David Ferrer v Juan Martin del Potro at the World Tour Finals

David Ferrer follows up victory in the Paris Masters by beating Juan Martin del Potro 6-3 3-6 6-4 at the World Tour Finals.

6 November 2012 Last updated at 23:07 GMT

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    That is your lot from me for this evening. Aimee Lewis takes the chair for tomorrow's action, and I'll be back later in the week. Bye for now.

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    You can catch that live on BBC TV, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra and this very website. The evening will bring us Tomas Berdych against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in the singles and the next match for Jonathan Marray and Freddie Nielsen in the doubles. The Wimbledon champions overcame Mahesh Bhupati and Rohan Bopanna in their opener earlier today.

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    The World Tour Finals are a bit like one of those sadistic Japanese gameshows were contestants force down an excess of the finest foods to decide the winner. Next up on the end-of-season conveyor belt of gluttony is Andy Murray v Novak Djokovic at 1345 GMT tomorrow, I trust you have saved space for that little morsel?

    James Auckland, BBC Sport analyst

    "You can see what that win meant to David Ferrer. He raised both his arms to the air. It was almost as if he had won the tournament."

    Miles Maclagan, BBC Sport analyst

    "Very, very impressive from David Ferrer. The biggest asset he has is his heart. He let break points slip in that second set, or Del Potro grabbed them from him with his serving, but Ferrer responded strongly. When he let chances slip he responded with true grit. He's hitting the ball as well as he's hit it."


    David Ferrer, reflecting on his win: "I am very, very, very happy. It was a top match, and it was very difficult to play against Juan Martin. I hope the people in here enjoyed our tennis.

    "I don't know the secret [of my good form]. It has been the best season of my career. Maybe it's because I didn't have a big injury.

    "It [my 0-13 head-to-head record against Roger Federer] is bad news. I don't know [how I will beat him], because I have never beaten him."

    Jonathan Overend, BBC Sport

    "David Ferrer has won the key match for him in Group B. He's had some big wins in this tournament. He beat Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic here last year. Now he's beaten Juan Martin Del Potro. He came here having won back-to-back titles in Valencia and Paris, and David Ferrer looks like a man who wants to keep this run going. But Del Potro played his part in a fantastic match."

  8. 2234: 

    That contest weighed in at two hours 16 minutes and it was entertainment throughout. A frustrating one though for Juan Martin del Potro who occasionally looks a world beater, but struggles to string that form together for more than a couple of games. Ferrer has no lack of grit to go with his stamina and will be a tricky obstacle for Federer to work out in their next match.

    Ferrer 6-3 3-6 6-4 Del Potro

    David Ferrer takes some of the power off a cross-court backhand and Juan Martin del Potro looks out-foxed without his opponent's pace to work off. The Argentine falters short in response and that opens up the chance for Ferrer to smash and a 0-30 lead for. A backhand, an inch or so wide, from Del Potro then gives the Spaniard 0-40 and three break points. It only needs one as Del Potro punts long. Clenched fists and a shout of delight from Ferrer and he deserves every bit of it.



    Miles Maclagan, BBC Sport analyst

    "There wasn't too much foot movement from Del Potro there. It looked like he was just taking a breather after the effort of getting back to 4-4."

    Ferrer 6-3 3-6 5-4 Del Potro*

    David Ferrer comes out fighting with a hold to love that means that Juan Martin del Potro will have to serve to stay in the match. The Argentine has a changeover to stew on his situation as well. He will be eagerly waiting the end of the adverts and the resumption of the action.


    Michael Jones on Twitter: "Is there a women's version of the World Tour finals? If so, where is it? If not, why not?"

    Yep, the WTA Championships, which was won by Serena Williams in Istanbul a week or so ago.

    James Auckland, BBC Sport analyst

    "Ferrer is starting to look uncharacteristically rattled. He's looking over at his coach Javier Piles. He is looking nervous."

    *Ferrer 6-3 3-6 4-4 Del Potro

    A horribly mis-timed forehand at 30-0 up apart, that was a rock-slid game from Juan Martin del Potro as the Argentine draws level. David Ferrer is looking like a rabbit who, having runs rings around his opponent in the first set, is caught in the full beams.

    Miles Maclagan, BBC Sport analyst

    "I just wonder if a few nerves are creeping in. Ferrer has lost a little bit of length off his groundstrokes. Del Potro has his back to the wall and nothing to lose."

