take home as a memento...

  65. 2116: 

    Lionel Messi could make his return for Barcelona tonight - he has been out injured since November but is on the bench for their cup match against Getafe, which started at 2100 GMT.

    The Argentine has not been missed so far this evening - with Cesc Fabregas giving his team an early lead after getting on the end of a cross from Pedro.

  66. 2115:  
    Former Manchester City defender Danny Mills on BBC Radio 5 liveMan City 5-0 West Ham

    "We have seen Manchester City take teams apart here but at least those teams have put up a fight. You can't say City have been amazing and torn West Ham apart, yes they have been good but West Ham have contributed to their own downfall."

    You can listen to full 90 minute commentary on BBC Radio 5 live and online.

  67. 2113: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Man City 5-0 West Ham

    A superb save from Adian prevents the sixth! Samir Nasri floats in a ball from the edge of the area - unchallenged, naturally - and Edin Dzeko smashes in a header, down into the corner, but Adrian gets down really well to push it clear.

  68. 2109: 
    Man City 5-0 West Ham

    Do we reckon there are any West Ham fans who are at tonight's game who were also at the City Ground on Sunday? Not often you see back-to-back 5-0 hammerings, even as a Northampton fan.

    Martin Demichelis is playing in midfield for Manchester City by the way. Martin Scorsese would do alright at the moment.

  69. 2108: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Man City 5-0 West Ham
    Yaya Toure scores for Manchester City

    Yaya Toure is given 25 minutes off, as Martin Demichelis takes his place. Vincent Kompany into midfield?

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    Nick in Bristol, via text: I actually want this to be 8-0 now, at least then Allardyce would surely have to go.

  71. 2107: 
    Man City 5-0 West Ham

    Still no changes for the home side - but as I say that Martin Demichelis is warming up on the sidelines. I don't know why Manuel Pellegrini is bringing a defender on.


    Former West Ham striker John Hartson: This must be hard to take for West Ham fans it's bordering on shambolic .Their punters deserve so much better.


    Opta Joe: 15 - Alvaro Negredo has scored 15 goals in 15 appearances in all competitions at home for Manchester City this term. Relentless.

  74. 2106: 
    Man City 5-0 West Ham

    Tickets are still available for the second leg...

  75. 2105:  
    Former Manchester City defender Danny Mills on BBC Radio 5 liveMan City 5-0 West Ham

    "You have to ask is there a problem in this West Ham team team? Just looking at Sam Allardyce's face, it's very, very solemn.

    "It's the same old story. Ball played into the box and not a single tackle made."

  76. 2103: 
    Crawley 1-0 Bristol Rovers
    Jamie Proctor

    Approaching the hour mark in the FA Cup second-round replay and Jamie Proctor's first half header still separates the sides.

  77. 2103: 
    GOAL- Man City 5-0 West Ham - Edin Dzeko (60 mins)

    It's so, so easy. It really is.

    Samir Nasri has the freedom of the Etihad to pick out a pass, he finds David Silva who flicks it out to Gael Clichy on the left. His low cross is well measured and Edin Dzeko slides it in at the near post. There is still half an hour left...

  78. 2101: 
    Man City 4-0 West Ham

    There has been little reaction from the West Ham team since that fourth goal went in. Big Sam had the vote of confidence from his chairmen just the other day and maybe they expected to get beat tonight, but is the big man under real pressure now?

    Cardiff away at the weekend could be decisive.

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    Jess from Balham, via text: West Ham need to up their game if they want some respect. it is a shame to see them give up so easily....they need to remind themselves what they are playing for and fight for every single ball!!

    Jim in Stalybridge, via text: Can't see Man City settling for scoring less goals than Nottingham Forest, against West Ham.

    Tony Coco from London, via text: No matter how good the opposition, you don't capitulate like this. It is unacceptable again.

  80. 2059: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Man City 4-0 West Ham

    West Ham make another change but it's not Pele, Messi or Maradona unfortunately for them. Alou Diarra is the man on in place of Mark Noble.

  81. 2059:  
    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at the EtihadMan City 4-0 West Ham

    "West Ham's fans - showing great humour considering this humiliation - start the Poznan, which is then taken up by Manchester City's fans. Manchester City clearly have the superior talent but West Ham have shown a total lack of passion. They have barely thrown a tackle in. This is now almost like an exhibition game."

  82. 2057: 
    CLOSE!- Man City 4-0 West Ham
    Alvaro Negredo celebrates scoring for Manchester City

    City fans are 'doing the Poznan' as they celebrate with over half an hour to go here. Norwich were hit for seven remember, Spurs and Arsenal shipped six...

    Edin Dzeko almost hits number five from 20 yards, firing over, before Dzeko goes down in the area and is confronted by Joey O'Brien. Calm down lads, calm down.

  83. 2055:  
    Former Manchester City defender Danny Mills on BBC Radio 5 liveMan City 4-0 West Ham

    "That was absolutely sublime but it's just too easy. Nobody gets a tackle in, no one is marking Negredo and he can go off now because he has done his job.

