Day one of F1 testing as it happened

McLaren's Jenson Button fastest on the first day of pre-season testing in Jerez ahead of the 2013 Formula 1 season.

5 February 2013 Last updated at 17:26 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 0745: 

    Doesn't it feel like only two minutes since Sebastian Vettel climbed out of his Red Bull in Brazil as the 2012 Formula 1 world champion? Well it is two months, nine days and 14 hours to be exact and it is one month, 11 days and 22 hours until lights out in Melbourne. Not that I am counting or anything.

  2. 0748: 

    Welcome to our coverage of the first day of pre-season testing in Jerez, Spain. The 2013 campaign starts right here, with four uninterrupted days of testing. It may be blustery in the UK, but in Jerez the sun is shining and drivers will be heading out onto the circuit at 08:00 GMT.

    Andrew Benson, Chief F1 writer

    "Effectively, the 2013 Formula 1 season starts right here. After months of preparation and painstaking design and construction work, 10 of the 11 Formula 1 teams are putting brand new cars through their paces for the first time in Jerez in southern Spain this week. Only Williams do not have a new chassis at the test - but their 2012 car is fitted with a plethora of updates that will be raced this year. Excitement and optimism are always high at this stage. By the end of these four days, all the teams will have a fair understanding of whether they were justified."


    This live text commentary will not be as much fun with me just waffling on for hours so, as ever, your involvement is crucial. What are your thoughts on the new cars that have been launched so far and what are your predictions for 2013? Will this season match the excitement we had last year? Have your say via twitter, #bbcf1 or text us on 81111 (UK). Absolutely crucial you remember to pop your names on those texts.

  5. 0759: 

    We are minutes away from the cars heading out, so here is today's line-up:

    Red Bull - Mark Webber

    McLaren - Jenson Button

    Ferrari - Felipe Massa

    Lotus - Romain Grosjean

    Mercedes - Nico Rosberg

    Sauber - Nico Hulkenberg

    Force India - Paul Di Resta

    Williams - Pastor Maldonado

    Toro Rosso - Daniel Ricciardo

    Caterham - Giedo van der Garde

    Marussia - Max Chilton


    Edward Kent on Twitter: "I reckon Sauber and Nico Hulkenberg will be up in the timesheets. Followed by a Lotus or a Mercedes. Ferrari and Red Bull sandbagging."

    Have your say, #bbcf1

  7. 0802: 
    GO! GO! GO!

    Testing is under way as Nico Hulkenberg heads out onto the track first for Sauber before Red Bull's Mark Webber and Williams' Pastor Maldonado quickly follow suit.

  8. 0805: 

    We had a couple of car launches shortly before testing got under way this morning, with Marussia unveiling their MR02 and Caterham launching the CT03. That leaves just Williams to launch their 2013 car, with their FW35 to be unveiled in Barcelona on 19 February.

    Andrew Benson, Chief F1 writer

    "Two new cars are appearing for the first time on Tuesday morning - the challengers from backmarker teams Caterham and Marussia. Both are aware they need to make some serious progress, having spent the first three years of their lives some way adrift of the midfield pack. For Caterham, owned by Asian multi-millionaire businessman and QPR owner Tony Fernandes, that is particularly disappointing as they are the best funded of the two. The two teams spent last season battling for 10th place in the constructors' championship, with Caterham just snatching it at the final race of the season. But now HRT have collapsed, the pressure to move forward and not be permanently at the back of the grid is higher than ever."


    Williams F1 on Twitter: "Back in the garage now...Lots of work to be done over these next few days!"

  11. 0813: 

    Ferrari's Felipe Massa, who is taking part in the first three days of testing in Jerez, is out on the green intermediate tyres and he has our first flying lap of the session, clocking one minute 35.607 seconds.


    Stuie Neale on Twitter: "Morning Gary I think 2013 is going to be exciting and closer."

    Speedbird One on Twitter: "Here's to a Ferrari revival and domination this year, it's long overdue!

    David Hird on Twitter: "Wooooo. F1 pre-season testing starts today. Reckon the Sauber is a looker and the Caterham has been hit with the ugly stick."

  13. 0816: 

    Max Chilton, the latest Briton on the Formula 1 grid, heads out to get a feel of Marussia's MR02. It is going to be interesting to see how he gets on this season. Raw pace over a single lap is thing to watch out for from him.

  14. 0821: 

    Felipe Massa has completed three laps in Ferrari's F138, while Nico Rosberg, Mark Webber, Jenson Button, Nico Hulkenberg, Paul di Resta, Pastor Maldonado, Giedo van der Garde and Max Chilton have all had time out on the circuit.

  15. 0824: 

    Clear skies and bright sunshine in Jerez, though quite chilly, air temperature is just over six degrees Celsius with track temperature down at nine degrees.

  16. 0828: 

    One driver we won't be seeing at any point over the next four days is Fernando Alonso, who is instead planning to spend a bit of time in the gym this week before taking to the circuit for the first time for Ferrari at testing in Barcelona later this month. Wise move by the Spaniard?

  17. 0830: 

    Half-an-hour into the session and 10 of the 11 drivers here have ventured out onto the circuit, we are just waiting for the Lotus of Romain Grosjean to emerge from the pit lane.


