Wales v Samoa as it happened

Live coverage as Wales lose 26-19 to bogey side Samoa - slumping to their fifth Test defeat in a row in the process

16 November 2012 Last updated at 22:19 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 2210: 

    At least Wales get a week off to nurse their wounds - us keyboard warriors will be right back at it tomorrow.

    Ireland A face Fiji at 17:30 but the big games come before that as England host Australia at Twickenham and Scotland welcome South Africa to Murrayfield, both kicking-off at 14:30.

    You can see the latter live on the BBC, while we've also got highlights of England's game against Australia later on Saturday evening.

    And of course, you can follow it all with me here, live on the BBC Sport website.

    Goodnight for now, and as they say in Wales, let's never play Samoa at rugby again.

  2. 2201: 

    Wales fly-half Rhys Priestland on facing the All Blacks next week: "It's going to be tough - it's the hardest game in world rugby. The boys have got to dig deep and look hard in the mirror, because the last two performances haven't been good enough."

  3. 2200: 

    Interim boss Rob Howley's been getting a lot of stick, but Warren Gatland's back in full-time control next week as his Lions committments come to a temporary halt.

    Sean Edwards explained earlier in the week that Gatland has been in constant contact with the party, but will his full-time presence make a difference?

    I'd love to be a fly on the wall at that first team meeting: "So Warren, we've lost five on the bounce, confidence is a little low and in seven days we face New Zealand. Any suggestions?"

  4. 2159: 

    Wales fly-half Rhys Priestland tells BBC Sport: "At half-time we spoke about playing in their half, not in our half, because they were scrapping hard at the breakdown. We couldn't afford to give away penalties in our own half. We didn't execute that well enough to be honest."


    Rhys Ullah on Twitter: "Shocking by Wales, Rob Howley is giving this side ZERO Energy, ZERO confidence and ZERO Welsh spirit. Calling out for Gatland!.."

  6. 2149: 
    What's next for Wales?

    As Wales captain Ryan Jones says, they've got two of the best sides in the world coming up in the next couple of weeks - good thing the warm-up matches went well...

    Next Saturday, world champions New Zealand are in town, Dan Carter, Richie McCaw et al. Get through that, and then there's "only" Australia to round things off.

    Wales could (will?) lose four from four and find themselves out of the top eight come World Cup draw time in early December. On and off the pitch this could be a bruising month.


    More from Ryan Jones: "It's a lack of confidence. When you come off the back of disappointing results things tend to snowball. But we've really got to draw a line under it.

    "The boys prepared very well, the game plan was spot on - we just didn't execute it. As a squad we've got to take it on the chin. We've got two of the world's best sides coming up - so there's no hiding place."


    Tanj on Twitter: Decision making let the Welsh team down, along with a 'heart-on-sleeve' performance from Samoa, who deserved the win


    Richard Kavanagh on Twitter: "Applaud Samoa but what the hell is going on with Wales. Rob Howley what are you doing. It's not embarrassing it's humiliating."


    More from Wales captain Ryan Jones: "We came second best in quite a few facets of that game. It was a game that slowly slipped away from us and we didn't have enough in the end. But that's not taking anything away from Samoa, who turned up with a physical edge and a gameplan that stopped us playing again.

    "It was similar faults to last week, we played played rugby in the wrong areas, breakdown work wasn't efficient and we didn't get what we wanted from the set-piece."


    Wales captain Ryan Jones, who skippered the side for a record 29th time, on BBC Two Wales: "What could have been the greatest day of my career has turned into one of the worst."


    CZ on Twitter: "NZ are going to destroy Wales, the welsh have been poor at regional and even worse in international."


    Welsh Essex Boy, via text: "Unbelievable, who will Rob Howley blame this week. Last week it was injuries, this week? Not good enough, poor coaching, poor fly half play. We've gone back to the pre Gatland days of kicking everything away, badly!"

    Jonathan Davies, BBC Sport at the Millennium Stadium

    "You cannot say Samoa did not deserve to win. They have been the better side. They had better ball carriers, created the tries and scored the tries.

    "For whatever reason it was a very flat performance again, with no imagination and no deception in the line-outs. And in the last 20 minutes the scrum just disintegrated. The bad news is - the All Blacks are coming to town next Saturday."


