Roger Federer v Janko Tipsarevic - as it happened

Defending champion Roger Federer, aiming for his seventh season finale title, eases aside Janko Tipsarevic at the O2 Arena.

6 November 2012 Last updated at 16:04 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 1559: 

    That is tomorrow though and there is plenty more to sink your teeth into today. Hope to see you back here for a bit of Juan Martin del Potro against David Ferrer from 1945 GMT. Bye for now.

  2. 1557: 

    Marray and Nielsen will be back in action tomorrow evening when they take on second seeds Max Mirinyi and Daniel Nestor from around 1800 GMT.

  3. 1554: 

    It also means that Marray and Nielsen have already pocketted a total of $90,000 from their involvement in the tournament. Not to be sniffed at when you have been scratching around for a couple of grand a time since SW19 like Marray has.

  4. 1548: 

    Just in case you missed it earlier today, Great Britain's Jonny Marray's reunion with Frederik Nielsen provided a happy start to the day's entertainment. The pair have only played together six times, with just two victories, since winning the men's doubles title at Wimbledon earlier this year.

    They got it together in the opening match of the day though, saving two match points to beat Indian fifth seeds Mahesh Bhupathi and Rohan Bopanna 6-4 6-7 (1-7) 12-10.


    Sukhraj Hayer on Twitter: "Federer's win over Tips was like playing Mortal Kombat. Finish him, fatality, flawless victory, game over."

    I can't imagine Federer ripping his opponent's spine out somehow though. Far too messy business for him.

  6. 1538: 

    As Federer departs the scene, Novak Djokovic, looking smart in a herringbone jacket, is introduced to the crowd. The Serb is picking up, and it is a bit of a struggle to hoist such a hefty bit of silverware, the trophy for finishing the year as world number one. Djokovic against Murray is the early afternoon match on Wednesday, before then though we will have Juan Martin del Potro against Paris Masters champion David Ferrer. That should be on court at around 1945 GMT and there will be live coverage on this website along with the wise words of BBC Radio 5 live sports extra.

    Pat Cash, BBC Sport

    "There are so few opportunities out there when Federer's playing so well, and towards the end, he found his rhythm. It really was a masterclass. Tipsarevic played pretty well, but what can you do?"


    Ravi Pradhan on Twitter: "Federer really is a joy to behold when he's in this form. Will be a sad day when he retires."

  9. 1530: 

    He may not have won a Grand Slam title as a teenager, but Federer always had that little bit of magic. At the age of 19, he slayed seven-time champion Pete Sampras in the third round of Wimbledon. Sampras said in defeat: "There are a lot of young guys coming up but Roger is a bit extra-special. He has a great all-round game, like me doesn't get too emotional. Perceptive stuff.


    Roger Federer, reflecting on his win: "I'm very happy to be playing so well. It's my third trip to London this year. The other two were pretty special and I hope something similar is going to happen this week. I'm happy I played so well because Janko's a great player.

    "Everybody knows how much I care about Wimbledon. It was great winning and getting back to world number one. I had a great summer. I gave everything I had and to get silver at the Olympics was special too. I've had a great year but I hope it's not over yet.

    "There are many things I cannot achieve because I cannot go back in time. I'm happy with how well my career has gone. I would have loved to win a Grand Slam when I was younger as Becker and Chang did. It's been a great career and I hope I have plenty more left in the tank."

  11. 1525: 

    Janko Tipsarevic trudges down the tunnel, for him it is likely to get easier. Juan Martin del Potro and David Ferrer, the other players in Group B, are unlikely to overwhelm him as Federer did.

    Andrew Castle, BBC Sport

    "Comfortable for Federer. He's off and running at the O2 again. It wasn't a bad effort from Janko Tipsarevic, but he was no match for the maestro."

    Federer 6-3 6-1 Tipsarevic

    Roger Federer has 15-30 but a softly-softly drop shot is a little too limp to clear the net. Had it made it over I'm not sure that Tipsarevic would have covered the ground quickly enough to scrape it up and prevent two match points.

    Federer prises his first match points of the contest from Tipsarevic from deuce though and with one hour and eight minutes on the clock, that is only chance Fed needs. His chopped backhand stretches Tipsarevic beyond breaking point to seal the match.



    Federer 6-3 5-1 Tipsarevic*

    A Federer backhand drifts narrowly wide to bring up 40-30 and it briefly looks like the Swiss is going to blame a breath of wind before realising he is indoors. Instead he seals up the game and goes to his bag to unwrap a fresh racket. Maybe that was the problem. Tipsarevic serves to stay in the match next, after losing his last two service games,

    Pat Cash, BBC Sport

    "I'm fascinated by the debate about who is the greatest of all time. It's an interesting debate. It's an emotional debate. If you say Federer's not the best, you get lots of comments from Federer fans.