    Nick Silversides on Twitter: "With Romain Grosjean on track at the first day of testing in Jerez, I wonder who he's going to crash into today..."

  19. 0832: 

    Fairly quiet out on the circuit at the moment, as appropriate time as any to get an expert view on what we can expect this morning from our chief Formula 1 writer Andrew Benson...

    Andrew Benson, Chief F1 writer

    "Don't expect too much action early on. The first morning of the first pre-season test - and sometimes much longer - is all about systems checks and ensuring the car works as intended. There will be a lot of data gathering to ensure the car on the track produces the same sort of performance the teams were expecting from their simulations - and a lot of the cars will be carrying bizarre sensor-filled structures for that reason. Ultimate pace comes later."

  21. 0836: 

    Charles Pic and Giedo van der Garde of Caterham unveiling the CT03 car shortly before testing this morning.

  22. 0838: 

    We have our first red flag of the day as the McLaren of Jenson Button stops on the track just after turn three with what appears to be a mechanical fault with the MP4-28. Not a great start for the 2009 world champion.


    Speedbird One on Twitter: "For a team focusing on reliability this year, causing of the first red flag can never be a reassuring way to start testing."

  24. 0842: 

    Jenson Button climbs out of the MP4-28 before McLaren arrive to pop the covers on and load the car on the truck and take it away. Should be back under way shortly.

  25. 0847: 

    Still waiting for the McLaren to be whisked away. Not the ideal start for a team that lost the championship because of poor reliability last year and have aspirations of improving that this season.

  26. 0851: 

    Jenson Button's McLaren is back in the pitlane, the green flag is waved and we are back under way again with Mark Webber wasting no time to get back out on the circuit in his RB9.


    Mercedes on Twitter: "Testing is under way on a chilly and bright morning in Jerez... the plan for this week is Nico Rosberg today and Thursday, Lewis Hamilton Wednesday and Friday."

  28. 0858: 

    We saw Lewis Hamilton get his first taste of being behind the wheel of Mercedes' WO4 at the team's car launch on Monday. After seeing him in the cockpit of a McLaren since 2007 it has to be said that it is going to be strange to see him driving for Mercedes. Bit like seeing an ex-girlfriend with a new partner, or maybe that's just me....

    Andrew Benson, Chief F1 writer

    "Up and down the pit lane, people are still struggling to understand Lewis Hamilton's reasoning in switching to Mercedes from much-more-competitive McLaren last year. There are a whole host of reasons, ranging from McLaren's underachievement in recent years (even wasting the best car last year with poor reliability), a desire to 'flee the nest', and a substantially bigger salary. Hamilton says it's no-one's business but his own and that as long as he feels it's the right choice that's all that matters. That seems to be the case. 'I'm just happier,' he said, when asked what was the biggest difference at his new home. 'I can't really explain it. Happy that I've got a new challenge, happy that I've made a fresh start, a fresh chapter in my life, that I have this massive challenge, that I'm excited and don't know whether the car will be good or bad. Happy that with a lot of hard work we can get there.'"

  30. 0905:  
    Andrew Benson, Chief F1 writer

    "Hearing that Jenson Button's stop may have been caused by fuel starvation, meaning it may have been deliberate - they often run them dry to see how the fuel system is working."


    David Tyrrell on Twitter: "Sad to see Jenson Button car on the back of a truck, but it's early days, whole part of testing, work out the little problems."

  32. 0908: 

    One hour into the session and Romain Grosjean has joined the fray in the Lotus E21. Meanwhile, Nico Rosberg currently tops the timesheet in his Mercedes, having clocked 1m20.846s. Rosberg and Felipe Massa have completed the most laps of all the drivers so far with 11.


    Colin Armitage, via text: "So here we are again...Formula 1 is a wonderful sport isn't it? Making us fans get up at crazy hours to watch our hero's tackle the tarmac. Well I for one am hugely excited for this season! Come on Red Bull and come on WEBBER!!!"

  34. 0917: 
    Getty Images

    Blue skies in Jerez but the the sun is still very bright and low. Makes for a cracking photo but if my experience of driving down the M6 on a winter's day is anything to by, a total nuisance for drivers. Tinted visors the order of the day.

  35. 0921: 

    Max Chilton, on the hard compound, clocks his first timed lap in the Marussia with 1m33.533s. Personally looking forward to seeing how he gets on this season, though would be unfair to expect miracles.

  36. 0926: 

    Red flag being waved for the second time this morning and the session is stopped, this time it is for the Mercedes of Nico Rosberg, which has smoke coming from the rear of it.


    Lotus F1 on Twitter: "After its first lap, the E21 is now undergoing a full body massage and check over #ImSexyAndIKnowIt."


    Daniel Hunter on Twitter: "Really good to see an old school-mate Max Chilton in a F1 seat. Will be paying more attention to this season's Championship!!"

  39. 0931: 

    The low loader is now in attendance where Nico Rosberg's Mercedes came to a halt at Turn 11. The smoke from the rear appears to have stopped.

  40. 0935: 

    I mentioned earlier that Fernando Alonso is not taking part in testing this week. "Where is he right now while testing is happening then?" I hear you cry. Fear not as he has kindly tweeted his whereabouts: "Another good workout this morning in bike at high intensity. Rest and gym this afternoon."

