Sunday Premier League football as it happened

Liverpool defeat Spurs to move to the top of the Premier League after Everton win at Fulham.

30 March 2014 Last updated at 10:52 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 19:00: 

    So, that's yer lot, the end of a very good day for Merseyside's Premier League clubs. Everton continue their push for the Champions League, while Liverpool sit top of the pile. With six games to go, is they who lead the race for the title. Goodnight.

  2. 18:57: 

    It's almost time for us to depart, but stick on the BBC Sport website tonight for our European football live text. Later tonight, from 22:25 on BBC One, you can watch MOTD2 and highlights of the Johnstone's Paint Trophy final. Tomorrow night, we'll have coverage of Sunderland v West Ham in the Premier League.

  3. 18:55: 
    Manager reaction- Liverpool 4-0 Tottenham

    Tottenham manager Tim Sherwood: "The game was pretty much finished after two mistakes early on. They took a lot of belief from that and went from strength to strength.

    "We were beaten by better side. It was a shame our mistakes got punished the way we did."

    On taking only one point against teams in the top four: "It is not good. Perhaps is is a belief thing - a lot of these teams are better than us. We don't have opportunity to put it right but we owe it to ourselves to get maximum points from our last six games."

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    Jonners: Shameful Spurs! The team are playing like they know that Sherwood is a temp and have jacked it in. It's a disgraceful way to treat a decent bloke and a loyal servant of the club.

    Shaun: You cant blame Tim for this farce, he is not a seasoned manager. The players are a bunch of over paid over rated prima donnas.

  5. 18:42: 

    Finally, Sherwood appears. He looks a broken man.

  6. 18:36: 

    Still no Tim Sherwood. Has he locked them in the dressing room?

  7. 18:33: 
    Manager reaction

    More from Brendan Rodgers: "Today we answered the question about pressure. We like to dominate the ball and you saw that today, the movement, confidence and composure was good. We fight as at team to get the ball back and overall I was very proud of the team.

    "We have played a number of systems this season, the last four games we played a diamond - today it was 4-3-3. We have got flexibility and that is what we are trying to develop and the players are comfortable with that.

    "We were seventh last year so the expectancy wasn't there at the start of the season. Now we are up there at the top of the league with that pressure. That is eight wins in a row and that takes some going at this level..

    "We now just concentrate on the next game which is West Ham and that is what we will focus on. I think there will be points dropped by all the teams before the end of the season."

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    Ash: Liverpool, 88 league goals. Keep up the goals/game record and we'll nab 100. Ruthless in attack. Could still have had more.

    Bill Oakley: Brendan Rodgers should be the manager of the year for turning around a mid-table team to a title contender.

    AO: It'll all end in misery for Liverpool, just like it did in 2008-09 season. Only difference is, it'll be City this time around.

  9. 18:30: 
    Coming up

    The next Premier League action concerns the bottom of the table, with Sunderland hosting West Ham tomorrow night. The Black Cats are five points from safety but have at least two games in hand on all their rivals. Later this evening, our European football live text will swing into action, with Napoli v Juventus in Serie A the main focus of attention.

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    James Gallagher: Re: Rodgers 533 million Liverpool fans across the world - he's probably mistakenly using a figure about Beatles' fans.

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    Jeron in Cambridge: Absolutely appalling result for Spurs. Being a Spurs Fan, I thought Sherwood may be a good thing for the Lilywhites, now starting to lose faith.

    Ben in Southampton: It seems like "capitulation" will be Sherwood's most used word come the end of the season, shocking from Spurs.

    Dom Cheto: Everyone blaming Tim Sherwood for the poor performances. What manager can have success with gutless bunch of players?

  12. 18:25: 
    The run-in

    So, for the next few weeks, we will pore over the title run-in. Who's got the toughest time, who has the easy ride? Manchester City have eight games to play, with trips to Liverpool, Crystal Palace and Everton looking tough. Liverpool have to go to Norwich, Palace and West Ham, as well as hosting their two rivals. Apart from the trip to Anfield, it's Chelsea who look to have the easier ride.

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    Kassim Olanrewaju: No surprise Rodgers was once Mourinho's apprentice. Liverpool's confidence is similar to Chelsea's in 04/05.

    Peter Webb: Until Spurs start offering the big wages we will never compete. We will finish where we deserve - fifth or sixth every season.

    Chris White: Gonna wait until Liverpool play the very top teams before I jump on the Liverpool are unstoppable bandwagon.

  14. 18:16: 
    Manager reaction- Liverpool 4-0 Tottenham

    Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers: "To perform like we did from the first minute was immense. We are very confident with how we play. Tottenham have some outstanding players and I hope Tim gets time to put his ideas in place.

    "We have won eight games in a row and we will enjoy that. It's just about going back to work next week and we have a tough game against West Ham next.

    "The dream is for our supporters, they want to win the title. It has been a long time but it's not in my thinking. We just need to prepare and do well and if we do that, we will win games."

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    Alex: Surely Brendan Rogers to win manager of the season? What a job he's done.

    John Couchman: Liverpool are now playing football like Barcelona !! Incredible passing and quick change of pace.

    Don Limani: I saw lots of deluded Spurs fans writing Liverpool will crumble under the pressure. What pressure? Demolition, just like at White Hart Lane.

  16. 18:11: 
    Liverpool 4-0 Tottenham

    Brendan Rodgers has just said that Liverpool have 533 million supporters across the world. Is that right? If not, where has he plucked that number from?

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    Ryan: Spurs and Chelsea are suffering from the same issue. Letting your main goalscorer leave, then hoping things will patch up in no time. If Chelsea had a striker we would be top; ditto Spurs and the top four.

    Jon in Southbourne: Unbelievable season for Liverpool! Starting to believe. Suarez player of the year, Rodgers manager of the year.

    Alex Cain: As a Liverpool fan I didn't expect to be anywhere near the top of the table. In all honesty I thought we would struggle for the Champions League. I'm scared someone is going to wake me up soon.

  18. 18:09: 
    Player reaction

    Liverpool winger Raheem Sterling: "At the beginning of the week we set ourselves the target of getting two wins. It was good to get the first three points. Then we had to get three more. It is a great credit to boys."

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    Liverpool owner John W Henry on Twitter: Utterly dominant vs Spurs. Deserving of first place. Eleven top performances on the pitch. Still a lot of work to do.

  20. 18:08: 
    Player reaction- Liverpool 4-0 Tottenham

    Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson: "The table looks good. We knew today was important. We had to focus on what we have been doing.

    "The crowd were outstanding. They really lifted us. Great togetherness here. We knew we had to start well, press high and get the ball back.

    "We all dream of winning the Premier League one day and we have a chance. It is one game at a time, then see where we are. Of course it would be special but you can't look too far in the future."

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    PhilKlein: I wouldn't write Chelsea off yet. They have the only manager who has been in this situation before.

    Jay C: For someone with limited experience under this pressure, Rodgers is handling this like a pro, great football and a calm persona.

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    BBC Radio 5 live

    In just a few short minutes, 606 will begin on BBC Radio 5 live. To talk to Ian Wright and Kelly Cates, call 0500 909693.

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    Rob in Newbury: People should remember Liverpool were second just five years ago. The following year they were seventh.

    Yvonne in Bath: I already accepted that Spurs won't win today before kick-off. Tim Sherwood is simply too inexperienced. Where's Paulinho?

    Matt in Harold Wood: Louis van Gaal coming to Spurs is a done deal? I'd be desperately trying to undo it, if I were him!

  24. 18:00: 
    Liverpool 4-0 Tottenham

    Spurs are sixth, eight points behind fourth-placed Arsenal with six games to play. They are two points ahead of Manchester United in what is a battle for a Europa League spot.

  25. 17:58: 
    Liverpool 4-0 Tottenham
    Liverpool celebrate their win over Spurs

    So Liverpool lead the Premier League by two points from Chelsea. Both teams have six games to play, one of which is against each other at Anfield. Manchester City are four points behind the Reds with two games in hand. They too have to travel to Merseyside.

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    Kallum Dillon: Unfortunately for we Manchester City fans, Liverpool are looking unstoppable at the moment!

    Bob Wetton: Is there a player who deserves to lift the premier league trophy more than Steve Gerrard?

    Ahmer Murad: Eight in a row. Top of the table. Controlled, confident, clinical. It isn't just a dream any more.

    BBC Radio 5 live's Mark Lawrenson at AnfieldLiverpool 4-0 Tottenham

    "It's been an absolute stroll in the park, Liverpool won this game so easily. Tottenham seriously contributed to their own downfall, they really seriously were hopeless. The Liverpool machine is well and truly rolling forward."

  28. 17:51: 
    FULL-TIME- Liverpool 4-0 Tottenham

    Demolition over, Liverpool hammer Spurs to go top of the table with an eighth successive league win. Who's going to stop them? Chelsea, Manchester City; over to you.

  29. 17:51: 
    Liverpool 4-0 Tottenham

    The late Spurs revival continues as Christian Eriksen forces Simon Mignolet into a low save. What's the point of getting it together when you're 4-0 down?

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    Chris_lutton: I get the feeling Sherwood's tenure as Spurs boss will one day be viewed in the same way we view Shearer's as Newcastle manager.

    Akarim: Meanwhile at Stamford Bridge, Mourinho has ordered to find the biggest and longest bus available to bring to Anfield!

    Andrew Parker: As appalling as Spurs are and have been, they are still above Manchester United. Think about that for a moment.

  31. 17:49: 
    Liverpool 4-0 Tottenham

    Roberto Soldado is once more rolling around on the floor as Anfield sings its way to the top of the Premier League. You'll Never Walk Alone. It's so bad that Soldado has to leave on a stretcher, meaning Spurs will finish with 10 men.

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    Tony Cocozza in London: Liverpool are flying but Tottenham have been pathetic. They have rolled over and had their tummy tickled. No fight whatsoever.

    Alan in Birmingham: Tottenham have had some good wins this season but they've also had more genuine spankings than teams like Hull, Stoke and even West Brom.

    Trevor in Cheltenham: And to think half the Spurs squad was linked with Liverpool. As a Liverpool fan, I am a lot happier they are playing for Spurs and not us! 

  33. 17:46: 

    Another Spurs chance, this time Michael Dawson heading over from a corner. Where was this 80 minutes' ago? By the way, now we're in British Summer Time, how good is it to see afternoon matches finishing in daylight?

    Gary Lineker, BBC SportJoin the debate at #bbcfootball

    Tell our players how good they are, rather than where they're weak. Rodgers has done exactly that at Liverpool, and look at the results.

  35. 17:44: 
    Liverpool 4-0 Tottenham

    Not much left for Spurs to endure, we're in to the final five in the evening Anfield sun. The visitors are, though, showing a little fight. Some overdue pressure results in Christian Eriksen firing over.

