Saturday football - Swansea City v Cardiff City

Live text commentary as Swansea defeat Cardiff in the Premier League after Chelsea move top and Liverpool thrash Arsenal.

8 February 2014 Last updated at 11:32 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 19:49: 

    Just the 24 goals in the Premier League this afternoon then. Get your breath back, settle in for MOTD and we'll see you all tomorrow for Tottenham v Everton and Man Utd v Fulham.


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    Colin Charles Morris: Well done Swans!

    Dom Webb: Swansea would still have won with Laudrup.

    Gary Short: I knew Laudrup was overrated..

  3. 19:47: 
    Manager reaction- Swansea 3-0 Cardiff

    Cardiff boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: "We weathered a storm in the first 10 minutes and we were happy enough but we made a bad start to the second half. Goals change games but we had two massive chances to equalise. They didn't go our way and then we got caught out. We wanted to press them high up the pitch and we switched off right at the start of the second half and they worked the opening well.

    "I am bitterly disappointed. It hurts for me, the players and the fans. Every win from now is important, we have two home games to come and they are huge games. I am sure we will get a response."

  4. 19:47: 
    Manager reaction- Swansea 3-0 Cardiff

    Swansea manager Garry Monk speaking to Sky Sports: "The confidence is the biggest thing. The football takes care of itself if the mentality is right. That is what I have been preaching this week.

    Garry Monk

    "We always play best at Swansea when we are on the front foot and making others react to us. Perhaps we have been a little too reactive, I told them to make the opposition worry about us."

  5. 19:47: 
    Manager reaction- Swansea 3-0 Cardiff

    Swansea manager Garry Monk speaking to Sky Sports: "The first goal was something we were working on in the week. With Pablo in there we have a bit more quality and Marvin was feeling his hamstring at half time, so it felt like the time to make the change. We were practising those balls in the week and Wayne Routledge latched onto it. I prepped Pablo before the game and he delivered exactly what I wanted.

    "Of course I am excited. I have played in lots of these games, but it is all about information and keeping a clear head.

    "It doesn't feel like an audition. The chairman asked me to take over with the first team and I would do anything for this club - be it the under-eights, the academy or the first team. Fortunately it was the first team and there is no prouder man than me tonight."

  6. 19:40: 
    Swansea 3-0 Cardiff

    Swansea boss Garry Monk is in jovial mood. He says that he was excited today and was keen for the players to understand exactly what he was after. He also says that he did not see today's game as an audition for the job.

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    CW13: Great result for Monk but I remember when Chris Coleman took over at Fulham and was touted as next big thing!

    Decky: If Malky Mackay was still manager Cardiff would have won this game...

  8. 19:38: 
    Swansea 3-0 Cardiff

    It's a new world for Garry Monk, doing live down-the-camera post-match interviews. It's all part of the job Monko.

  9. 19:30: 

    Garry Monk will be sky high after that win. We're just awaiting his arrival for some post-match reaction.

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    Pete in Swansea: Laudrup who? Monk's barmy army!

    Sabian from Dudley: Has a sacked manager seen his stock rise so quickly? Malkay Mackay and his PR machine will make him look like Pep Guardiola by the end of the season. Relegation beckons for Cardiff.

    Mark on the train: Is Ole Gunnar a gonner?

  11. 19:30: 
    Player reaction- Swansea 3-0 Cardiff
    Ashley Williams

    Swansea captain Ashley Williams speaking to Sky Sports: "This is massive obviously both for the fans and for the players, but we need the three points more than anything. I would do anything for Garry Monk, I have been in so many battles with that guy over the last six years.

    "Now we have to push all our chips into the middle, we need all the points we can get from now until the end of the season."

  12. 19:27: 
    Hail Bale

    Gareth Bale is back in the Real Madrid side tonight and back with a bang - having scored one and made one in the opening 25 minutes against Villarreal.

    You can follow the action from Madrid in a separate live text commentary.

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    Richard Barter: Garry Monk? I give it a year.

    Richard Powell: I wonder if Solskjaer will regret not waiting for a better managerial position to come along...

    Pestilence: Solskjaer well out of his depth here. As a neutral I hope Tan's idiocy slaps him round the face with a relegation.

  14. 19:24: 
    Match Of the Day

    The Match of the Day running order is in. Set your evenings to this:

    1. Liverpool/Arsenal, 2. Chelsea/Newcastle, 3. Norwich/Man City, 4. Swansea/Cardiff, 5. Palace/WBA, 6. Saints/Stoke, 7. Villa/West Ham, 8. Sunderland/Hull

  15. 19:23: 

    Cardiff have conceded two or more goals in eight of their last nine matches now. I'm no manager, but that is a recipe for relegation if ever there was one. You can't score three times in each game...

    BBC local radioSwansea 3-0 Cardiff

    Leighton James, former Swansea and Wales winger, on BBC Radio Wales: "It's a performance from Swansea that merits a result. For 80 minutes they have been by far the dominant side. Their shape, cohesion, everything has been better than Cardiff, and this result is completely deserved."

  17. 19:20: 
    Swansea 3-0 Cardiff

    Lots of thumbs up and backs slapped on the touchline as the south Wales derby comes to a close, it's ended up a rout for the Swans who can focus on chasing midtable mediocrity now. For Cardiff, it's doom and gloom central.

  18. 19:20: 
    FULL-TIME- Swansea 3-0 Cardiff
  19. 19:17: 
    Swansea 3-0 Cardiff

    Absolute disarray. Nothing screams chaos more than a goalkeeper and a centre-half colliding as they chase the same ball. David Marshall is waving, not drowning, as he tries to get Steven Caulker's attention but they still almost collide, Caulker electing at the last minute to hook an aimless clearance away. the home fans are loving this, singing 'going down' with glee.

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    Andrew in Cardiff: Absolutely gutless performance. Not one player turned up today.

    Matt from Skegness: Unfortunately Routledge was miles offside for the second goal - Cardiff will be ruing that decision.

  21. 19:14: 
    Swansea 3-0 Cardiff

    Cardiff look bedraggled and bemused. Garry Monk is set for his best Saturday night in years. What a dream debut.

    BBC local radio

    Former Cardiff and Wales defender Kevin Ratcliffe on BBC Radio Wales: "What a terrific ball into the box, but Ben Turner has lost his man. He's nowhere near the ball, and that's poor defending. He's had a nightmare five minutes Turner - he's been all over the place, chasing shadows.

    "As a manager, Monk cannot have gotten a better start. He can now actually enjoy the game! He can take it all in as the discipline's gone in Cardiff."

  23. 19:12: 
    Final Five- Swansea 3-0 Cardiff

    Into the last five minutes then as Jordon Mutch gets a yellow card for a late tackle by the touchline. Write this one off Cardiff and move on...

  24. 19:11: 
    GOAL- Swansea 3-0 Cardiff - Wilfried Bony (85 mins)
    Wilfried Bony

    Another assist to Pablo Hernandez as his picture-perfect free-kick from the right is bulleted into the roof of the net by Wilfried Bony. Brilliant header, unstoppable from seven yards out. Party time at the Liberty!

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    Aman Sheth: Dyer is so tiny - how could he be allowed to score a header?

    Gareth Soye: I still can't believe Solskjaer took the Cardiff job. Mind-boggling decision.

    Venkatesh Muthusamy: Surely Cardiff are going down...

  26. 19:10: 
    Swansea 2-0 Cardiff

    Nathan Dyer skins Declan John again, he's tormenting the young full-back now. Swansea fans in full voice, they've not celebrated like this often in the last 12 months...

  27. 19:08: 
    Swansea 2-0 Cardiff

    Cardiff are going to end the day in 19th place then, and a win for Fulham against Manchester United tomorrow would dump them to the bottom. Swansea's turbulent week is set to end on an undoubted high.

    BBC local radio
    Nathan Dyer celebrates

    Former Cardiff and Wales defender Kevin Ratcliffe on BBC Radio Wales: "That was a great ball in but where were the Cardiff defenders? Nathan Dyer, the smallest player on the pitch, gets in a great header and plants it home. And Garry Monk has to be the happiest man in the stadium."

  29. 19:06: 
    GOAL- Swansea 2-0 Cardiff - Nathan Dyer (79 mins)

    That will seal it! Another slick move involving Pablo Hernandez ends with Wayne Routledge chipping over the cross from the left, Cardiff defenders Ben Turner and Declan John leave it to each other and the smallest man on the pitch Nathan Dyer stoops to head home from six yards out.

  30. 19:05: 
    CLOSE!- Swansea 1-0 Cardiff

    Jordon Mutch makes an instant impact, winning a free-kick with his first touch. The delivery is not dealt with and Kim Bo-Kyung hooks over the top. Decent chance!

  31. 19:04: 
    Swansea 1-0 Cardiff
    Garry Monk

    BBC Sport's Rob Westall at the Liberty: "New Swansea manager Garry Monk, dressed in a tracksuit, is making more use of his technical area this half. His opposite number Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has rarely made use of the dugout so far. Both gesticulating, pointing, shouting, directing their troops as we enter the last quarter of the match."

  32. 19:04: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Swansea 1-0 Cardiff

    Wilfried Zaha was neither sent-off or on the scoresheet, but his race is run. He's off and Jordon Mutch comes on. He's scored a few late goals this season already...

  33. 19:02: 
    Swansea 1-0 Cardiff

    Nathan Dyer laces a drive over the top from 20 yards before Chico gets the crowd going after winning a strong challenge with Craig Bellamy. Cardiff have offered little since Bellamy smashed the crossbar 20-odd minutes ago and this is really petering out.

    BBC local radio

    Former Cardiff and Wales defender Kevin Ratcliffe on BBC Radio Wales: "Swansea are closing down better. Everyone seems to know their jobs. I'm not sure Cardiff know the same, and they just do not seem unified.

    "Great play by Swansea here, getting back in numbers. I've been looking at the Cardiff players - Wilfried Zaha just cannot track back, he's not fit enough yet."

  35. 18:58: 

    Sabian asking the questions nobody else asks. I can't think of too many Wilfrieds down the years, nope. You may be on to something there...


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    Sabian Mcleod from Dudley: Frazier Campbell, Wilfried Zaha - A trip down memory lane for Man Utd old and new. With Ole at the helm, long live the new Utd feeder or retirement club. And has there ever been a Premier League match with two Wilfried's on the pitch?

  37. 18:56: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Swansea 1-0 Cardiff

    Cardiff make a change, as Kevin McNaughton comes on for Fabio. Into the last 20 minutes now and it's looking rosy for the Swans.

  38. 18:52: 
    Swansea 1-0 Cardiff

    Leon Britton, a man with a pathological fear of giving the ball away, starts another swift attack for the Swans which ends with Wilfried Bony hitting a shot behind goal. Deflected wide...

    BBC local radio

    Leighton James, former Swansea and Wales winger, on BBC Radio Wales: "Naughty, a cowardly thing to do from Bellamy to De Guzman. You've seen players sent off for less."