    Andrew Benson, Chief F1 writer

    "Most teams have their race drivers in attendance at this test, but there is one glaring exception. Fernando Alonso, runner-up in the championship last year, has decided to skip it, arguing that he needs the extra time to ensure he is fully mentally recovered from the pain of losing out so narrowly last year and can sustain an equally relentless challenge this season. The Spaniard is keeping up to date with progress while off training somewhere - believed to be the Canary Islands - and team-mate Felipe Massa will drive the first three days in Jerez, with new development driver Pedro de la Rosa taking over on Friday. There is a suspicion that part of the reason for the great man's absence is that he believes Jerez is not a good circuit at which to test a grand prix car to its limit. I suggested this to him at the car's launch in Maranello last week and he gave me a knowing smile. Make of that what you will."

  42. 0943: 

    Nico Rosberg's Mercedes has been taken back to the pit lane, no oil leaks or debris reported on the track where he stopped so we are back under way in Jerez.

  43. 0947: 

    BBC F1 technical director Gary Anderson has had a chance to have a look at the new cars on show in Jerez today, time to see what he has discovered...

    BBC F1 technical analyst Gary Anderson in Jerez

    "I've had my first look in the flesh at the new Ferrari this morning and I have to say it does look like quite a nice car. It's very tidy, with lots of good-looking stuff on it. And good impressions of the McLaren continue, too. Some bits were missing at the launch last week, such as the turning vanes under the car; they've all been added now and all look effective. Those are the two cars that stand out for me at the moment. With the Red Bull, I have to say it's hard to tell any differences between it and last year's car at the moment, apart from the step on the nose and a little duct they have running through it from bottom to top. I'm not seeing a lot of stuff that looks like a big step forward, but I am on the Ferrari and the McLaren. I am told, though, there is a big rear bodywork update coming for the final test - but I haven't had that confirmed yet."

  45. 0951: 

    Just Giedo van der Garde and Pastor Maldonado out on the track at the moment. Paul di Resta took his Force India out for a little run around the circuit shortly after the session resumed, but he is back in the pit lane now. The Scot has yet to clock a flying lap.

  46. 0957: 

    Here is the shiny new Marussia car that Max Chilton is currently getting to grips with in Jerez. Looks pretty swish and on a technical level it includes the Kers power-boost system. Which of the 10 cars that have been launched has impressed you the most?

  47. 1003: 

    Max Chilton is chipping away at his lap times and, after clocking 1m27.846s which sees him eighth on the timesheet, the Briton starts to show real confidence behind the wheel of his Marussia as he flies past Pastor Maldonado and then Nico Hulkenberg in quick succession.

  48. 1008: 

    Here is a shot of the flames that were emanating from Nico Rosberg's W04 before the Mercedes came to a halt.

    BBC F1 commentator Ben Edwards in Jerez

    "The car that seems to be causing the biggest stir up and down the pit lane at the moment is the Sauber, which has very narrow sidepods. A lot of engineers are interested to see how they've done that. The biggest issue will be cooling. Gary Anderson says there is an extra air intake by the one for the engine above the driver's head which ducts cooling air to parts that have been moved out of the sidepods further towards the back of the car to allow them to be so narrow."

  50. 1019: 

    Romain Grosjean shows promising pace in his Lotus, going fastest in the first sector before eventually clocking 1m21.219s. If you remember back to testing in Barcelona last year Grosjean pace was also very impressive then, going quickest on day and day two.


    Charlie Symes on Twitter: "So excited to see the new E21 is going well, I've supported Lotus for a good few years, and finally we're getting somewhere!"

  52. 1029: 
    Red Bull

    BBC Sport's chief F1 writer Andrew Benson: "The new Red Bull might not look that different from the old one, but there is one obvious feature that stands out - the top of the chassis. Behind the 'step' on the top of the nose, there are ridges along the edge of the chassis top virtually right back to the cockpit. These are aimed at stopping air spilling over the sides of the nose into the area in front of the sidepods - and therefore disrupting the airflow from the front of the car which the designers want to accelerate around the sidepods towards the rear. The faster the air goes, the more downforce it creates. The spillage is only small, but small bits add up. It's typical of Red Bull designer Adrian Newey to pursue this feature, which I don't believe is on the McLaren or Ferrari, and it continues a theme that goes right back to the beginning of this generation of Red Bulls in 2009. All of them have had ridges along the top of the chassis."

    BBC F1 technical analyst Gary Anderson in Jerez

    "In addition to the chassis-top ridges Andrew has just mentioned below, Red Bull have also adopted a technology used by Sauber last year. If you look carefully, you can see a small slot behind the step on the top of the chassis. This connects up to a duct underneath the chassis, and sucks air through it. It is a good way of giving the front wing more room to work, and of tidying up the airflow on the top of the nose, too. Again, it's a small difference, but F1 design is about finding lots of small differences to make a big one."

  54. 1032: 

    After five quick laps, Romain Grosjean is back in the Lotus garage and it has all gone quiet once again on the circuit, with just Felipe Massa and Mark Webber out there at the moment.