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    Iyke Roy: Liverpool are just a delight to watch.

    Ashley Wilkinson: Liverpool? Bottling it? Not on this evidence.

    mrwriterman: Best thing about the Spurs performance? Younes Kaboul's eyebrows: more pace and movement than rest of the team.

  37. 17:39: 
    Liverpool 4-0 Tottenham

    Take that, Roberto Soldado. The Spaniard finds a rare hole in the Liverpool defence, but is absolutely poleaxed by Jon Flanagan. It's a bruising, no-holds-barred tackle, the sort your grandad will tell you was the norm in his day. It's fair, though, no question of a penalty. Final sub for Liverpool. Raheem Sterling off, Victor Moses on.

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    Kevin Smith: Tottenham proving their inferiority against the top four again.

    Liam Grayhurst: To think that some Spurs fans thought that they wouldn't miss Bale. Deluded.

    Josh Land: Liverpool making Tottenham look like they're down to nine men.

  39. 17:37: 
    Liverpool 4-0 Tottenham

    So Spurs have shipped nine league goals to Liverpool this season without mustering a single reply. There's still time for more, too. The final 15 minutes or so of this game is basically an Anfield party, a celebration of their march to the summit. The only question is, how many will they get?

    BBC Radio 5 live's Mark Lawrenson at AnfieldLiverpool 4-0 Tottenham

    "Yet more shocking defending from Tottenham on the goal. There was a massive gap that the ball went through and 4-0 is about right."

  41. 17:32: 
    GOAL- Liverpool 4-0 Tottenham - Jordan Henderson (76 mins)

    It's a thrashing, a one-sided procession to the league summit. It's Jordan Henderson bagging Liverpool's fourth, a curled free-kick from the left edge of the penalty area missing everyone and nestling in the bottom corner. There's some confusion over who should claim the goal, but Luis Suarez points to Henderson. If Suarez is not claiming it, it must be Henderson's.

  42. 17:29: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Liverpool 3-0 Tottenham

    This time Steven Gerrard is withdrawn, replaced by Lucas Leiva. Before the Sturridge chance, Luis Suarez's ankle came into contact with Hugo Lloris's face. Suarez was chasing the ball, Lloris out to smother it. Lloris was always winning the race, so should Suarez have withdrawn?

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    Mags in Crewe: For both City and Liverpool it's a case of win all games and win the title. Whoever holds their nerve holds the trophy!

    James: Is Mersyside becoming the new Manchester? Two teams challenging up the table but done on a smaller budget for once.

    Andrew: Although he seems Like a genuinely nice guy, what exactly did Spurs expect to happen when appointing Sherwood? The phrase 'out of his depth' doesn't do it justice.

  44. 17:25: 
    CLOSE!- Liverpool 3-0 Tottenham

    It's circus stuff in the Tottenham defence. Under pressure from Daniel Sturridge, Danny Rose slips to let the Liverpool striker in. Hugo Lloris is off his line, blocking Sturridge's cheeky backheel. All day, the Spurs defence has looked about as strong as a wet tissue.

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    Tom Chance: As a Chelsea supporter, was a big fan of what Rodgers did with our academy. Always hoped he might step up to the top job. Alas.

    Ahmer Murad: So great to see Coutinho get one. Sterling deserves one, too. Help the goal difference along.

    Chris Smudger Smith: Credit to Liverpool. Great performance and fielding five English players. How many did Man City and Arsenal manage yesterday?

  46. 17:23: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Liverpool 3-0 Tottenham
    Phillipe Countinho celebrates scoring for Liverpool

    It's not Gerrard who is withdrawn, rather Phillipe Coutinho in favour of Joe Allen. The Kop stands to salute the third goalscorer. As a man not old enough to remember Liverpool's last league crown, it's a strange sight to see the grand old club on such a charge.

    BBC Radio 5 live's Mark Lawrenson at AnfieldLiverpool 3-0 Tottenham

    "Liverpool might start to think about getting Gerrard off to protect him. They could bring Lucas on. Mind you, they're so comfortable, they could bring Jan Molby on."

  48. 17:21: 

    Do you still doubt that Liverpool can win the Premier League? They are the form team at the most important time of the season. More importantly, they seem to have belief. At the moment, they are sweeping all before them. Get these dates imprinted on your mind. 13 April, Liverpool v Manchester City. 27 April, Liverpool v Chelsea. Title deciders?

  49. 17:18: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Liverpool 3-0 Tottenham

    "We're gonna win the league" chants the Anfield faithful. How long is it since they could sing that with such conviction? Amidst ear-splitting noise, Spurs withdraw Aaron Lennon and Nabil Bentaleb in favour of Andros Townsend and Mousa Dembele.

    BBC Radio 5 live's Mark Lawrenson at AnfieldLiverpool 3-0 Tottenham

    "Coutinho's basically passed it into the net with a bit of pace on it but there was a great run from Glen Johnson down the right that opened up the space for him. What on earth are Tottenham doing? I don't just mean defensively. Why didn't they make changes at half time to try to change the course of the game. If they lose 4-0 or 5-0, so what?"

  51. 17:13: 
    GOAL- Liverpool 3-0 Tottenham - Phillipe Coutinho (55 mins)

    That's the ball game. Phillipe Coutinho wraps up the points with Liverpool's third and his first at Anfield this season. Again, it's so simple. Jon Flanagan cuts in from the left, feeding Coutinho midway inside the Spurs half. Unchallenged run, low right-foot shot past the dive of Hugo Lloris and nestling low in the far corner. It's a procession to the top of the table.

  52. 17:13: 
    Liverpool 2-0 Tottenham

    Did I say it was easy for Liverpool? Not so easy for Jordan Henderson to hit the target. A lovely move on the right between Raheem Sterling and Daniel Sturridge has the onrushing Hugo Lloris leaving an unguarded net. The ball is squared centrally to Henderson but, from the edge of the box with just one white shirt to pass, he fires over.

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    Conal from Derry: Does nobody realise that man city have two games in hand and a game against Liverpool. The title is city's to lose.

    Billy in Glasgow: Liverpool were top just before Christmas if I remember correctly, then suffered a dip in form. Being top brings a unique type of pressure that no team this season has been able to handle. Can Liverpool see the job through to it's end? I'm not sure.

    Bob in Chester: Maybe Spurs should sign Gary Lineker out of retirement. He'd be better than Soldado.

  54. 17:11: 
    Liverpool 2-0 Tottenham

    It's hard to put into words how easy this is for Liverpool. Always a red shirt in space, the ball doing the work, never near a man in white. Tim Sherwood, in the stands, is on his mobile phone. Booking a summer holiday?

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    Alec Crutchley: Liverpool and City this season are examples of the many virtues of replacing managers who can buy with managers who can manage.

    James Roberts: Spurs couldn't have looked more outclassed in that half. Liverpool looking solid for the title provided no injuries-suspensions.

    James Blackwell: Spurs fans: You are not awful. You are sixth in the league. Try supporting one of the bottom 10 teams.

  56. 17:08: 
    Liverpool 2-0 Tottenham

    Dull start to the second half - Liverpool had already taken the lead this far into the first. Plenty of singing inside Anfield as Spurs chase red shadows. Suarez almost finds Jordan Henderson, but Michael Dawson intercepts.

  57. 17:05: 

    If that is Leighton Baines (and, let's be honest, we've no reason to think it isn't), it's a brilliant picture. Did he spot the ice-cream van on the way to the team bus? Did he shout a round for the lads?

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball- Sweet Toffees pudding
    Leighton Baines treating himself to an ice cream after Everton's victory at Fulham.

    James Parkin: Leighton Baines rewarding himself with a 99 flake

  59. 17:03: 
    KICK-OFF- Liverpool 2-0 Tottenham

    We're back under way.

  60. 17:01: 
    Liverpool 2-0 Tottenham

    The players are back out to the applause of the Kop. Is there a way back for Spurs? If not, Liverpool will be top of the Premier League tonight. Very clever banner from a Liverpool fan reads "Brendan - the Carefully Chosen One". Nothing like a dig at your biggest rivals, eh?

  61. 16:57: 
    Table topping

    Drink this sight in, Reds fans. Your team are going top of the table with six games to play. I'm told that, 50 years ago today, Liverpool beat Spurs 3-1 at Anfield to go top of the First Division, ultimately winning the league by four points. If true, it's a helluvan omen for the red side of Merseyside.

    Top of the Premier League table
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    Elliot in Beaconsfield: I can't speak highly enough of Rodgers, completely changed how we play. But I do fear for him next year because of how high he has set the bar. Will he be able to get these kind of performances twice a week next year with this squad?

    Boothy in Putney: The highest praise for Rodgers has to be for persuading Suarez to stay and the opposite for Wenger for not having got him.

    Jake Carling: I can't see why Spurs fans are complaining - Arsenal were 4-0 down in twenty minutes at Anfield.

  63. 16:55: 
    Super Suarez

    Would you bet against Luis Suarez notching his 30th goal of the season in the second half? 29 already in the league this term in a campaign that started six games late because of suspension. Like or loathe the bloke, you can't deny his talent.

    Luis Suarez celebrates scoring for Liverpool
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    Zed: For those who saw the same fixture last year, it's amazing to see the progress made by Liverpool and extent of Spurs' regression.

    Andrew Soar: Sherwood has a huge task at half-time. Some Spurs' players body language is awful. It needs to pain them more.

    Simon Taylor: Sherwood's plan to lull opposition teams into a false sense of security is to go 2-0 down before we start playing - clever!

    Steve Wilson, BBC Match of the Day commentatorHALF-TIME- Liverpool 2-0 Tottenham

    "Liverpool are in the box seat and exactly where they want to be at Anfield. Younes Kaboul's own goal after two minutes put them ahead before a mistake from Michael Dawson, who had only been on the pitch for less than a minute, enabled Luis Suarez to score his 29th goal of the season."

    BBC Radio 5 live's Mark Lawrenson at AnfieldLiverpool 2-0 Tottenham

    "They got the perfect start with the Kaboul own goal so early in the piece and it sent Tottenham backwards. If Liverpool had gone in three or four up that would have been the tale of the half because it's been just so easy for them. Tottenham have got nothing, apart from, maybe, the goalkeeper. Spurs need a win, so they might as well lose 3-0 or 4-0. Why not come out in the second half and try to win it from here?"

  67. 16:47: 
    HALF-TIME- Liverpool 2-0 Tottenham

    The end of a first period that perhaps Liverpool could not believe would be so simple. Spurs were sloppy, Liverpool were rampant and are heading to the top of the shop.

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    Adnan van Cleverson: Eriksen, stop passing to the other players! You're the only one who looks like scoring.

    Chris Newman: Surely Spurs have got to start offering us refunds soon. How many maulings should you watch in one season?

