Six Nations 2013: Scotland v Wales, Ireland v France

Ireland draw with France after Wales beat Scotland, and Ireland Women win the title, on the penultimate weekend of the Six Nations.

10 March 2013 Last updated at 12:20 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 1916: 

    Well, I don't know about you but I am shattered after that second game. What a remarkable fightback by France, just when we thought they were dead and buried they turn out to be unpredictable - who'da thunk it?

    Want to relive the game? You can read Ben Dirs's report from the match here shortly - he still typing franticly away as I write, but give it a few minutes and I promise you a gripping read from the front line.

    And if you'd like to cast your eye over our report from the first game of the weekend, you can read it here, you brave souls.

    We've also got highlights of both games on the website, so that should keep you going until tomorrow, when I'll be back with live coverage as England look to keep their Grand Slam bid on track against Italy.

    And for those who've been here with me since the start, I think Rover deserves that walk now...


    Will Carling on Twitter: "Why kick the ball away France??? Why ?? Twice !!!!!! Fail to understand that!!"


    Will Greenwood on Twitter: "Ireland showed some real dog.... Poor old Freddie... Let Parra kick..."


    James: "How many injuries do Ireland now have?"

    Iain Riquelme Condie: "The Irish team are held together by tape!"

  5. 1901: 

    Heaslip on the controversial late incident which went to the TMO after a collision between Debaty and Earls a couple of metres from the France line as the Irishman chased a kick ahead: "From what I saw I thought Keith got bumped but we just get on with it. Picamoles took his chance and did very well [to get back and touch down]. There wasn't much between the the teams."

  6. 1900: 

    Ireland captain Jamie Heaslip: "I don't know if it was the prettiest game to watch, I guess the score reflected the game - they came back in that last 20."


    Ben Smith: "I do not understand how everyone knows that Michalek should be no where near the French team, yet Saint Andre still picks him."

    Kayleigh Lucas: "Stupid stupid Freddie... France yet to win in this tournament."


    Phillip Matthews, BBC Sport: "Ireland will be disappointed with that, no scores in the second-half, that's going to leave them flat."

  9. 1858: 

    Now that was a proper Test match, despite the dire conditions the two sides combined to serve up a thriller, but it is a game Ireland will surely be gutted not to have won.

    They were dominant for much of the first hour but the power of the French bench hauled the visitors back into it, and given their shocking form this season, and their low morale, all credit to them for never giving up.

    Denis Hickie at Aviva Stadium, BBC Radio 5 live

    "A poor decision to kick the ball from Michalak. Ireland were scrambling defensively and they just needed to keep their hands on the ball. Incredible decision-making from France.

    "France will be somewhat more happier than Ireland, who were unable to close out the game.

    "France's management of the game was incredible in the last 10 minutes. It was a bizarre decision to kick the ball away with nothing left on the clock. That typifies France's season."

    Keith Wood, BBC Sport

    "Ireland were in control for huge periods, this game is getting so unbelievably tough."

    FULL-TIME- Ireland 13-13 France

    Oof, Ireland survive, but they were hanging on at the end of a match they had looked to be well in control of with 20 minutes to go.

    The final play is dramatic. France kick high but knock on, Ireland counter from their own half but lose possession. Picamoles makes the latest of his massive carries to get France within 10m, but when Michalak threads through a grubber kick, Ireland win the race to touch down and the game is drawn.

  13. 80 mins: 
    Ireland 13-13 France

    So then, last play. Ireland icon O'Driscoll look as though he's held together by sticking plaster. Picamoles had made 68 metres in the match from 12 carries, compared to 10 off seven for Heaslip - big game from the Toulouse number eight.


    Phillip Matthews, BBC Sport: "The question will be asked, why Ireland could not bring they composure they showed in the first-half?"

  15. 79 mins: 
    Ireland 13-13 France

    Ireland on the attack, captain Heaslip battling forwards with Frenchmen hanging off him. Ireland have a man down and France turn the ball over. Ireland infringe, France penalty but out of range. They'll have the final possession by the looks of things. Can they steal it?

    Ireland's Eoin Reddan is being taken off injured with what is described as "a very bad leg injury". Ireland bring on replacement hooker Sean Cronin, while scrum-half Murray wins the man of the match award.

  16. 78 mins: 
    Ireland 13-13 France

    This is one hell of a game. Credit to France, they looked dead and buried, but their replacements have really lifted them. O'Driscoll's back for Ireland, a warrior to the last.

    Ireland have the ball inside their half, Jackson kicks high but Huget claims. Michalak chips, Jackson claims, the hosts have got 50m to go.

    Brian Moore, BBC Sport

    "I think France have got away with one there, I still don't think he would have scored but Ireland should have had a penalty."

  18. 77 mins: 
    Ireland 13-13 France

    And the decision is... no penalty, drop-out 22. "Ireland should have had a penalty," says Brian Moore. I have to agree.


    Neil Cowan: "The Irish are wobbling here."

    Barnaby Hodgkins: "Squeaky bum time in Dublin."

  20. 76 mins: 
    Ireland 13-13 France

    More drama. Ireland kick ahead, Earls looks like he's winning the race, Picamoles gets there but there's concern Earls may have been taken out by Debaty. They've gone upstairs - penalty perhaps?

    Brian Moore, BBC Sport

    "Let's give a lot of credit to Michalak for that, he's struggled all day that was a really brave kick."

    Denis Hickie at Aviva Stadium, BBC Radio 5 live

    "A great kick from Michalak, we have criticised him a lot today. What a finish we have now."

  23. 74 mins: 
    TRY (Picamoles, Michalak con)- Ireland 13-13 France

    O lawdy, we're level in Dublin.

    France butcher Ireland at the scrum and win a penalty. Picamoles taps, his mates get behind him, Ireland are slow to regroup and the Toulouse number eight powers over.

  24. 72 mins: 
    Ireland 13-6 France

    Ireland lose centres Marshall and O'Driscoll to injury. At the scrum Ireland look on top but ref Walsh rules it turned and gives France the put-in. Massive, massive call. This could be the game right here.