  40. 18:49: 
    Swansea 1-0 Cardiff

    Jonathan de Guzman is down in a heap holding the back of his head, with replays showing Craig Bellamy arriving at pace off the ball, a bit of a raised arm in there as well. Out of sight of the officials, using his experience there Bellamy...

  41. 18:48: 
    Swansea 1-0 Cardiff

    Someone's pulled the plug on this one, the tempo and intensity is leaking out like air from a blow-up mattress. Cardiff look flat for the first time tonight. Can they lift it?

  42. 18:46: 
    Swansea 1-0 Cardiff

    BBC Wales Sport's Rob Westall at the Liberty: "A lot of happy Swansea fans here at the Liberty Stadium following Wayne Routledge's opener. A large section of fans opposite the main stand are jumping up and down, clapping and singing. A lot of nervous tension released in equal measure when Craig Bellamy's shot hit the bar."

  43. 18:43: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Swansea 1-0 Cardiff

    Fraizer Campbell is on for Cardiff - but he's on instead of - not as well as - Kenwyne Jones.

    Cardiff have just over half an hour to go.

  44. 18:43: 
    CLOSE!- Swansea 1-0 Cardiff

    It's all opened up. Swansea now go close again as Nathan Dyer leaves his marker for dead, sprinting through the middle and curling an effort just wide from 20 yards.

  45. 18:41: 
    Swansea 1-0 Cardiff

    There's a spark about Wilfried Zaha, who is massive for a winger. He could do a job in rugby union.

    Anyway, he is either going to score or get sent-off by the end of play, his battle with Angel Rangel is one to watch. He wins a free-kick and Steven Caulker almost gets on the end of it.

    BBC local radio

    Former Cardiff and Wales defender Kevin Ratcliffe on BBC Radio Wales: "That was really, really good from Craig Bellamy. He collected the ball, went inside and hit a terrific shot. It was past Vorm, who had no chance, and it just clipped the top of the bar."

  47. 18:38: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Swansea 1-0 Cardiff

    Cardiff need something to get them back into the game, and Craig Bellamy almost finds it. From nothing, the former Wales man comes inside onto his right foot, shimmies away from a man and then hammers a shot against the crossbar from 25 yards. Really fine strike, Michel Vorm had no chance.

  48. 18:37: 
    Swansea 1-0 Cardiff

    Half-time subs may be the flavour of the day. They have made impact in a lot of games this afternoon...

    BBC local radioSwansea 1-0 Cardiff
    Wilfried Bony and Wayen Routledge celebrate

    Leighton James, former Swansea and Wales winger, on BBC Radio Wales: "No more than Swansea have deserved, what with their tempo throughout the match. They've finally broken through, and it was a great ball through to Wayne Routledge."

  50. 18:33: 
    GOAL- Swansea 1-0 Cardiff - Wayne Routledge (47 mins)
    Wayne Routledge scores for Swansea against Cardiff

    The Monk touch! Swansea lead and it's an instant impact from Pablo Hernandez, spraying a perfectly weighted through ball into the path of Wayne Routledge on the left wing, he cuts into space and clips a delightful finish across goal and into the far corner.

    Garry Monk is off his feet, and Ashley Williams sprints over to embrace his former team-mate. Liberty is rocking!

  51. 18:33: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- Swansea 0-0 Cardiff

    It's Cardiff who have the early penalty shout this time, Kim Bo-Kyung hitting the deck after a coming together with Ben Davies. He was already on his way to earth before there was contact though.

  52. 18:32: 
    KICK-OFF- Swansea 0-0 Cardiff

    Pablo Hernandez in the hole then. Let's hope he doesn't fall down it. Game on!

  53. 18:30: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Swansea 0-0 Cardiff

    Garry Monk's first substitution is a positive one, winger Pablo Hernandez on in place of Marvin Emnes for the Swans. Can they start the second half as well as they did the first? They may just have to.

  54. 18:28: 

    I wonder where Michael Laudrup is watching from today? Or if he is even bothering. He cleared off to Paris for two days after last weekend's defeat. I'd like to imagine he's at a fine restaurant in Monte Carlo this evening, shunning the south Wales derby for champagne and a fine steak.

  55. 18:26: 
    Manager reaction- Chelsea 3-0 Newcastle

    Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho is still churning out the soundbites. The Portuguese compared his side to a small horse racing against thoroughbreds when they beat Manchester City last Monday. Now they have gone top of the league and the metaphor has been revised.

    "I want to stop with that story of the horses, but I don't change my idea," he said.

    "Manchester City is a Jaguar. You cannot put an L plate behind a Jaguar. We are what we are and we know where we want to go and this season we have only one objective, which is to finish top four."

    Listen to Mourinho's last title-race analogy on the BBC Radio 5 live website.

  56. 18:23: 
    Swansea 0-0 Cardiff

    We perhaps shouldn't be too surprised at the scoreline thus far. Cardiff have scored just five goals in the first half all season, and have failed to score in the first-half 20 times this season already.

    Leave it late...

    BBC local radio

    Former Cardiff and Wales defender Kevin Ratcliffe on BBC Radio Wales: "If you're a neutral you may think this game is not the best, but there's passion out there. The situations of both clubs mean we're seeing some match, though it is lacking some quality in the final third. To score goals you need to create chances, and that is one thing neither Cardiff or Swansea are really doing."

  58. 18:20: 
    HALF-TIME- Swansea 0-0 Cardiff
    Swansea v Cardiff

    BBC Sport's Rob Westall at the Liberty: "A pulsating frenetic pace to the first half in the south Wales Derby. The fans haven't stopped singing as the rain relentlessly lashed down. No goals to warm the crowd from the biting wind, but an encouraging start by Swansea in Garry Monk's first match in charge.

    "His team started stronger forcing two early saves from Cardiff goalkeeper David Marshall. Cardiff looked to attack on the counter and came back into it as the half wore on, with Wilfried Zaha and Craig Bellamy looking threatening in patches, for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's side."

  59. 18:16: 
    Swansea 0-0 Cardiff

    Like the latest series of Sherlock, that started brilliantly and faded away into a forgettable ending. Can they relaunch it after the break?

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    Tyler Powell: Gary Medel is brilliant. His work ethic is unmatchable. Those quick feet never stop, do they? Torturing Swansea at the moment.

    Richard Powell: It may be the twilight of his career, but Bellamy looking sharp tonight.

    Samuel Davies: Nathan Dyer and Wilfried Zaha should have a race...

  61. 18:16: 
    HALF-TIME- Swansea 0-0 Cardiff
  62. 18:14: 
    All right on the night- Swansea 0-0 Cardiff
    Action areas

    Both sides are funnelling a lot of their attacking intent down the right flank. Craig Bellamy seeing plenty of ball for Cardiff and Nathan Dyer doing the same on the opposite flank for the Swans.

  63. 18:13: 
    Swansea 0-0 Cardiff

    Wilfired Zaha leaves one man standing but then slashes his shot wide from 20 yards. After a flying start this game is in danger of running out of gas. We need some major refuelling at the break.

    BBC local radio

    Leighton James, former Swansea and Wales winger, on BBC Radio Wales: "Swansea need their strikers flying into the six yard box. A couple of times there have been good balls in but no Swans player there."

  65. 18:07: 
    CLOSE!- Swansea 0-0 Cardiff

    Swansea so close this time! If they had a Jermain Defoe, a Darren Bent - a Francis Jeffers - they'd be ahead. Nathan Dyer is played in on the overlap and he puts over the sort of cross Gary Lineker still dreams of, right between the goalkeeper and the defenders, but there's nobody in white to apply the finish.

  66. 18:05: 
    CLOSE!- Swansea 0-0 Cardiff

    Craig Bellamy arrows a shot over the top, it takes a deflection though and that's a corner. Cardiff scored from a corner in the reverse fixture but this time the delivery is poor and it's away.

    But then Peter Whittingham fires in a dipping shot from 25 yards and Michel Vorm has to make the save. The first signs of nerves from the hosts as they defended that.

  67. 18:03: 

    Garry Monk has more lookalikes than Premier League points so far. He won't care who he looks like if he wins today.

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    Cameron Laws: Is it just me or is rapper Macklemore the new Swansea manager?

    Macklemore and Garry Monk
  69. 17:59: 
    Swansea 0-0 Cardiff

    BBC Sport's Rob Westall at the Liberty: "Swansea fans are singing songs in support of Cardiff's controversial owner Vincent Tan as the banter flies between both sets of supporters. Fantastic atmosphere here at the Liberty Stadium and just like the rain the fans haven't stopped."

  70. 17:58: 
    Swansea 0-0 Cardiff
    Cardiff's Craig Bellamy (left) and Swansea's Leon Britton

    It's still 90mph stuff, and I can't believe that this will end goalless. Mind you, whenever I've seen Swansea this season they've had plenty of the play without enough end product, and maybe that remains the case. Marvin Emnes is busy down the left wing but his floated cross is beyond the waiting Wilfried Bony.

    Half an hour gone.

    Norwich 0-0 Man City

    Norwich winger Elliott Bennett: "What a great battling point that was. Fully-deserved point and great performance to take into West Ham on Tuesday.

    "Flukes do not occur over 90mins against Man City. Hard work and passion gets what we got today."

  72. 17:53: 
    CLOSE!- Swansea 0-0 Cardiff

    Lovely stuff from Cardiff, who look very potent in attack this evening. Craig Bellamy is at the heart of it, barnstorming down the left wing, playing a neat one-two with Declan John but electing to cross for Kenwyne Jones when the shot was perhaps on.

    The big man is snuffed out at the near post and it's away for a corner.

    BBC local radio

    Former Cardiff and Wales defender Kevin Ratcliffe on BBC Radio Wales: "Bellamy had to shoot there, he had to turn and shoot. That was a gilt-edged chance for Cardiff."

  74. 17:52: 
    Swansea 0-0 Cardiff

    Garry Monk is at the edge of his technical area barking out orders - no first-day nerves on display from the new man in charge. He'll be pleased with what he's seen so far but David Marshall hasn't had much to do in the Cardiff net.

    Oooh and then a real chance for Cardiff, Peter Whittingham and Craig Bellamy getting in each other's way and failing to get a shot away. It had all opened up for them there!

  75. 17:46: 
    Swansea 0-0 Cardiff

    A derby and a slick pitch is making for some cracking sliding tackles. Stuart Pearce would be loving this as Leon Britton and then Kim Bo-Kyung fly into tackles. Referee Andre Marriner is happy to go on and the move ends with Jonathan de Guzman firing over from the edge of the box.

  76. 17:43: 
    CLOSE!- Swansea 0-0 Cardiff

    Andy Carroll bullied the Swansea defence last weekend and Kenwyne Jones has his eye on repeating the trick. He is literally head and shoulders above the Swans' back four to meet a steep cross from Craig Bellamy, flicking his effort just wide of the far post.

    Cardiff coming into the game after that flying start from the hosts.

