Saturday football as it happened

Aston Villa beat nine-man Chelsea after wins for Man City, Everton, Fulham, Southampton, Stoke and West Brom.

15 March 2014 Last updated at 11:13 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 20:08: 

    You'll want to be right back over this way tomorrow though. Manchester United v Liverpool followed by Tottenham v Arsenal. An absolute block-busting afternoon.

    See you there.

  2. 20:06: 

    Right, let's round off with the Match of the Day running order. The bosses have unsurprisingly gone with the always intriguing, often angry goings on at the top of the table at the top of the show.

    MOTD on Twitter: 1.Hull/ManCity, 2.Villa/Chelsea, 3.Swansea/WBA, 4.Everton/Cardiff, 5.Saints/Norwich, 6.Stoke/WestHam, 7.Fulham/Newc, 8.Sund/Palace

  3. 20:02: 
    Aston Villa 1-0 Chelsea

    After playing Galatasaray in the Champions League on Tuesday, Chelsea return to Premier League action against Arsenal on Saturday. A game against old foe Arsene Wenger will keep Jose's juices flowing.

  4. 19:53:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveManager reaction- Aston Villa 1-0 Chelsea
    Jose Mourinho

    Jose Mourinho, Chelsea manager, on 5 live Sport: "I don't know why I was sent off. I asked, but the referee refused to speak to me. One player made an aggressive move towards one of my players. Gabriel Agbonlahor was on the bench, he jumped onto the pitch, he was aggressive, everyone jumps onto then pitch, me and my assistants, lots of people there.

    "Maybe Mr Foy thought I was aggressive, I don't know. There are no statues in a football match, so everyone should have been sent off.

    "We must be very, very unlucky to have another refereeing performance like this one. This was not about one mistake a referee can make, a penalty or not giving a penalty, but this is about a 94 minute performance."

  5. 19:53: 
    Manager reaction- Aston Villa 1-0 Chelsea
    Paul Lambert and Jose Mourinho

    Aston Villa manager Paul Lambert: "I have been here nearly two seasons but that is the best one victory we have had. It was a fantastic team performance.

    "Ramires was a shocker. That was a leg breaker. If anyone says different I disagree. The first red card is a little tug. The second one is a no brainer.

    "We were worthy. We were up against a team vying to win Champions League. It was an extraordinary effort. We were well worth the win.

    "Jose Mourinho is no shrinking violet. Hopefully I will have a drink with him after."

  6. 19:45: 
    Match stats- Aston Villa 1-0 Chelsea
    match stats

    Regardless of the red card questions, and Ramires was as nailed-on a red as you will see, did Jose Mourinho's side do enough to win the game?

    The stats suggest not. They managed only two shots on target in the game.

  7. 19:40: 
    Aston Villa 1-0 Chelsea

    This is the biggest match of the day. Jose Mourinho is torn between his natural instinct to tell the world what he thinks and his knowledge that doing so will probably result in a lengthy ban.

    He settles for doing a strange bug-eyed impression of Chris Foy refusing to speak to him.

  8. 19:33: 
    Aston Villa 1-0 Chelsea

    Jose Mourinho is about to face the television cameras. He is already in spiky mood. Asked what he made of the result, he replies " I made it Aston Villa 1-0."

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    Vince: You know that title race lark? I think its well and truly back on.

    Steve from Surbiton: Just shows how well Man City coped with 10 men compared with Chelsea, who had a manager sent off and two of his players. Has the pressure got to Mourinho?

    Liam in Middlesbrough: It looks more and more likely that Man City and Chelsea's games against Liverpool may decide the championship.

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    Tor Noppharat: Chelsea meltdown.

    Wise: Man City back in the driving seat.

    Tom Wylie: All of a sudden I fancy Liverpool for the title...

  11. 19:29: 
    Top of the table

    Well, at least people might believe Jose when he says that Chelsea are outsiders for the title. His side are six points clear, but City have three games in hand as well as a far superior goal difference.

    Pat Murphy, at Villa Park for BBC Radio 5 liveAston Villa 1-0 Chelsea

    "Lord knows why Jose Mourinho felt the need to get involved in the recriminations after that Ramires tackle eight at the end. John Terry has just run off the field looking absolutely furious - beware the dressing room door. Aston Villa have claimed a famous victory, and these are the kinds of evenings that make Villa Park a grand old stadium."

  13. 19:25: 
    FULL-TIME- Aston Villa 1-0 Chelsea
    Robbie Savage, on the 6-0-6 phone-in on BBC Radio 5 liveAston Villa 1-0 Chelsea

    "That's a shocking challenge - Ramires has to go. Studs on the shin, launched in. Terrible, terrible tackle and a deserved red card."

  15. 19:23: 
    RED CARD- Chelsea's Ramires

    Aston Villa's players are incensed and you can see why. Ramires has clattered Karim El Ahmadi with an ugly double-footed stamp and Chris Foy gives him the straight red he deserves.

    And Jose Mourinho is also sent packing! The Chelsea boss is sent down the tunnel for his loud and persistant protestations.

  16. 19:22: 
    HITS THE WOODWORK- Aston Villa 1-0 Chelsea

    Fabian Delph burst through the heart of an under-manned Chelsea defence and Petr Cech manages to get out and deflect the ball onto the bar. Chelsea are hanging on for dear life.

  17. 19:19: 
    YELLOW CARD- Aston Villa 1-0 Chelsea

    Christian Benteke blasts at goal from 20 yards. It is straight at Petr Cech, but too hot for the Czech to handle. He palms it up and out before gathering Andrea Weimann's header.

    Ramires has gone into the book for something he has said to Chris Foy.

  18. 19:17: 
    Aston Villa 1-0 Chelsea

    Aston Villa are drawing oles from the home crowd as they indulge in a little keep-ball in midfield.

  19. 19:16: 
    Five to go- Aston Villa 1-0 Chelsea

    Chelsea have deployed four men upfield with Andre Schurrle, Demba Ba, Eden Hazard and Ramires tasked with finding a leveller. Branislav Ivanovic is trotting forward to join them.

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    Oletumrm: Delph has been quality today. Take a bow son.

    Navneet Gautam: Can't say they deserved the goal, but a good goal nonetheless.

    Abdul Said: Villa Park is rocking - well done Villa!

    Pat Murphy, at Villa Park for BBC Radio 5 liveAston Villa 1-0 Chelsea

    "A subtle backheel from Fabian Delph. That was a fine, virtuoso effort from Delph, and Villa are playing really well."

  22. 19:10: 
    GOAL- Aston Villa 1-0 Chelsea - Fabian Delph (82 mins)

    It has been brewing. Fabian Delph starts the Villa move with a dart from deep, plays it out wide to Marc Albrighton and then meets his return with the cutest of backheeled finishes to beat Petr Cech. The Holte End explodes and Jose looks ready to do the same, but with a different emotion.

    What have Chelsea got in their locker?

    Fabian Delph
  23. 19:09: 
    Aston Villa 0-0 Chelsea

    A cunning free-kick ploy from Chelsea as Eden Hazard shapes to shoot and instead threads a disguised ball through a little corridor of space in the box. Demba Ba is half a leg away from getting a touch as the ball trundles harmlessly wide.

  24. 19:07: 
    YELLOW CARD- Aston Villa 0-0 Chelsea

    Ron Vlaar goes into the book after barring Andre Schurrle's way with a high leg. Chelsea have a useful free-kick position 25 yards out and off to the right.

  25. 19:05: 
    Aston Villa 0-0 Chelsea

    Fabian Delph pushes a tame shot wide from distance and Villa are slowly gaining more control of the game.

  26. 19:04: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Aston Villa 0-0 Chelsea

    Paul Lambert has brought on Marc Albrighton for Gabriel Agbonlahor. A little more creativity, rather than raw pace, to try and crack the Chelsea defence.

  27. 19:02: 
    Aston Villa 0-0 Chelsea

    How will Chelsea rejig here then? Mohamed Salah is warming up on the sidelines. Does Jose stick for a point or twist for all three? Twenty minutes remain.

    Pat Murphy, at Villa Park for BBC Radio 5 live

    "I think Willian was unlucky. Delph was accelerating and a bit of jostling, nothing more. Villa and their fans don't care, though - they are competing very well here. Chelsea are also trying to turn the screw. This is one of the best 0-0s I've seen all season, and we've still got over 20 minutes to go."

  29. 18:57: 
    RED CARD- Chelsea's Willian

    Willian had initially been earmarked to come off for Andre Schurrle before a change of mind from Jose Mourinho. He is off anyway now.

    The Brazilian, booked in the first half for a foul on Karim El Ahmadi, tugs back Fabian Delph to earn a second yellow and his marching orders.

    Mourinho is straight in the ear of the fourth official and I don't think they are words of praise for his colleague.

    Willian awaits his red card
  30. 18:56: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Aston Villa 0-0 Chelsea

    Jose Mourinho tweaks his line-up. Off comes Fernando Torres, replaced by Demba Ba and Oscar is replaced by Andre Schurrle.

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    Richard Powell: Surely, Schurrle, shortly...

    Andrew Wright: Villa deserve absolutely nothing from this game but yet they are still hanging on. Need punishing!

    Chelsea Warrior: We are playing really well, we just need that killer finishing.

  32. 18:55: 
    Aston Villa 0-0 Chelsea

    We are inside the last half hour. Villa are looking more dangerous on the break as Chelsea start to gamble more men forward.

    Christian Benteke sweeps a low curling shot just a yard wide from the edge of the box and I don't think that Petr Cech would have got to it had it been the other side of the upright.

  33. 18:51: 
    Aston Villa 0-0 Chelsea

    A clever short corner routine gives Eden Hazard a slim sight of goal, but he drags his shot rather meekly and that is break and butter for Brad Guzan.

  34. 18:48: 
    Aston Villa 0-0 Chelsea

    If Chelsea are going to win this, it looks like it will be one of those late 1-0s that Jose Mourinho specialises in. Probably via a fortunate deflection.

    They have been menacing but have not cowed Aston Villa yet.

  35. 18:44: 
    Aston Villa 0-0 Chelsea

    Chelsea are not fully clicking in attack. Willian is flagged offside after needlessly straying the wrong side of the last defender.

  36. 18:42: 
    Aston Villa 0-0 Chelsea

    Aston Villa are at six and sevens as Fernando Torres attempts to get on the end of Ramires' cross. Brad Guzan is briefly out of position after attempting to come and gather and is relieved to see Eden Hazard attempt to pick out a team-mate rather than shoot. It allows Karim El Ahmadi to slide in and block.

    Pat Murphy, at Villa Park for BBC Radio 5 liveAston Villa 0-0 Chelsea

    "The raucous Villa Park crowd are creating a proper atmosphere in here. Lots of Chelsea pressure and with a number of the hosts defenders on bookings they have to ensure they repel the Blues attacks legitimately."

  38. 18:37: 
    Aston Villa 0-0 Chelsea

    Eden Hazard has a run at the Aston Villa defence. The home rearguard just about manage to track the Belgian's run as he swaps passes with Oscar, but they understandably look uncomfortable when confronted with his pace and skill.

  39. 18:34: 
    Manager reaction- Fulham 1-0 Newcastle
    Fulham manager Felix Magath

    Fulham manager Felix Magath, whose bottom-of-the-table side beat Newcastle for his first win, at the fourth attempt: "I'm very glad and proud of my team. It was hard work and now I think we realise that we are able to stay in the league.

    "If you have no results you have to change something. I told that to the players, so I changed some positions and it worked.

    "I had to change something. You never know whether you are right or not but Johnny Heitinga played very well.

    "It was a first win since New Year's Day and now we are on the way and I'm very hopeful. Next week it will be a little bit difficult at Manchester City."

  40. 18:34: 
    KICK-OFF- Aston Villa 0-0 Chelsea

    Jose Mourinho has wandered back to his spot in the dug-out and looks like a man who has vented some frustrations in the Villa Park dressing room. No changes and we are back under way.

  41. 18:31: 
    Hail Cesar
    Cesar Azpilicueta

    Cesar Azpilicueta's form has restricted Ashley Cole to just a handful of Premier League appearances this season - the last coming way back on 11 January. The Spaniard, naturally right-footed, has proved that he can get forward and help out in attack like Cole this season.

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    Edward Sanders: Shocking officiating. Torres through one-on-one, called wrongly offside. Harsh handball. Oscar not offside.

    Ugopeter Uche: Some club fans are just so blinded to the fact. It was a clear handball from Matic. Correct decision.

    Hanreal: If we can't beat Villa at Villa Park then we should donate our Champions League position to the next team that beats Arsenal.

  43. 18:22: 
    Match stats- Aston Villa 0-0 Chelsea
    Match stats

    The latest rumours have Atletico Madrid striker Diego Costa at the top of Jose Mourinho's summer shopping list. They certainly look like a side that would improve with a clear focal point for their attacks.