    "If there is no reaction from the West Ham players in the final 40 minutes of this game then it could be a very difficult time for the board of West Ham United and Sam Allardyce. If I was one of the owners then the rest of this game would define everything for me and determine what happens."

    You can listen to full 90 minute commentary on BBC Radio 5 live and online.

  84. 2054: 
    CLOSE!- Man City 4-0 West Ham

    Yaya Toure lines it up, at the end of the Etihad where he has scored all those free-kicks already this season, but whips this one just over the top. Nearly five...

  85. 2053: 
    Man City 4-0 West Ham

    Manchester City have a free-kick now right on the edge of the area...

  86. 2051: 
    GOAL- Man City 4-0 West Ham - Alvaro Negredo HAT-TRICK (49 mins)

    Yep, more goals and more pain for West Ham. Manchester City have a corner, it's half cleared and when David Silva's shot is half blocked, Alvaro Negredo is able to plant a left-footed curler into the far corner. Sublime finishing from the Spaniard.

  87. 2049: 
    Man City 3-0 West Ham

    What's a par score from here for Manchester City? Will they settle for 3-0 or go for some more goals? My guess is the latter.

  88. 2047: 
    KICK-OFF- Man City 3-0 West Ham

    Edin Dzeko finds Alvaro Negredo from the kick-off, and we are away in the second half.

  89. 2046: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Man City 3-0 West Ham

    Half-time change for the Hammers, as Carlton Cole is on in place of Modibo Maiga. Go on Carlton son...

    Text us on 81111

    Joe in Sussex, via text: Come on guys! Allardyce has few players to pick from and you have to blame the ones that are on the pitch. On paper this side should not be relegation candidates with 'Jussi, Cole, Nolan, Noble, Downing, Carroll' at least. Surely Allardyce can't take the blame?! And they were never down to win this match either let's face it!

    Steve from Guildford, via text: It's devastating to see no desire or determination from the players, they should be demonstrating at least some professionalism by at least playing for pride and the badge on the shirt, can't say I blame big Sam.

  91. 2042:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveWEST BROM LATEST

    BBC Radio 5 live reporter Pat Murphy reports that West Brom are expected to name their new manager within 24 hours, but he does not expect it to be Dave Jones or Thomas Schaaf, who wants to join Schalke in the summer. The plot thickens at The Hawthorns.

    Text us on 81111

    Julian in Framlingham, via text: This Manchester City team scare me, a lot. If I were Barcelona I'd be worried, very worried. They've got a leaky defence and I can't see them being able to live with the sheer size and strength of City.

    Simon in Harrogate, via text: As a Sunderland fan, after last night's performance and the shambles that is West Ham tonight, I'm feeling a lot more confident about our survival chances.

    Tom in London, via text: That 2-1 win against Spurs in the quarters may prove to be the most unwanted win of the season for the Hammers. This is the last thing they need.

  93. 2039: 
    Man City 3-0 West Ham

    Lest we forget, there is still a second leg of this tie to come. So maybe, just maybe, West Ham can have a chance if they get one back in the second half here.

    Anyone with me on that one?

  94. 2037:  
    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at the EtihadMan City 3-0 West Ham

    "Manchester City have not even been close to top gear but have still had enough to embarrass this dreadful West Ham side. The second leg won't have too much tension about it at this rate. What can Sam Allardyce possibly say to players performing as lamentably as that?"

  95. 2036: 
    Man City 3-0 West Ham

    This is universally scathing stuff. Is there anybody out there who thinks West Ham are doing alright?

  96. 2036:  
    Former Manchester City defender Danny Mills on BBC Radio 5 liveMan City 3-0 West Ham

    "It would only be City's complacency in the second half that would be the reason why City don't score five or six.

    "West Ham have to fight and show some passion. If you are not good enough, you are not good enough. But at least work hard."

    You can listen to full 90 minute commentary on BBC Radio 5 live and online.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball
    Yaya Toure

    Andy McNamara: No need to worry about keeping players fresh now. Out of both cups now. Will managers learn that momentum is more important?

    Jon Horton-Bussey: No passion or desire, absolutely gutless. This will hit double figures and Sam will still have a job no doubt.

    Ryan Mould: If West Ham continue to play like this, might see 7 or 8 picked up out of the net. Pathetic defending.

  98. 2035: 
    HALF-TIME STATS- Man City 3-0 West Ham
    Man City

    Fourteen shots on goal and they've only scored three? Rubbish from Manchester City. Rubbish...

  99. 2034: 
    HALF-TIME- Crawley 1-0 Bristol Rovers

    Jamie Proctor's 15th-minute header is the difference between the two sides.

    The reward for the winner is a trip to Birmingham City in the third round of the FA Cup.

  100. 2033:  
    Former Manchester City defender Danny Mills on BBC Radio 5 liveMan City 3-0 West Ham

    "I do feel a little bit sorry for Sam Allardyce. Players have to take responsibility, we may not all be great players but we can all work hard.