    Alessandro Corbino: Spurs are awful, especially going forward. Desperate for a striker that can put away chances. Think his first name was Jermain.

  69. 16:45: 
    Liverpool 2-0 Tottenham

    Another Liverpool chance, a free-kick given away by a handball from the tumbling Kyle Naughton. Suarez over the ball, 20 yards out on the left of the D. Curled around the wall, past Hugo Lloris, but also past the post. Two minutes added on.

  70. 16:41: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Liverpool 2-0 Tottenham

    Spurs can improve all they want going forward, if they keep defending like clowns then they are going to get gubbed.

    Ball given away by Kaboul in the left-back area, allowing Raheem Sterling to cross. Luis Suarez is at the back post, straining his neck to get all his power into the header. The scrambling Hugo Lloris does brilliantly to tip the ball on to the bar and, when it bounces down, we trust goal-line technology to tell us it has not crossed the whitewash.

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    Ross Parker: Praise can't come highly enough for Brendan Rodgers. It's only his second full season and he has completely transformed the club.

    Dana Shoup: Just think if Suarez had actually been able to start the year - 29, ha would have been at least 35 or more by now.

    Phil_ecstasy: There is no doubt Suarez is taking the golden boot and player of the season.

  72. 16:40: 
    Liverpool 2-0 Tottenham

    Slight sign of improvement from Spurs. A sustained period of pressure sees the ball fall to Roberto Soldado on the left edge of the penalty area. A curling effort, beaten away by the flying Simon Mignolet. Better from the men in white.

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    Kofi at Imperial College: Halfway through a 10,000-word report. Spurs win will give me the energy boost I need. Sigh. I'll get some coffee.

    Adam in Salford: If this season gets decided on goal difference, this could be a big day for Liverpool.

    BBC Radio 5 live's Mark Lawrenson at AnfieldLiverpool 2-0 Tottenham

    "Spurs haven't really offered anything, Eriksen's shot blocked by Skrtel is about the sum total. The worrying thing is, though, that they haven't offered that much resistance to Liverpool. Liverpool aren't playing that well but Tottenham are defending so badly."

  75. 16:34: 
    Liverpool 2-0 Tottenham

    Has Daniel Sturridge let himself down there? Not much contact from Younes Kaboul as the Liverpool striker went to ground. As so many red-shirted fans watch on - it's warm enough to not have cover up your replica shirt at Anfield - Sturridge blazes the free-kick over the bar.

  76. 16:31: 
    Liverpool 2-0 Tottenham
    Liverpool's Luis Suarez

    Looking again at the second goal, Younes Kaboul got himself into another terrible tangle. He had the chance to clear, but basically missed his kick to allow Suarez a sprint away from Kaboul and Michael Dawson. The Uruguayan had a bit to do, running from midway inside the Spurs half, but his finish from the angle was clinical.

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    James Brandon: Safe to say Kaboul has had better games.

    Abdul Karim: Goal of individual brilliance from Suarez. Wanted the ball more then Spurs defenders! Get in!

    Ben Watters: You just simply cannot be that sloppy when defending against Luis Suarez.

  78. 16:29: 
    Liverpool 2-0 Tottenham

    That is Luis Suarez's 29th Premier League goal of the season, breaking the Liverpool record of 28 set by Robbie Fowler. The last man to score 30 Premier League goals in a season was Robin van Persie for Arsenal in 2011-12.

  79. 16:28: 
    Liverpool 2-0 Tottenham

    A decent chance for Christian Eriksen to pull a goal back for Tottenham. Space suddenly opens up inside the Liverpool area and the Dane has time to compose himself but his strike is blocked by Martin Skrtel.

    BBC Radio 5 live's Mark Lawrenson at AnfieldLiverpool 2-0 Tottenham

    "It was two against one and the one won easily. It's a fabulous finish with his left foot but some frightening defending from Tottenham. Kaboul just presented Suarez with the ball, there was a slight nudge but Kaboul is big enough to be able handle that."

  81. 16:24: 
    GOAL- Liverpool 2-0 Tottenham - Luis Suarez

    Surely it's already all over? It's a simple as you like for Liverpool, who cut through a Spurs defence still reorganising after that substitution. Long ball forward, deflected off Michael Dawson into the path of Luis Suarez. His jet-heels leave the white shirts behind, finishing across goal from the left of the penalty box. Liverpool are heading to the top of the Premier League, but how many might it be?

  82. 16:24: 
    Liverpool 1-0 Tottenham

    Gerrard country is invaded by Luis Suarez, who has probably forgotten his skipper's goal against Sunderland in midweek. High and wide, while Michael Dawson has to come from the bench to replace the injured Jan Vertonghen.

  83. 16:22: 
    Liverpool 1-0 Tottenham

    Free-kick to Liverpool on the edge of the Spurs box. Maximum of 30 yards out. Steven Gerrard country.

    BBC Radio 5 live's Mark Lawrenson at AnfieldLiverpool 1-0 Tottenham

    "Tottenham players' heads are down all the time because Liverpool are right at them. The Liverpool players are able to get their heads up because they've got so much time on the ball."

  85. 16:20: 
    Liverpool 1-0 Tottenham

    Spurs are chasing shadows, three white shirts after one red man with the ball. Anfield, bathed in sunshine, applauds as Liverpool trundle forward for corner. Cleared, but for how long can Spurs avoid further damage?

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    Phil in Northampton: The table says that Liverpool are top with six games to go. Is this the 80s and will the mullet be making a comeback?

    Danny in Luton: There's only one word to describe Liverpool's form at the moment and that is "sublime"!

    Scott in Warrington: Yet another switch by Brendan Rodgers paying off, this time bringing Raheem Sterling back into the squad. Wouldn't be surprised if it pays dividends again, Liverpool look rampant down the right-hand side.

  87. 16:16: 
    Fulham 1-3 Everton

    Everton manager Roberto Martinez on Ross Barkley: "He has a knock on his calf. We expect him to recover quickly and hopefully he will be available for Sunday."

  88. 16:15: 
    Liverpool 1-0 Tottenham

    Liverpool are caressing the ball around the Anfield green, pinging it around as if being controlled by a boy on a games console. Pass, pass, pass, wait for the killer ball. Phillipe Coutinho, just out of the reach of Jordan Henderson. It's hard to see Spurs even getting a kick right now.

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    Younes Kabould diverts the ball into his own net

    Hishaam Habib: I just hope that Spurs lose with some pride today.

    Chris Beattie: The high line doesn't work unless the midfield press the ball, Tim! I fear another rout already.

    Henry: I'm taking bets - how many goals does Liverpool score today? Two? Three? Seven? Sixteen?

  90. 16:11: 
    Liverpool 1-0 Tottenham

    The microphones at Anfield pick the shutters of what sounds like hundreds of cameras snapping away. Liverpool come again, Suarez down the left, crossing in the direction of Daniel Sturridge. Sturridge leaps, but not quite high enough for a header on goal.

  91. 16:09: 
    Women's football

    A result from the women's Champions League quarter-final, second leg - and Birmingham City have beaten Arsenal 2-0 at The Hive to pull off a shock 3-0 aggregate victory.

    First-half goals by striker Kirsty Linnett and midfielder Remi Allen, who had also hit the first-leg goal, took Blues through to the semi-finals for the first time.

    Arsenal's defeat cost them a fourth successive semi-final and their place in next year's competition - the first time in 11 seasons that the 2007 winners will have missed out on Europe.

    Text us on 81111

    Mark in Nottingham: Embarrassing. These are well paid professional footballers. You could see from the outset Spurs just simply not up for a fight.

    Rich in London: Naughton, Bentaleb, Soldado and Rose. All budget players who can't cut it at this level. Bale, Modric, Defoe and Van der Vaart are all world class players we've sold in our "quest for a top-four finish". This is the opposite of progression.

    Andrew in Richhill: Spurs: the defence that just keeps on giving. It's just getting boring now, it's the same comical mistakes game on game. How Tim Sherwood can keep his job is beyond me.

  93. 16:08: 
    Liverpool 1-0 Tottenham

    When that Kaboul back-heel hit the back of the net, you felt a sense of inevitability, as if there was already no way back for Spurs. They respond with an attack down the right but, when Liverpool break, Kaboul is almost in another tangle when faced by Luis Suarez. He can eventually clear, but it's that simple for Liverpool.

    Chesterfield 1-3 Peterborough

    BBC Sport's Ian Woodcock at Wembley: "Peterborough celebrations are in full swing now as their fans enjoy soak in bringing their 80-year wait for major silverware to an end. Chesterfield outplayed Posh for large spells but were taught a lesson in taking your chances when they come. Darren Ferguson now returns to aiming to take his team back here in the League One play-offs while opposite number Paul Cook will be hoping to avoid the same fate with his side sat third in League Two."

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Abdullah Mulla: 4-3-3 with Stockdale, Terry and Kaboul up front! Deadly.

    Andrew: Kaboul didn't even look like he cared that he scored an own goal.

    Varuth Kuonsongtham: This could be a very long day for Spurs.

  96. 16:05: 
    Liverpool 1-0 Tottenham

    When Fulham keeper David Stockdale booted the ball into his own net earlier, we pondered how these things go against you when you're struggling. Now Liverpool, with momentum, get the fortune. It was ever thus. If Anfield was noisy before, it's positively deafening now.

    Liverpool celebrate scoring at Anfield
    Mark Lawrenson, BBC Radio 5 live's Mark Lawrenson at AnfieldLiverpool 1-0 Tottenham

    "There was so much time and space for Raheem Sterling and Glen Johnson got in easily. A great ball across but it could have been cut out on two or three occasions. Dreadful defending from Tottenham."

  98. 16:01: 
    GOAL- Liverpool 1-0 Tottenham - Younes Kaboul own goal (2 mins)

    You couldn't make it up. Liverpool are ahead in their first attack thanks to a comedy own goal from Younes Kaboul. The hosts get down the right through Glen Johnson and Raheem Sterling. When the ball comes across, Kaboul gets himself into a terrible tangle and can only backheel into his own net. Liverpool take another step towards the top of the Premier League.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Ak: Spurs have to win these sort of games to prove they are worthy of Champions League football.

    Akarim: Where there's possibility, make us dream. Come on Liverpool. No pressure, just another game.

    Ruz: Much though I hope otherwise, Spurs could be on the end of another mauling with that line-up.

  100. 16:00: 
    KICK-OFF- Liverpool 0-0 Tottenham

    You'll Never Walk Alone is belted out by the red half of Merseyside. Rousing stuff. The 11 Spurs players could be feeling quite lonely in the centre of the Anfield turf. A huddle from the men in white, then a break to face the red tide. We're away...

  101. 15:57: 
    Liverpool v Tottenham (16:00 BST)

    The players are in the tunnel, Liverpool skipper Steven Gerrard looking focussed, perhaps bordering on worried. The teams are announced to cheers from the home fans as the black-clad officials emerge to lead them out. Thunderous applause, flags wave in the Kop. Is it the 1980s again?