    Just the one effort on goal so far from the Blues.

    Pat Murphy, at Villa Park for BBC Radio 5 liveAston Villa 0-0 Chelsea

    "It makes a pleasant change for Villa to be applauded back to the dressing room here at Villa Park. They played really very well in the first half."

  45. 18:17:  
    Guy Mowbray, BBC Match of the Day commentator at Villa ParkHALF-TIME- Aston Villa 0-0 Chelsea

    "The only person who did find the net was Nemanja Matic, but only after being ruled to have used his arm to control the ball. No goals but plenty to watch and enjoy."

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    AJHB: That's one of the worst refereeing decisions I've ever seen. Never a handball. Why is there no video ref in the Premier League?

    Noel Fitzpatrick: Matic's muted reaction showed he knew it was a handball.

    Henry: The far side assistant is really hurting Chelsea - two clearly incorrect offsides and that dodgy handball.

  47. 18:17: 
    YELLOW CARD- Aston Villa 0-0 Chelsea

    Jose Mourinho is off the Chelsea bench waggling an imaginary card. I think the Chelsea manager had a a red in mind as Joe Bennett slides through Ramires as the Chelsea midfielder attempts to surge in on goal. Chris Foy judges that Bennett had enough cover from his team-mates though and produces only yellow.

    Brad Guzan gathers Oscar's shot from the set-piece with ease.

  48. 18:13: 
    DISALLOWED GOAL- Aston Villa 0-0 Chelsea

    Well, well, well. Nemanja Matic looked a little sheepish as he wheeled away in celebrations and replays indicate why. The Serbian controlled John Terry's flick-on with his forearm before bundling in at the far post. Referee Chris Foy, in consultation with linesman Peter Banks, eventually gets to the bottom of it and rule out the goal.

  49. 18:10: 
    Aston Villa 0-0 Chelsea

    Christian Benteke, buzzing with confidence, doesn't think twice about taking on a scissor-kick volley from the edge of the Chelsea box. It is more shin than boot though and the ball skids wide of the post and Petr Cech watches it on its way.

  50. 18:08: 
    Everton 2-1 Cardiff

    Cardiff winger Craig Noone tweets: Gutted about today's result! We deserved a point at least. Marshy was unbelievable again. Fans was great! Take the positives.

  51. 18:08: 
    Fulham 1-0 Newcastle

    Fulham keeper David Stockdale: Get in! That was a great win for all of us at Fulham and will kick us on into the remaining games! Thank you Fulham fans - great support!

  52. 18:08: 
    Aston Villa 0-0 Chelsea

    Fernando Torres attempts to beat Brad Guzan with raw power from a long way out and a difficult angle. It is the sort of thing that came off for him in his Liverpool heyday, but this one disappears into the stands to the sound of Villa jeers.

  53. 18:04:  
    Jason Roberts, Final ScoreFulham 1-0 Newcastle

    "Fulham will be feeling a mixture of relief and belief. They know they can affect the games coming up now, and now is the time that boys are separated from the men. They have to play under pressure, week-in-week-out at this stage of the season."

  54. 18:04: 
    Aston Villa 0-0 Chelsea
    Match stats

    It has been a strange old game so far. A few half-chances, no concerted pressure from Chelsea despite most of the pressure and Villa expending plenty of energy, but not showing a lot of invention.

  55. 18:01:  
    Garth Crooks, Final ScoreEverton 2-1 Cardiff

    "I feel sorry for Cardiff - their performance was the best I've seen them. They deserved something from the game.

    "Fulham have been struggling for so long, but now they have got the win they will be flooded with belief. And that's crucial in football, belief.

    "Suddenly I think the three who will go down are very difficult to call once again. But Fulham have it all to do, and so do Cardiff and Sunderland."

  56. 18:01: 
    Aston Villa 0-0 Chelsea

    Oscar dinks a cute throughball to Fernando Torres as the Spaniard sprints in behind the Villa defence, but by the time the Chelsea striker has controlled and got his head up the claret and blue shirts are back in numbers.

    His attempt to find Oscar with a low cross is easily cut out.

  57. 17:57:  
    Garth Crooks, Final ScoreSwansea 1-2 West Brom

    "West Brom go to Hull next week and will need to show exactly the same amount of application and resilience that they did today in order to get a result. But what a time to go to the KC Stadium."

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    Moses Ayeni: Oh Villa, do Arsenal a favour - beat Chelsea!

    Jo Edwards: Willian versus Bennett is a bit of a miss-match...

    Sham Gallagher: Chelsea are strong on the attack, it's just that their final ball is awful. Credit to Villa though - they've been good in defence.

  59. 17:56: 
    YELLOW CARD- Aston Villa 0-0 Chelsea

    Willian may have edged Juan Mata out of Chelsea on the back of his defensive diligence but his tackle on Karim El Ahmadi is mis-timed and untidy. Into the book he goes.

    Pat Murphy, at Villa Park for BBC Radio 5 liveAston Villa 0-0 Chelsea

    "It's a proper evening atmosphere at Villa Park and Villa are having a go, unlike their usual pallid home performances in recent seasons. It's difficult to tell which side is on top here at the moment, and this is a good game."

  61. 17:55: 
    Aston Villa 0-0 Chelsea

    Christian Benteke looks in bullish mood. The Aston Villa striker is unapologetic after leaving Nemanja Matic is a heap in an aerial challenge. It could be interesting if he can attach himself to John Terry during this match. The Chelsea defender can struggle up against really physical strikers.

  62. 17:51: 
    Manager reaction- Southampton 4-2 Norwich

    Norwich City manager Chris Hughton said: "We rallied in the end and made a game of it but we didn't deserve to be in that position as we had conceded poor goals.

    "We had periods where we weathered the storm and got into good areas, but it was not consistent enough. They have really good movement and pace and you have to match that, but for too long we were not able to do so.

    "At 3-0 down it was tough and it was nothing less than what we deserved, but we dug in and showed character. Our intention was to give a very good Southampton side a decent game and for large parts of the game we were unable to do that."

  63. 17:47: 
    Manager reaction- Swansea 1-2 West Brom

    Swansea boss Garry Monk, whose side travel to Arsenal and Everton in their next two games, on being dragged into the relegation battle: "Our players have got to know what it is like to fight for this club. West Brom did that in the second half when they were scrapping for their lives and we are going to have to match that in the games coming."

  64. 17:47:  
    Garth Crooks, Final ScoreAston Villa 0-0 Chelsea

    "Man City were professional and thorough, got the points and went home. Chelsea must come away with a win now or else the league is completely in Man City's hands. If they can hold their nerve, if they win their games they will go top."

  65. 17:47: 
    Aston Villa 0-0 Chelsea

    There is space to play in for both teams' attacks. Karim El-Ahmadi balloons one over the top from distance for Villa when he had better options with runners off each shoulder.

    At the other end, Fernando Torres is wrongly flagged offside before Oscar fails to get the ball to bite his instep and his curling effort drifts wide.

  66. 17:44: 
    Manager reaction- Southampton 4-2 Norwich

    Southampton manager Mauricio Pochettino said: "We were leading the game 3-0 and had it in control but we suffered a bit at the end.

    "In football nothing is finished until the final whistle. We lacked focus at the back and you can't take anything for granted in the Premier League. We were far superior to Norwich throughout the game and we were playing against a very good team."

  67. 17:44: 
    Aston Villa 0-0 Chelsea

    Chelsea's first effort on goal is a well-hit effort from Willian which heads into the wrong side of the side-netting from distance. Brad Guzan assures his defence that he had it covered in the Villa goal.

  68. 17:42: 
    Aston Villa 0-0 Chelsea

    Fabian Delph clips a deep cross in from the left flank, Christian Benteke jumps upwards to try and get something on it, but he is a few inches too short and the ball skids off the top of his head and over.

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    Real Stealth: I think Mourinho has picked a team that can trouble Villa's high lines.

    Fahad Khan: Time to take destiny in our own hands. Let's put half a dozen past Villa today. Come on Chelsea!

    Tom Miszkowski: I think Chelsea will win the league with stronger squad than City.

  70. 17:39: 
    Aston Villa 0-0 Chelsea

    Chelsea, as usual, start with a lone frontman in Fernando Torres, supported by a clutch of attacking midfielders in Oscar, Willian and Eden Hazard.

    Aston Villa are working hard to get hold of the ball. Leandro Bacuna thunders into a tackle on Willian, but the visitors have been hogging the early possession.

    Everton 2-1 Cardiff

    Cardiff striker Fraizer Campbell ‏tweets: How's ya luck? Deflected goal an a shank into the top bin! Thought we deserved something today!

  72. 17:35: 
    YELLOW CARD- Aston Villa 0-0 Chelsea

    Nathan Baker chops down Fernando Torres with the ball long since have departed the scene. Referee Chris Foy takes his name.

    Garth Crooks, Final ScoreSwansea 1-2 West Brom

    "I think West Brom's win is the biggest of the day. I thought it was tremendous, and they dug deep. And that goal by Mulumbu is just an exquisite finish."

  74. 17:34: 
    Player reaction- Swansea 1-2 West Brom
    Youssouf Mulumbu (second right) scores West Brom's winner

    West Brom match-winner Youssouf Mulumbu on his side's victory at Swansea, their first Premier League win since New Year's Day: "It is a good feeling when you score but I am more happy for the team because we needed the three points and we did it in the perfect way in the second half.

    "What made the difference? At half-time we spoke about belief. We know we are a good team even if every newspaper you read says we are going to go down. I think in the second half we showed the real face of West Brom and I hope we are going to keep doing that."

  75. 17:33: 
    Manager reaction- Swansea 1-2 West Brom

    More from West Brom boss Pepe Mel, in response to rumours his future was at risk if the Baggies had been beaten today: "My position is not important. What is most important is to win, for the fans and the players. The future for West Brom for me is good."

    They are not the words of a man confident in his job security.

  76. 17:33: 
    Aston Villa 0-0 Chelsea

    Willian gets the double whammy of a ball in the face and a set of studs on his thigh in a challenge with Nathan Baker. The Brazilian limps to the sideline, moaning and groaning, but he is going to be OK to continue.

  77. 17:30: 
    KICK-OFF- Aston Villa 0-0 Chelsea

    We are under way.

  78. 17:30: 
    Aston Villa v Chelsea (17:30 GMT)

    Jose Mourinho has a whisper in the ear of fourth official John Moss as he makes his way to the visiting dug-out. Sweet nothings about touchline protocol I'm sure.

  79. 17:28: 
    Player reaction- Swansea 1-2 West Brom
    West Brom goalkeeper Ben Foster celebrates his side's win with Youssouf Mulumbu and Jonas Olsson

    West Brom goalkeeper Ben Foster, who made some crucial stops as his struggling side came from a goal down to claim a crucial win over Swansea: "It was a really big win for us. Swansea were brilliant in the first half and all over us but we showed a lot of character to come back from that.

    "At half-time the manager told us exactly what we needed to do. We had to get among them, get higher up the pitch and put them under pressure and we did exactly that.

    On his point-blank save from Wilfried Bony: "It just hit me! I closed my eyes and hoped for the best, and thankfully it hit me."

  80. 17:28: 
    Manager reaction- Swansea 1-2 West Brom
    West Brom manager Pepe Mel celebrates his side's win at the final whistle

    West Brom boss Pepe Mel on his side's fightback to beat Swansea for his first win as Baggies boss, at the eighth attempt: "This win was for the fans and for the players because the players this week worked very hard and the fans were very kind to me today.

    "It was important we equalised early in the second half because confidence is a problem and it gave us the confidence to go on and win.

    "Now we have 28 points and we have more confidence. We will be training with a smile on our faces next week."

  81. 17:27: 
    Aston Villa v Chelsea (17:30 GMT)

    Eden Hazard shares a smile with Belgium team-mate Christian Benteke before the teams stroll out onto the Villa Park pitch. Game faces firmly on by the time they line up for the pre-match photos and handshakes.

  82. 17:25:  
    Garth Crooks, Final Score

    "You cannot underestimate the value of the Man City win at Hull today with just 10 men. I think it's a big, big statement. If Chelsea don't win today City will be rubbing their hands. They are in control of their own destiny at the moment. Chelsea have got to hope that City lose their nerve and bottle it."

  83. 17:25:  
    Jason Roberts, Final ScoreAston Villa v Chelsea (17:30 GMT)

    "Jose Mourinho is a winner and he's working with players who he knows. I cannot bet against a Mourinho side and I fancy Chelsea for the title."

  84. 17:24: 
    Aston Villa v Chelsea (17:30 GMT)

    Aston Villa FC tweet: The main man Christian Benteke looking mean and focused...


    Five goals in his last eight games for the Belgian, including a corker against Norwich last time out.

