Autumn internationals as they happened

New Zealand defeat Wales 33-10, while England lose to South Africa, Tonga stun Scotland and Ireland beat Argentina.

24 November 2012 Last updated at 19:35 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 1932: 

    Time for us to say goodbye after a marathon afternoon of international rugby. If you pick up the remote and tune into BBC Three you'll be able to watch highlights of England's match against South Africa. Look away now if you don't that doesn't quite work, does it. Thanks, as always, for your contributions. More of the same next week when we'll merely have two internationals: Wales take on Australia, while England host New Zealand. Cheerio.

    Jonathan Davies, BBC Sport at the Millennium Stadium

    "Wales have to get something out of this autumn. They made a lot of errors in the first half here and were put away. If they do the same against Australia then I think they will suffer the same result next week."


    Wales head coach Warren Gatland: "We are disappointed by that first half, but a lesser team might have thrown in the towel against the world champions. I think we grew into the game and I was proud of the way they took the game to the All Blacks.

    "That was how we planned to play in the first half. You have to take some risks against the All Blacks, but it doesn't help when you kick two of those penalties dead.

    "I haven't had a good look at the incident involving Bradley Davies but I think he has been hit from behind. We are taking him to hospital, he doesn't know exactly where he is right now."

  4. 1929: 
    IRB rankings

    France came back to beat Samoa 22-14 which means Wales retain their spot in the top eight of the world rankings. Gatland's men move up a place to seventh despite this evening's defeat. Samoa jump to eighth, knocking Argentina into ninth place, while Ireland are sixth after a wonderful display against the Pumas earlier this afternoon.


    andyrees on Twitter: "What more does #RhysPriestland need to do (or not do) to get dropped? Am actually surprised when he gets something right."

    Austin Gayer on Twitter: "Have you ever seen a Kiwi celebrating a conciliation try?"

    Becky Willis on Twitter: "Nice to see the All Blacks getting it done. England, you need to go back to rugby school."


    Wales prop Adam Jones, who missed the match through injury, on BBC One: "The southern hemisphere is a step up from the Test rugby you normally play. And then you find that the All Blacks is another step up from that again."

  7. 1922: 

    The World Champions have been billed as the best team to have played the game and as cold-bloodedly ruthless as they were against the European Champions, there was always a sense the All Blacks had plenty left in the tank. Relentless in attack, remorseless at the breakdown, impervious in defence. Impressive stuff.


    New Zealand head coach Steve Hansen: "Our first fifty minutes was very pleasing, I'm not sure why Wales did not want to take their points, I'm sure that is something that they will talk about after. Maybe they didn't feel they had to against us? You will have to ask the Messiah himself why he didn't take the points.

    "We had Cory Jane put in the bin in the second half and maybe we kicked the ball a little too much and allowed them to come back at us."

  9. 1915: 

    Wales form a guard of honour and applaud their ferocious opponents from the field. The Millennium Stadium quickly empties. The majority of supporters probably heading towards the nearest public house in a bid to forget that this year's Grand Slam champions have now lost six Test matches on the trot.

    Jeremy Guscott, BBC Sport at the Millennium Stadium

    "That result shows you the gulf that still exists between the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere when the Grand Slam winners in the Six Nations are treated to such a beating."


    New Zealand skipper and man of the match Richie McCaw: "Wales never gave up. We had to defend in the second half, the momentum swings about, but to win by 23 points in a place like this is a great result. It was a reasonable performance but perhaps we did not treasure the ball as much as we could have. We will have to get over this afternoon, but we would be disappointed to go to Twickenham next week and not put in a big performance."


    Former Wales flanker Martyn Williams: "We have to take the positives from this performance ahead of the game against Australia next weekend. We may have lost by 23 points but it was a vastly improved performance."

  13. 80 mins: 
    FULL-TIME- Wales 10-33 New Zealand

    Cuthbert's dazzling dash proves to be Wales's final hurrah. New Zealand scrum. There's no budging the All Black pack no matter how many blood vessels the Wales forwards pop in trying to dislodge their opponents. All Blacks retain possession and boot the ball which they have treasured into the stands, allowing Craig Joubert to bring a breathless second half to a conclusion.

  14. 78mins: 
    Wales 10-33 New Zealand

    Cuthbert seamlessly moves through the gears, showing the pace of a Jamaican sprinter. He dashes down the right touchline, sees there's no way beyond Israel Dagg so throws the ball blindly over his shoulder. It's a Welsh line-out, though.

    Jonathan Davies, BBC Sport at the Millennium Stadium

    "That was good handling and passing there from Wales. They put a lot of pressure on the New Zealand line, sucked in the last defender and Cuthbert finished off a well-worked try."

  16. 76mins: 
    TRY (Alex Cuthbert)- Wales 10-33 New Zealand

    Tavis Knoyle, you guessed it, takes a quick penalty. Wales are patient. They recycle, spin it wide, the ball moves from Scott Williams to his namesake Liam, who then quickly releases the clinical Cuthbert and the winger dives over in the corner. Halfpenny fails with the difficult conversion.

  17. 74 mins: 
    Wales 5-33 New Zealand

    The wily All Blacks slow down the ball just as a few Wales fans were preparing to head towards the edge of their seats. Wales, though, work it from right to left, before referee Craig Joubert blows his whistle for a New Zealand infringement in the tackle.

  18. 72 mins: 
    Wales 5-33 New Zealand

    New Zealand boot into Wales's 22, immediately putting pressure on Halfpenny as a herd of galloping All Blacks head his way. Wales slowly but surely working their way towards halfway. A cute kick from Jonathan Davies... Israel Dagg under pressure... and Wales take a quick penalty...

  19. 70 mins: 
    Wales 5-33 New Zealand

    Cory Jane returns to the field. Wales have added, er, zero points to the scoreboard since the winger was sent from the field. That will teach you, Mr Jane. Ken Owens finds Shingler in the line-out. Quick ball for Wales. Cuthbert stretches his legs, but the men in red are pushed into touch.


    Ben in Southampton via text: "How many times can you be 33 points down but still say the defense has been great? Wales just need to mature and cut out mistakes and we will be back to form soon."


    Mudandroutes on Twitter: "Wales v NZ - far too gruesome - decided to watch Evil Dead in the dark with headphones on instead of last 20 mins."

    Jonathan Davies, BBC Sport at the Millennium Stadium

    "No-one likes coming one at 33-5 down but I think James Hook is playing well for Perpignan and this is a chance for him to stake a claim to the number 10 jersey."

  23. 67 mins: 
    Wales 5-33 New Zealand

    The New Zealand eight making Wales's backpedalling scrum look like a pod of drowsy hippopotamuses. New Zealand inch towards the posts but magnificent work from Sam Warburton - who snuffles the ball by going over the top of the ruck to earn his team a penalty. Priestland kicks for touch and that will be his last contribution as he is replaced by James Hook.

  24. 65mins: 
    Wales 5-33 New Zealand

    The New Zealand scrum as solid and effective as ever, giving captain Kieran Read the opportunity to barge through would-be tacklers. The All Blacks can sniff the whitewash but Liam Meesam is penalised for a double movement and play is brought back for an earlier Wales penalty. New Zealand, unsurprisingly, opt for another scrum.

  25. 63mins: 
    Wales 5-33 New Zealand

    For all of Wales's enthusiasm it is New Zealand, with merely 14 men, who are the more potent with the ball. Debutant Liam Williams fumbles and the ferocious All Blacks have a scrum 10m from the Wales line. Ken Owens replaces Matthew Rees.

  26. 61 mins: 
    Wales 5-33 New Zealand

    The Cardiff faithful tunefully asking their team to feed them until they want no more. Wales seem to have refilled their batteries in the last 15 minutes or so.


    PeteDeBoo on Twitter: "Maybe my favourite international try I've ever seen scored."

    Malcom Harvey on Twitter: "I've never seen a 15 man line out before. That was... inventive!"

    Adam Powers on Twitter: "Great tactics from Wales, that was like something out of the Longest Yard."

  28. 59 mins: 
    SIN BIN (Cory Jane)- Wales 5-33 New Zealand

    Wales enjoying the majority of possession, and the pendulum is gradually swinging their way as wing Cory Jane is told to take a breather for a deliberate knock on when Halfpenny was about to set Liam Williams free.

    Jonathan Davies, BBC Sport at the Millennium Stadium

    "That is the first time I have ever seen that done!"