  102. 15:56: 
    FULL-TIME- Chesterfield 1-3 Peterborough

    Congratulations to Peterborough - who have won the first trophy in their history.

  103. 15:53: 
    Manager reaction- Fulham 1-3 Everton

    Everton manager Roberto Martinez: "The character of the group was the key today, it is very demanding to play three games in eight days.

    "In the first half Fulham were sharper and brighter and we had to find a way to defend but we couldn't find a way to go forward.

    "The fresh legs of the subs were the reason we got the three points - they gave us the spark to score the three goals. Overall the second half performance deserved the three points, credit to Fulham though who gave everything.

    "We are just glad we have 60 points. We would love to win the league but we have got our targets and it is an exciting end to the season and we are fighting to be as high in the table as we can."

    Text us on 81111

    Yusuf in Leeds: As a Man United fan, I'd rather Man City win the title than Liverpool. Come on Spurs.

    Dan Hedge: Please Mr Levy, give Tim a full season, back him in the transfer market. I like him and want him to stay.

    Kian, a worried Spurs fan: Great, no holding midfielder in the Spurs line-up...

    BBC Radio 5 live's Mark Lawrenson at AnfieldLiverpool v Tottenham (16:00 BST)

    "I don't think anyone expected Liverpool's progress to be like this. A the start of the season, if someone had offered them fourth, most would have taken it but they've been nothing short of fabulous for three or four months, breathtaking. They're now becoming everyone's favourite second team because of the way they play. It must be brilliant in training, I bet Brendan Rodgers has to hold them back. They firmly believe they can beat anyone in this league."

  106. 15:48: 
    Liverpool v Tottenham (16:00 BST)

    Tottenham manager Tim Sherwood: "We have to come here and get something. We sensed the other night against Sunderland that they were getting edgy. I've been in a run-in myself and you do get like that. Brendan is confident his boys can deal with it, so we'll see if they can.

    "We know they have the best strike partnership the Premier League has seen in a very long time. We have to stop that and try to impose ourselves later in the game."

  107. 15:45: 
    Liverpool v Tottenham (16:00 BST)

    Problem is, though, that Spurs have lost their last two away games without scoring a goal. That's not the only issue, either. Check out these stats...

    • Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge are the third pair to score 20 or more goals each in a single Premier League season, joining Andrew Cole/Peter Beardsley in 1993-94 and Didier Drogba/Frank Lampard in 2009-10.
    • Suarez and Sturridge have scored eight more goals (48) than Tottenham (40) in the Premier League this season.
    • Liverpool have now scored before half-time in a record 21 consecutive Premier League games.
    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    John Brown: Spurs have already lost. Without Sandro, we're going to have no-one to break up the play in the middle. Sherwood is clueless.

    Clinton Eyong: Liverpool should get a huge result at home with their form. They've lost a single game and drawn one at home this season.

    Paul Moore: Liverpool won't win today and won't win the league either. Not Got enough experience or quality.

  109. 15:39: 
    Van Gaal on his way to Spurs?- Liverpool v Tottenham (16:00 BST)

    If you remember, it was Liverpool that dished out a 5-0 beating of Spurs at White Hart Lane that ultimately cost Andre Villas-Boas his job.

    If you believe Ruud Gullit, AVB's successor, Tim Sherwood, is also on the way out, with Louis van Gaal set to come in.

    Spurs may provide a stiff test for Liverpool, though. Only Manchester United have won more than Spurs' 29 away points this season. Tottenham, though, have only ever won six of their 70 league games at Anfield.

  110. 15:37: 
    GOAL- Chesterfield 1-3 Peterborough - Britt Assombalonga (78 mins)

    BBC Sport's Ian Woodcock at Wembley: "Peterborough have probably just sealed this. Mark Little's enterprising run into the opposing area was brought to an abrupt halt by Liam Cooper's challenge and from the resultant spot-kick Britt Assombalonga confidently scored with a low effort straight down the middle."

    Steve Wilson, BBC Match of the Day commentatorLiverpool v Tottenham (16:00 BST)

    "If you had told a Tottenham fan back in August that they'd be five points clear of Manchester United in late March, they'd have been forgiven for assuming that Champions League football, at the very least, was returning to White Hart Lane. In fact, the competition looks likely to elude Spurs again.

    "Liverpool had not been called upon to really scrap for a win for weeks, not until Sunderland's late rally at Anfield on Wednesday exposed the nervous underbelly to the swaggering incision of their forward play."

  112. 15:36: 

    A look at the top of the Premier League table make pretty decent viewing for the Merseyside clubs, who both have their fate in their own hands. Everton are hammering at Arsenal for the last Champions League spot, while Liverpool can go top with victory over Spurs. Which leads us nicely to Anfield...

    Top of Premier League table
  113. 15:34: 
    Player reaction- Fulham 1-3 Everton

    Everton's Steven Naismith: "We have believed all along we can compete for the Champions League places. That is what we will continue to do.

    "The manager wanted it to be more lively in the second-half. It was disappointing not to be credited with the first goal but the third one is mine."

  114. 15:33: 
    Manager reaction- Fulham 1-3 Everton

    Fulham manager Felix Magath: "We have played against a very good team. Everton are going for the fourth place. It was a good game. If we can take this performance with us, we will make it good.

    "Dembele had a good chance just before half-time. He is a very good player. We have six games left. I still believe we can stay up."

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Winston Wolfe: People saying Arsenal should "appoint" Martinez... Why leave a club that will be in the Champions League for one that won't be?

    Tom Kruse: Everton are unplayable, mess with them and something bad is coming after you, Everton are going to beat Arsenal.

    Isah Sadique: Arsenal and Arsene are in a trouble now, with Everton in this kind of form.

  116. 15:28: 
    RED CARD - Joe Newell (Peterborough)- Chesterfield 1-2 Peterborough

    BBC Sport's Ian Woodcock at Wembley: "Peterborough's task just got that bit more complicated with midfielder Joe Newell shown a straight red for kicking out at Chesterfield midfielder Sam Morsy. Momentum is with the League Two side and they now have a man advantage and just over 20 minutes to get a second goal."

  117. 15:26: 
    Fulham 1-3 Everton

    This also marks the first time since 2002 that Everton have won five consecutive Premier League matches. That run came in the pre-David Moyes era.

    Fulham, meanwhile, have six games to save their Premier League skins. You'd fancy they need at least four wins. They've only won seven all season.

    Bottom of Premier League table
    BBC Radio 5 liveFulham 1-3 Everton

    Former Liverpool assistant manager Kevin Keen at Craven Cottage: "Arsenal really need to start looking over their shoulders now because Everton are on a real roll. Kevin Mirallas and Aiden McGeady came on and made a real difference and next week's match between Everton and Arsenal should be a cracker. Fulham put their lot in in the first half but they needed to score when they were on top."

  119. 15:22: 
    Fulham 1-3 Everton

    Everton, by the way, host Arsenal at Goodison Park next Sunday. A Champions League decider?

    BBC local radioFulham 1-3 Everton

    Martin Ling, former Leyton Orient manager, on BBC London 94.9: "You cannot say Fulham have not been in this game today. Fulham had their chance when it was 1-1 but they didn't take them. Everton have had a slight rub of the green but they have also taken their chances very well."

  121. 15:20: 
    FULL-TIME- Fulham 1-3 Everton

    All over. 3-1 doesn't really tell the story of the game, but some tactical fairy dust from Roberto Martinez coupled with Everton's greater ruthlessness pushes Fulham closer to the trapdoor. Felix Magath trudges off looking a very, very worried man.

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    Jay: Arsenal should appoint Roberto Martinez as their next manager should Arsene Wenger leave this summer.

    Louis Baker-Stroud: Roberto Martinez is the king of substitutions!

    Phil Shuttleworth: Once again Roberto Martinez shows what he has over David Moyes - positive, game-changing substitutions. Fourth place is on.

  123. 15:19: 
    Fulham 1-3 Everton

    We're into four minutes of added time. Fulham are cooked, while Everton will be four points behind Arsenal with a game in hand.

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    Vinny Person: Everton are unstoppable. They win games they shouldn't, often outplayed but have sheer grit and will to get them through.

    Vishnu Sudharson: How can Fulham expect to stay up with 17-year-olds up front?

    Clinton Eyong: Roberto Martinez makes very wise substitutions. All subs who came on have had an instant impact!

  125. 15:17: 
    Fulham 1-3 Everton
    Steven Naismith scores for Everton

    It's hard to pinpoint where this has gone wrong for Fulham. They have had 10 more shots on goal than Everton. Is it confidence? They are bottom of the league, whereas Everton are flying. As to illustrate the point, Steven Naismith has the gusto to launch an effort from miles out, the leather rattling avid Stockdale's post.

    BBC Radio 5 liveFulham 1-3 Everton

    Former Liverpool assistant manager Kevin Keen at Craven Cottage: "I feel sorry for Fulham. They put so much effort and intensity into the game and gave their fans something to hang on to but they've run out of steam and little bits of quality from Naismith and McGeady have made the difference for Everton."

    BBC local radioFulham 1-3 Everton

    Martin Ling, former Leyton Orient manager, on BBC London 94.9: "Everton's substitutions have made a massive difference and that is highlighted with Steven Naismith getting that goal. Everton have had strength on the bench that they have been able to call upon.

    "Fulham have not played that badly and they got back into the game with the goal from Ashkan Dejagah but the game has slipped away from them."

  128. 15:12: 
    GOAL- Fulham 1-3 Everton - Steven Naismith (87 mins)

    All over. Everton have the points thanks to Steven Naismith. A kerfuffle in the box eventually sees Leighton Baines down the left, and, when the ball is worked to Naismith, in the centre, he has the simple task of stabbing home. Cruel on Fulham, who look doomed for the Championship. Everton, though, are gunning for Arsenal.

  129. 15:12: 
    GOAL- Chesterfield 1-2 Peterborough - Eoin Doyle (53 mins)

    BBC Sport's Ian Woodcock at Wembley: "You felt Chesterfield were going to need to score early in this half to stand a chance and they have. Midfielder Sam Morsy went on a powerful run into the Peterborough box and squared the ball to the waiting Eoin Doyle who made no mistake from six yards."

  130. 15:11: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Liverpool v Tottenham (16:00 BST)

    One change for Liverpool from the side that beat Sunderland 2-1 on Wednesday with Raheem Sterling coming in for Joe Allen, who is on the bench.

    Gylfi Sigurdsson, who scored a last-minute winner against Southampton last Sunday, comes in for Mousa Dembele in the only change for Tim Sherwood's Tottenham team. Emmanuel Adebayor is not in the 18 after failing to recover from a heel injury in time.