  55. 1041: 
    Kimi Raikkonen wheel

    Of all the improvements and updates that the teams have been showing off so far this year, the one I've liked the most is the alternative steering wheel for Kimi Raikkonen's Lotus. The Finn's customised wheel includes a 'mute', 'satellite navigation', and 'Jenson' button. Hearing Raikkonen shout "Leave me alone" to his race engineer at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix last season has to go down as one of the quotes of the season. Of course, the customised wheel won't help him in his championship challenge, but you have to appreciate a bit of humour like that!

  56. 1049: 

    Coming up to the three hour mark in this testing session and Nico Rosberg, despite having spent the last hour or so in the Mercedes garage due to an electrical problem with his car, is still sitting at the top of the timesheet with 1m20.846s . Pastor Maldonado, who has completed 34 laps, has leapt up to second (1m21.019s) while Romain Grosjean (1m21.175s) is third fastest.


    David Tyrrell on Twitter: "Haha, Kimi Raikkonen also has an 'Ice Cream', 'Mute' and 'Sat Nav' buttons. Would love to see how the ice cream button functions."


    Speaking of Kimi Raikkonen's good-humoured customised steering wheel buttons (see below), can you think of what customised buttons other drivers should have on their steering wheels? Some sort of inflatable dinghy deployment button to go around Romain Grosjean's car for example?

    Let me know your ideas, #bbcf1

  59. 1059: 

    Marussia launched their new Formula 1 car shortly before testing on Tuesday morning and you can read Andrew Benson's piece on the launch on the website, with technical analysis from Gary Anderson.


    Pirelli on Twitter: "Each team has 35 sets for this test, rain tyres included. Pirelli provided 20, each team chose another 15 sets."


    Ian Kirk on Twitter: "Fernando Alonso would have a "Change Massa's gearbox" button on his."

    Guy Woodgate on Twitter: "Lewis Hamilton should have an "issue public apology" button for use after an ill advised comment/tweet."

    Alistair McLean on Twitter: "Should all drivers not have a 'Slow Down Vettel' button?"

    Give us your thoughts on customised buttons that would suit certain drivers on twitter, #bbcf1

  62. 1107: 

    Nico Rosberg has finally been toppled at the top of the timesheet in Jerez as Daniel Ricciardo takes his Toro Rosso round the circuit in 1m20.547s. A few more drivers have re-emerged on the track with Paul Di Resta, Nico Hulkenberg and Mark Webber all back out there.


    Joe, via text: "An auto black flag button on Sebastian Vettel's car so he can get rid of the cars he blames for his mistakes as he did so often last year."

    Dan, via text: "Romain Grosjean needs a eject seat!!"

  64. 1111: 

    Looks like we won't be seeing Jenson Button back out on the circuit any time soon. His McLaren stopped on the circuit earlier in the session and it has been confirmed he had a fuel pump failure. Likely to take a while for the McLaren engineers to rectify.


    Sauber on Twitter: "So far, Nico Hulkenberg completed 26 laps. The Sauber C-32 is running without any problems."


    Ian Penny on Twitter: ""Romain Grosjean ctrl, alt and delete button to reboot after a crash."

    Paolo Bargiacchi on Twitter: "I think most of the paddock would like a 'capture and hide Adrian Newey' button, it'd definitely be worth the weight cost."

    Ross McNamara on Twitter: "#bbcf1 providing a brilliant distraction from this tedious psychology lecture! Wish I had a mute button for the lecturer just like Kimi!"

    Have your say, #bbcf1

    Andrew Benson, Chief F1 writer

    "It's discouraging news for McLaren on the first day of pre-season testing that the car has suffered a fuel-pump failure. Poor reliability, along with operational mistakes, cost Lewis Hamilton the title last year and were an influencing factor among the many that led him to leave the team. McLaren bosses stressed at last week's launch that they had put great effort into updating procedures, which they feel were to blame for the problems last year. It's also worth noting fuel-pump failure was what cost Hamilton victory in Abu Dhabi last year. On a trip to Mercedes' engine facility last month, the company talked at length about the problem and how they had done their best to fix it. This new failure may be unrelated but it will be a concern."

  68. 1122: 

    All cars have returned to the pits so while we have this little lull, here is quick run down of what the top of the timesheet looks like:

    1 Daniel Ricciardo (Toro Rosso), 1m20.547s; 2 Nico Rosberg (Mercedes) 1m20.846s; 3 Pastor Maldonado (Williams) 1m21.019s; 4 Romain Grosjean (Lotus) 1m21.175s; 5 Nico Hulkenberg (Sauber) 1m21.553s.


    Marussia on Twitter: "Just had a quick chat with Max Chilton in the garage & he is very happy with his morning's work so far, stepping through systems & set-up."

  70. 1132: 

    Max Chilton's relatively swift progression to an F1 seat surprised a few but a common theme to have arisen in his time when testing for first Force India and then Marussia last year was how he impressed team bosses with the quality of his feedback and willingness to help develop the car. Sounds like he is again earning praise for his thoughts in his first test as an F1 driver today.


    Steve Potts, via text: "Morning Folks - very much looking forward to next season, obviously, although I suspect there won't be much meaningful change from 2012. I think Ferrari will still struggle, Mercedes will continue to frustrate - and Lewis Hamilton will become annoyed and ragged, Red Bull will continue to dominate, and the back markers will stay exactly as they were. Interested to see how Max Chilton gets on though."