    "I'm not sure whether Sam Allardyce has thrown tea cups this season but if he hasn't now is the time. I hope they have a sound proof room, he has the right to absolutely hit the roof at half time."

    You can listen to full 90 minute commentary on BBC Radio 5 live and online.


    West Brom defender Steven Reid: Bet Roger Johnson wishes he delayed signing for a couple more days

  102. 2033: 
    HALF-TIME- Man City 3-0 West Ham
  103. 2031: 
    SHOT ON TARGET!- Man City 3-0 West Ham

    Mohamed Diame does at least give Costel Pantilimon a touch with a floated shot from 30 yards which is straight at the Romanian keeper. City should play Vincent Kompany has a fly keeper...

    Text us on 81111

    Matt, City fan, via text: Wouldn't surprise me if Pantilimon leaves his gloves in the changing room for the second half, certainly aren't needed.

    Jeff Legg in London, via text: It's lucky for West Ham that Andy Carroll is a much better centre back than he is a forward. He's never lost an aerial battle while defending a corner!

    Dal in London, via text: West Ham are awful in absolutely every area. Toure was allowed to just waltz in to their area completely unchallenged. I fully expect this game to become an exhibition match. Just a shame City can't field their under 21s for the return leg.

  105. 2029:  
    Former Manchester City defender Danny Mills on BBC Radio 5 liveMan City 3-0 West Ham

    "It is almost embarrassing. Manchester City are playing ole football. It is ridiculous. West Ham simply don't look interested in closing the ball down."

    You can listen to full 90 minute commentary on BBC Radio 5 live and online.

  106. 2029:  
    BBC Chief Football writer Phil McNulty at the EtihadMan City 3-0 West Ham

    "It took West Ham manager Sam Allardyce 39 minutes to leave his seat and venture into the technical area - and he was on his feet in time to watch Yaya Toure make it 3-0.

    "The defending - or lack of it - was nothing short of pathetic. We are already into 'ironic chants from their own supporters' territory for West Ham when two passes are strung together. Embarrassing."

  107. 2029: 
    Man City 3-0 West Ham

    I thought the second half of West Ham's 5-0 defeat at Forest was bad, but this display is even worse if anything. Manchester City may be a brilliant side and all but unstoppable at home, but West Ham are letting them play. Yaya Toure may as well have his pipe and slippers on.

  108. 2028: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Crawley 1-0 Bristol Rovers

    Approaching half time and John Joe O'Toole is denied a Bristol Rovers equaliser after a close range save from Paul Jones inside the six yard box.

    Alvaro Negredo (right) celebrates scoring for Manchester City

    Opta Joe: 6 - West Ham have conceded two or more goals in each of their last six matches in all competitions. Leaky.

  110. 2026: 
    Man City 3-0 West Ham

    Yaya Toure's knee injury looks OK now though. Still five minutes left of this half for West Ham to see out.

  111. 2026:  
    Former Manchester City defender Danny Mills on BBC Radio 5 liveMan City 3-0 West Ham

    "You cannot allow a player to run all that way. No one attempts to make a tackle. He has got three players around him. That is awful defending. That is schoolboy basics.

    "It is appalling from West Ham's point of view. You have to feel sorry for West Ham fans. They have travelled in their numbers on a miserable night and the players simply aren't good enough."

  112. 2024: 
    GOAL- Man City 3-0 West Ham - Yaya Toure (40 mins)

    Dear oh dear oh dear! Yaya Toure scores a third goal but he is almost invited to. He picks the ball up in the centre circle and Roger Johnson just retreats and retreats, backing off all the way to the edge of the area without making a challenge. Alvaro Negredo is on for a pass but Toure takes the selfish option, thumping past a bewildered Adrian.

  113. 2022: 
    Man City 2-0 West Ham

    Pablo Zabaleta ends another spell of pressure with a low cross which is just about hooked over the top by a white shirt, West Ham in disarray. Those bookies maybe knew what they were doing...

  114. 2021: 
    CLOSE!- Man City 2-0 West Ham

    It should be three! Samir Nasri beats three or four men all too easily, waltzing past some half-hearted challenges before unselfishly laying the ball off to Edin Dzeko, but the number 10 leans back and rifles a shot high over the top from 15 yards.

    This could get very ugly for West Ham if they don't tighten up.

  115. 2020:  
    Former Manchester City defender Danny Mills on BBC Radio 5 liveMan City 2-0 West Ham

    "West Ham have got to get tighter if they are to have any chance of getting back into this game.

    "We often say it is like watching a training session and it is. It is almost as though West Ham have too much respect against their senior peers, which is ridiculous.

    "This is not the performance you expect from a Sam Allardyce team."

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball
    Alvaro Negredo celebrates scoring for Manchester City

    Richard Powell: Wow! Fetch that one out! Bad news for Big Sam as Man City look right up for this.

    Andy Donnan: West Ham are absolutely dire all over the pitch. Andy Carroll won't be able to help out the defence. Big Sam out.

    James Dale: Can West Ham just call off the second leg? They really don't need such a pointless game after this.

