Europa League final: Sevilla v Benfica as it happened

Sevilla beat Benfica on penalties to win their third Europa League title in eight years.

14 May 2014 Last updated at 17:45 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 23:05: 
    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica (Sevilla win 4-2 on penalties)

    Benfica certainly paid for their profligacy in front of goal, that's for sure. We're signing off now, but make sure you return to join us on Saturday afternoon when we have the small matter of Barcelona versus Atletico in a La Liga title shootout AND the FA Cup final between Arsenal and Hull.

    Yep, we'll squeeze a few more live texts out of the 2013-14 season yet!

    Goodnight, everyone.

  2. 23:00: 
    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica (Sevilla win 4-2 on penalties)

    Twenty shots on goal for Benfica in that match, but only six on target. How many times did Rodrigo shoot straight at a defender? Didn't he learn anything at Bolton?

    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica (Sevilla win 4-2 on penalties)
    Match of the Day presenter Gary LinekerSevilla 0-0 Benfica (Sevilla win 4-2 on penalties)

    On Twitter: Another Spanish double in Europe. The Iberian domination resumes!

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    Atoyebi Oyelere: A defeat too many, too difficult to explain to coincidences. Had to admit "forces" are really working against Benfica FC.

    Dom Breslin: Baffling how anyone can mock the Europa League after such a great final. So glad Everton are back in it.

  5. 22:50: 
    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica (Sevilla win 4-2 on penalties)

    Sevilla goalkeeper Beto was overwhelmed following his decisive impact in that penalty shootout. Even better, it appears his reward is a hug from a Chuckle brother.

    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica (Sevilla win 4-2 on penalties)
  6. 22:48: 
    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica (Sevilla win 4-2 on penalties)

    Flashbulbs go off as Sevilla's players collect their winner's medals and the Europa League trophy is handed over to skipper Ivan Rakitic by Michel Platini. Cue red and white tickertape.

  7. 22:46: 
    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica (Sevilla win 4-2 on penalties)

    BBC World Service Sport's Steve Crossman: "Defeat by penalty shootout is always hard to take, England fans need no lesson on that.

    "Eight European final defeats in a row make it that little bit worse though, as does the fact that Sevilla keeper Beto was born in Lisbon, came through the Sporting academy and once played for Porto.


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    Simon, Reading via text: Sevilla had players on loan from QPR and Reading in their starting line up. I'm not sure they'll want to return to the Championship, let's be honest.

    Sam, Bath via text: Reports of the death of Spanish football have definitely been exaggerated. EL winners, both CL finalists and a fourth team looking like winning La Liga. Can't write them off in Brazil.

    Andrew, Belfast via text: Yet more Spanish footballing sucess in European competition, and with Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid to come in the Champions League final it's looking good for Spain's World Cup preparations.

  9. 22:42: 
    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica (Sevilla win 4-2 on penalties)

    Michel Platini hands over medals to the matchday officials as Sevilla's players wait patiently for their turn to go up and lift the Europa League trophy. They give Benfica's players a guard of honour as the Portuguese side go and collect their runners-up prize.

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    Abdul Karim: Yes it's official. Benfica are well and truly cursed.

    James Butler: Wow. Poor Benfica. The curse continues, what a game. Technically Sevilla shouldn't even be here.

    Matthew Harris: Benfica are officially the Red Sox of football.

  11. 22:41: 
    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica (Sevilla win 4-2 on penalties)

    Benfica only have themselves to blame for some really poor finishing in the second half, while Sevilla's penalties were absolutely superb. None of them gave the keeper a chance.

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    Donald Oluoch: If you are playing against Benfica in the finals, you shouldn't worry much, "the curse" will see you through.

    John Roberts: Beto's been off his line for every single penalty. No idea why the officials haven't stopped him - travesty for Sevilla to win.

    Jamie Bowers: Based on those penalties, Benfica deserved to lose.

  13. 22:34: 
    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica (Sevilla win 4-2 on penalties)
    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica (Sevilla win 4-2 on penalties)

    And what about poor, old Benfica? That's their eighth defeat in a major European final since they had a 'curse' placed on them by aggrieved former manager Bela Guttmann. If only they had given him a few extra escudo when he asked for it!