    Liverpool starting XI: Mignolet, Johnson, Skrtel, Agger, Flanagan, Gerrard, Henderson, Coutinho, Sterling, Sturridge, Suarez. Substitutes: Jones, Allen, Aspas, Sakho, Lucas, Cissokho, Moses.

    Tottenham starting XI: Lloris; Naughton, Kaboul, Vertonghen, Rose; Bentaleb, Sigurdsson; Lennon, Chadli, Eriksen; Soldado. Substitutes: Friedel, Dawson, Dembele, Sandro, Townsend, Winks, Kane.

    Text us on 81111

    Paul: Not many of these Fulham players will play in the Premier League again if they go down.

    Edward in London: Always annoys me when people take the Mickey out of defenders/keepers who score own goals. If you're a defender who has never scored an own goal, you've not been putting 100 per cent in.

    Paul: Not an Everton fan but Naismith is underrated. Always has an impact when he comes on.

  132. 15:11: 
    Fulham 1-2 Everton

    Should have been the winner, and only wasn't because of David Stockdale. Romelu Lukaku rolls the ball to Steven Naismith, who has oodles of time and space in the Fulham box. Stockdale is off his line, though, blocking the Naismith shot. Is there still time for another goal in this one?

  133. 15:08: 
    Fulham 1-2 Everton

    You have to say that Roberto Martinez's substitutions have been very good. Steven Naismith has been influential since coming on at half-time, and replacements McGeady and Mirallas linked up for the second goal. Ten minutes to go. Can Fulham pull something out of this? On balance, they deserve to.

    BBC local radioFulham 1-2 Everton

    Martin Ling, former Leyton Orient manager, on BBC London 94.9: "He took with aplomb, another big test for Fulham now. It looked like a great finish from Kevin Mirallas although it might have taken a slight deflection but a great move."

  135. 15:04: 
    GOAL- Fulham 1-2 Everton - Kevin Mirallas (79 mins)

    What were we saying about there being another goal in this? Once again, Everton have the lead, and once again it's against the run of play. It's another very good goal. Aiden McGeady's defence-splitting pass finding the run of Kevin Mirallas, who fires low past David Stockdale.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Henry Bellshaw: I wish I had the moves like Dejagah

    Jay C: What a strike! That ball moved like Dejagah.

  137. 15:03: 
    Fulham 1-1 Everton

    Don't take your eyes of this. Twice Tim Howard is called on to keep Everton level. First it's from Johnny Heitinga's header, then from Patjim Kasami's shot. Craven Cottage is rocking, you feel there's a winner for someone out there.

    BBC local radioFulham 1-1 Everton

    Martin Ling, former Leyton Orient manager, on BBC London 94.9: "That was a great strike, the goalkeeper had absolutely no chance, a great substitution from Felix Magath. We thought Richardson was doing well but he hadn't made a decisive contribution - Ashkan Dejagah has come on and he has changed the game.

    "A draw is no good for either team though, Everton need a win if they are going to catch Arsenal and Fulham need a win in their relegation battle so it should open up now and I think there will be a winner."

  139. 15:01: 
    Fulham 1-1 Everton

    That Dejagah goal, though unexpected in terms of its brilliance, was indicative of the open nature of the game. Having said that, Fulham may have been fortunate in the build-up that Johnny Heitinga wasn't penalised for wrestling Steven Naismith to the ground. From Heitinga's header, the ball came to Dejagah and it's next destination was the back of the net.

    BBC Radio 5 liveFulham 1-1 Everton

    Former Liverpool assistant manager Kevin Keen at Craven Cottage: "The crowd has really got behind Fulham, they've built up a head of steam and it's an absolutely fantastic goal, Tim Howard had no chance."

  141. 14:56: 
    GOAL- Fulham 1-1 Everton - Ashkan Dejagah (71 mins)

    What a wonderful goal! Ashkan Dejagah draws Fulham level with an absolute screamer. The Iran international, just off the bench, is jinking down the Fulham left, cutting inside before unleashing a belter past Tim Howard from the edge of the area, flying high into the goalkeeper's near post. No more than Fulham deserve.

    Steve Claridge, The Football League Show co-commentatorHALF-TIME- Chesterfield 0-2 Peterborough

    "The 2-0 scoreline does not give a fair representation of the game. Chesterfield switched off at two dead-ball situations and that has been the difference in the game. In open play, there has not been much in it.

    "Peterborough are not the best of teams at closing out a match and if Chesterfield get one goal back that belief will come rushing back, but they need to get a goal quickly."

    You can watch highlights from the Johnstone's Paint Trophy final in The Football League Show on BBC One tonight at 23:25 BST.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Kiriama16: I would fancy David Stockdale and John Terry up front in a 4-4-2 formation.

    Alex Barton: Naismith making the difference here. He's never played just behind the striker for us before, I think it's his best position.

    Tariq Malik: No doubt about it. Naismith scores or has a hand in some very important Everton goals.

  144. 14:55: 
    Fulham 0-1 Everton

    Everton change, Kevin Mirallas on for Gerard Deulofeu. His first job is to join in the defence of a corner - I thought you shouldn't make subs before defending a corner? Either way, the men in blue clear.

  145. 14:54: 
    Women's football latest

    Champions League quarter-final, second leg - it's half-time at The Hive and Birmingham are leading Arsenal 2-0, 3-0 on aggregate, and look to be on the road to the semi-finals for the first time in the club's history.

    Goals by striker Kirsty Linnett and midfielder Remi Allen, who was also on target in the first leg, have left the 2007 winners with a mountain to climb as they look to reach a fourth successive semi-final appearance.

  146. 14:53: 
    HALF-TIME- Chesterfield 0-2 Peterborough

    BBC Sport's Ian Woodcock at Wembley: "It's half-time here and Peterborough are 45 minutes away from collecting their first ever major trophy. Both Posh goals have come from set pieces and Chesterfield boss Paul Cook will know his side cannot afford to give away another goal if they are to have any hope now. The Spireites have been bright in possession but their finishing has been poor at best."

  147. 14:52: 
    Scottish Premiership latest

    It may only have delayed the inevitable but Hearts have staved off relegation with a 2-0 victory over Hibs in the Edinburgh derby, courtesy of goals from Dale Carrick and Billy King. A wrongly disallowed Jordon Forster goal and Alan Maybury's red card compounds a miserable day for Hibs, who are still uncomfortably close to the Scottish Premiership's relegation play-off spot.

    You can follow the action on our live text commentary.

    BBC local radioFulham 0-1 Everton

    Martin Ling, former Leyton Orient manager, on BBC London 94.9: "Darren Bent is effectively a third choice striker for Fulham it seems with Felix Magath bringing on Cauley Woodrow to go up front. This seems a bit strange as not so long ago Darren Bent was an England international and if he is on the bench then surely he must be fit enough to come on?"

  149. 14:51: 
    Fulham 0-1 Everton

    Double dip into the bench for Felix Magath. Off come Kieran Richardson and William Kvist, on are Ashkan Dejagah and Cauley Woodrow. In the next attack, Romelu Lukaku calls David Stockdale into action from the edge of the six-yard box. This time, his right foot prevents the ball hitting the net.

    Text us on 81111

    Ollie in London: That serves Fulham right for not making the most of their chances. If Everton are serious about top 4 then they need to win this game and I would expect them to now. Their run in however is far from easy!

    Mikie in Malta: This Fulham teams needs some Championship Manager legends in there. What's Justin Georcelin up to these days?

  151. 14:49: 
    Fulham 0-1 Everton

    Good fortune in their goal or not, Everton have grown since they went ahead. They are pushing Fulham back, with the dancing feet of Gerard Deulofeu eventually stilled by a wall of white. The atmosphere in the Cottage remains upbeat, though.

  152. 14:47: 
    CLOSE!- Fulham 0-1 Everton

    Very close to an Everton second. Steven Naismith, lively since he came on, releases Leighton Baines down the left edge of the Fulham box. Is that a cross or a shot from Baines? Romelu Lukaku is lurking at the far post, but, getting nothing on it, is just passes the woodwork.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Carl Harris: Fulham need to stick David Stockdale up front!

    Sham Gallagher: Everton finally get the breakthrough they needed, it's an own goal but they'll take it. Good volley by Naismith, though.

    Andy McNamara: Much more movement and zip from Everton this half.

  154. 14:41: 
    Scottish Premiership latest

    Hearts 2-0 Hibernian - moments after Hibs lose Alan Maybury to a second booking, it's curtains for the visitors as Hearts score a second through Billy King - his first goal for the club.

    You can follow the action on our live text commentary.

    BBC Radio 5 liveFulham 0-1 Everton

    Former Liverpool assistant manager Kevin Keen at Craven Cottage: "Roberto Martinez must have said some strong words at half-time because Everton look a completely different team. They now look like a team pushing for the Champions League. I feel for Fulham because they put a lot of intensity into the first half but they really needed to score."

  156. 14:40: 
    Fulham 0-1 Everton

    Looking again at that Everton goal, Stockdale was desperately unlucky. He'd hit the ground after challenging for the original corner, then was back on his feet in an attempt to scramble back across his goal. By that time, Naismith's shot had changed direction from a couple of deflections and was heading wide. But, it hit his ankles and rolled into the empty net.

    BBC local radioFulham 0-1 Everton

    Martin Ling, former Leyton Orient manager, on BBC London 94.9: "When you are bottom of the league like Fulham are those type of things go against you. Stockdale was trying to recover his potion and he is just very unlucky it is not his fault. Fulham now need to react following that misfortune."

  158. 14:39: 
    GOAL- Chesterfield 0-2 Peterborough - Shaun Brisley (38 mins)

    BBC Sport's Ian Woodcock at Wembley: "Chesterfield have missed chance after chance and they now find themselves two behind to Peterborough. Spireites full-back Ritchie Humphreys needlessly sliced the ball out for a Posh corner and Shaun Brisley rose highest to head into the top corner. To say 2-0 is harsh on the League Two side is an understatement but Peterborough have taken their chances when they've come."

  159. 14:36: 
    GOAL- Fulham 0-1 Everton - David Stockdale own goal (51 mins)

    You just knew this would happen. After dominating the first period, Fulham are behind. A corner on the Everton right falls to Steven Naismith on the edge of the box. A low drive takes a couple of deflections, then hits goalkeeper David Stockdale to bounce into the net. An own goal by the keeper? Why do these things happen more often when you're bottom of the league?

  160. 14:36: 
    Chesterfield 0-1 Peterborough

    Now then, is this the only time that Sir Alex Ferguson will witness a trophy won this season? He's at Wembley to see son Darren's Peterborough lead Chesterfield in the JPT final. He looks a lot happier than when he's been at Old Trafford this season.