    Jonathan Overend, BBC Sport

    "Del Potro reviving memories there of the sort of thumping play that won him the US Open."

    Ferrer 6-3 3-6 4-3 Del Potro*

    Juan Martin del Potro has David Ferrer on the run in the opening point but the Spaniard asks more questions of his opponents than his compatriots in the Inquisition did. His dogged retrieval draws an error from Del Potro. However the Argentine keeps hitting out and is rewarded as the battery bunny that runs in Ferrer shows the first signs of fading energy. A break point at 30-40 and Ferrer eventually surrenders with a mis-hit backhand between the tramlines.

    James Auckland, BBC Sport analyst

    "Del Potro is going to have to increase his margins and take the game to Ferrer. He can't sit back and let Ferrer control the points too early. He's going to have to change something or this is slipping away from him."

    *Ferrer 6-3 3-6 4-2 Del Potro

    Juan Martin Del Potro trades from the back of the court and haggles his way to the better end of the bargain and 40-30. His seventh ace of the match closes out affairs. Now his next task is to worm his way into a David Ferrer service game. That might prove trickier.

    James Auckland, BBC Sport analyst

    "Ferrer's dug his heels in and he's stamped his authority on this third set."

    Ferrer 6-3 3-6 4-1 Del Potro*

    David Ferrer revs through the first three points but suddenly the nerves of his camp are a little gnawed as he slip to 40-30 with a netted forehand. Ferrer misses his mark with his first serve to add to the tension. His second serve is good but he suddenly finds himself being out-Ferrered as Juan Martin del Potro chase and harries with every last joule of energy he has. Ferrer to the net to up the pressure, but he has given Del Potro a corridor to aim at down his forehand wing.... Del Potro shoots but finds the top of the net. That was something of a let-off for Ferrer in a game that seemed to be in the bag.

    Jonathan Overend, BBC Sport

    "There was a time two or three years ago when you would have had Ferrer down as a clay expert. Now you have to wonder if the hard court is his best surface."

    *Ferrer 6-3 3-6 3-1 Del Potro

    That is more like it from Juan Martin del Potro, as he rattles through his service game to get his name in the third set scoreboard. He has to dig hard though to get back to the surface in this decider.

    Miles Maclagan, BBC Sport analyst

    "We wondered how David Ferrer would respond to losing the second set and he has answered us emphatically. That's why he's one of the best players in the world.

    "But I can see what people say about him being one-dimensional. He's never going to have a serve that blows through games. He still doesn't have that power to blow one of the top guys off the court. Even when he plays well, he still has to work for it."

    Ferrer 6-3 3-6 3-0 Del Potro*

    The impetus is with Ferrer as he dusts off another service game which Juan Martin del Potro cannot lay a finger on. It has been a lightning start from Ferrer and Del Potro is looking at a sizeable gap that he has to make up.

    Miles Maclagan, BBC Sport analyst

    "I'd say this match is more important for Ferrer. He has an abysmal record against Roger Federer, so he needs to win here. Del Potro has beaten Federer, although it will be difficult for him if needs to do so. But it's probably the case that the winner of this match will go through."

    James Auckland, BBC Sport analyst

    "The way David Ferrer has started to turn this third set, it does look as if he has an extra gear."

    Jonathan Overend, BBC Sport

    "Ferrer has hit two absolutely splendiferous forehands in that game. Brilliant. That is why this guy is number five in the world, with the potential to go to four."

    WHAT A SHOT!- *Ferrer 6-3 3-6 2-0 Del Potro

    A delicious instinctive forehand return that fizzes down the line and in gives David Ferrer 0-40 and three break points. Del Potro safely negotiates the first two with authoritative slugging from the back of the court, but he comes a cropper on the third. Del Potro's poke up the line lacks intent and Ferrer punishes it with a cracking cross-court winner. An early break and the momentum flows back to the Spaniard.

    Ferrer 6-3 3-6 1-0 Del Potro*

    David Ferrer sets out his manifesto for the decider. Clean effecient tennis with depth that gives Juan Martin del Potro nothing to get into. Pretty convincing stuff. Next up to state his case is the Argentine.

    James Auckland, BBC Sport analyst

    "Who is favourite in this third set? This match is evenly poised. If you are David Ferrer, you have missed opportunities at 1-1 in that second set. What's your mindset? Does he dig his heels in, like he's always done? Does he have a plan B to alter the rhythm Del Potro has found in his forehand? Or does he stick to his original plan and hope Del Potro starts missing?"