    Phillip Matthews, BBC Sport: "There's one or two very weary legs out there in green jerseys."

  26. 71 mins: 
    Ireland 13-6 France

    France are on the attack deep in the Ireland 22. Their replacements are having a big impact and they're only five metres from the line. Sebastien Vahaamahina and Bastareaud make good ground despite the desperate Irish defence. Vincent Debaty hammers to within two metres but France cannot get the ball to ground and Ireland get the put-in. Massive call. Just over eight minutes to play now.

  27. 70 mins: 
    Ireland 13-6 France

    We're into the championship rounds now and at the moment France are heading for a first ever Six Nations Wooden Spoon, and their first in the tournament since 1999. They haven't lost all their matches in the tournament since 1957. Former captain O'Driscoll is limping but looks set to finish the game - which may be his last ever Test in Dublin, if the rumours are true.


    James Senese: "Michalak needs to be taken off. He's an amazing player but Brian Moore is correct in his assessment of him."

  29. 67 mins: 
    Ireland 13-6 France

    France finally back into the Ireland half, and they're still only a converted try behind, but there are roars of joy from the Irish players as Ulster centre Luke Marshall gets over the ball at a ruck and wins the penalty.


    Former England captain Will Carling on Twitter: "France's decision making has been so poor. They seem bereft of any tactics or plan to get into Irish half & stay there."

    Brian Moore, BBC Sport

    "Super Rugby (in the southern hemisphere, where he played for the Sharks) is made for Michalak, this sort of weather is not suited to super rugby and that's why he should never have been picked."

    Denis Hickie at Aviva Stadium, BBC Radio 5 live

    "The Ireland scrum is coming under more pressure and France are starting to dominate. They have beef on the bench which they can bring on. This is where the depth could count against Ireland, but the visitors need to make it count."

  33. 65 mins: 
    Ireland 13-6 France

    Ireland are looking to use their kicking game to pin France back. The visitors manage a big shove at a scrum but when they go wide Michalak juggles and then gets swamped. The rain is constant.

  34. 62 mins: 
    Ireland 13-6 France

    Murray soars highest to claim Brian O'Driscoll's kick and O'Brien embarks on a vigorous carry. France full-back Huget looks to be knocked clean out after trying to tackle the powerhouse Ireland flanker, but somehow gets back to his feet. Ireland pin the visitors back with a probing Jackson kick..

  35. 60 mins: 
    Ireland 13-6 France

    The pitch at the Aviva Stadium is holding up incredibly well given the amount of rain hammering down on it. An hour played, Ireland up in terms of both territory and possession.


    Phillip Matthews, BBC Sport: "Ireland are looking a little bit more vulnerable, they need to get back to what they were doing, playing territory."

  37. 57 mins: 

    Parra misses by a long way. The men at the game suggest the strong wind played a part in that - hard to tell from the TV, but definitely a let-off for Ireland.

    Bastareaud goes back off for France, Florian Fritz is back on.

  38. 56 mins: 
    Ireland 13-6 France

    Ireland infringe at the ruck, another penalty for France inside the hosts' half. The momentum is swinging back to Les Bleus at the moment.

    Brian Moore, BBC Sport

    "It's a big 10 minutes now for Ireland."

  40. 53 mins: 
    PENALTY (Parra)- Ireland 13-6 France

    Mathieu Bastareaud is on for France. Although he looks like a prop he is actually a centre so plays no part as the French earn a penalty at a scrum. Parra has taken over the kicking duties and nails his first attempt - only a converted try in it now.

    Denis Hickie at Aviva Stadium, BBC Radio 5 live

    "That was dreadful from Ireland. France were hanging on by their fingernails and there was no need for the drop-goal."

  42. 51 mins: 
    Ireland 13-3 France

    Quick tap from Murray after France are marched back 10 gets the Irish deep inside the France 22. Healy, such a mobile prop, makes good ground but when the ball is moved right the French defence is strong. No matter, the hosts move it back right and there's a two-man overlap, but Heaslip fails to spot it and trucks into contact.

    France reorganise and force the hosts back and the move ends tamely as Rob Kearney's long-range drop-kick is well off target.

  43. 48 mins: 
    Ireland 13-3 France

    The rain is relentless, hope Noah's got the Arc out of storage. Another huge Irish maul, French bodies are scattered by Ireland's remorseless advance, but O'Brien then tries an ambitious offload and scrum-half Murray can't hold it.

    That's a shame for Ireland but they are utterly dominant up front.

  44. 44 mins: 
    MISSED PENALTY (Jackson)- Ireland 13-3 France

    Jackson is short and wide with the kick, France still trail by only 10. You sense the next score is vital.

  45. 43 mins: 
    Ireland 13-3 France

    France march forwards in the scrum, but rather than give a penalty he awards a put-in at the next scrum. Picamoles looks somewhat bemused. At the next scrum France collapse, penalty Ireland.

  46. 42 mins: 
    Ireland 13-3 France

    Ireland launch another threatening drive from a line-out, but this time France manage to halt their momentum. Ireland go wide but McCarthy drops a simple pass in midfield. As simple as a pass can be when the ball's like a greased up monkey anyway.

  47. 41 mins: 
    Ireland 13-3 France

    Picamoles drops the restart - it's catching, if you get my drift - but the ball goes backwards. Lucky escape for France.

    Keith Wood, BBC Sport

    "I just wonder if picking Michalak affects the French mentality, they don't have any confidence in him as a kicker."

    Denis Hickie at Aviva Stadium, BBC Radio 5 live

    "When i see Michalak playing in a game like this, he must be a better organiser of the game. You can't say he is a good tactical kicker."


    Vicky Nutley: "Wonder which French team will emerge from the tunnel at half time good or bad they are strangely compelling to watch."

    Keith Wood, BBC Sport

    "Ireland are playing a very simple style but they're playing it very well. France are slow in defence, they're showing no urgency, they look incredibly lacklustre."