  14. 22:32: 
    Sevilla win the Europa League

    It's party time for Sevilla, as they win this competition for the third time in nine seasons.

  15. 22:32: 
    PENALTY SCORED- Sevilla 4-2 Benfica - Gameiro

    Pressure, what pressure? Gameiro steps up, puts his foot through it and smashes down the middle to win the Europa League for Sevilla.

  16. 22:31: 
    PENALTY SCORED- Sevilla 3-2 Benfica - Luisao

    Calmly stroked home by the classy centre-half.

  17. 22:30: 
    PENALTY SCORED- Sevilla 3-1 Benfica - Moreno

    Once again, it's hammered into the left of the net.

  18. 22:29: 
    MISSED PENALTY- Sevilla 2-1 Benfica - Rodrigo

    The curse strikes again? A tame penalty to the keeper's left is easily saved by Beto.

  19. 22:28: 
    PENALTY SCORED- Sevilla 2-1 Benfica - Mbia

    Hammered into the left of the goal as the keeper dives the wrong way. If it wasn't for the net, that one would still be travelling.

  20. 22:28: 
    MISSED PENALTY- Sevilla 1-1 Benfica - Cardozo

    He never looked sure, pausing twice in his run-up and that allows Beto time to come off his line and tip a weak effort wide. Advantage Sevilla.

  21. 22:27: 
    PENALTY SCORED- Sevilla 1-1 Benfica - Bacca

    High into the roof of the net. You don't save those.

  22. 22:27: 
    PENALTY SCORED- Sevilla 0-1 Benfica - Lima

    Hard, low and to the left and the keeper dives the wrong way.

  23. 22:23: 
    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    Who will be crowned kings of the Europa League? Will Benfica cast off their 'curse'? Can Sevilla emulate the class of 2007, who won this competition via a shootout? Let's find out.

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    John Roberts: Really looking forward to penalties, especially as a neutral - feel like we've been deprived of them this year in football.

  25. 22:19: 
    PENALTY SHOOTOUT- Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    Pick your spot and stick with it: we're heading for penalties after 120 minutes of stalemate.

  26. 22:18: 
    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    Two minutes of injury time signalled and Kevin Gameiro is flagged offside as he prepares to shoot inside the area. Players are dropping like flies now as cramp really kicks in and supporters rally their troops from the sidelines.

  27. 22:15: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    Passes are beginning to go astray now as tiredness catches up with both sides. Three minutes left and Benfica pump a long throw into the box through Nico Gaitain, but it's easily cleared. That's Gaitan's last action in this game as he is replaced by Ivan Cavaleiro.

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    Paul Moore: Just saw John Terry lurking behind the dugout, with a Sevilla kit in one hand and Benfica kit in the other.

  29. 22:11: 
    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    Six minutes left in extra time and this match appears to be heading towards penalties as players begin to drop to the turf suffering with cramp.

  30. 22:06: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    Sevilla substitute Kevin Gameiro momentarily sees his names up in lights when he takes aim with an angled shot which finds the side-netting with other team-mates better placed in the area. A bit greedy that. The Spanish side then make a change: Diogo Figueiras on and Vitolo off.

  31. 22:03: 
    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    Are Benfica running out of ideas? Andre Gomes hammers one into Row Z from 30 yards. They've got to be special to hit the back of the onion bag from there.

  32. 22:02: 
    KICK-OFF- Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    Fifteen minutes to find a winner or we're heading for penalties...

  33. 22:01: 
    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    Benfica should be home and hosed by now. Sevilla hanging on.

    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica
  34. 21:59: 
    HALF-TIME- Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    Half-time in extra time. Brew-time?

  35. 21:58: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    A surprising change for Sevilla as Kevin Gameiro is enthusiastically welcomed onto the pitch by the stadium announcer to take the place of an apparently injured Marko Marin.

  36. 21:56: 
    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    As the clock ticks into the 101st minute, Sevilla are presented with a superb opportunity to open the scoring when Ivan Rakitic's magical pass sends Carlos Bacca scampering through on goal but the powerfully-built striker curls his angled shot around the far post. A glorious chance goes begging.

