Six Nations 2013

Scotland pull off a remarkable 12-8 victory against Ireland at Murrayfield.

24 February 2013 Last updated at 16:31 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 1639: 

    We'd need Taggart to solve how Scotland won that, but Scott Johnson's men are now two from three and eyeing bigger things.

    It's been an interesting weekend of Six Nations action, with some real see-saw encounters, but there's no doubt the most dramatic and confusing was saved for last.

    You can read our report here and check back later on the website for Ben Dirs's feature on matters at Murrayfield.

    That's all from me, I'll back back in a fortnight with the fourth round of the 2013 Championship as Scotland host Wales and Ireland take on France on Saturday, before England look to continue their Grand Slam drive against Italy. See you then.

    Former Ireland hooker Keith Wood, BBC Sport at Murrayfield

    "The pressure and intensity of the games in this year's Six Nations has been phenomenal. The standard of the first week was fantastic, but since then has become attritional and good gamesmanship has seen teams through."


    Bloodied Scotland captain Kelly Brown leads the home celebrations as he grasps the Centenary Quaich following the win against Ireland. The Quaich, a two-handled Gaelic drinking vessel, has been contested by the two nations since 1989.


    Abdullah Mahmood: "Another strong game from Kelly Brown in defence. Outside bet for Lions? Leader, popular and a quality player."

    James Senese: "Don't get carried away Scotland still many structural issues. With the possession against them a ruthless team would win."

    Chillkram: "Scotland can build on their set piece, dogged defence and tight play and add dynamism to make a good team."


    Greig Laidlaw's impeccable afternoon with the boot keeps Scotland's hopes of winning the Six Nations alive.

    Scotland's Greig Laidlaw

    Ireland coach Declan Kidney on how his side failed to beat Scotland: "It's all about taking your opportunities. We created several try-scoring opportunities but we didn't convert them to take us in front of Scotland's penalty count. Their place-kicking stats were higher than ours and there will be some regret about that."

    On his future: "There will always be questions asked, but it is about getting ready for the next game whether you win, lose or draw. We created opportunities, but I will take a good look at myself this week, as will the rest of the guys around me."


    Scotland interim head coach Scott Johnson on his team's chances of winning the Six Nations: "Well, we're still in the tournament - we are in it up to our ears and that's great for the fans and the team. But let's not get carried away."

    On whether he would like the job on a permanent basis: "Let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. I will sit down with the board at the end of the tournament and decide what is best for Scotland."


    Brendan Corrigan: "This Irish team wouldn't finish its breakfast. The wooden spoon might be needed to help."

    Benj Garcia: "Proof that possession and territory aren't everything. Well done Scotland!"


    Scotland interim head coach Scott Johnson on BBC One: "I'm happy for the boys because it showed a different side to us - we showed great resolve. We could have been well behind at half-time.

    "If you can combine that resolve with the skill sets we have then we can do some damage. I'm happy but there is still plenty of our performances we can improve on."

    Former Ireland hooker Keith Wood, BBC Sport at Murrayfield

    "I don't know what that kick from Ronan O'Gara was [see 72 mins]. Instead of sending out a left hand pass to Kearney he tried kicking to him. And then it became contagious. It just caused more confusion in the Irish team. I think we are close to seeing the end of Ronan O'Gara.

    "Ireland came into this Championship hoping to win it. So coach Declan Kidney is under colossal, and perhaps insurmountable, pressure."


    Scotland lock, and man of the match, Jim Hamilton on BBC One: "You can see what this win means to the boys and the supporters - it's a massive win for us.

    "We put a lot of work into our line-outs and scrums and I thought our scrum was excellent. Geoff Cross came in and has done a magnificent job, but credit to all the forwards.

    "We knew Ireland would start very well and to go into half-time only three points down was a good outcome for us. We dug deep and took our chances."

  12. 1550: 

    Still trying to get my head around what just happened. I said earlier we were through the looking glass, and I think the Mad Hatter explains what just happened best.

    "If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?"

    It's the Mad Hatter's world, we just live in it.


    Former Ireland international Philip Matthews on BBC One: "You can't take anything away from Scotland. They kept themselves in the game. How many teams have fought against such overwhelming stats? Not many. This will do their confidence the world of good."

    You can watch all the post-match reaction from Murrayfield on BBC One or through the video at the top of this page.