  85. 17:23: 
    LINE-UPS- Aston Villa v Chelsea (17:30 GMT)

    Aston Villa: Guzan, Bacuna, Vlaar, Baker, Bennett, El Ahmadi, Westwood, Delph, Weimann, Benteke, Agbonlahor. Subs: Clark, Albrighton, Steer, Sylla, Holt, Lowton, Robinson.

    Chelsea: Cech, Ivanovic, Cahill, Terry, Azpilicueta, Ramires, Matic, Willian, Oscar, Hazard, Torres. Subs: Lampard, Mikel, Schurrle, Salah, Ba, Schwarzer, Kalas.

    Referee: Chris Foy (Merseyside)

  86. 17:22:  
    Guy Mowbray, BBC Match of the Day commentatorAston Villa v Chelsea (17:30 GMT)

    "Chelsea have gone 14 Premier League games unbeaten, with the best defence in the top flight conceding only five goals along the way. They're solid and settled and, since Jose Mourinho's 'private' mutterings about lacking 'a scorer', the goals have flowed at the other end too - seven in the last two games.

    "With all that in mind, Villa might be desperately hoping for a 'but...' - and there is one. Chelsea are getting results, but they're having spells in games when they look far from their best.

    "Villa's task is to make the absolute most of one of those spells. After putting four past Norwich a fortnight ago, they're aiming for successive home league wins in the same season for the first time since August 2010. That signifies an incredible lack of consistency at Villa Park that has to be put right if Villa are to stop being a bottom-half side."

  87. 17:22: 
    Aston Villa v Chelsea (17:30 GMT)

    You would need to reboot Deep Blue to run through all the relegation permutations and possibilities. Thankfully life at the top is a lot simpler.

    Manchester City cut Chelsea's lead to six points earlier today by beating Hull. Chelsea can restore it to nine by beating Aston Villa.

  88. 17:20:  
    Garth Crooks, Final Score

    "It's happening all over the bottom of the Premier League - Sunderland gain a point but Cardiff must feel desperate, Norwich lose and are sucked into it, while Hull must be slightly more worried tonight than they were this morning."

  89. 17:20: 
    League Two full-time

    Chesterfield maintained their lead at the top with a 3-0 win over nine-man Oxford. A brace for Gary Roberts and one for Ollie Banks did the damage for the Spireites while Oxford duo Tom Newey and Michael Raynes were both given their marching orders late on. Dave Syers got his name on the scoresheet as Scunthorpe kept the pressure on with a 2-0 win at Plymouth.

    Striker Joe Bunney bagged an injury-time winner for Rochdale as they beat Accrington 2-1 to remain in touch with the leaders while Jon Parkin was among the goalscorers for Fleetwood as they beat Portsmouth 3-1 to remain in contention for the automatic spots.

    Bottom side Torquay are seven points adrift at the foot of the table after a 1-0 loss at Cheltenham while second-bottom Northampton could only manage a 1-1 draw at Mansfield. Elsewhere, Burton drew 1-1 with AFC Wimbledon, as did Dagenham and Redbridge and Morecambe. Hartlepool thumped Bristol Rovers 4-0, York beat Wycombe 2-0 and Southend versus Bury finished goalless.

    Jason Roberts, Final ScoreSunderland 0-0 Crystal Palace

    "Crystal Palace manager Tony Pulis will have said to his team to go out onto the pitch with a clean sheet and come back with a clean sheet, and take at least a point home. They have based their upturn in form on the ideal of not conceding goals."

  91. 17:17:  
    Jason Roberts, Final ScoreEverton 2-1 Cardiff

    "Cardiff put in a massive shift, but they have lost the game and people will say they are not good enough for the Premier League. But today they did all they could do to pick up at least a point."

  92. 17:17:  
    Garth Crooks, Final ScoreEverton 2-1 Cardiff

    "There was no way Cardiff keeper David Marshall was going to be beaten today other than by a deflection of a piece of bad luck. And luck is what Everton got - Seamus Coleman sliced his shot and sent the keeper entirely the wrong way."

  93. 17:16:  
    Garth Crooks, Final ScoreFulham 1-0 Newcastle

    "Newcastle goalkeeper Tim Krul is furious at the end. He's made a mistake earlier in the game - on form he would have saved the Fulham goal. At the end he comes up for a late corner, he has a shot and the defender's hand comes up. It strikes the hand and it's well worth a shout for a penalty. It'll be very interesting to see what they say on Match of the Day tonight..."

  94. 17:15: 
    Manager reaction- Everton 2-1 Cardiff
    Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

    Cardiff boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: "David Marshall has been fantastic all season, he has some great defenders in front of him and he made some great saves but it was good bad 'un that went in, [Seamus Coleman] sliced it in, but that's football."

  95. 17:14: 
    Manager reaction- Swansea 1-2 West Brom
    Swansea manager Garry Monk

    Swansea manager Garry Monk after seeing West Brom fight back from 1-0 down to beat his side 2-1 at Liberty Stadium: "I was pleased with the first half, we were creating chances and we could have been a few more ahead.

    "But we came out second half and it was a completely different game. We did not perform, we were very sloppy in our passing and touches, and we didn't play. Our passing is so key to us but we were well off the mark.

    "In end West Brom wanted it a bit more than us and that is very uncharacteristic from us. You could see they wanted it bad, and they wanted it more than us in the second half."

    Get involved- #bbcfootball

    Pete Rowley: That second half performance showed West Brom can play the way Pepe Mel wants us to.

    Graeme Docker: Stoke's first goal was offside and West Ham should have had a penalty...

    John Pierce: It had to be Seamus Coleman, right? The luck of the Irish, on St Patrick's weekend!

  97. 17:13: 
    League One full-time

    Leaders Wolves were held to a goalless draw at Molineux by struggling Shrewsbury and now only have a one-point lead at the top over Brentford, who beat Leyton Orient 1-0 earlier in the day thanks to Marcelo Trotta's goal. Nicky Adams 89th-minute equaliser rescued a point for Rotherham against Walsall who had earlier taken the lead through Chelsea loanee Milan Lalkovic. A brace from Britt Assombalonga gave Peterborough a vital 2-0 away win at MK Dons which means they have a six-point cushion on their opponents for the last play-off place.

    Steve Jennings struck six minutes from time to give Tranmere a valuable three points in a 3-2 win over bottom side Notts County who are now seven points adrift. Carlisle remain a point above the drop zone after a goalless draw with Stevenage while Harry Davies struck in injury time to rescue a point for Crewe at home to Oldham. Elsewhere Crawley beat Colchester 1-0, Bradford drew 1-1 with Gillingham while Bristol City against Swindon finished goalless.

  98. 17:13: 

    A 3-0 win over Cardiff in Garry Monk's first game in charge bought him a lot of Swansea love, but they have not won in seven games since. They could yet be dragged into a dog-fight with away trips to Everton and Arsenal next.

  99. 17:07: 
    Championship full-time

    Late goals from Wes Morgan and Kevin Phillips gave Championship leaders Leicester all three points with a 3-1 win over Blackpool. The Foxes trailed at the break to David Goodwillie's opener but equalised through Riyad Mahrez. Scott Arfield's winner meant second-placed Burnley remain in touch after they also came from behind to beat Leeds United 2-1 at Turf Moor.

    Ravel Morrison's double and one from Bobby Zamora gave QPR a routine 3-0 win over second-bottom Yeovil. A brace from James McClean helped Wigan continued their charge towards the play-offs with a 3-1 at Ipswich while Jordan Rhodes bagged a hat-trick in Blackburn's 4-2 win at Huddersfield.

    Bottom side Barnsley lost 3-0 at Watford and the relegation scrap between Millwall finished goalless. Elsewhere, Sheffield Wednesday thumped Birmingham 4-1, Brighton won 2-0 at Bolton while Nottingham Forest against Doncaster, Bournemouth's match with Middlesbrough and Reading versus Derby all finished goalless.

  100. 17:06: 

    It is looking particularly grim for Norwich. They could have really done with a result against a Southampton team that has looked like they had clocked off for the summer in recent weeks.

    The Canaries face Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal in their last four matches of the season. Next up for them are four matches against sides in the bottom seven, starting with Sunderland at home next weekend.

  101. 17:03: 
    Bottom of the table

    Head-spinning stuff at the bottom of the table as the late goals fly.

    With Fulham claiming their first win under Felix Magath, Cardiff denied a point at the death by Everton, Sunderland and Palace cancelling each other out and West Brom winning at Swansea, it is deadly tight above the trapdoor.

    Get involved- #bbcfootball

    Sirhan al Sirhan: Huge win for Fulham!

    Andrew Neill: Newcastle really should have had a penalty at the death. Not that our performance deserved it, but it was a stonewall penalty.

    Karl Lao: Massive heartbreak for Cardiff City. They deserved to get something after that second half performance.

  103. 16:56: 
    FULL-TIME- Swansea 1-2 West Brom

    The rumours were Pepe Mel would get fired if West Brom lost today, so no wonder he is celebrating their win, and his first success in English football, so much.

    Mel is out on the pitch to congratulate his West Brom players, who are heading for the away end to thank the travelling fans for their support. Mel has pretty much hugged everyone he can find so far, and the Baggies supporters are still making an incredible din.

  104. 16:56:  
    Jimmy Armfield, BBC Radio 5 liveFULL-TIME- Sunderland 0-0 Crystal Palace

    "Sunderland showed a lot of energy and persevered but it was in the midfield where they fell short. The final pass was lacking and Palace stood up well to them.

    "It was an untidy match between two teams who quite frankly had a bit of a desperate look about them."

  105. 16:56: 
    FULL-TIME- Southampton 4-2 Norwich
  106. 16:55: 
    GOAL- Southampton 4-2 Norwich - Sam Gallagher

    On as a late substitute, Sam Gallagher scampers forward to catch Norwich short at the back and finally snuff out late danger that the Saints should never have been in.

  107. 16:55: 
    FULL-TIME- Everton 2-1 Cardiff
    Get involved- #bbcfootball

    Sanj: Goals flying in! The story at the bottom just got even more complicated!

    Shuvam Sinha: Can Norwich pull off the greatest comeback in the Premier League this season? You bet they can!

    Declan McGuigan: How Steven Naismith has made it onto the pitch today I don't know. Wouldn't know he was there. Useless.

  109. 16:53: 
    FULL-TIME- Swansea 1-2 West Brom
  110. 16:53: 
    GOAL- Everton 2-1 Cardiff - Seamus Coleman

    So cruel on Cardiff. Seamus Coleman's mis-hit volley loops into the unguarded net with David Marshall on the deck. Everton have three points and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer looks a broken man.

  111. 16:52: 
    FULL-TIME- Swansea 1-2 West Brom
  112. 16:52: 
    Fulham 1-0 Newcastle

    Newcastle are claiming they should have had a late penalty as Tim Krul blasted the ball against Jonny Heitinga in the box. No dice and Felix Magath has his first win.

  113. 16:51: 
    Swansea 1-2 West Brom

    No way through for Swansea so far. Their fans are heading for the exits while the travelling West Brom fans are furiously waving the Spain flags they brought along to show their support for their manager Pepe Mel.

  114. 16:51: 
    FULL-TIME- Stoke 3-1 West Ham
  115. 16:51: 
    FULL-TIME- Fulham 1-0 Newcastle
  116. 16:50: 
    Fulham 1-0 Newcastle

    Newcastle have a late corner at Craven Cottage. Deep in injury-time and Tim Krul is up....

    Jason Roberts, Final ScoreSouthampton 3-2 Norwich

    "A point from this game would be huge for Norwich, but for 75 minutes of the game they had not laid a glove on the opposition. But those two goals in two minutes give them a great chance to get something, and now you would not bet against it."

  118. 16:49: 
    INJURY TIME- Southampton 3-2 Norwich

    Five minutes more at St Mary's as well...

    Garth Crooks, Final ScoreSwansea 1-2 West Brom

    "If West Brom win this match then Ben Foster needs to be chaired off the pitch. There was a save in the first half that was brilliant, point-blank. He has kept his side in this game.

    "Then West Brom equalised through a decent goal but this goal, Mulumbu's, is sensational. Three Swansea players just disappeared the parting of the waves. But Mulumbu kept his composure and the finish is exquisite - he bent home the goal."

  120. 16:49: 
    INJURY TIME- Sunderland 0-0 Crystal Palace

    Five minutes extra at the Stadium of Light...

  121. 16:48: 
    INJURY TIME- Swansea 1-2 West Brom

    There will be FOUR minutes of added time at Liberty Stadium. West Brom are defending their lead as if their lives depend on it.

  122. 16:48: 
    Sunderland 0-0 Crystal Palace

    It is all happening at the Stadium of Light. Last minute of the 90 and Crystal Palace go oh so close through Kagisho Dikgacoi before Julian Speroni is forced to rush out at the other end to halt a Sunderland counter.