    BBC Sport TV presenter Jason Mohammed on Twitter: "Half-time here in Dublin. Good aggression by Ireland - France just walked past us in tunnel - not happy. Oh, and I'm wet."

    HALF-TIME- Ireland 13-3 France

    Much better game this, despite the driving rain in Dublin. The Ireland pack is well on top, driving France back in mauls and smashing them back in tackles, and giving half-backs Murray and Jackson time to run the game - which they are doing with aplomb.

    France have a few individuals playing well, such as Picamoles and Dusautoir, but they look muddled and short of confidence. And those who think it's purely down to the conditions have clearly never been to Biarritz when a winter storm is whipping in off the Atlantic.

  54. 40 mins: 
    MISSED PENALTY (Michalak)- Ireland 13-3 France

    Ireland second row Mike McCarthy is penalised for playing the ball from an offside position, but Michalak is off-target with a tricky kick from wide on the left.

  55. 39 mins: 
    Ireland 13-3 France

    Jackson matadors his way past Morgan Parra on his own line and bangs his clearance kick deep. It's still raining by the way, those rumours are false.


    Former England captain Will Carling on Twitter: "Ireland's kicking game has been very impressive. So has their ball retention. Placing France under real pressure."

    Brian Moore, BBC Sport

    "France would be in even more trouble if it wasn't for Dusautoir, he has been all over the place plugging holes."

  58. 38 mins: 
    Ireland 13-3 France

    A promising France attack comes to a halt as Yannick Nyanga, such a dangerous carrier, spills the ball forwards. Jackson hangs a kick high after impressive drives from the likes of O'Brien and Healy get the hosts on the front foot. France gather and Picamoles tries another rumbustious charge, but he's right by the touchline and two Irish tacklers gang up to smash him into touch.

  59. 35 mins: 
    Ireland 13-3 France

    France number eight Louis Picamoles with a big rumble down the right flank. He's been superb this Six Nations, but his team-mates have frequently let him down and when they switch the ball into midfield Ireland turn it over.

    Luke Marshall pins the visitors back with a great kick, but they win the line-out and clear their lines.


    Shane McMenemy: "Paddy Jackson, where did that come from?! Super kick."

    Denis Hickie at Aviva Stadium, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Ireland have the momentum. French heads will be beginning to drop and they don't look like creating much which has been symptomatic of their season."

  62. 32 mins: 
    PENALTY (Jackson)- Ireland 13-3 France

    Rugby romantic Ben Dirs there. What were his parents thinking with that name? Another Ireland penalty, Jackson to go from the same spot once more. Same result, straight through the sticks.

    Ben Dirs at Aviva Stadium, BBC Sport

    "Top-level rugby is all about using the right weapons in the right conditions and that Ireland maul is causing mass destruction out there."


    Phillip Matthews, BBC Sport: "What has impressed me has been Ireland's execution in these conditions, they've been very, very accurate."

  65. 29 mins: 
    PENALTY (Jackson)- Ireland 10-3 France

    Your wish is their command, Brian.

    France infringe at the restart, Jackson to go for goal. Amazing how often that happens, teams scoring and then conceding immediately, you'd think they'd learn.

    Jackson - not the regular kicker for his provincial side Ulster - makes no mistake. That was a tricky effort and he'll be pleased with that.

    Denis Hickie at Aviva Stadium, BBC Radio 5 live

    "It is very much a sense of two teams who are desperate to win. It will be cat and mouse throughout and both team's season hang on this game."

    Brian Moore, BBC Sport

    "Ireland definitely deserve to be in the lead, but 10-3 would be a fairer reflection of the difference between the teams."

  68. 26 mins: 
    PENALTY (Michalak)- Ireland 7-3 France

    Ireland under big pressure at the scrum as Nicolas Mas and co get the drive on. Ireland crumble and ref Steve Walsh blows with gusto. Michalak to go for goal from out on the right, makes no mistake.

  69. 25 mins: 
    Ireland 7-0 France

    France try to drive from a line-out but Ireland are ferocious in defence, the ball spills lose and Thierry Dusautoir knocks-on.

  70. 22 mins: 
    MISSED PENALTY (Jackson)- Ireland 7-0 France

    Not now I'm afraid Will (see 20 mins), Jackson's pulled that one to the left of the posts.


    Former England captain Will Carling on Twitter: "In the confidence stakes - Heaslip up, Jackson up, Michalak down."

  72. 20 mins: 
    Ireland 7-0 France

    It's almost stopped raining in Dublin, so the rumours are true, it doesn't rain all the time. France over the top O'Brien at a ruck, referee not happy, Jackson will go for goal.

    Brian Moore, BBC Sport

    "As a forward I am purring, people think that drive from Ireland to score doesn't take skill. It was a very precise skill."

    Denis Hickie at Aviva Stadium, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Extraordinary drive from Ireland. They just blew France away and there were a few guys lining up to score. The French maul just disintegrated."

    Brian Moore, BBC Sport

    "We'll see what France have got now, we'll see what they have bottle-wise."

  76. 15 mins: 
    MISSED PENALTY (Michalak)

    Michalak has a chance to get France on the board but the fly-half pushes his effort wide from out left, and looks suitably perplexed. Bad miss from the recalled France 10.


    Phillip Matthews, BBC Sport: "It was good to see Jamie Heaslip in the middle of that, he's been under a lot of pressure but that will do his standing and his personal confidence the world of good."

  78. 10 mins: 
    TRY (Heaslip, Jackson con)- Ireland 7-0 France

    Fantastic driving maul from Ireland. They win the line-out, get their men in position, engage four wheel drive and then bulldoze their way over the line for captain and number eight Heaslip to score.

    France in full retreat, text commentators desperately avoiding the obvious jokes, and Jackson landing the conversion. Will wonders never cease.

  79. 9 mins: 
    Ireland 0-0 France

    That's a massive, rumbling drive from a line-out by the Irish. The pack gets really tight and works up a real head of steam as they make 30m deep into French territory. They go wide, Jackson kicks through and Parra is forced to clear into touch five metres out.