  77. 17:41: 
    Swansea 0-0 Cardiff
    Marvin Emnes and Ben Turner

    If I'm perfectly honest I did wonder if Marvin Emnes was the man for Swansea but he's started very well. Taking up the 'Michu' role behind Wilfired Bony, he's linked up attack nicely so far and has injected some pace into the side. Swansea continue to press, though Cardiff do have a glimpse of goal when they spring Kenwyne Jones over the top. Michel Vorm clears it up.

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    Samuel Davies: Lovely scenes for Garry Monk, clearly emotional to be in charge of the club he served so well for many years.

    Rich: It's a little horse, but it's got carbon fibre horseshoes, it's fed on M&S straw, and the jockey's crop hits other jockeys.

    Adam Stewart: We need to see how Hazard plays in the Champions League before we start praising him to high heaven.

  79. 17:37: 
    Swansea 0-0 Cardiff

    Our first flashpoint of the night. Angel Rangel has a naughty nip at the heels of Wilfried Zaha - off the ball - and Zaha confronts him in a rage.

    Referee Andre Marriner is in quickly to get in between the two and calm it all down. No action taken.

    BBC local radio

    Former Cardiff and Wales defender Kevin Ratcliffe on BBC Radio Wales: "Swansea have come out of the blocks and have started really, really sharp. I have not seen them play like this for a long time."

  81. 17:35: 
    Swansea 0-0 Cardiff

    Six Nations stuff in the midfield. Leon Britton clatters his man to win the ball back before Jonathan de Guzman makes the mistake of taking a touch to settle himself and Craig Bellamy is onto him in a flash. The rain is really coming down now, it's no place for slow play.

  82. 17:32: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- Swansea 0-0 Cardiff

    Swansea are electric. Wilfred Bony is played in on goal, Cardiff keeper David Marshall decides to come for it and makes a really fine challenge, sweeping the ball off the toes of Bony with an outstretched hand. The home fans bay for a penalty but that was top-class goalkeeping. Great start from Garry Monk's boys.

    BBC local radioSwansea 0-0 Cardiff

    Leighton James, former Swansea and Wales winger, on BBC Radio Wales: "Fire in the belly and ice in the veins, and that's what wins you cup ties. And this, for both these sides, will feel like a cup tie."

  84. 17:30: 
    Swansea 0-0 Cardiff

    Stunning start from Swansea as Marvin Emnes - scorer of one goal in the Championship all season for Middlesbrough - flicks the ball over the head of a defender and sprints clear before teeing up Wayne Routledge. His shot is hard and low and David Marshall makes a smart stop. The crowd are even more pumped.

  85. 17:30: 
    KICK-OFF- Swansea 0-0 Cardiff

    Game on!

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    Marco: Many wondered what Damian Lewis would do after Homeland, and it appears that he has been put in charge of Swansea!

    Damien Lewis and Garry Monk
  87. 17:28: 
    Swansea v Cardiff (17:30 GMT)

    Garry Monk soaks up the applause as he emerges out of the tunnel. He's wearing what I think is called a gillet, but the Swans faithful don't hold it against him. Here we go then!

  88. 17:27: 
    Manager reaction- Norwich 0-0 Man City

    Norwich boss Chris Hughton: "It shows how important the result was when we are playing a team that can score goals as readily as they want but it's also the manner in which we finished the game.

    "We had two good positions very late in the game and they could have seen us win the game. We defended very well and over the 90 minutes I thought we thoroughly deserved the draw."

  89. 17:27: 
    Swansea v Cardiff (17:30 GMT)

    BBC Sport Wales' Rob Westall at the Liberty: "The teams are out. The noise is deafening and the stadium PA is well and truly drowned out. More than just local bragging rights at stake today - three precious Premier League points on offer for both sides caught up in the relegation battle. "

  90. 17:26: 
    Manager reaction- Chelsea 3-0 Newcastle

    Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho: "I know today we are top of the league but I look to fifth place. I look to Tottenham v Everton and Manchester United v Fulham tomorrow and I want to be far from fifth.

    "When we are far from fifth and have a Champions League position under control, then it will be time to look at Arsenal, Manchester City and Liverpool and see where they are and see the distances.

    "From that point, we can start thinking about other things."

  91. 17:25: 
    Swansea v Cardiff (17:30 GMT)

    Here we go then. The players emerge to a sea of white cards with black swans on them. It's a fiery atmosphere and Craig Bellamy looks well up for it. Let the tackles commence...

  92. 17:24: 
    Manager reaction- Norwich 0-0 Man City

    Manchester City boss Manuel Pellegrini: "We are frustrated because we could not win, but we did all we could do but in front of us there was a team who defended very well.

    "Our strikers Sergio Aguero, Alvaro Negredo and Edin Dzeko are not 100% fit so that's very important for the team. Every team will drop points, but we are still two points behind the leaders and we have 39 points to play for so we will continue the exactly the same."

  93. 17:24: 
    Swansea v Cardiff (17:30 GMT)







    The stadium announcer is going to expire at the Liberty. This is the biggest day of his life...

  94. 17:24: 
    Manager Reaction- Southampton 2-2 Stoke
    Mauricio Pochettino

    Southampton manager Mauricio Pochettino: "We deserved to win that game, taking into account we took the lead twice in the game. The final result is disappointing.

    "We were facing a very tough opponent and the most physical side in the Premier League. We were creating most of the chances and were unlucky not to get the third goal.

    "Overall, we were superior to Stoke. The result does not reflect the superiority."

  95. 17:21: 

    And contrasting player emotions after that enthralling match at Anfield earlier today:

    Liverpool goalkeeper Simon Mignolet: Great stuff from the whole team today! Also, the atmosphere in the stadium was incredible! Roll on Wednesday.

    Arsenal striker Lukas-Podolski: We gotta stay strong and carry on on Wednesday. Our fans didnt deserve this result - thanks for the great support though!

    Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud: Was a really poor performance today from me! We have to face our responsibilities and bounce back against United! So disappointed, but keep the heads up!

  96. 17:21: 
    Player Reaction- Liverpool 5-1 Arsenal
  97. 17:20: 
    Manager reaction- Sunderland 0-2 Hull
    Steve Bruce

    Hull manager Steve Bruce on goal-scoring strikers Shane Long and Nikica Jelavic: "It's great for them. The partnership is starting to flourish but they're doing well individually, too.

    "They've done exactly what I thought they would do.

    "There's no egos, they've got great attitude, which is exactly what you need at a newly promoted club."

  98. 17:20: 
    Swansea v Cardiff (17:30 GMT)

    A grown man in his 60s with a moustache died bright blue. Football does strange things to people, and the Liberty Stadium is absolutely rocking 10 minutes out from kick-off.

    It is a belting atmosphere. Not one word of the chanting can be published, but it sounds brilliant. Leave the kids at home, put your pets indoors. This one could go off...

  99. 17:17:  
    Garth Crooks, Final ScoreNorwich 0-0 Man City

    "Norwich will be relieved to have got that point. They know who they were playing today, But I must say, one point in six for Man City is not Premier League title form. You need to beat Norwich if you want to win the championship."

  100. 17:17: 
    Swansea v Cardiff (17:30 GMT)

    What will Swansea look like under caretaker boss Garry Monk? I can't imagine a bigger contrast in players, to go from Michael Laudrup to Monk in one week.

    He's a Swansea legend for sure though of course, having played through the divisions and he may be just the man to unify the squad.

  101. 17:17: 
    Manager reaction- Sunderland 0-2 Hull

    Sunderland manager Gus Poyet on defensive errors from Phil Bardsley and Wes Brown's red card: "It's something we've been good at in the last month and a half.

    "Before that, there was always something - a mistake or a sending off. We went back to that.

    "It's difficult to analyse. We tried. We reorganised the team and, for some moments, we were still in the game but the second goal killed it."

    Get Involved- #bbcfootball

    Ladjah: Can we please have Mourinho help tutor Moyes on how to do it in your first season?

    Jdesatge: I know we've just had six other great games, but I still can't believe the thumping we witnessed earlier. 5-1 is outrageous...

    Barry Johnson: The most significant result today is Liverpool now being within six points ofd the teams above them, yet to play Chelsea and City at home, and with no Champions Legaue distractions.

  103. 17:14: 
    League Two update

    Eoin Doyle's penalty was enough to keep Chesterfield top of League Two as they held second-placed Scunthorpe to a 1-1 draw. Oxford missed the opportunity to move into second as Jonjo O'Toole's late leveller earns Bristol Rovers a 1-1 draw.

    Northampton remain six points adrift at the bottom of the table after a 2-0 defeat at home to Plymouth.

  104. 17:13: 
    The history boys?- Swansea v Cardiff (17:30 GMT)

    The south Wales derby then. Cardiff won the first league encounter of the season at Cardiff City Stadium 1-0 in November.

    Neither side has completed the league double over their rival, but Cardiff have the opportunity to be the first if they can win at the Liberty Stadium.

    "Let's go out and make history. Why not?" Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said earlier this week.

    "I know about the history of this fixture. I am aware there has never been a league double. This may be the time."

  105. 17:12: 
    Scottish Cup update

    Albion Rovers, Dumbarton and St Johnstone join Aberdeen, Raith Rovers and Rangers in Sunday's Scottish Cup quarter-final draw. Inverness forced a replay against Stranraer while the weekend's final fifth-round tie, Dundee United v St Mirren, takes place tomorrow.

  106. 17:12:  
    John Hartson, Final ScoreChelsea 3-0 Newcastle

    "The little horse is coming up on the outside, absolutely flying. Chelsea were exceptional, brilliant today."

  107. 17:12:  
    Garth Crooks, Final ScoreNorwich 0-0 Man City

    Today was a massive missed opportunity for Manchester City.

  108. 17:10: 

    It was a day of comebacks in the Championship as three games saw teams recover from 2-0 down to draw 2-2. Ipswich pegged Barnsley back, Bournemouth pulled Bolton back and Leicester recovered a point against Watford.

  109. 17:10: 
    Swansea v Cardiff (17:30 GMT)

    Cardiff boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: "We know what to expect. There will be loads of tackles flying in, a load of passion but we need to make sure we play the game the right way.

    "You never know how changing a manager will affect the opposition, sometimes you get an instant reaction but we hope it takes a little time for Swansea."

  110. 17:08: 
    Swansea v Cardiff (17:30 GMT)

    BBC Wales Sport's Rob Westall: "Perhaps not surprisingly both teams were booed by the opposition fans as they took to the field for their pre-match warm-ups. The atmosphere is building up nicely ahead of arguably the most important league derby between these two sides in the context of their Premier League survival hopes. Cardiff fans doing most of the chanting so far but not many Swansea fans have taken their seats yet."

  111. 17:05: 
    Player Reaction- Southampton 2-2 Stoke
    Rickie Lambert scores for Southampton

    Southampton striker Rickie Lambert: "We got off to a great start and I was practicing my free-kicks yesterday. When it went 2-1, we were desperate to get in ahead, but they scored and made it difficult for us today. Realistically, if we finish eighth it will be a great season for us."

  112. 17:05: 

    In League One, Leyton Orient spurn an opportunity to move top of the table after seeing Peterborough score two late goals to win 2-1.

    Preston close the gap to the top two to six points with a 2-1 win at struggling Tranmere.