    Jen, Aberdare, via text: "I am sorry to say that I don't feel Rob Howley instills confidence and team spirit in this Welsh squad like Warren Gatland. Come back Gatland we need you before we disgrace ourselves even more."


    Paul Humphrey on Twitter: "If Samoa could kick Wales would be stuffed by now. This is embarrassing! Third tier for world cup."

    David Ewiss on Twitter: "Only Wales could go from potential world champions to abject no hopers in the space of a year."

    FULL-TIME- Wales 19-26 Samoa

    Massive win for the men from the South Paficic. Physically they dominated their hosts and tactically they were every bit Wales' equals.

    Hard to find anything positive to say for Wales fans. Thank god it's only New Zealand up next eh?

  18. 78 mins: 
    Wales 19-26 Samoa

    Ninety seconds for Wales. They need a converted try to score - and to be honest they've created hardly any try scoring chances all match.

    Wales hurl themselves forward, but it's like waves lapping against a cliff. Samoa dominate the ruck, win the penalty, this is all over.

  19. 77 mins: 
    TRY- Wales 19-26 Samoa (Leota try, T Pisi missed conversion)

    Not now they haven't. Lemi chips ahead, Halfpenny looks like winning the chase but can't touch down as the ball breaks away from him and Leota follows up to score with a flourish.

  20. 76 mins: 
    MISSED PENALTY- Wales 19-21 Samoa (Tusi missed penalty)

    Penalty Samoa. Wales' scrum looks as though it is made of blancmange at the moment. Samoa devour it with lip-smacking relish.

    Can Pisi make the kick? He looks like he's got cramp and duly misses a simple effort. Big error - Wales still have a chance.

  21. 75 mins: 
    Wales 19-21 Samoa

    Wales are desperate. They attack from their own 22 but can make no headway against the rampaging Samoa defence. Samoa have a scrum on the Wales 22. This could be pivotal.

  22. 72 mins: 
    Wales 19-21 Samoa

    Phillips forces a turnover and Wales counter at pace, but Faletau loses the ball in a tackle from Samoa 10 Pisi. Frustrating - and potentially costly - for the hosts.

    Jonathan Davies, BBC Sport at the Millennium Stadium

    "I think Ryan Jones has played well - but we need some turnovers and get the ball going."

  24. 70 mins: 
    Wales 19-21 Samoa

    Any thoughts of the scalpel have been abandoned in favour of the lump hammer - by both sides. It is not pretty, but it is gripping.

    Both teams have thrown fresh bodies into the fray - Sam Warburton coming on for Jones for Wales - and Samoa are now well on top at the scrum. Replacement prop James Johnston is a one-man wrecking crew in that phase at the moment.


    Myles on Twitter: "Wales seem to have forgotten how to run the ball. Something that's always been a strength. Frustrating!"


    Wales fan, via text: "Where are the Grand Slam winners of last season? I am devastated at this evening's performance, we need more TEAM PLAYING. Come on Wales we can do better than this."

  27. 68 mins: 
    Wales 19-21 Samoa

    Wales try to muscle their way over deep in the Samoa 22, but Faletau spills Phillips' pass, Samoa flood the break-down and Lemi clears with a booming kick.

  28. 66 mins: 
    PENALTY- Wales 19-21 Samoa (Tusi Pisi penalty)

    Gethin Jenkins slumps to the ground at a scrum, up goes the arm from the referee and over goes the penalty from Pisi.

  29. 64 mins: 
    Wales 19-18 Samoa

    Brutal stuff in Cardiff as Samoa hammer away inside the Wales 22. Leota demonstrates the Samoan sidestep as he runs directly into and over the man in front of him.

    Wales defend tigerishly and Roberts smashes Tusi Pisi in the tackle, but Samoa are awarded the put-in at a scrum in front of the posts.

    Jonathan Davies, BBC Sport at the Millennium Stadium

    "It was a very dangerous tackle. It could have been a yellow card and in a game as close as this that decision could be crucial."

  31. 61 mins: 
    PENALTY- Wales 19-18 Samoa (Halfpenny penalty)

    Assistant referee Wayne Barnes indicates a penalty to Wales as Samoa flanker Fa'asavalu's attempted clear out on hooker Owens "slips high".