  72. 1142: 

    Not too much happening out on the circuit at the moment, although Paul Di Resta has just climbed up to second fastest with 1m20.558s, just 11 thousandths of a second off Daniel Ricciardo's time.


    James Smee on Twitter: "Lewis Hamilton might be pleased for leaving an 'unreliable' team and car which still plagues McLaren, Mercedes still have their own issues too."

    Rebekah Cutter on Twitter: "Hope Lewis Hamilton doesn't regret moving to Mercedes, the MP4-28 is looking fineeee."

  74. 1153: 
    Lewis Hamilton

    He may not be behind the wheel of the Mercedes until Wednesday morning, but Lewis Hamilton is in attendance at Jerez for the first day of testing. Hamilton had a little taste of how his new car handles on Monday, and seemed happy enough. As for his aspirations for this season, he says: "This year is about one step at a time. Finish the first race, getting on the podium, then trying to win races.

  75. 1200: 

    Not been many long stints by drivers this morning with teams embarking short assessment runs in the main. Mark Webber's 11-lap effort is the longest so far, while Paul Di Resta has had an eight lap outing and he has just jumped to the top of the timesheet with 1m20.3s.


    Adam Smith on Twitter: "Can see this season being all about Fernando Alonso v Sebastian Vettel v Jenson Button. Can't see Lewis Hamilton winning a race, maybe a podium or two."

    Andrew Benson, Chief F1 writer

    "One of the big stories of this week will be Lewis Hamilton's first test with his new Mercedes team. Hamilton drove the car briefly for some filming on Monday but team-mate Nico Rosberg runs on the first day of the test proper, and the two then alternate until the end of the week. Hamilton sounded reasonably optimistic after his first brief taste, though. 'Doesn't feel too bad at all,' he told BBC F1 commentator Ben Edwards. 'Feels like we definitely have some work to do but they're on demo tyres so I can't really get a feel for it.'"

  78. 1207: 

    Caterham launched their new Formula 1 car on Tuesday morning with the modest target of making more progress towards catching the main midfield teams. Read Andrew Benson's piece, with added technical insight from Gary Anderson, on the BBC Sport website.


    Will, via text: "As a follower of Caterham I really hope they can make the step up to the mid tier this year. Although I think Marussia have the potential to improve the most, with the addition of Kers and the influence of Pat Symonds."

  80. 1213: 

    Still no word on how things are coming along in the McLaren garage after Jenson Button's fuel pump issues earlier this morning. The 2009 champion is still the only driver to set a timed lap, and as it stands it is not looking too promising that will happen at all today.

  81. 1220: 

    We have our first sub-1m20s lap of the day people and it goes to French speedster Romain Grosjean who, on the hard compound, flies round the Jerez circuit in 1m19.796s. Lotus topped the timesheet last year on day one of testing, courtesy of Kimi Raikkonen.

  82. 1228: 

    Pretty much all the cars are back in the pits now, with some drivers likely to grab a bite to eat. While there is no break for lunch as such during testing, it an opportune moment to have a breather and a bit of food.

  83. 1230: 

    So at the halfway mark on day one of testing what, if anything, can we read into what we have seen so far? Can we tell who will and who won't be competitive this season? BBC Sport chief F1 writer Andrew Benson is the man to give a bit of insight...

    Andrew Benson, Chief F1 writer

    "All the teams will tell you that it will not be until the qualifying at the first race of the season in Melbourne, Australia, that we first find out the competitive order of the cars. There's an element of truth in that, but still it is possible to glean crucial and reasonably accurate clues from testing. By the end of the 12 days last winter, we'd worked out that the McLaren was the fastest car and Red Bull looked strong, with Lotus and Mercedes not far behind and Ferrari struggling. That's basically how the season started. To establish that, though, requires a lot of ploughing through data. We'll do our best to do that as testing progresses."

  85. 1237: 

    There are just two seats left to to fill before the first race of the season next month - at Force India and Marussia. It sounds like the latter could confirm Max Chilton's team-mate within days. When quizzed by Reuters in Jerez, Marussia team principal John Booth said: "Hopefully this week."


    Graham Wilman on Twitter: "Love the look of the new McLaren just need to sort out reliability issues otherwise it will be another struggle for them."

    Adam Tilt on Twitter: "So McLaren unreliable and Mercedes catching fire. I thought these were supposed to be new cars for 2013."

    Matt Thompson on Twitter: "McLaren still suffering the same reliability problems again, could Lewis Hamilton have made the right move and finish above Jenson Button & Sergio Perez?"

    Have your say on Twitter: #bbcf1, text: 81111 (UK only)

  87. 1250: 

    After a chilly start to the morning, it has warmed up nicely in Jerez with track temperate now 30C and air temperature at 15C. Still bright and sunny. Pastor Maldonado has just enjoyed a lengthy spell out on the circuit but with average lap times around the 1m26s mark, it would suggest he is running on high fuel.


    Chris, via text: "For all the people saying McLaren are suffering the same reliability problems, don't be ridiculous! First day of testing, this is the whole point of the exercise, to iron out problems."

  89. 1301: 

    And it has all gone quiet on the circuit again, looks like the call of tapas and paella has proven too much for some. Wish I could say I had the same to look forward to but alas not. Cheese and onion sandwiches it is.