  161. 14:35: 
    Chesterfield 0-1 Peterborough

    BBC Sport's Ian Woodcock at Wembley: "There's a growing sense of unease in the Peterborough ranks at the moment. On more than one occasion they've presented the ball back to Chesterfield with poor clearances or weak tackles. The Spireites have just seen Sam Morsy miscue from five yards out when it looked easier to score and are growing in confidence."

  162. 14:34: 
    Fulham 0-0 Everton

    Already, Steven Naismith is in the game. Work through the centre finds Naismith in the left of the box, firing a ball along the turf and across the face of goal. Romelu Lukaku, the predator, is pawing, but unable to get anything on it.

  163. 14:32: 
    KICK-OFF- Fulham 0-0 Everton

    And play has resumed at Craven Cottage.

  164. 14:32: 
    Get it out wide?

    As we watched on in the first half, it seemed that Fulham were having more joy down the flanks, but look at these Everton attacks too. They are trying to get it out wide, mainly to the left and Leighton Baines. However, with only three attempts managed, would they be better off going through the middle?

    Everton's first-half attacking areas
  165. 14:31: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Fulham 0-0 Everton

    One change for Everton - Ross Barkley is off, Steven Naismith is on. Suspected calf injury.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Cliff B: We've been dreadful but, on the bright side, a vibrant Fulham still haven't scored and we can only get better in the second half.

    Tom Kruse: Fulham have now shown how rubbish Everton can be away from home, Fulham need to continue playing like this.

    Ollie Payne: Don't know how people say that Fulham are bottom because of a lack of attacking threat. We're bottom due to a leaky defence.

  167. 14:29: 
    Fulham 0-0 Everton

    Also, the 13 shots that Fulham have had in the first half is more than the whole of 25 separate Premier League matches this season. In each of their last five matches, they have failed to score in the first period.

  168. 14:27: 
    Fulham 0-0 Everton

    Some interesting stats here. Everton have had more of the ball, but Fulham have created 10 more attempts on goal. I still can't get away from this feeling that Everton might pull off a smash and grab. It happens so often to struggling teams.

    Fulham v Everton half-time stats
    Text us on 81111
    Fulham's Pajtim Kasami (left) and Everton's Leighton Baines

    Gav in Cardiff: The Premier League wouldn't be the same without Fulham, too good a club to go down, the fans are some of the best in the country, always a packed stadium with a terrific atmosphere.

    Stewart in Sheffield: All Everton have done is hoof it high and long to Lukaku and every time we do that it just gives Fulham back the possession. Everton play better football on the floor.

    Tim in Fulham: Fulham's problems aren't up front, it's the defence. They have conceded 70 goals this season - that's 24 more than Sunderland, 22 more than West Brom and 31 more than Palace. It's 46 more than Chelsea!

  170. 14:23: 
    Chesterfield 0-1 Peterborough

    BBC Sport's Ian Woodcock at Wembley: "The Spireites have recovered well since conceding the early goal and could have levelled but for a good block by Shaun Brisley from Eoin Doyle's low shot. At the other end Posh striker Britt Assombalonga felt he should have had a penalty when he went down in the area."

    BBC Radio 5 liveFulham 0-0 Everton

    BBC 5 live commentator Jonathan Overend: "A great first half from Fulham. A standing ovation in some areas of the ground tells you how well they've played in the first 45 minutes and Moussa Dembele came close to marking his first start with a goal. A brilliant cross from Lewis Holtby, who has been increasingly influential, but Dembele's header was straight at Tim Howard."

    BBC local radioFulham 0-0 Everton

    Martin Ling, former Leyton Orient manager, on BBC London 94.9: "Felix Magath will definitely be the happier of the two managers, although Fulham will go in disappointed they have not gone in ahead with that big chance just before half-time.

    "Roberto Martinez will have some words to say at half-time to his players as his team are not playing the way he would want them to."

  173. 14:18: 
    Fulham 0-0 Everton

    How must Fulham feel at the break? Encouraged by that display, or frustrated not to be ahead? Felix Magath will surely ask for more of the same, or with a subtle, goalscoring difference. However, with all those chances gone, do you get the feeling Everton might sneak one?

  174. 14:17: 
    HALF-TIME- Fulham 0-0 Everton

    And another chance! Right on the stroke of the whistle, Dembele finds space at the far post to head right into the guts of Tim Howard. It's the last action of the half and somehow it remains goalless.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Matt Love: Romelu Lukaku is very similar to Emmanuel Adebayor - on their day both near unplayable but too often look like they don't want to be playing.

    Kayajs24: Fulham are terrible in the final third. If they could finish they'd be fairly safe.

    Dan Webster: Deulofeu is so frustrating to watch...

  176. 14:15: 
    Fulham 0-0 Everton

    Still Fulham try, but it looks like this half is ending goalless. A break and yet more good work from 17-year-old Moussa Dembele opens things up for Kieran Richardson, who shoots over from 20 yards out. They have had plenty of chances, Fulham, but haven't broken the deadlock. An insight to why they are bottom of the pile?

  177. 14:12: 
    Fulham 0-0 Everton

    It's settled down at Craven Cottage, the action now coming through some handbags between Keiran Richardson and Gerard Deulofeu, the latter thinking he's been on the end of an elbow. They are nose to nose, but the situation is resolved by referee Anthony Taylor. No replay, so I don't know if Deulofeu had a point.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Luke Johnston: Fulham are looking a completely different side to the one against Manchester City and they're definitely in this game.

    Clinton Eyong: The Toffees are being outplayed here at Craven Cottage and might get punished.

    Nick Currell: Where has this Fulham been all season? Confident in midfield, full-backs generating play. Just need more experience up front.

  179. 14:07: 
    GOAL- Chesterfield 0-1 Peterborough - Josh McQuoid (7 mins)
    Josh McQuoid (right) scores for Peterborough

    BBC Sport's Ian Woodcock at Wembley: "The League One side have taken an early lead here. Grant McCann's corner found the head of the onrushing Shaun Brisley and after Spireites keeper Tommy Lee saved his initial effort Josh McQuoid stabbed home the rebound."

  180. 14:06: 
    Fulham 0-0 Everton
    Ross Barkley in action for Everton

    Finally Everton show some class. A lengthy period of possession in front of the Fulham defence. Ball worked side to side, eventually coming to Ross Barkley on the edge of the penalty area. Shot, possibly deflected, into the bread basket of David Stockdale.

    BBC local radioFulham 0-0 Everton

    Martin Ling, former Leyton Orient manager, on BBC London 94.9: "Fulham players are fighting for the cause, although I think they need a miracle to avoid relegation.

    "They need to score when they are on top in a game. Moussa Dembele is playing like a player with a lot more experience than he actually has, he hasn't looked out of place so far in the first part of this game."

  182. 14:04: 
    Fulham 0-0 Everton

    Much mirth at the Cottage. A man who may or may not be blind is waving a white stick at the assistant referee. If he's not blind, has he just taken that in as a prop for this exact situation? If so, that's preparation. Back on the pitch, John Arne Risse's first-time effort from the edge of the box ends up in the Thames.

  183. 14:01: 
    KICK-OFF- Chesterfield 0-0 Peterborough

    We're away at a sun-kissed Wembley, both Chesterfield and Peterborough 90 minutes away from Johnstone's Paint Trophy glory.

  184. 14:00: 
    Fulham 0-0 Everton

    Fulham are dominating, but manager Felix Magath is chuntering to himself on the bench. Sitting back, arms folded over his black and white tie, is he swearing in German?

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Dan Hogg: Fulham are definitely going to struggle, but it's quite encouraging seeing the players challenge for the ball more aggressively.

    Noah Geelan: Go on Fulham, let's see some real fighting spirit today.

    Chin Chong: Roberto Martinez has done well but like Alan Pardew and Michael Laudrup before him, I would judge his performance when he has coached domestic and European football.

  186. 13:58: 
    Fulham 0-0 Everton

    Just a little quieter inside the Cottage, you can hear the individual claps and shouts from fans in the stands. More noise hear, though, as yet again Tim Howard keeps the scoresheet blank. Lewis Holtby peels off to meet a cross from the Fulham left. Loopy header is dipping under the bar, but Howard acrobatically throws his right hand back to tip it over.

    BBC local radioFulham 0-0 Everton

    Martin Ling, former Leyton Orient manager, on BBC London 94.9: "The two forward thinking wide players for Everton - Gerard Deulofeu and Leon Osman enjoy attacking but not so much defending and possibly Felix Magath has noted that and Fulham are getting some joy attacking themselves down the flanks."

    Chesterfield v Peterborough (14:00 BST)

    BBC Sport's Ian Woodcock at Wembley: "This is familiar territory to Chesterfield fans; the Spireites lifted the trophy here two years ago with a 2-0 win over Paolo Di Canio's Swindon. Goalkeeper Tommy Lee and full-back Drew Talbot, who is on the bench today, are the only members of that side who can play a part today.

    "Today's final is a slightly more novel experience for followers of Peterborough. The League One promotion hopefuls are hoping to secure their first ever major piece of silverware today and they'll be hoping striker Britt Assombalonga can add to his 27 goals so far this season."

    BBC Radio 5 liveFulham 0-0 Everton

    Former Liverpool assistant manager Kevin Keen: "It's a fantastic game so far. Lewis Holtby's been brilliant so far and he fed Kieran Richardson, who should have scored. Ross Barkley isn't in the game at the moment, it's all about Holtby."

  190. 13:54: 
    Fulham 0-0 Everton

    How long can this go on without Fulham hitting the back of the net? Now it's Kieron Richardson forcing Howard into action, the American saving with his feet. Straight up the other end, at the end of a run from his own half, Gerard Deulofeu calls David Stockdale into action. All happening, capped with a booking for Sascha Reither for a foul on Ross Barkley. Very watchable.

  191. 13:52: 
    Fulham 0-0 Everton

    More Fulham, more decent stuff from Moussa Dembele. He's on the end of a chipped ball through the Everton defence, with the shot fired straight at Tim Howard. The flag is up, but it shouldn't be. You fancy that Fulham have to make this pressure count.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Lawrence Houldsworth: Fancy Lukaku to heap further misery on Chelsea today by demonstrating his capacity to cause carnage in the opposition's box.

    Abdul Said: I can't see Everton anywhere near Arsenal because Arsenal will finish third.

    Joe Wedgwood: Fulham surely have the weakest starting XI in the league. Steve Sidwell top goalscorer!?

    BBC Radio 5 liveFulham 0-0 Everton

    Former Liverpool assistant manager Kevin Keen: "Fulham have started really well. They've shown a fantastic attitude and real appetite for the fight. Their shape and organisation has been excellent. Lewis Holtby will be the key for them today."

  194. 13:47: 
    Fulham 0-0 Everton

    Now then, in amongst that Fulham pressure, a cross looked to have been handled by Everton's Sylvain Distin. It wasn't deliberate, but the ball effectively lodged in his arm as if he'd caught it. There was no appeal from the home side, but it could have been given.