    On replay that's ugly, Fa'asavalu dragging Owen backwards to the ground by the neck. Not good.

    Halfpenny is right back on the money, Wales in front once again... Feeling confident Wales fans?

  32. 59 mins: 
    MISSED PENALTY- Wales 16-18 (Halfpenny missed penalty)

    It looks as though Wales will go back in front but Halfpenny's kick slides off his instep and drifts just to the right of the posts.

  33. 57 mins: 
    PENALTY- Wales 16-18 (T Pisi penalty)

    Sale centre Johnny Leota comes on for the stricken Williams and makes an immediate impact with a barreling charge up the middle. Wales panic and concede a penalty...

    Tusi Pisi lands it, Samoa back in front, can they hold onto their lead this time?

  34. 55 mins: 
    OUCH!- Wales 16-15

    Paul Williams departs with blood pouring from his face after a clash of heads in a tackle with Roberts. The Wales centre is certainly putting it about today.

  35. 53 mins: 
    Wales 16-15

    Brave tackle from Roberts on Fa'asavalu, but Wales infringe at a ruck and Pisi bangs the penalty deep into Wales territory.

    Jonathan Davies, BBC Sport at the Millennium Stadium

    "What a great finish. Fotuali'i does well to scamper away from the touchline and it's a great support from Pisi."

  37. 48 mins: 
    Wales 16-15 (Halfpenny penalty)

    Wales may not have much to offer at the moment, but Halfpenny's boot is keeping them in the game. Don't infringe, because he will hurt you, as he does from just inside his own half this time.

  38. 46 mins: 
    TRY- Wales 13-15 Samoa (Try George Pisi, missed conversion Tusi Pisi)

    Dazzling try from the visitors. Lemi wins a turnover at a ruck and scrum-half Fotuali'i attacks down the blind-side, takes the contact with the covering Halfpenny on his own terms and feeds the supporting George Pisi.

    The Northampton centre has plenty to do but tip-toes down the toucline, stays in by milimetres and launches a Daley-esque dive to score in spectacular fashion in the corner.

    Brother Tusi cannot convert but Samoa are in front - deservedly, you have to say.

  39. 45 mins: 
    Wales 13-10 Samoa

    Samoa thrust forward like an amorous tortoise at the scrum and win a penalty as Wales collapse.


    Former Wales captain Gareth Thomas on BBC Two Wales: "I want to see Wales come out climbing the walls. You've got to get a crazy atmosphere in the changing room and come out screaming for a physical game of rugby."

    Wales 13-10 Samoa

    Carries by Phillips and Jones get Wales into the Samoa 22, but a knock-on halts their charge. Better from Wales, there's a bit of punch up the middle now.

  42. 41 mins: 
    Wales 13-10 Samoa

    We're back. Wales win an early penalty and Alex Cuthbert thunders into midfield from the line-out. Halfpenny is hit by a swinging arm in a tackle by George Pisi and looks very groggy when he gets back to his feet. Wales continue and at a ruck win the put-in at a scrum.


    Marc Chinnick on Twitter: "I think that Wales will kick on and extend their lead in the second half, after battling hard to get back into the game."

    Paul Humphrey on Twitter: What has happened to Wales? They don't look like they want it."


    Former Wales captain Gareth Thomas on BBC Two Wales: "Wales are extremely fortunate to be ahead. The physicality of the Samoans has shattered Wales. Samoa have come out and stamped their authority."


    Richie Williams on Twitter: "What a run! Good for you Beck on your home debut, that's how you do it!"


    Melissa Wright on Twitter: "Mike Phillips looks to be fizzing with energy, dynamic from the ruck - good to see the Bayonne man back in a red shirt."

    Jonathan Davies, BBC Sport at the Millennium Stadium

    "There are some tired, sore bodies in that Wales team, but that's what it is all about against Samoa. I think Samoa will be desperately unhappy with the scoreline because they have dominated the first half."

  48. HALF-TIME: 
    PENALTY- Wales 13-10 Samoa (Pisi penalty)

    Pisi on target and there's all to play for in the second half.

    Samoa have "dominated" says Jonathan Davies - they've been into Wales' 22 on seven occasion, Wales just the once. But it is Wales that lead - one of union's oddities that.