  117. 2018: 
    CLOSE!- Crawley 1-0 Bristol Rovers

    There's half an hour gone in the FA Cup second round replay and David Clarkson is denied an equaliser for the visitors after heading a rebound into the side-netting.

  118. 2016: 
    Man City 2-0 West Ham
    Man City v West Ham

    As opening half hours go, this has been right up there from Manchester City. Two-nil up, completely dominant with their goalkeeper reading the paper in his penalty area. Big Sam's claim before kick-off that a draw would be 'a great result' looks bang on now.

  119. 2016: 

    Will we see the return of Lionel Messi tonight? The Argentine has been out since November but is on the bench for tonight's Copa del Rey tie against Getafe. That match starts at 2100 GMT.

  120. 2015:  
    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at the EtihadMan City 2-0 West Ham

    "Gallows humour from West Ham's supporters in the face of adversity but this is shaping up to be a horribly long night if this carries on. Manchester City look in the mood to put this Capital One Cup semi-final to bed inside 90 minutes."

  121. 2014:  
    Former Manchester City defender Danny Mills on BBC Radio 5 liveMan City 2-0 West Ham

    "What a fantastic finish. Another great ball, right through the middle of the defence, it was far far too easy. I thought his touch was a little bit heavy but as he was sliding he angled it into top corner. Absolutely magnificent.

    "Negredo has all the attributes of a top Premier League striker. Pace, power and he can finish."

  122. 2012: 
    Man City 2-0 West Ham

    What a season Alvaro Negredo is having, that's 20 goals now for club and country.

  123. 2010: 
    GOAL- Man City 2-0 West Ham - Alvaro Negredo (26 mins)

    A hot, Spanish knife through East End butter!

    Edin Dzeko slides a fine through ball into the run of strike partner Alvaro Negredo, his first touch takes him away from the covering defender before slamming a left-footed drive high into the roof of the net. That may well be that already...

  124. 2010: 
    Man City 1-0 West Ham

    That really is a magic sponge, as Yaya Toure is now back on for City. Should he be risked though?


    Stoke and Scotland midfielder Charlie Adam: What a pass from @Toure_yaya42 and the finish was just as good from @AlvaroNegredo.

  126. 2009: 
    Man City 1-0 West Ham

    Dr. Danny Mills has diagnosed this injury as a medial knee ligament injury for Yaya Toure. The big man is up on his feet now and being helped off the pitch by the medical staff.

    Not good news for City though, Toure's night appears to be over.

  127. 2008:  
    Former Manchester City defender Danny Mills on BBC Radio 5 liveMan City 1-0 West Ham

    "Great save from Adrian. A really good shot from Nasri. City have been very impressive, whenever they have given the ball away they have worked hard to get it back. City are absolutely dominant."

  128. 2007: 
    Man City 1-0 West Ham

    Concerns here for Yaya Toure, who has stayed down after that challenge. He won the ball back and has not got up since, did he catch his studs in the turf? He looks in pain alright.

  129. 2006: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Man City 1-0 West Ham

    Gael Clichy's cross from the left causes some mild peril in the West ham defence but they just about hack it away from the arriving Yaya Toure, who then goes down injured in midfield.

    Play goes on and David Silva rattles off a low shot which Adrian pushes away, and moments later Adrian has to go down to his left and push away Samir Nasri's low shot.

  130. 2005:  
    Former Manchester City defender Danny Mills on BBC Radio 5 liveMan City 1-0 West Ham

    "If you don't score goals in football you are never going to win games. West Ham knew that and they panicked at the end of the transfer window and brought Carlton Cole in. Now they have a big decision to make, do they spend big on a striker this month?"

  131. 2005:  
    BBC Chief Football writer Phil McNulty at the EtihadMan City 1-0 West Ham
    Alvaro Negredo (left) and Samir Nasri

    "No sign of West Ham United manager Sam Allardyce emerging from under his hood and moving into his technical area on this rain-soaked night - and not the best of starts either. If that is route one football, Manuel Pellegrini will take it all day long. Wonderful vision from Yaya Toure with the long pass and a perfectly executed volley from Alvaro Negredo."


    Manchester City: 15. Alvaro Negredo has his 8th cup goal of the season and has scored on each of his last 8 #mcfc home starts. Beast.

  133. 2002: 
    Man City 1-0 West Ham

    West Ham midfielder Mohamed Diame drives forward and pulls a weak shot wide from 25 yards as the visitors seek some sort of response, but in honesty it looks very easy so far for City.

    Roger Johnson then makes a good block to shut out Samir Nasri's shot.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball
    West Ham boss Sam Allardyce

    Matt Donnelly: Hate to say it as a Utd fan but City are going to destroy WHU tonight, I can see an 8 or 9-0.

    Stuart McKeown: Lets teach Sam what long ball football is about, said Yaya as he sent that over the top

    Michael Griffin: Not sure if that goal was appalling defending from West Ham or a really good goal from Negredo.

  135. 2000: 
    Man City 1-0 West Ham

    West Ham have responded well to going behind, winning a corner which Edin Dzeko defends strongly at the back post, flicking it away for another corner.

