Day one of the second pre-season test in Bahrain as it happened

Text commentary as Red Bull's pre-season struggles continue at the second pre-season test in Bahrain.

19 February 2014 Last updated at 05:31 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 14:45: 
    Red Bull

    OK, that is all for today's live text commentary on the first day of the second pre-season test in Bahrain. It has been one of frustration for world champions Red Bull as Sebastian Vettel managed little more than a handful of laps after five hours sitting in the paddock before an unspecified problem brought their testing to a premature end. Surely, surely things will go better for them tomorrow? Join me again 06:00 GMT sharp to find out.

  2. 14:40: 
    Lap times

    1. Nico Hulkenberg (Force India) 1:36.8

    2. Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) 1:37.8

    3. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) 1:37.9

    4. Kevin Magnussen (McLaren) 1:38.2

    5. Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) 1:40.2

    6. Adrian Sutil (Sauber) 1:40.4

    7. Robin Frijns (Caterham) 1:42.5

    8. Daniil Kvyat (Toro Rosso) 1:44.3

    9. Romain Grosjean (Lotus) 1:44.8

    10. Felipe Massa (Williams); Jules Bianchi (Marussia) no time

  3. 14:34: 

    Nico Hulkenberg finishes fastest on the opening day of the second test in Bahrain. Fernando Alonso is second fastest, ahead of Lewis Hamilton.

  4. 14:31: 

    Robin Frijns improves with a 1:42.534 but it looks like Nico Hulkenberg is going to end the first day of the second test top of the pile...

  5. 14:27: 
    Eric Boullier

    It is the first day back at school but in a new uniform for Eric Boullier. The ex-Lotus chief is in attendance in Bahrain in his new role as McLaren racing director and it has been a pleasing day for all concerned at McLaren as Kevin Magnussen impresses again.

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    Chris, via text: The Red Bull appears to be like a wounded animal. The other teams must be smelling blood!

    Angus, via text: I know a lot has been said but the cars are so much more ugly than I had feared. How could this happen? Well done to Adrian Newey for at least making his car look nice (and I'm not a Red Bull fan). The cars are a mockery if themselves and F1 continues its quest to try and find ways to alienate the fans. We need F1 fashion police - Victoria Beckham?

  7. 14:21: 

    Force India's Nico Hulkenberg is back out on the circuit, along with Ferrari's Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa in the Williams. Meanwhile, Kevin Magnussen looks set to finish the day having covered the most distance, as he ticks off his 76th lap.

  8. 14:12: 

    In comes Robin Frijns, and out goes Kevin Magnussen, who clocks 1:40.941. Just under 20 minutes remaining but at the moment, it looks like some drivers might have knocked testing on the head for the day, with just Magnussen out on the circuit.

  9. 14:03: 

    It is not all bad for Renault-powered cars as Robin Frijns breaks the silence and heads back out on to the circuit in the Caterham before clocking 1:42.590 on his 57th lap.

  10. 14:00: 
    Red Bull

    Penny for your thoughts?

  11. 13:57: 

    All quiet on the circuit as Kevin Magnussen, who had been the only driver out there for the last five or 10 minutes, pits. Heading into the final 30 minutes of today's testing.

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    Andrew, via text: Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull are the Barcelona of F1. They are both serial winners and great champions, but because of their superiority and dominance people label them as boring and criticise them for ruining the sport. Nonsense, celebrate and embrace their achievements, they'll not be around forever.

  13. 13:50:  
    Andrew Benson, Chief F1 writer

    "Fernando Alonso finally breaks the Mercedes hegemony at the top of the time sheets with a lap to put him second behind the soft-tyred Force India of Nico Hulkenberg. It's becoming clear that Mercedes and McLaren are both in very good shape but insiders find it difficult to read the Ferrari. The team have not done any long runs yet - and by this stage you would think they would if they could - but the car keeps on popping up close to or at the very top of the time sheets. And it clearly has a very small cooling requirement compared to, say, the Renault. Could this be the year Maranello finally gets it right again?"

  14. 13:47: 

    Hot on the heels of Marussia, Williams make another appearance after a long spell in the garage as Felipe Massa takes to the circuit, with the team reporting a fuel system issue the reason for the delay. Nico Hulkenberg still leads the way at the top of the timesheet, with Fernando Alonso second and Lewis Hamilton third.

  15. 13:44: 

    It has been a while but the Marussia has finally returned to the circuit. Jules Bianchi managed two laps this morning and has just under one hour to rack up some more laps before today's testing comes to an end.

  16. 13:41: 
    Red Bull

    F1 journalist Dan Knutson: "Instead of coming back to the pits in a course car, as drivers often do after their cars stop on track, Sebastian Vettel rode in standing up on the back of the truck with the Red Bull. There was a very evident scorching smell coming from the car as the mechanics unloaded it. Meanwhile, Daniel Ricciardo has been watching the proceedings from inside the Red Bull garage."

    It is not looking good at all for Red Bull as those reliability gremlins that plagued the team at Jerez appear to have clung on to the RB10 and travelled to Bahrain.

  17. 13:38: 

    Fernando Alonso moves into second place on the timesheets as the Ferrari driver clocks 1:37.879. Nico Hulkenberg still leads the way with the 1:36.880 he clocked earlier.

    Get involved

    David Millward: Oh, and what on earth is going on with the Red Bulls?!??