  30. 56 mins: 
    TRY (Scott Williams)- Wales 5-33 New Zealand

    Huge cheers for Priestland as he finds touch. Oh the irony. Rather bizarrely Wales opt to have 14 players in the line-out. Quirky, but it works as Scott Williams bashes through with the help of his, er, 15 friends. Halfpenny, though, misses the conversion. Could be crucial. Ha! Only joking.

  31. 54 mins: 
    Wales 0-33 New Zealand

    Paul James, battered, bruised, shattered, limps from the field and is replaced by the experienced Gethin Jenkins. Mike Phillips also departs, making way for Tavis Knoyel, and Wales attack with verve. Unseen impetus inside the All Black 22. Davies pops the ball to Williams, but it all comes to nothint - nadda - as Cuthbert is penalised for obstruction.


    Josh G Danha on Twitter: "There are all other rugby playing countries then there is New Zealand showing them how to play."

  33. 54 mins: 
    Wales 0-33 New Zealand

    Sam Warburton looks up, sees a wall of black in front of him, but the Cardiff Blues flanker still barges through with the carefree enthusiasm of a crash test dummy. Wales work themselves into a promising position, but the All Black defence is impenetrable and the attack comes to nothing.

    Eddie Butler, BBC Sport at the Millennium Stadium

    "That is the impressive thing about the All Blacks - they may be 33 points up but the nil is also important to them."


    SaidMadrid on Twitter: "Relentless All Blacks are hammering Wales with class. These lads are not just playing rugby but enjoying it."

  36. 51 mins: 
    Wales 0-33 New Zealand

    Thirty minutes remaining. Zero points on the board for Gatland and co. Mike Phillips takes a quick tap-penalty, giving Wales momentum. The crowd encourage their men forward. Halfpenny probes, Matthew Rees attempts to barge through.

    Jonathan Davies, BBC Sport at the Millennium Stadium

    "Wales commit too many men to the ruck and the defence is too narrow. They have enough bodies to deal with the attack, but they are taken out with a single mis-pass."

  38. 48 mins: 
    TRY (Luke Romano)- Wales 0-33 New Zealand

    Gatland's men don't seem to be playing too badly but these All Blacks are making the men in red look like wide-eyed apprentices. Another foray into opposition territory, Savea cannily spins it wide and Luke Romano, the lock, is on the wing, diving over. The tricky touchline conversion proves to be of little trouble to the magnificent Cruden.

  39. 47 mins: 
    Wales 0-26 New Zealand

    Wales's attack comes to nothing and Gatland's men seem a shadow of the side which dazzled at the World Cup and this year's Six Nations. Aaron Cruden fumbles the ball when in promising position. Gatland's men can breathe easily, although...

  40. 45 mins: 
    Wales 0-26 New Zealand

    The All Blacks seem content to boot the ball into Welsh territory, The men in red are gifted a penalty, Mike Phillips takes it quickly, they move the ball wide... Faletau gains territory, as does Cuthbert... Wales a whisker outside New Zealand's 22.


    Phil Donoghue, a very angry coach of youth rugby, via text: "The cheap shots are not acceptable, blood up or not. Hore should be off the field. The sooner the TMO can advise the ref after an incident like that, then perhaps the All Blacks might stop this sort of stuff. Serious foul play has not affected them at all and it should do."


    Rosa Boyce on Twitter: "Elementary mistakes by Wales so far but at least they seem to want this match more than the last two games! Points please Wales!"

  43. 42 mins: 
    PENALTY (Cruden)- Wales 0-26 New Zealand

    Simple. No-frills. Effective. That was the story of the All Black first-half. Momentum continues to swing their way as Paul James collapses the scrum illegally, allowing Cruden to step up and do his thing - which seems to be making us all forget that Dan Carter is the All Blacks' first-choice outside-half. A 100% record so far for the fly-half.

    Jeremy Guscott, BBC Sport at the Millennium Stadium

    "When you compare the speed of the ball that is being served up to Mike Phillips compared to his All Black opposite number Aaron Smith you can see the difference that make to the speed that the backs have coming on to it."


    Wales prop Adam Jones, missing the game through injury, on BBC Two: "Warren Gatland will have told the boys to keep hold of the ball and to concentrate on the basics that we have been drilled on since he took charge of us."

  46. 40 mins: 
    Wales 0-23 New Zealand

    The teams trot back onto the pitch. The peerless Aaron Cruden gets the second half under way. By the way, Samoa are leading France 14-10, which could be a blow to Wales's hopes of finishing in the top eight of the world rankings.

    Jeremy Guscott, BBC Sport at the Millennium Stadium

    "The blood is up at the start of the match but Andrew Hore will be dealt with appropriately. He be banned for six or seven games. It will be a big ban because they were lenient on Adam Thomson who got away with one in the game against Scotland."


    Former All Black Zinzan Brooke on BBC Two discussing Bradley Davies injury: "Andrew Hore was bang out of order there. It is unacceptable and there is no place in the game for that."


    Former Wales flanker Martyn Williams: "I think Wales have played well but Aaron Cruden has kicked everything. I can't believe we did not kick the early points just to get ourselves on the board. We don't want to offer excuses, but those injuries caused a lot of disruption."

  50. 40 mins: 
    HALF-TIME- Wales 0-23 New Zealand

    A sharp shrill from referee Craig Joubert's whistle immediately follows Cruden's conversion and Wales are at the bottom of the hill while their opponents are atop the mountain, joyously waving a silver fern.

    Jonathan Davies, BBC Sport at the Millennium Stadium

    "Wales defended in two pods off the lineout and the gap just opened up for Woodcock to burrow over. There has been nothing in the game really but the All Blacks have created two opportunities, taken both and suddenly Wales are starting down the barrel."

    Eddie Butler, BBC Sport at the Millennium Stadium

    "That score may well have taken the game away from Wales."

  53. 39 mins: 
    TRY (Woodcock)- Wales 0-23 New Zealand

    Cruden finds touch 5m from the line, his jumpers do their job, giving Tony Woodcock an untroubled stroll to the line. Cruden converts.

  54. 38 mins: 
    Wales 0-16 New Zealand

    Luke Charteris - who has missed just five of 70 tackles in the T14 this season - leaps high and securely grabs the ball. Wales opt for touch, which gives New Zealand possession and, in a blink of an eye, they on the attack and have earned a penalty.


    Former Wales flanker Martyn Williams on BBC Two: "There is an argument that this is a vastly improved performance from the last couple of weeks from Wales. I think the difference between the two sides is the number of passes made by the forwards. Wales are going in in ones and twos while New Zealand are looking to get the ball away from the breakdown at every opportunity. I would like to see us put more width on it."

  56. 35 mins: 
    Wales 0-16 New Zealand

    Non-nonsense stuff from New Zealand in the scrum. Solid platform and Cruden boots it down Halfpenny's throat. The full-back is as reliable as ever, opts of the up-and-under... bit of ping-pong until a cute grubber has Wales needing to hold on to their own line-out 10m from their line.


    David Westgarth on Twitter: "The Rhys Priestland honeymoon period is well and truly over."

  58. 32 mins: 
    Wales 0-16 New Zealand

    Marvellous play from Jonathan Davies who side-steps beyond two All Black defenders. His coruscating run takes Wales from inside their own 22 into All Black territory. The centre feeds the supporting Liam Williams, but all the promise comes to nothing as Paul James spills the ball. But, hang on, the All Blacks are penalised for hanging on in the tackle... Priestland goes for touch... and he fails.

  59. 31 mins: 
    Wales 0-16 New Zealand

    Sight of Aaron Jarvis on crutches as he joins his team-mates on the sidelines. Toby Faletau takes advantage of a honeyed platform from the scrum and the men in red attempt to bully their way through... until the ball slips from Priestland's grasp.


    Jordan King on Twitter: "You've got to feel for Aaron Cruden being in the same era as Carter. He would walk into any other international team at the moment."

    Jonathan Davies, BBC Sport at the Millennium Stadium

    "The missed tackles at the start from Liam Williams and Leigh Halfpenny on Israel Dagg deep in the New Zealand half means that there is danger straight away and the All Blacks move the ball across the line, no mis-passes, committing every defender to work the space for Messam,"

  62. 26 mins: 
    TRY (Liam Messam)- Wales 0-16 New Zealand

    That's ruthless efficiency from the All Blacks. Wales allow Israel Dagg to wriggle free from inside his own half - and that proved to be decisive as Savea dashed ahead. New Zealand work it out to the wings, allowing flanker Messam to stroll over. Cruden boots the touchline conversion.

  63. 24 mins: 

    Leigh Halfpenny attacks, Liam Williams supports and Wales patiently recycle. Priestland opts for the up and under for Halfpenny to chase but the ball drops to Israel Dagg, who releases Julian Savea and the winger gallops ahead...