    The ref then gives a free-kick for a push by Roger Johnson. Big Sam will be pleased with that little spell of pressure though.

    Text us on 81111
    Samir Nasri shoots at the West Ham goal

    Dr F in Cheshire, via text: I have a feeling this could be a cricket score....Big Sam will be hoping it's an England one.

  137. 1959:  
    Former Manchester City defender Danny Mills on BBC Radio 5 liveMan City 1-0 West Ham

    "What a fantastic finish from Negredo. People won't appreciate how difficult that is. Toure hits a 40-yard pass and Negredo watches it perfectly and strikes it. That is fantastic technique but I have to say West Ham's defence was non existent.

    "My worry for West Ham is the floodgates may open."

  138. 1958: 
    GOAL- Crawley 1-0 Bristol Rovers - Jamie Proctor (15 mins)

    Jamie Proctor finally gets a goal in this second-round tie, heading in at the far post. The rain has also stopped...

  139. 1956: 
    GOAL- Man City 1-0 West Ham - Alvaro Negredo (12 mins)

    A brutally simple, but brilliant goal breaks the deadlock! Yaya Toure is given space and time inside the centre circle, he looks up and floats a quarterback pass over the top, right into the run of Alvaro Negredo who is in between Joey O'Brien and George McCartney and meets the ball on the full, thrashing in the volley with his left foot. Brilliant, brilliant finish.

  140. 1956:  
    Former Manchester City defender Danny Mills on BBC Radio 5 liveMan City 0-0 West Ham

    "If Manchester City could get past Barcelona in the Champions League they have a great opportunity to win two, three competitions. They are a very strong squad."

  141. 1956: 
    Man City 0-0 West Ham

    West Ham's best chance of a goal tonight may just come from a set-piece and they win a corner after good work from Stewart Downing, but his delivery is then well claimed by the giant figure of Costel Pantilimon.

    Text us on 81111

    Scott in Chafford Hundred, via text: I wonder what odds you could of got three months ago on big Carlton and Roger both playing a part in this seasons League Cup semi?

    Tom, a Forest fan, via text: In our last two cup matches against City and West Ham, we have won 3-0 and 5-0 respectively. Amateurs!

  143. 1953: 
    RAINING?- Man City 0-0 West Ham
    West Ham boss Sam Allardyce

    Yes Sam, it is definitely raining.

  144. 1952: 
    Man City 0-0 West Ham

    Vincent Kompany is spending more time in the West Ham half than his own as the home side dominate the ball. Bit of a kit clash here as well, City in blue and white, West Ham in white and blue as Joe Cole shoves referee Jonathan Moss to the floor. The crowd love that. Nothing funnier than an official falling over is there?

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Jack Turner: Roger Johnson was always one of my favourite ever @wwfcofficial players, I hope he has a blinder today.

    Paul Warren: Surely if the Crawley vs Rovers game gets called off again they could settle it with a penalty shootout?

    BBC Chief Football writer Phil McNulty at the EtihadMan City 0-0 West Ham

    "West Ham United's fans are clearly not too traumatised by that FA Cup humiliation at Nottingham Forest on Sunday. There is a great turn out at the Etihad and already plenty of noise - but already a couple of chances for Manchester City."

  147. 1950: 
    CLOSE!- Man City 0-0 West Ham

    Completely free header for Javi Garcia as he meets a David Silva corner but the Spaniard sends his effort wide at the near post. West Ham looked ominously suspect at the back there.

  148. 1949:  
    Former Manchester City defender Danny Mills on BBC Radio 5 liveMan City 0-0 West Ham

    "It was nearly a bizarre goal. The ball ended up bobbling goal wards. But Samir Nasri opened up West Ham far too easily."

    Text us on 81111

    Asa, via text: I'm also not cup tied and I'm tall. I could play for West Ham then! Feeling very rejected that Big Sam didn't ring me...

  150. 1948: 
    CLOSE!- Man City 0-0 West Ham

    Samir Nasri weaves into the penalty area down the left, his low cross is left by a Hammers defender and Pablo Zabaleta and Alvaro Negredo both pop up at the far post to bundle an effort in on goal but it's easy for Adrian in the West Ham net.

  151. 1948: 
    KICK-OFF- Crawley 0-0 Bristol Rovers

    It's under way in the third attempt to settle the last remaining FA Cup second round tie at the Checkatrade.com stadium.

    The winners will play Birmingham City away in the 3rd round.

  152. 1946: 
    Man City 0-0 West Ham
    David Sullivan

    Plenty of empty seats, but not on the scale of last night's game. David Sullivan looks on in his Russian-style hat as City make a predictably dominant opening.

  153. 1945:  
    Former Manchester City defender Danny Mills on BBC Radio 5 liveMan City 0-0 West Ham

    "I don't think any other manager coming to West Ham could make a massive difference. I think Sam Allardyce will be here for a while regardless of tonight's result or Saturday's result."