  19. 13:32:  
    Jennie Gow, BBC Radio 5 live pit-lane reporter in Bahrain

    "While Red Bull have at least got out of the garage and managed 13 laps so far, they are clearly still in trouble. The turbo is not kicking in on fire-up in the way it does on other cars, and there is a distinct smell of burning from the car after it has been running - suggesting those overheating problems are far from solved. All the Renault-powered teams seem to be suffering from similar problems, with electrical and software issues blighting their progress. Meanwhile, the word among the teams is that Mercedes and McLaren look in good shape, and Kevin Magnussen is impressing many people up and down the pit lane."

  20. 13:27: 

    The RB10 is back in the Red Bull garage and the session is back under way. Remains to be seen when, or even if, Sebastian Vettel re-emerges. The rear of the car seemed to be causing Vettel some concern as he waited for it to be removed, with possibly a bit of smoke emanating from it.

  21. 13:18: 

    Not sure just yet what has caused the Red Bull to come to a halt. The Toro Rosso came to a stop earlier, with BBC Radio 5 live pitlane reporter Jennie Gow reporting that electrical problems was a cause of Daniil Kvyat's stop.

  22. 13:16: 
    Latest lap times

    1. Nico Hulkenberg (Force India) 1:36.8

    2. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) 1:37.9

    3. Kevin Magnussen (McLaren) 1:38.2

    4. Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) 1:39.6

    5. Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) 1:40.2

    6. Adrian Sutil (Sauber) 1:40.4

    7. Robin Frijns (Caterham) 1:42.9

    8. Daniil Kvyat (Toro Rosso) 1:44.3

    9. Romain Grosjean (Lotus) 1:44.8

  23. 13:12:  
    Jennie Gow, BBC Radio 5 live pit-lane reporter in Bahrain

    "Sebastian Vettel stops on track. Seems like all the Renault teams are finding life a little hard going right now."

  24. 13:11: 

    This time, it is Sebastian Vettel who has stopped...

  25. 13:11: 

    The circuit had just become a hive of activity before the red flag scuppers things once again and cars make their way back to the pits.

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    Dan M: Will be interesting to see if the Red Bull is quick or not. We may not know until the first race. Ferrari looks slow.

  27. 13:07: 

    Sebastian Vettel racks up a personal best as he clocks 1:40.224, the fifth fastest time so far today, before Fernando Alonso, who is back on the circuit for the first time since mid-morning, puts 1:39.628 on the board.

  28. 13:04: 

    The green flag is shown and we are back in action. Nico Hulkenberg, Adrian Sutil, Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel and Kevin Magnussen waste no time in getting back out on to the circuit with 90 minutes remaining.

  29. 13:03: 
    Red Bull

    During this extended pause in proceedings, here is a picture that gives a closer view of the RB10's sharply raked nose, which has been profiled to meet new rules that demand a lower front bulkhead and a significantly lower nose.

    Previously explaining the design, Red Bull's chief technical officer Adrian Newey said: "What you end up is with almost two noses - one that is the main bulk of the nose to the minimum side view height and then almost a bulb sticking out from that. I think there will be a few ungainly noses, which is a shame. To me the aesthetics of an F1 car are important: they should look good and not many owners of these noses could really love them."

  30. 12:57: 

    Evidently I was being a bit presumptuous saying the session should get back under way soon, as testing is still under red flag conditions. Daniil Kvyat's Toro Rosso has been back in the pits for a solid 10 minutes since it came to a stop.

  31. 12:48: 

    Caterham: Update time: 52 laps so far today for Robin Frijns and he's now back in the garage as we make some changes to the car.

  32. 12:47: 

    The Toro Rosso is back in the pits so we should be back under way shortly.

  33. 12:43:  
    Andrew Benson, Chief F1 writer

    "Mercedes have released a great new way to help fans get closer to F1. They have produced an app which gives a 360-degree interactive on-board view of the 2014 F1 car lapping Silverstone. It's also available on the Mercedes website. Well worth checking out."

  34. 12:38: 

    Daniil Kvyat has come to a halt on the circuit in the Toro Rosso, not long after clocking his first timed lap.

  35. 12:35: 

    Third red flag of the day, not sure just yet what it is for.

  36. 12:34: 

    After a brief spell of inactivity on the circuit, Daniil Kvyat breaks the silence and sets his first timed lap in the Toro Rosso with 1:44.346.

  37. 12:30: 
    Red Bull

    After getting a few laps in this afternoon, Red Bull had a 30-minute spell back in the garage, with BBC Radio 5 live reporter Jennie Gow managing to snap a picture before the screens went up. Sebastian Vettel has been back out on the circuit and has 10 laps to his name, 11 away from the amount the team managed in Jerez.

  38. 12:23: 
    Bahrain Grand Prix

    A further comparison, Nico Hulkenberg's best time has pipped the fastest lap set by last year's race winner in Bahrain, Sebastian Vettel.

  39. 12:15: 

    Nico Hulkenberg leaps to the top of the timesheet as he clocks 1:37.155, over 0.7 seconds faster than anyone else so far today. He soon improves even further as he becomes the first to dip below 1:37, posting 1:36.953.

  40. 12:09: 

    Kevin Magnussen is the only person out on the circuit at the moment, with the McLaren man lapping in the 1:42s. Incidentally, reports from pit lane suggest that when there is just one car out on the circuit, you can barely hear the V6 engines once it exits the pitlane.

  41. 12:00: 

    Daniil Kvyat has now joined the fray for an installation lap in the Toro Rosso, meaning all 11 cars have been out on the track at some point today. Kevin Magnussen, Nico Hulkenberg and Robin Frijns are currently out on the circuit as we head into the final two-and-a-half hours left.