  49. 39 mins: 
    Wales 13-7 Samoa

    Samoa rumble forward with a drive from a line-out, Ryan Jones infringes by not coming in from the side, Samoa to try and cut the gap to three points.

  50. 36 mins: 
    Wales 13-7 Samoa

    Samoa are back on the attack once again - numbers! says Jiffy on TV. The attack comes to a halt as Biggar is smashed at a ruck by Samoa second row Teofilo Paulo, who comes flying in horizontally but makes contact with his shoulder.

    Blood covers Biggar's face but his shoulder looks to be the bigger issue as he walks disconsolately from the field.

    Jonathan Davies, BBC Sport at the Millennium Stadium

    "Ashley Beck read that exceptionally well. Did Pisi need to throw that pass? I'm not sure. But it was great reading and a great finish."

  52. 32 mins: 
    TRY- Wales 13-7 Samoa (Beck try, Halfpenny conversion)

    Forget gift-wrapped, that came with 20% off and free delivery as well. Tusi Pisi flings out a hopeful pass and Ashley Beck picks off the interception to score his first Wales try.

  53. 30 mins: 
    Wales 6-7 Samoa (Pisi missed penalty)

    Wales back within a point, but from the kick-off Ryan Jones impedes Samoa winger Paul Perez. Can Pisi hit the target? Nope, poor kicks which curls well wide - he's better than that.

  54. 28 mins: 
    PENALTY- Wales 6-7 Samoa (Halfpenny penalty)

    Halfpenny doesn't miss those...

  55. 27 mins: 
    Wales 3-7 Samoa

    Phillips and Halfpenny look lively and the latter wins a penalty as he breaks from his own 22 as Samoa go off their feet at the ruck.

    Wales are getting hammered as they to to carry round the fringes but 6ft 4in Jamie Roberts has more luck in midfield, battering his way through several tackles to win a peanlty as Samoa once again go off their feet at a ruck. Referee Pascal Gauzere tells Samoa captain Lemi that his troops need to cut it out.

  56. 24 mins: 
    Wales 3-7 Samoa

    Terrible pass from Bradley Davies puts Wales in trouble but Biggar's kicks falls kindly for the hosts and they are awarded a scrum as Samoa knock-on.

    Wales look to have got the upper hand at the resulting scrum but Jones breaks early and is penalised. Pisi clears the danger for Samoa from the penalty.

  57. 21 mins: 
    Wales 3-7 Samoa

    Wales lose a line-out and it looks ominous as Fa'asavalu smashes through Biggar, but Wales win a penalty at a ruck inside their own 22. Relief in the stands.

    Jonathan Davies, BBC Sport at the Millennium Stadium

    "I just think Wales are being too nice at the moment. We need to really get stuck into Samoa - you cannot let them be dominant."

  59. 18 mins: 
    Wales 3-7 Samoa

    Wales having some joy now, with Phillips to the fore with a couple of quick taps, but 20-stone Cencus Johnston halts the Wales momentum - and the rotation of the earth - with a big hit on Ryan Jones. Wales lose the battered Richard Hibbard, on comes Ken Owens at hooker.


    Kaczmarek Kaal on Twitter: "Wales looking intimidated...don't blame 'em!"


    Lewis, Hants, via text: "Rushing home from work to see the match, two minutes from home and we're 7-0 down. Wish I'd taken the overtime now."

  62. 15 mins: 
    Wales 3-7 Samoa (Halfpenny penalty)

    Mike Phillips taps and goes from a scrum free-kick, Samoa infringe and the ever relaible Halfpenny bisects the posts.

  63. 13 mins: 
    Wales 0-7 Samoa

    Dan Biggar misses touch with a penalty but when Lemi kicks the ball back, Leigh Halfpenny makes 40m on the counter before Samoa knock-on. Some signs of life from Wales - Samoa have had two thirds of both territory and possession so far.

  64. 11 mins: 
    Wales 0-7 Samoa

    Halfpenny brilliantly takes a high ball and North beats three men as Wales get midway inside Samoa's half, but Maurie Fa'asavalu chops the ball carrier down and Bradley Davies is penalised for side entry.

    Jonathan Davies, BBC Sport at the Millennium Stadium

    "It's another early warning for Wales. They have to get the ball and then it's all about the tempo."