  154. 1945: 
    KICK-OFF- Man City 0-0 West Ham

    We are under way!

  155. 1942: 

    Over in Spain Lionel Messi could make his return from injury for Barcelona in the Copa del Rey match against Getafe this evening.

    The 26-year-old has been out with a hamstring injury since 10 November but is in the Nou Camp outfit's squad for the first leg of the last-16 tie. I'll let you know if he starts.

  156. 1940: 
    Man City v West Ham (1945 GMT)

    West Ham co-chairman David Sullivan has taken up his seat in an extraordinary outfit. More Moscow than Moss Side...

    Here we go then, the players are in the tunnel. Game almost on.

  157. 1939: 
    Man City v West Ham (1945 GMT)

    Roger Johnson is going to have a stormer tonight. I can feel it.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball
    Roger Johnson

    Tom Mason: Roger Johnson was always a defensive stalwart for my Wycombe Wanderers side circa 2007 on FM, so I have nothing but faith.

    Phil Eaves: Not really sure why Roger Johnson is copping so much hate from #WHUFC and #WWFC fans - he was quality for us this season #swfc

  159. 1937: 
    Crawley v Bristol Rovers (1945 GMT)
    Crawley Town versus Bristol Rovers

    BBC Radio 5 live: Crawley Town and Bristol Rovers aim to progress to the #FACup 3rd round for the 3rd time. Pitch has seen better days.

    Apparently the heavens have opened again and reporter John Southall has said he's not 100% certain that this game will get completed! Not again, surely...?

  160. 1935: 
    Man City v West Ham (1945 GMT)

    If there is one slight chink in City's armour at home, perhaps it is in this competition.

    Last season they were knocked out by Aston Villa on their own turf, with Gabby Agbonlahor's brace proving the difference in a 4-2 win, while a Steven Gerrard penalty saw Liverpool win at this stage two years ago. Can the Hammers add another rare hoem defeat to the list?

  161. 1931: 
    Man City v West Ham (1945 GMT)

    Quarter of an hour to go until kick-off then at a wet and wild Etihad stadium. Everybody set?

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball
    Jussi Jaaskelainen

    Ian Brennan: Maybe it's a blessing in disguise that Sunderland could knock us out of the cup. Means we won't get mauled by City in the final.

    Christian Paulus: Jaaskelainen on the bench AGAIN?! Somebody please refresh my memory, but how many clean sheets has Adrian had this season?

    Thomas Brookes: Interested to see how R Johnson plays tonight on his debut vs the best attacking team in the PL. Wolves fans not enamoured.

  163. 1927: 
    Man City v West Ham (1945 GMT)

    Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini: "We are in a very good moment but it is not easy to win all four competitions. We have many games in January, nine games, so it is important to have a strong squad. We are trying to play the same way and the most important thing is to win.

    "Everyone is saying that the final is between Manchester City and Manchester United but you must be careful. Yesterday Sunderland won and we are taking nothing for granted."

    Join the debate on the BBC Sport Facebook page

    Mehmet Recber: West Ham got destroyed by Nottingham Forest, I don't want to imagine what City will do to them.

    Paul Dixon: Man City 6 West Ham 0 taxi for Sam.

    Simphiwe Gift Khumalo: Yes this is small fry for City but these small teams know they can't win the league nor finish in the top 4. so they give it all in cup games! watch out City.

    Join in the debate on our Facebook page.

  165. 1924: 

    A tremendous vote of confidence from Big Sam there who listed Roger Johnson's assets as 'not being cup-tied' and 'being tall.'

  166. 1923: 
    Man City v West Ham (1945 GMT)

    West Ham manager Sam Allardyce: "It's been a difficult few weeks over Christmas. Most of these players didn't play on Sunday and hopefully they've got the energy and desire to go out and get a result against the best side in the Premier League.

    "Roger Johnson is not cup-tied and he's tall. He's 6ft 3ins tall and City have six players over 6ft 3ins in their team and I hope he can mark all six. A draw would be a fantastic result."

  167. 1919:  
    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at the EtihadMan City v West Ham (1945 GMT)

    "West Ham United throw central defender Roger Johnson, a free transfer signing from Wolves, straight into the Capital One Cup semi-final first leg at Manchester City.

    "The 30-year-old's finest moment of his career came in this tournament when he performed heroically as Birmingham City beat Arsenal in the 2011 Carling Cup final at Wembley.

    "It was more or less all downhill from there as Birmingham were relegated before an ill-fated move to Wolves the following summer. He experienced successive relegations at Molineux before having a loan spell at Sheffield Wednesday.

    "This is an unexpected chance for Johnson and West Ham manager Sam Allardyce must hope he can recapture some of the old form - but he has not had too many highlights since that glory day at Wembley."

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Kyle: Lights off, blinds closed, heat on, reading BBC League Cup live text. This is life. #college

    Paul Moore: The opposition always has a chance with a team containing Garcia. He is no good. I sense a cupset tonight, hope I am wrong!

    Stuart Treloar: Remember when Scott Dann and Roger Johnson were going to be the next great England centre back pairing. How times change.