    "I don't believe you can say one player is the best, but I've looked into it in terms of tournament wins and put a blog on my website. Federer has around 80-odd tournament wins. Rod Laver has around 200. The next is Ivan Lendl, with 140-odd. That's a lot of tennis. Although there were a lot of easy first-round games in those days. Not now."

    Andrew Castle, BBC Sport

    "Unreal from Federer. Unreal. There is a style and panache in the way he plays that is incomparable."

    *Federer 6-3 4-1 Tipsarevic

    A flat and fierce forehand gives Federer 15-30 and a sniff of a second break, but a rare misjudgment from the Swiss, as he dollies a drop-shot into midcourt, is gleefully punished by Tipsarevic. It looks like the game is gone as a Federer forehand flies deep. The call is 'out', but Federer's Hawkeye sense is tingling and he is proved right as the video review shows it just smeared the baseline.

    Tipsarevic saves one break point from deuce with a big serve and is forced to repeat the trick as he needlessly hammers long when the ball sits up invitingly for him. Third time lucky for Federer, except it isn't luck at all. Federer works over Tipsarevic with the full mix of backhand spin and chop, before finally firing a winner with his first shot off the forehand wing in the rally. It looks bleak for Tipsarevic now, a double break down.

    Federer 6-3 3-1 Tipsarevic*

    Roger Federer consolidates his break with a whistlestop hold to love, rattling through the four points in doublequick time. It is not quite time to put the kettle on, but your post-match brew might not be far off.

    Andrew Castle, BBC Sport

    "Federer is reeling in his Serbian fish here. The break is a shame as far as the match is concerned. Most people here would have been looking for Tipsarevic to hang in there a bit. But it's only one break of serve."

    *Federer 6-3 2-1 Tipsarevic

    It is easy to overlook amid all the picture-perfect backhands, but Roger Federer does the hard yards in defence as well as providing follow-through fodder for the courtside photographers. An excellent rearguard action keeps him in a rally at 30-15 that he eventually wins before a netted Tipsarevic forehand gives the Swiss break point.

    With the pressure bearing down on him, Tipsarevic keeps hitting out and a forehand spears the angle of base and sideline to keep him in the game. Federer caresses one of those backhand beauties down the line to bring up another break-point. Again he is knocked back by Tipsarevic, who pulls out a much-needed ace, but Federer is not to be denied. He conjures a third break point and this time Tipsarevic duds a forehand into the net. A break for Federer, and Tipsarevic may not see the Swiss alongside him again in the scoring.

    Federer 6-3 1-1 Tipsarevic*

    Roger Federer's serve looks as watertight as a Vegas casino vault though. Janko Tipsarevic has a little nibble but can't get really stuck into the game.

    Neil Harman, the Times tennis correspondent, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "He only dropped serve once in the first set, Tipsarevic. It was early on, when he was heavy legged, perhaps a bit nervous. But since then, he's done pretty well on his serve."

    *Federer 6-3 0-1 Tipsarevic

    Janko Tipsarevic holds serve for the loss of two points, but Roger Federer looks like he is working through more of a repertoire of shots. A pinging forehand pass earns one of the Swiss' points before a stroked sliced drop-shot brings Tipsarevic into the net. The Serb has the measure of most of what Federer has in his quiver though and makes his way though unscated.

    Andrew Castle, BBC Sport

    "It remains to be seen whether the match will be close, but it's good to watch."

    Pat Cash

    "The issue when you play the top guys such as Federer is that you get very few opportunities in a match, but they will come. He has to keep playing solid tennis, keep the ball deep and go back to basics."

    Federer 6-3 Tipsarevic

    Nope, not even a chink of an opportunity for Janko Tipsarevic as Roger Federer kills off the set with clinical effeciency. A hold to love sends the pair back to their seats with no doubt who is on top.

    *Federer 5-3 Tipsarevic

    Janko Tipsarevic is having to win each point several times over as Roger Federer covers all points on the court as comprehensively as a head lice infection moving through a primary school. The Serb does the job to love but he will have to pull something special out of the bag to wrestle the break away from Federer in the next game.