  123. 16:47: 
    Aston Villa v Chelsea (17:30 GMT)

    Fernando Torres starts up front for Chelsea despite pulling out of last weekend's 4-0 win over Tottenham because of a groin problem. The Spaniard replaces Samuel Eto'o as one of three changes from the Blues, with Willian and Oscar coming in for Frank Lampard and Andre Schurrle.

    Aston Villa make one enforced change to the side that beat Norwich 4-1 a fortnight ago. Joe Bennett comes in at left-back for Ryan Bertrand, who is ineligible for the visit of his parent club.

  124. 16:44: 
    GOAL- Southampton 3-2 Norwich - Robert Snodgrass (86 mins)

    Maybe there is time! Robert Snodgrass, following in Ricky van Wolfswinkel's shot, crashes the ball past Artur Boruc and an extraordinary point is a goal away. Three-and-a-half minutes plus stoppage time to make it happen for the Canaries.

  125. 16:42: 
    GOAL- Swansea 1-2 West Brom - Youssouf Mulumbu (85 mins)

    Both sides have been going for the win at Liberty Stadium and it looks like it might be West Brom who will get it. Youssouf Mulumbu picks the ball up in the Swansea half and drives towards their area before calmly passing the ball through Jordi Amat's legs and into the bottom corner of the net. Home keeper Michel Vorm did not move a muscle.

    Baggies boss Pepe Mel is five minutes away from his first win as West Brom boss, at the eighth attempt.

  126. 16:42: 
    GOAL- Southampton 3-1 Norwich - Johan Elmander (85 mins)

    Jose Fonte has a major case of brainfreeze, telegraphing a pass to Artur Boruc and Johan Elmander gets there first to stab in.

    Garth Crooks, Final ScoreFulham 1-0 Newcastle

    "The game at Fulham is an interesting contest but since the goal it's come alive. The goal from Dejagah was a huge mistake by Krul, the Newcastle keeper. He should have kept that ball out but he didn't."

    League Two latest

    Bottom side Torquay now trail 1-0 at Cheltenham who have taken the lead through Matt Richards. Darren Carter has equalised from the penalty spot for Northampton at home to Mansfield with the visitors having Darryl Westlake sent off. Piero Mingoia gave in-form Accrington the lead at promotion-chasing Rochdale but Matthew Lund levelled for the home side.

  129. 16:41: 
    Southampton 3-0 Norwich

    Southampton are still looking for more. Jay Rodriguez hits the bar with a full-blooded effort before Rickie Lambert brings a save out of John Ruddy with a low shot. Norwich just want to hear the whistle.

    League One latest

    A brace from Britt Assombalonga has helped Peterborough seize a 2-0 lead against fellow play-off hopefuls MK Dons. Wolves remain goalless at home to struggling Shrewsbury. Gary Harkins has boosted Oldham's survival hopes by giving them the lead at Crewe. Alan Sheehan has hauled Notts County back on level terms against Tranmere with the sides now drawing 2-2 at Prenton Park.

  131. 16:40: 
    Everton 1-1 Cardiff

    Wilfried Zaha is on for Cardiff and the visitors look just as likely to leave with the points. David Marshall has to be at his best to keep out another Romelu Lukaku effort though. Anyone's game with less than ten to go.


    Chelsea FC tweet: Here's Eden Hazard on his arrival at Villa Park...

  133. 16:39: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Aston Villa v Chelsea (17:30 GMT)

    Fit-again Fernando Torres returns for Chelsea at Villa Park, replacing Samuel Eto'o up front. Willian and Oscar come in for Andre Schurrle and Frank Lampard.

    Chelsea's starting XI: Cech, Ivanovic, Cahill, Terry, Azpilicueta, Ramires, Matic; Willian, Oscar, Hazard, Torres

    Aston Villa's starting XI: Guzan, Bacuna, Vlaar, Baker, Bennett, Westwood, Delph, El Ahmadi, Weimann, Benteke, Agbonlahor

  134. 16:35: 
    GOAL- Stoke 3-1 West Ham - Peter Odemwingie

    Pure laces from Peter Odemwingie and Adrian didn't stand a chance. Stoke counter-attack in style as Stephen Ireland runs at a retreating hammers rearguard and then picks out the run of Odemwingie outside him. The former West Brom man blasts a sizzling finish first time into the near top corner.

    Jimmy Armfield, at the Stadium of Light for BBC Radio 5 liveSunderland 0-0 Crystal Palace

    "Palace look a lot stronger now. Sunderland have got to pick themselves up in the midfield. I think they've lost a bit of direction over the last few minutes.

    "They've got to be careful that they don't throw the points away as it'll be in the back of the players' and fans' minds that Palace could nick this."

  136. 16:35: 
    Sunderland 0-0 C Palace

    This has got goalless draw written all over it. Sunderland are still enjoying more possession, but have not made much use of it. Palace look like they will gladly head back down south with a point.

    Get involved- #bbcfootball

    Colin Reardon: Re 16:18, absolute nonsense about goal-line technology. Officials make so many errors they need all the help they can get!

    Steve Adams: The referee should be allowed to overturn the technology's decisions. Now refs rely on the system, instead of making calls.

    Ian Jones: Are we advocating a wrong decision being given, rather than the correct one?

  138. 16:33: 
    Championship latest

    Jordan Rhodes has got a second goal for play-off chasing Blackburn who now lead 2-1 at Huddersfield. Championship leaders Leicester City have got themselves back on level terms against Blackpool on the hour mark thanks to a goal from Riyad Mahrez.

    Second-placed Burnley are still drawing 1-1 at home to Leeds while QPR remain 1-0 up at home to Yeovil thanks to Ravel Morrison's first-half strike. A Will Packwood own goal has heaped more misery on Birmingham who now find themselves 3-0 down at Sheffield Wednesday. Millwall's relegation battle with Charlton remains goalless, while bottom side Barnsley are still 2-0 down at Watford.

  139. 16:31: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Swansea 1-1 West Brom

    Swansea have not been as dominant since the break but they are still creating chances. Jonathan de Guzman dances into the box and is denied by a fine low stop by Ben Foster, whose positioning is spot on as he puts the ball behind with his legs.

  140. 16:31: 
    GOAL- Southampton 3-0 Norwich - Jay Rodriguez (72 mins)

    Southampton are strolling in the spring sunshine. John Ruddy keeps out Guly Do Prado's initial shot, but the ball loops up for Rickie Lambert to set up Jay Rodriguez who blasts in from five yards.

    Gathering gloom over Chris Hughton on the Norwich bench.

  141. 16:27: 
    GOAL- Everton 1-1 Cardiff - Juan Cala (68 mins)

    Cardiff back level! Peter Whittingham curls in a free-kick from the left and Juan Cala manages to get something on it, a touch of thigh, a spot of backside, and they all count. Cardiff are in the drop zone only on goal difference as it stands.

  142. 16:26: 
    Joe Townsend, BBC Sport at the Stadium of LightSunderland 0-0 C Palace

    "Palace are growing into this game while Sunderland are becoming more edgy. Regular misplaced passes have been greeted by groans from the home crowd as you feel the tension around the stadium increasing. Yannick Bolasie looks threatening on the right wing as the visitors try to counter at any opportunity."

  143. 16:25: 
    GOAL- Stoke 2-1 West Ham - Marko Arnautovic (69 mins)

    There was a bit of luck at the end as Marko Arnautovic bundled his way through the last line of the West Ham defence and poked in, but the slick move involving Stephen Ireland that preceded it deserved something. Advantage Stoke.

  144. 16:24: 
    GOAL- Fulham 1-0 Newcastle - Ashkan Dejagah (68 mins)

    What a massive goal that might be! Ashkan Dejagah peels away and rips off his Fulham shirt after cutting in off the left flank and beating Tim Krul with a bobbling shot that the Dutchman should have kept out.

    Ashkan Dejagah celebrates
  145. 16:24: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Southampton 2-0 Norwich

    Nothing says 'panic' quite like a triple substitution. Norwich have been awful today so manager Chris Hughton brings on strikers Johan Elmander and Ricky van Wolfswinkel as well as winger Nathan Redmond in a desperate attempt to get something out of their game at Southampton.

    Bradley Johnson, Gary Hooper and Anthony Pilkington are the men to make way. The Saints lead 2-0 and looking very comfortable.

  146. 16:22: 
    Swansea 1-1 West Brom

    Huge cheers at Liberty Stadium as Michu emerges off the bench for Swansea - their top scorer last season has been out since the middle of December with an ankle injury.

    The Welsh side need him to hit the ground running too, because West Brom are giving them a real run for their money. The Baggies' wingbacks, Steven Reid and Liam Ridgewell, were a liability in the first half but they are seeing a lot of the ball in attacking areas now.

  147. 16:23:  
    Garth Crooks, Final ScoreFulham 0-0 Newcastle

    "Why don't we close our eyes and just accept the decision the technology makes? There's no point debating it, it's killed off debate. Make no mistake, with our bare eyes we would all have given that as a goal."

  148. 16:22: 
    Fulham 0-0 Newcastle

    The replay is in and technology has bested humans again. Jonny Heitinga's shot may have looked over the line, but the goalline review system shows a sliver of the ball landed on the whitewash. No goal.

    Jason Roberts, Final ScoreEverton 1-0 Cardiff

    "Cardiff are down the bottom of the league and that's exactly the luck you don't need. The deflection sent the keeper on his way, the wrong way, and the ball goes in."

    Get involved- #bbcfootball

    Jack Stanley: So goal line technology doesn't work then. The FA need to explain themselves!

    Gavin Richmond: Dear me, Luuk De Jong couldn't hit an elephant's backside from a foot away! Howay Toon, step it up man - Fulham are awful

    Chris Parker: I know it's a bit of a cliche for football fans, but the referee at Sunderland has been truly dreadful.

  151. 16:18: 
    GOAL- Everton 1-0 Cardiff - Gerard Deulofeu

    David Marshall is finally beaten. It took a wicked deflection to deceive the Cardiff goalkeeper though. Gerard Deulofeu skips past Gary Medel on the left, shapes to cross, but sees his attempt to find a team-mate clip off Steven Caulker and in at the near post.

  152. 16:14: 
    GOAL- Southampton 2-0 Norwich - Rickie Lambert (57 mins)

    That might be Norwich dead and buried. Ryan Bennett inadvertently flicks the ball into the path of Rickie Lambert, who swerves inside Jos Hooiveld and coolly finishes to double the lead. Lambert has only been on for 64 seconds. In front of Roy Hodgson as well. Nice work.

    Rickie Lambert celebrates his goal
    Garth Crooks, Final ScoreFulham 0-0 Newcastle

    "It couldn't have gone over the line, otherwise the referee would have got a bleep in his ear. But I'm against technology - the decision should be the referee's and his decision should be final. Forget what you think you see, we've gone with the technology all you technophiles wanted and we've got to abide by it."

  154. 16:14: 
    Fulham 0-0 Newcastle

    There is a bit of debate to be had here. Jonny Heitinga wallops a shot past Tim Krul and the ball crashes down and apparently over the line. The referee doesn't get a buzz on his goaline technology batphone and Pajtim Kasami is rightly flagged offside as he turns the loose ball home.

    The fact he was the wrong side of the last defender wouldn't have mattered if Heitinga's shot was in though.

    Jason Roberts, Final ScoreSwansea 1-1 West Brom

    "A great finish from Stephane Sessegnon, but there was a lot of space around him. There were a lot of ricochets then it fell to him. He was brought to that club to make the difference, and today he has."

  156. 16:10: 
    CLOSE!- Southampton 1-0 Norwich

    James Ward-Prowse rattles a decent effort goalwards and it needs a sharp save to keep Norwich in it from John Ruddy.

  157. 16:09: 
    GOAL- Swansea 1-1 West Brom - Stephane Sessegnon

    Swansea might be sorry now for not making the most of their superiority before the break. West Brom have made a storming start to this second half and levelled when Stephane Sessegnon, making his first start since New Year's Day, flashed a bouncing low shot past Michel Vorm from 25 yards out.

  158. 16:09: 
    Everton 0-0 Cardiff

    Cardiff comes out looking like they have been on the wrong end of a half-time rocket. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's side get in on goal as Fabio plays in Fraizer Campbell whose shot is well saved at teh near post by Tim Howard.

  159. 16:07: 
    League Two latest

    League Two leaders Chesterfield look to be well in control of their clash with fellow promotion contenders Oxford and hold a 2-0 lead thanks to Ollie Banks and a penalty from Gary Roberts. Jon Parkin and Antoni Sarcevic have given Fleetwood a two-goal advantage over Portsmouth. Burton will climb into the automatic promotion spots if they hang on to their 1-0 lead over AFC Wimbledon given to them courtesy of a Billy Kee penalty. Bottom side Torquay are goalless at Cheltenham while Northampton, who occupy the other relegation place, are trailing to Ollie Palmer goal at Mansfield.

