Andy Murray v Tomas Berdych - as it happened

Andy Murray beats fifth seed Tomas Berdych in three sets in the opening match of the season-ending World Tour Finals at London's O2 Arena.

5 November 2012 Last updated at 17:05 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 1647: 

    The O2 litter grabbers are picking over the detritus left behind by the crowd as Andrew Castle and Tim Henman pick over the meaning behind Andy Murray's win in the BBC Sport crow's nest. The prospect of a running duel between Murray and Novak Djokovic is one that has got them excited.

    You can check out the form of the Serbian number one tonight. Djokovic plays Jo-Wilfried Tsonga tonight at 1945 GMT with coverage on this website and on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra. Hopefully your university work will be all done by then. Bye for now.


    Piers in Newcastle via text: "Re: Joe. Also at Newcastle Uni, struggling through an asthma lecture whilst being distracted by the tennis."

    Tom in Chester via text: "No work being done at Chester uni either! Watching Murray under the table in a lecture!"


    BBC Sport's Piers Newbery at the O2 Arena: "That was pretty uneven stuff but the fact that Murray fashioned 12 break points indoors against Berdych is encouraging for the Briton. All eyes will now be on Djokovic v Tsonga this evening, as Murray will next face the winner of that one on Wednesday. Another win there should - should - see him through to the semis."

  4. 1639: 

    Andy Murray reminds the crowd that he has lost out after winning both his group games in 2009 however when heads were scratched, calculators were crunched and finally it was revealed that the Scot was eliminated on the basis of the percentage of games won. He is also awaiting the delivery of his US Open trophy. "Sometime in December" is what he has ben promised apparently.


    Andy Murray: "It was very tough from the start. Berdych has had a great year. I have played him a few times this year and every time it has been tough everytime.

    "I have played some big matches in London this year and the support right throughout has been great.

    "It's one last push for the end of the year and having so many people watching helps with the adrenaline.

    "If you can you need to treat it like a knockout event because if you win the first two matches you usually go through."

    Murray 3-6 6-3 6-4 Berdych

    Andy Murray roars his approval as he goes toe to toe with Tomas Berdych in an exchange of forehands and comes out on top for 30-15. The volume gets a little louder as the Scot's big serve pierces the Czech's defences on the next point to bring up 40-15 and two match points. The spectre of those wasted match points in Tokyo, Shanghai and Paris suddenly shimmers as a double fault sees the first go to the wayside. Tomas Berdych pushes long on the next though and a final Murray bellow seals the show.



    *Murray 3-6 6-3 5-4 Berdych

    Tomas Berdych keeps ratcheting down his own big serves and asks Andy Murray to serve out if he wants to start his O2 campaign with a win. Murray has wasted a total of eight match points in his last three defeats remember. I think that Berdych might have been whispering a little reminder of that stat to the Scot from beneath a white towel on the changeover.

    Murray 3-6 6-3 5-3 Berdych*

    Murray is yet to lose a point on his first serve in this set, BBC commentator Andrew Castle reveals on BBC Two. A pearler of a stat and one that stays true through the end of the game as the world number three sends down a couple of raspers to keep cruising towards the finishline.

    *Murray 3-6 6-3 4-3 Berdych

    "Idiot!" shouts Andy Murray at himself as he nets a running forehand. The Scot is frustrated at his inability to make the most of some promising positions in the game and Tomas Berdych is still lurking to punish any splutter on his serve.


    Joe in Newcastle via text: "Re Patrick: also at Newcastle Uni, this time in a technical drawing class, no work is being done because of Murray!"

    Murray 3-6 6-3 4-2 Berdych*

    Andy Murray is flowing throught the set as smooth as mercury down a teflon drainpipe. A hold to love means the spotlight swings straight back into the whites of Tomas Berdych's eyes.

    *Murray 3-6 6-3 3-2 Berdych

    Tomas Berdych keeps slugging away and Andy Murray keeps determinedly chasing. It is all a bit cat and mouse as Murray keeps pestering the Czech into playing just one more shot to win each of his points. Berdych eventually collects together the four he needs to stay within striking distance of Murray. A double break in the world number three's favour may just have been curtains for the Berdych challenge.


    Michael Di Monaco on Twitter: "Not a big fan of Murray's but even I have to admit that I can see him dominate the tour next year."

    Jarleth Eaton on Twitter: "Murray has made my train journey a lot more exciting! Home now, come on Murray!!"

    Murray 3-6 6-3 3-1 Berdych*

    Andy Murray screws a forehand on a wicked angle to take Tomas Berdych skidding off stage right and bring up 40-0. Berdych is not even working off the same protractor, struggling to summon the craft to go with his booming power. The Czech pumps long to surrender the game. Murray is tip-toeing his way onto Berdych's windpipe and will take some shifting from here.