    Jonathan Davies, BBC Sport at the Millennium Stadium

    "At the moment I feel that the All Blacks are winning the aerial battle. If they don't claim it in the air they are first to the loose ball."

  65. 23 mins: 
    PENALTY- Wales 0-9 New Zealand (Cruden)

    Cruden bisects the posts, as accurate as the Prince of Thieves, and the visitors nudge ahead.


    Scott Wilson on Twitter: "Why do teams kick ball at the All Blacks back 3 they will always counter attack, don't give them running ball!"

  67. 22 mins: 

    Wales's line-out steady, Mike Phillips darting around the fringes... but New Zealand turnover ball and Ma'a Nonu explodes into action. And Wales concede another penalty at the breakdown. Sam Warburton not releasing, although a cacophony of boos greet that decision as the captain wasn't the tackler.

    Eddie Butler, BBC Sport at the Millennium Stadium

    "There is an all-Scarlets midfield in place for Wales now with Scott Williams on for Jamie Roberts and playing at inside centre in between his team-mates Rhys Priestland and Jonathan Davies."

  69. 18 mins: 
    PENALTY (Cruden)- Wales 0-6 New Zealand

    Leigh Halfpenny (possibly) penalised for being in front of the kicker and Cruden's effort just about has enough oomph to go over. A bruised Jamie Roberts departs the pitch and on comes Scott Williams, Wales's third replacement of the evening. The Welsh treatment room looking like an A&E ward.

  70. 17 mins: 
    Wales 0-3 New Zealand

    Wales's tactic seems to be to kick the ball deep into New Zealand territory, challenging the World Champions to attack from within their own 22. The All Blacks, though, always seem to have plenty of options and are also happy to opt for the up-and-under... groans from the Cardiff faithful as Scarlets wing Liam Williams fumbles the high ball.

    Jonathan Davies, BBC Sport at the Millennium Stadium

    "That will give Liam Williams plenty of confidence. He committed to the tackle and absolutely nailed Israel Dagg."

  72. 14 mins: 
    Wales 0-3 New Zealand

    Oof! A bone-crunching tackle from debutant Liam Williams. George North who? Wales's scrum looks solid, but the hosts concede a free kick and the black shirts attack... Conrad Smith creating space for Julian Savea, who is forcibly ejected into touch by Leigh Halfpenny with the try line within sight

  73. 12 mins: 
    Wales 0-3 New Zealand

    Jamie Roberts knocks it on. Conrad Smith barges past Jonathan Davies. The All Blacks spin it wide before Cruden chips over the defence and Alex Cuthbert grabs the ball in the air, giving the visitors line-out in opposition territory. The wing could have left that bobble into touch and it probably would have been Wales ball.

  74. 9 mins: 
    PENALTY- Wales 0-3 New Zealand

    First glimpse of Aaron Cruden in possession and Carter's replacement has a few neat touches in midfield. The outside-half is then given a chance at goal when Wales are penalised in the tackle area and the 23-year-old is as accurate as the man whose boots he's trying to fill.


    Former Wales flanker Martyn Willams on BBC Two: "With no specialist second row on the bench that injury to Bradley Davies was precisely what Wales did not need. It seems that Ryan Jones has stepped up to the plate and come in at lock. Aaron Shingler who has come on is very athletic and this is a big opportunity for Scott Andrews."

  76. 6 mins: 

    The visitors have yet to have a sniff in Wales territory. Gatland's men intent on keeping their opponents rooted in their own half. Penalty decisions going Wales's way but it's an incredible error from Priestland, who balloons the ball out of play when touch is all he needed to find.

  77. 4 mins: 

    Wales win the line-out, bit it's points which win international rugby matches not line-outs. The hosts are held up and the men in black have stolen the ball. Their reward is a scrum inside their own 22.


    James West on Twitter: "Why have a 4th ref with video replay if he isn't going to do anything when there is a shocking challenge?"

  79. 3 min: 

    Two members of the Wales pack already in need of treatment and barely two minutes have elapsed. The All Blacks are penalised in the scrum and, perhaps controversially, Rhys Priestland opts for touch instead of the posts.

    Eddie Butler, BBC Sport at the Millennium Stadium

    "It was so far off the ball that the touch judge probably missed it by quite some way."

    Jonathan Davies, BBC Sport at the Millennium Stadium

    "That is a cheap shot and I don't think that Andrew Hore will be playing again on this tour once the citing officer gets a look at that incident."

  82. 1 min: 

    First blood to Wales as Julian Savea fumbles the ball. Worryingly, though, is the sight of Bradley Davies out cold on the ground, with a late tackle from hooker Andrew Hore to blame for the lock's predicament. Somehow Davies rises to his feet and trudges off to be replaced by Aaron Shingler. It goes from bad to worse as prop Aaron Jarvis is stretchered off, injured in the same phase.


    Sam Redford on Twitter: "All Blacks may be without Dan Carter, Cruden and Barrett have both been incredible in Super Rugby watch out Wales,"

  84. 1 min: 

    Rhys Priestland gets the game under way. The All Blacks recycle, spin it wide before testing Rhys Priestland with the high ball. The outside-half does well. Steady. Nerveless.

    Jonathan Davies, BBC Sport at the Millenium Stadiun

    "Wales haven't played well in their last few matches and this is the ultimate test."

  86. 1724: 

    Is there a more fearsome sight than the haka? Jamie Roberts stares ahead and gulps. The crowd attempt to drown out the hosts by singing "Wales! Wales! Wales!" The opening act ends and both teams take to their positions...

  87. 1722: 

    On the pitch is a giant Welsh flag, held up by members of the armed services, and the cameraman finds a couple of fans with daffodils as headwear. That perhaps won't be our first glimpse of the animated pair. Ear-popping rendition of the Welsh national anthem, as you'd expect. Oh the chills. But the big question is: how will Wales respond to the haka? Will they refuse to budge or will they clap like Scarlets hooker Roy "Shunto" Thomas back in 1972.


    Former Wales flanker Martyn Williams on BBC Two: "Sam Warburton has been criticised in the week and he is coming up against one of the best in the world. The boys need to go up 25% and that is true especially of him."

    Jeremy Guscott, BBC Sport

    "If all Wales key men click, and we have seen them do it before, then it is going to be a fascinating game."


    Former New Zealand number eight Zinzan Brooke on BBC Two: "There won't be any complacence in this All Blacks side. They have pushed on to another level since the World Cup.

    "If they do the basics well Wales will pose a challenge. There is a sixteenth man for Wales in the crowd. This is one of the best stadiums in the world."


    Wales and Lions prop Adam Jones on BBC Two: "There is a lot of pressure on the boys after two poor performances but I think that brings the performances out of the boys. Everyone gets criticised, and I think that some of those former players in the press have forgotten how hard it can be, but we'll be fine."

  92. 1717: 

    The All Blacks jog onto the pitch to warm applause, led by a stern-looking Richie McCaw. Missing from the line-up, of course, is Dan Carter. The outside-half's absence because of an ankle injury leaves New Zealand without one of the greats, but also means the occasion will lack a touch of razzle-dazzle.

  93. 1715: 

    Time to look away Scotland fans. By our reckoning, Italy's narrow defeat to Australia combined with Tonga's win over Scotland means the Scots have slid down from 10th to 12th in the world rankings.

  94. 1714: 

    Whether Gatland has mentioned to his players that Wales have not beaten New Zealand since 1953 I'm not sure, he probably doesn't need to. Maybe he shouldn't tell them that Wales have scored just three tries in their last seven games against the All Blacks, while their antipodean rivals have crossed the whitewash 25 times in the same period. A carefree smile from Sam Warburton as he warms up, which suggests such statistics weigh as heavily as a feather on his shoulders.

  95. 1710: 

    Prince William and his good wife, Catherine, are in Cardiff, making their way to the pitch I assume to exchange how-do-you-dos with the players before kick-off. Warren Gatland, wrapped warm in an oversized coat, is inspecting the pitch while the male voice choir are belting out Cwm Rhondda.

  96. 1709: 

    Gatland may be a man who looks at a glass and thinks it's half full, but thanks to his team's woeful performances this autumn, there are many a Welshman and woman who now have all the 'hwyl' of an Eastenders Christmas special. "Welsh rugby is in despair and disarray," writes former Wales and Lions outside-half Barry John in a column which makes Cormac McCarthy's The Road read like a Walt Disney script.

    "Put simple, we are facing a very serious situation," 'The King' continues. "Losing is one thing but there is no recognisable team there anymore and things are disintegrating in front of our eyes."