    Perfect time to round up where we are at the moment though. Here are the five fastest lap times so far: 1 Romain Grosjean (Lotus) 1m19.796s; 2 Paul Di Resta (Force India) 1m20.343s; 3 Daniel Ricciardo (Toro Rosso) 1m20.401s; Nico Rosberg (Mercedes) 1m20.846s; 5 Pastor Maldonado (Williams) 1m20.864s.

  90. 1304: 

    No sooner do I write that and Mark Webber jumps at the chance to get out on a clear track and he whizzes round in his Red Bull to clock 1m20.601s and slot in as fourth fastest.

  91. 1311: 
    Mark Webber

    Mark Webber, the epitome of concentration shortly before clocking that lap just now, anyone fancy having a guess at what is going through the Australian's mind? #bbcf1

  92. 1314: 

    Nico Hulkenberg and Giedo Van der Garde are out racking up some timed laps while Mark Webber has decided to return to the pit lane having earlier been the first to break the afternoon silence in Jerez during a lunchtime lull.

  93. 1318: 

    Just realised it has been a while since I mentioned the Ferrari of Felipe Massa. His best time so far is 1m21.024s - the seventh fastest of the day - and he has certainly had plenty of time out on the circuit, having completed 47 laps. Massa is also testing on Wednesday and Thursday, before Pedro de la Rosa has a run out on Friday.


    Paul Gravestock on Twitter: "Mark Webber is clearly thinking of the important question - which biscuit with my tea?

    Matthew Royce on Twitter: "Mark Webber thoughts. If I just cut his break lines maybe I can be world champion."

    Dan Walker on Twitter: ""Webber thoughts: Where the hell is MY ice-cream button!?" (See earlier Kimi Raikkonen wheel photo for those who have just joined us!)

    Keep your thoughts coming on Twitter: #bbcf1, and text: 81111 (UK only)


    Toro Rosso on Twitter: "No official lunch break in Jerez, but everyone stops for a bite to eat. Definitely no siesta though and Daniel Ricciardo will be out on track again soon."

    Andrew Benson, Chief F1 writer

    "There will have been nervousness up and down the pit lane this first morning of testing, but perhaps nowhere will there have been more anxiety than Ferrari. Last year's first pre-season test at Jerez was a particularly harrowing experience for the Italian team, who discovered that their new car simply did not work properly. Much effort has been invested behind the scenes to ensure the now-notorious inconsistencies between simulation and real data have been eradicated, but team boss Stefano Domenicali was at pains at last week's launch to emphasise that lap times are not important this week; establishing the car works as planned is. Of course, he's covering himself. To a large degree, it's the lap times that tell you that. The red cars will be watched with interest."

  97. 1331: 

    Pleased to say Jenson Button is now back out on the circuit, his first venture out there since his fuel pump packed in on him in the morning. If you are going to have an issue with your car, then the first couple of hours on the first day of testing is the time to do it. Lets see how this afternoon session goes for the McLaren man.


    David, via text: "What is Webber thinking? "Kimi Raikkonen's Jenson button obviously works. So how do I get a Sebastian button?"

  99. 1338: 

    Jenson Button enjoyed two laps just now as he tested the water before making his way back down the pit lane. Still to clock a timed lap, but time for that as long as no further fuel pump problems.

    Andrew Benson, Chief F1 writer

    "The F1 launch and testing season is renowned for the relentless optimism of the teams, but one ambition was more eye-catching than most - the claim by Toro Rosso team boss Franz Tost that the team wanted to finish sixth in the constructors' championship this year. They were ninth in 2012. Technical director James Key, who arrived last summer from Sauber, was asked why the team thought this was possible. "Straight in with a hard one, huh?" he said. "The drive is there. The size of the team and the facilities we have are all towards that sort of level. It's a big step obviously, a big ask, but if we can put ourselves in the mix with the guys just ahead of us last year then there's no reason why we can't challenge for that position. It's possible and it's a great target to have."

  101. 1343: 

    Nico Rosberg's testing time has been cut short as Mercedes confirm there will be no further running from them today. Rosberg, if you remember, came to a halt earlier in the morning with smoke emanating from the rear of his car.

    "After identifying the cause of the problem, we will not be running again today whilst parts are modified ready for tomorrow," Mercedes tweeted. "The part which requires modification is the wiring loom where the electrical fault originated this morning."

    Andrew Benson, Chief F1 writer

    "It is bad news for Mercedes who, after just 11 laps, have ended running for the day. This morning an electrical fault caused a small fire on the car, with Nico Rosberg at the wheel. Now Mercedes say they have identified what caused the problem, which started within the wiring loom, which needs to be modified overnight before the car can run again. Lewis Hamilton is scheduled to get his first proper run in the car on Wednesday."

  103. 1357: 

    Jenson Button popped out for a lap but quickly went back in again while Paul Di Resta, Giedo van der Garde and Daniel Ricciardo are still out there. Van der Garde improves to ninth fastest as he goes round in 1m22.791s.


    Ryan Turner on Twitter: "With Jenson Button being the main man now though, we may see an improvement in performance and consistency. Reliability is the question here."