    Tim Gale: Roger Johnson? West Ham knight in shining armour, from League 1 wilderness to starting XI for semi final Carling Cup #vintage.

  169. 1914: 
    Man City v West Ham (1945 GMT)

    I wouldn't say West Ham are underdogs tonight, but you can get shorter odds on City winning 5-0 than West Ham winning at all...

  170. 1911:  
    Former Manchester City defender Danny Mills on BBC Radio 5 liveMan City v West Ham (1945 GMT)

    "Sam Allardyce realises the chances of winning the FA Cup were very, very unlikely but the chance of getting to the final of the League Cup is now only two games away.

    "He was not expecting to lose the Nottingham Forest game 5-0 but he knew he was taking a risk.

    "They are not going to be attacking tonight, they are going for a 0-0 and if he gets a result this evening and at Cardiff you have to say his decision was vindicated, if it goes wrong he will be under enormous pressure from the fans and owners."


    Opta Joe: 5 - West Ham have lost five of their last six League Cup semi-final ties, not making the final since 1980/81.

  172. 1910: 
    Man City v West Ham (1945 GMT)

    West Ham new boy Roger Johnson is out warming up in his Hammers tracksuit top and shorts. He looks happy enough, maybe he hasn't heard that Alvaro Negredo is starting.

    Johnson went all the way to the League Cup final in 2011 with Birmingham, beating West Ham in the semis on the way. His last top-flight appearance was almost two years ago though, starting alongside fellow Hammer Matt Jarvis in Wolves' 3-2 defeat to Bolton.

    Text us on 81111

    Andrew, via text: Tonight should be a routine victory for Manchester City. They look a class apart from the rest when they play at home. Things could get very exciting for Manchester City fans in this second half of the season, as with their squad they genuinely have a shot at winning all four major competitions.

    Carole, a City fan, via text: With City you never know, it depends on the side he puts out. West Ham will go all out to defend...could be tough for us.

  174. 1902: 
    LINE-UPS- Man City v West Ham (1945 GMT)

    Man City: Pantilimon, Zabaleta, Kompany, Lescott, Clichy, Nasri, Toure, Javi Garcia, Silva, Negredo, Dzeko. Subs: Hart, Milner, Kolarov, Fernandinho, Demichelis, Nastasic, Lopes.

    West Ham: Adrian, Demel, Johnson, McCartney, O'Brien, Joe Cole, Noble, Diame, Taylor, Downing, Maiga. Subs: Jarvis, Rat, Collison, Morrison, Diarra, Jaaskelainen, Carlton Cole.

    Referee: Jon Moss (W Yorkshire)


    Opta Joe: 4 - Edin Dzeko has scored four goals in three League Cup appearances this season.

  176. 1859: 
    Fabio Borini

    The first Capital One Cup semi-final was last night, of course, where Sunderland took a narrow 2-1 lead over Manchester United ahead of the second leg in a fortnight's time.

    Manager David Moyes was not a happy man afterward, saying that United are "beginning to laugh at referees" for their "terrible" decisions.

    Three defeats in a row for United? Unthinkable stuff. But are they still favourites to progress?

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Tom Brewer: He's been relegated 3 times in 3 years, the only question he'd be the answer to would be in a pub quiz, not a good signing!

    Rian Hoskins: It's been a while since Roger Johnson was at his best. However, any fit centre-back with top flight experience will do for Big Sam!

    It seems the signing of Roger Johnson from Wolves has divided opinion but he has the perfect chance to become a fans favourite if he can stop City scoring tonight.

  178. 1857: 
    THIRD TIME LUCKY?- Crawley v Bristol Rovers (1945 GMT)
    Crawley pitch

    Good news in the FA Cup tonight, as the second round match between Crawley and Bristol Rovers is on after it passed a pitch inspection earlier today.

    The two sides, who drew 0-0 in the initial tie on 7 December, will look to settle their second round replay for the third time.

    The first attempt on 18 December was abandoned midway through the second half because of a waterlogged pitch, and the fixture was re-arranged for Saturday, 4 January.

    However the match was postponed when the pitch at the Checkatrade.com Stadium failed an inspection.

    The winners of this tie will face a trip to Championship club Birmingham City in the third round on Wednesday, 15 January.

    The eventual winners of that match will then welcome Premier League side Swansea, who knocked out Manchester United, in the fourth round on the weekend of 25-26 January. Easy...

  179. 1855: 

    Not tonight, Tom. It's full-strength all the way for Manchester City, though they do have 18-year-old Marcos Lopes on the bench.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Tom in Manchester, via text: Really really hope that Pellegrini gives some minutes to the younger boys in the squad today. It's what he promised at the start of the season.

  181. 1853: 

    So almost a recognisable XI back for West Ham boss Sam Allardyce tonight then, Roger Johnson will be partnered in central defence by either Joey O'Brien or George McCartney I guess, with Modibo Maiga up front on his own.