    *Murray 3-6 6-3 2-1 Berdych

    Tomas Berdych's second serve is a runt compared to his bruiser first and Andy Murray has not been shy of bullying the Czech when his misses the mark with his first attempt. The Scot punches away a winning return to bring up 15-40 and two break points and Berdych is not able to wrestle back control of the game. That break might just break the world number six.

    Murray 3-6 6-3 1-1 Berdych*

    Andy Murray drags his feet like a teenager taken school uniform shopping after he fluffs a forehand long. A big puff of the cheeks as he makes his way back across to the other side of the court seems to have exorcised that frustartion through and he milks Berdych's game for another error with solid percentage tennis. It may not suffice against the 'Big Four' but it may be enough to do for Berdych.

    *Murray 3-6 6-3 0-1 Berdych

    Tomas Berdych looks as if he is having a little grin to himself as another crunching forehand draws a tired grunt from a stretching Andy Murray. The Czech holds his racket poised at the back of his backswing for a delicious millisecond before slamming away another vicious stroke for the opening game of the third set. Tennis's Ivan Drago? Just putting it out there...


    BBC Sport's Piers Newbery at the O2 Arena: "After failing to convert match points in his last three tournaments and seeing 10 break points slip by here, a potential Murray meltdown was avoided when Berdych sent that forehand long on number 11. As always, it's desperately tight between these two. Winning the next set will make someone's week a lot easier."

  20. 1544: 

    Rafael Nadal, who was forced to pull out of this event through injury, will also miss the Davis Cup final. Captain Alex Corretja has named the same four players who played in both the quarter-finals and semi-finals with David Ferrer leading the team against the Czech Republic, later this month.

    Murray 3-6 6-3 Berdych*

    Tomas Berdych gets a taste of his own medicine as Andy Murray cranks down successive aces to skip from an awkward 15-30 to set point and 40-30. Another crackerjack serve has Berdych on the back foot and the Czech drifts a forehand long to fold his hand in the set. Game on.

    *Murray 3-6 5-3 Berdych

    Tomas Berdych bounds from the baseline to the net in a couple of raking strides and wraps a forehand winner away off a limp Andy Murray return to claim the game and keep his nose in the set. The balls are heading down the other end though and Murray will serve for the second next.


    Dennis Peter 45 on Twitter: "Andy looks rejuvenated in this second set. Finally, showing the crowd what he's made of. Go Murray Go!!"

    Murray 3-6 5-2 Berdych*

    It may not be quite as potent as Tomas Berdych's serve but there is plenty of fizz and spit in the Andy Murray tee-off that brings up 40-15. A missed forehand though, greeted with Murray's first look to the heavens, and an over-cooked groundstroke bring up deuce. Berdych has a glimmer of an opening as a hefty Murray drop-shot lands midcourt and he is able to claw the Scot back from advantage. Murray produces another big serve to shake off his pursuer though and edge towards the second set. One game away from levelling the match now.


    Patrick from London via text: "Sitting in the library at Newcastle uni trying to get an essay done. Murray is the perfect excuse for procrastination!"

    *Murray 3-6 4-2 Berdych

    A gossamer light touch at the net from Andy Murray draws Tomas Berdych into the net before the Scot cushions a forehand volley back past him for a winner amd 15-15. Berdych doesn't really deal in such subtleties. In response to Murray's feather duster, he goes back to his trusty sledgehammer forehand and batters his way through the rest of the game.

    Murray 3-6 4-1 Berdych*

    Andy Murray ties down his own service game with no fuss or bother. He will be after the Tomas Berdych serve in the next game, nothing to lose by really getting after his opponent and reinforcing the impression that the tide has turned in the contest.


    Stephanie Siu on Twitter: "Murray really has matured this year. One set down? This aint over."

    Janet M on Twitter: "We need some Murray Magic"

    Andrew Castle, BBC Sport

    "Finally the breakthrough for Murray and you would think the momentum would be with the Scot now."

    *Murray 3-6 3-1 Berdych

    Andy Murray plants a defensive groundstroke right on the Berdych baseline to draw a mistake from the Czech and turn what looked destined to be 15-15 into a 0-30 advantage. A stretching block return to a ligament-stretching first serve from Berdych buys Murray a ticket into the next rally and he brings up his ninth and tenth break point of the match. Neither of those are converted though as Berdych digs out his A-game yet again on the big points to blast back to deuce.

    Berdych gets his feet in a tangle as he runs all around a regulation groundstroke though and Murray is gifted an 11th break point. This time, the error does finally pop up at the least convenient time for Berdych as he pumps long to give Murray a lead in the set.