  160. 16:07: 
    League One latest

    League One bottom side Notts County took an early lead at Tranmere through Ronan Murray but trail 2-1 at the break after Jason Koumas and Ryan Lowe put the home side in front at Prenton Park. Not many goals elsewhere, although Chelsea loanee Milan Lalkovic has put Walsall 1-0 up at Rotherham. Leaders Wolves are currently scoreless at home to relegation candidates Shrewsbury, as are play-off hopefuls MK Dons and Peterborough.

    Get involved- #bbcfootball

    Shoe Floor: Newcastle missing Pardew...

    James Penney: The problem is, I have no faith in Hughton to know what to do or what changes to make to get this Norwich side going.

    Richard Morris: Re 15:58, but should referees be accountable for their decisions?

    They are accountable, Richard, in as much as a poor performance can mean they don't officiate in the top flight the next weekend.

  162. 16:07: 
    DISALLOWED GOAL- Fulham 0-0 Newcastle

    Wishful thinking from Fulham. Pajtim Kasami turns in Steve Sidwell's cut-back but Sidwell was well offside and the goal is chalked off with no arguments from the hosts.

    Luuk De Jong pings a shot well wide at the other end.

  163. 16:05: 
    Stoke 1-1 West Ham

    Whomph! Stoke's Geoff Cameron and West Ham's George McCartney bang heads and you can almost hear the echo back here. Both need a swift application of smelling salts and magic sponge but are back up and running.

  164. 16:02: 

    We are getting under way around the grounds.

  165. 15:59: 
    Stoke 1-1 West Ham
    Andy Carroll's average touch v Stoke

    Here's a thing. Andy Carroll's only touch in the penalty area was his headed goal. Not exactly the lob-it-up, sling-it-in stuff you might expect from the Hammers.

    Championship half-time

    Championship leaders Leicester are 1-0 down to a David Goodwillie goal against Blackpool while second-placed Burnley are drawing 1-1 with Leeds after Jason Pearce put through his own net following Ross McCormark's opener. Ravel Morrison continues to impress on loan at QPR and he has given Harry Redknapp's promotion-chasing side a 1-0 lead over relegation strugglers Yeovil.

    Play-off hopefuls Wigan are 2-1 up at Ipswich thanks to James McClean's brace after they initially fell behind to a goal from Tommy Smith. Brighton lead 1-0 at Bolton courtesy of a Will Buckley goal. Championship bottom side Barnsley have it all to do at Watford after going 2-0 down while fellow strugglers Charlton and Millwall are goalless.

  167. 15:58: 
    Get involved- #bbcfootball

    David: Dreaming of the old days of a Seb Larsson free-kick into the top corner for Sunderland, or a Fletcher header from inside the six-yard box.

    Steven Broadbent: Everton's Gerard Deulofeu has to be the most talented yet frustrating player ever. Very gifted but constantly wastes possession.

    Cliff B: Question - has a fan ever sued a ref for a poor match? We pay good money to watch our team, a ref having a shocker can ruin it.

    Cliff, you can count me out as a prosecution witness. That hypothetical fan needs to have a long hard look at themselves.

    Jimmy Armfield, at the Stadium of Light for BBC Radio 5 liveSunderland 0-0 Crystal Palace

    "Sunderland have had the majority of the possession. They've threatened but not much has gone at Palace's goal. Palace have been solid at the back without offering a lot going forward. I think they'll be happy with the first half."

  169. 15:50:  
    Steve Bower, BBC Match of the Day commentator at Stadium of LightHALF-TIME- Sunderland 0-0 Crystal Palace

    "It's been nervy, and anxious. There has been plenty of effort and endeavour but no real goalscoring opportunities. And that's understandable. The stage is set for a huge second half."

  170. 15:50:  
    Steve Wilson, BBC Match of the Day commentator at Goodison ParkHALF-TIME- Everton 0-0 Cardiff

    "David Marshall has been the star of the first half with three very good saves to prevent Everton taking the lead but it's not been one-way traffic. Tim Howard made a good stop to deny Fraizer Campbell."

  171. 15:49:  
    John Roder, Match of the Day commentator at St Mary'sHALF-TIME- Southampton 1-0 Norwich

    "After a bright start from Southampton, the rest of the half has meandered along. Morgan Schneiderlin's early goal is the difference between the two sides and the Saints have dominated the possession but been unable to add a second. You can feel the tension coming from the home fans.

    "It is a very important half-time team-talk for Norwich boss Chris Hughton, who does have options, including Ricky van Wolfswinkel and Johan Elmander, on the bench."

  172. 15:48:  
    Jonathan Pearce, BBC Match of the Day commentatorHALF-TIME- Fulham 0-0 Newcastle

    "It's not good enough for Fulham as they need wins now. Two good saves in the first half, with Newcastle keeper Tim Krul denying Lewis Holtby and, at the other end, David Stockdale saving from Papiss Cisse."

  173. 15:48:  
    Match of the Day's Martin Fisher at Liberty StadiumHALF-TIME- Swansea 1-0 West Brom

    "Swansea have been completely on top and will feel they should have a bigger lead. At the other end, West Brom have barely threatened."

  174. 15:48: 
    HALF-TIME- Stoke 1-1 West Ham
  175. 15:48: 
    Stoke 1-1 West Ham

    Stephen Ireland breaks through but leaves his composure back in midfield somewhere, smashing the ball straight at West Ham goalkeeper Adrian. That is the last action of the half.

  176. 15:46: 
    CLOSE!- Swansea 1-0 West Brom

    West Brom remain under the cosh but survive again when Ashley Williams meets a corner by sending a header down into the turf and bouncing up over the bar. The Baggies have offered next to nothing and will be glad to go in just 1-0 down at the break.

  177. 15:46: 
    Southampton 1-0 Norwich

    Anthony Pilkington attempts a bit of sneaky skullduggery to get Norwich going. The midfielder attempts to punch in Gary Hooper's cross, but his jab sends the ball over the top and the referee gives him a yellow card into the bargain.

  178. 15:43:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveHull 0-2 Man City

    BBC Radio 5 live tweets: As John Murray was mentioning on commentary, here are the stud marks in the wall made by Vincent Kompany after his sending off...


    Man City midfielder Fernandinho tweets: Massive and important win today. Well done City.

  180. 15:42: 
    Sunderland 0-0 Crystal Palace

    Sunderland are turning the screw on Crystal Palace. Adam Johnson zags in off the right flanks and has a meaty shot blocked. The scraps almost fall for Phil Bardsley, but a mob of Palace defenders descend on his and usher him away from goal.

  181. 15:40: 
    CLOSE!- Swansea 1-0 West Brom

    Swansea are still pressing and the chances keep coming, firstly when Wilfried Bony lashes a shot over after expertly bringing down Wayne Routledge's cross at the back post.

    That is not the end of the danger, though. Baggies keeper Ben Foster makes a real mess of the resulting goalkick, which is quickly played into the path of Roland Lamah, running into acres of space down the left. His low cross eludes Bony and Jonathan Guzman cannot turn it home either. That was a real let-off for Pepe Mel and his side.

  182. 15:40: 
    Fulham 0-0 Newcastle

    David Stockdale bails Fulham out as Newcastle flood forward. Luuk de Jong fluffs his attempt to swipe home Mousa Sissoko's cross and Papiss Cisse's stabbed effort is clawed out by the Fulham goalkeeper.

  183. 15:38:  
    Jason Roberts, Final ScoreSunderland 0-0 Crystal Palace

    "Down at the bottom of the table it's all about Premier League survival. It's less about quality and more about digging in and scrapping and fighting together, and we're seeing plenty of that from both sides at the Stadium of Light."

  184. 15:37: 
    Championship latest

    Ravel Morrison has put QPR 1-0 up against relegation strugglers Yeovil at Loftus Road while Burnley are surprisingly trailing 1-0 to a Ross McCormack goal at home to Leeds. Championship bottom side Barnsley have it all to do at Watford after going 2-0 down to goals from Cristian Battocchio and Troy Deeney. Jordan Rhodes, wearing the captain's armband for Blackburn, has notched his 18th goal of the season to put Rovers ahead at Huddersfield but Adam Hamill levelled.

    Play-off chasing Brighton are 1-0 up at Bolton through Will Buckley. Tommy Smith put Ipswich ahead against Wigan at Portman Road but James McClean quickly got Uwe Rosler's side back on level terms. A goal apiece from Leon Best and Caolan Lavery has given Sheffield Wednesday a 2-0 cushion against Birmingham.

    Get involved- #bbcfootball

    Matt Batey: Fulham v Newcastle will definitely be last on Match of the Day so far!

    Shane Lees: Carnival atmosphere at St Mary's today. Players and the fans know a big scoreline could be on the cards if they play to form.

    Brendan Maloney: Some good set pieces in Cabaye territory for Newcastle today. Oh wait... At least we replaced him with someone else. Oh wait...

  186. 15:37: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Everton 0-0 Cardiff

    David Marshall goes full-length to get finger-tips to a Romelu Lukaku rocket - an excellent stop from an excellent keeper. The Cardiff goalkeeper is keeping his side in it at the moment.

  187. 15:36: 
    Fulham 0-0 Newcastle

    Fulham midfielder Lewis Holtby controls a cushioned header from Steve Sidwell before his curling left-foot shot is palmed away for a corner by Newcastle keeper Tim Krul.

  188. 15:35: 
    Southampton 1-0 Norwich

    The Canaries create their first half-chance in the 32nd minute of their match at Southampton. Gary Hooper is free 12 yards out but at a tight angle and pulls his shot wide.

    But Southampton are still looking comfortable and lead thanks to Morgan Schneiderlin's goal after only five minutes.

  189. 15:32: 
    GOAL- Stoke 1-1 West Ham - Peter Odemwingie (33 mins)

    After Andy Carroll's opener it is a case of big lad at the back post mark two. Peter Crouch gets heads, shoulders and torso above everyone else, heads against the bar and then hooks the rebound back goalwards. The ball beats Adrian via a deflection of Peter Odemwingie's shoulder and that is enough to give it to the former West Brom man.

  190. 15:31: 
    Swansea 1-0 West Brom

    West Brom's problems continue. They are playing with wing-backs but are getting ripped apart down the flanks time and time again, mostly by Roland Lamah on the left but this time by Wayne Routledge down the right. Routledge cuts inside before firing in a cross-shot that is off target and also just eludes Lamar, who was arriving at full steam at the far post.

    At the other end, the Baggies are being kept at arm's length and are struggling to get near the Swans' area. Pepe Mel's side have had only 30% of the possession in the first 30 minutes.

    Garth Crooks, Final ScoreStoke 0-1 West Ham

    "We've just seen Andy Carroll score from a set-piece against Stoke. Carroll absolutely mullered Shawcross in the air. I don't know what's wrong with Shawcross - he's not been at his combative best."

  192. 15:31: 
    Sunderland 0-0 Crystal Palace

    Sunderland's Sung-Yong Ki's eyes light up and the ball drops out the sky to him 20 yards out. He throws the kitchen sink into a volley, but his effort blurs well wide.

    Jimmy Armfield, at the Stadium of Light for BBC Radio 5 liveSunderland 0-0 Crystal Palace

    "There's a bit of desperation about the play at the moment given the position that both teams are in. They're under pressure to keep themselves in the Premier League and I think that's showing thus far."

    Get involved- #bbcfootball

    John Hill: I've not felt this dejected as a West Brom fan since Bryan Robson was in charge. The whole team is a shambles.

    David Ljunggren: Pardew must be happy he's banned for this Fulham game. It is absolutely dire.

    Henry Whitfield: Can Norwich survive? Still to play Sunderland, West Brom, Fulham plus United/Liverpool/Chelsea/Arsenal. Tricky fixtures.

    Jason Roberts, Final ScoreFulham 0-0 Newcastle

    "There's not much to be done by the manager on matchday. There's the teamtalk, but the manager could that on the Friday. The manager also makes tactical substitutions, but someone like John Carver can do that as Alan Pardew's not available."

  196. 15:28: 
    Fulham 0-0 Newcastle

    Fulham get away their first shot in anger. Newcastle goalkeeper Tim Krul can watch it on it's way though as Alex Kacaniklic clears the bar be a couple of metres from 25 yards.

  197. 15:27: 
    Manager reaction- Hull 0-2 Man City
    Hull boss Steve Bruce

    Hull boss Steve Bruce, whose side lost 2-0 against 10-man Manchester City, despite having an extra man for 80 minutes: "We were chasing the game against them. The turning point was the Silva goal (four minutes after Vincent Kompany was sent off).

    "If we had gone ten to 15 minutes without them scoring, then it could have been a different story. They defended deep. We huffed and puffed and it ended up being a frustrating afternoon.

    "We are disappointed. We had a wonderful opportunity but we weren't good enough to take advantage. We struggled to create a clear opening."