  42. 11:56: 
    Red Bull

    F1 journalist Dan Knutson: "Photographers and mechanics swarm around the Red Bull as the car is pushed into the garage after making a rare appearance on track."

  43. 11:54: 
    Latest laps

    1. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) 70 laps

    2. Adrian Sutil (Sauber) 57

    3. Robin Frijns (Caterham) 44

    4. Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) 40

    5. Nico Hulkenberg (Force India) 32

    6. Kevin Magnussen (McLaren) 25

    7. Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull); Romain Grosjean (Lotus) 7

    8. Felipe Massa (Williams) 3

    9. Jules Bianchi (Marussia) 2

    Toro Rosso no laps

  44. 11:49: 

    As our chief F1 writer Andrew Benson mentioned in an earlier entry, the times in this testing session are quite close to those set in first practice for the Bahrain Grand Prix last year. there had been some concerns, certainly after the test in Jerez, that this season's cars would be quite a bit slower than the 2013 equivalents.

  45. 11:42: 

    Sebastian Vettel is back out on the circuit and knocks a couple of seconds off his previous best time of the session as a 1:42.300 moves the reigning world champion into P6.

  46. 11:34: 

    Lewis Hamilton is still out on the same run that saw him clock that earlier benchmark time but since then his times have dropped into the mid 1:40s. He is the only driver out there as he brings up his 64th lap of the day.

    Get involved- 81111

    Jill, via text: Regarding the 10:29 caption competition - "have you tried switching it off and switching it back on again?"

    Chris, via text: Christian Horner practices his evil genius hand rub for post Melbourne press conference.

  48. 11:26:  
    Andrew Benson, Chief F1 writer

    "It's very early days still, but you have to say the Mercedes and the McLaren are looking very impressive so far. Consistently at the top of the times and running generally reliably, both teams look in good shape. Ferrari are also racking up the laps but at this stage Fernando Alonso is nearly three seconds off the pace. Interestingly, Lewis Hamilton is now only 3.5secs off the fastest time set in first practice at last year. That's only a second or so off the margins expected at the first race."

  49. 11:24: 
    Max Chilton

    Max Chilton is not in the Marussia car today but has been participating in some publicity shots behind the scenes. Jules Bianchi is instead behind the wheel but has not had much running today, with the sleek-looking MR03 having managed just two laps so far.

  50. 11:19: 

    Lewis Hamilton returns to the top of the timesheet as he clocks 1:37.908 on his 53rd lap. The Briton's Mercedes is the only car out on the circuit at the moment.

  51. 11:13: 
    Sebastian Vettel

    Sebastian Vettel was a picture of concentration as he sat in the Red Bull shortly before heading out for the RB10's first run in Bahrain. He has just over three hours of track time before the first day of testing comes to an end.

  52. 11:10: 

    Four laps in the bag now for Red Bull, a further 18 will see them surpass the amount they managed during the entire first test at Jerez. Adrian Sutil moves above Fernando Alonso into fourth on the timesheet after posting a 1:40.443.

  53. 11:07: 

    Sebastian Vettel is back out on the track and is swiftly off the mark with a timed effort, clocking 1:45.095. Kevin Magnussen continues to improve at the top of the timesheet as he clocks 1:38.295, the only driver sub 1:39.

    Get involved- #bbcf1

    Dave C: Guys, I have a plan, tell Seb to get his running shoes. What's good enough for Fred Flintstone.......

    Craig Wilde: "I drink my luck potion and get an initiative bonus of..." *rolls dice* "2"

    Matt Claypole: "C'mon mate. You've had two weeks to figure this one out! Is it the red wire or the blue wire?

    The caption competition [relating to 10:29 picture] has captured your imagination. Keep them coming to #bbcf1 or ping a text over on 81111

  55. 10:56: 

    It is just an installation lap for the Red Bull as Sebastian Vettel swiftly returns to the garage.

  56. 10:50: 

    Finally! Red Bull's RB10, glinting under the midday sun, heads out onto the circuit. Now to see if the team's Jerez troubles are behind them...

  57. 10:49: 

    Red Bull: Seb is strapped in and the car is on track. Standby...

  58. 10:48: 

    Red Bull fans, could this be the news you are waiting for...

    Get involved- #bbcf1

    John Houston: How about a caption competition for the Red Bull photo Jennie Gow just posted [10:29]? Christian looks like he's smiling...

    Anyone want to take up John's challenge? I can offer nothing more than the adulation of the #bbcf1 fraternity in return for the best efforts. Send them across to #bbcf1 or text 81111 (UK only).

  60. 10:38:  
    Andrew Benson, Chief F1 writer

    "Some helpful German speakers among my Twitter followers have provided a translation of Sebastian Vettel's humour in the article I referred to earlier [10:07]. He is asked how it's looking, and he replies: "At least I've got my overalls on.' Thanks to @jkoponen1 and @rolfsw."

  61. 10:34: 

    Nico Hulkenberg is back out on the circuit and swiftly records a personal best of 1:39.292 on his 27th lap of the day. Not much between the top three times at the moment as Lewis Hamilton leads the way with 1:39.153, ahead of Kevin Magnussen (1:39.224) and then Hulkenberg.

  62. 10:29:  
    Jennie Gow, BBC Radio 5 live pit-lane reporter in Bahrain
    REd Bull

    Renault and Red Bull summit meeting here in Bahrain.

    Get involved- #bbcf1

    Callum Eakins: You just know Red Bull will come out and lock out the front row in Melbourne. We wouldn't be at all surprised, would we?