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    Voices in Football: Rakitic could well end up at Manchester United - Red Devils are crying out for a thrusting, energetic player like him.

    Lawan Hawizy: Summary so far: Buildup: 20/20 - Finishing: Ade Akinbiyi/20

  38. 21:53: 
    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    Lima hammers a 25-yard free-kick on target and the ball bounces off Beto but there's no Benfica player around to bury the rebound.

  39. 21:52: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    The second half of normal time was very open but, with each side knowing a slip could end up being very costly, they now appear more cautious when committing men forward. Not that Benfica coach Jorge Jesus is wanting to sit back as he sends on club legend Oscar Cardozo.

  40. 21:49: 
    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    Excellent defending from Benfica, with Ezequiel Garay reading Ivan Rakitic's sliderule ball and cutting out a dangerous-looking attack at source.

  41. 21:45: 
    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica
    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    "Tell me Tony, how did you get the best out of Paul Pogba?"

  42. 21:43: 
    KICK-OFF- Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    A few massages, one or two messages and we're back under way for the next set of 15.

    Ivan Rakitic helps a team-mate suffering from cramp
  43. 21:37: 
    EXTRA TIME- Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    Get the backroom staff onto the pitch. It's time to massage the legs of tired players because we've got another 30 minutes to try to separate these two sides.

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    Michael: The Europa League final is like a 5-a-side game: individual brilliance mixed with misplaced passes & passion, making up for poor shooting.

    Tim Little: As 0-0 goes, this is about as entertaining as it gets.

    Kevin: To be fair, both sides have been very good in defence. Should be about 3-3 by now! Any PL clubs seeking defenders?

  45. 21:36: 
    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    Benfica with a corner, there's a bit of pinball in the area and Ezequiel Garay acrobatically hooks the ball over.

  46. 21:35: 
    INJURY TIME- Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    Two minutes to find a goal or we're heading for extra time...

  47. 21:33: 
    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    Sevilla are being pegged back now as Benfica throw the kitchen sink at them - Ivan Rakitic desperately trying to get the Spanish side going by picking up the ball from deep and driving forward. It's not happening for his side at the moment though.

  48. 21:31: 
    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    BBC World Service Sport's Steve Crossman: "Sevilla sub Marko Marin, once referred to as the "German Messi", has a chance to start rebuilding his career here.

    "He actually played during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa but he hasn't exactly made good on early promise since moving to Stamford Bridge.

    "He is still on the books at Chelsea. Let's see if he fancies the big occasion."

  49. 21:31: 
    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    Into the final five minutes now, with Benfica's Ezequiel Garay heading a deep cross from the right over from eight yards out. It just won't go in!

  50. 21:29: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    Lima could have had a hat-trick tonight, but he decides he's not getting much luck from inside the box so he unleashes a piledriver from outside of it which Beto does well to tip over.

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    Donald Oluoch: Looking at the way things are going for Benfica in the final third, that curse might just prove to be true again this season.

    Okeke Obinna: Guess the curse is still very on since the ref didn't give that penalty.

    Okon Isong: Both teams have been poor, especially within the box, with too many touches! The Guttman curse is still haunting Benfica.

  52. 21:27: 
    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    Sevilla might be more confident than Benfica if this match goes all the way to penalties, knowing they won the competition via a shootout against Espanyol in 2007. Manchester City's Jesus Navas played in that game.

  53. 21:26: 
    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    Rodrigo has not had the best of nights for Benfica and he again shoots straight at a Sevilla defender after being teed up by lone striker Lima. Make the keeper work!

  54. 21:24: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    Twelve minutes left and Sevilla send on Marko Marin, on loan from Chelsea, in place of Jose Reyes.

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    Asakiboba: Wow! Action packed second half. This is real soccer.

  56. 21:22: 
    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    It's wave after wave of Benfica attacks now, but Sevilla get their opportunity to break through Vitolo. However, the Spanish winger isn't given enough support and ends up firing a low cross into a covering Benfica defender and the move breaks down. A lack of composure perhaps?