    SUCCESSFUL CHALLENGE- Federer 5-2 Tipsarevic*

    Not a bad attempt from Janko Tipsarevic as he takes Roger Federer to 30-30. It looked as if Federer had seen off the danger with an ace at 40-30, but Tipsarevic refers the decision upstairs to the Hawkeye in the sky. Their video review shows the Fed, who is already towelling down in preparation of a changeover, has missed his mark by a fraction. The Serb makes it to deuce but Federer's personal hygiene routine does not have to wait long. He fires down another ace, totally legitimate this time, and is happily patting his brow a game away from the first set.

    *Federer 4-2 Tipsarevic

    Tipsarevic is knuckling down and hanging on to Roger Federer's expensive coattails. He holds serve to stay just a break down. Now, for the altogether trickier task of overhauling the Federer serve...

    Neil Harman, the Times tennis correspondent, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "Tipsarevic has not been in the rudest of health. He's played a lot of tennis recently, because he was so desperate to get here. He's had to go around the world in rather less than 80 days to accumulate enough points, and sometimes you do that and have nothing left in the tank."


    Adam Mudditt on Twitter: "Tipsarevic already looking exceedingly negative about the task in front of him."

    Federer 4-1 Tipsarevic*

    Another service game as spotless as his Wimbledon whites from Roger Federer who holds to love. The Swiss teased and tormented Tipsarevic with finely judged groundstrokes, before putting him out of his misery with a casually-executed overhead smash.

    *Federer 3-1 Tipsarevic

    Feed a cold, starve a fever and it looks like a little warm-up might be the cure for the virus that has been troubling Tipsarevic this week. The 28-year-old's industry earns him a hold to love. Is that him cosying into the game after a slow start?

    David Law, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "Roger Federer was asked recently whether the 2016 Olympics would be a possibility. I wouldn't put it past him to be honest."

    Federer 3-0 Tipsarevic*

    Janko Tipsarevic makes the first dents in the Roger Federer serve as he wins two points from 40-0 down to prevent another hold to love by the world number two. The Serb clomps a forehand long though to allow Federer to coast to a 3-0 lead.

    Outfit watch: Red rims to the Tipsarevic eyewear today to go with his scarlet t-shirt while Federer rocks a fruity purple number. Lovely sartorial stuff.

    Neil Harman, the Times tennis correspondent, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "It's a very disconsolate Tipsarevic who trundles back behind the baseline. It's a bit of a masterclass at the moment from Federer."

    *Federer 2-0 Tipsarevic

    A short stocky streetfighting character at the baseline, Janko Tipsarevic attempts to ruffle Federer as he cranks up the power on his groundstrokes. Fed doesn't do ruffles though. They are just not part of his look. Tipsarevic saves one break point after firing wide with a forced forehand. But when Federer comes into the net to set up a second with a swatted volley, he is passed with a sublime rolling crosscourt backhand to see his first service game slip away.

    Federer 1-0 Tipsarevic*

    Janko Tipsarevic wins the toss and chooses to receive. He doesn't see a lot of the opening game though as Roger Federer whips through his service hold to love. Ominous.


    Federer is aiming for his seventh season finale title. The presence of a sick man who is only part of the tournament because of world number four Rafael Nadal's injury problems might not be the most significant obstacle. Would it be too cruel to start a sweepstake on the number of games that Tipsarevic will win? You can get in touch with texts to 81111 on UK mobiles or on the Twitter hashtag #bbctennis.

  41. 1404: 

    The X-Factor voiceover soundalike up in the O2 public address booth booms out Roger Federer's long list of credentials to be the best player of all time and then through a carpet of dry ice emerges the man himself.

  42. 1402: 

    One fella who wasn't looking so happy last time we saw him on court was Roger Federer's opponent today, Janko Tipsarevic. The Serb had to withdraw from his Paris Masters quarter-final against Jerzy Janowicz with exhaustion. He has been suffering with a virus and says in his pre-match interview that he is still not quite 100%. Lucky he has a nice easy opening....oh.

  43. 1354: 

    That brings back some summer memories. Jonny Marray's wide grin lights up the O2 Arena as he and Frederik Nielsen overcome Rohan Bopanna and Mahesh Bhupati 12-10 in the super tie-break to win their first match. Marray saved a match point on three rallies earlier with a glorious stretching skyhook forehand.

  44. 1345: 

    Wimbledon champions Jonathan Marray and Frederik Nielsen are locked in a deciding tie-break in their opening doubles encounter against Mahesh Bhupati and Rohan Bopanna, but there are still more than a few empty seats as people rush for the drinks stalls.

    It may seem a little unpatriotic, but they understandably want to be well in place for the arrival of tennis royalty. Roger Federer is adjusting his headband somewhere in the bowels of the O2 Arena and is due on court straight after the conclusion of their doubles encounter.

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