  64. 10:26: 
    Adrian Sutil

    Here is Adrian Sutil's Sauber shortly after it had been deposited by the tow truck after his spin. It didn't keep him out of action for too long and the German has completed the most running so far today, with 39 laps.

  65. 10:23:  
    Jennie Gow, BBC Radio 5 live pit-lane reporter in Bahrain

    "Kevin Magnussen has looked right at home in F1 ever since he got behind the wheel of the McLaren for the first time in Jerez last month - and he continues to impress by setting the fastest time of the morning session here in Bahrain. It's easy to forget he's brand new to the sport - until you see him going into the wrong hospitality unit by mistake in the paddock here."

  66. 10:21: 

    Red Bull: Michael Jackson: "You Got Me Workin' Day & Night And I'll Be Workin' From Sun Up To Midnight", currently playing in the garage. Stay tuned.

    Oh we will...

  67. 10:20: 

    Adrian Sutil is back out on the circuit after his earlier spin and soon clocks his best of the day with 1:40.443. Lewis Hamilton is also out there, and he sets the fastest lap of all so far with 1:39.153.

    Get involved- #bbcf1

    Phil: Do red bull have more data than we think? Are they just tricking us with the low test runs? I still think they will dominate!

  69. 10:15: 

    Sebastian Vettel is back in the Red Bull garage. Will we hear the RB10 firing up imminently..?

  70. 10:13: 
    Testing update

    We are midway through the first day of pre-season testing in Bahrain so it seems as good a time as any to provide an update on what has happened so far.

    This main talking point has once again revolved around Red Bull's lack of activity, with Sebastian Vettel yet to make an appearance almost four hours after testing began. In contrast, all is going swimmingly for McLaren and Mercedes, with Kevin Magnussen and Lewis Hamilton first and second on the timesheet respectively.

    Fernando Alonso had an issue early on when white smoke plumed out of his Ferrari, but all seems to be well now, while Lotus provided us with the first public view of their new E22.

  71. 10:07:  
    Andrew Benson, Chief F1 writer

    "Red Bull motorsport chief Helmut Marko has revealed to Germany's Auto Motor Und Sport that the team have taken to Bahrain two different solutions to the overheating problems that were plaguing the team in the first pre-season test. Sebastian Vettel, it adds, says they do not yet know whether they will work. It appears there's a bit of gallows humour from the world champion in the article, too. Unfortunately, my German is not up to a translation - and the usual internet translation sites aren't much help either..."

    Get involved- #bbcf1

    Ewan Armstrong: Are all the Renault powered teams having problems?

    Caterham had problems in Jerez but all has been well for them so far in Bahrain, reserve driver Robin Frijns has just under 30 laps to his name so far today.

  73. 10:01: 
    Williams F1

    F1 journalist Dan Knutson: "The Williams crew left a gap in the screens, giving us this peak at the nose of the FW36. Felipe Massa has done only 3 laps. Meanwhile a couple of team members monitor the other teams from the Williams pit wall."

    Williams F1

  74. 09:57: 

    The circuit is clear and we are up and running again, with Nico Hulkenberg and Robin Frijns immediately out of the pits and on to the circuit.

  75. 09:55: 

    Toro Rosso: Our guys are still working on the DK26 car to be out on track as soon as possible.

  76. 09:52:  
    Andrew Benson, Chief F1 writer

    "It appears Adrian Sutil is still struggling with the braking in the Sauber. F1 cars have brake-by-wire systems this year. To cope with the demands of the more-powerful energy recovery systems, the rear braking/energy-recovery balance is controlled by computer, and Sutil said at the first test that he was struggling to get used to it. He spun twice there - one of them ending in a sizeable shunt - and this incident in Bahrain makes it three."

  77. 09:50: 

    A spin for Adrian Sutil in the Sauber resulted in the red flag coming out and we have a slight delay as his car is recovered.

  78. 09:46:  
    Jennie Gow, BBC Radio 5 live pit-lane reporter in Bahrain

    "An update on Red Bull. I hear that things are looking up in the garage and that they should be out on track in about half an hour or so. Meanwhile, junior team Toro Rosso have confirmed our information that they have been delayed with an oil leak. More worryingly, perhaps, they are also having battery issues. These, you may remember, were one of the problems suffered by the Renault-powered teams in Jerez."

  79. 09:44: 

    Just as Robin Frijns heads out the red flag makes its second appearance of the day.

  80. 09:42: 

    It was a cool morning but things have warmed up considerably in Bahrain, with the track temperature currently 29 degrees Celsius and air temperature 24C as Caterham reserve driver Robin Frijns joins the others out on the circuit. His best time currently stands at 1:44.337.

  81. 09:40: 

    Fernando Alonso and Adrian Sutil join Lewis Hamilton on the circuit. Sutil has been racking up the mileage in the Sauber as he goes round for his 30th lap of the day, more than other driver so far in Bahrain.

  82. 09:35: 
    Sebastian Vettel

    An achingly familiar scene for Sebastian Vettel as he sits outside the Red Bull hospitality building.

    Red Bull had promised to be out soon a good few hours ago. I'm beginning to feel that when it comes to measuring a period of time, their definition of "soon" is frustratingly familiar to that of my wife's.

  83. 09:30: 

    Only the sound of Lewis Hamilton's Mercedes can be heard in Bahrain, with the Briton the only driver out on the track at the moment. The 1.6 turbo engines don't posses the same guttural roar as the V10s and in case you have not heard them yourself, have a listen through a video on the BBC Sport website from the first test.