  80. 7 mins: 
    Ireland 0-0 France

    Ireland win the line-out through Sean O'Brien and try to drive, but France are equal to the task and win the put-in at a scrum. Both front rows end up with their faces in the dirt. "The scrums are a mess at this level," says former England hooker Brian Moore. And he'd know. France win a free-kick, the visitors will clear.

  81. 4 mins: 
    Ireland 0-0 France

    Both sets of forwards billowing steam as they breathe like angry cartoon bulls. Conor Murray's little chip puts Yoann Huget in trouble and when the Ireland scrum-half fly-hacks forward, France kick the ball into touch in their own 22.


    Phillip Matthews, BBC Sport: "Ireland are going to have to show the composure they didn't show against England, psychological resilience is going to be a big part of today's result."

    Ben Dirs at Aviva Stadium, BBC Sport

    "Not sure I can ever remember a set of away fans almost - I say almost - outsinging the home fans anthem-wise before a Six Nations match."

  84. 2 mins: 
    Ireland 0-0 France

    Michalak dinks a little chip for winger Vincent Clerc but it eludes the Toulouse winger on the run.

  85. 1 min: 
    Ireland 0-0 France

    France are bottom of the table with three defeats in three, Ireland have a solitary win. Confidence is not high in either camp. Michalak gets us under way, Ireland clear and Louis Picamoles fumbles a high kick into touch.

    Jeremy Guscott, BBC Sport

    "Ireland centre Brian O'Driscoll is pure genius, pure class, have we ever seen a better centre grace the rugby field?"

  87. 1700: 

    The biggest selection calls have been at fly-half, with Paddy Jackson winning his fitness battle to retain his place at 10 for Ireland.

    However, his kicking was so off target against Scotland a fortnight ago, you suspect when he got home and went to kick cat he was lucky not to break his toe on the nearest table.

    France have gambled even more, with Philippe Saint-Andre electing to drop Francois Trinh-Duc and bring back Freddie Michalak.

    It was commonly decreed that the latter had a shocker when he came on against England in place of Trinh-Duc, and his arrival coincided with the moment the game changed decisively in England's favour.

    Former Ireland hooker Keith Wood believes he was picked with a view to running Ireland ragged in dry conditions...

    Brian Moore, BBC Sport

    "France have been disheartened over selection and other things, unfortunately the weather has worsened here and if it gets any worse it's going to be a lottery, the first 20 minutes are going to be very important for both sides."

  89. 1655: 

    Your teams:

    Ireland: Kearney; McFadden, O'Driscoll, L Marshall, Earls; Jackson, Murray; Healy, Best, Ross, McCarthy, Ryan, O'Mahony, O'Brien, Heaslip.

    Replacements: Cronin, Kilcoyne, Archer, O'Callaghan, Henderson, Reddan, Madigan, Fitzgerald.

    France: Huget; Clerc, Fritz, Fofana, Medard; Michalak, Parra; Domingo, Kayser, Mas, Samson, Maestri, Nyanga, Dusautoir, Picamoles.

    Replacements: Guirado, Debaty, Ducalcon, Vahaamahina, Claassen, Machenaud, Trinh-Duc, Bastareaud.

    Referee: Steve Walsh (Australia)

  90. 1653: 

    It's raining. Like it was for England's 12-6 win last month. And as we all know, rain is to running rugby as salt is to slugs.


    France coach Philippe Saint-Andre: "The conditions are quite tough with the rain but we are just focused to be spot on, realistic and to get the first win. [On selecting Frederic Michalak] We need a player like Michalak with a lot of experience and charisma."

  92. 1645: 

    If rugby is poetry, then Scotland v Wales was written by William McGonagall. Let us hope for better in Dublin, although if we're continuing the literary theme, I should point out Finnegans Wake, widely regarded as the one most incomprehensible works ever, was written by an Irishman who lived in France. Doesn't augur well does it?


    Christian Black: "Absolutely pointless even hoping Ireland will win today."


    Under-fire Irish coach Declan Kidney: "We know France are going to come here with their A game and we need ours to get the better of them."

    Keith Wood, BBC Sport

    "There's a huge amount of talk that maybe it's time for Declan Kidney to stop, there's a feeling Kidney has got to the end of the road."

    Ben Dirs at Aviva Stadium, BBC Sport

    "It is horrible at the Aviva - windy, mizzly, exactly how you'd design the weather to be were you planning the worst game of rugby ever."


    Chris Shaw: "Thought Scott Johnson spoke very well after the game, could have blamed ref, lots of football coaches could learn from this."


    Geraint Blackwell: "Superb performance to win the game today by #Wales. The #SixNations dream lives on."

    Richard H Stewart: "England v Wales is now looking very tasty."


    Scotland interim coach Scott Johnson: "We've got to start looking at ourselves and what we're doing wrong. I don't want to coach a team that blames anyone else."


    Alex Hatton: "Sam Warburton looks like Nemanja Vidic in that scrum cap."

    Laura Jane-Jones: "Yes Sam. Yes. Welcome back sir, we've missed you."


    Man of the match Sam Warburton: "Absolutely brilliant, delighted to be back in a winning team again. I'll have 24 hours to relax and then I can start thinking about England on Monday."

    Gavin Hastings at Murrayfield, BBC Radio 5 live

    "If we take the penalty out just before half-time, and with Scotland attacking near the end, they could have gained a draw with a different mental psyche.

    "It is a huge disappointment in terms of the refereeing. When you get an official who seeks to stamp so much authority, some of the decisions will cause so much frustration to the Scotland management team.

    "Wales will be extremely overjoyed by the victory and they deserved it. They have some really talented players and Sam Warburton and Leigh Halfpenny played extremely well."

    Martyn Williams, BBC Sport

    "I think the Welsh pack in general dominated Scotland. It's an area Scotland do struggle in and I think Wales exposed that today."

  104. 1620: 

    Rugby can be a game of extraordinary skill, athleticism and excitement. Today was not one of those days. Defining stat? There were more attempted penalties in that match than in any international in history.