    Murray 3-6 2-1 Berdych*

    A bit of role reversal for Andy Murray and he looks as comfortable at the net as if he had been asked to sing opera on court. A backhand volley is neither here or there and Tomas Berdych punishes him with a perfect cross court winner to bring up 15-40 and two break points. Murray rescues the first with a deft forehand volley that drops and dies well before Berdych can get to it. A big moment on the second break point follows as Berdych latches onto the Murray second serve, but rifles his return a whisker wide.

    Relieved applause around the O2 and the home favourite is able to steer the ship home from deuce. Murray is still fighting a rearguard action here, but if he can hang around long enough, he will surely get his turn to ask a few questions of Berdych.

    *Murray 3-6 1-1 Berdych

    Tomas Berdych is up for this tussle though. The Czech, who has a Davis Cup final against Spain to look forward to on 16 November, is moving slickly. That cannon of a forehand has Murray backed up well behind the baseline as he holds his own serve for the loss of just one point.

    Murray 3-6 1-0 Berdych*

    Andy Murray wipes the memory of that lost first set and clambers off his chair with a spring in his step. A lightning-fast hold of serve shows that he is looking only forward. That has been one of the most improved parts of his game since Ivan Llendl came aboard.

    Tim Henman, BBC Sport

    "Certainly in the context of this match it is vital that Murray gets off to a good start in this second set."


    BBC Sport's Piers Newbery at the O2 Arena: "The first set hinged around those seven break points for Murray and how well Berdych dug himself out of trouble. There were a few gasps when Berdych then had the cheek to break serve himself but he deservedly edged the set. There could be plenty left in this though. Meanwhile, opinions remain divided on Rudimental v The Clash."

    Andrew Castle, BBC Sport

    "There really wasn't much to choose between the two players it was about who took their chances. Murray tried his best but couldn't take any of his seven break points. I wonder whether he can come back from this."

    *Murray 3-6 Berdych

    Tomas Berdych pitches his first serve well long at 30-30, landing it up near Andy Murray's toes. His second serve gets the full treatment with a leaping forehand return ripping out wide for a clean winner and a break point for Murray.

    Groans as the Scot dribbles a too-clever-by-half drop-shot into the gauze, but he has another chance from deuce as Berdych struggles to keep a leash on his service action. Berdych fires an exocet down the T and Murray can never get a foothold in the following rally. Back to deuce.

    Berdych wrestles advantge his way and has set point for the first time, Murray unfurls the drop-shot yet again, this time though it is good enough. Berdych runs it down but lacks the touch to find a winner from the front of the court. Lady Luck finally does for Murray though as a flick of net cord sends his final shot of the set cascading long to send the set down the swany in 44 minutes.

    Murray 3-5 Berdych*

    No burglary of the Andy Murray serve on this occasion. The Scot has it safely locked away with a hold to love. Now, Tomas Berdych can be a little flaky in the top two inches of his game. Let's see how he copes with the pressure here.

    *Murray 2-5 Berdych

    Tomas Berdych tightens the thumbscrews with a hold to love. It is going to take a James Bond-style late escape if Andy Murrray is to take something from this set. Right now, the laser is scalding the inside of his thigh and those wrist restraints look awfully well-made.

    Murray 2-4 Berdych*

    Tomas Berdych cracks the Andy Murray service code. It is creaky for Murray as he wobbles to 0-30. And it only gets worse as Berdych drains the life out of Murray's legs, getting the Scot doing baseline shuttle runs in pursuit of angled groundstrokes, before swatting down a crashing overhead to bring up 15-40. Murray gets a ripsoste in, but Berdych does not let him wriggle off the hook this time. A break up and plenty of momentum in the Czech's corner.


    J Marston on holiday in New Mexico via text: "I've got tickets for the Wednesday evening match. Am I allowed to wish for a Murray loss today so that I see him play on Wednesday?"

    Murray* 2-3 Berdych

    Suddenly out of nowhere, via a failed Hawkeye challenge from Tomas Berdych, there is a big chance for Andy Murray to make his first impression on the Czech's service game. Murray hounds Berdych's second serve out of town on the first three points of the game for a 0-40 lead, but Berdych keeps it tight and shipshape pummeling the Scot with classic serve and volley to close the door.

  43. 1433: 

    Apologies, but we seem to be experiencing problems with the video player at the top of this page, but you can watch all the action on line here.

    Murray 2-2 Berdych*

    Andy Murray whistles through his own service game to love. He and Tomas Berdych are circling each other menacingly, but neither has landed a proper punch on thier opponent yet. Figuratively speaking of course...