    At the bottom of the table, Bristol City return to the relegation zone with a 1-1 draw at Oldham. Notts County move out of the drop zone following a 3-0 home win over Coventry.

  113. 17:05: 
    Team News- Swansea v Cardiff (17:30 GMT)

    BBC Wales Sport's Rob Westall: "Cardiff boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer makes two changes to the starting line-up from last Saturday's victory at home to Norwich. Midfielder Peter Whittingham, who was hauled off in that game after just 38 minutes, retains his place.

    "On loan Manchester United winger Wilfired Zaha makes his first start for the Bluebirds in place of Craig Noone and Kim Bo Kjung replaces Jordon Mutch.

    "Garry Monk makes four changes from Swansea's 2-0 defeat at West Ham for his first game in charge.

    "Michel Vorm comes in for Gerhard Tremmel in goal. Angel Rangel replaces Dwight Tiendalli at full-back and Leon Britton comes back into the midfield. There's a first start for Marvin Emnes on loan from Middlesbrough - who scored the winner in this fixture a few seasons ago."

  114. 17:03: 
    Player reaction- Sunderland 0-2 Hull

    Hull goalscorer Shane Long: "It was nice to get on the scoresheet and I'm delighted for Nikica Jelavic.

    "He had a few chances and I was just pleased that one of them went in to get him off the mark.

    "Everybody won last week and, even though we got a good point against Tottenham, people closed the gap on us, so it was a big three points for us.

    "We're under no illusions, though, there's still a lot of work to do."

  115. 17:01:  
    John Hartson, BBC Sport pundit on Football FocusSwansea v Cardiff (17:30 GMT)

    "I don't think Michael Laudrup leaving is a football results decision. There have been a lot of underlying problems with the board, He failed to bring in any significant signings in January. You can't forget the success he's brought and they're still in two cup competitions.

    "The relationships totally broke down with the board and it's very difficult to work in that way.

    "Garry Monk probably is the right choice in the short-term and he'll settle things down there. He'll have the respect of the players and the crowd but this is a game for the players to roll their sleeves up. They've been in woeful form but they've got the chance to take themselves further away from Cardiff."

  116. 17:01:  
    MOTD's Martin Fisher at the LibertySwansea v Cardiff (17:30 GMT)

    "It's been an uncharacteristically turbulent week at Swansea City. They just don't sack managers.

    "That reputation possibly explains why many of us were surprised by the dismissal of Michael Laudrup on Tuesday but I'm told by my Welsh colleagues that the writing has been on the wall for some time. The Dane had lost his spark and a run of one win in 10 games sees the club just two points above the relegation zone.

    "Ole Gunnar Solskjaer now has the chance to secure legendary status among the Bluebirds fans by becoming the first manager to do the double in the South Wales derby."

  117. 17:00: 

    It's been a frantic day already - now here comes a firecracker of a derby...

    Get Involved- Text us on 81111

    Lisa: Watch the little horse go!

    David in Leyland: New manager? Team in transition? Top of the table! Moyes hang your head in shame. Excuse busted.

    Matthew: Disappointed with Sunderland's performance today. After such a positive run, a 2-0 loss will really stop their momentum.

  119. 16:59: 

    Burnley move into second place in the Championship with a 3-1 win at home to Millwall, thanks to Danny Ings' double. The Clarets are 11 points behind leaders Leicester, who recovered from 2-0 down at home to Watford to draw 2-2.

    Barnsley stay second from bottom after throwing away a 2-0 lead to draw 2-2 with play-off hopefuls Ipswich, while a double from Manchester United loanee Federicho Macheda gives Birmingham a 2-0 win over struggling Charlton.

    Andy Keogh's first goal for Blackpool earns the Seasiders a 1-1 draw with play-off chasing Nottingham Forest.

  120. 16:59: 
    Player Reaction- Norwich 0-0 Man City
    John Ruddy

    Norwich City goalkeeper John Ruddy: "To be fair I have to give credit to the lads in front of me, it was a great performance and one we had to produce. We saw what they were like at their place and it's a massive point. That's the standard we have to set ourselves between now and the end of the season."

    Get Involved- #bbcfootball

    David Ratcliffe: Chelsea go top, and thoroughly deserve it on this performance today.

    Charles Kahanji: Massive result for Big Sam!

    Akarim: Loving the Premier League this season - it's so unpredictable!

  122. 16:57: 
    Life at the bottom
    Premier League

    West Ham are the big winners at the bottom of the table. Entrenched in the relegation zone before kick-off at Villa Park, but two quickfire goals from Kevin Nolan were enough for the win which has lifted Big Sam's men all the way up to 14th place.

    West Brom replace them in the drop zone after defeat at Selhurst Park, and a win for Cardiff at Swansea in the late kick-off would close the gap on Sunderland and the Swans. But Cardiff will stay in the drop zone on goal difference unless there is a massive win.

  123. 16:57: 
    Top of the Table

    We have new leaders. Jose Mourinho's 'little horse' suddenly finds itself out in front with only another 13 fences to clear. An inspiring story for all small clubs with limited budgets.

  124. 16:54:  
    David Pleat, at Carrow Road for 5 live SportNorwich 0-0 Man City

    "Norwich hacked and whacked and headed, and however isolated Hooper was up front for Norwich, whatever changes Chris Hughton made, were all to do with application and focus. They made it so, so hard for Man City, who put a lot of effort in but couldn't prise Norwich open. And John Ruddy, for all the pressure, did not have to make too many saves."

  125. 16:54: 

    The Stamford Bridge stadium announcer takes delight in reading out the final score from Carrow Road before dropping the needle on his copy of Blue is the Colour.

  126. 16:53: 

    Well, well, well.

  127. 16:52:  
    MOTD's John Roder at St Mary'sFULL-TIME- Southampton 2-2 Stoke

    "An action packed first half at St Mary's with all four goals being scored in the first half. Sadly the second half didn't match it and yet again these two sides draw in the Premier League. Four played, four draws."

  128. 16:52: 
    FULL-TIME- Norwich 0-0 Man City
    Garth Crooks, Final ScoreNorwich 0-0 Man City

    "Yaya Toure definitely kicks Ricky van Wolfswinkel, and he should have gone! What do the FA do now? That's clearly violent conduct."

  130. 16:52: 
    FULL-TIME- Chelsea 3-0 Newcastle

    Chelsea top.

  131. 16:51:  
    MOTDs Simon Brotherton at Villa ParkFULL-TIME- Aston Villa 0-2 West Ham

    "Kevin Nolan is the hero for the second game running. Villa created a few chances in the second half but it came at a time when you knew they would have more of the game. When it was 0-0 West ham were the better side and deservedly took the lead."

  132. 16:51: 
    Norwich 0-0 Man City

    Ricky van Wolfswinkel is an angry young man. He believes that Yaya Toure has deliberately wedged a knee in his back while he is prone on the floor. He has a case. It looks like the Ivorian knew exactly what he was doing. No card though.

  133. 16:50: 
    FULL-TIME- Sunderland 0-2 Hull
  134. 16:50: 
    MOTD's Dan O'Hagan at Selhurst ParkFULL-TIME- Crystal Palace 3-1 West Brom

    "Tom Ince scored the first and made the second and after Thievy Bifouma pulled one back, Julian Speroni made a couple of wonder saves before Marouane Chamakh added a third with a penalty.

    "It's a third successive home win for Palace and they're delighted but after one win in 15 West Brom are in big trouble."

  135. 16:49: 
    INJURY TIME- Norwich 0-0 Man City

    Three minutes of injury time at Carrow Road as Aleksandar Kolorov rattles a shot wide from distance for City.

  136. 16:47: 
    CLOSE!- Norwich 0-0 Man City

    Now Norwich almost snatch it! Nathan Redmond's cross is a whisker away from Gary Hooper before Anthony Pilkington lashes one over from a tight angle. That would have been the ultimate last-minute heist.

    David Pleat, at Carrow Road for 5 live SportNorwich 0-0 Man City

    "Norwich City deserve so much credit for their resistance here today. My, have they battled."

  138. 16:46: 
    Norwich 0-0 Man City

    John Ruddy fluffs his punch from a Manchester City corner but gets away with it as the ball somehow finds it way out of a packed penalty box. Vincent Kompany has taken up a permanent attacking role with time ebbing away.

  139. 16:44: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Chelsea 3-0 Newcastle

    Eden Hazard departs to a loud and deserved ovation. Andre Schurrle on for Chelsea.

  140. 16:43: 
    Southampton 2-2 Stoke

    Southampton and Stoke are still grinding their way to a draw at St Mary's. Neither side looks like they want to gamble one point in pursuit of three.

  141. 16:42: 
    Breaking team news- Swansea v Cardiff (17:30 GMT)

    Cardiff City manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer hands a full debut to Wilfried Zaha who impressed when coming on for Peter Whittingham in City's 2-1 win over Norwich last weekend. Whittingham maintains his place in the side, with Craig Noone and Jordon Mutch dropping to the bench. Kenwyne Jones will lead the line for the Bluebirds.

    Cardiff XI: Marshall, John, Caulker (C), Turner, Fabio, Whittingham, Medel, Kim, Zaha, Bellamy, Jones.

    Get Involved- #bbcfootball

    Chelsea Warrior: Hold on Norwich. Hold on!

    Will Meredith: Cary Cahill is in my opinion the most underrated player in this Chelsea team. Rarely puts a foot wrong.

    Emanuel: Hazard is a majestic player - one of the best if not the best in the Premier League at the moment.

  143. 16:41: 
    Final Five

    Into the final five minutes...

  144. 16:41:  
    Garth Crooks, Final Score

    "Chelsea have been emphatic and have just gone on from their superb win at Man City in midweek. Meanwhile, Man City at Norwich started very slowly, got to grips with the game but have then struggled to put Norwich to the sword. City are fighting like bears but just cannot get the breakthrough."

  145. 16:41: 
    Norwich 0-0 Man City

    James Milner crosses, but it is a little too deep and Edin Dzeko can't get a header in on target from out wide. Jesus Navas flashes a low shot just wide a minute later. It is all City, but time is running out for them. We are into the last 10 minutes.

    Will this be another unhappy away trip for Manuel and his men?

  146. 16:40: 
    CLOSE!- Crystal Palace 3-1 West Brom
    Victor Anichebe in action against West Brom

    Victor! Anichebe with remarkable strength to take the ball with his back to goal on the halfway line, spin away from two men and power past a third like a Barcelona-era Ronaldo before finishing like a 2014 Ronaldo, high, wide and not very handsome. That was superb until it mattered from the big man.

  147. 16:38: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Chelsea 3-0 Newcastle

    Mohamed Salah trots on to make his first appearance in a Chelsea shirt with Willian making way. The home fans are just pleased to see him on their side after he tormented them playing for Basel.

  148. 16:38: 
    Breaking team news- Swansea v Cardiff (17:30 GMT)

    Swansea manager Garry Monk brings goalkeeper Michel Vorm back into the side in place of Gerhard Tremmel and Marvin Emnes starts for the first time since his return to the club in the January transfer window.