  182. 1851: 
    TEAM NEWS- Man City v West Ham (1945 GMT)

    West Ham make eight changes from the FA Cup shambles at Forest, with goalkeeper Adrian, Stewart Downing and Modibo Maiga the only men to keep their place. Roger Johnson starts.

    West Ham XI: Adrian, McCartney, Maiga, Taylor, Noble, O'Brien, Demel, Diame, Downing, J. Cole, Johnson

  183. 1848: 
    LEAGUE CUP PEDIGREE- Man City v West Ham (1945 GMT)
    Manchester City with the 1970 League Cup

    How have these sides fared in the League Cup down the years then? Well, Manchester City hit a purple patch in the 70s, reaching the final three times between 1970 and 1976, winning it twice. The last time saw them beat Newcastle 2-1 in 1976.

    West Ham, on the other hand, have never lifted the trophy, losing to West Brom in the two-legged final of 1966 and to Liverpool in a replay at Villa Park in 1981.

    Is this their year?

  184. 1846: 
    TEAM NEWS- Man City v West Ham (1945 GMT)

    Manchester City make just four changes from their FA Cup draw with Blackburn as Joe Hart misses out again and Yaya Toure comes back in.

    City XI: Pantilimon, Zabaleta, Kompany, Lescott, Clichy; Nasri, Yaya, Garcia, Silva; Negredo, Dzeko

    BBC Chief Football writer Phil McNulty at the EtihadMan City v West Ham (1945 GMT)

    "West Ham United switch competitions to the Capital One Cup after Sunday's FA Cup third-round 5-0 humiliation at Nottingham Forest.

    "Manager Sam Allardyce at least has the comfort of words of support from West Ham co-owners David Sullivan and David Gold after that 5-0 defeat - but it does not get any easier as they meet Manchester City at the Etihad in this semi-final first leg.

    "Driving rain greeted the teams as they arrived at the stadium but the pitch looks in perfect order as the Hammers aim to follow the example of Sunderland, who beat Manchester United at The Stadium Of Light last night, and overturn the hot favourites."

  186. 1843: 
    WHO'S MISSING?- Man City v West Ham (1945 GMT)

    West Ham fans may wish to look away for a minute...

    Yes, it's time to have a quick recap on the 5-0 thumping at the hands of Nottingham Forest at the weekend which ended their FA Cup hopes in spectacular fashion. Big Sam came under fire for naming an inexperienced side which saw youngsters Daniel Potts, Callum Driver, George Moncur, Sebastian Lletget and Danny Whitehead all start.

    But did he have any choice? With Kevin Nolan suspended for three games and Mark Noble, James Tomkins, James Collins, Winston Reid, Ricardo Vaz Te and Andy Carroll all injured, it appeared not.

    Will any players return tonight? We'll know in the next few minutes...

  187. 1842: 

    So then, can West Ham pull of a major shock tonight? Or will it be a regulation home win again for Manchester City?

    Is Roger Johnson the answer for the Hammers? If so, what's the question?

    Fire away with your League Cup thoughts. You can text in to 81111 (UK Only) or tweet us at the hashtag #bbcfootball.

  188. 1837: 
    REASONS TO BE CHEERFUL...- Man City v West Ham (1945 GMT)
    Andy Carroll

    But it's not all doom and gloom for West Ham fans.

    Record signing Andy Carroll is back in training and should feature 'soon'; new loan signing Roger Johnson has plenty of top-flight experience to call upon and the Hammers put in an excellent performance away at White Hart Lane in the last round of the League Cup to knock out Tottenham.

    If they can find that sort of performance tonight they will hope to go back to east London with every chance of reaching the final at Wembley.

    They will also note that Crystal Palace almost held City in their last home game, boss Manuel Pellegrini has top scorer Sergio Aguero out injured and he may not name his strongest XI this evening.

  189. 1834: 
    REASONS TO BE FEARFUL...- Man City v West Ham (1945 GMT)

    The omens don't look good for West Ham tonight. There, I came out and said it.

    Manchester City's home record is simply superb this season. They have won 13 out of 14 games at the Etihad, scoring a whopping 53 goals in the process and conceded just 13.

    Their sole defeat on home turf came at the hands of Bayern Munich, who despite also not always playing with a recognised striker, bear little resemblance to Big Sam's Hammers side.

    City have put seven past Norwich, six past Arsenal and Tottenham and four past Manchester United at home.

    On top of that is the fact that West Ham last won at City eight years ago, when the home side's front two was Bradley Wright-Phillips and Darius Vassell - a different time altogether...

  190. 1830: 
    BIG SAM'S BIG ASK- Man City v West Ham (1945 GMT)
    Sam Allardyce

    Thirteen goals conceded in four games since Christmas.

    Out of the FA Cup in humiliating fashion, an injury list as long as your arm, the dreaded 'vote of confidence' from the men upstairs and your only transfer business so far being an underwhelming loan signing from a League One club.

    It's been a bad few weeks for West Ham manager Sam Alalrdyce alright, and tonight it could yet get worse.

    Can he take his bedraggled outfit to the Etihad and come out victorious? We shall find out soon enough...

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