  84. 09:24:  
    Andrew Benson, Chief F1 writer

    "The first pre-season test in Jerez at the end of January was effectively for the teams to learn how to operate the complex new hybrid turbo engines. Performance did not really come into it. That will begin to change in Bahrain this week, as the teams start to make preparations for the start of the season. Once on top of how the cars work, they can start running through performance set-up work, trying race and qualifying simulations and so on. The complications of the new fuel limit mean making performance comparisons will be more difficult than ever, though."

  85. 09:22: 

    A lack of track time in Jerez was never going to be enough to write off Red Bull's chances of another title this season, given very little can be read into the first test. However, the second test takes on a bit more importance, as our chief f1 writer Andrew Benson expands on...

  86. 09:18: 

    The no show of Red Bull is the dominant subject at the moment, with things having quietened down on the circuit. It has just gone past midday in Bahrain so one or two drivers might be taking the opportunity for a quick bite to eat. Nico Hulkenberg has been out, completed a couple of laps in the 1:40s before returning to the Force India garage.

    Get involved- 81111

    Dan, via text: I think the regulations this year will work to Jenson Button's driving style, really hope he gets some wins this year, he deserves it! Shame Red Bull have been having issues.

    Grant, via text: "I'm hoping Mercedes have the upper hand i would like Lewis Hamilton to dominate to quieten down all those people saying he was foolish leaving McLaren.

    KS, via text: I'm hoping Mercedes will have a strong season however i have a feeling McLaren may be the ones too watch. Especially now Ron Dennis is back in the driving seat.

  88. 09:04: 

    Another update from Red Bull, this time they say the team is still fitting some parts but they have fired up and hope to be on the track shortly. After 180 minutes, we may finally get to see them in the not too distant future.

  89. 09:02: 

    Caterham: We're about 30% of the way through day one at T02 and Robin Frijns stays in the car preparing for run 5. 16 laps on the board so far.

  90. 09:00:  
    Jennie Gow, BBC Radio 5 live pit-lane reporter in Bahrain

    "I hear from a good source that the problem stopping Toro Rosso running is an oil leak. Red Bull are saying nothing official as yet about what is delaying their testing but the last I heard was that they were unlikely to run before 2pm local - that's 11am in the UK. I spotted team principal Christian Horner, Red Bull motorsport boss Helmut Marko and Renault engineering chief Remi Taffin in a summit meeting in the hospitality unit before heading back to the garage. The car has just fired up, but all is clearly not well."

    Get involved- #bbcf1

    Tom: I've got a feeling Williams will come good this year, not title winning but they will be up there again.

    Stui Wilson: Could Ferrari be the dark prancing horses in #F1 this season. They are very quiet in testing, just getting on with it.

    Lisa McMullan: New regulations favour Button's driving style and I would love to see him do well this year.

  92. 08:54: 

    F1 journalist Dan Knutson: "An empty garage is a good sign during testing because it means that the car is out on the track. Lewis Hamilton is clicking off the laps in the Mercedes while the engineers monitor things and a crew member makes sure that the floor is spotless."

  93. 08:52: 

    Nico Hulkenberg is out on a longer run in the Force India and he joins Kevin Magnussen and Lewis Hamilton in dipping below 1.39 with 1:39.923 on the fifth lap of this run.

    Get involved- #bbcf1

    As reliability issues appear to continue to plague Red Bull, who do you think has a realistic chance of ending their, and Sebastian Vettel's, dominance this season? Who are the genuine contenders, and who do you think will be a dark horse this season?

    Let us know via #bbcf1 and text us on 81111 (Uk only).

  95. 08:46: 

    Ears prick up in the paddock as the sound of an engine firing up blasts out from Red Bull garage. Sebastian Vettel is in there, is he out imminently? It seems not, as all goes quiet again. For the time being...

  96. 08:45: 
    Latest lap times

    1. Kevin Magnussen (McLaren) 1:39.266

    2. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) 1:39.573

    3. Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) 1:41.115

    4. Adrian Sutil (Sauber) 1:42.849

    5. Romain Grosjean (Lotus) 1:44.832

    6. Robin Frijns (Caterham) 1:45.238

    7. Nico Hulkenberg (Force India); Felipe Massa (Williams); Jules Bianchi (Marussia)

    No laps completed by Red Bull or Toro Rosso as yet

  97. 08:40: 

    Kevin Magnussen, fastest on his McLaren debut on the third day of the first pre-season test at Jerez, knocks Lewis Hamilton off the top of the timesheet in Bahrain with 1:39.266.

    Get involved- #bbcf1

    John Wahlstrom: Hope to see Lewis back on top! Its been too long. A make or brake year (in my opinion).

  99. 08:33: 

    Back to matters on the track and Lewis Hamilton becomes the first driver to dip below 1:40 as the Mercedes driver is round the sun-soaked Sakhir circuit in 1:39.573, before knocking just over a tenth off that time with his next lap.

  100. 08:30:  
    Jennie Gow, BBC Radio 5 live pit-lane reporter

    "Although Red Bull have tweeted that they will be out 'soon', Sebastian Vettel is sat in the team's hospitality area at the moment. His PA has brought his helmet and gloves over but he does not seem to be in any hurry to move just yet."

  101. 08:28: 
    Sebastian Vettel

    Sebastian Vettel is prepped and ready to go, but is the RB10? Still we wait...

  102. 08:26:  
    Andrew Benson, Chief F1 writer

    "Adrian Newey said: 'It was, you could argue, a result of aggressive packaging but we felt that we needed to take a few risks to try to get a good package that would minimise the aerodynamic damage of this very large cooling requirement. "The Renault seems to have a particularly large cooling requirement. Everybody of the three engine manufacturers will have a different target for how hot their charge air is going back into the plenum and Renault have given us a fairly challenging target. It has all sorts of advantages if we can get there, but it is not easy to achieve.'"