    Swansea XI: Vorm, Rangel, Chico, Williams (c), Davies, Britton, de Guzman, Emnes, Dyer, Routledge, Bony.

  149. 16:37: 
    Football League update

    Jose Ulloa gives play-off chasing Brighton a 1-0 lead at home to Doncaster, while Tomasz Cywka doubles struggling Barnsley's lead to 2-0 at home to Ipswich.

  150. 16:37: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Sunderland 0-2 Hull

    Hull are in cruise control now. Steve Bruce has the luxury of being able to bring on Sone Aluko for his first appearance since undergoing an Achilles operation in October.

  151. 16:35: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Norwich 0-0 Man City

    Strange one this. Manuel Pellegrini withdraws striker Alvaro Negredo, who has not been at his best to be fair, and brings on Aleksandar Kolorov. Can that crack the code for City?

  152. 16:35: 
    CLOSE!- Aston Villa 0-2 West Ham

    It's not your day, Aston Villa. Guy Demel steers a cross inches past his own post and from the following corner Christian Benteke heads it wide. We could play until Wednesday night and Villa wouldn't score.

    Get Involved- Text us on 81111

    Paul: If the ref thinks that's really a foul surely he should be sending Foster off? He didn't so clearly knew it wasn't a foul yet gave it anyway...

    Shabbir in Harrow: Did someone feed milk to the little horse?

    West Ham Surrey: Looks like Gold and Sullivan were right to keep Big Sam! Seven points from three games!

  154. 16:34: 
    Norwich 0-0 Man City

    Edin Dzeko has added some heft to the Manchester City attack. The Bosnian cuts in off the left flank, but drags his low shot into the wrong side of the side-netting from the visitors' point of view.

  155. 16:34: 
    Aston Villa 0-2 West Ham

    There have been three shots on target in this whole game, but West Ham scored both of theirs and that is proving the difference so far. Aston Villa have been utterly dominant since those two goals but West Ham look serene enough as they soak up the pressure.

    Into the last 15 minutes.

    Get Involved- #bbcfootball

    Dave Worley: Was never a penalty in a million years. We, West Brom, were absolutely battering Palace until then. Another refereeing disgrace.

    William O'Reilly: Atrocious decision from Chris Foy there...

    Neal Collins: Old warhorse Eto'o off, show pony Ba is on. Thoroughbred Hazard has a hat-trick. Mourinho is hoarse.

  157. 16:32: 
    Southampton 2-2 Stoke

    You can't see a winner at St Mary's. Both sides are struggling to create with defences well on top.

  158. 16:31: 
    Football League update

    Danny Ings takes his season-tally to 24 goals as Burnley come from behind to lead Millwall 3-1 and look on track for second spot in the Championship. Ings has scored twice and missed a penalty for the Clarets. Bournemouth have pegged Bolton back to 2-2, having trailed 2-0.

    Leyton Orient are on course for top spot in League One as David Mooney's 17th goal of the season gives them a 1-0 lead at Peterborough.

    Comeback of the say is going to Swindon Town in League One, who have come back from 2-0 down to lead 3-2 at Port Vale.

  159. 16:30: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Crystal Palace 3-1 West Brom

    A great sight for Crystal Palace fans as Glenn Murray - top scorer last season with 30 goals - comes on for his first appearance of the season after a horrific knee injury. He is greeted by a huge reception as you'd imagine...

  160. 16:30: 
    Norwich 0-0 Man City

    The heavy artillery is up from the back with Vincent Kompany and Martin Demichelis joining Edin Dzeko in the box for a Manchester City corner. David Silva's delivery is poor though, never getting beyond the first defender.

  161. 16:29: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Aston Villa 0-2 West Ham

    Marc Albrighton has been excellent since he came on for Villa, and his left-footed cross is met by the head of Christian Benteke - who flicks an effort against the crossbar.

  162. 16:29: 

    With 20 minutes to go, Chelsea will go top as it stands. But Manchester City are digging in to lay siege to the Norwich goal.

  163. 16:28:  
    Garth Crooks, Final ScoreCrystal Palace 3-1 West Brom

    "Ben Foster went with his feet - that's clever, and he's probably practised it in training. It's a great tackle - he won the ball! Never a penalty."

  164. 16:27: 
    Crystal Palace 3-1 West Brom

    That penalty may prove to be a big talking point. Ben Foster got his boot to the ball, on first viewing anyway...

  165. 16:26: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Norwich 0-0 Man City

    Norwich have not given up on taking more than a point from this one. Gary Hooper comes off and is replaced by another striker in Ricky van Wolfswinkel.

  166. 16:26: 
    GOAL- Crystal Palace 3-1 West Brom - Marouane Chamakh (pen 69 mins)

    Not even a booking for Ben Foster, and Marouane Chamakh is cool as ice to slot the penalty into the bottom corner. Is that that for Palace?

  167. 16:25: 
    Football League update

    Championship play-off hopefuls 10-man Reading go 2-0 down at home to Sheffield Wednesday, thanks to Benik Afobe's goal. Leaders Leicester still trail 2-1 at home to Watford.

    Bradford score two goals within the space of two minutes to peg Crewe back to 2-2 in League One. Both sides will be glancing anxiously at the relegation zone.

    Mansfield are on track for a first home win in 12 as Jake Jennings puts them 2-0 up at home to Southend.

  168. 16:25: 
    PENALTY TO PALACE- Crystal Palace 2-1 West Brom

    Marouane Chamakh is clean through on the counter-attack, he goes round Ben Foster who appears to get something on the ball but the ref points to the spot...

  169. 16:24:  
    Garth Crooks, Final ScoreChelsea 3-0 Newcastle

    "I saw the argy-bargy in the beginning between Branislav Ivanovic and Moussa Sissoko in the box. Then the ball comes in and Samuel Eto'o is flattened by Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa. I thought it was six of one and half a dozen of the other, but the assistant referee was certain."

  170. 16:25:  
    John Hartson, Final ScoreSunderland 0-2 Hull

    "This is the ideal scenario for Hull - your two strikers getting on the goalsheet away from home. Steve Bruce, against his former club, will be delighted."

  171. 16:25: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Aston Villa 0-2 West Ham

    What a strike! Marc Albrighton lets off a cannon from 25 yards, cracking a shot against the far post only to see the ball bounce out, hit goalkeeper Adrian on the back and go over the top. Desperately unlucky for the Villa sub.

  172. 16:24: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Norwich 0-0 Man City

    Over in Norfolk, Manchester City have brought on Edin Dzeko for Stevan Jovetic to try and spice up their attack. Tick-tock Manuel. Twenty-five minutes to go.

  173. 16:22: 
    CLOSE!- Crystal Palace 2-1 West Brom
    James Morrison (left) on the attack for West Brom

    It's been all West Brom in the second half as Palace sit deep and soak it up, but a rare break ends with a corner which is almost flicked in by Damien Delaney at the other end. Cagey finish on the cards at Selhurst Park as James Morrison rattles a shot on target.

    Get Involved- #bbcfootball

    Nicholas Oram: Nolandinho? Is Hodgson watching?

    Jack R Vickers: Willian is starting to settle nicely into the Premier League. He's going to be a real asset for Chelsea next year and beyond.

    No-Talent Jones: Lambert is clueless and the football is awful - it's a joke we're offering a new contract.

  175. 16:21: 
    GOAL- Chelsea 3-0 Newcastle - Eden Hazard hat-trick (pen 63 mins)

    Job's a good un. Eden Hazard gives Tim Krul the eyes and rolls the ball the other side of the Newcastle goalkeeper to complete his treble.

  176. 16:20: 
    PENALTY- Chelsea 2-0 Newcastle

    Penalty to Chelsea as Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa hauls down Samuel Eto'o. Eden Hazard steps up to complete his hat-trick.

  177. 16:19: 
    Norwich 0-0 Man City

    Nearly something special from Norwich as Russell Martin flicks the ball up and crashes a shot over the top from Gary Hooper's backheel.

  178. 16:19: 
    GOAL- Sunderland 0-2 Hull - Nikica Jelavic (62 mins)

    The drought is over! Nikica Jelavic has a Premier League goal. He has baan a threat all afternoon and his persistence is rewarded when Maynor Figueroa's hopeful shot is deflected into his path and he steers in a wonderful header from 12 yards. What a relief for the big man.

  179. 16:18: 

    Half an hour to go then in our six 15:00 GMT kick-offs...

  180. 16:18: 
    Norwich 0-0 Man City

    Great last-ditch stuff from Norwich's Martin Olsson who appears on the scene just in time to block Jesus Navas's shot from a clever little lifted ball from Stevan Jovetic. That is the sort of stuff you need when you are struggling at the wrong end of the table.

  181. 16:15: 
    Football League update

    Joe Garner scores his second goal of the afternoon for Preston as the League One promotion hopefuls take a 2-1 lead at struggling Tranmere. Crewe look like climbing away from the relegation as Uche Ikpeazue scores his second to give them a 2-0 lead at Bradford.

  182. 16:15: 
    Aston Villa 0-2 West Ham

    Villa seem to have more joy when they go direct and it almost pays off straight away as substitute Marc Albrighton floats in a peach of a cross for Christian Benteke, but the big man is a stud's width away from turning it home. The home fans are trying to suck it over the line.

  183. 16:15: 
    Southampton 2-2 Stoke

    After the goal blitz at the end of the first half, things are still settling down on the south coast. Neither attack has caused the opposign defence too many worries so far.

  184. 16:14: 
    Norwich 0-0 Man City
    Manchester City midfielder James Milner (left) tangles with Norwich City's Leroy Fer

    Manchester City are toiling without much joy against Norwich so far in this second half. The hosts were under the pump at the end of the first half, but have looked more solid and stubborn after the break.

  185. 16:13: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Sunderland 0-1 Hull

    And Sunderland do go close to a leveller, Ki Sung-yueng's deflected effort flying into the bottom corner until Steve Harper gets a strong left hand to the ball to turn it away.

    Get Involved- #bbcfootball

    Jasper Chamberlain: Who said West Ham needed Andy Carroll to score?

    R Palmer: If West Ham can hold on they will jump up to 14th! This league is so open!

    Roseanne: We've missed Nolan lately - glad he's stepping up now.

  187. 16:11: 
    Sunderland 0-1 Hull

    Not much action to report at Sunderland, where Hull are still in search of a killer second. The longer it goes on, the more nervous Steve Bruce and co will get...

  188. 16:11: 
    CLOSE!- Chelsea 2-0 Newcastle

    Almost a grade-A shocker for Tim Krul. The Newcastle goalkeeper slips as he comes out of his area to deal with a routine David Luiz welly upfield and the ball is beyond him. Fortunately for the visitors it has too much pace on it for Oscar and is just wide of goal.

  189. 16:08: 
    Scrap at the bottom
    Premier League

    Those early goals have lifted West Ham clean out of the bottom three and despite scoring inside the first minute it's West Brom who are back in there. Plenty of time for more chopping and changing though.