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    Musa, via text: Benfica are really cursed given the amount of penalties they could have had. This is, however, a fantastic 0-0.

  58. 21:18: 
    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    Benfica have dominated this second half, and they should really be ahead when Maxi Pereira cuts it back for Lima but the striker appears to slip at the crucial moment and a Sevilla defender is in place to break down the attack.

    Penalties not being given and strikers slipping in the area... Guttmann's curse?

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    Matthew Harris: If Benfica would spend less time yelling for penalties and more time shooting, they might be ahead right now.

    James Brandon: That Rakitic, Modric, Kovacic midfield for Croatia is going to be ridiculous this summer.

  60. 21:14: 
    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    We're heading towards the final 20 minutes now and there's still nothing to separate these two teams. Could we get extra time and penalties, I wonder?

  61. 21:11: 
    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    BBC World Service Sport's Steve Crossman: "This is set up for Oscar Cardozo to come on and win it for Benfica, surely?

    "It would be fitting if a man who polarises opinions amongst fans, despite his terrific goal record, were to cleanse them of a curse cast by a man universally popular at the Estadio da Luz."

  62. 21:08: 
    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica
    Sevilla"s coach Unai Emery

    Talk about giving everything - Unai Emery's Sevilla side are defending like trojans this evening. Just when it looks like Benfica have a free shot on goal, a defender flies across goal and gets in the way. It's been happening all evening.

  63. 21:06: 
    CLOSE!- Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    Both sides are flying forward now, with the two defences making last-ditch interventions to keep the scores level - none better than Alberto Moreno's tackle on Lima at the end of a lightning-fast Benfica attack.

    At the other end, Jose Reyes is teed up for an angled shot 12 yards out but his effort is straight at Jan Oblak.

  64. 21:02: 
    PENALTY APPEAL- Sevilla 0-0 Benfica
    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    Benfica appeal vociferously for another penalty, this time when Alberto Moreno dives in recklessly on Lima and the striker goes to ground. The ball appeared to have run away from Lima, however, and that might just have saved the Sevilla full-back.

  65. 20:59: 
    CLOSE!- Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    The second half has started in a much more open fashion, with both sides willing to commit extra men forward. This time it's Sevilla's turn to attack when Ivan Rakitic dinks a delicate ball through for Jose Reyes but the striker is put off by the challenge of covering defender Luisao and his effort goes wide. Top defending.

    Moments later, Reyes tries his luck with a long-range effort which is too close to the keeper to pose a problem.

  66. 20:56: 
    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    BBC World Service Sport's Steve Crossman: "You can't underestimate the affect Benfica's substitution has had on this game.

    "Andre Almeida's introduction for the injured Miralem Sulejmani may or may not have been designed to negate Ivan Rakitic's dominance of midfield for Sevilla, but it has certainly done so.

    "After more than 50 years of bad luck, maybe an inadvertent piece of good fortune for Benfica."

  67. 20:54: 
    CLOSE!- Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    How did Benfica not take the lead there? They swamp Sevilla on the counter and both Lima and Rodrigo take pot shots on goal from inside the area but see their shots blocked by desperate defenders. By hook or by crook, the Spanish side are still on level terms.

  68. 20:50: 
    KICK-OFF- Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    Benfica have another 45 minutes to try to kick "Guttmann's curse" (18:49) into touch...

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    Andrew Kemp: Referee having a shocker, along with both teams flopping all over the place. One good decision, NOT to give a penalty.

  70. 20:39: 
    Sherwood speaks
    Tim Sherwood

    Tim Sherwood might still be in a job had Tottenham reached the Europa League final. Instead Spurs were knocked out by Benfica at the last-16 stage and Sherwood is in a television studio watching the final on behalf of ITV.

    Sherwood says he wouldn't change anything he did at Spurs and that he "cannot wait" to get back into management. The 45-year-old adds: "It [Tottenham] was a massive learning curve. I saw some wins, some draws, some defeats and some tantrums. I also saw the sack which I didn't want to see.

    "Would I do anything different? Probably not because I want to be true to myself. Perversely, I liked doing it [the job]. For anyone to want to do that job must be crazy. I was waking up in the middle of the night thinking about who to pick. But I can't wait to get back in it."