  14. 1546: 

    On the scoreboard Scotland are the winners, but the stats show just how unlikely a victory it is. Ireland dominated possession 74% to 26%, territory 71% to 29%. They made 322m to Scotland's 122m with ball in hand, and Scotland were forced to make 128 tackles to 44 by the visitors.

    Gavin Hastings, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Unbelievable, I'm standing here and I have to give Scotland credit. Ireland threw that game away and will be disappointed. All the bad luck that Scotland have had over the years has been wiped away and who knows what Scotland will now go on to achieve in this Championship."

  16. 1542: 

    Scotland's first back to back Six Nations wins for 12 years. The hosts' defence was carved from the granite that so much of Scotland is built from.

  17. 1541: 

    That's the most unlikely result for Scotland since a pair of bespectacled identical twins from Leith stormed the global charts with a song about walking a huge distance in order to collapse in front of their beloved. Altogether now "... and I would walk 500 more. Der de dede, der de dede, dum dede dum dede dum dede daa.."

    FULL-TIME- Scotland 12-8 Ireland

    Ireland bash away, then go wide, but Marshall knocks on. Scotland win. Extraordinary.

  19. 80 mins: 
    Scotland 12-8 Ireland

    Penalty Ireland. The drama goes on.

    Gavin Hastings, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Lot of back-slapping and cheering from Scotland but this game is far from won and Ireland will throw everything into this scrum."

    Chris Paterson, BBC Sport at Murrayfield

    "Scotland have scored all their points through Greig Laidlaw's boot, but the most important moment of the match was that tackle on Brian O'Driscoll in front of the posts. They tackled the smaller man and then put the pressure on."

  22. 80 mins: 
    Scotland 12-8 Ireland

    Heart pumping in the office, god knows what it's like on the pitch. Third scrum reset.

  23. 79 mins: 
    Scotland 12-8 Ireland

    Scotland halt the initial drive, Ireland go wide, then back to the middle. O'Brien hammers on, O'Driscoll is held up two metres out. Scotland putting their bodies on the line. Ireland recycle, Kearney on the charge, but there's obstruction, Scotland put-in five metres from their line. This is the match right here.

    Gavin Hastings, BBC Radio 5 live

    "From the game we are watching there is only one team who could score a try and that is Ireland."

  25. 77 mins: 
    Scotland 12-8 Ireland

    Ireland attack with desperation running through their veins. They win a penalty and kick to the corner...


    Gareth Owen: "Ronan O'Gara has been a liability since the 2011 Lions. What the hell was that?"

    Jack Mills: "I think I just watched Ronan O'Gara's brain melt. Surreal."

    Christian White: "Serious moment of madness from Ronan O'Gara."

    Chris Paterson, BBC Sport at Murrayfield

    "That was an incredible decision by O'Gara - it was a rush of blood to the head. I don't know what he was thinking and you don't expect that from a man earning his 129th cap."

  28. 74 mins: 
    PENALTY (Laidlaw)- Scotland 12-8 Ireland

    Laidlaw makes no mistake, Scotland lead by four. We're through the looking glass here. Strangest game I can remember.

  29. 72 mins: 
    Scotland 9-8 Ireland

    A brainstorm from the "wise old head" of O'Gara as he puts in a dire cross-kick lands the visitors in big trouble. Laidlaw will go for goal...


    Former Ireland international Philip Matthews on BBC One: "We are entering a really critical period of the match. You get the sense if either side gives an opportunity to the other, and that could be as simple as a kickable penalty, that will decide the match."

    You can watch all the action from Murrayfield on BBC One or through the video at the top of this page.

    Ben Dirs, BBC Sport at Murrayfield

    "If Scotland win this after that first-half display I think I've seen it all..."


    Jarleth Eaton: "The missed opportunities by Paddy Jackson and the rest of Ireland coming back to haunt us. Come on boys, get this lead back!"

    Nick Buchanan: "COME ON SCOTLAND!!! No idea how we're ahead but not complaining! Huge 15 mins..."

    Mark Willett: "The Irish being made to pay for missed chances, the Scots could nick this."

  33. 69 mins: 
    Scotland 9-8 Ireland

    Ireland have made 285 metres with ball in hand to a mere 91 for Scotland, but the hosts lead. Funny old game.

    Gavin Hastings, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Ireland won't believe what's happened to them and O'Gara has now been brought on to rescue this game."