    BBC Sport's Piers Newbery at the O2 Arena: "It's good news for most of the 17,000 in the increasingly sweltering O2 as Del Potro forces a third set, meaning they will get their money's worth. The Argentine is now winding up his big forehand with a bit more success and, in boxing terms, commanding the ring. The drop shot on set point has the crowd roaring, all set for a decider."

    Nick Lester, BBC Sport

    "The finesse to match the power in that rally was outstanding. Del Potro has stepped up when he needed to and we are going the distance."

    *Ferrer 6-3 3-6 Del Potro

    There is a little wobble from Del Potro as he looks at the wrong end of a 15-30 scoreline, but it is nothing that a quick double dose of service power won't clear up for him. A pair of meaty tee-offs give the Argentine 40-30 and set point. But he hasn't chased off those demons just yet. Del Potro loses the next point and a double fault gives Ferrer break point. A powerful serve into the Ferrer forehand pops up a smash that Del Potro slaps into Row D via a winner as he salvages himself.

    The end when it comes is not what you will have expected. The cheers catch in the crowds' throats as Ferrer keeps getting the ball back to deny Del Potro's massive groundstrokes in the decisive rally. The Argentine bravely changes tack and tickles over an inch-perfect forehand drop that finally does for his opponent and sets up an intriguing third set.

    Miles Maclagan, BBC Sport analyst

    "This set has been an absolute carbon copy of the first. One player had break points at 1-1, didn't take them and then was broken in their next service game. So if that pattern continues, we should see Del Potro serve out comfortably and a deciding set."

    Miles Maclagan, BBC Sport analyst

    "I think Ferrer's come out full of confidence and has possibly just come off that high a touch, while Del Potro has started to relax and find his range, and that combination has just swung the match slightly."

    Ferrer 6-3 3-5 Del Potro*

    David Ferrer is a stubborn little blighter and he unfurls a spitting ace out to close out the game. The question is asked of Juan Martin del Potro once more. He looked a little suspect mentally when he was trailing Ferrer, can he polish off the second set when ahead?

    FAILED CHALLENGE- *Ferrer 6-3 2-5 Del Potro

    Juan Martin del Potro is latching onto his forehands a millisecond earlier and that is starving David Ferrer of the time that he needs to chase down those booming shots. Del Potro challenges a long call on the baseline at 40-15 and is proved well wrong by the Hawkeye replay, but there is no stopping him as he moves to within one game of the second set.

    Ferrer 6-3 2-4 Del Potro*

    David Ferrer picks up a service game to love himself. As the balls head up the opposite end, he has a quiet word with himself, presumably reminding himself to throw the kitchen sink at the next Del Potro service game.

    James Auckland, BBC Sport analyst

    "If Del Potro can just get his first serves up into the 70 per cent range, that will give him the confidence to unleash the forehand. That's where he will cause damage."

    *Ferrer 6-3 1-4 Del Potro

    A hold to love from Juan Martin Del Potro, who suddenly has fired up a first serve that was lacking its usual pep and fizz in the opening set. This is a test now for David Ferrer. He will have wanted to quietly snuff out the Argentine and get back to resting up after a busy fortnight. This is looking like it could be a much more taxing evening.

    Nick Lester, BBC Sport

    "Del Potro has lost indoors only twice this year - once to Federer in Rotterdam and then last week to Michael Llodra in Paris. His record when the roof closes is very good."

    James Auckland, BBC Sport analyst

    "He let out a howl, did David Ferrer. He's disgusted with himself. He let an opportunity slip in the last game with those break points and now things have swung round. Now we have a match on our hands."

    Ferrer 6-3 1-3 Del Potro*

    David Ferrer is just a fraction long with a backhand that Hawkeye can offer him no help with and Juan Martin del Potro has 30-30. The Spaniard finds his range to put himself on the brink at 40-30, but suddenly it looks like Del Potro might have unearthed the extra couple of mph he needs to stretch Ferrer beyond his comfort zone. The Argentine muscles Ferrer out of a couple of game points and then ruthlessly takes his own. Game on.

    James Auckland, BBC Sport analyst

    "If Del Potro can keep ahead in this set, it might just give him the confidence to keep attacking and to look for an opening. But if Ferrer gets a hold on this second set, I can see Del Potro crumbling."