    John McAulay on Twitter: "Well played Tonga, clearly about playing rugby and not that farcical approach taken by Scotland."

    Dougie Robb on Twitter: "We just lost a game to Tonga after they received 3 yellow cards and over 20 penalties for Scotland. Abominable."

  98. 1706: 

    In good news, Warren Gatland returns to galvanise his bone-tired troops after missing the defeats by Argentina and Samoa because he was on British and Irish Lions duty. "Warren's greatest strength is that he is very, very optimistic and whatever challenge is thrown in his path he believes he can win," says assistant Rob Howley, making his boss sounds like Welsh rugby's answer to Mr Timble. How optimistic is optimistic? Has the New Zealander bounced merrily back into the camp and convinced his European Champions they can beat the best in the world?

    By the way, replacement Sione Timani was the Tongan sin-binned in the dying minutes of the match in Aberdeen.

  99. 1703: 

    For the last 12 months Wales have been giddy with success, but demoralising losses to Argentina and Samoa have brought the Grand Slam champions and World Cup semi-finalists back to earth with a thud. The task before them under the Millennium Stadium roof is a gruesome one. To avoid a sixth straight defeat Wales must beat the world champions, a team unbeaten in 19 Tests, a team which hasn't lost a tour match in Europe in 10 years.

  100. 1658: 

    A brilliant victory for Ireland, but defeat for England and Scotland. What can Wales do? If this evening is to go Wales's way then not only will Max Boyce have to quickly pen a tune to commemorate what would be an extraordinary victory, but the definition of a miracle will surely have to be rewritten.

    Andy Nicol, BBC Sport rugby union expert

    "That was probably the worst result in Scottish rugby history."

  102. 80mins: 
    FULL-TIME- Scotland 15-21 Tonga

    Referee Raynal reverses his penalty decision and shows the yellow card to a Tonga forward (I will endeavour to find out who it was). He trudges off, Scotland find touch 5m from their line... Tonga are penalised for pulling at the scrum. Scotland opt for another scrum in what will be the final play of the match, but the hosts make little of their opportunity and Tonga come away with a memorable victory.

  103. 1653: 

    Over in Florence by the way, Italy's second-half surge came up just short of overwhelming Australia. The Wallabies failed to score after the break but held on to claim a 22-19 victory.

  104. 1650: 

    It is interesting re-watching the reaction of Chris Robshaw's team-mates as the England captain pointed to the posts with two and a half minutes left. Owen Farrell looked incredulous at his skipper's instruction. Perhaps with a clean take off the restart, England could have been in with a shout of making Robshaw's tactics pay off. As it is their winless run against South Africa is now up to 11 Tests.

  105. 77mins: 
    Scotland 15-21 Tonga

    Oh my, that was close. A try beckons for the visitors, but Sione Piukala knocks on. Scotland breathe. Tonga have enjoyed 60% of possession in this match, but it's the Scots with ball in hand at the moment - but then the galloping Richie Gray is penalised at the halfway line.


    England coach Stuart Lancaster: "It was difficult conditions but our accuracy at the breakdown, intent to play and setpiece were all up a step from last week. Sometimes those tries like their's today happen and unfortunately we were on the receiving end. I'm not going to talk about any individual decisions, we'll go through all those and review them. You can understand why anyone makes any decision but games are not won or lost on any one decision, we lost control in the middle third of the game."

  107. 75mins: 
    Scotland 15-21 Tonga

    "Scotland! Scotland! Scotland!" sing the home support. Their men barge their way into opposition territory, but just as it looks promising Tonga snatch possession and are awarded a penalty, allowing the men in red to boot the ball into the Scotland half. Five minutes to go.


    BBC Radio 5 Live's Mark Pougatch on Twitter: "That Robshaw decision is right up there with Hussain's insertion in Brisbane & Sven taking Walcott to the World Cup for its bonkers-ness."

  109. 72mins: 
    PENALTY (Apikotoa)- Scotland 15-21 Tonga

    Fangatapu Apikotoa takes his time, looks up, takes a few steps back, before hooking the penalty between the posts. It wasn't the prettiest but style is not important at this stage.


    NHS Pharmer on Twitter: "Come on Scotland my heart can't take this! Rattle those sweetie wrappers louder Pittodrie!"

  111. 68mins: 
    SIN BIN (Nili Latu - Tonga)- Scotland 15-18 Tonga

    Just over 12 minutes remaining and Tonga are down to 14 men after captain Nili Latu is penalised for coming in from the side. He did little to attempt to disguise his effort, jumping onto the back of the maul in front of referee Raynal. Substitute Tom Heathcote fails with the penalty. Looks like a grandstand finish.


    Adam Beech on Twitter: "Impressed by Launchbury, Goode and Youngs. We need a world class 10 and Robshaw has been outplayed by better 7s all autumn."


    Joe Griffiths on Twitter: "Another costly decision showing inexperience from England. Kicking at 78mins? Go for broke!!"


    England captain Chris Robshaw: "The ball was quite greasy and we struggled to cling onto it in the loose. From that last penalty, I thought we would have a chance to get down the other end and put over a drop goal. We were coming out of our third of the pitch well. There was a penalty before when we went to the corner and didn't come up with anything. You have to take every game as it comes and they were giving away plenty of penalties and we thought we might get another chance."

    Matt Dawson, Former England rugby international at Twickenham for 5 live

    "Robshaw's decision to kick the penalty with two minutes to go has given the media an unbelievable story. That one decision has all of a sudden got people thinking 'we don't know how to lead this side'. We are not making the right decisions at the right time. Two minutes to go you know South Africa are going to take all the time in the world. I can't get my head around it [Robshaw's decision]. Kick to the corner and have a go at going over. It's baffling."

  116. 65mins: 
    TRY (Fetu-u Vainikolo- Scotland 15-18 Tonga (Laidlaw)

    Scotland re-start and Tonga decide to attack from their own 22, with Fetu'u Vainikolo swerving beyond a couple of hapless Scottish defenders to finishing a blistering attack. Fangatapu Apikotoa fails with the conversion which could prove to be crucial.

    PENALTY- Scotland 15-13 Tonga (Laidlaw)

    The spirit of adventure seeping through the Tsonga side and Fangatapu Apikotoa kicks the penalty but, hang on...

    FULL-TIME- England 15-16 South Africa

    Mouritz Botha plays a restart that looks like it might be heading out on the full. The Saracen makes a mess of it and that is the game gone.

  119. 61mins: 
    PENALTY- Scotland 15-10 Tonga (Laidlaw)

    Tonga once again penalised for slowing the ball and up steps the reliable Greig Laidlaw, 35m out but the uprights directly ahead, to add another three points to the Scottish total. Can the hosts push ahead from here?

  120. 78 mins: 
    PENALTY- England 15-16 South Africa (Farrell)

    Owen Farrell does his bit, kikcing the penalty to a chorus of boos from the crowd. Most of the 80 odd thousand would have gone for the corner.

  121. 78 mins: 
    England 12-16 South Africa

    England are still coming and earn a penalty as they advance up to the South Africa. How much time is left? Two minutes and Chris Robshaw pulls rank, ordering Owen Farrell to kick for goal. "Quick Faz," he adds. However quick he does it might not be enough left for another score.

  122. 75 mins: 
    England 12-16 South Africa

    England secure safe lineout ball, but Chris Ashton, in off the wing and eager for work, knocks on as Pat Lambie sneaks an arm in to dislodge the ball in the tackle.

  123. 56mins: 
    PENALTY- Scotland 12-10 Tonga (Laidlaw)

    Greig Laidlaw nudges Scotland ahead, much to the delight of the near capacity crowd in Aberdeen.

  124. 73 mins: 
    England 12-16 South Africa

    South Africa under pressure in the scrum and they are wheeling round, giving Nigel Owens the chance to ping them once more. Owen Farrell has a look at it but decides that it is outside his range. He kicks into touch and Mouritz Botha is on for the impressive Joe Launchbury .


    Ed Watson on Twitter: "Impossible to watch the Scotland game in America, so please try and keep it in your text updates, however little might be happening!"

    Matt Dawson, Former England rugby international at Twickenham for 5 live

    "All of a sudden England are nudging away at the scoreboard. England have got to get some territory and put pressure on South Africa."

    PENALTY- England 12-16 South Africa (Farrell)

    Another solid kick from Owen Farrell and South Africa boot straight out off the kick-off to give England a scrum on halfway. The crowd are warming up, sensing a crescendo.