    Former Ireland international Philip Matthews on BBC One: "Ronan O'Gara coming on - that's a real tactical call by Ireland. Declan Kidney knows it could come down to penalties and Ronan O'Gara is the man who can take the pressure."

    You can watch the final 15 minutes at Murrayfield on BBC One or through the video at the top of this page.

  36. 66mins: 
    SUBSTITUTION- Scotland 9-8 Ireland

    Paddy Jackson is off, Ronan O'Gara is on. O'Gara is one of the finest goalkickers in Test history, Jackson is not. And for all his other qualities, the nine points that went begging as the young fly-half failed to hit the target could be very, very costly.


    Craig Barnet: "One more penalty and Scotland could steal this match #dickturpin."

    Martin: "Ireland will be kicking themselves if they lose this game, which could well happen the way the tides have turned."

  38. 63 mins: 
    PENALTY (Laidlaw)- Scotland 9-8 Ireland

    No, your eyes don't deceive you. Scotland are in the lead. Remarkable.

  39. 63 mins: 
    Scotland 6-8 Ireland

    Scotland are finally inside the Ireland 22 - and they come within a couple of feet of scoring a try after hammering away through the phases. They have a penalty instead, posts or line-out?

    Gavin Hastings, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Momentum is just changing, Scotland are beginning to force the Ireland defence a wee bit now, and I sense a bit of frustration creeping into the Ireland team."

    Gavin Hastings, BBC Radio 5 live

    "I have to say that the turning point for me is when Kearney gave away a penalty in the early part of this second-half, and Scotland are now back in the game."

  42. 59 mins: 
    PENALTY (Laidlaw)- Scotland 6-8 Ireland

    Apologies, threw you a dummy with the Scotland scorer down below. Scotland smash Ireland in a scrum, Laidlaw makes no mistake.

    It is one of the quirks of the game that you can, of course, win without getting into the enemy's 22. Will Scotland commit an act of grand larceny - just two points in it now.

  43. 58 mins: 
    Scotland 3-8 Ireland

    Scotland have already made 100 tackles, just over four times as many as the visitors, with only 24. Scotland attack within sight of the Ireland 22, but the forcefield that has kept them out for 98% of the game does its job once more and they knock on without managing to breach the Irish defences.

    Gavin Hastings, BBC Radio 5 live

    "This was a big kick for Paddy Jackson, but it wasn't from an easy position."

  45. 54 mins: 
    MISSED PENALTY (Paddy Jackson)- Scotland 3-8 Ireland

    Scotland immediately concede a penalty from the restart, but Paddy Jackson's kicking woes continue as he again pushes his shot at goal to the right of the posts.

    Gavin Hastings, BBC Radio 5 live

    "That was Scotland's first venture into the Ireland half in the second half, and Laidlaw landed his kick well."


    Ireland winger Craig Gilroy shouts with joy as he touches down for the game's opening try.

    Ireland's Craig Gilroy
  48. 52 mins: 
    PENALTY (Greig Laidlaw)- Scotland 3-8 Ireland

    Scotland win a penalty! They'll have a shot at goal! Precisely 2% of the game has taken place in Irelands 22, 71% in Scotland's half. Greig Laidlaw gets the hosts on the scoreboard.

  49. 51 mins: 
    Scotland 0-8 Ireland

    Paddy Jackson misses touch, Scotland bang it deep and when Rob Kearney tries to counter Scotland win a penalty at the ruck. Ruaridh Jackson finds touch inside Ireland's 22. Uncharted territory for the hosts, here be Dragons.


    Andrew Priestley: "Craig Gilroy dances and pirouettes his way over the try line. Something we'll get very used to seeing over the next 10 years."

    Ewan Murray: "Was always coming - just amazing it didn't happen 30 minutes earlier!!"


    Former England captain Will Carling: "Great start by Ireland. Keith Wood talked about precision in the 22 - exactly what they just did."

  52. 48 mins: 
    Scotland 0-8 Ireland

    Will Ireland pull away, or can Scotland finally find some sort of attacking threat? Ireland win a penalty at the scrum, which has been about the only area the hosts have enjoyed any success so far today. Without an edge there, they are surely doomed.

    Gavin Hastings, BBC Radio 5 live

    Former Scotland full-back Gavin Hastings, at Murrayfield:

    "Well that was certainly nothing more than Ireland deserved. Kelly Brown, the Scotland captain, should gather his troops. You would have thought the break would have helped them to settle down."