  71. 20:38: 
    Half-time stats- Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    The stats say Benfica are marginally the better team. With the naked eye, I think Sevilla are edging it. But it's a game of opinions and all that...

    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica
  72. 20:34: 
    HALF-TIME- Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    The half-time whistle goes in controversial circumstances, with Benfica livid after the referee fails to give them a penalty for a trip on Nicolas Gaitan in the area. I think the Eagles have something to be aggrieved about there - and they put a flea into the ear of Felix Brych as everyone heads for a half-time brew.

  73. 20:33: 
    GREAT SAVE!- Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    Benfica to take the lead...surely. No! A ball over the top picks out Maxi Pereira but the onrushing keeper makes himself big and the ball is repelled. Moments later, the Sevilla keeper, Beto, is at it again with a fine stop to deny Rodrigo at his near post.

  74. 20:27: 
    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    A promising Benfica counter attack ends when Rodrigo has the ball nipped off his toes. From the resulting corner, Luisao heads over the bar.

  75. 20:23: 
    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    Sevilla look the most likely to break through, with Alberto Moreno curling an effort into the midriff of Jan Oblak.

  76. 20:20: 
    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica
    Ivan Rakitic

    With his shaggy blonde hair, supreme skill and an uncanny ability to see things unfolding a second or two before everyone else, there's a touch of the Pavel Nedveds about Sevilla skipper Ivan Rakitic. He looks like being the one man who could tip the balance between two evenly-matched teams.

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    Chris Parker: It's a shame the Europa League is just an advertising window for Champions League teams to snap up players. Hopefully next season's rules will change that.

  78. 20:17: 
    YELLOW CARD- Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    The first Benfica player into the book is Guilherme Siqueira, for a foul on Stephane Mbia. It's not often the on-loan QPR midfielder comes out second best in a 50-50.

  79. 20:15: 
    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    There's a few thunderous challenges, the odd flicker of skill but very few goalscoring chances being created. These two teams appear well matched.

  80. 20:12: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    Benfica are forced into a change midway through the first half as winger Miralem Sulejmani is forced off with injury - he was clattered by Alberto Moreno earlier (19:58) - to be replaced by Andre Almeida.

  81. 20:08: 
    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    I'm sure you knew this already, Adam (see tweet below), but Rodrigo had a loan spell at Bolton in 2010-11. It made him the man he is today. Probably.

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    Adam Momoniat: Expect to see Rodrigo, Siqueira, Garay, Moreno and Rakitic being tracked by Premier League teams this summer.

    Oliver Hynes: Been strange seeing Mbia play so well for Sevilla this season, considering he did nothing for us at QPR.

  83. 20:06: 
    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica
    Sir Alex Ferguson

    Sir Alex Ferguson is in the crowd in Turin tonight, sat next to Juventus manager Antonio Conte. I trust he enjoyed his pre-match meal... he once famously said: "When an Italian tells me it's pasta on the plate, I check under the sauce to make sure. They are the inventors of the smokescreen."

    @bbcgetinspiredJoin the debate at #bbcfootball- BBC GET INSPIRED

    BBC Get Inspired: Fans of Sevilla FC are enjoying the Europa League Final. Quick question - has anyone seen my scarf?

    Sevilla fans hold their scarves aloft
  85. 20:02: 
    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    Benfica almost make Sevilla pay for giving away that last free-kick when Nicolas Gaitan whips in a devilish delivery and it's palmed into the path of Ezequiel Garay, but the Argentine can't convert from four yards out. This is shaping up to be a triffic contest, in the words of 'Arry Redknapp.

    Ezequiel Garay rues a missed chance
  86. 19:59: 
    YELLOW CARD- Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    And now it's Sevilla's Alberto Moreno into the book for an equally late challenge on a marauding Miralem Sulejmani. The Spanish side aren't holding back here.

  87. 19:58: 
    YELLOW CARD- Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    Federico Fazio, who has already won this competition with Sevilla, goes into the book for a high, reckless challenge on Miralem Sulejmani. The Argentine defender is placed on an early tightrope.