  128. 52 mins: 
    TRY- Scotland 9-10 Tonga (Tukulua Lokotui)

    Tonga rewarded for a sustained period of pressure. Their forwards barge forwards, inch across field before lock Tukulua Lokotui wriggles underneath Scottish bodies, placing the ball underneath the posts for an easy conversion for Fangatapu Apikotoa.

  129. 71 mins: 
    England 9-16 South Africa

    England force a free-kick from a folding South Africa scrum and the penalty follows as Francois Louw drops to his knees and gets in up to his elbows attempting to strip the ball in the tackle area. It is bang in front and Owen Farrell calls for the tee.


    Ultric Engelbrecht on Twitter: "England really play one of the poorest back line games. Inside ball to forwards all the time. Bokke will eat that up all day long."

  131. 70 mins: 
    England 9-16 South Africa

    Owen Farrell puts a little too much disguise on an inside ball and even his team-mate can't read it. Knock on and the Boks turn their nose up at the chance to play out advantage, preferring to take the scrum.

  132. 69 mins: 
    England 9-16 South Africa

    England are rumbling forward with Brad Barritt carrying up to the Springbok 22 metre line.

  133. 67 mins: 
    England 9-16 South Africa

    Spirit is still coursing through the England shirts. Dan Cole and Ben Youngs counter-ruck straight over some prone Boks to secure a turnover. That is the last act from Tom Youngs as he and brother Ben are removed to make way for David Paice and Danny Care.

  134. 47 mins: 
    PENALTY- Scotland 9-3 Tonga (Laidlaw)

    A mesmerising run from Sean Lamont takes Scotland inside the Tsonga half and even though the hosts don't come away with a try they at least get three points on the scoreboard thanks to the boot of Greig Laidlaw, who bisects the posts with a tricky 25m effort.

  135. 64 mins: 
    England 9-16 South Africa

    Alex Goode and Ruan Pienaar indulge in some aerial ping-pong from their respective 22 metres. It is the England man who decides to change tack first, but his blindside thrust ends with Chris Ashton coughing up the ball forward. Ashton gets a ruffle of the hair from an not-entirely sympathetic Springbok forward as he gets to his feet.

  136. 61 mins: 
    PENALTY- England 9-16 South Africa (Farrell)

    Owen Farrell plants it plumb centre from a slight angle. Nerveless from the youngster and his dad Andy in the stands looks relieved.

    Matt Dawson, Former England rugby international at Twickenham for 5 live

    "England are playing like there's two minutes to go, not 22 minutes. Calm down. It doesn't take long to score if you're in the enemy territory."

  138. 60 mins: 
    England 6-16 South Africa

    Tom Youngs picks out Geoff Parling this time and England trundle up towards the South Africa 22-metre line. It is not pretty, plenty of telegraphed forward boshes, but it eventually draw the penalty. As one England point to the posts...

  139. 59 mins: 
    England 6-16 South Africa

    The England line-out is still stalling. Tom Youngs attempts to find Geoff Parling, but his bullet floats over the back. Twenty one minutes to go and Youngs has another chance from just outside the Springbok 22 metre line...


    Jimbo in India on 81111: "Apparently Mumbai isn't showing any channel with the rugby so enjoying following it with the text updates. Disappointing after seeing a half decent day for England in the cricket field. "


    Craig Ling on Twitter: "Ben Youngs takes an age to get every pass away. You see smoother passes away from the breakdown in school rugby."

  142. 55 mins: 
    SUBSTITUTION- England 6-16 South Africa

    England replace Alex Corbisero and Tom Wood with Mako Vunipola and James Haskell. The Springboks bring on Marcell Coetzee in place of Willem Alberts.

  143. 52 mins: 
    England 6-16 South Africa

    Manu Tuilagi intercepts Ruan Pienaar's pass straight from the breakdown and charges out of his own 22-metre line. The Boks understandably are appealing for offside before they give chase. Tuilagi finds Chris Ashton as he passes the halfway line but the Saracens winger's attempt to find Mike Brown is behind the Quin. South Africa mob Brown as he checks his run to gather and the opening slams shut.

  144. 49 mins: 
    England 6-16 South Africa

    A wretched couple of kicks from Owen Farrell hand the ball back to Zane Kirchner from deep inside his own half. Both lacking in direction and invention.

  145. 47 mins: 
    England 6-16 South Africa

    JP Pietersen spill a steepling box kick from Ben Youngs and England spin the ball into open pastures where Brad Barritt scissors with Manu Tuilagi who is a stumble away from baring down on Zane Kirchner as he punches through the first line of South African defence. The rain is pelting down now and Owen Farrell is on in place of Toby Flood at 10 for England.

    Andy Nicol, Former Scotland international

    "Greg Laidlaw has pulled the strings at stand-off and Henry Pyrgos has brought real energy, but Scotland had a couple of chances to get tries through the forwards and they botched them, which will be disappointing."


    Ireland wing Craig Gilroy on BBC Two: "I was so nervous coming into the game and got so many messages, but when I stepped onto the pitch I just enjoyed it. We've been together a while now and even some of the senior guys said it's been going well in camp. It's exciting times for Irish rugby, a mix of young and old."

  148. 80mins: 
    FULL-TIME- Ireland 46-24 Argentina

    Argentina depart from the pitch still searching for their first victory on Irish soil. A magical performance (other than a disjointed last 10 minutes) from a ruthless Ireland who ended the match with seven tries and a record-margin of victory over their South American visitors.

  149. 45 mins: 
    HANDBAGS- England 6-16 South Africa

    The match flares up and it is Eben Etzebeth who is at the centre of it all. The Springbok lock wipes his knee across the face of Ben Youngs and then has his hand up in the face of the scrum-half as Youngs reacts. England pile in en masse, but the penalty is called against Etzebeth.

    HALF-TIME- Scotland 6-3 Tonga

    Greg Laidlaw slots his second penalty of the afternoon to give Scotland the narrowest of leads heading into half-time, after they dominated much of the opening 40 minutes.

  151. 80 mins: 
    TRY (Juan Martin Fernandez Lobbe)- Ireland 46-24 Argentina

    Last play of the game and the captain goes over for what is nothing more than a consolation try. Not a glimmer of a smile from the big back-row forward.

  152. 43 mins: 
    CONVERTED TRY- England 6-16 South Africa (Alberts)

    The news that comes back from the television officials is not good for England. There is no South African infringement amid that little spell of pinball and Alberts try stands. Pat Lambie puts over the extras to extend the lead to 10.

  153. 42 mins: 
    TRY REVIEW- England 6-9 South Africa (Alberts)

    South Africa are on the front foot opting to kick a penalty into touch from lineout and it gets awfully complicated from the resulting set-piece. Juandre Kruger loses control of the ball, England's attempt to hack down field rebounds back towards their own line. Tom Wood knocks on straight into the clutches of Willem Alberts who flops over the whitewash. Nigel Owens goes upstairs to sort it all out.

  154. 76 mins: 
    TRY (Tomas Leonardi)- Ireland 46-19 Argentina

    Argentina give their fans something to cheer as the forwards pummel the Irish line, with Tomas Leonardi eventually shuffling over under the posts. Gonzalo Tiesi converts with a quirky drop goal.


    Ben Bix on Twitter: "Luciano Orquera *stone me*, I know we won't win this, but we're having a really very good old go #forzaitalia."

    Matt Dawson, Former England rugby international at Twickenham for 5 live

    "England are physically stronger than South Africa, so keep it up England, more of the same please in the second half. South Africa look a little bit tired."

  157. 73 mins: 
    TRY (Tommy Bowe)- Ireland 46-12 Argentina

    Ireland bring on substitutes Eoin Reddan, Iain Henderson and Ronan O'Gara and the trio's impact is immediate. O'Gara gives the ball to Keith Earls, who chips ahead - with Tommy Bowe capitalizing on the confusion which engulfs the Argentine defence. The ever-reliable Ronan O'Gara adds the two points.

  158. 41 mins: 

    The second half gets under way at Twickenham. South Africa have replaced Jannie du Plessis with Pat Cilliers. The prop has injured his knee apparently, but he has been under the cosh from referee Nigel Owens as well at the scrum.

  159. 1535: 

    Over in Florence by the way Italy have Australia well within their sights. Coming into the last 10 minutes and the Azzurri just trail 22-19 with 13 unanswered second-half points.

  160. 69 mins: 
    Ireland 39-12 Argentina

    Peter O'Mahony steals possession, throws the ball towards Richardt Strauss but the hooker's handling fails him just as an entire field opened up before him. The pace more pedestrian, compared with the helter-skelter opening 60 minutes. Michael Bent replaces Mike Ross in the Irish front row and two further Argentine substitutions add to the disjointed nature of the last five minutes


    Jethro Colmer on Twitter: "Three years ago I was scoring cricket for Joe Launchbury when he was Christ's Hospital's 1st XI wicket keeper. How times change."