  190. 16:08:  
    John Hartson, Final ScoreAston Villa 0-2 West Ham

    "Aston Villa, this season, seem to wake up when they fall behind. When teams go in front they seem to respond really well. But they need to do something now..."

  191. 16:08: 
    Chelsea 2-0 Newcastle

    Chelsea are straight on the front foot and in search of a third with Sammy Ameobi bringing down Branislav Ivanovic on the left edge of the box. Frank Lampard's set-piece is cleared, but another goal could be the end of the visitors' faint hopes.

  192. 16:06: 
    Scottish Cup latest

    There's a fifth-round shock in the Scottish Cup with Championship side Raith Rovers winning 3-2 at the home of top-flight Hibernian.

    Elsewhere, St Johnstone are on course to beat Forfar Athletic, while Albion Rovers are in front against Stenhousemuir.

  193. 16:05: 
    GOAL- Aston Villa 0-2 West Ham - Kevin Nolan (48 mins)

    Oh Fabian Delph! Just what Aston Villa do not need, as the midfielder tries to turn his way out of trouble on the edge of his own area, is tackled by Kevin Nolan who strides into the box and finishes with aplomb.

    Stunning few minutes for Big Sam, Big Kev and the Hammers...

    Garth Crooks, Final ScoreAston Villa 0-1 West Ham

    "Good bit of fortune for Kevin Nolan, but West Ham need it. With what's going on elsewhere in the division, the Hammers needed that."

  195. 16:03: 
    GOAL- Crystal Palace 2-1 West Brom - Thievy Bifouma (46 mins)

    And another marvellous half-time change, Thievy Bifouma sweeping home 40 seconds into his Premier League debut. Victor Anichebe crosses from the left and Bifouma adds the finish with his left peg. Easy!

  196. 16:02: 
    GOAL- Aston Villa 0-1 West Ham - Kevin Nolan (46 mins)

    And the half-time change works a trick for West Ham! Great play from Stewart Downing as he works his way past a defender to fire in a low cross and Kevin Nolan turns it home with an improvised backheel! Game on!

  197. 16:02: 

    We are back under way...

  198. 16:01: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Aston Villa 0-0 West Ham

    West Ham also make a half-time change, as Italy international Marco Borriello comes on for Carlton Cole. Welcome to the Premier League Marco.

  199. 16:01: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Crystal Palace 2-0 West Brom

    Desperate times call for desperate measures. Mr Helen Flanagan himself, Scott Sinclair, is gracing us with a rare appearance from the bench for West Brom, and new signing Thievy Bifouma - wearing number 50 - joins him.

    Can they make the difference for the Albion?

  200. 15:58: 
    Football League update
    Fernando Foriestieri gives Watford lead

    Dean Marney puts Burnley 2-1 ahead at home to Millwall, knowing they will move second in the Championship with victory. Danny Ings had missed a penalty minutes earlier for the Clarets, unbeaten at home in the league all season

    Matt James gives Championship leaders Leicester hope as he pulls a goal back for the Foxes, who deservedly trailed Watford 2-0. Also in the Championship, play-off chasing Reading are losing 1-0 to Sheffield Wednesday, having had Alex Pearce sent off after just eight minutes.

    Life in League Two is looking increasingly precarious for bottom of the table Northampton as Lewis Alessandra doubles Plymouth's lead to 2-0 against a cobblers who have lost their last three home game. Eoin Doyle levels from the penalty spot for leaders Chesterfield at second-placed Chesterfield.

    Get Involved- #bbcfootball

    Ben Jones: Southampton are a reliable keeper away from a truly class team.

    Arshi Yaseen: Eden Hazard is a majestic player. I hope we win some trophies this year, if not for the glory then to keep Hazard with us.

    Cris: The little horse definitely can run! Eden enjoying himself - amazing!

  202. 15:58: 
    Poyet's Problems
    Wes Brown

    Wes Brown's early, early bath this afternoon is the fifth red card Sunderland have been shown under Gus Poyet. Three of those have been for Brown, and three of them have been against Hull. A perfect storm.

  203. 15:57: 

    Eden Hazard is enjoying an outstanding game for Chelsea this afternoon. It's worth reflecting on what the Belgium international told Football Focus earlier today: "I've always considered myself as someone who plays for the group, a team player. That's not changed, but maybe what I do now is looking at the achievements and performance of the group as a whole."

    Never mind that. We'll have a look at Hazard's individual stats, even if he won't.

    The Belgian has already surpassed his total number of goals from last season. He has 13 in 32 and a half appearances for the Blues so far this season.

  204. 15:54: 
    Manager Reaction- Liverpool 5-1 Arsenal

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger after his team's 5-1 defeat at Anfield: "We had a very poor day defensively and Liverpool played well to take advantage of it.

    "Only our fans were at the races for 90 minutes and unfortunately we were not.

    "I have to think about what did not work today and analyse what happened because you cannot be as passive on the concentration level as we were today."

    You can listen to a description of all five Liverpool goals from Radio 5 live.

  205. 15:54: 

    So at half-time it is looking like being the end of a bad week for Manchester City.

    Odds-on favourites for the title on Monday morning, a lesson from Chelsea and a frustrating 45 minutes at Carrow Road later and Manuel Pellegrini's men are down to third in the as it stands table.

    Can they find a breakthrough after the break? At the bottom, West Ham need to find some quality amid the gale at Villa Park or they will remain in the drop zone.

  206. 15:53: 
    Manager reaction- Liverpool 5-1 Arsenal
    Brendan Rodgers

    Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers: "It was breathtaking some of our play. The intensity of our pressing and the goals were fantastic. It gave us a great platform.

    We've been doing it most of the season. Obviously this is a high profile game and everyone is looking at it. The players have been brilliant with their hunger and appetite of the game."

    You can listen to a description of all five Liverpool goals from Radio 5 live.

  207. 15:51:  
    John Hartson, Final ScoreSouthampton 2-2 Stoke

    "It's a great game between Southampton and Stoke, certainly. But the highlight so far this afternoon is Eden Hazard's performance for Chelsea."

    David Pleat, at Carrow Road for 5 live SportNorwich 0-0 Man City

    "Man City, at the moment, are not in any real rhythm but were just gaining the ascendancy before half-time. But generally speaking City are as yet not really imposing themselves on Norwich. The hosts are fighting hard but it's all mainly resistance, not threatening Man City at the back.

  209. 15:49:  
    MOTD's John Roder at St Mary'sHALF-TIME- Southampton 2-2 Stoke

    "An action-packed first half. Southampton twice taking the lead through Rickie Lambert and Steven Davis, Stoke twice coming back from Peter Odemwinige and Peter Crocuh. Both of the visitor's goals created by Charlie Adam. We have had quite a first half."

  210. 15:49: 
    Southampton 2-2 Stoke

    We are still playing at St Mary's where play was held up for treatment to Stoke goalkeeper Asmir Begovic. His minor head wound has been cleaned up and he is ok to continue.

  211. 15:48:  
    MOTD's Jonathan Pearce at Carrow RoadHALF-TIME- Norwich 0-0 Man City

    "Nowhere near as open as it was at Etihad Stadium [where City won 7-0], Alvaro Negredo going closest with a header against the bar. It has been tight so far and commendable from Norwich, who had a good chance via Nathan Redmond but he fired wide."

  212. 15:48:  
    MOTD's Steve Wilson at Stamford BridgeHALF-TIME- Chelsea 2-0 Newcastle

    "Two sumptuous goals from Eden Hazard. You will have to go a very long way to see a better goal than his second. Moussa Sissoko had a great chance at 1-0 and it could have been different had he taken it, but a big ask now for Newcastle."

  213. 15:47: 
    Chelsea 2-0 Newcastle

    Eden Hazard has gone close to a hat-trick, sending a shot just a couple of feet over the top. he may not have to wait long. Chelsea are well on top.

  214. 15:47:  
    MOTD's Alistair Mann at the Stadium of LightHALF-TIME- Sunderland 0-1 Hull

    "The big talking point was the dreadful pass from Phil Bardsley that put Wes Brown in trouble. His challenge on Shane Long saw him sent off.

    "Long put Hull ahead with a clever flicked header and, at half-time, the visitors are in control."

  215. 15:47: 
    MOTD's Dan O'Hagan at Selhurst ParkHALF-TIME- Crystal Palace 2-0 West Brom
    Crystal Palace celebrate scoring

    "Tom Ince scored a debut goal for Crystal Palace and then grabbed an assist for Joe Ledley in his first Premier League game. West Brom have been second best by a long way and it's Palace's game to lose.

    "Albion's passing has been terrible and that's being kind. Simple things, expensive mistakes."

  216. 15:46:  
    MOTDs Simon Brotherton at Villa ParkHALF-TIME- Aston Villa 0-0 West Ham

    "West Ham finished the first half on the attack but there are no goals at Villa Park. West Ham have created more, while Aston Villa have had a couple of opportunistic shots."

  217. 15:46:  
    Garth Crooks, Final ScoreSouthampton 2-2 Stoke

    "Charlie Adam hits an inswinging corner in and Artur Boruc goes for it, but Peter Crouch causes mayhem. The keeper can't even reach the ball - he doesn't even get a mention."

  218. 15:46: 
    Norwich 0-0 Man City
    Norwich City's Martin Olsson (left) and Manchester City's Stevan Jovetic

    Manchester City are creating chances more regularly now, with Steven Jovetic going close this time. After David Silva's cutback, the Montenegrin's shot from the edge of the area is well saved by John Ruddy.

  219. 15:44: 
    GOAL- Southampton 2-2 Stoke - Peter Crouch (44 mins)

    It's against his old club, but then most of his goals are given his travels. Peter Crouch gets a run on Jose Fonte and holds off the Southampton defender to nod in from point blank range. He didn't even have to jump for that one.

    Garth Crooks, Final ScoreSouthampton 2-1 Stoke

    "I blame the goalkeeper. Charlie Adam turns away from Asmir Begovic in complete disgust. He just turns away from his keeper, not saying anything. And the irony is that last week Begovic played out of his world, while this week he's let that in."

  221. 15:41: 
    GOAL- Southampton 2-1 Stoke - Steven Davis (41 mins)

    Parity lasts a little over two minutes for Stoke. Steven Davis punts over a cross from the right wing and with Asmir Begovic rooted to his line, the ball sneaks embarrassingly inside the far post.

    Garth Crooks, Final ScoreSouthampton 1-1 Stoke

    "What a ball by Charlie Adam! The ball of life! It split the Southampton defence, and Peter Odemwingie, once he's in like that, doesn't miss them.

    "Not since Ricardo Fuller have Stoke has such a natural goalscorer."

  223. 15:40: 
    Sunderland 0-1 Hull

    Hull may live to regret their profligacy in the second half. Somehow it remains 1-0 as Nikica Jelavic can't steer Liam Rosenior's cross home.

  224. 15:39: 
    GOAL- Southampton 1-1 Stoke - Peter Odemwingie (39 mins)

    This is all about the through-ball from Charlie Adam which beautifully bisects the Southampton defence for Peter Odemwingie to sprint clear and apply a cool finish for his first goal for the Potters.