  66. 8 mins: 
    MISSED PENALTY- Wales 0-7 Samoa (missed penalty Pisi)

    Pisi falls short with a long-range penalty attempt. All Samoa at the moment.

  67. 7 mins: 

    George North goes off his feet at a ruck - penalty Samoa. They will go for goal.


    Matt, Blackpool, via text: "I spent seven weeks in Samoa a few years ago and a nicer bunch of people you couldn't hope to meet (and that comes from a Scot)! But there's no way on Earth I'd ever want to meet them on a sports field..."

  69. 2 min: 
    TRY- Wales 0-7 Samoa (Try Autagavaia, Conversion T Pisi)

    What a start from Samoa. Newcastle number eight Taiasina Tui'fua makes the initial break, a big step off the right foot wrong-footing the guard defence around the ruck.

    He thunders 40m but Samoa recyle and crisp passing gives full-back Faatoina Autagavaia the space to cruise over unmarked.

    The ball twice falls over as Tusi Pis waits to convert but with only 10 seconds remaining he replaces it on the tee and then strokes it through the sticks.

  70. 1 min: 

    Tusi Pisi kicks off and George North takes well, Toby Faletau trucks it up and Mike Phillips clears deep. Samoa counter...

  71. 1933: 

    Wales win the anthems, but its a Samoa walkover come the pre-match war dance...


    Alex Bailey on Twitter: "Exciting battle of strong, skilful offloading centres tonight. I tip Pisi to edge Beck tonight."

  73. 1927: 

    Back in the spring Wales were riding high as Grand Slammers, ready to take on the world. Six months and four defeats later, things look very different, as interim boss Rob Howley admits: "We are under pressure - that's what international rugby is about.

    "It's about winning. We didn't perform last weekend and we're looking for a reaction tonight.

    "We have to keep ball because they're a very physical side and uncompromising in the contact area. If we can keep ball and go through the phases we feel we will be in good shape."


    Wales fly-half Dan Biggar, promoted to Rob Howley's starting XV for tonight's game, on BBC Two Wales: "It's not just an opportunity for me, it's an opportunity to put Welsh rugby back on the right track after last weekend."


    JJ, Swansea, via text: "I'm still stunned by the loss against Argentina last weekend considering the number of quality players we have - North, Lydiate, Roberts, Halfpenny...(I could go on). They just need to play as a team and we should have these Samoans."


    Alex Boutchier on Twitter: "Prepare to watch the PISI SHOW!! Brilliant every week for Saints....AT LEAST a couple of tries and some Welsh humiliation."

  77. 1923: 

    Samoa have players with top-level experience right throughout their squad. They have brought together men from four continents - Oceania, Asia, Europe and Africa - for this tour and 20-year-old Robert Lilomaiava is the only Samoa-based player in the squad for tonight's match.


    Wales captain Ryan Jones, who skippers the side for a record 29th time, on BBC Two Wales: "It's going to be a special day and probably a bit emotional too."

  79. 1918: 

    The big call for Wales is the selection of Justin Tipuric on the open-side flanker in place of captain Sam Warburton. Was Warburton dropped or is he being rested? Either way Tipuric's been in great form and there's been lots of pressure to give him a run.

    Warburton's demotion means Ryan Jones becomes the man to captain Wales on most occasions, breaking the 28-match record he held jointly with Ieuan Evans, who led the side when they were beaten by Samoa in Cardiff during the 1991 World Cup.

    Incidentally, Evans said: "That day was probably the worst I ever felt as a Wales player. As captain, leading my country, I felt the responsibility greater than most.

    "It was awful, horrible, something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy."

  80. 1914: 
    Here are the teams:

    Wales: L Halfpenny (Cardiff Blues); A Cuthbert (Cardiff Blues), A Beck (Ospreys), J Roberts (Cardiff Blues), G North (Scarlets); D Biggar (Ospreys), M Phillips (Bayonne); P James (Bath), R Hibbard (Ospreys), A Jarvis (Ospreys), B Davies (Cardiff Blues), I Evans (Ospreys), R Jones (capt), J Tipuric (Ospreys), T Faletau (Newport Gwent Dragons).