  103. 08:24:  
    Andrew Benson, Chief F1 writer

    "We don't know what has caused the delay to Red Bull running so far on Wednesday, but design chief Adrian Newey gave some revealing insight to Autosport earlier this week. He admitted that while it is well known Renault were clearly not ready, some of the problems in the first test were caused by Red Bull's tight packaging of the rear of the car, but he laid some of the blame on Renault for what he clearly sees as the excessive cooling demands of its new turbo engine - it's noticeable that the Ferrari, in particular, has much smaller air inlets than those on some of the other cars, suggesting its engine does not need as much cooling."

  104. 08:21: 

    F1 journalist Dan Knutson: "Romain Grosjean chats with team members while the Lotus is being worked on in the garage. In the meantime, trackside operations director Alan Permane was spotted nipping back to the team's hospitality unit for a "cuppa."

  105. 08:16: 

    Red Bull: Good morning from a sunny Bahrain. Working hard in the garage at the moment but we'll be out on track soon.

    Some hope, then, that all is ok with the Red Bull. Still, will be interesting to know the reason for the lengthy spell in the garage.

  106. 08:13: 

    Caterham: Run three of day one for Robin Frijns who's sent out for what's planned to be his first longer run of the day.

  107. 08:12: 
    Red Bull

    This was the scene outside the Red Bull garage earlier this morning and the screens remain up at the moment. Meanwhile, on the circuit Caterham reserve Robin Frijns goes fifth fastest as he clocks 1:47.529.

  108. 08:06:  
    Andrew Benson, Chief F1 writer

    "You have to say this is not looking particularly good for Red Bull. They and Renault have had more than two weeks since their disastrous first pre-season test in Jerez to sort out their problems and yet here they are in Bahrain and, two hours into the first day, they have not done any running. Time is ticking by - and every minute they lose in this test could have a very real effect on the way they start the season. They really need to start learning how their car works. There has been no word as yet on what is wrong. The fact that their sister team Toro Rosso have not done any laps either and that Caterham, the third team to use Red Bull's gearbox and energy-recovery system, have done only two could well be a bad sign."

  109. 08:04: 
    Completed laps

    1. Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) 13 laps

    2. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) 11

    3. Adrian Sutil (Sauber) 9

    4. Romain Grosjean (Lotus) 5

    5. Nico Hulkenberg (Force India) 5

    6. Kevin Magnussen (McLaren) 3

    7. Robin Frijns (Caterham); Jules Binachi (Marussia); Felipe Massa (Williams) 2

    Red Bull and Toro Rosso no laps

  110. 07:55: 
    Testing update

    If you have just woken up and having a catch up on how testing has gone so far this morning then let me provide a brief summary.

    After missing the first test at Jerez, Lotus have debuted the E22 and it has been a trouble-free session for the team so far. There was a brief pause in the session as the red flag came out when Fernando Alonso's Ferrari came to a stop early on, but the Spaniard has since been back out on the circuit.

    Meanwhile, we are still waiting to see would champions Red Bull, with 90 minutes of the session completed. Testing today will be extended by 30 minutes after the start was delayed by the same length of time.

  111. 07:50:  
    Andrew Benson, Chief F1 writer

    "There was a bit of consternation in some quarters after the first pre-season test at the huge drop in lap times compared to last season, with the fastest time about five seconds off those set in the same test in 2013. But leading engineers have said that won't last. Jerez was about teams shaking down their cars, and only in the second and third test will major set-up and performance work come into the teams' work. By the first race, the teams believe, the cars will be not much more than two seconds off last year's pace. That will come down further during the year - and some of the deficit is down to the harder tyres Pirelli has produced for this season."

  112. 07:48: 

    Fernando Alonso endured a disrupted start to today's testing as his Ferrari came to a stop on its installation lap, with smoke emanating from the F14 T. It didn't keep him out of action for too long, though, and the Spaniard joins Lewis Hamilton, Adrian Sutil and Romain Grosjean in setting a timed lap as he goes round in 1:41.667.

    Get involved- #bbcf1

    Jacques Villeneuve says Formula 1 has become "artificial" and is in danger of losing the respect of its fans. Do you agree? Have your say via #bbcf1 and text on 81111 (UK only)

    Gellert Szemeti: Villeneuves is right, it's way more interesting to watch a hard fight for 5 laps than an easy overtake :( DRS is so bad.

    Ryan McKane: Did these tweeters watch F1 in the 80s? 150 races, about 10 good overtakes. Winning by mins not secs. I prefer now, artificial or not.

  114. 07:40: 

    So far so good for Lotus and their E22 as Romain Grosjean takes it out and records his first timed lap with 1:47s. The Lotus, I believe, is also the only Renault-powered car to complete a non-installation lap this morning.

  115. 07:32: 

    Lewis Hamilton has got a time on the board for the first time today, clocking 1:41.750, which puts him top of the embryonic timesheet. Still no activity from Red Bull, or their sister team Toro Rosso, with one hour gone. Eyebrow ever so slightly starting to raise.

  116. 07:24: 

    F1 journalist Dan Knutson: "The tiny paddock at Jerez was jammed - with a total of 42 transporters from the teams and engine manufacturers backed up to the pit garages - plus the hospitality units and other support vehicles parked in the paddock.

    "By contrast the Bahrain paddock looks empty as all the shipping crates and containers for this flyaway test are either in the garages or stored outside the paddock. And the teams use the permanent buildings in the paddock (to the right of the palm trees) for their hospitality and engineering rooms."