    Miles Maclagan, BBC Sport analyst

    "The trainer is having a look at Del Potro's hand. But sometimes they get called on because a bit of tape's come loose or there's a small blister. Del Potro played some of his best tennis there. He faced three break points and it was really do-or-die."

    *Ferrer 6-3 1-2 Del Potro

    A monster game, full of intrigue, and it could be a crucial one for Juan Martin del Potro and the prospects of a proper scrap breaking out.

    A pair of ripping forehand, the final one an inside-out corker, carry David Ferrer to deuce but Del Potro has someting similar in his locker on the next point. A big lassooing cross-court winner give the Argentine advantage, but he immediately squanders it with a double-fault. Del Potro accepts the linejudge's call that his forehand is long on the next point to fall break point down. There is a horrible dramatic irony as a video review for television viewers only shows that his shot was, in fact, in. Del Potro rescues that one with a big serve and then digs himself out from another break point with a rocket tee-off. And he pulls it off for a third time with a whipcrack serve out wide! A fourth break point for Ferrer and this time Del Potro overpowers his opponent off the floor with a hammered forehand. Finally Ferrer clumps one long to surrender the game and will that hold spur Del Potro on down the second-set straight?

    Miles Maclagan, BBC Sport analyst

    "There's no real variation from Del Potro. I didn't feel too comfortable trying to call this match beforehand. I thought on the forehand, Del Potro mighthave a chance of getting through Ferrer. But on his two big weapons - his forehand and his serve - Del Potro just can't past Ferrer, who has an answer for everything."

    James Auckland, BBC Sport analyst

    "If you're going to drop shot against David Ferrer, it had better be a blooming good one."

    Ferrer 6-3 1-1 Del Potro*

    Ferrer even looks busy as he stalks around at the back of the court selecting the balls he wants to serve with. There is more scurry than a Costa del Sol cockroach about his playing style and he latches on to a telegraphed drop-shot from Del Potro on the final point to whip away a forehand winner. I think Del Potro gets lured into doing something different, and probably unwise, just by the monotony of finding all his best groundstrokes being returned straight back to him.

    *Ferrer 6-3 0-1 Del Potro

    Juan Martin Del Potro keeps trying to summon the power to blast David Ferrer off the court, but, apart from his serve, he does not look like he can find the dynamite required. The Argentine lands a couple of big first serves and they carry him through the game for the loss of two points, but as soon as a rally breaks out he looks the more fragile of the two. That is not something that you would have expected before the start.


    BBC Sport's Piers Newbery at the O2 Arena: "Ferrer racks up another textbook set as he looks for win number 11 in a row, and there's absolutely no sign of fatigue. Del Potro is never the sprightliest mover between points but he looks particularly sluggish after 40 minutes of getting the runaround."

    Nick Lester, BBC Sport

    "This has been a pretty comfortable set for David Ferrer. Juan Martin Del Potro coughed up that last point, and he's been pretty subdued so far."

    James Auckland, BBC Sport analyst

    "What's impressed me about David Ferrer over the last few months, as well as his attention to detail, is his passion both on and off the court. In Valencia, I saw him duffing up Xavier Malisse in a practice session. Towards the end of the session, he missed two or three returns, and he was livid."

    Ferrer 6-3 Del Potro*

    David Ferrer looks set to waltz through his final service game unhindered as his consistency grinds Juan Martin Del Potro down to 40-0. Del Potro gets in a pride-restoring forehand winner. That is probably the best shot that he has played so far in the contest, but it is not enough to spark a late revival. Ferrer chases down a lob on the next point and another Del Potro error is a more appropriate way to bring the first set to a close.

    Miles Maclagan, BBC Sport analyst

    "Ferrer has become a more aggressive player over the last few years. You have to do that because the top players are more athletic, and so you have to be more aggressive to get through them. I think in the next few years, you will see players come into the net more. You will have to do that to get past your opponent."

    James Auckland, BBC Sport analyst

    "Del Potro is going to have to get his serve firing and start dictating the points early. He needs to force Ferrer to the back of the court."

    *Ferrer 5-3 Del Potro

    Juan Martin del Potro looks like a tourist making their way across hot sand as he tiptoes all around his forehand trying to get the loop and top-spin he is lacking. The Argentine gets a generous slice of luck as one of his attempts tipples over to David Ferrer's side via a chunky net cord for 30-15. A thumped serve out wide beats Ferrer's groping racket and Del Potro is still just about in the set. It is an underwhelming performance from the big man so far though.