    Former Ireland international Philip Matthews on BBC One: "Ireland moved the ball very quickly and they made their decision early. Ireland have been making it so difficult for Scotland by committing players to the ruck. Scotland simply cannot challenge for the ball."

    You can watch all the action from Murrayfield on BBC One or through the video at the top of this page.

  55. 43 mins: 
    TRY (Gilroy, Paddy Jackson missed con)- Scotland 0-8 Ireland

    Ireland again on the attack yet again. Sean O'Brien makes a bullocking break but slips as he tries to round Hogg. Rob Kearney makes further ground and Craig Gilroy spins over from close range. Paddy Jackson hits the post with the conversion, but finally the scoreboard has a more realistic look to it.

    Former Ireland hooker Keith Wood, BBC Sport at Murrayfield

    "Ireland have to be unbelievably angry. They have done so much right but the last 5%, their accuracy in the Scotland 22, has just not been good enough."

  57. 41 mins: 
    Scotland 0-3 Ireland

    What's going on? Are Scotland trying Muhammad Ali's "rope-a-dope" tactics, tiring Ireland out before coming out swinging late in the game? Or are Ireland just the better team? Normally the side that's on top in the scrum and line-out wins the game, but at the moment Scotland are being totally outplayed in every other facet of the match, but only trail 3-0. Baffling game this. Paddy Jackson gets us back under way.


    Max Thomas: "Scotland must take serious heart from the fact they're only three points behind, when Ireland have been comfortably on top."

    Andrew Priestley: "That first half performance from Luke Marshall has effectively ended Gordon D'Arcy's international rugby career."

    Rhys Ingram: "What a strange half of rugby! Huge error count from Scotland, no execution from either team!"

    Former England centre Jeremy Guscott, BBC Sport at Murrayfield

    "You can see Brian O'Driscoll really giving some stick to Keith Earls after he failed to pass inside [see 25 mins]. We can't repeat what he said. But I've been in the same position as a centre when you don't get the ball from your winger - you give to them big style. And they don't do it again."


    Gareth: "Speaking as an Englishman, supporting Scotland over anyone is a very strange feeling to say the least! But I cannot help but like this Scottish team with their amazing back three, super back row and Richie Gray (possibly world rugby's favourite cult player). Strange days indeed."

    Gavin Hastings, BBC Radio 5 live

    Former Scotland full-back Gavin Hastings, at Murrayfield:

    "It would have been daylight robbery if Scotland were to have scored from that kick."

    Ben Dirs, BBC Sport at Murrayfield

    "How Scotland are only 3-0 down at half-time is bordering on a miracle."

    Former Ireland hooker Keith Wood, BBC Sport at Murrayfield

    "Scotland have to be thrilled to bits. They haven't been involved at all with the ball in hand and they are only three points behind."

    You can watch all the action from Murrayfield on BBC One or through the video at the top of this page.

    HALF-TIME- Scotland 0-3 Ireland

    Hogg falls short with a 51m effort with the last action of the half. The scoreboard does not tell the whole story, because it has been all Ireland as they seek a sixth straight Six Nations win at Murrayfield.

    The visitors have enjoyed 78% of the possession and 80% of the territory, but have just a single penalty to show for it. That is partly down to their own poor decision making at the last, but Scotland's defence has been very committed - they have made 70 tackles to Ireland's 15.

  65. 39 mins: 
    Scotland 0-3 Ireland

    The Princess Royal - apparently very knowledgeable about rugby - looks on in frustration as Scotland struggle to make an impact. And as I write that, Earls holds on after claiming a high catch, Hogg will go for goal from long range.

  66. 38 mins: 
    Scotland 0-3 Ireland

    Scotland back on top in the scrum, but they just cannot get any decent territory or possession. Again it is the visitors on the attack.

    Gavin Hastings, BBC Radio 5 live

    Former Scotland full-back Gavin Hastings, at Murrayfield:

    "I would expect the Scotland coaches to be furious, you'd expect the Scotland players to come out with more passion but they've been pathetic."


    Ireland debutants Paddy Jackson and Luke Marshall are enjoying their place on the international stage. Fly-half Jackson settled his nerves with the opening penalty, while centre Marshall has caught the eye with his strong carries.

    Paddy Jackson and Luke Marshall
    Gavin Hastings, BBC Radio 5 live

    Former Scotland full-back Gavin Hastings, at Murrayfield:

    "The way this game is going you want to get some points on the board, because this game will not end 3-3."