    It is also the first time Wales have beaten Scotland six times in a row since 1908-14.

    It was not pretty, but Wales have now won three in a row in the Six Nations and they'll be relishing the chance to ruin England's potential Grand Slam bid on the final weekend - and maybe, just maybe, retain their title.

    Jonathan Davies, BBC Sport

    "It was a scrappy match but Wales used the ball better and looked threatening."

    FULL-TIME- Scotland 18-28 Wales

    Eighty minutes on the clock, but we play on via a scrum. Scotland go wide Hogg is wrapped up by Cuthbert, it's all over, Wales v England for the title on the final weekend (mathematically). Tasty.

    Jonathan Davies, BBC Sport

    "Sam Warburton has been absolutely immense in this match, absolutely outstanding."

  108. 80 mins: 
    Scotland 18-28 Wales

    Scotland tap and go - surely the scrum was the option with the home pack down to seven? - and it comes to naught as they hold on in a ruck.

    Man of the match - Wales open-side flanker Sam Warburton. Makes the Lions captaincy interesting.

  109. 78 mins: 
    SIN BIN (James)- Scotland 18-28 Wales

    Adam Jones steals the ball from the hosts' first attack but they come again. Hamilton gets within a yard, can they burrow over? Geoff Cross goes close, Wales infringe and are we finally going to see a yellow card? Yes, Wales prop Paul James binned.

  110. 75 mins: 
    Scotland 18-28 Wales

    I should slag off the Scottish attacking game off more often. The ball finally makes it as far as Tim Visser. The Dutchman makes a half-break and when the Scots switch it back into midfield Maitland and Visser again make ground through the centre.

    Scotland look on the verge of a try but a big Scott Williams hit stops the momentum - but Wales fall offside and Scotland will kick to the corner. Best Scottish move of the game by a distance. Shame it only took 75 minutes.

    Gavin Hastings at Murrayfield, BBC Radio 5 live

    "If Scotland can somehow fashion a victory from this, it will be very impressive. Wales produced a great drive and it is going to take something exceptional from the home side now."

    Jonathan Davies, BBC Sport

    "It hasn't been a day for attacking full-back play has it really?"

  113. 71 mins: 
    PENALTY (Halfpenny)- Scotland 18-28 Wales

    Halfpenny makes it a 10-point margin and on a day when the Scottish have looked as dangerous carrying the ball as a six-week old kitten, that is surely the game for the visitors.

  114. 70 mins: 
    Scotland 18-25 Wales

    We've had more whistle than a building site on the first sunny day of the year.

    Wales absolutely destroy Scotland in a scrum. That was well worth a penalty. Lovely stuff.

  115. 67 mins: 
    PENALTY (Halfpenny)- Scotland 18-25 Wales

    Wales finally getting some momentum, with Faletau and Phillips both hammering away, but Scotland fall offside. The visitors do look far more threatening with ball in hand, on the rare glimpses they've managed - or been allowed - to do it.

    How exciting, we have a new record! Halfpenny's kick makes it a new Six Nations record of 12 penalties in a match. We're witnessing history being made people.

  116. 64 mins: 
    Scotland 18-22 Wales

    Lack of vision, poor handling, dire passes - this game has got the lot. Tense though.

    MISSED PENALTY (Laidlaw)- Scotland 18-22 Wales

    Laidlaw misses left - he's six from eight today, and Scotland remain four points behind.

  118. 62 mins: 
    Scotland 18-22 Wales

    This game is flowing only in the sense that a glacier is. Every time any rugby breaks out, the whistle goes. Guess what?

  119. 60 mins: 
    PENALTY (Laidlaw)- Scotland 18-22 Wales

    This time it's a penalty to Scotland as Justin Tipuric is penalised for going off his feet at the ruck - harshly is the general view.

    Jonathan Davies, BBC Sport

    "They might have to change their attitude now Scotland because they have to go for the try."

  121. 57 mins: 
    PENALTY (Halfpenny)- Scotland 15-22 Wales

    Warburton wins his second penalty in quick succession at the ruck - "he's turned up today to play" says Jiffy. Halfpenny's early misses are long forgotten as he strokes over a long-range penalty to put the visitors a converted try clear.

  122. 56 mins: 
    PENALTY (Halfpenny)- Scotland 15-19 Wales

    Wales win the line-out and hammer away, the fit-again Alun Wyn-Jones to the fore. Wales go wide and Cuthbert comes off his wing to sweep round in the second rank of attackers, but Sean Lamont pulls off an important tackle, lassoing the winger round the knees.

    Wales knock-on at the ruck, but Scotland are again penalised for early engagement at the resulting scrum.

  123. 52 mins: 
    Scotland 15-16 Wales

    Penalty Wales for collapsing the maul. "Very messy game" says Jonathan Davies on BBC One. Biggar told to kick to the corner.


    Lee Stewart: "I thought this was supposed to be a rugby game, not some reality TV show about Joubert. Worst Six Nations ref so far!"

    James Senese: "A tight game and some bizarre decisions by the ref, as usual."

  125. 51 ins: 
    Scotland 15-16 Wales

    Biggar gets flat and challenges the line, but Tim Visser clears for the Scots. Line-out just inside the visitors' half, Wales throw.

  126. 49 mins: 
    PENALTY (Laidlaw)- Scotland 15-16 Wales

    One point in it again. Tit for tat in Edinburgh, but my money's on Wales, who are more fluent with ball in hand. If they could stop conceding penalties they would pull away here.

  127. 48 mins: 
    Scotland 12-16 Wales

    Ha, what do I know? Scotland win a line-out, drive 20m and win a penalty of their own. The momentum shifted very rapidly there.

  128. 46 mins: 
    PENALTY (Halfpenny)- Scotland 12-16 Wales

    Johnnie Beattie penalised for sealing off at the ruck. The replay suggests it was harsh.

    It comes after a threatening Wales attack. Phillips makes the first bust and North then hammers away. The ball eventually goes loose and Scotland look to have escaped - but Beattie is penalised. Wales looking as though they're generating some momentum.