    Replacements: K Owens (Scarlets), G Jenkins (Toulon), S Andrews (Cardiff Blues), L Charteris (Perpignan), S Warburton (Cardiff Blues), T Knoyle (Scarlets), R Priestland (Scarlets), S Williams (Scarlets).

    Samoa: F Autagavaia (Northland); P Perez (Eastern Province), G Pisi (Northampton), P Williams (Stade Francais), D Lemi (Worcester, captain); T Pisi (Suntory), K Fotuali'i (Ospreys); S Taulafo (Wasps), O Avei (Bordeaux-Begles), C Johnston (Toulouse), D Leo (Perpignan), T Paulo (North Harbour), O Treviranus (London Irish), M Fa'asavalu (Harlequins), T Tuifua (Newcastle).

    Replacements: T Paulo (Clermont Auvergne), V Afatia (Agen), J Johnston (Harlequins), F Lemalu (Mont de Marsan), T Fomai (Hawke's Bay), J Su'a (Tasman), J Leota (Sale), R Lilomaiava (Laulii).


    Former Wales captain Gareth Thomas at the Millennium Stadium: "It wasn't just that Wales lost against Argentina, it was the manner of the defeat. This team expects a lot more than that."

    Jonathan Davies, BBC Sport at the Millennium Stadium

    "Tonight is about getting some confidence back [after the defeat against Argentina]. Forget the world rankings, forget the World Cup, forget the All Blacks and Australia, this is a game they have to win. They know they cannot afford to play badly again."

  83. 1911: 

    Want to see your name in lights? Then tweet us at #bbcrugby or text us on 8111 - make sure to include your name if you text - and if our man JJ is sufficiently impressed then we'll put it up.

  84. 1907: 
    And what of Samoa?

    Samoa play sledgehammer rugby. Big men smashing away at things, with and without the ball, and all done at pace as well.

    That's not to say they're lacking in skill. Centres Paul Williams and George Pisi are both fine footballers and half-backs Tusi Pisi and Kahn Fotuali'i are top-class players.

    Their weakness is a lack of cohesion in the tight phases of the game - much of it caused by lack of preparation time - but they've been together for a couple of weeks now and have world class forwards in the shape of 20-stone Toulouse prop Census Johnston and Harlequins flanker Maurie Fa'asavalu.

  85. 1902: 
    What can we expect style wise?

    Over the past couple of years Wales have added backline power to their traditional skilful, pacy approach, but against Argentina they were far too east-to-west, with far too little north-to-south punch up the middle to get them going forwards.

    They have to find more penetration to get them over the gainline before going wide and will be mightily relieved that big midfield ball carrier Jamie Roberts has recovered from mild concussion to play.

    They'll expect to have control, even dominance, in the scrum and line-out, but try to go wide without earning the right against Samoa and prepare to get smashed back at every opportunity.

  86. 1855: 

    On a per capita basis Samoans must be the finest collision sportsmen on the planet. Watch rugby union, rugby league or American Football and Samoans, or people with Samoan heritage, will be centre stage.

    But it is rugby union that is the closest to the heart of the Samoan people and another win over the Welsh would see them dancing in the streets of Apia tonight.

    For an island of 200,000 people and a disapora of little more than that around the world, mostly in New Zealand, Samoan rugby clearly punches well above its weight.


    Rhodri Lewis on Twitter: "Wales to win by 30 points! Biggar will show what he can do!"

    Harry Morris on Twitter: "It could be the only one we can win, it's a must win! 27-12 to Wales."

    Dafydd Miles on Twitter: "Looking forward to Wales v Samoa, though feeling pessimistic."


    Injured Wales captain Alun Wyn Jones on Twitter: "Best of luck to Wales tonight and congrats to Ryan Jones!"

  89. 1848: 

    "Thank god they weren't playing the whole of Samoa." It remains one of rugby's favourite punchlines, 21 years after the then Western Samoa beat Wales in Cardiff in the group stages of the 1991 World Cup.

    Eight years later, and now renamed Manu Samoa, they beat Wales again at the 1999 World Cup to ensure that every time they hear the Pacific Island's name, Wales fans shiver with apprehension.

    Kick-off's just over half an hour away - any Welsh fans feeling a few pre-match nerves out there?

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