  70. 35 mins: 
    PENALTY (Jackson)- Scotland 0-3 Ireland

    Ireland bully their way to within a yard, but Scotland hold out. Initially it is legal, but then the Scots infringe at the ruck and captain Kelly Brown gets a stern talking to from the school-masterish Wayne Barnes. Paddy Jackson lands the goal, his first points in Test rugby.

  71. 32 mins: 
    Scotland 0-0 Ireland

    Ireland win the latest in a series of penalties, this one five metres out. They go for the line-out once again. Can they make it count this time?

  72. 31 mns: 
    Scotland 0-0 Ireland

    It's all Ireland and they win a penalty as Rob Harley infringes. Scotland have made 55 tackles - but missed 11. How the scores are level I do not know. Actually, poor Irish goal kicking, poor Irish decision-making after breaking the line and the poor Irish line-out might have something to do with it.


    David: "Scots have managed to avoid conceding points despite Irish pressure and Irish making mistakes which will give Hogg a chance."

    James: "Really impressive Scottish scrums. A very entertaining match. Hard to call at this point."


    Former Ireland international Philip Matthews on BBC One: "You could see the words from Brian O'Driscoll to Keith Earls there - he wanted that ball and Keith Earls should have given it. Earls went for the outside and he wasn't going to get there. He should have passed to O'Driscoll and should have gone inside earlier."

    You can watch all the action from Murrayfield on BBC One or through the video at the top of this page.

  75. 25 mins: 
    Scotland 0-0 Ireland

    Ireland rip the hosts open once again. This time it's Keith Earls - but he butchers another chance, opting to go for the outside break and being bundled into touch, rather than pass inside to the supporting Brian O'Driscoll. The former captain has words - 'not sure about your decision there' - something polite anyway. Ahem.


    Both sets of players have the opportunity to impress British and Irish Lions coach Warren Gatland this afternoon. Gatland is sitting in the Murrayfield stands in between ex-Scotland stars Andy Irvine and John Jeffrey.

    Warren Gatland
  77. 20 mins: 
    Scotland 0-0 Ireland

    Ireland dominate the seven-man Scotland scrum - sin-binned prop Grant's absence already showing. Penalty to the visitors. Jackson will bang it into touch deep inside the Scotland half.


    Huw Adams: "Luke Marshall proving you don't need to be a battering ram a la Roberts and Bastareaud to break the line #Angles."

    James: "Two carries, 43 metres made. Unbelievable!! Marshall is a fantastic prospect."

    Hamish Caughey: "That Luke Marshall kid is pretty good."


    Andrew Priestley: "See you in 10 minutes big fella. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time."

    Charlotte Bailey: "Yellow card seems a little excessive."

  80. 16 mins: 
    MISSED PENALTY (Paddy Jackson)- Scotland 0-0 Ireland

    This could be Paddy Jackson's first international points... but it's an ugly kick. It wobbles off target like a late-night drinker down Princes Street.


    Former Ireland international Philip Matthews on BBC One: "I think that yellow card is harsh to be quite honest. There have been no warnings from referee Wayne Barnes and it's not like Scotland have been penalised for slowing the play down."

    You can watch all the action from Murrayfield on BBC One or through the video at the top of this page.

  82. 15 mins: 
    Scotland 0-0 Ireland

    Ireland the better side at the moment, although Scotland have the upper hand in the scrums. The visitors move the ball back and forth in search of a gap and Scotland finally infringe at a ruck. Conor Murray goes quickly, Scotland aren't 10m and Grant is sent to the bin after interfering with the Irish scrum-half's run. Paddy Jackson will go for goal.

  83. 11 mins: 
    Scotland 0-0 Ireland

    Another superb break from Marshall after he scissors with Ulster team-mate Jackson. The centre draws Hogg but his pass looks to have drifted forward and the flying Craig Gilroy cannot claim it with his fingertips. That was pretty much an open goal, Ireland may curse that later.


    Former Ireland international Philip Matthews on BBC One: "Ireland really let Scotland off the hook there. It all broke down and they lost momentum when they deliberated over that first ruck. Whatever they did there, they had to do it quickly."

  85. 8 mins: 
    Scotland 0-0 Ireland

    Ulster debutant Luke Marshall makes a slashing break. Ireland batter away from five metres but Scotland twice infringe and Ireland kick the penalty to the corner. Scotland pinch the throw and clear. Sighs of relief from the home fans.