  162. 1531: 

    There has been space out on the Twickenham turf to play a more expansive game, but neither side has been either able or willing to exploit it. England came closest when Ben Youngs slipped in Alex Goode around the edge of a breakdown. South Africa's defence does not look as sturdy as it could be once a few phases have been run by the men in white.

  163. 24 mins: 
    Scotland 3-3 Tonga

    The referee warns the Tongans about their discipline at the ruck as the penalty count begins to go against them. Scotland spend almost 10 minutes on the Tonga line and reject three good chances at three points to go for the line, but cannot get the try - with the video referral denying one drive over the line.

  164. 63 mins: 
    SIN BIN (Maximiliano Bustos)

    Oof. Argentina's Maximiliano Bustos whacks the ball into Cian Healy's chops. No reason for it, other than frustration perhaps. The 20-stone prop, on his international debut, trots to the sidelines for a 10-minute break and Argentina are down to 14 men when they were already facing an uphill struggle.

  165. 1525: 

    All the pre-match clues pointed towards a bruiser rather than a looker of a match and that is the way it has played out. England have gone toe-to-toe with the Springboks and more than held their own on the deck, in the scrum and in contact. Some shoddy kicking and an out-of-kilter line-out have prevented them from making more of their play though.

  166. 62 mins: 
    Ireland 39-12 Argentina

    Nicolas Sanchez departs the field for the second time this afternoon, but there'll be no return for the outside-half as he is replaced by Gonzalo Tiesi. How much of a difference does the substitution make? Um, a little bit, perhaps. Argentina on the front foot, Gonzalo Camacho chips ahead but the ball dribbles into touch, giving Ireland the chance to bring Donncha O'Callaghan on for Mike McCarthy before they take the line-out inside their own 22.


    Paul from Bolton on 81111: "Following rugby on text commentary while sat in a kids playcentre for a birthday party - one that has noise levels beyond health & safety limits. Probably louder than Twickenham."

    HALF-TIME- England 6-9 South Africa

    Chris Robshaw has seen enough. Time to head back into the hutch and dissect where England can improve in the second 40 minutes. Back in his own 22 metre he instructs Ben Youngs to put the ball into the stands, prompting Nigel Owens to put his whistle to his lips.

  169. 59 mins: 
    Ireland 39-12 Argentina

    Clean line-out ball gives the visitors a perfect platform to attack within 5m of the Irish line. Martin Landajo spins it wide, Argentina probing, inching forward, the try line within sight, but Ireland aren't in the mood to appease their guests and snatch the ball, giving Sexton the chance to clear the danger.

  170. 38 mins: 
    England 6-9 South Africa

    More turnover ball for England who are competing well around the contact area. Again though it is squandered as Ben Youngs opts to boot long with space and fellow white shirts on his shoulder. South Africa sweep up with Zane Kirchner hammering a response back with interest. England look like they are playing robotic percentages rather than the field in front of them.


    Myles Cavendish on Twitter: "I'd take Louw over Robshaw every day of the week. He's up there with McCaw, Pocock, Dusautoir."

  172. 35 mins: 
    England 6-9 South Africa

    Chris Robshaw ties up a turnover, snuffling for the ball like a pig after truffles and drawing the penalty. His hard work is wasted however as Tom Youngs' supply line to Tom Wood in the subsequent England lineout is cut off by a leaping Willem Alberts. The hosts' line-out has been misfiring.

  173. 32 mins: 
    England 6-9 South Africa

    England carve open the broken field as Joe Launchbury offload and Chris Ashton cannonballs in off the wing to carry one another few yards. Ben Youngs slips an inside ball to Alex Goode striding up from full-back to burst through round the fringes. The Boks defence is in disarray, but as England recycle Flood's nudge ahead has a little too much on it, running dead ahead of a chasing Manu Tuilagi. A chance gone.

  174. 11 mins: 
    PENALTY- Scotland 3-3 Tonga

    Greig Laidlaw calms Scottish nerves and draws the home side level with a penalty after some strong pressure on the Tongan line.

  175. 51 min: 
    TRY (Jonathan Sexton)- Ireland 39-12 Argentina

    Keith Earls swivels inside, gobbles up territory, Sexton is on the centre's shoulder and side-steps scrum-half Martin Landajo's attempted tackle to cross over in the corner. Sexton leaves himself with tricky conversion near the left touchline, but it's textbook stuff as he twists the knife. A remarkable performance from the Irish backline.

  176. 29 mins: 
    OUCH!- England 6-9 South Africa

    South Africa winger JP Pietersen lines up Brad Barritt so far in advance I think he must have booked that tackle in sometime last week. The Saracens centre is smeared across the Twickers turf. He is made of tough stuff though and is up and running after a brief application of the magic sponge.

  177. 6 mins: 
    PENALTY- Scotland 0-3 Tonga

    After dominating from the kick-off and missing an early shot at goal, Fangatapu Apikota slots an easy penalty to give Tonga the lead at Pittodrie.


    5 live's Conor McNamara at the Aviva Stadium for Ireland v Argentina, on Twitter: "I think this is the coldest I've been at a match since the 'frozen pitch game' in Paris in Feb."


    Dale from Leicester on 81111: "Out filming a football match, keep checking the BBC updates every few mins, come on England!"

  180. 26 mins: 
    England 6-9 South Africa

    England's line-out, one area of the game they had locked down last week, has slipped out of Tom Youngs' control so far. The England hooker wafts one crooked as he attempts to pick out Tom Wood at the back of the aisle.

  181. 47 min: 
    TRY (Tommy Bowe)- Ireland 32-12 Argentina

    Jonathan Sexton the architect of that try. Tommy Bowe dashes ahead and grabs the outside-half's clever chip behind the hapless Argentine defence. A nice way for the former Ospreys wing to mark his 50th international. Sexton can't quite manage to add the two points.

  182. 45 min: 
    PENALTY- Ireland 27-12 Argentina

    My word. The Ireland pack shove forward and the Argentines are quickly on their heels, rapidly going backwards. Referee Peyper has little option but to give Jonathan Sexton a chance in front of the posts. The Leinster man can kick those in his sleep.

  183. 24 mins: 
    PENALTY- England 6-9 South Africa (Lambie)

    Francois Louw tramples straight over Chris Robshaw as the Bath flanker takes a crash ball off a spotless lineout routine. England are chasing back over the gainline and never regain the momentum. They stray ahead of the back heel in defence and Patrick Lambie maintains his 100% record with a straightforward slot. Boks ahead for the first time.

  184. 42 min: 
    PENALTY- Ireland 24-12 Argentina

    Ireland need to keep a watchful eye on the penalty count. Nicholas Sanchez with the chance to drag his team within 12 points of the hosts and the Argentine nonchalantly bisects the posts from 30m

  185. 22 mins: 
    England 6-6 South Africa

    England look a little aimless and lacking in pace as their backline is clogged up with trundling forwards looking to get their mitts on the ball. South Africa secure the turnover as the back row clamp down over a breakdown. Ruan Pienaar over-cooks an attempt to find the corner though, his kick dribbles over the tryline to hand possession back to England.


    Dougie Robb on Twitter: "Ireland are playing exceptionally. This is a fantastic game."

  187. 40 min: 
    Ireland 24-9 Argentina

    Argentina are at the tail end of the longest season in their history and they looked a tad fatigued in the first half. Juan Martin Hernandez kicks deep to get the second half under way.

  188. 18 mins: 
    MISSED PENALTY- England 6-6 South Africa

    England have the upper hand in the scrum and turn the screw a little tighter. South Africa collapse like a house of cards to give Toby Flood another pot at the uprights. It is an ugly attempt though that sends the ball wobbling off to the right.

  189. 14:55: 

    Scotland are about to kick off against Tonga in Aberdeen. Andy Robinson has made six changes from the team which lost to South Africa weekend and will hope to complete the autumn schedule with a stylish win. Kyle Traynor replaces the injured prop Ryan Grant, while hooker Scott Lawson, lock Alastair Kellock, flanker Alasdair Storkosch, scrum-half Henry Pyrgos and centre Max Evans are the other changes.

  190. 16 mins: 
    England 6-6 South Africa

    Zane Kirchner spills a bobbling ball off the slick surface as Ben Youngs puts the laces through the ball to send it downfield. Scrum England inside the South Africa 22.