  198. 15:26: 
    Sunderland 0-0 Crystal Palace

    Sunderland almost prise open the tight Crystal Palace defence as Fabio Borini's shot streaks through the box and Steven Fletcher fails to make contact as he flicks a showboaty boot at it.

  199. 15:25: 
    Southampton 1-0 Norwich

    Gaston Ramirez fizzes a shot narrowly wide for Southampton. The Uruguayan has looked lively in a rare start. Norwich have offered very little.

  200. 15:23: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- Everton 0-0 Cardiff

    Everton's Gerard Deulofeu goes down in the box under a challenge from Juan Cala, but there is nothing doing from Roger East. Replays suggest there was a bit of a kick in there from the Spaniard.

  201. 15:23: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Swansea 1-0 West Brom

    West Brom have at least had a shot at goal now, a decent effort on the turn by Victor Anichebe which Michel Vorm gathered at the second attempt. But Swansea have gone even closer to extending their lead, with Roland Lamah and Wilfried Bony combining again.

    This time Lamah's cross from the left was met by the on-rushing Bony in front of goal, with the ball somehow being kept out at point-blank range by Baggies keeper Ben Foster.

  202. 15:22: 

    Plenty of interested onlookers today. At the Britannia Stadium, Manchester United manager David Moyes is checking out West Ham's form ahead of their meeting in a fortnight. England boss Roy Hodgson is in the gods at St Marys' running the rule over Luke Shaw and Jay Rodriguez.

  203. 15:20: 
    Fulham 0-0 Newcastle

    Plenty of sweat and toil for Fulham, but they have not managed to create any clear-cut chances. Newcastle have been keeping them at bay so far.

    Felix Magath is rocking some natty white-framed specs on the Fulham bench. A splash of red and black in there as well. Coming to the Fulham club shop soon surely?

  204. 15:19: 
    Manager reaction- Hull 0-2 Man City
    Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini

    Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini, on his side's win at Hull, after defeats by Wigan in the FA Cup and Barcelona in the Champions League in the last seven days: "It was a very good response after a very difficult week. Playing with one player less for 80 minutes is very difficult. It was a great performance. We played well with and without the ball. And we also attacked a lot and could have scored more goals."

    On Vincent Kompany's early red card: "It was a clear foul by Nikica Jelavic against Kompany before the tackle by Kompany. But the referee did not see it."

  205. 15:18: 
    Joe Townsend at the Stadium of Light, BBC SportSunderland 0-0 Crystal Palace

    "In difficult conditions, Sunderland have adapted much better to the wind than Crystal Palace. The visitors are yet to string any passes together, and already have Adrian Mariappa and Joel Ward in the book. Adam Johnson is terrorising makeshift left-back Ward and he will have him walking a tightrope for the next 75 minutes."

  206. 15:17: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Stoke 0-1 West Ham

    Stoke have been forced into an early reshuffle with Marc Muniesa replacing the injured Erik Pieters.

  207. 15:16: 
    Hull 0-2 Manchester City

    Man City captain Vincent Kompany tweets: Not saying it is or it isn't a sending off...

    The Belgian then Instagrams a still of the challenge. As he says, make up your own mind.

  208. 15:16: 
    Sunderland 0-0 Crystal Palace

    Sunderland and Crystal Palace are still throwing shadow punches at the Stadium of Light. The visitors are sitting deep and pinging balls forward towards lone front man Glenn Murray.

  209. 15:15: 
    Swansea 1-0 West Brom

    Swansea are looking to build on their early goal at a sunny Liberty Stadium, where the Welsh side are dominating possession by 78% to 21% and constantly forcing the Baggies back.

    The travelling West Brom fans brought Spanish flags with them to show their support for their manager Pepe Mel but they have not had much reason to wave them in the first 15 minutes - there have been no shots at goal from the visitors yet.

  210. 15:13: 
    Fulham 0-0 Newcastle

    Fulham have looked good in the spring sunshine so far. Alex Kacaniklic sends over a corner which somehow passes through the penalty box and evades both attackers and defenders.

    Jimmy Armfield, at the Stadium of Light for BBC Radio 5 liveSunderland 0-0 Crystal Palace

    "This is where it really counts for Sunderland. They've got a decent run-in and if they can win their home matches, they've got a realistic chance of staying up. I think they can start here today."

  212. 15:10: 
    Everton 0-0 Cardiff

    Everton have started well, but Cardiff survive with David Marshall down well to save from Kevin Mirallas. The Blue/Redbirds have gained a measure of control now.

    Jason Roberts, Final ScoreSwansea 1-0 West Brom

    "That's exactly what Swansea would have hoped for, but West Brom's woeful defending! Everything defensively will be disappointing from the Baggies' perspective. You do not want to start a game like that."

    Garth Crooks, Final ScoreSwansea 1-0 West Brom

    "I've been in those situations where you're fighting for your life and go away from home. You have optimism before the game but two minutes in and your morale is sapped. It's a real uphill struggle for West Brom now."

  215. 15:05: 
    GOAL- Southampton 1-0 Norwich - Morgan Schneiderlin (5 mins)

    Southampton pick apart Norwich with a clinical, cutting move. Gaston Ramirez supplies the final telling pass and Morgan Schneiderlin, marauding forward from midfield, clips the ball past the advancing John Ruddy.

    Morgan Schneiderlin celebrates
  216. 15:05: 
    GOAL- Stoke 0-1 West Ham - Andy Carroll (5 mins)

    Classic Newcastle-era Andy Carroll. Mark Noble hoists a free-kick to the far post and the big West Ham striker gets up highest to nod the ball back across Asmir Begovic, who came to try and gather but was caught out by the former Liverpool man's prodigious leap.

    Andy Carroll scores for West Ham
  217. 15:03: 
    Southampton 0-0 Norwich

    Gaston Ramirez making only his second league start of the season, gets up well but can only direct his header over the bar from a James Ward-Prowse corner. Southampton starting well.

  218. 15:02: 
    GOAL- Swansea 1-0 West Brom - Roland Lamah (2 mins)

    A perfect start for Swansea as Pepe Mel's nightmare continues. Wilfried Bony's pass splits the Baggies defence and Roland Lamah cuts inside from the left-hand by-line before burying his shot into the opposite corner of the net.


    Man City captain Vincent Kompany, sent off earlier today, tweets: Proud of the guys! Phenomenal shift they have put in again!

    Get involved- #bbcfootball

    Nick Hilton: Today is the game of the season for all fans of the beautiful game - Stoke v West Ham.

    Joe Townsend: Howling gales for Sunderland v Palace at Stadium of Light. Tony Pulis ought to tighten his cap by a notch, or face chasing it down the touchline.

    Mark Lovell: Should've been Alan Pardew v Felix Magath on touchline. England v Germany. Henry Cooper v Axel Schultz.

  221. 15:01: 
    KICK-OFF- Sunderland 0-0 Crystal Palace

    We are under way at Wearside, closely followed by the rest of the 15:00 GMT kick-offs.

  222. 14:59: 
    Joe Townsend, BBC Sport at the Stadium of LightSunderland v Crystal Palace (15:00 GMT)

    "Bitingly cold on Wearside as wind swirls around the Stadium of Light. But that has done nothing to deter either captain from wearing short sleeves as John O'Shea and Mile Jedinak lead their teams out for this huge game in the Premier League relegation battle."

  223. 14:58: 
    Swansea v West Brom (15:00 GMT)

    Word on the street is that Pepe Mel could be next in the queue behind Nicolas Anelka for his West Brom P45 if the Baggies don't win today.

    West Brom have just four points from seven games under the Spaniard so far.

  224. 14:57:  
    Jason Roberts, Final ScoreSwansea v West Brom (15:00 GMT)

    "How are West Brom going to get out of this situation? Look at the ethos of that club - you wonder where the plan is to get out of the situation in which they now find themselves."

  225. 14:56:  
    Garth Crooks, Final Score

    "Look at the points. Points determine what a team has do do today. For example, a point for Fulham against Newcastle today is not good enough. But Sunderland simply cannot lose, and a point would not be doom-and-gloom. Crystal Palace only need a point, but a win today and they rocket up the table. And if Norwich don't win and Palace do, they're sucked right into it. Every single game, and every single point, matters at this stage of the season."

  226. 14:56: 
    LINE-UPS- Swansea v West Brom (15:00 GMT)

    Swansea: Vorm, Rangel, Amat, Williams, Ben Davies, Britton, Canas, Routledge, de Guzman, Lamah, Bony. Subs: Taylor, Michu, Hernandez, Lita, Tiendalli, Tremmel, Emnes.

    West Brom: Foster, Reid, Dawson, McAuley, Olsson, Ridgewell, Morrison, Mulumbu, Dorrans, Sessegnon, Anichebe. Subs: Sinclair, Myhill, Vydra, Gera, Berahino, O'Neil, Thievy.

    Referee: Martin Atkinson (W Yorkshire)

  227. 14:56: 
    LINE-UPS- Sunderland v Crystal Palace (15:00 GMT)

    Sunderland: Mannone, Bardsley, O'Shea, Brown, Alonso, Larsson, Ki, Bridcutt, Johnson, Fletcher, Borini. Subs: Gardner, Colback, Altidore, Vergini, Scocco, Ustari, Cattermole.

    Crystal Palace: Speroni, Mariappa, Dann, Delaney, Ward, Bolasie, Dikgacoi, Jedinak, Ledley, Ince, Murray. Subs: McCarthy, Puncheon, Thomas, Gayle, Hennessey, Jerome, Guedioura.

    Referee: Neil Swarbrick (Lancashire)

  228. 14:56: 
    LINE-UPS- Stoke v West Ham (15:00 GMT)

    Stoke: Begovic, Cameron, Shawcross, Wilson, Pieters, Whelan, Nzonzi, Odemwingie, Ireland, Arnautovic, Crouch. Subs: Muniesa, Palacios, Guidetti, Etherington, Wilkinson, Sorensen, Shotton.

    West Ham: Adrian, Demel, Reid, Tomkins, McCartney, Noble, Diame, Nocerino, Nolan, Downing, Carroll. Subs: Jarvis, Armero, Taylor, Collins, Jaaskelainen, Carlton Cole, Joe Cole.

    Referee: Craig Pawson (South Yorkshire)

  229. 14:55: 
    LINE-UPS- Southampton v Norwich (15:00 GMT)

    Southampton: Boruc, Clyne, Lovren, Fonte, Shaw, Ward-Prowse, Schneiderlin, Steven Davis, Ramirez, Rodriguez, Lallana. Subs: Yoshida, Lambert, Do Prado, Chambers, Gazzaniga, Hooiveld, Gallagher.

    Norwich: Ruddy, Whittaker, Ryan Bennett, Yobo, Olsson, Snodgrass, Johnson, Tettey, Howson, Pilkington, Hooper. Subs: Martin, Bassong, van Wolfswinkel, Bunn, Hoolahan, Elmander, Redmond.

    Referee: Kevin Friend (Leicestershire)

  230. 14:55: 
    LINE-UPS- Fulham v Newcastle (15:00 GMT)

    Fulham: Stockdale, Heitinga, Amorebieta, Hangeland, Richardson, Kasami, Sidwell, Kvist Jorgensen, Kacaniklic, Holtby, Woodrow. Subs: Stekelenburg, Riise, Rodallega, Dejagah, Riether, Burn, Patrick Roberts.

    Newcastle: Krul, Yanga-Mbiwa, Williamson, Coloccini, Dummett, Sissoko, Tiote, Anita, Gouffran, De Jong, Cisse. Subs: Gosling, Haidara, Marveaux, Shola Ameobi, Steven Taylor, Alnwick, Armstrong.

    Referee: Howard Webb (S Yorkshire)

  231. 14:54: 
    LINE-UPS- Everton v Cardiff (15:00 GMT)

    Everton: Howard, Coleman, Stones, Distin, Baines, Barry, McCarthy, Mirallas, Osman, Deulofeu, Lukaku. Subs: Robles, McGeady, Naismith, Barkley, Garbutt, Alcaraz, Browning.

    Cardiff: Marshall, Theophile-Catherine, Caulker, Cala, John, Da Silva, Medel, Kim, Noone, Mutch, Campbell. Subs: Whittingham, Jones, Gunnarsson, Cowie, Daehli, Lewis, Zaha.

    Referee: Roger East (Wiltshire)

  232. 14:53: 
    Bottom of the table

    Attention now swings round to the other end of the Premier League. Massive trapdoor tussles everywhere you look this afternoon. 'Crucial', 'clutch', 'vital', call them what you want games like Sunderland v Palace and Swansea v West Brom are ones that we'll look back on as decisive when the dust settles and three teams are condemned to the second tier.

    Let's have a last check on the cast lists.

    Get involved- BBC Sport page on Facebook

    Alex Jeffs: If City get 90 points, they will win the title.

    Russell Delahunty: Brilliant, brilliant performance despite more terrible, terrible refereeing!