    Sulejmani is fouled
  88. 19:57: 
    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    Sevilla skipper Ivan Rakitic looks up for this one - the Croatian picking up the ball in his own half and gliding past those around him. He picks out Jose Reyes, who helps the ball into the direction of Carlos Bacca but the striker is offside as the ball runs away from him.

  89. 19:53: 
    CLOSE!- Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    Sevilla are pressing Benfica high up the pitch and they are almost rewarded when the ball is worked into the box and it takes a last-ditch tackle from Guilherme Siqueira to deny Carlos Bacca a shot on goal from 12 yards out.

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    James, Cornwall via text: Any Man United fan will know about the curse of Fernando Torres in his Liverpool days.

    Kyle, Aberdeen via text: So if Guttman placed a curse on Benfica in 62, why did he not lift it for himself when he was placed back in charge 65-66?

    Matt, via text: John Terry's Champions League curse - missed penalty and a red card.

  91. 19:50: 
    Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    Benfica are in red tonight, Sevilla in white. The Portuguese are making most of the early running, but no real chances to speak of just yet.

  92. 19:46: 
    KICK-OFF- Sevilla 0-0 Benfica

    The 2014 Europa League final is under way...

    Text us on 81111

    Mark, Edinburgh via text: Hearts won the Scottish Cup in 1956, the same year the Edinburgh trams went out of commission and the tracks were torn up. It was said that the club would never lift the cup again until the tracks were re-laid. Hearts had to wait a while but won the cup in 1998, 2006 and 2012. The tracks have been re-laid and the first tram for nearly 60 years is due to run at the end of this month. If we don't win the cup for a while, what should we do? Rip them up again?

  94. 19:43: 
    Sevilla v Benfica (19:45 BST)

    We're almost set for kick-off then, as both sides walk down the tunnel, over a red carpet and on to the pristine Turin turf. As a Wigan-supporting colleague has just said to me...this could have been the Latics. Instead it's Sevilla and Benfica.

  95. 19:41: 
    Sevilla v Benfica (19:45 BST)
    Sevilla v Benfica (19:45 BST)

    Arsenal fans might be keen to know that Jose Reyes, who won the Premier League and FA Cup with the Gunners earlier in his career, is a key part of the Sevilla attack these days. He'd love to score the winner tonight against his former club, Benfica!

  96. 19:38: 
    Sevilla v Benfica (19:45 BST)

    Steve Crossman, of BBC World Service Sport, spoke to Benfica legend Mats Magnusson earlier today about what it would mean for the club to end their run of seven successive European final defeats and win the Europa League in the same year as Eusebio's death.

    "Eusebio was a great friend to me, he was a hero and it would be a great celebration," said Magnusson. "This is the year of Benfica. When we played we had a good ambiance in the team and when I have seen Benfica play this year, there has been a lot of joy in the players.

    "[Jose] Mourinho is one of the best at creating this and I think Benfica head coach Jorge Jesus is the same.

    "In the next couple of years, Benfica could be in a Champions League final too - the curse will be stopped today".

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    Paul O'Boyle: Re 19:07... And Celtic won the European Cup in Benfica's stadium.. #signofdestiny or #justacoincidence

  98. 19:36: 
    Liverpool on tour
    Daniel Agger

    Briefly moving away from Turin, there's been an impressive turnout in Dublin where 42,517 fans witnessed Fabio Borini score on his Liverpool return in an end-of-season friendly against Shamrock Rovers. Striker Borini, 23, spent the 2013-14 campaign on loan at Sunderland, scoring seven times in 32 Premier League appearances.

    Liverpool won the game 4-0, with Iago Aspas, Martin Kelly and Jack Dunn also finding the net.

  99. 19:33: 
    Sevilla v Benfica (19:45 BST)
    Sevilla v Benfica (19:45 BST)

    So why are Benfica having such a good season? The detail is in the planning, according to head coach Jorge Jesus who is now being tipped to become the new Monaco manager.

    "We have been working on this project for five years," Jesus said. "We haven't just reached this point by chance.

    "We feel that our work has been rewarded by getting to these finals. We always work towards getting to these big finals and it's very satisfying."