    Hamish Caughey: "Jackson v Jackson, going to be an interesting debut for Paddy."

    Nick Wright: "I fancy Scotland to just nick this one - should be a cracking match-up."

  87. 5 mins: 
    Scotland 0-0 Ireland

    The Scots maul their way forward but Ryan Grant is rightly penalised for pulling Donnacha Ryan out of the maul by the neck.

    Chris Paterson, BBC Sport at Murrayfield

    "I remember the nerves I felt on my Test debut very well. But Paddy Jackson is a quality player, and a very physical player, who will help the pack too."

  89. 3 mins: 
    Scotland 0-0 Ireland

    Stuart Hogg's first touch is to knock-on a hanging kick. Good thing I didn't give him a big build-up.

  90. 2 mins: 
    Scotland 0-0 Ireland

    Paddy Jackson knocks on. Welcome to Test rugby fella...

  91. 1 min: 
    Scotland 0-0 Ireland

    Wayne Barnes with the whistle. Scotland 10 Ruaridh Jackson gets the match under way. Jacksons at fly-half for both sides today - thanks coaches.

  92. 1359: 

    The anthems have been sung with gusto, the pipes falling quiet for the second verse of Flower of Scotland - chills ensue. Kick-off is imminent.


    Joshua J Farr: "Hope Scotland make the most of today! Weaker Irish team so this will be a great game!"

    Andrew Priestley: "Jackson needs a solid first 20 minutes to feel his way onto the international stage. Good with ball in hand, good distribution."

    Ben Dirs, BBC Sport at Murrayfield

    "Remarkably, Scotland haven't had back to back wins in the Six Nations since 2001. I have a feeling that might change..."

  95. 1358: 

    You'll be glad to know Andrew Cotter is back on commentary duties after his difficulties yesterday...


    Ireland captain Jamie Heaslip on BBC One: "We strive to get consistency and it has been mistakes which have cost us recently. We have lost games because we have made mistakes or not taken our opportunities.

    "I think the Championship is still wide open, but we know we cannot get ahead of ourselves. We have got to focus on Scotland, go through the processes and hopefully the outcome will take care of itself."

    You can watch all the action from Murrayfield on BBC One or through the video at the top of this page.

  97. 1355: 

    With key playmaker Jonathan Sexton injured, probably the biggest call in the Ireland team is the decision to overlook the claims of veteran number 10 Ronan O'Gara at fly-half and instead hand Ulster's Paddy Jackson his debut.

    He is one of two debutants, with provincial team-mate Luke Marshall set to make his Test bow alongside Jackson at inside centre.

    As a result of injury and the suspension of influential prop Cian Healy - the tournament's top tackler with 27 - Ireland have been forced into five changes in all.

    Despite that, their starting XV has 545 Test caps between them, while Scotland's has 371.

    Chris Paterson, BBC Sport at Murrayfield

    "First and foremost Scotland can take positives from scoring four tries against Italy. They made good decisions and looked sharp in attack, like they did at Twickenham. But they lost the possession and territory battle against Italy which is a cause for concern."

  99. 1353: 

    Scotland have made just one change after their stirring win over Italy. Prop Euan Murray does not play on Sunday because of his religious beliefs, so Geoff Cross come in at tight-head for the hosts.

    Hogg, Maitland and Visser are a danger out wide for the Scots.

  100. 1350: 

    Your teams for today:

    Scotland: Hogg; Maitland, Lamont, Scott, Visser; Jackson, Laidlaw; Grant, Ford, Cross, Gray, Hamilton, Harley, Beattie, Brown.

    Replacements: Hall, Welsh, Low, Kellock, Denton, Pyrgos, Weir, Evans.

    Ireland: Kearney; Gilroy, O'Driscoll, L Marshall, Earls; Jackson, Murray, Court, Best, Ross, O'Callaghan, Ryan, O'Mahony, Heaslip, O'Brien.

    Replacements: Cronin, Kilcoyne, Fitzpatrick, Toner, Henderson, Reddan, O'Gara, Fitzgerald.

    Referee: Wayne Barnes (RFU)

  101. 1345: 

    Scotland interim head coach Scott Johnson on BBC One: "We're positive after the last performance [against Italy] but the fact is we have got to jump up another level against this opposition. Ireland have quality players in every position. If we don't jump up a level and do our part it will be a tough day at the office."