  129. 44 mins: 
    Scotland 12-13 Wales

    Wales open-side Sam Warburton - remember him? - earns a penalty with some fine work at the breakdown. He's been short of his best but good signs there for man who lost the captaincy earlier in the tournament.

  130. 42 mins: 
    MISSED PENALTY (Laidlaw)- Scotland 12-13 Wales

    Laidlaw does not have the biggest boot and has been sneaking them over today, but this time it's just out of his range and falls under the bar.

  131. 41 mins: 
    Scotland 12-13 Wales

    We're back. Faletau carries hard into the guts before Wales clear deep under pressure. Aerial ping pong ensues and when Sean Maitland runs it back, Faletau is penalised.

  132. 15:29: 

    Richie Gray has got a hamstring injury. Not good obviously, but a relief to all no doubt that its not something more serious.

    Andy Nicol, BBC Sport

    "This game is on a knife-edge. Two of Laidlaw's kicks have been right on the limit, they didn't have another inch in them and in games like this they can make the difference."


    "All the best to Richie. He's in good hands with Dr James Robson."


    Isaac Florence: "I would not like to be in the Scottish room now... Epic telling off imminent."

    Kelly Watson: "Ahhh Scotland that was stupid, why on earth did you do that!"

    Andy Nicol, BBC Sport

    "Scotland didn't have a lot of ball but what ball they got they kicked pretty well, they have done some things pretty well but some things have been pretty dumb."

    Jonathan Davies, BBC Sport

    "I think Wales just about deserved to be in front with possession and territory but it has been scrappy. I hope for better in the second half."

    Gavin Hastings at Murrayfield, BBC Radio 5 live

    "I am so cross. What rugby players have to take responsibility for on-field is nothing to do with coaches. There was a minute and 15 seconds left after Greig Laidlaw's kick and all Scotland had to do was hold on to the ball after the kick-off. Instead, two idiotic pieces of play took place."

    HALF-TIME- Scotland 12-13 Wales

    Not a classic, but given their territory and possession, Wales will be delighted to have edged their way back in front at the break - but frustrated not to be further ahead.

    Scotland are kicking away too much possession for me - no doubt to order - but it's not making for the most free-flowing of contests.

    Jonathan Davies, BBC Sport

    "Why, why, why would you do that, the coaches must be pulling their hair out. Scotland's defence had been so good but now they will go in behind."

  141. 40 mins: 
    PENALTY (Halfpenny)- Scotland 12-13 Wales

    Jim Hamilton gives away just about the most stupid penalty in the history of the game. Seconds to half-time, slow ball for Wales at the base of the ruck, and the Gloucester second row decides to go off-side and take the scrum-half right in front of the ref.

    Now, Hamilton is 6ft 8in and knocking on 20 stone - in Scotland kit he's like an ambulant Tardis. He thinks better of taking out Mike Phillips, but by then it is too late and Halfpenny edges Wales back in front.


    Gareth via text on 81111: "Scott Johnson and Dean Ryan have completely reversed Scotland's approach this year. For year's before they'd have tonnes of possession and score no points.

    "Now they have virtually no possession but score points out of the meagre scraps they get. It's an amazing approach in its own way and not dissimilar to Australia's style. And we all know how Wales fare against Australia."

    Andy Nicol, BBC Sport

    "It's right on the edge of Greig's range and the technique had to be perfect."

  144. 38 mins: 
    PENALTY (Laidlaw)- Scotland 12-10 Wales

    I don't know if you remember what happened at Murrayfield a fortnight ago, but Ireland dominated possession, Scotland kicked their penalties on the rare occasions they made it into the visitors' half, and somehow they won the match.

    I hate to say it Wales fans, but this is looking remarkably familiar.


    Helen McNab: "When a #rugby player gets stretchered off the pitch you know it's a serious injury."

    Vicky Banham: "Sad to see the big blond mane of Richie Gray go off."

    Alex Robertson: "Thoughts to Richie Gray after that horrific injury #GetWellSoon."

    Gavin Hastings at Murrayfield, BBC Radio 5 live

    "It was quite brilliant stuff from Scotland. Duncan Weir was so aggressive in the tackle and it allowed him to put the Wales player behind the line."

  147. 35 mins: 
    Scotland 9-10 Wales

    Scotland are kicking away a lot of possession. Much of it is ineffective, but Weir then produces a moment of magic. He chips over the first line of defence and kicks ahead as he beats Halfpenny to the ball. Biggar gets their first but Weir tackles him behind the Wales line.

    Scotland win a 5m scrum but are then penalised at the put-in after going early. The crowd let the referee know they are somewhat displeased by the decision.


    Samuel Honywill: "Scotland could do with keeping the ball in hand. This kicking is getting them nowhere."

  149. 28 mins: 
    INJURY- Richie Gray stretchered off

    Laidlaw pins Wales back with a fine kick, but bad news for the hosts as Gray is down with what looks like a nasty leg injury. On comes Alastair Kellock in his place in the second row.

    Gray is being taken off on a stretcher. It takes six men to lift the 6ft 9in youngster on to the medical cart. The crowd applaud sympathetically as he is driven off the pitch.

  150. 27 mins: 
    PENALTY (Laidlaw)- Scotland 9-10 Wales

    Wales are penalised at the scrum, Laidlaw cuts the gap to one point.

  151. 25 mins: 
    Scotland 6-10 Wales

    Wales have been well on top and the try makes the scoreboard a more accurate reflection of the way the game has gone. Two weeks' ago Ireland dominated the first half but failed to take their chances and were punished as Scotland somehow stole the win.

    Despite Halfpenny's woes with the boot, Wales seem intent on not making the same mistake.

    Jonathan Davies, BBC Sport

    "I thought Wales had blown the opportunity but they kept their patience."

  153. 22 mins: 
    TRY (Hibbard, Halfpenny con)- Scotland 6-10 Wales

    George North sparks a Wales attack by stepping inside Gray and powering 40m. He cannot find his support but Wales recycle, hammer away and hooker Richard Hibbard batters his way over from close range after collecting a short pass from skipper Ryan Jones. This time Halfpenny drills the ball unerringly between the sticks from out wide.