    Get involved- #bbcfootball

    Segun Agbaje: I wish we could frame David Silva's performance today and put it in an Art gallery. Unbelievable. A work of Art.

    Jake Deem: David Silva is a phenomenal footballer. The difference-maker today.

  235. 14:49: 

    So Manchester City successfully convert one of those three games in hand on leaders Chelsea into three points. The gap is down to six with Jose's boys in action away to Aston Villa later.

    Top of the table
  236. 14:47: 

    Right then, those 15:00 GMT kick-offs are fast approaching so now seems a good time to hand you over to Mike Henson, who will see you through the rest of Saturday's action. Enjoy.

  237. 14:43: 
    FULL-TIME- Hull 0-2 Man City - match stats
    Hull v Man City match stats

    Here is a statistical breakdown of what just happened at the KC Stadium. In addition, Hull had 27 crosses from open play (Manchester City had six)... but the Tigers could not break down the visitors' defensive wall.

  238. 14:41: 
    FULL-TIME- Hull 0-2 Man City

    So, something for Chelsea to think about ahead of their game at Aston Villa, which is today's late kick-off. When Vincent Kompany was sent off it looked like a bad week for Manchester City was about to get even worse, but David Silva had other ideas.

    Hull stay 13th, five points above the drop zone, but they might be a bit closer to it in a couple of hours because all the teams below them are in action at 15:00 GMT.

  239. 14:39:  
    Kevin Kilbane, at KC Stadium for BBC Radio 5 liveFULL-TIME- Hull 0-2 Man City

    "Man City have been really good this afternoon, with Fernandino, Nasri and Silva all outstanding. They showed a lot of courage today, coming off the back of adversity in midweek then even more adversity with Kompany being sent off. But this win has put them right back in the title race - this performance shows they can win it."

  240. 14:38: 
    FULL-TIME- Hull 0-2 Man City

    Here are the numbers that matter from the KC Stadium. Manchester City played 80 minutes with 10 men and scored two goals during that time to earn three points. They go second in the Premier League, six points behind leaders Chelsea and with two games in hand.

  241. 14:38: 
    Team news- Stoke v West Ham (15:00 GMT)

    Even though Jon Walters was ruled out through suspension following his red card at Norwich last week, John Gudietti still had to wait for his first Stoke start as Stephen Ireland's inclusion was Mark Hughes' only change.

    Andy Carroll returned to the West Ham starting line-up for the first time since his dismissal against Swansea last month. Hammers boss Sam Allardyce made four changes in total, recalling Mohamed Diame and Winston Reid and handing a full debut to Antonio Nocerino, a January loan signing from AC Milan.

  242. 14:37: 
    FULL-TIME- Hull 0-2 Man City
  243. 14:36: 
    Team news- Southampton v Norwich (15:00 GMT)

    Southampton make two changes from the side that beat Crystal Palace 1-0 last Saturday. James Ward-Prowse comes in for Jack Cork, who has an ankle injury, while Gaston Ramirez starts in place of Rickie Lambert, with the England striker beginning on the bench.

    Norwich boss Chris Hughton changes five of his team that drew 1-1 at home against Stoke a week ago.

    Club captain Sebastien Bassong and record signing Ricky van Wolfswinkel, without a goal in 20 games, are among the substitutes. There are starts for Steven Whittaker, Ryan Bennett, Jonny Howson, Anthony Pilkington and Gary Hooper.

    Get involved- #bbcfootball

    Jaleel Oladipo: Edin Dzeko - nuff said.

    Sophie Gayter: What. A. Pass. Absolutely world class from Silva.

    Marvic Cordina: David Silva is a true attacking midfielder! Brilliant vision, pinpoint passing and a great finisher!

  245. 14:36: 
    Hull 0-2 Man City

    Manchester City midfielder/magician David Silva strolls off. His work is done. It was some shift by the Spaniard too. Aleksandar Kolarov is on to see this one out. Just seconds of injury time left.

  246. 14:34: 
    Team news- Fulham v Newcastle (15:00 GMT)

    Fulham make five changes from the defeat by Cardiff last time out. Keeper David Stockdale and defender Fernando Amorebieta come into the side along with midfielders William Kvist, Pajtim Kasami and Alexander Kacaniklic. Maarten Stekelenburg, Sascha Riether, John Arne Riise, Ashkan Dejagah and Konstantinos Mitroglou make way.

    Newcastle bring in centre-back Fabricio Coloccini and striker Papiss Cisse for the injured duo of Mathieu Debuchy and Loic Remy.

  247. 14:34:  
    Kevin Kilbane, at KC Stadium for BBC Radio 5 liveHull 0-2 Man City

    "Such a spirited performance all day for Manchester City. They have been excellent today. Once Silva got free he slotted a lovely ball through and it was an excellent finish from Dzeko on left foot. Man City have been brilliant today, an excellent performance."

  248. 14:32: 
    GOAL- Hull 0-2 Man City - Edin Dzeko (90 min)

    Manchester City's 10 men have sealed the win now, though. Some magical play by David Silva sees him set up Edin Dzeko and, this time, the striker makes no mistake with a bullet left-foot shot.

  249. 14:32: 
    Team news- Everton v Cardiff (15:00 GMT)

    Everton boss Roberto Martinez makes three changes to the team that lost to Arsenal in the FA Cup. The Spaniard says Steven Pienaar will be out for a few weeks with a knee injury picked up at the Emirates with Gerard Deulofeu replacing him on the wing. Leon Osman comes in for Ross Barkley, while Tim Howard is back in goal.

    Cardiff make two alterations following their win over Fulham. Ben Turner is injured so Juan Cala is back in defence, while Kevin Theophile-Catherine also replaces Kenwyne Jones, so it looks those pair will be alongside Steven Caulker as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer opts for three centre-backs.

  250. 14:32: 
    Hull 0-1 Man City

    We are into the 90th minute and it seems like Hull have played in as many crosses. Joe Hart is off his line to collect it, though, and the Tigers are thwarted again.

  251. 14:31:  
    Kevin Kilbane, at KC Stadium for BBC Radio 5 liveHull 0-1 Man City

    "Brilliant from Fernandinho recognising the Man City break, and what an opportunity for Edin Dzeko. He was through and it was a great first touch but he just couldn't beat Allan McGregor."

  252. 14:30: 
    Hull 0-1 Man City

    Another chance for Manchester City to seal the win. They don't take it. Edin Dzeko breaks clear but is denied by Allan McGregor, who spreads himself brilliantly to keep out Dzeko's shot. Still hope for Hull, here... but time is running out.

    Get involved- BBC Sport page on Facebook

    Simon Rowland: I get the feeling Hull could play all day and still not score.

    Benjamin Adjivon: Man City are too strong for Hull. I think they will take all three points.

    Kevin Kilbane, at KC Stadium for BBC Radio 5 liveHull 0-1 Man City

    "Joe Hart with George Boyd was like Alan Pardew with David Meyler the other week. He forced his head into George Boyd's and if the referee has the right angle he could conceivably have sent him off."

  255. 14:29: 
    Breaking Team News- Swansea v West Brom (15:00 GMT)

    Michu, who has been out for three months with an ankle problem, is fit enough for a place on the bench for Swansea. Garry Monk makes three changes to the starting line-up that drew with Crystal Palace with Jose Canas, Roland Lamah and Jordi Amat comign in.

    Swansea starting XI: Vorm, Rangel, Amat, Williams (C), Davies, Britton, Canas, de Guzman, Routledge, Lamah, Bony.

    Victor Anichebe leads the line for West Brom with Stephane Sessegnon for support.

    West Brom starting XI: Foster, Dawson, McAuley, Olsson, Reid, Morrison, Mulumbu, Dorrans, Ridgewell, Sessegnon, Anichebe


    Fulham FC tweet: Thanks to the Fulham fans that sent in messages of support to the players. Hundreds are on display inside the Cottage...


    A bit of criticism in there too, it seems, like: "About time you all started to walk the walk instead of talking talk!!"

  257. 14:28: 
    Hull 0-1 Man City

    Hull try their luck with another cross and this time it is a decent one too: A dangerous ball played in by Ahmed Elmohamady which Nikica Jelavic gets on the end of but cannot divert goalwards. City's 10 men breathe again.


    Fulham FC tweet: Nice moment for Patrick Roberts as the 17-year-old is named on the bench today...

  259. 14:26: 
    Hull 0-1 Man City

    That Manchester City defence is still keeping a high-line and is still catching out Hull. Matty Fryatt, who has only just come on, takes a matter of moments to be flagged offside. Just seven minutes of the 90 to go.

  260. 14:23: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Hull 0-1 Man City

    Manchester City are making a change too. Samir Nasri is off, and Jesus Navas is on.

  261. 14:23: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Hull 0-1 Man City

    Vincent Kompany was sent off after 10 minutes, so Manchester City have been playing for 70 minutes with 10 men. It is Hull who are making the next change, however, with Matty Fryatt on for Liam Rosenior. Hull have got a lot of attacking players on the pitch now - can they make the most of them?

  262. 14:21: 
    Breaking Team News- Sunderland v Crystal Palace (15:00 GMT)

    After making six changes for last weekend's FA Cup trip to Hull, Gus Poyet reverts to a more familiar XI, with just two alterations to the League Cup final side defeated by Manchester City, as Liam Bridcutt and Steven Fletcher come in for Lee Cattermole and Jack Colback.

    Sunderland starting XI: Mannone, Bardsley, Alonso, O'Shea, Brown, Bridcutt, Ki, Larsson, Johnson, Borini, Fletcher

    Crystal Palace boss Tony Pulis goes in search of a second Premier League away win this term by making two changes from the 1-0 loss to Southampton as Thomas Ince and Adrian Mariappa come in for Dean Moxey and Jason Puncheon.

    Crystal Palace starting XI: Speroni, Mariappa, Dann, Delaney, Ward, Bolasie, Digkacoi, Jedinak, Ledley, Ince, Murray.

    Get involved- #bbcfootball

    Daniel Siggers: This is one of those games that you win ugly to become champions and City, so far, have done just that.

    Richard Morris: Please explain how Boyd is not booked for diving?

    Ed Fernyhough: Not a penalty but not necessarily a dive either. Boyd milked it. Simulation is not the same as exaggeration, thus no penalty or booking.

  264. 14:21: 
    Hull 0-1 Man City

    Tom Huddlestone takes the free-kick again but it does not clear the first man. Manchester City's 10 men have just 12 minutes of the 90 left to defend their lead, but how tired are their legs?

  265. 14:20: 
    Hull 0-1 Man City

    Hull are camped on the edge of the Manchester City area now, but the visitors' 10 men are still holding out. They have got another free-kick to deal with, though, because Edin Dzeko has fouled Ahmed Elmohamady to the right of the area.

    Before he takes it, I should tell you that City brought on Joleon Lescott for Yaya Toure, just before Fernandinho missed that chance. Around the same time, Hull's Liam Rosenior was booked, for a foul on Pabo Zabaleta.

  266. 14:19: 
    Breaking Team News- Southampton v Norwich (15:00 GMT)

    Rickie Lambert drops to the bench as Gaston Ramirez comes in for Saints.

    Southampton starting XI: Boruc, Clyne, Fonte, Lovren, Shaw, Schneiderlin, S. Davis, Ward-Prowse, Lallana (c), Ramírez, Rodriguez

    Gary Hooper replaces Ricky van Wolfswinkel up front in one of five changes for Norwich. Captain Sebastien Bassong drops to the bench after giving away a penalty in the 1-1 draw against Stoke last weekend.

    Norwich starting XI: Ruddy (c); Whittaker, Yobo, R Bennett, Olsson; Tettey, Johnson, Howson; Snodgrass, Pilkington, Hooper.

  267. 14:17: 
    League One update

    Ten-man Brentford hold on to claim a vital 1-0 victory at Leyton Orient in League One.

    The Bees won it through Marcello Trotta's low strike in first-half injury time, but had to battle for the last 40 minutes with only 10 men, after the dismissal of James Tarkowski for two bookable offences.

    Brentford move above Orient into second and level on points with leaders Wolves, who could move three points clear later today if they beat Shrewsbury.

  268. 14:17:  
    Kevin Kilbane, at KC Stadium for BBC Radio 5 live sports extraHull 0-1 Man City

    "A golden opportunity for Fernandinho, missed. It was a shot from Silva, deflected into his path, and he should have hit the target. It was a great chance for Man City to go 2-0 up and put this game to bed."

  269. 14:17: 
    Hull 0-1 Man City

    Still 16 minutes left in this game and still plenty happening: George Boyd is still at the centre of the action too.

    He gets a shove in the back as the ball is played into the City area, but Lee Mason barely bats an eyelid. Moments later, Boyd sends in a cross for Nikica Jelavic but his header is easily collected by Joe Hart.