    WHAT A SHOT!- *Murray 1-2 Berdych

    A lovely scampering forehand from Andy Murray whips across the face of Tomas Berdych and finds its mark inside the sidelines for a cross-court winner. The best shot of the match so far, but Berdych stomps down on much groundstroke frivolity, walloping down some biggies to keep the match on serve.

    Murray 1-1 Berdych*

    Tomas Berdych lumps a double-handed backhand down the line at 30-15. It would possibly have been a winner if it had made it over, but it is snared by the tape. The Czech nibbles another point off the Murray serve but there is nothing more for him to get his teeth into.

    For those who like to keep track, Murray is wearing a natty black shirt with the type of close checked fade pattern on the shoulders that would make your telly strobe close up. Seem to rememer Barry Venison only had suits that did that when he was on the football punditry.

    Murray* 0-1 Berdych

    A double fault from the big Czech offers up 15-40 and there are murmurs of excitement out in the gloom of the cheap seats at the prospect of an early break of serve for Andy Murray. Tomas Berdych tweaks the peak of his cap and maybe it was that was some off-skew headwear throwing out his service action. He scraps back both break points off the table and eventually clubs Murray out of contention in the opening game.

    * - denotes NEXT to serve

  48. 1415: 

    Scott from Scotland via text: "Hope to see Andy win today. Come on, Muzza!"


    The Twitter hashtag #bbctennis is where you want to be aiming all your insight, wit and wisdom. There is a chance to put some questions to Andy Murray himself via that medium as well. Whatever you want answered, send it over and BBC Sport will be your conduit. Oh, and for those who like to go straight throught that 140-character limit, 81111 is the number for your texts from UK mobiles.

  50. 1411: 

    Tomas Berdych has a better sight on Andy Murray's game than most of the men's Tour. He leads their head-to-head 4-3, including a victory on the clay of the Monte Carlo Masters earlier this season. All lanky limbs and more-than-solid serves, can he rain on Murray's parade today?

  51. 1407: 

    Andy Murray added: "I have always really enjoyed playing here, so hopefully I can give it one last push this year. All the matches are going to be tough starting against Berdych. The last time we met was in the semi-finals of the US Open and that was a really long hard match, so I am expecting another hard one this time."

  52. 1407: 

    The stadium announcer relishes getting his tongue around those rolling r's in Murray's surname. The world number three meekly acknowledges the crowd's roars with a raised hand as he makes his way to the chair. We wouldn't have him any other way would we?

    The organisers' seem to have worn a hole in the Clash's London Caling that has been the entrance music for every single player in the past few years. Something that sounds fresh from the week's hit parade, all jazzy synth and auto-tuned vocals, blares out this time around.

  53. 1402: 

    Tomas Berdych, eyes shaded with a baseball cap pulled tight over his eyes, strides to court with an under-sized mascot clutching an over-sized tennis ball by his side. Next up is the headliner....


    Andy Murray speaking to BBC Sport: "Number one spot is not my main goal. The next main focus would be the Australian Open. If you get to number one in the world it's through winning the major tournaments and beating the best players in the world, so I will be fully focusing on Australia."

  55. 1359: 

    It had been hoped that victory at Flushing Meadows might turn Murray instantly into the a stony-faced on-court assasin in the mould of coach Ivan Llendl. Not to burst any bubbles, but the early signs have been that Murray still has that capacity to shred the nerves of Britih tennis fans.

    Since the US Open, he has squandered two match points in defeat to Milos Raonic in Tokyo, five against Novak Djokovic in Shanghai and another one as he went out of the Paris Masters against Polish qualifier Jerzy Janowicz.

    Andrew Castle, BBC Sport

    "Federer's group is meant to be the easy one but if you look as who is in there, it's going to be tough for him as well. There is no such thing as an easy match in this tournament. We all know that. "

  57. 1351: 

    Andy Murray is back on a British court for the first time since slaying his Grand Slam gremlin in Queens, New York. He faces Tomas Berdych, the man he beat in the semi-finals en route to the US Open title, in this afternoon's opening singles match.

    You can expect the mother of all introductions from the on-court annoucer as he strides out in south London. And a packed O2 Arena will bellow their appreciation in response.

    Max Mirnyi and Daniel Nestor have beaten Robert Lindstedt and Horia Tecau in the opening doubles match. Murray will be tripping the light blue fantastic very, very shortly

  58. 1345: 

    Forget the various summer shades of sunshine, green and strawberries and cream, as the nights draw in it is all about the neon blue, laser lights and dry ice of the O2.

    Today is the first of eight days of the world's best eight players going toe to toe in the ATP World Tour Finals. Drama and suffocatingly high standards of tennis guaranteed, but first there is something of a homecoming parade to get us going...

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