    Geraint is: "I wish Mike Phillips would retire from international rugby. Too slow. Too obvious. Get off the pitch."

    Xx-Jukesy-Xx: "Come on Wales. 6-3 down to Scotland isn't good enough!"

    Andrew Priestley: "Leigh Halfpenny's usual deadly boot is letting him and Wales down at the minute."

  155. 20 mins: 
    MISSED PENALTY (Halfpenny)- Scotland 6-3 Wales

    This time Halfpenny hits the post... not a happy day for the Wales full-back.

  156. 20 mins: 
    Scotland 6-3 Wales

    Scotland are penalised again inside their own half as Richie Gray is pinged for not retreating 10m at a kick.

  157. 17 mins: 
    MISSED PENALTY (Halfpenny)- Scotland 6-3 Wales

    Scotland infringe immediately, Halfpenny will go for goal again. And this misses by even more. The conditions are tricky, maybe the wind is playing a part, although he looked to push that one to me.

  158. 14 mins: 
    MISSED PENALTY (Halfpenny)- Scotland 6-3 Wales

    Well, there's a shock, Halfpenny's better than that.

  159. 13 mins: 
    Scotland 6-3 Wales

    Euan Murray is penalised for being a "lazy runner". I thought that applied to all props? OK, it's a while since I played. Halfpenny will go for goal. Scrappy start at Murrayfield.

    FULL-TIME- England Women 34-0 Italy Women

    It's all over at Esher RFC and England women complete a comprehensive victory over their Italian counterparts. The result means Ireland are the Women's Six Nations champions for the first time.

  161. 12 mins: 
    PENALTY (Laidlaw)- Scotland 6-3 Wales

    Wales fall offside, Laidlaw makes them pay.

  162. 11 mins: 
    Scotland 3-3 Wales

    Wales enjoying the early possession, with Biggar using his boot to pin the hosts back, but Matt Scott clears with a booming kick that dribbles into touch a couple of yards from the line.

    Can they pressurise the Welsh throw. No, Richard Hibbard throws deep, Tony Faletau gathers and Mike Phillips clears.

    Jonathan Davies, BBC Sport

    "A very, very good kick by Laidlaw, that will give confidence."

  164. 6 mins: 
    PENALTY (Laidlaw)- Scotland 3-3 Wales

    Wales captain Ryan Jones infringes at the restart and Laidlaw bangs over a penalty from distance. Amazing how often that happens, interim Wales coach Rob Howley must be tearing his hair out.

  165. 69 mins: 
    TRY- England Women 34-0 Italy Women (Scott, Reed missed con)

    Finally, England get on the scoreboard in the second half, as Emily Scott collects a beautiful chip ball from Ceri Large to score in the corner.

  166. 4 mins: 
    PENALTY (Halfpenny)- Scotland 0-3 Wales

    That was right in front, a guaranteed three.

  167. 3 mins: 

    Scotland engage early again, Wales go for the scrum again. Ross Ford warned over early engagement. You can see why the Scots were so keen to get stuck in, because when they finally complete the scrum Wales' pack rumbles forwards and wins a penalty.

    Jonathan Davies, BBC Sport

    "It's going to be very difficult for the kickers, it's very difficult to see which way the wind is blowing."

  169. 2 mins: 

    The wind's blowing and the rain's been falling. First scrum, in front of the Scots' 22. Free-kick Wales, they go for the scrum again.

    Bryn Palmer at Murrayfield, BBC Sport

    "Big day for both teams. Scots aiming for first 3rd straight win in championship since 96. Wales hoping win to set up shot at title. I'll go for Wales by 7-8 points. Should be fairly even at set-pieces, Wales may have slight edge in kicking game & behind."

    Gavin Hastings, BBC Radio 5 live Sports Extra at Murrayfield

    "Interim coach Scott Johnson has done a great job with Scotland and there is a new found confidence, having made their game plan little easier."

  172. 1 min: 
    Scotland 0-0 Wales

    Not sure about the countdown to kick off, but Dan Biggar gets us under way. Greig Laidlaw clears to 10m outside the home 22.

  173. 1430: 

    '...tae think again.' We're seconds away from kick-off people.


    Ben Eustice: "Richie Gray Mr Consistency? Consistently hanging around in the centre when he should be doing something useful, maybe."

    Hi Ben. Would that be 6ft 9in second row Richie Gray who is third equal in the number of tackles made this tournament with 34 in three matches?

  175. 1427: 

    This fixture is renowned for the quality of the tries it has produced over the years. My personal favourite is Ieuan Evans's side-stepping run to the line - relive that and many more golden memories with this fine video.

  176. 1425: 

    Statistically, Scotland and Wales go into the game incredibly closely matched, with the same number of points, tries, conversions, penalties, clean breaks, kicks from hand and line-outs won.

    Ex-Scotland captain Andy Nicol and former Wales internationals Jonathan Davies and Martyn Williams have given Bryn Palmer their views in the game.

  177. 1424: 

    Scotland have made two changes, bringing in fly-half Duncan Weir and prop Euan Murray. Uncapped Glasgow number eight Ryan Wilson also comes onto the bench for the injured David Denton.

    Wales have made three changes, with Sam Warburton and Alun Wyn Jones taking over from Justin Tipuric and Andrew Coombs respectively. Paul James is named at loose-head prop in place of the injured Gethin Jenkins.

  178. 1417: 

    Let's have a look at the teams:

    Scotland: Hogg; Maitland, Lamont, Scott, Visser; Weir, Laidlaw, Grant, Ford, Murray, Gray, Hamilton, Harley, Brown, Beattie.

    Replacements: Hall, Low, Cross, Kellock, Wilson, Pyrgos, Jackson, Evans.

    Wales: Halfpenny; Cuthbert, Davies, Roberts, North; Biggar, Phillips; James, Hibbard, A. Jones, A. Jones, Evans, R. Jones, Warburton, Faletau.