    Marussia on Twitter: "After a positive morning of Kers installation work, systems work & Max Chilton getting used to the #MR02, it's having a quick once-over and then we'll be back on track for our afternoon session."

  106. 1408: 

    Giedo van der Garde's Caterham gleams under the afternoon sun in Jerez. The Dutchman, 27, was recently promoted to a race seat for the 2013 season.


    Force India on Twitter: "Paul Di Resta is doing some longer runs in the #VJM06 at Jerez this afternoon and assessing the set-up changes made during the lunch break."

  108. 1414: 

    A smattering of fans are in attendance at Jerez to get a glimpse of the 2013 cars. Not much action on the track for them to enjoy, with just Jenson Button out there after Paul Di Resta returned to the pits. The sunny weather will no doubt more than make up for the lack of on-circuit action though...

  109. 1419: 

    So with just Jenson Button left to record a timed lap, here is a run down of what the drivers out there have done so far:

    1 Romain Grosjean (Lotus) 1m19.796s

    2 Paul Di Resta (Force India) 1m20.343s

    3 Daniel Ricciardo (Toro Rosso) 1m20.401s

    4 Mark Webber (Red Bull) 1m20.601s

    5 Nico Rosberg (Mercedes) 1m20.846s

    6 Pastor Maldonado (Williams) 1m20.864s

    7 Felipe Massa (Ferrari) 1m21.024s

    8 Nico Hulkenberg (Sauber) 1m21.464s

    9 Giedo van der Garde (Caterham) 1m22.791s

    10 Max Chilton (Marussia) 1m25.176s

  110. 1422: 

    Jenson Button is back in the pits so the circuit is empty. While it is quiet, it is a good time to catch up with BBC F1 technical analyst Gary Anderson, who has had a look at how all the cars have been performing so far.

    BBC F1 technical analyst Gary Anderson in Jerez

    "It's early days here in Jerez, and I have been out on the track to have a look at the cars and how they're behaving. People are running lots of different fuel loads, and that can have a major effect on the handling of the car, but you can look at general characteristics. Like last year, the Lotus looks good. Romain Grosjean is able to keep the front tucked in nicely on the tricky exit of Turn Two, where the track falls away. If a driver misses his braking point, it can be hard in a tricky car to keep it on line, but the Lotus is going well. Mark Webber appeared to be running a lot of fuel in the Red Bull, which looked cumbersome. The Ferrari looked pretty good and vice-free. The car seemed well planted and Felipe Massa looked committed, which is always a good sign. And overall, I'd say the gap between the front of the grid and further back may well have narrowed."


    Adriano, via text: "Glancing through the launch pics and all the cars are looking good. Ferrari is oh so pretty. But the Sauber... Phwoarr! Like a shark!! One mean looking machine! Performance may be key but there's a lot to be said about style!"

    Had a look at the launch pictures yet? No? For shame. Luckily they are all on the BBC Sport website, so have a gander and let us know which car you think looks the best, via twitter: #bbcf1 and text: 81111 (UK only)

  113. 1434: 

    Excellent insight as always from Gary Anderson, and now we have some movement once again on the Jerez circuit as Paul Di Resta, Nico Hulkenberg, Jenson Button and Daniel Ricciardo all head back out.

  114. 1440: 

    Jenson Button is off the mark! The Briton has clocked his first timed lap of the day with 1m20.848s before shaving two tenths of a second off that time with his next lap. Bit of traffic building, meanwhile, as Max Chilton heads out and ends up behind Paul Di Resta and Chilton's former British F3 team-mate Daniel Ricciardo.

  115. 1443: 

    We have the third red flag incident of the day as Max Chilton, shortly after recording his fastest lap time of the day, goes off at the end of the back straight.

  116. 1449: 

    Max Chilton is in the gravel and we are waiting to see what damage, if any, his Marussia has suffered. The team's mechanics have arrived and are having a look but no sign of the recovery truck just yet.

  117. 1459: 

    Max Chilton is out of his Marussia and on his way back to the pits on a scooter. His car appears to have taken a hit to the right rear, damaging the suspension, and is about to be lifted off the circuit and taken back to the team's garage.

    Marussia tweeted: "After that 'off' we are waiting to get the car back for inspection. More info thereafter."

  118. 1504: 

    Righto we are back under way again after Max Chilton's incident. I'll bring you the latest update regarding the damage to his Marussia as soon as I have it. Felipe Massa is first to head back out, with Pastor Maldonado behind him.


    Sauber F1 on Twitter: "One hour to the end of day one in testing, Nico Hulkenberg has already completed more than 60 laps. Currently working on aero measurements."

  120. 1514: 

    Most drivers have barely stopped for so much as a cheeky biscuit and a cuppa, never mind a decent spot of lunch, but Romain Grosjean has enjoyed a lengthy spell out of the car since midday. The Frenchman topped the timesheet in the morning with 1m19.796s - the only sub-1m20s time so far - and has decided its time to amble back out for another little run in his Lotus.


    Williams F1 on Twitter: "Running continuing here in Jerez with Pastor Maldonado at the wheel - the focus is on tyre testing today."

  122. 1523: 

    Paul Di Resta and Pastor Maldonado have both done the most amount of laps today, 74 and 73 respectively, and their cars are the only two out on the circuit at the moment following Romain Grosjean's brief foray.