    Jorge Jesus, you may remember, was accused of "lacking class" by ex-Spurs manager Tim Sherwood earlier in the competition.

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    Chris McDonald: Shame Markovic is banned. Been Benfica's best attacking player in previous games. Reminds me (a bit) of Messi.

    Rian Hoskins: Sevilla have a great side. Problem with not playing Champions League is they could lose Rakitic, Bacca, Moreno and Fazio.

  101. 19:28: 
    Sevilla v Benfica (19:45 BST)

    Sevilla coach Unai Emery is also in a confident mood heading into tonight's game - despite his side failing to win any of their last four matches.

    "I am always confident from when I get up in the morning until I go to bed," Emery said. "I respect people's feelings but I am prudent. Benfica have reasons to be favourites but we have reasons to be confident in our team.

    "Being objective, the favourites to to win the Europa League were Juventus, and the team that eliminated Juventus are Benfica, so that would logically mean that they are the team to beat.

    "But that doesn't change our belief in that we are capable of overcoming them."

  102. 19:23: 
    Sevilla v Benfica (19:45 BST)
    Sevilla v Benfica (19:45 BST)

    Croatian Ivan Rakitic is the heartbeat of this Sevilla side, orchestrating things from midfield, and he is hoping for a similar dramatic outcome to the semi-final against Valencia when Stephane Mbia struck in the fifth minute of injury time to earn his side a place in this showpiece final.

    "It was an unforgettable moment," said Rakitic. "You are almost suffering for 90 minutes and then comes this moment and you want to hug everyone. You want to grab everyone, you want to grab the referee and kiss him. It was an unforgettable moment and I want to thank the strength of the team and the fans who are always with us."

    Tonight's referee, Felix Brych, might want to stay away from Ivan if Sevilla score late on this evening...

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Ted Saker-Clark: Barry Fry urinated in all the corners of the pitch to stop Birmingham's 100 year-old curse between 1906 and 2006.

    Stephen Shaw: Those builders obviously buried United's hopes with those shirts.

    There's a theme developing with Barry Fry! The evidence is here.

  104. 19:17: 
    Sevilla v Benfica (19:45 BST)
    Sevilla v Benfica (19:45 BST)

    The Juventus Stadium is filling up nicely as the early evening sun beats down on Turin. The 41,000-capacity venue, built on the site of Juve's former ground, the Stadio delle Alpi, is just three years old. Expect the locals to be cheering for Sevilla after Juventus were knocked out by Benfica in the semi-finals.

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    We're discussing famous footballing 'curses'....

    Phil Knowles: Barry Fry had to wee at each corner flag at Peterborough, didn't he? To remove a curse?

    Andrew Griffits: David Moyes. He was a curse to Man United when he was there and he's a curse to the rest of us now he's gone.

    Em: Removal of Fulham's Michael Jackson statue (allegedly responsible for relegation, according to Mohammed Al Fayed).

  106. 19:14: 
    Sevilla v Benfica (19:45 BST)

    Benfica are chasing an historic achievement then, but Sevilla have plenty of form in this competition - winning it back-to-back in 2006 and 2007. They are fifth in La Liga, turned over Real Madrid in March and have already knocked out Benfica's arch-rivals Porto on their way to tonight's Europa League final in Turin. In brief: they know how to win big games of football.

  107. 19:07: 
    Sevilla v Benfica (19:45 BST)
    Sevilla v Benfica (19:45 BST)

    There are plenty of little subplots tonight, not least Benfica's quest to win the quadruple. They already have the Portuguese league and the domestic League Cup in the bag, with finals in tonight's Europa League and Saturday's Taca de Portugal to come.

    If we discount clubs who have won the Community Shield (and its equivalent in other countries) and the minor leagues, the only European team, by my calculations, to win a quadruple which includes a domestic league title, two cup competitions and a European trophy is Celtic in 1966-67.

    Therefore, if my maths are right, the Eagles are just two victories away from immortality. Now that's a huge carrot to dangle.

    Text us on 81111

    Andrew, via text: The curse of Bela Guttman will have been playing on the minds of the Benfica players in the build-up to tonight's final without a doubt. If things start to go against them tonight then the players and fans will definitely start to believe in the existence of the curse.