  195. 13:44: 
    CLOSE!- Fulham 0-0 Everton
    Pajtim Kasami (left) in action for Fulham

    Fulham are knocking hard at the door. Corner from the right, Brede Hangeland rising. Ball floating towards, then ultimately past, the far post as Patjim Kasami just failed to get there in time.

  196. 13:43: 
    Fulham 0-0 Everton

    So which team are bottom of the league? Fulham are getting joy down the flanks. This time it's John Arne Riise, whose low cross is stubbed away for a corner that eventually results in a six-yard box scramble. Another home corner, "come on Fulham" ringing out on the banks of the Thames.

    BBC local radioFulham 0-0 Everton

    Martin Ling, former Leyton Orient manager, on BBC London 94.9: "Every one of the Everton players are comfortable on the ball, there is also plenty of rotation from Everton as well - Ross Barkley is picking the ball up deep in the Everton defence and playing out."

    Text us on 81111

    Jenni in Newtownards: Everton are on a roll at the minute, but it looks like the top four is just going to be just too much to achieve this season. Arsenal have a favourable run-in and shouldn't drop enough points to open the door for the Toffees. Martinez has really hit the ground running at Goodison Park, he's a great manager and who knows where he could take them with a little bit of investment? It's a great time to be a football fan on Merseyside.

  199. 13:40: 
    Fulham 0-0 Everton

    Fulham coming again, William Kvist's cross held under the bar by Tim Howard, with Dembele again making a nuisance of himself. Lively inside the Cottage, plenty of music from the home fans. Good atmos.

  200. 13:38: 
    Fulham 0-0 Everton

    Fulham have started well. A cross-field ball is brought down by Patjim Kasami on the Fulham right. Deft control, touch out of his feet, then a whipped cross with the left foot. Curling towards the far post, Tim Howard scrambling, the ball skipping wide. Moussa Dembele the second (Dembele II) was lurking too.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    millsotheblue: Important not to forget that Everton lost against Fulham at the Cottage in League Cup this season.

    Bart Sycamore: Go on Fulham! I know (hope) you can win (scrape a draw) to help with your survival (Arsenal's hold on fourth)!

    Tyler Gilson: Hoping Fulham can do the business today. Take some pressure off the Toffees chewing at Arsenal's heels.

    BREAKING JPT FINAL NEWS- Chesterfield v Peterborough (14:00 BST)

    Peterborough make five changes to the side that lost 3-1 at Preston in midweek with midfielder Grant McCann the most note worthy of those recalled. Chesterfield make just two alterations the side that beat Morecambe on Tuesday, midfielder Danny Kearns is on loan from Posh and thus ineligible and fellow loanee Mason Bennett also drops out. Ollie Banks and League Two's Player of The Year Gary Roberts come in.

    Chesterfield: Lee, Darikwa, Evatt (c), Cooper, Humphreys, Ryan, Morsy, O'Shea, Roberts, Doyle.

    Peterborough: Olejnik, Little, Bostwick, Brisley, Knight-Percival, McCann, Swanson, Rowe, Newell, McQuoid, Assombalonga.

  203. 13:34: 
    Scottish Premiership latest

    An early goal by Dale Carrick has put Hearts in charge against Edinburgh rivals Hibernian. Hibs have gradually come back into the match but have a lot to do if they are to seal the win which would relegate Hearts.

    You can follow the action on our live text commentary.

  204. 13:33: 
    Fulham 0-0 Everton

    Second corner cleared, Fulham on the break. End to end, ball switched to the right of the Everton box, falling to the arriving Lewis Holtby. Right-footed shot, but sliced over the bar. Back to our man Heitinga - he broke his conk in training and has an operation on Tuesday.

  205. 13:32: 
    Fulham 0-0 Everton

    Former Everton man, now at Fulham, Johnny Heitinga is wearing a mask across his face that makes him look like Zorro. It's protecting a broken nose. The man in the mask is there to block Romelu Lukaku, conceding the first of consecutive Everton corners.

  206. 13:30: 
    KICK-OFF- Fulham 0-0 Everton

    We're under way...

  207. 13:29: 
    Fulham v Everton (13:30 BST)

    The players are on the turf, the skippers shaking hands with the officials and mascots. If they lose today, Fulham will be five points from safety with only six games to play. Everton, meanwhile, are seven points behind fourth-placed Arsenal and this is one of their two games in hand.

    Text us on 81111- More of your meetings with managers...

    Aaron in London: Met Mick McCarthy after the QPR vs Ipswich game at Loftus Road this season. Believe it or not the Ipswich coach had gone without him and he wasn't a very happy about that.

    Will in Swindon: Met Martin O'Neill at my hotel where I worked as a barman. He came for his best friend's daughter's wedding. I was too starstruck to speak when I served a pint of Guinness to his table. Around 2am, I caught up with him in the room corridors, chatted until a guest started banging on the door for us to shut up! He's a lot taller in person.

    Rob: I went to Arsenal's training ground and ran across the entrance to get Arsene Wenger's autograph. He nearly ran me over and waved his finger at me. I didn't get a autograph.

  209. 13:25: 
    Fulham v Everton (13:30 BST)

    The players are in the tunnel at the Cottage. It's an odd set-up there, with the players having to go outdoors from the dressing room before lining up. Fulham in their white, Everton in their blue. Refs are in yellow. No idea why.

  210. 13:21: 
    Fulham v Everton (13:30 BST)

    A smiling Roy Hodgson has just nearly been taken out by a stray football. Barely breaking stride, he picked the ball up and gave it a right foot back on to the pitch. Smile still there. Class act.

    Text us on 81111- More of your meetings with managers...

    Rich: Bumped into Arsene Wenger at the airport a couple of weeks back just after their defeat by Stoke. He was certainly not in a good mood, but begrudgingly posed for a photo.

    David in Aberdeen: Sir Alex Ferguson split my grandad's head open with a radio. It was an accident, though, when he was celebrating an Aberdeen goal against Rangers in the 1980s.

    Karl in Leamington Spa: While he was Coventry City manager, Gordon Strachan stopped a bus full of schoolkids, got on board and yelled at them for swearing at him and his wife out of the back window.

  212. 13:16: 
    Fulham v Everton (13:30 BST)

    Roy Hodgson is at Craven Cottage. Who's he got his eye on? Ross Barkley? Leon Osman? Steve Sidwell? Hodgson is former Fulham boss, first saving the Cottagers from the drop then taking them to the Europa League final. He's getting a decent ovation from fans perhaps wishing he was available for a repeat trick this season.

    Text us on 81111- Your run-ins with managers

    Tom in Kent: I once met Alan Pardew in a car park near Highbury, a man asked for an autograph and he obliged - only after being given a £50 note for it though! Saving up for players maybe?

    Josh: I was mascot for Steve Coppell's first game in charge of Reading at home to Gillingham, asking him to sign the programme I was given he also drew himself a full head of hair and ruined the whole page. I also saw Kevin Watson is just his underpants in the dressing room. Scarred.

  214. 13:09: 
    Fulham v Everton (13:30 BST)

    Everton manager Roberto Martinez: "The chase for the top four is going to go down to the very last seconds. That is the nature of this league. I am sure everyone is going to be starting to look at the fixtures and be doing their own calculations."

    MOTD2 ExtraFulham v Everton (13:30 BST)

    Daily Mirror chief sports writer Oliver Holt: "I fear for Fulham. I do not know much about Moussa Dembele but by picking a 17-year-old - I think there is a level of desperation at Fulham. They are in the realm of last chances now and I think it is too late for them."

  216. 13:04: 
    Another Moussa Dembele?- Fulham v Everton (13:30 BST)

    You may be questioning our sanity for having included a one-time Fulham favourite in Felix Magath's starting line-up for this afternoon's encounter with Everton at Craven Cottage.

    Don't worry. Belgium international Mousa Dembele did indeed spend two years with Fulham before moving onto Tottenham in 2012.

    Moussa Dembele has been picked by Magath. The 17-year-old forward makes his first start for the club he joined from PSG in the same year, since when he has made two substitute appearances.

    John Motson, BBC Match of the Day commentatorFulham v Everton (13:30 BST)

    "Everton will be desperate to make it five consecutive victories to send them into next weekend's home meeting against Arsenal with their confidence sky-high.

    "This game is no less important for Fulham. Felix Magath has spoken about their winnable fixtures in the run-in. Home games against Norwich, Hull and Crystal Palace do look inviting, but they would love to get the ball rolling with at least a point out of Sunday's game."

  218. 13:00: 
    Fulham v Everton (13:30 BST)

    MOTD2 Extra has departed the airwaves, so, from now on, our focus shifts to Craven Cottage. Fulham have won only one of their last 11 league matches, but have only ever lost two of their 12 Premier League home matches to Everton.

    Everton, though, have won four successive league matches for the first time in six years and are smelling the Champions League

    MOTD2 ExtraWho will beat the drop?
    Crystal Palace boss Tony Pulis

    Another dramatic day for teams at the bottom of the table saw Crystal Palace beat Chelsea and West Bromwich Albion draw 3-3 with fellow strugglers Cardiff City. Ahead of Fulham's clash with Everton today, who is best poised to survive?

    Daily Mirror chief sports writer Oliver Holt: "I thought Sunderland were safe when I saw them in the League Cup final but they haven't had a bounce from that and they've got a very shocking run-in."

    Former Germany midfielder Dietmar Hamann: "If Tony Pulis were to keep Palace up, he has to be in the running for manager of the year. They were five or six points adrift when he took over but they have put themselves in a great position to stay up now. I think Cardiff are the most likely out of the bottom three to get out of it. I think they've got goals in them, which Sunderland don't have."

    Match of the Day commentator Steve Bower: "For a neutral, West Brom v Cardiff was extraordinary. It encompasses both teams' season. The equaliser was gives them a small lifeline but it felt like a victory. They celebrated like it was a win and they've just got that timely injection of belief now."

    Text us on 81111- Your run-ins with managers

    Will: I once met Bobby Robson when he was Ipswich manager and asked for his autograph. He tried to sign the paper I gave him, got frustrated, turned to me and said, very sternly: "Next time sonny, get a pen that works".

  221. 12:51: 
    Fulham v Everton (13:30 BST)

    Fulham defender John Arne Riise: "We still believe. We have to believe we can get out of this situation. It is getting to the stage where we have to win."

    Everton defender Leighton Baines: "We have worked ourselves into a position where we have an outside chance (of making top four). But we are getting to the stage of the season where most teams have something to play for. We are expecting a tough game."

    Text us on 81111

    Ross in Kent: Liverpool have done well this year but all their main rivals have played in Europe this season so they haven't had to play midweek. Their real test will start next season - can they cope with the rotation, extra games and travelling? I'm not so sure, only time will tell next year!