  117. 07:19: 

    Nico Hulkenberg heads out on to the circuit for an installation lap for Force India, who say their programme this morning involves aero work and constant speed passes. Hulkenberg's return to the pits leaves Lewis Hamilton as the only driver out on the circuit.

  118. 07:13: 

    Here is another shot of the new Lotus heading out this morning, giving a clearer view of the interesting, gaping nose design. Lots of cooing from the journalists and photographers that waved it on its way, but what do you think?

  119. 07:08:  
    Jennie Gow, BBC Radio 5 live pit-lane reporter

    "It can't have been anything major wrong with Fernando Alonso's Ferrari because he has just gone out again with a large 'aero-rake' attached to the back of the car. This is a rig that measures airflow - the team are checking out if the aerodynamics are behaving as simulations suggest they should."

  120. 07:06:  
    Andrew Benson, Chief F1 writer

    "There will be a lot of focus on Renault this morning to see if they have solved the problems that prevented their teams doing any effective running in the first test in Jerez. Renault believe they have sorted the problems they were having with specific components, but are still working on getting those parts to communicate with each other.

    "Renault engineering chief Remi Taffin said: 'If the work we have done for the last weeks is OK, which we think it is, then we should see the difference in Bahrain, with cars out on track and running.' That will allow Renault's teams to 'discover their cars', as Taffin puts it. Which with only eight days of running before flying to the first race, they need to do desperately."

  121. 07:03: 

    All eyes will be not only be on Red Bull but also those cars powered by Renault engines after they managed a collective 151 laps at Jerez, woefully short of Mercedes-powered cars, which racked up almost 900 laps.

    Red Bull, Lotus, Toro Rosso and Caterham are the cars out in Bahrain packed with a Renault engine.

  122. 07:01: 

    It is the Sauber of Adrian Sutil that sets the first timed lap of the day as the German clocks 1:48.71. Still waiting for Red Bull, who completed just 21 laps across the four days of the first test at Jerez, to make an appearance.

  123. 06:56: 

    Kevin Magnussen pops out on to the circuit in the McLaren. The 21-year-old Dane made a promising start to his Formula 1 career by completing 52 laps on his debut as he set the pace on day three of the first test at Jerez.

  124. 06:53:  
    Jennie Gow, BBC Radio 5 live pit-lane reporter

    "Fernando Alonso is now back in the garage in the Ferrari after that stop on the circuit earlier. I suspect he may be staying here a while now as Ferrari investigate what happened to the F14 T."

  125. 06:50: 

    It is pretty quiet on the circuit at the moment, although Lewis Hamilton had ventured out for Mercedes, completed a two-lap run, before returning to the garage.

    Jennie Gow, BBC Radio 5 live pit-lane reporter

    "Not for the first time, a Ferrari has broken down on its installation lap, as tended to happen in Jerez at the end of last month. Fernando Alonso made it into the second sector before stopping on track. At least he got out, though and he has managed to get his car back in to the garage."

    Get involved- #bbcf1

    Jacques Villeneuve says Formula 1 has become "artificial" and is in danger of losing the respect of its fans. Do you agree? Have your say via #bbcf1 and text on 81111 (UK only)

    Paul Avis: Formula one is doing what it has to do to survive in the modern era. Double points though is an idea straight from wacky races.

    Babber Raja: The nature of sport is that the best rise to the top,to manipulate that by creating a lottery is to take away true sporting element.

    Alexandre Lyons: JV is right it's more artificial. DRS being the biggest issue that needs fine tuning, but it has given use some fun racing.

  128. 06:42: 

    Veteran F1 journalist Dan Knutson in Bahrain: "We had been promised a media centre that overlooked the track for this test, but it has not yet been sorted. So we are in the usual media centre at the back of the paddock, which does not have a view of the track. It's much cooler than it usually is at the race here at the moment - the air temperature was only 16.8C five minutes before the start of the session."

  129. 06:40: 

    Caterham: Green light red light green light.

  130. 06:39: 

    Fernando Alonso's Ferrari came to a stop on the circuit on its installation lap but commendably swift work from the marshals, who get the circuit clear quickly and off we go again.

  131. 06:36: 

    Crikey, a matter of minutes into the session and we have our first red flag in Bahrain.

  132. 06:36: 

    Lotus: Time to get this show on the road.

  133. 06:33:  
    Jennie Gow, BBC Radio 5 live pit-lane reporter in Bahrain

    "Hurrah! The pit lane opens after a track inspection and the new Lotus and its twin-tusk nose design head out on to the track, followed by the McLaren, Mercedes, Force India and Ferrari. Testing is go. Only a short spell out for Force India, Lotus and Mercedes, though, as they head straight back in."

  134. 06:32: 
    GO! GO! GO!

    We finally have the green flag and the second pre-season test is finally under way.

    Get involved- #bbcf1

    Karthik R: There is no more wheel to wheel action from the glory days of the 80/90's. The double points makes everything into a lottery and fake.

  136. 06:27: 
    Lotus F1

    Romain Grosjean is sitting patiently in the Lotus behind this screen as teams continue to wait for the track to open.

    Veteran F1 journalist Dan Knutson, who is among those out in Bahrain waiting to see the E22, says: "A bunch of Lotus mechanics have already been spotted headed for the parking lot to leave the circuit. Was it all over for the team? No, that was the night shift leaving - all the teams employ night shifts during testing to ensure they can get through the mountains of work involved, especially at this dawn of a new era of complicated new technical regulations."