  225. 15:38: 
    A blue day?
    Premier League

    As it stands, Chelsea are taking advantage of Arsenal's hammering at Anfield. Manchester City are not.

  226. 15:37: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Norwich 0-0 Man City

    Manchester City are slowly turning the screw. Jesus Navas's corner is flicked on by Martin Demichelis and Alvaro Negredo's header at the far post beats John Ruddy but not the crossbar.

  227. 15:37: 
    Football League update

    A bit of good news for Bolton boss Dougie Freedman - mistakenly described as 'acting boss' on the pre-match team sheet - as his side lead 2-1 at home to Bournemouth in the Championship, through Lee Chung-Yong and Lukas Jutkiewicz goals. Manchester United loanee Federico Macheda puts Birmingham 1-0 up at Charlton with his second goal in as many games.

    Martyn Woolford gives Millwall a shock lead at Burnley but Danny Ings scores his 23rd goal of the season to level minutes later for the Clarets, who would move second with a win.

    Tranmere's woes continue in League One as Joe Garner's goal gives promotion-chasing Preston a 1-0 lead, while Sheffield United are beating fellow strugglers Shrewsbury 2-0.

    Scunthorpe take the lead in the battle of the top two in League Two at Glandford Park as Sam Winnall gives them the first blow against leaders Chesterfield.

    Get Involved- #bbcfootball

    Michael Lovenkrand: Eden Hazard is simply amazing. Wonder boy.

    Bharadwaj K Venkata: The 'little horse' is back on top of the Premier League...

    Hugh Cross: If Tony Pulis doesn't win manager of the season, he's been robbed.

    John Hartson, Final ScoreChelsea 2-0 Newcastle

    "Give Eto'o credit. Hazard applies it into him, he flicks it with his back heel and Hazard is in to poke it home. Hazard, again, Messi-like."

  230. 15:35: 
    Crystal Palace 2-0 West Brom

    West Brom have not really responded to that second Palace goal. They look done already. Some serious spirit needed from Pepe Mel's boys.

  231. 15:34: 
    GOAL- Chelsea 2-0 Newcastle - Eden Hazard (34 mins)
    Eden Hazard

    A sublime team goal as Chelsea sweep from one end to the other. Willlian's pace plays a part, but the final three touches are the best as Eden Hazard is played in but a sublime round-the-corner flick from Samuel Eto'o and pokes home.

  232. 15:34: 
    DISALLOWED GOAL- Norwich 0-0 Man City

    Stevan Jovetic's impish little lob is into the net but the flag was up long before as Alvaro Negredo had strayed off side. Pablo Zabaleta crashes a low shot just wide and City look like they are finding their rhythm.

  233. 15:31: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Sunderland 0-1 Hull

    Sunderland are lucky to still be in this. Hull have been excellent and go close to a second again, Shane Long pinging a left-footed drive against the frame of the goal from 25 yards. What a hit!

  234. 15:32: 
    Southampton 1-0 Stoke

    Southampton counter with intent as Steven Davis carries the ball from his own area and feeds Nathaniel Clyne who brings a good save out of Asmir Begovic. The Stoke goalkeeper has an easier job with Rickie Lambert's free-kick shortly after, but the hosts are looking good.

    John Hartson, Final ScoreChelsea 1-0 Newcastle

    "A brilliant finish from Hazard. He received a good, strong pass from Ivanovic. They're difficult balls to receive sometimes when they come at you at pace, but he whipped it in. I don't think there's a better player playing in the Premier League right now."

  236. 15:30: 
    CLOSE!- Aston Villa 0-0 West Ham

    Huge chance for West Ham! Matty Jarvis springs the offside trap, he's in on goal but Nathan Baker makes up the ground to pressure him and the former Gillingham man slams a shot wide. He has to score those...

  237. 15:28: 
    Crystal Palace 2-0 West Brom

    Palace just need a goal from Scott Dann to complete the deadline day debutant treble...

  238. 15:27: 
    GOAL- Chelsea 1-0 Newcastle - Eden Hazard (27 mins)

    When you are bang in form those look easy. Eden Hazard swaps passes with Branislav Ivanovic and sweeps home the Serbian's return with a first-time shot from 15 yards. What have Newcastle got in response?

  239. 15:27: 
    Chelsea 0-0 Newcastle

    Newcastle have gradually found themselves penned further and further back and Oscar sends a low shot a foot wide as he finds himself in space on the edge of the D.

  240. 15:26: 
    GOAL- Crystal Palace 2-0 West Brom - Joe Ledley (27 mins)

    Tony Pulis knows how to shop on deadline day. Thomas Ince adds an assist to his earlier goal as his corner is thumped in by fellow debutant Joe Ledley, who is playing at left-back today!

    A free header, and he demanded it. Massive header.

  241. 15:26: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Sunderland 0-1 Hull

    Hull almost double their lead, and it looks like a matter of time before they do. Nikica Jelavic slams a looping header against the post after good work from Liam Rosenior. Gus Poyet needs a hell of a half-time team talk.

  242. 15:25: 
    Southampton 1-0 Stoke

    Southampton are working hard when they lose possession. That is keeping Stoke under the cosh with Oussama Assaidi the brightest performer so far for the visitors.

  243. 15:23: 
    CLOSE!- Aston Villa 0-0 West Ham

    Close for Villa now as Stewart Downing misses a huge chance to score against his old club. Matty Jarvis slides a cross over from the left, Downing has a tap-in but the ball goes between his legs. Poor old Ryan Bertrand then clatters head-first into the post as he makes a desperate challenge. Pain all round at Villa Park.

  244. 15:22: 
    Sunderland 0-1 Hull

    That plastic bag has got on to the pitch again at the Stadium of Light. It gets some gametime.

    It's all Hull now, passing the ball with some real confidence. Adam Johnson has barely had a sniff.

  245. 15:22: 
    Chelsea 0-0 Newcastle

    Newcastle are doing a good job of keeping Chelsea at arm's length so far. The Blues are enjoying plenty of the ball, but have not pierced Newcastle's two solid banks of four.

    David Pleat, at Carrow Road for 5 live SportNorwich 0-0 Man City

    "So unlucky for Norwich, because the header was superb by Leroy Fer. Hart clawed that ball away, and Hooper pounced on it. But he was clearly offside. And City haven't settled yet - there's not been their usual classy rhythm. But it's early."

  247. 15:20: 
    DISALLOWED GOAL- Norwich 0-0 Man City

    Gary Hooper is certain he was onside. He wasn't. The Norwich striker turns to slide in the loose ball from three yards but he is a good couple of yards the wrong side of the last defender as the ball drops to him after Leroy Fer's forceful header is only half-saved.

  248. 15:20: 
    Aston Villa 0-0 West Ham

    West Ham have a corner but Aston Villa are so dangerous on the counter, as Andreas Weimann flicks a wonderful crossfield pass into the path of Gabby Agbonlahor. If he controls it, he scores. But he didn't. That wind caused him some strife. We need a heavier ball.

    Garth Crooks, Final ScoreCrystal Palace 1-0 West Brom

    "If Palace win this today then it's just unbelievable - it'd really give them a lifeline."

  250. 15:17: 
    Norwich 0-0 Man City

    Norwich's bright start continues as Gael Clichy sells himself attempting to cut out Gary Hooper's pass and Nathan Redmond scampers in on goal. The winger shot is wild and well over from a tricky angle though.

  251. 15:16: 
    GOAL- Sunderland 0-1 Hull - Shane Long (16 mins)

    Another January signing does the business! Tom Huddlestone whips in a fine corner which is only palmed out by Vito Mannone, Jake Livermore shoots toward goal and Shane Long springs into action to help the ball over the line from close range with a deft little header.

    One nil down and down to 10 men? A long way back for Sunderland...

  252. 15:15: 
    Southampton 1-0 Stoke

    Southampton have looked more likely to get a second, but Stoke have had their first real effort on goal with Peter Odemwingie drawing a save from Artur Boruc in the home goal.

  253. 15:14: 
    GOAL- Crystal Palace 1-0 West Brom - Thomas Ince (15 mins)

    A goal on his debut! Yannick Bolasie slips a pass through and Thomas Ince shows great pace to beat Gareth McAuley to the ball and clip the ball over the onrushing Ben Foster. The Ince's tour of Great Britain may have paid off.

  254. 15:13: 
    Football League update

    A turn up in the Championship as Fernando Forestieri gives Watford a 1-0 lead at leaders Leicester. The Foxes went into the game on the back of a nine-match winning streak.

    In League One, an Aden Flint goal draws struggling Bristol City level at Oldham after Danny Philliskirk's goal gave the hosts an early 1-0 lead.

    League Two strugglers Northampton, already six points adrift at the foot of the table, trail to Plymouth thanks to Reuben Reid's early strike, while James Constable's curling strike gives promotion hopefuls Oxford an early lead at struggling Bristol Rovers.

    Get Involved- #bbcfootball

    Matthew Galaszia: I think Sunderland prefer playing with 10 men...

    Conor Hession: Wes Brown lasted about as long as Arsenal did!

    Bernard Karipko: Red card at Sunderland, so an excellent opportunity for Hull City.

  256. 15:12: 
    Chelsea 0-0 Newcastle
    Players from Chelsea and Newcastle compete for the ball

    It is open and free-flowing at Stamford Bridge with the action swinging up either end. Hatem Ben Arfa goes close for the Magpies before Frank Lampard forces Tim Krul into a full-length dive with one of those trademark low skimmers from 18 yards.

  257. 15:12: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Sunderland 0-0 Hull

    A reshuffle at the back for Sunderland as they cope with that very early red card. Fabio Borini is hauled off with defender Santiago Vergini on in his place.

  258. 15:09: 
    Norwich 0-0 Man City

    Joseph Yobo has to dig himself out of a bit of bother on his Norwich debut as his mistake from Gael Clichy's cross almost lets in David Silva. The former Everton man gets a leg out to poke the ball away for the Spaniard.

    Garth Crooks, Final ScoreSouthampton 1-0 Stoke

    "Looking at that free-kick, it was tremendous from Rickie Lambert. But did it need a wall? It's on the edge of the box, so was that two-man wall right? What a wall does mean is you have to be a lot more precise - there was barely a wall there and look, he's gone and buried it."

  260. 15:09: 
    Aston Villa 0-0 West Ham

    Like at Yeovil earlier on this afternoon, it's very windy at Villa Park with the conditions proving very testing. West Ham could have done with Andy Carroll in defensive mood as Villa pump some swirling corners into the mixer.

  261. 15:06: 
    CLOSE!- Crystal Palace 0-0 West Brom

    Big chance for West Brom to take an early lead. Chris Brunt clips a pass over the top, Scott Dann lets it go past him and Victor Anichebe eats up the ground to get there first, clipping a shot in which is well saved by Julian Speroni. Very casual from debutant Dann.

  262. 15:06: 
    GOAL- Southampton 1-0 Stoke - Rickie Lambert (6 mins)

    Pinpoint. A free-kick out wide and Rickie Lambert makes light of the tight angle, rattling a free-kick round the wall, past Asmir Begovic and in off the inside of the post. Sweet as a nut.