  109. 19:02: 
    Sevilla v Benfica (19:45 BST)
    Seville fans ahead of the Europa League final with Benfica

    This is Sevilla's third final in Europe's second-tier club competition in eight years and once again the Spaniards will have plenty of backing in Italy. Thousands gathered outside the Juventus Stadium in Turin to await the arrival of their team. Having beaten Middlesbrough in the 2006 final and fellow Spanish club Espanyol 12 months later, Los Rojiblancos are looking to make it a hat-trick of Europa League triumphs.

  110. 19:00: 
    LINE-UPS- Sevilla v Benfica (19:45 BST)

    Sevilla: Beto, Fazio, Carrico, Moreno, Pareja, Coke, Mbia, Rakitic, Vitolo, Bacca, Reyes. Subs: Varas, Navarro, Figueiras, Marin, Iborra, Trochowski, Gameiro.

    Benfica: Oblak, Luisao, Pereira, Siqueira, Garay, Amorim, Sulejmani, Gaitan, Gomes, Lima, Rodrigo. Subs: Artur, Vitoria, Jardel, Almeida, Djuricic, Cavaleiro, Cardozo.

    Referee: Felix Brych (Germany).

  111. 18:58: 
    Famous footballing 'curses'

    BBC Sport's Joel Goldman: "Leeds United's long-suffering fans may well feel that their club is cursed. In fact, so superstitious was their most celebrated manager Don Revie that he is said to have believed just that.

    "Legend has it that back in the early 1970s, Revie enlisted the help of a woman to rid Elland Road of any malignant spirits.

    "However the Whites' infamous decline over the last decade suggests that perhaps she was not entirely successful…"

    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Evening all. What do you make of all this talk of a curse afflicting Benfica? Can you think of any other famous footballing curses? I remember reading once that some workmen building Etihad Stadium buried Manchester United shirts beneath the pitch to try to entice bad luck to the blue half of the city.

    That went well!

    Anyway, whether you want to talk about curses or simply tonight's match, you can do so through the usual channels: #bbcfootball on Twitter, 81111 on text or write a post on the BBC Sport Facebook and/or Google+ pages. Get stuck in.

  113. 18:53: 
    Sevilla v Benfica (19:45 BST)

    Sevilla include two players from the Championship in their starting line-up. Defender Daniel Carrico, on loan from Reading, and midfielder Stephane Mbia, who moved to Spain on a temporary basis from QPR, get the nod from boss Unai Emery. However, Germany midfielder Marko Marin, on loan from Chelsea, is only on the bench.

    Benfica are without suspended midfielder Enzo Perez, while winger Eduardo Salvio is also banned. Brazilian forward Lima, who has scored four goals in this season's competition, spearheads the attack.

  114. 18:52: 
    Sevilla v Benfica (19:45 BST)

    First thing's first then... who fancies some team news?

  115. 18:51: 
    Sevilla v Benfica (19:45 BST)

    And, like all good movies, it should only take us 90 minutes to determine if "Guttman's curse" lives on or if it will finally be laid to rest by Benfica in tonight's Europa League final. The Eagles certainly hope so as they chase part three of what would be an amazing quadruple against Sevilla in Turin this evening.

  116. 18:49: 
    Sevilla v Benfica (19:45 BST)

    Hooked on the plotline? Of course you are. The best thing about it is that, in true Hollywood style, it is "based on a true story".

    To cut a very long story short, Benfica's Hungarian coach of the early sixties, Bela Guttmann, led the side to back-to-back European Cups. He left the Stadium of Light shortly after the second of those triumphs after being refused a pay rise for his achievements, before declaring that Benfica would never win another European competition without him at the helm.

    Seven defeats in major European finals later have led one or two people at the Portuguese club to think there might be something in "Guttmann's curse" after all...

  117. 18:45: 
    Guttmann's curse
    Bela Guttmann

    It's got the makings of a Hollywood movie: football manager conquers the continent, leaves the club in acrimonious circumstances, subsequently places a curse on said club and seemingly consigns them to eternal misery on the biggest stage of all...

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