  137. 06:24:  
    Jennie Gow, BBC Radio 5 live pit-lane reporter

    "Nothing is happening yet - the track is still closed and there are reports that there are not enough marshals to allow the cars to run. The Lotus, which gets its first public outing today, has fired up and then gone quiet. McLaren are firing up. Ferrari look like they're thinking about it. The sight screens that prevent prying eyes getting a look at sensitive parts of the cars are up in all the garages bar Sauber. It's nice and warm in the sun, but quite windy here at Sakhir."

    Get involved
    Jacques Villeneuve

    As we wait for testing to officially get under way, I'd like to point you in the direction of a story on the BBC Sport website, in which former world champion Jacques Villeneuve says Formula 1 has become "artificial" and is in danger of losing the respect of its fans.

    The 1997 champion criticised the DRS system and the recent decision to award double points in the final race. He also accused those running the sport of creating "a fake show" and also claimed drivers "lack personality" and should speak out against the changes.

    What do you think of Villeneuve's comments? Have your say on Twitter via #bbcf1 or text to 81111 (UK only)

  139. 06:15: 

    Testing was due to get under way at 06:00 GMT but, as Force India has just tweeted, there appears to be some delay. Lotus are itching to get out but the E22's debut will have to wait a little while longer.

  140. 06:09: 

    Force India: Brief delay to the start of the session, we are informed. Just a little more time for some final preparations. Sunny and bright out there!

  141. 06:07:  
    Andrew Benson, Chief F1 writer

    "The new era of F1 has only just started but already there are many tantalising questions. Among the biggest are whether Mercedes will live up to their status as pre-season favourites and whether Renault can get their programme back on track - literally and figuratively - after a disastrous first test. The next four days in Bahrain should give further hints as to how the season might unfold."

  142. 06:05: 
    BBC coverage

    While I am knocking back coffee with alarming speed in the BBC Sport headquarters in Salford to combat this early start, we have people on the ground in Bahrain to provide all the behind-the-scenes chat you could desire. BBC 5 live pitlane reporter Jennie Gow is up and in the paddock, where she will provide regular updates for both on here, and on 5 live. As well as Jennie's input we will also have the usual insight from our chief F1 writer Andrew Benson.

  143. 05:58: 

    We are just a few minutes away from the track opening. Ten of the 11 teams got some track time in the first Jerez test but Bahrain will be the official debut of Lotus' E22, with Romain Grosjean behind the wheel today.

    Lotus did get around 100km completed in their new car in a behind-closed-doors run at filming event at Jerez last week, so they are not stepping completely into the unknown.


    Caterham: In not-earth-shattering news our day in Bahrain has started out with blue skies and a lot of sun, but it's on the chilly side (for now!)

  145. 05:46:  
    Andrew Benson, Chief F1 writer

    "The first pre-season test in Jerez at the end of January was effectively for the teams to learn how to operate the complex new hybrid turbo engines. Performance did not really come into it. That will begin to change in Bahrain this week, as the teams start to make preparations for the start of the season. Once on top of how the cars work, they can start running through performance set-up work, trying race and qualifying simulations and so on. The complications of the new fuel limit mean making performance comparisons will be more difficult than ever, though."

  146. 05:40: 
    Driver line-up

    Red Bull: Sebastian Vettel (19-20 Feb); Daniel Ricciardo (21-22 Feb)

    Mercedes: Lewis Hamilton (19 & 21 Feb); Nico Rosberg (20 & 22 Feb)

    Ferrari: Fernando Alonso (19-20 Feb); Kimi Raikkonen (21-22 Feb)

    Lotus: Romain Grosjean (19-20 Feb); Pastor Maldonado (21-22 Feb)

    McLaren: Kevin Magnussen (19-20 Feb); Jenson Button (21-22 Feb)

    Force India: Nico Hulkenberg (19-20 Feb); Sergio Perez (21-22 Feb)

    Toro Rosso: Daniil Kvyat (19 & 21 Feb); Jean-Eric Vergne (20 & 22 Feb)

    Marussia: Jules Bianchi (19 & 21 Feb); Max Chilton (20 & 22 Feb)

    Caterham: Robin Frijns (19 Feb); Kamui Kobayashi (20 & 22 Feb); Marcus Ericsson (21 Feb)

    Sauber: Adrian Sutil (19 & 22 Feb); Esteban Gutierrez (20 & 21 Feb)

    Williams: Felipe Massa (19 Feb); 20, 21 & 22 TBC

  147. 05:36: 

    Good morning and welcome to the second pre-season test. If Jerez gave us all the opportunity to see the brand spanking new F1 cars in action, this test in Bahrain should give a clearer indication of how the teams are shaping up ahead of the 2014 season, which is less than one month away.

    As alluded to in the my opening entry, Red Bull endured an unexpected test to forget in Spain as Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo spent more time knocking about in the team's motorhome than they did out on the circuit. In contrast, Mercedes and McLaren both had promising first tests, can they build on that in Bahrain?

    First things first, let's have a look at when each driver is out on the circuit over the course of the four days of testing...

  148. 05:30: 
    Red Bull at pre-season testing

    93 kilometres. That is all the Red Bull car managed to travel in four days of pre-season testing last month, little more than a trip from Leeds to Manchester down the M62. The reigning world champions, along with the rest of the Formula 1 grid, are out on the circuit today for the second pre-season test as the opening race of the 2014 season creeps ever closer.

    Can Sebastian Vettel et al get to the bottom of the shiny new RB10's teething problems? Or will the finger inch closer to the panic button? That is what we are here to find out.

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