    James Auckland, BBC Sport analyst

    "Ferrer likes to keep pushing Del Potro. He likes to keep changing direction."

    Ferrer 5-2 Del Potro*

    Maybe it is the low flat, flight that David Ferrer gets on his groundstrokes, but Juan Martin del Potro is struggling to tee off from the back of the court on his favoured forehand side. Twice he attempts to unfurl one of his big blasts and twice he is snared by the net as Ferrer eases through another service game.

    James Auckland, BBC Sport analyst

    "It's tough when you're playing a guy as relentless as David Ferrer. You start thinking: 'What do I have to do to get back into this match?'"

    Jonathan Overend, BBC Sport

    "That's twice Lars Graff has made an incorrect call against Del Potro. Two incorrect calls in a set and you should have to come down from your chair and do a forfeit in the centre of the court, in my opinion. Graff is feeling like he has no friends right now."

    Miles Maclagan, BBC Sport analyst

    "It was a big game for Del Potro to hold for 4-2. He had to go for it, push for the lines and come into the net, which he's not comfortable with, but I think that's what he's going to have to do."

    SUCCESSFUL CHALLENGE- *Ferrer 4-2 Del Potro

    Juan Martin Del Potro glowers out from under his brows at umpire Lars Graff after he overrules from the chair, calling the Argentine's serve out at 15-30. A Hawkeye review proves the player right and the official wrong and there might just be a little philosophical smile from Graff who is retiring from the umpiring game at the end of this tournament. Del Potro faces down a break point at 30-40 and then does superbly to a hold his nerve as Ferrer retrieves everything except his last well-placed backhand slice in a 15-shot rally on the Spaniard's advantage. Finally Del Potro overcomes the stubborn Ferrer and Graff's error to make his way home safely, but it was a perilous journey to get there.

    Jonathan Overend, BBC Sport

    "Del Potro is a guy who sometimes looks as if he has all the troubles of the world on his shoulders."

    Ferrer 4-1 Del Potro*

    David Ferrer holds to love and that there was not a lot of counter coming off the Juan Martin Del Potro racket to prevent it. An important couple of games coming up, with the Argentine needing to find a response.

    Miles Maclagan, BBC Sport analyst

    "Del Potro had a break point in the previous game and you wonder how important it is to take those chances. Ferrer is loking focused and determined, and I sense Del Potro is already thinking: 'How am I going to get through this guy?' Theree is plenty of quality on his returns and neither of these players really have a B game to go to."

    *Ferrer 3-1 Del Potro

    David Ferrer crafts a lovely position, pulling Juan Martin del Potro about at the back of the court before putting away a forehand down the line as the Argentine's groundstrokes lose the required length. 15-40 and two break point for the Spaniard. He only needs the one. Del Potro's heavy touch at the net sends a backhand volley slipping clear over the tramlines.

    James Auckland, BBC Sport analyst

    "Ferrer needs to use the width of the court. If he can take his opponent off the court, then Del Potro might start trying to pull the trigger a bit too early. That's where you will get unforced errors from Del Potro."

    Ferrer 2-1 Del Potro*

    David Ferrer's forehand is a little off kilter and coughs up a break point for Del Potro at 30-40. If that was a cartoon, Del Potro's eyes would have spun round like a fruit machine's reels as Ferrer's steady second serve hops invitingly over the net. The Argentine tries to whack a straight winner and finds only the middle of the net. Ferrer then closes out the game from deuce, reading Del Potro's attempt to reply cross-court to his drop-shot and patting away a winning volley.

    Jonathan Overend, BBC Sport

    "The scoreboard stopped working here briefly. The first malfunction of the week inside the O2. There was someone frantically whacking buttons. It's like your computer freezing at home."

    WHAT A SHOT!- *Ferrer 1-1 Del Potro

    A stooping backhand pass that leaves David Ferrer as a spectator at the front of the court is the highlight of Juan Martin del Potro's hold. The Argentine concertinaed his six foot six frame down to flick a punchy little winner across Ferrer's nose. Del Potro is not just a series of hopeful haymakers at the back of the court.

    Miles Maclagan, BBC Sport analyst

    "Both players are looking to get their forehands in play as often as possible."

    Ferrer 1-0 Del Potro*

    No sign of fatigue from David Ferrer as he unleashes his zinging forehand to test Juan Martin del Potro's movement at the back of the court. He holds the opening service game with ease and Del Potro will have to play it a little cannier, avoiding the Ferrer forehand wing, if he wants an easy night.