    You watch all the action from Murrayfield on BBC One or through the video at the top of this page.


    Noahhh: "Unless Jamie Heaslip has a Man of the Match performance today, Robshaw will beat him to the Lions captaincy."

  103. 1341: 

    Ireland go into the game battered and bruised after their home defeat by England last time out, but they opened their account with a good win away to Wales and will be looking to make it six in a row at Murrayfield.

    Can Jamie Heaslip guide his men to victory? The number eight needs a good performance after a rocky display against England, and Ireland's cause has not be helped by a series of injuries.

  104. 1337: 

    My amusingly named colleague Ben Dirs has been to talk to Hogg, who turns out to be related to none other than George Best. Well worth a read...

  105. 1335: 

    Scotland are in buoyant mood after securing their record Six Nations win last time out as they thrashed Italy.

    A more direct game plan under interim boss Scott Johnson, helped by the carrying ability of the resurgent Johnnie Beattie, has transformed their expectations after a poor autumn saw former boss Andy Robinson call it quits.

    They are also looking much more threatening outside, with wingers Sean Maitland and Tim Visser supplying a real cutting edge, but the undoubted star of the show has been full-back Stuart Hogg.

    The 20-year-old - the 59th player from legendary Borders club Hawick to play Test rugby for Scotland - capped a fine display against England with arguably the try of the tournament against Italy, an 80m solo spectacular that even All Black great Christian Cullen would have been proud of.

  106. 1331: 

    With thousands of Irish fans descending on Edinburgh, you suspect the craic (last mention I promise) will have been fierce last night - will the action on the pitch live up to it?

    Surely home advantage must favour the Scots? You'd think so, but Ireland have won on their last five visits to Murrayfield in the Six Nations, although Scotland won the World Cup warm up-game between the two in 2011.

    Scotland are looking for their first back-to-back wins in the Six Nations since 2001, while Ireland have not lost back-to-back Six Nations games since 2008.


    Jack Cooper ‏on Twitter: "Got my pjs on and no work to do ... bring on ireland vs Scotland #bbcsixnations"


    Sean T on Twitter: "Very Much looking forward to #ScotlandVsIreland in a little while for #BBCSixNations Going to be a real slobberknocker!!" (That's a full-fledged donnybrook, according to the always invaluable Urban Dictionary. Hugely physical contest will do for the rest of us).

  109. 1319: 

    Speaking of Twitter, why not get in touch? You can tweet us using #bbcsixnations, and for those of you too intimidated by the One Directioners to venture onto the micro-blogging platform, why not text us on 81111 - put Six Nations in the subject line so we can pick you out from the heavy firepower of the football texters.

  110. 1316: 

    To my mind there's only one thing scarier than the French front row, and that's the massed hordes of One Directioners. Have you ventured onto Twitter recently? Terrifying, the Beliebers are quaking like Jamie Heaslip under an Owen Farrell garryowen.

  111. 1313: 

    Of course this is the third and final match of round three in the 2013 Six Nations - and England are taking giant strides towards a first Grand Slam since One Direction were learning how to spell (that's 2003 btw - I'm not suggesting their ability to spell was only developed last year).

    Stuart Lancaster's men followed up their opening wins over Scotland and Ireland by surviving a first-half onslaught from France to win 23-13 in what the England boss described as a "proper Test match" ie. brutal.

    Wales continued their revival with an ultimately dominant victory against Italy in Rome.

  112. 1305: 

    Once again we've cleared the schedules, so whether you're on your sofa, cleaning the car or down the pub you've got no excuse to miss a minute of our coverage.

    In addition to my frantic typing, you can watch from 13:30 GMT on BBC One, BBC HD and Online, and there is also commentary on Radio 5 live.

    Once that's finished we've got a Six Nations forum to chew over the weekend - it's from 16:00-16:30 on the Red Button and Online.

    And finally, you can catch Six Nations highlights from 23:15-00:00 on BBC Two, BBC HD Channel and Online.

  113. 1300: 

    So then, early roast was it? Maybe a nice bit of Aberdeen Angus beef? A few tatties and neeps as well you say? Makes my canteen sandwich look a bit limp, but never mind, for we have Scotland and Ireland preparing to serve up another meaty Six Nations clash.

    Kick-off's in one hour, plenty of time for pudding (and just what exactly is a clootie dumpling? The mind boggles. Perhaps a Scot can enlighten us).

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