  191. 14 mins: 
    PENALTY- England 6-6 South Africa (Lambie)

    South Africa strike back immediately, but there are hopeful signs for England in the scrum. The England eight had the Boks backpedelling before Chris Robshaw got a little over-excited and broke too early as he attempted to get his clutches on number eight Duane Vermeulen. Patrick Lambie punishes the indiscipline with a precise kick.

  192. 11 mins: 
    PENALTY- England 6-3 South Africa (Flood)

    The scrum nosedives into the turf right in front of referee Nigel Owens and the Welshman decides that Jannie du Plessis rather than Alex Corbisero who is to blame. Toby Flood slots over to show that the stars around his head have cleared.

    Keith Wood, BBC Sport

    "Ireland are positive. clinical. The line-out has worked incredibly well. Every time Gilroy touched the ball, he made something of it. Ireland haven't been put under any pressure.

  194. 9 mins: 

    Toby Flood is recovered and back on in place of Owen Farrell.

    Matt Dawson, Former England rugby international at Twickenham for 5 live

    "Today is a day to not have the ball. It's wet and slippery so defence will win the game today, I'm convinced of it. It's very difficult to play your way out in these conditions."

  196. 8 mins: 
    PENALTY- England 3-3 South Africa (Lambie)

    A hearty thump from Patrick Lambie pulls the Boks level as he sends the ball soaring through the middle. England never really recovered from Flood getting caught behind the gainline and infringed in their attempts to steal the ball back.

  197. 40 min: 
    HALF-TIME- Ireland 24-9 Argentina

    The Pumas huffing and puffing but unable to blow away Ireland's defence. Argentina hog the ball in the closing couple of minutes but squander possession at a crucial time, allowing Ireland to boot it downfield. Juan Martin Hernandez kicks the ball into touch and referee Peyper deems that's an appropriate time for a breather.

  198. 7 mins: 
    SUBSTITUTION- England 3-0 South Africa

    Toby Flood drops deep to take a pass off Ben Youngs around halfway and although he beats the first Springbok with a neat change of pace, he is snared by the second green shirt racing up behind him. It is a turnover and Flood has copped a knock to the head into the bargain. He is up and walking but Owen Farrell is on for the time being in his place.

  199. 38 min: 
    MISSED PENALTY- Ireland 24-9 Argentina

    Ireland lose possession inside their own half and a shrill from Peyper's whistle indicates the Pumas have a chance to reduce the arrears. Nicolas Sanchez's effort has the distance but lacks accuracy so it's as you were at the Aviva Stadium.

    PENALTY- England 3-0 South Africa (Flood)

    Smack bang though the middle from Leicester's number 10 and England have a lead. Ruan Pienaar has made a shaky start to the match for the Boks.

  201. 4 mins: 
    England 0-0 South Africa

    Ruan Pienaar's rather aimless box kick is snaffled by Mike Brown who breaks the first tackle and leads England on a rumble downfield. The hosts are up to the Bok five-metre and the crowd groan as a pass goes to ground. South Africa have strayed offside though and it is another penalty, this one in a more inviting position. Flood wants another crack at it.

  202. 1 min: 
    MISSED PENALTY- England 0-0 South Africa (Flood)

    It is a tough angle and Flood's effort never looks like sneaking over. No way that England were going to turn down the kick after last week's criticism though.

  203. 32 min: 
    TRY (Simon Zebo)- Ireland 24-9 Argentina

    Tommy Bowe instrumental in the move, taking the high ball under pressure. Confidence oozing through the Irish side and they spin it wide for Simon Zebo to score his first try in the Emerald green. Jonathan Sexton is millimetres short with the attempted touchline conversion, the ball bouncing off the uprights.


    Tom Calladine on Twitter: "Ireland are finishing tries like the All Blacks!"


    England are immediately onto the front foot. Springbok number eight Duane Vermeulen gathers Toby Flood's kick, but Ruan Pienaar hesitates at the breakdown and Geoff Parling charges down the scrum-half's attempted box. South Africa are pinged as they attempt to clear up and Flood points to the sticks.

  206. 29 min: 
    PENALTY- Ireland 19-9 Argentina

    Argentina have a sniff of the whitewash but Juan Jose Imhoff is thwarted by Jamie Heaslip and referee Peyper blows for an earlier penalty, allowing Nicolas Sanchez, back on the field and in tip top shape apparently, to boot it over.

  207. 1432: 

    Blood-vessel popping emotion from the Boks as they belt out their anthem. Eyes shut and fists slammed against hearts with coach Heyenke Mayer topping the decibel count. England follow suit in similar style, Ben Youngs nuzzles heads with brother Tom as the final notes die out. England to kick off...

  208. 27 min: 
    Ireland 19-6 Argentina

    The debutant Craig Gilroy treating Test rugby as if it's a sevens friendly in the local park. The Ulster wing clearly not overawed and happy to take on the opposition from inside his own half. Ireland - patient, dominant - make their way into the 22 but Mike McCarthy clumsily loses the ball, and captain Juan Martin Fernandez Lobbe kicks downfield into touch

  209. 1429: 

    England emerge to the explosion of fireworks and a John Bull character decked out head-to-toe in St Georges flags. Each England player is accompanied onto the field by a mascot from their own junior clubs. Nice touch.

    TEAM LINE-UPS- England v South Africa (1430 GMT)

    England: Goode, Ashton, Tuilagi, Barritt, Brown, Flood, B. Youngs, Corbisiero, T. Youngs, Cole, Launchbury, Parling, Wood, Robshaw, Morgan. Replacements: Paice, Wilson, Vunipola, Botha, Haskell, Care, Farrell, Joseph.

    South Africa: Kirchner, Pietersen, de Jongh, de Villiers, Hougaard, Lambie, Pienaar, Steenkamp, Strauss, J. du Plessis, Etzebeth, J. Kruger, Louw, Alberts, Vermeulen. Replacements: Brits, H. van der Merwe, Cilliers, F. van der Merwe, Coetzee, Jantjies, Taute, Mvovo.

    Referee: N Owens (WRFU)

  211. 21 min: 
    TRY (Richardt Strauss)- Ireland 19-6 Argentina

    Ireland ruthlessly attack from the line-out, with Richardt Strauss diving over in the corner for a third try of the afternoon in what is their third attack of the afternoon. There was some debate whether the hooker had lost the ball, but the video referee told Peyper there was no reason not to award the try. Sexton misses the touchline conversion.

  212. 20 min: 
    Ireland 14-6 Argentina

    Ireland dominating. The alert Simon Zebo bisects the Argentine defence with a cute grubber kick. Keith Earls chases his team-mates kick, but the ball bobbles into touch before the centre can grab it. It goes from bad to worse for Argentina as Nicolas Sanchez limps from the field, replaced by Gonzalo Tiesi

  213. 1423: 

    In case any of Launchbury's team-mates are in any doubt about the task to come, defence coach Andy Farrell has been reading them an expletive-laced riot act in the middle of the pitch. Warm-up comes to an end and they head back to the home dressing room.

  214. 18 min: 
    PENALTY- Ireland 14-6 Argentina

    Once again, Ireland allow Argentina a shot at goal from the kick off. Referee Joe Peyper penalising Ireland at the break down. Nicolas Sanchez takes full advantage, slotting one over to keep the Irish in sight.

  215. 1419: 

    Joe Launchbury is one of six changes made by Stuart Lancaster to the team that lost 20-14 to Australia. He will be fully braced for the physical onslaught that the Boks bring. He spent some of his rugby upbringing out in Eastern Province and adapted to such a degree that he even developed a taste for biltong - the dried meat snack come dog treat that goes down a storm out on the Veld.

  216. 15 min: 
    TRY (Jonathan Sexton)- Ireland 14-3 Argentina

    Craig Gilroy once again instrumental as Ireland cross the whitewash with alarming ease. The winger's dancing feet once again outwit the Argentine defence, allowing Gordon D'Arcy to pop a pass to his outside-half, who evades the despairing Juan Martin Hernandez. The Leinster fly-half converts his own try and the Pumas are shell-shocked.

  217. 1417: 

    Meyer knows all about the English weather having spent seven months in charge at Leicester in 2008. His side know their way around the block as well. They have 431 Test caps to their name compared to England's 233.

  218. 13 min: 
    PENALTY- Ireland 7-3 Argentina

    Ireland's concentration wavers slightly as they sloppily concede a penalty immediately from the kick-off, allowing Nicolas Sanchez to bisect the posts with a simple chance.

  219. 1413: 

    South Africa coach Heyneke Meyer has been prowling around the Twickenham tunnel, difficult to miss in his green and gold Springboks team blazer. He tells the television cameras that he is happy to have caught London at its greyest as preparation for the World Cup in 2015.