  263. 15:06:  
    John Hartson, Final ScoreSunderland 0-0 Hull

    "Wes Brown's red card just looked reckless, to me. Shane Long was getting away from him using his pace, and Brown came across. It was the correct decision in terms of the red card."

  264. 15:05: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Sunderland 0-0 Hull

    Tom Huddlestone lines up the free-kick and forces Vito Mannone into a sprawling save. It's a long way to play with 10 men from here...

  265. 15:05: 
    Football League update

    Without a win in five matches and just four points above the Championship relegation spots, Bolton boss Dougie Freedman could not be blamed for fearing for his own future. Even more so after seeing himself described as "acting manager" on the team sheet before this afternoon's visit of Bournemouth.

    It appears the club used a wrong template from when Jimmy Phillips was in temporary charge against Bristol City in October 2012, but not exactly great timing for a manager already under pressure.

    We are getting underway in our 1500 GMT kick-offs in the Football League.

  266. 15:04: 
    Norwich 0-0 Man City

    Norwich are full of energy early with Nathan Redmond having a run at Pablo Zabaleta. Redmond gets his cross in but there are not many yellow shirts in the middle to make a contest of it as Vincent Kompany heads clear.

  267. 15:03: 
    RED CARD- Sunderland 0-0 Hull - Wes Brown

    Shane Long running in on goal and Wes Brown goes for the all-or-nothing challenge - and fouls him. Clear red card.

  268. 15:03: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- Sunderland 0-0 Hull

    Shane Long is brought down on the edge of the box - but it's a free-kick right on the edge. No penalty.

  269. 15:02: 
    Chelsea 0-0 Newcastle

    Eden Hazard has his dancing shoes on early, beating Vurnon Anita before drilling a low shot straight at Tim Krul in the Newcastle goal.

  270. 15:01: 
    Sunderland 0-0 Hull

    Adam Johnson has almost single-handedly carried Sunderland up the table in recent weeks and it is therefore no surprise that England boss Roy Hodgson is in attendance this afternoon. Who else will take the chance to catch Roy's eye?

  271. 15:01: 

    We are under way at Stamford Bridge, Carrow Road and St Mary's with all the other games getting on board soon after.

  272. 14:58:  
    David Pleat, at Carrow Road for 5 live SportBattle at the top- Norwich v Man City (15:00 GMT)

    "This is an exciting Saturday. Here it's very interesting - can Man City bounce back and can Norwich get back on track? It's so important for Chris Hughton, having made some signings in the window and with some of his major names brought in during the summer yet to hit it off."

  273. 14:56:  
    John Hartson, Final ScoreBattle at the bottom

    "What's really interesting this afternoon is, from the bottom 10 or 11 clubs there are around eight teams playing each other this afternoon. By seven o'clock tonight we'll know who the favourites for relegation are."

  274. 14:56: 
    Player Reaction- Liverpool 5-1 Arsenal
    Daniel Sturridge and Raheem Sterling

    Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge: "We went out there and did what the manager told us. The first 20 minutes were unbelievable and it's about the team. We worked as a team and we are getting results.

    "It starts form the back and the boys have been excellent. Martin Skrtel got two goals and Raheem Sterling two and got a well-earned man of the match for all the hard work he has put in."

  275. 14:54: 
    At the bottom
    Premier League

    We'll be saying this a few times between now and May but it's a big day at the foot of the table as four of the bottom eight face each other. Fulham could begin to look cut adrift if results go against them, and West Brom and Crystal Palace do not need a draw at Selhurst Park...

  276. 14:54: 
    Celtic out of Scottish Cup

    Scottish Cup holders Celtic have been knocked out with Aberdeen coming from behind to claim a deserved win at Celtic Park.

    At half-time at Easter Road it's Hibs 2-2 Raith Rovers with the hosts twice coming from behind.

    Four more ties getting underway at 15:00 GMT.

  277. 14:53: 
    Captain fantastic- Chelsea v Newcastle (1500 GMT)
    Chelsea defender John Terry

    Chelsea confirm John Terry is being rested as "a precaution due to a minor muscle strain", ending his record of having played every minute of every Premier League game this season.

    Terry has been hugely impressive for the Blues this season, helping them to boast the meanest defence in the top flight and resulting in some calls for him to be considered for England duty in Brazil this summer.

    Will they miss him against Newcastle today?

  278. 14:53: 

    So are Liverpool genuine title contenders with Chelsea and Manchester City still to come to Anfield? While you muse that one, let's have a run through what is to come in 15:00 GMT kick-offs.

  279. 14:51: 
    Liverpool 5-1 Arsenal

    Steven Gerrard's defensive stats in that performance are impressive. He made seven tackles - the most of any player in red - and 10 clearances - second only to Kolo Toure.

  280. 14:46: 
    Tight at the top- Liverpool 5-1 Arsenal

    These are the ramifications on the league table. Chelsea, at home to Newcastle, and Manchester City, away to Norwich, can both overtake Arsenal at the top. Both games get under way in 15 minutes.

    For Liverpool, the good news is that Tottenham and Everton meet tomorrow, meaning at least one of their two nearest rivals for fourth spot will drop points. Maybe Liverpool will be looking up rather than down though after today.

    Get Involved- #bbcfootball

    Farhan Tahir: What a great game! Liverpool smashed it!

    Ayush: What a bad start to the weekend. A massive wake up call for Arsenal and I really hope they can bounce back strongly.

    Steven Dsouza: Can we sell Ozil back to Real Madrid? Consistently doesn't turn up for big games.

  282. 14:42: 
    Liverpool 5-1 Arsenal
    Liverpool Arsenal match stats

    This is the breakdown of a shellacking. Twenty-two shots from Liverpool in the end with 12 on target.

  283. 14:41:  
    Chris Waddle, BBC Radio 5 live pundit Chris Waddle at AnfieldLiverpool 5-1 Arsenal

    "Liverpool were fantastic on the eye and were outstanding - Brendan Rogers will be very proud of his team. This is not the way Arsenal would have wanted to start their run of hard games. It's been a terrible defeat."

  284. 14:40: 
    Liverpool 5-1 Arsenal
    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger

    Arsene Wenger raises a half smile as he shakes hands with his opposite number. This is a day to forget. Fair play to the Arsenal players though as they head across to their fans to exchange applause with the visiting fans.

  285. 14:38: 
    FULL-TIME- Liverpool 5-1 Arsenal

    Liverpool have been smoking at Anfield.

    Chris Waddle, BBC Radio 5 live pundit Chris Waddle at Anfield

    "Liverpool have put a shift in and every time I see them play they always seem to drop deep in the last 20 minutes. If they don't have a lead that can worry me.

    "Arsene Wenger will have prepared his team and will have warned them that Liverpool start quickly, but Arsenal never sprang out of the box. Arsenal didn't wake up until they went 4-0 down, and you cannot do that in the Premier League."

  287. 14:37: 
    Three minutes of injury time- Liverpool 5-1 Arsenal

    A sensational scoreline, but the ending looks like being quite low-key. Both sides look done with the game as three minutes injury-time are announced over the tannoy.

  288. 14:35: 
    Liverpool 5-1 Arsenal

    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has been full of effort in defeat. His shot deflects behind for a late corner, but Arsenal cannot make anything of it. Arsene Wenger gives a sad shake of the head on the sidelines.

  289. 14:33:  
    BBC Final ScoreLive Now

    Final Score broadcasts on the BBC Red Button now, popping up on BBC Two later.

    Join Jason Mohammad from 14:30 GMT for all the goals and reaction on what promises to be a thrilling afternoon of top-flight football. We'll stream it on this page too.

    Chris Waddle, BBC Radio 5 live pundit Chris Waddle at Anfield

    "Raheem Sterling skinned Kieran Gibbs there and went for his hat-trick, but you've got to say it - he should have squared it for Jordan Henderson who had an open goal."

  291. 14:33: 
    Five to go- Liverpool 5-1 Arsenal

    A glorious chance for Raheem Sterling to get his hat-trick. The England winger beats Kieran Gibbs for pace, but his finishing is not entirely convincing and he sends a tentative nudge wide.

    Five to go.

  292. 14:31: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Liverpool 5-1 Arsenal

    Luis Suarez will not get in on the act today. The Liverpool main man looks a little miffed as he asks who he is supposed to give the armband to and trots off to be replaced by Iago Aspas.

  293. 14:29: 
    Liverpool 5-1 Arsenal

    Apparently some Arsenal fans began the long journey back to London immediately after Liverpool's fifth goal. There is not a lot of point anyone else in the away end staying much longer. The game is down to walking pace.

    Get Involved- #bbcfootball

    Peter McEvoy: The modern game - calling for a manager's head whose team is top of the league in February. Prawn sandwich, anyone?

    Jock Harrington: Have there ever been so many fans calling for the manager's head when they're top of the league?

    Real Stealth: As soon as Wenger leaves, Arsenal will face a Man United-style crisis.

  295. 14:26: 
    DISALLOWED GOAL- Liverpool 5-1 Arsenal

    With 10 minutes to go, Luis Suarez is on a mission. The Uruguayan is desperate for a goal and ignores Raheem Sterling's appeals for a pass before running into Laurent Koscielny. Moments later he has the ball in the net, but the offside flag was up long before.

  296. 14:22: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Liverpool 5-1 Arsenal

    That is the last we see of Steven Gerrard. Jordon Ibe, former Wycombe wonderkid, is on in his place.

  297. 14:21: 
    Liverpool 5-1 Arsenal

    Steven Gerrard has just torn a strip off Kolo Toure for booting the ball into touch when he had more time. No letting up from the skipper. The two of them have made up though with an exchange of thumbs-up.

  298. 14:19: 
    FIFTEEN MINUTES TO GO- Liverpool 5-1 Arsenal
    Arsenal players including Jack Wilshere show their disappointment

    Philippe Coutinho wallops one straight at Wojciech Szczesny from the edge of the area. Either side and that looked like the sixth. Fifteen minutes to go.

  299. 14:18: 
    Team News- Norwich v Man City (15:00 GMT)

    Norwich boss Chris Hughton hands defender Joseph Yobo his debut following his loan move from Fenerbahce. The 33-year-old Nigerian last played in the Premier League in May 2010 for Everton and is one of four changes for the Canaries as Nathan Redmond, Anthony Pilkington and Leroy Fer also come in.

    Manchester City make three changes to the team that lost to Chelsea last Monday. James Milner replaces Martin Demichelis in midfield, with the Argentine moving back into the defence in place of Matija Nastasic. Gael Clichy is in at left-back while Stevan Jovetic starts up front instead of Edin Dzeko.

  300. 14:18: 

    Jon Flanagan flattens Jack Wilshere with an ugly challenge. The Liverpool man is lucky to escape yellow and Wilshere is lucky to escape injury. Not too clever at all.

    Mikel Arteta hits the set-piece low and hard, but Simon Mignolet is down well to get a glove to it and turn it aside.

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