    Both players are standing out from the blue court surface in eye-achingly flourescent shirts. No chance of sneaking to the net unnoticed for either.

    *- denotes NEXT to serve


    BBC Sport's Piers Newbery at the O2 Arena: "Rudimental get another runout as the walk-on music and continue to divide opinion (I'm in favour); a man nearby does an admirable job of negotiating the stairs while holding a pint and wearing a Novak Djokovic mask; drum n' bass booms around the arena - it's a classic British sporting scene. Two in-form men on show tonight, should be a good one."

    Miles Maclagan, BBC Sport analyst

    "David Ferrer is a workhorse. His heart is massive, and you know he is going to work hard. He doesn't have a whole lot of variation to his game. Against the top players, that can be a weakness."

  78. 2006: 

    Juan Martin del Potro wins the coin toss at the net and, despite his obvious height advantage over David Ferrer, opts to receive rather than serve. Lars Graff, the brilliantly strict Swede, is the man in charge of this one. He barks his orders at the pair like a boxing referee before they retreat to the baseline to knock up.


    Juan Martin del Potro: "It's a very difficult match for me against David, but I will try to play good tennis. I will try to be aggressive and see if he gives me a chance to win the match."


    David Ferrer: "I feel good. I have confidence in my game. But I will have to play very well to win tonight. The last time I played him [Del Potro], I won, but every match is different. I don't remember ever playing him indoors. I will have to return well."


    But for a painful wrist injury that kept him out for a year after, Del Potro may well have lived up to BBC tennis expert Jonathan Overend's prediction that he was a world number one in waiting after winning in Flushing Meadows in 2009. Can he still fulfil that promise?

    And after a best-ever 2012, can Ferrer leap across the gap to make the 'Big Four', the 'Big Five'?

    Your thoughts are welcome on Twitter hashtag #bbctennis and via UK mobiles on 81111.

  82. 1958: 

    Both Juan Martin del Potro and David Ferrer have finished as runner-up in the season finale as well. Ferrer lost to Roger Federer in the 2007 tournament while Del Potro came unstuck against Nikolay Davydenko on London's debut as the event's host in 2009.

  83. 1955: 

    For those who are checking into the World Tour Finals for the first time today, you have missed a strolling victory for Roger Federer in his opening match against Janko Tipsarevic and a heartening win for Anglo-Danish Wimbledon men's doubles champions Jonny Marray and Frederik Nielsen in their opening match of the finals.

  84. 1954: 

    Australian Open champions Leander Paes and Radek Stepanek have disposed of the challenge of Aisam-Ul-Haq Qureshi and Jean-Julien Rojer in the evening's sessions doubles match so the coin toss will not be far away now in the main event.

    We havd just seen both Juan Martin del Potro and David Ferrer wandering back into their dressing rooms for their final preparations ahead of the match. No sweaty communal locker room for the world's top eight in this event. We are talking key-card doors with personalised mirror surrounded by those showbiz bulbs on the inside so the elite can ensure that they look, as well as play, their best.

  85. 1948: 

    Del Potro, who won the US Open in 2009, fell in the third round of the Paris Masters, but won his previous two events in Basel and Vienna.

    He also sneaked in alongside Andy Murray and Roger Federer on the London 2012 podium, finishing third with victory over Novak Djokovic in the bronze-medal match.

  86. 1944: 

    Both David Ferrer and Juan Martin del Potro are coming into the tournament in decent nick. World number five Ferrer could be a slight victim of his own good form in fact. The 30-year-old was in action on Sunday in Paris, winning his first ATP Masters event, while the rest of the competition were getting acclimitised over the Channel in London.

    That victory made it 11 straight wins for Ferrer who also won in Valencia in his previous event. He made it to the semi-finals of the US Open in the season's final Grand Slam.

    One striking stat is that he leads the rest of the field in terms of Tour victories and titles this season, with totals of 72 wins and seven. That is more than Novak Djokovic (71 and five) Roger Federer (68 and six) and Andy Murray (54 and three).

  87. 1940: 

    Two men, one in the red corner the other in the blue, splitting opinion with their opposing styles and battling for the highest of stakes with the eyes of the world's media upon them.

    But before counting begins in the US presidential election, Spain's David Ferrer takes on Argentina's Juan Martin del Potro down in at the O2 in their opening match in the World Tour Finals.

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