  220. 10 min: 
    Craig Gilroy- Ireland 7-0 Argentina

    Quick line-out and debutant Craig Gilroy dances through the Argentine defence for a brilliant try under the post. Shane Williams-esqe, they say in the commentary box, such was the Fred Astaire-like footwork Gilroy displayed. Jonathan Sexton boots it through the posts.

  221. 7 min: 
    Ireland 0-0 Argentina

    Sexton opts for touch instead of kicking at goal. A scrappy line-out, but ball remains in Ireland possession and the men in green have a scrum just outside their 22. Honeyed platform for Conor Murray. Tommy Bowe looking menacing, helping Ireland work the ball from left to right - before Simon Zebo spills possession.

  222. 1408: 

    At the heart of the forward battle between England and South Africa will be an intriguing clash between two 21-year-olds. Wasps lock Joe Launchbury, who residents of Horsham may remember from stacking the shelves of their local supermarket, is making his first start for England. Out in the middle to greet him is the latest Springbok enforcer Eben Etzebeth. Very much in the Bakkies Botha mould, Etzebeth is only available to play after being cleared earlier this week of gouging Scotland's Greig Laidlaw in the Springboks' 21-10 win.


    Ed Moys on Twitter: "Cautiously optimistic but genuinely believe England will win if Youngs and Flood are on their game."

  224. 3 min: 
    MISSED PENALTY- Ireland 0-0 Argentina

    Nicolas Sanchez's effort, 5m inside the left touchline, ricochets off the posts and lands in Irish hands. Reprieve for the Irish. Declan Kidney's forwards work up field, working it nicely out wide before referee Peyper drags them back to penalise Argentina for a high tackle.

  225. 1405: 

    Over at Twickenham there is no sign yet of the purple away kits in which the hosts played like plums last week. I'm betting England are back in their gleaming white and I think we can expect something a little more traditional in playing style as well. After turning down the chance to kick four very presentable penalties last week against Australia, all the talk from the England camp has suggested less glamour, more grind against the Boks.

  226. 2 min: 
    Ireland 0-0 Argentina

    South African Jaco Peyper puffs into his whistle, and outside-half Jonathan Sexton responds by booting the ball straight into touch. A nervy start and the Pumas immediately on the front foot with a scrum on halfway, they move the ball left and their endeavour is rewarded with a kick at goal.


    MuseLuver86 on Twitter: "I can't rank them, but out of 'Irelands Call', 'Land Of My Fathers', and 'World In Union'... PHWOAR!"

  228. 1358: 

    The Argentines - a number of them unshaven, just to add to that fearsome look - bellow out their anthem. 10/10 for passion, 7/10 for tunefulness. How do Ireland fare? The Irish perhaps nudge it thanks to the support of their vociferous fans.


    Injured Argentina outside-half Felipe Contepomi on BBC Two: "The knee... [it] was unlucky but I'm [also] a bit lucky because I don't need surgery and that for me - at my age - is very important. Two month to recover and hopefully it'll come back pretty good.

    "I think Argentina are at a point where the Rugby Championship gave us time to work together and that makes things easier. Now we have three months together and straight after that we come to the autumn series, it gives us a lot of confidence. It's much easier to work like that."

    TEAM LINE-UPS- Ireland v Argentina (14:00 GMT)

    Ireland: S Zebo (Munster); T Bowe (Ulster), K Earls (Munster), G D'Arcy (Leinster), C Gilroy (Ulster); J Sexton (Leinster), C Murray (Munster); C Healy (Leinster), R Strauss (Leinster), M Ross (Leinster), D Ryan (Munster), M McCarthy (Connacht), P O'Mahony (Munster), C Henry (Ulster), J Heaslip (Leinster, capt). Replacements: S Cronin (Leinster), D Kilcoyne (Munster), M Bent (Leinster), D O'Callaghan (Munster), I Henderson (Ulster), E Reddan (Leinster), R O'Gara (Munster), F McFadden (Leinster).

    Argentina: J M Hernandez; G Camacho, M Bosch, S Fernandez, J Imhoff; N Sanchez, M Landajo; M Ayerza, E Guinazu, M Bustos, M Carizza, J F Cabello, J M Fernandez Lobbe (capt), J M Leguizamon, L Senatore. Replacements: A Creevy, N Lobo, F Gomez Kodela, T Vallejos, T Leonardi, N Vergallo, G Tiesi, M Montero.

    Referee: Jaco Peyper (South Africa).

    Assistant referees: Romain Poite (France) and Andrew Small (England).

  231. 1351: 

    Four years ago Kidney's pack, led by the dynamic Paul O'Connell, was at full strength and the ball of fire that is Brian O'Driscoll was on the field. Kidney will hope Craig Gilroy can dazzle on his Test debut, the wing being the only change to the team which lost 16-12 to South Africa a couple of weeks ago.

  232. 1348: 

    Kidney has been here before, of course. Remember 2008 when the man from Ballincollig had just succeeded Eddie O'Sullivan? No? Oh. Anyway, back then Ireland needed to beat Argentina to retain their place in the second tier for the 2011 World Cup and beat the South Americans they did.


    Ireland head coach Declan Kidney: "There have been inconsistencies this year, it's been hugely challenging for a number of reasons. Every day in this job is a brilliant day and we're just looking forward to this game. Argentina have some talented backs and they can play different types of games. We will be under pressure to match-up to their physicality. It'll be a real Test match."

  234. 1345: 

    This afternoon has the potential to be a very good one for those in the Emerald green, or a very, very bad one. It's pretty simple for Ireland: Beat Argentina in the Aviva Stadium and their World Cup ranking in the top eight will be protected. Should they lose on home soil to the Pumas for the first time in their history, the Irish will drop out of the second tier for the World Cup draw and Declan Kidney will probably need to go into hiding for a few days.

    Keith Wood, BBC Sport

    "Scotland got bullied by New Zealand and absolutely bullied by a South Africa team which wasn't playing well. Scotland are erratic and their skill levels, at time, lets them down. They're making it hard from themselves and yet they're not that far away from getting the big win."

  236. 1344: 

    BBC Two's coverage of Ireland against Argentina should be live at the top of this page for UK users. Jerry Guscott and Keith Wood are already picking apart the pre-game tactics...

  237. 1343: 

    Currently New Zealand, South Africa, Australia and France occupy the top four slots. If it stays as it is they will avoid each other and be guaranteed one each of England, Argentina, Ireland or Wales in their World Cup pool. Scotland are sandwiched between Samoa and Italy and Tonga in the third group of nations.

    England's hopes of sneaking into the top four by the end of the day are dependent on them not only beating South Africa handsomely but also either a French slip-up against Samoa or the Aussies coming to grief against Italy. Ireland and Wales are both in danger of sliding into the third tier if the results go against them. We'll crunch the numbers when the games are done, but in the meantime you can get your fix on the IRB website.

  238. 1339: 

    There are some quite boring-looking numbers rumbling around in the background of this autumn's matches, that actually mean some quite exciting things. The draw for the 2015 World Cup takes place on 3 December and this autumn is the final chance for the world's best teams to bump up the IRB rankings that decides their seedings. Bear with me on this...

    Tom Fordyce, BBC Sport at Twickenham

    "Filthy day in south-west London. Sky the colour of old chewing-gum. Daylight barely bothering. Galoshes and sou'westers ahoy."


    If you feel like lending a hand to the operation then your contributions are very welcome. Tap away at your UK mobile keypad with the delicacy and care of a Springbok forward clearing out a ruck - 81111 is the number for those - or hit Twitter like Ma'a Nonu on a crash ball - #bbcrugby is where to aim for.

  241. 1334: 

    The French have been making mincemeat of southern hemisphere opposition so far this autumn, with thumping wins over Argentina and Australia. Something similar against Samoa today will nibble away at their odds for the 2013 Six Nations. Meanwhile Italy take on Australia in Firenze as well, giving us another chance to check out some of the British and Irish Lions' opposition for next summer. It's a big afternoon from every which angle, and we'll do our darnedest to keep you across it all.

  242. 1330: 

    Another autumn and that north-south hemisphere divide still looks frustratingly wide from a British and Irish perspective. So far the score stands at 6-2 to the sides from below the equator (if you rope Ireland A into the equation to help out) with only Fiji having tasted defeat over on this side of the Channel.

    Time to start eating into the gap? Well, all four home nations are in action today on a bumper afternoon. There may not have been huge grounds for it, but let's be optimistic shall we?

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