    Replacements: Owens, Bevington, Andrews, Coombs, Tipuric, L Williams, Hook, S Williams.

    Referee: Craig Joubert (South Africa)

    Andy Nicol, BBC Sport

    "Greig Laidlaw is a key player for Scotland getting out of their half. He's up against Mike Phillips and you have two very contrasting styles at scrum-half today."

  180. 55 mins: 
    England Women 29-0 Italy Women

    The pattern from the first half continues, with England still dominating, but they have not been able to extend their lead after dropping the ball a number of times when close to the try line.

    Jonathan Davies, BBC Sport

    "Scotland and Wales in the autumn were really struggling but they'll both fancy their chances today."

  182. 1409: 

    Wales are proving the ultimate Jekyll and Hyde side. Grand Slam champions last year, they then lost eight games in a row, but have bounced back to form in their last two games.

    Revitalised props Gethin Jenkins and Adam Jones were superb in the win over Italy, while George North and Alex Cuthbert are real weapons on the wing - all they need now is Sam Warburton to rediscover his best form.


    Brock J D: "Scotland have played with their hearts so far in this Six Nations campaign, but Welsh flair will see only one winner. Prediction: 13-21."

  184. 1404: 

    In recent years Scottish revivals have proved as brief as the Scottish summer - it was a Wednesday last year, if I remember correctly - but there are signs they are finally stirring after years of struggling at the foot of the table.

    An opening defeat by England looked ominous, but back-to-back wins over Italy and then Ireland - the latter the most unlikely Scottish success since the deep-fried Mars bar - mean they go into the game at Murrayfield in third place on points difference behind Wales.

    A mix of exciting young talents - such as Stuart Hogg and Richie Gray, grizzled veterans, like Kelly Brown and Jim Hamilton, and exotic imports, in the shape of Tim Visser and Sean Maitland - have been blended together to form an iron brew, and their defence last time out left shell-shocked Ireland feeling decidedly hungover.


    Stephanie Stewart: "Scotland should get a good result against Wales later, the excitement will get me through this library session."

  186. 1353: 

    First up for the men we have Scotland against Wales, kick-off 14:30. With two wins and a solitary defeat apiece, the winner of this match will go into the final weekend with a chance - mathematically at least, given England's likely points advantage - of winning the title.

    As defending champions Wales would expect no less, you suspect the Scots are slightly more delighted to still be in with a shout with two games to go.

    Sara Orchard, BBC London Sport at Esher Rugby Club

    "England women 29-0 Italy women at half-time. Ireland 40 minutes away from being crowned champions"

  188. 1347: 
    HALF-TIME England Women 29-0 Italy Women

    Five tries for England has put the home side firmly in control of the match, and the Italians will need a massive effort in the second period if they are to overturn the scoreline.

  189. 39 mins: 
    TRY- England Women 29-0 Italy Women (Crowley, Reed conversion)

    Rosemarie Crowley bags her second of the game, spotting a gap in the Italian defence after some superb work from her team-mates.

  190. 1344: 

    It's the penultimate round of the 2013 Six Nations, and for both Scotland and Wales, winning the Championship is still a possibility, so there's plenty at stake in Edinburgh.

    The only thing at stake in Dublin is pride - and the chance to take a step further away from the Wooden Spoon. Ireland have won just once, France not at all - lose today and Les Bleus are staring at a whitewash.

  191. 34 mins: 
    TRY- England Women 22-0 Italy (Tuson, Reed missed con)

    The left flank has given England joy throughout the game, and Sally Tuson gets in on the act, bundling over the line to score.

  192. 1331: 

    One of the joys of the digital world is that it's not just me blathering on at my keyboard, there's plenty of you at it as well. The democratisation of media it's called, so why not take full advantage and either tweet us using #bbcsixnations, or text us on 81111. Mark your texts rugby so you don't get swamped by angry Everton fans - they're 3-0 down at home to Wigan at half-time in the FA Cup.

  193. 23 mins: 
    MISSED PENALTY- England Women 17-0 Italy Women

    Amber Reed has an opportunity to extend the advantage, but her penalty attempt falls just short.

  194. 1327: 

    I'm afraid we don't have pictures of the women's game, but we'll keep you updated via the live text commentary. As for the other games though, boy are you spoilt.

    Scotland v Wales is on BBC One, BBC HD and online from 14:00 GMT. You can also listen to radio commentary on Radio 5 live sports extra.

    And it's the same deal with Ireland v France, starting from 16:30. Do stay to the end with me though, you wouldn't want me to get lonely, would you?

  195. 20 mins: 
    TRY- England Women 17-0 Italy Women (Hunter, Reed missed con)

    England are tearing their Italian counterparts apart. The home pack overpowers their opponents and Sarah Hunter collects an easy score. Amber Reed pulls the conversion wide.

  196. 13 mins: 
    TRY- England Women 12-0 Italy Women (Crowley, Reed con)

    It's another try for England. Quick feet from Rosemarie Crowley help her evade the Italian defence for the second score of the match. Amber Reed pops over the conversion having missed the first attempt.

  197. 8 mins: 
    TRY- England Women 5-0 Italy Women (Gilchrist, Reed missed con)

    The home side make a superb start, with a flowing move from right to left finished off in the corner by Joanna McGilchrist. The conversion is missed.

  198. 1313: 

    What's the plan then? As you're by now aware the women have got us under way, with England taking on Italy. Once that's finished Scotland welcome Wales to Murrayfield in a match that has produced a host of classic encounters down the years, and to round things off Ireland and France meet in Dublin at 17:00 GMT.

    If you haven't walked the dog yet, better give him a treat and tell him he's going nowhere fast.

    Sara Orchard, BBC London Sport at Esher Rugby Club

    "If England women win, Ireland win 6 Nations. If Italy win, it goes down to last match."

  200. 1300: 

    Welcome everyone. England have just kicked off against Italy...

    Don't panic, you've not lost a day, it's actually England Women against Italy Women in Esher. We'll be bringing you scores as they happen throughout the game.

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