  270. 14:15: 
    CLOSE!- Hull 0-1 Man City

    What the?!? Manchester City's 10 men could have wrapped the three points up here - they definitely should have done.

    David Silva's skill makes space for a cross that is deflected into Fernandinho's path as he bursts towards the six-yard box, but the Brazilian scuffs his shot wide with the goal gaping.

  271. 14:14: 
    Breaking team news- Stoke v West Ham (15:00 GMT)

    Stephen Ireland comes in for suspended Jon Walters for Stoke.

    Stoke starting XI: Begovic; Cameron, Shawcross, Wilson, Pieters; Odemwingie, Nzonzi, Ireland, Whelan, Arnautovic; Crouch

    West Ham include Andy Carroll, Antonio Nocerino and Mohamed Diame.

    West Ham starting XI: Adrian, Reid, McCartney, Nolan, Tomkins, Carroll, Noble, Demel, Diame, Downing, Nocerino

    Get involved- #bbcfootball

    Deletsu D Selase: Stan (13:55), you caught all that on replay. The ref doesn't have that luxury.

    Amir Hamza: Toure looked absolutely exhausted!

    Biggie Wallace: Demichelis has been fantastic, so far, today. Proving everyone wrong, including me.

  273. 14:13:  
    Kevin Kilbane, at KC Stadium for BBC Radio 5 live sports extraHull 0-1 Man City

    "It's a dive by Boyd and he should be booked for that. He tried to leave a foot out for Hart to catch but he didn't and it was a dive.

    "But in the melee Joe Hart did push his head into Boyd. Good thing that Boyd didn't make anything of it."

  274. 14:13: 
    YELLOW CARD- Manchester City's Joe Hart
    Joe Hart is angry with George Boyd

    George Boyd is involved again here too, as Hull appeal for a penalty.

    Boyd charges into the box to reach a Liam Rosenior pass and plays it past Hart but goes to ground as he does so - no penalty is given and replays show it was a pretty blatant dive by Boyd.

    Hart is so angry he gets a booking for his protests. No card for Boyd either. The replays don't do him too many favours, though.

  275. 14:11: 
    Breaking Team News- Fulham v Newcastle (15:00 GMT)

    Newcastle make two changes with Papiss Cisse and Fabricio Coloccini in for the injured Mathieu Debuchy and Loic Remy.

    Newcastle starting XI: Krul; Yanga-Mbiwa, Coloccini (c), Williamson, Dummett; Sissoko, Anita, Tiote, Gouffran; de Jong; Cisse

    Fulham make five changes with David Stockdale replacing Maarten Stekelenburg in goal. Record signing Kostas Mitroglou is absent from the squad.

    Fulham starting XI: Stockdale; Heitinga, Hangeland, Amorebieta, Richardson; Kasami, Kvist, Sidwell, Kacaniklic; Holtby; Woodrow

  276. 14:09: 
    Hull 0-1 Man City

    Hull are using the flanks more and more as this game goes on and George Boyd has done well since coming on for the Tigers.

    Boyd helps them force a corner here, after a swift raid down the left is blocked out. Hull try to play it short before delivering the ball into the box but, when it does, it is easily collected by Joe Hart at his near post.

  277. 14:09: 
    Breaking Team News- Everton v Cardiff (15:00 GMT)

    Everton name Gerard Deulofeu and John Stones in their starting line-up. No Phil Jagielka for the Toffees.

    Everton: Howard, Baines, Coleman, Deulofeu, Mirallas, Distin, McCarthy, Lukaku, Barry, Osman (c), Stones

    Juan Cala comes in along with Kevin Theohile-Catherine for Cardiff.

    Cardiff: Marshall, Caulker (C), Medel, Campbell, Kim, Noone, Mutch, Cala, Theophile-Catherine, Fabio, John.

  278. 14:07: 
    Hull 0-1 Man City

    Manchester City's 10 men build from the back this time, but they are not committing too many men forward. They don't have to, do they? Hull have got 25 minutes left to find a way of scoring an equaliser.

    Get involved- #bbcfootball

    Venki: Hull City's passing is woefully pedestrian.

    Dennis Waithera: It's true that some teams are made to finish on mid-table. Hull City just can't find the way to score at the KC and City are a man down.

  280. 14:05: 
    Hull 0-1 Man City

    Manchester City have been under constant pressure for the last 10 minutes but now they have a chance to threaten at the other end, with a free-kick of their own midway in the Hull half.

    Martin Demichelis goes up for it, as does fellow centre-half Javi Garcia, and the pair combine for Demichelis to flash a shot over from the right-hand side of the box.

  281. 14:02: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Hull 0-1 Man City

    Another change by Hull, who are still piling on the pressure with an hour gone. George Boyd is on for David Meyler.

  282. 14:01:  
    Kevin Kilbane, at KC Stadium for BBC Radio 5 live sports extraHull 0-1 Man City

    "Martin Dimechelis has played so well today, organising his back four and making interceptions. He gets so much criticism but I think he's been excellent."

  283. 14:01: 
    Hull 0-1 Man City

    Here come Hull again, but Shane Long plays the wrong pass - passing it out to the flanks instead of freeing Nikica Jelavic, who was calling for it in space in the middle.

    Moments later Ahmed Elmohamady drags his shot wide from 25 yards out, and it is fair to say the Tigers are knocking on the door for an equaliser here.

  284. 13:59: 
    Hull 0-1 Man City

    Again Hull beat the offside trap and again they test Joe Hart. Tom Huddlestone bends that free-kick in and Shane Long's flicked header flies through to the City keeper, just eluding a couple of his Tigers team-mates on the way.

  285. 13:58: 
    YELLOW CARD- Manchester City's Pablo Zabaleta

    Manchester City's 10 men are looking to take the sting out of Hull's bright start to the second half, spraying passes around in their own half and not looking to get forward.

    It works, but not for long - when they lose the ball Pablo Zabaleta slides in late on David Meyler and gets a yellow card for his troubles. That means another free-kick for Hull too...

    Get involved- Text us on 81111

    Stan in Manchester: If you watch the replay Jelavic pushes Kompany then rakes his boot down his calf which causes him to fall. How can that not be a foul?

    Paul: Kompany is City's best defender by far but people are too quick to discredit Demichelis and Lescott. Both are capable of handling Fulham. Kompany has made mistakes lately and Demichelis has been getting the blame. The red card at Barcelona was caused by Kompany's poor positioning.

    Damon from Pontypool: Hull Tigers? More like pussycats...

  287. 13:55:  
    Kevin Kilbane, at KC Stadium for BBC Radio 5 live sports extraHull 0-1 Man City

    "Jelavic was unlucky there. He was played onside and that high line is risky from Man City. Jelavic timed his run perfectly but couldn't get enough of a contact on the ball to turn it past Joe Hart."

  288. 13:55: 
    Hull 0-1 Man City

    These are encouraging signs for Hull. Yaya Toure fouls Sone Aluko on the right of the box and, when the ball comes in, Nikica Jelavic beats the offside trap to meet it at the near post. He does not make proper contact, however, and shins it goalwards where it is gathered by Joe Hart.

  289. 13:53: 
    Hull 0-1 Man City

    At last Joe Hart is called into action, after Shane Long swivels on the edge of the box and smashes in a shot that is straight at the Manchester City keeper.

    The home side are enjoying some good pressure at present... not anymore, mind: the offside flag has just gone up, yet again.

  290. 13:51: 
    Hull 0-1 Man City

    Manchester City start the second half with a good spell of possession down the right but the move ends when Yaya Toure goes down under a challenge from Liam Rosenior on the edge of the box.

    No foul there, and Hull break forward. Yet again, though, the offside flag is up as Shane Long meets a cross at the back post and heads wide. City's backline has been well organised so far.


    Brentford tweet: Today's confirmed attendance at Leyton Orient is 8,335 with 2,597 Brentford fans.

    That's 2,000 more on the gate than for Orient's last home game, the 2-1 win over Colchester on 1 March.

  292. 13:49: 
    League One latest

    Brentford still lead 1-0 in their League One game at Leyton Orient.

    Both sides are pushing for promotion with second-placed Orient trailing with just under 20 minutes remaining after Marcello Trotta's goal in first-half injury-time.

    The Bees, currently third in the division, have been down to 10 men since the 50th minute, when James Tarkowski was sent off for two bookable offences, although Orient have not yet managed to make the extra-man advantage count.

  293. 13:49: 
    Hi-ho Silva striving- Hull 0-1 Man City
    David Silva

    Goalscorer David Silva has had more touches than any other City player and has got around the park well, picking the ball up deep and wide on both flanks. More of the same needed by him in the second half if City's 10 men are going to protect their lead.

  294. 13:48: 
    KICK-OFF- Hull 0-1 Man City

    Former boxing champion and big Manchester City fan Ricky Hatton is at the KC Stadium and was signing autographs at half-time. Can I avoid using a bad boxing pun before this game restarts? Seconds out for round two...

  295. 13:47:  
    Kevin Kilbane, at KC Stadium for BBC Radio 5 live sports extraHull 0-1 Man City

    "Vincent Kompany's big complaint with the sending off was he felt he was fouled first by Jelavic. Then, as I understand it, he made a gesture towards the fourth official as he walked off. He may want to appeal the red card but that gesture will not help his case."

  296. 13:47: 
    Hull 0-1 Man City

    Hull are making a change at half-time: Sone Aluko is coming on for Maynor Figueroa. Looks like Steve Bruce is going for it. He has to, really.

    Martin Fisher, Match of the Day commentatorSwansea v West Brom (15:00 GMT)

    "In his seven matches in charge of West Brom, Pepe Mel is winless, collecting just four points along the way. Those close to The Hawthorns heartbeat say the Spaniard will be sacked if he loses at Swansea and in the process claim Rene Meulensteen's unwanted record of the shortest Premier League managerial tenure of the season.

    "If Garry Monk is to get the Swansea manager's job permanently, he must not only steer the Swans clear of trouble but also produce the kind of exciting displays desired by chairman Huw Jenkins.

    "The anticipated return from injury of Michu after a three-month absence will be a huge boost in that quest, while the goals of Wilfried Bony allied to the speed and trickery of Nathan Dyer and Wayne Routledge underline the quality Monk has at his disposal."

    Steve Bower, BBC Match of the Day commentatorSunderland v Crystal Palace (15:00 GMT)

    "You can't play down the importance of this match at the bottom of the Premier League, particularly when Sunderland manager Gus Poyet has described it as 'the biggest game of the season' and more crucial than their recent Capital One Cup final.

    "If the Black Cats are to survive, you really do feel the headlines will have to be written at the Stadium of Light, where they have won only three times this season and kept just three clean sheets.

    "Crystal Palace have improved dramatically defensively but the lack of goals is still a concern. Palace will be well aware that Sunderland will move alongside them on points should they win. It won't be one for the faint hearted and the outcome could be pivotal."

    Alistair Mann, BBC Match of the Day commentatorStoke v West Ham (15:00 GMT)

    "In the mini-league to avoid the drop, Stoke and West Ham are joint top with only goal difference separating them. In many ways both are inching closer to as coveted a prize as the title itself - another year in one of the world's most lucrative divisions.

    "That had begun to look like an increasingly elusive target only a few weeks ago as both teams ended January teetering among a pack of equally desperate clubs.

    "But both are now down the home straight towards safety. Whichever side wins this game will surely feel their season-long mission will be very close to completion."

    John Roder, Match of the Day commentatorSouthampton v Norwich (15:00 GMT)

    "We are all surely aware of Norwich's end to this season, when they face Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal in their final four fixtures. So the next few weeks are vital if the Norfolk club are to avoid finishing in the bottom three in May, starting with this trip to Southampton.

    "Southampton's last three victories have all come away, and Norwich may be encouraged by the fact their hosts on Saturday have conceded at least two goals in six of their last eight home league matches.

    "However, Norwich have lost their last four on their travels and have failed to score more than one goal in any of their last 14 league matches. The last time they did so was in the 2-0 victory at West Brom in December, their last away win."

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Position Team Played Goal Difference Points
No movement 1 Chelsea 30 33 66
Moving up 2 Man City 27 44 60
Moving down 3 Liverpool 28 38 59
Moving down 4 Arsenal 28 24 59
No movement 5 Tottenham 29 0 53
Moving up 6 Everton 28 12 51
Moving down 7 Man Utd 28 15 48
Moving up 8 Southampton 30 6 45
Moving down 9 Newcastle 29 -3 43
Moving up 10 Aston Villa 29 -6 34
Moving up 11 Stoke 30 -12 34
Moving down 12 West Ham 29 -6 31
No movement 13 Hull 29 -7 30
No movement 14 Swansea 29 -5 29
No movement 15 Norwich 30 -24 29
Moving up 16 West Brom 29 -10 28
Moving down 17 Crystal Palace 29 -19 28
Moving up 18 Sunderland 27 -16 25
Moving down 19 Cardiff 30 -29 25
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