    Joe, a Liverpool fan: SAS found it difficult to cope with Sunderland's five-man defence, kudos to Gus Poyet. Spurs have simple four-man which can not cope with the pair at all.

    MOTD2 ExtraLiverpool for the title?

    Liverpool can climb to the top of the Premier League with victory over Tottenham this afternoon.

    Former Manchester City and Liverpool midfielder Dietmar Hamman: "How long can they keep their winning run going? You cannot rule it out continuing because there is a buzz around the club and the city. I still think Man City are favourites but I would not put winning the league past Liverpool. It could come down to the game between Liverpool and City.

    "You have to take your chances when they come along. The buzz around Liverpool can give you confidence and belief, it can make you feel two feet taller."

    BBC commentator Steve Bower: "I will be fascinated to see what happens today. They can go top, put a marker down, right now everyone expects them to win, can they do that?"

    Daily Mirror chief sports writer Oliver Holt: "Liverpool's presence in this title race is a big part of the reason why this season is so compelling. It is a feeling of a big club reborn. There is no much emotion in this title challenge now that although it brings pressure it also brings momentum."

  224. 12:43: 
    BREAKING TEAM NEWS- Fulham v Everton (13:30 BST)

    Fulham make three changes for the visit of Everton, with Lewis Holtby, Moussa Dembele and Patjim Kasami coming in for Cauley Woodrow, Alexander Kacaniklic and the suspended Fernando Amorebieta. Everton are unchanged.

    Fulham starting XI: Stockdale, Riether, Hangeland, Heitinga, Riise, Kvist, Sidwell, Kasami, Holtby, Richardson, Dembele.

    Everton starting XI: Howard, Coleman, Stones, Distin, Baines, Barry, McCarthy, Deulefeu, Osman, Barkley, Lukaku.

    Text us on 81111

    Tom in Manchester: Reckon the title will be decided when City travel to Anfield. But it won't be as easy as some fans are making it out for Liverpool to win the league, City have a fully fit Aguero coming back into the team which could be the difference in the end.

    Paul in Glasgow: If Everton win our games in hand we could be just 7 points off top. Just saying.

  226. 12:38:  
    MOTD2 ExtraHave Jose's mind games backfired?

    Chelsea lost ground in the title race with defeat at Crystal Palace. Has Jose Mourinho's insistence that the Blues are not title contenders had a negative effect on his players?

    Daily Mirror chief sports writer Oliver Holt: "That's been his mantra all season. He says 'we're not good enough to win it', so if they do, he's a genius. It's a result not many saw coming but I've tipped Chelsea since the start of the season and I'm going to stick with them because there have been so many twists and I think there will be plenty more. They have experience and are still a class team."

    Former Germany midfielder Dietmar Hamann: "In a way, you give your players an excuse to fail. I think it could have an impact at on his long-term future at the club. They're probably in a situation where they have to go and beat Liverpool at Anfield and, with Chelsea not scoring many goals, I can't see that happening.

    "The players who were there five or six years ago know how he ticks but when you criticise your players it can go either way. They could go on and win six games in a row or they might not know where they stand and think he should have kept it in-house."

  227. 12:35:  
    MOTD2 Extra

    Dietmar Hamman, Oliver Holt and Steve Bower have opened up by discussing Chelsea's defeat at Palace and where that leaves them in the title race.

    Excellent point made by Steve Bower - Palace, under Tony Pulis, will always be hostile hosts for the big boys. Liverpool and City are still to go to Selhurst Park.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Steve Jones: I'm a Chelsea fan and it kills me to say it really is Liverpool's to lose. I think they can beat Man City and us at Anfield.

    Rubues Hagrid: If Liverpool can beat Chelsea and Man City and don't drop any points in the other games, then the league is ours!

    Tom Wylie: Liverpool need three things to be champions: SAS, the defence to be a little more solid and Steven Gerrard to carry them over the line.

  229. 12:30: 
    Scottish Premiership latest

    Hearts play Hibs in the Edinburgh derby in today's Scottish Premiership - that match starts at 12:45 BST and there is a live text commentary of that on our website.

    At Tynecastle, there's a lot at stake between Hearts and Hibernian. A win for Hibs will relegate their Edinburgh rivals while a victory for Hearts would further pull Terry Butcher's side into the battle to avoid a relegation play-off. This penultimate derby of the season could be decisive.

  230. 12:29:  
    MOTD2 Extra

    Right then, MOTD2 Extra is just getting under way. If you're not near a TV or radio and this informative and entertaining live text is not quite enough for you, then you can listen via the BBC Sport and BBC Radio apps, which can both be downloaded for free.

    Text us on 81111

    Peter in Merseyside: Liverpool will win the league. They have the momentum and the hunger. Arsenal have capitulated, City don't like pressure and Chelsea lack the class. Everton to finish fourth. COYB!

    Lee: So Tim Sherwood reckons Spurs are going to Anfield to stay in the game for as long as possible then hit Liverpool on the counter in the final stages. Sounds like that depends on Spurs being able to actually defend, something they've not been able to do for most of the season. If Tim's tactics are true, rather than press Liverpool I feel another battering coming. As I've said from day one, Sherwood gives Spurs nothing more than AVB did.

    Muhammad in Birmingham: It seemed Liverpool felt the pressure against Sunderland. Against a Spurs side who are stronger than Sunderland, I fear that the pressure of capitalising on yesterday's results will be too much for Liverpool to handle. I am going 2-1 to Spurs.

  232. 12:24: 
    Jose under the pump?

    So Saturday's results may end up having a big say in the final destination of the Premier League crown, particularly Chelsea's defeat at Crystal Palace.

    Is Jose Mourinho feeling the strain? He even had a pop at a ballboy. It got me thinking, have you ever been admonished by a manager? Or anyone in football for that matter?

    Jose Mourinho
    BBC Radio 5 liveLiverpool v Tottenham (16:00 BST)

    Former Liverpool assistant manager Kevin Keen: "If Liverpool win today, then all of a sudden the pressure is on them.

    "Liverpool fans have been waiting a long time but they have to be a bit careful and keep their feet on the floor. Enjoy the ride but keep perspective. They're building a team for the future. If they come up short, they've still had a remarkably good season."

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Alex Gardner: Liverpool to win the title for me. They are the most consistent, but I'm more concerned about Sunderland's situation!

  235. 12:17: 
    Get involved

    And, while you're watching, listening and reading, you may even want to get involved. Text 81111, or tweet using the hashtag #bbcfootball. Can Liverpool really win the title, or will they be stopped by one of Chelsea or Manchester City? Everton for the Champions League? Fulham for the drop?

    Also, if you're a fan of Chesterfield of Peterborough, let me know if you're on the way to Wembley. There's still no better day out in football, right?

    Finally, answer me this question. When did teams stop "winning the league"? Now, they "win the title". How did this happen?

  236. 12:15:  
    MOTD2 ExtraFeast of football

    MOTD2 Extra, by the way, can be watched and listened to on BBC One, BBC Radio 5 live and here on the BBC Sport website from 12:30. After that, 5 live has updates on the games at Craven Cottage and Wembley, before full commentary of Liverpool v Tottenham is followed by the 606 phone-in.

    Later tonight, MOTD2 has Premier League highlights on BBC One at 22:25, with a Football League Show special following with highlights of the JPT final.

    Got all that?

  237. 12:12: 
    Sunday lunch

    But, before that main course of Liverpool v Tottenham at 16:00, the blue half of Merseyside will provide our starter with their trip to Fulham. Everton, in fifth, are chasing Arsenal for that fourth Champions League spot while the Cottagers, frankly, look doomed.

    Dessert comes in the shape of the sweet treat of the Johnstone's Paint Trophy final between Chesterfield and Peterborough (it's before the mains, but you know what I mean), while the aperitif of MOTD2 Extra is served up by former Germany midfielder Dietmar Haman, BBC commentator Steve Bower and the Daily Mirror's chief sports writer Oliver Holt.


  238. 12:10: 
    Liverpool's to lose?

    Yep, after a Saturday that saw all of Liverpool's title rivals - Chelsea, Manchester City and Arsenal - drop points, the Reds have their destiny in their own hands.

    Win today and they will go two points clear of Mourinho's men at the top of the pile. With Chelsea and City still to visit Anfield and Liverpool on a Premier League winning streak of seven matches, are they now favourites for a first league crown since 1990?

  239. 12:08: 
    The Reds found their bite

    Now, be honest, is that what you thought at the start of the season? What about a few months in after Liverpool had made a decent start?

    Even Brendan Rodgers described his own team as the "chihuahuas" of the title race. Beat Tottenham today, though, and Liverpool will be the top dogs.

    Liverpool celebrate
  240. 12:06: 

    Even Spurs look good under AVB and Roberto Martinez has got Everton playing some good stuff. It could be a five or six-horse race.

    Liverpool? I'm not sure. Brendan Rodgers looks to be making his mark, but how will they cope with that Suarez mess from the summer? He's banned for the start of the season too. Yeah, they might make the top four - that's got to be the aim - but the title? I just don't fancy them.

  241. 12:04: 

    United? How will they cope without Sir Alex Ferguson? It's pretty much the same squad that won the title last year, but can David Moyes get the best out of them? Not out of the question.

    Can Arsene Wenger finally break the Arsenal trophy drought? Mesut Ozil looks a very good signing. They've made a decent start, but surely they won't last the pace?

  242. 12:02: 
    Questions, questions

    Chelsea and Manchester City are the favourites, right? Jose Mourinho is back in England, but is that squad as good as it was when he was last at the Bridge? City look to have the most talent, but will Manuel Pellegrini adapt to English football? Still, you'd say those are the most likely top two.

  243. 12:00: 

    So then, who's going to win the Premier League?

    Premier League trophy

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As It Stood Table

Last updated 30 Mar 2014 UK

Barclays Premier League summary table; it charts each team by position, team name, games played, total goal difference and points
Position Team Played Goal Difference Points
Moving up 1 Liverpool 32 49 71
Moving down 2 Chelsea 32 38 69
No movement 3 Man City 30 52 67
No movement 4 Arsenal 32 19 64
No movement 5 Everton 31 18 60
No movement 6 Tottenham 32 -4 56
No movement 7 Man Utd 32 14 54
No movement 8 Southampton 32 9 48
No movement 9 Newcastle 32 -9 46
No movement 10 Stoke 32 -8 40
No movement 11 West Ham 31 -7 34
No movement 12 Aston Villa 31 -12 34
No movement 13 Swansea 32 -3 33
No movement 14 Hull 32 -7 33
No movement 15 Norwich 32 -25 32
No movement 16 Crystal Palace 31 -19 31
No movement 17 West Brom 31 -12 29
No movement 18 Cardiff 32 -32 26
No movement 19 Sunderland 29 -19 25
No movement 20 Fulham 32 -42 24

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