    Andrew Benson, Chief F1 writer

    "Gary Anderson says Max Chilton's crash was caused by a rear suspension problem - no more running until further inspection, i.e rig tests."


    Marussia on Twitter: "We've identified an issue with the rear suspension which requires further inspection & so we won't take part in any more running for today. After such a positive start to our test it is disappointing, but this is what testing is for and, most importantly, Max is just fine."

  125. 1527: 

    Felipe Massa is creeping up that timesheet as we enter the latter stages of this testing session. The Ferrari man goes fourth fastest with 1m20.536s as the track starts to busy up with six of the 11 drivers at Jerez now out on the circuit.

  126. 1530: 

    Those quick times are coming thick and fast now as Mark Webber leaps to the top of the timesheet with 1m19.709s while Jenson Button puts his earlier problems behind him by clocking 1m20.081s to slot in third fastest.


    Laura Armstrong on Twitter: "Have been kept amused by #bbcf1 most of the day. Glad to see the Lotus E21 is working well. Afternoon is dragging though."

    Stay strong Laura, not long to go and still just under 30 minutes more testing to enjoy...

  128. 1543: 

    Just over 15 minutes remaining and Mark Webber and Jenson Button are back in the pits after that spell out on the circuit. Webber sits atop the timesheet at the moment, although his average pace was slower than Button's. Webber was in the 1m23s, while Button was averaging 1m21.4s.

  129. 1544: 

    Looks like Pastor Maldonado has finished his running for the day and Williams seem happy enough with how things have gone, tweeting: "Pastor pushes back into the garage here in Jerez. It has turned out quite a nice day in the end!

  130. 1551: 

    Jenson Button returns to the circuit and immediately he storms to the top of the timesheet with 1m18.861s. Will be a nice end to the day for McLaren after a frustrating morning if that stays the same. Still time for someone else to go quicker, mind...


    Alex Withington on Twitter: "Fast but fragile" let's hope that's not the story again for McLaren this year. Fast and solid please..."

    Diesel Driver on Twitter: "Button currently top of the practice times...not bad considering his fuel problem earlier in the day!"

  132. 1557: 

    Just under five minutes left and Jenson Button is back in the pit lane. Job done for the day I'd imagine. I was wrong though about Pastor Maldonado earlier, he is back out there for one last run, along with Romain Grosjean, Paul Di Resta, Giedo van der Garde and Nico Hulkenberg.

  133. 1602: 


  134. 1604: 

    Not all bad in the end for Jenson Button then! Started the day with a fuel pump problem that took a huge chunk out of his testing time but a late, fast lap means he finishes the day top of the timesheet.


    Brian, via text: "McLaren will always sort out problems and be the best. Looks true today as it has been for 50 years."

  136. 1609: 

    1 Jenson Button (McLaren) 1m18.861s 37 laps

    2 Mark Webber (Red Bull) 1m19.709s 73

    3 Romain Grosjean (Lotus) 1m19.796s 54

    4 Paul di Resta (Force India) 1m20.343s 89

    5 Daniel Ricciardo (Toro Rosso) 1m20.401s 70

    6 Felipe Massa (Ferrari) 1m20.536s 64

    7 Nico Hulkenberg (Sauber) 1m20.699s 79

    8 Nico Rosberg (Mercedes) 1m20.846s 11

    9 Pastor Maldonado (Williams) 1m20.864s 84

    10 Giedo van der Garde (Caterham) 1m21.915s 64

    11 Max Chilton (Marussia) 1m24.176s 29


    Darren, via text: "Re: Brian @16:04, I'm an avid McLaren fan but fact is that we haven't been the best for several years. Positive signs today but it's only a fool who underestimates Mr Newey!"

  138. 1623: 

    So while the day finished on a high for Jenson Button and McLaren, it will have been a bit of a frustrating one for Mercedes after Nico Rosberg completed just 11 laps before an electrical fault ended his session. It is Lewis Hamilton's first test run as a Mercedes driver on Wednesday, some cause for concern for the Briton? Or just a minor blip?

    Andrew Benson, Chief F1 writer

    "When the Mercedes appeared on Monday, there's no doubt there was a sense of anti-climax about it. With the possible exception of Lotus, it's the car that appears to have moved forward least from last year. Which, considering Mercedes were up to two seconds off the pace at the end of last season, is not what one might expect. But, prior to Tuesday's first day of testing, team boss Ross Brawn was adamant the team have plenty of reason for optimism. 'This car has taken a good step forward in terms of aerodynamic performance,' he said. 'There are some innovative things on the car and you probably need to look a bit deeper to see them. We are comfortable with the designs and solutions we have come up with but we will see the first signs in the next few weeks and certainly at Melbourne will be the real test of everyone's concepts and innovations.' He added that a new front wing design would appear later on this test and that the team 'have some things that we're quite excited about that will appear before we get to Melbourne.'"

  140. 1630: 

    Well that is all from me after an interesting first day of testing in Jerez. It has been a thoroughly enjoyable eight hours, made all the more fun with interaction from your good selves.

    Live text commentary on day two of testing will be up and running at 0745GMT on Wednesday, so please join me once again to see how Lewis Hamilton's first proper run in a Mercedes pans out. For now, goodbye.

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