Del Potro v Tipsarevic at ATP World Tour Finals as it happened

Juan Martin del Potro comfortably beats an out-of-sorts Janko Tipsarevic in straight sets at the ATP World Tour Finals.

8 November 2012 Last updated at 22:07 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 2131: 

    The spectators leave their seats at breakneck speed once Del Potro heads to the locker room after his slapstick routine with Aguero. It leaves me with little to type about other than inform you that Mike Henson will guide you through the final round of Group A matches on Friday. Novak Djokovic and Tomas Berdych start proceedings in the afternoon (at about 13:45 GMT), while Andy Murray will hope for a straight-sets victory over Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in the evening to guarantee progress to the semi-finals. If the Brit doesn't win in straight sets then... well, there could be plenty head-scratching.

  2. 2125: 
    James Auckland, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "I think if there's one person who should be worried by that performance, it's Roger Federer. As much as Tipsarevic wasn't feeling fantastic, Del Potro still had to beat him. Tipsarevic is number nine in the world. He could still make it difficult for you. Del Potro looks desperate to find his way back to the top of the game. If he came overcome Roger Federer, it will make for a fantastic semi-final line-up."

  3. 2124: 
    David Law, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "Tipsarevic had a go but he wasn't in the same class as his opponent. Juan Martin del Potro was a comfortable winner. That was the Juan Martin del Potro who won titles in Vienna and Basel."

  4. 2123: 

    Del Potro blows a kiss towards the ceiling before heading towards his compatriot Sergio Aguero. The Manchester City forward grabs a racquet and joins Del Potro on the court for a knockabout. Needless to say, the striker looks better with the ball at his feet rather than with a racquet in his hand.

  5. 2121: 

    Juan Martin del Potro, reflecting on his win: "I'm so glad to be part of this amazing tournament. I have good memories from being here in 2009. I'm trying to play my best tennis. I'm really enjoying this week.

    "It's not easy to win a set 6-0. Janko was fighting. He's a very good player. I have a high step up against Federer on Saturday but I will try to beat him.

    "I have worked a lot every day to be here [after my injury problems]. I made a good comeback last year. I'm back in the top 10. I really want to enjoy this week."

    Del Potro 6-0 6-4 Tipsarevic

    It's the last chance saloon and Tipsarevic, looking fleet of foot for a change, is scurrying and scampering from tramline to tramline and conjures an unstoppable winner into the Del Potro backhand to end a 22-shot rally. The Argentine is unruffled, relying on his trusted booming serve, and a clinical backhand winner down the line earns him double match points. He attempts to end the match in style, but his first serve is a smidgeon wide. His second is on target and Tipsarevic's return bounces long.

    *Del Potro 6-0 5-4 Tipsarevic

    Tipsarevic, winner of one title this year, opting to serve deep and the ploy works well as he holds to at least force his opponent to serve for the match.

    Del Potro 6-0 5-3 Tipsarevic*

    Fabulous play from Tipsarevic as he scrambles to unleash a beautifully placed half-volley beyond the stranded Del Potro. He shakes his head in disbelief at his own wizardry and the crowd erupt, but it's the same old story as the impervious Del Potro ends this particular chapter with an ace.

    James Auckland, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "Tipsarevic has still got a chance. He needs Del Potro to miss some first serves. But he's got a chance."

    *Del Potro 6-0 4-3 Tipsarevic

    Del Potro is rooted to the baseline but such is the power of the giant's punches there is little need for him to vary his play. Tipsarevic fetches and retrieves but, ultimately, always falters and, once again, the Serb ends a baseline rally by launching a forehand into the tape and it's break point Del Potro. A Del Potro forehand tickles the net, allowing Tipsareivc to pounce with a forehand winner into the corner and the Serb, with fire in his belly and the crowd on his side, decides to advance to the net and the his adventure is rewarded with a flamboyant hold.

    James Auckland, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "The palms of Tipsarevic have gone up a couple of times and his chin seems to be glued to his belly button as he wonders how he can turn this around."

    Del Potro 6-0 4-2 Tipsarevic*

    This contest has the feel of an exhibition match such is Del Potro's dominance. It's a hold to 15 for the 24-year-old from Tandil and he's closing in on a fourth victory over his out-of-sorts opponent.

    David Law, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "It's funny how styles make matches. Tipsarevic has a similar style to David Ferrer, who has this fantastic record against Del Potro. Yet Tipsarevic hasn't even won a set against him. But it's a bit of a relief for the crowd that we have had a bit more of a contest at the start of this second set, because no one likes to see a match as one-sided as that."

    *Del Potro 6-0 3-2 Tipsarevic

    Del Potro, according to Boris Becker, is a dark horse for the title. The Argentine is an imposing figure this evening, producing 15 winners with his potent racquet, and is galloping towards the final furlong. The Argentine complains that a flash from a spectator's camera caused him to plonk a forehand into the net for 30-30. Order is soon restored. Del Potro has break point and Tipsarevic concedes with a whimper of a backhand.

    James Auckland, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "If Tipsarevic is going to attack Del Potro at the net, he should go straight at him. He shouldn't be coming cross court."

    Del Potro 6-0 2-2 Tipsarevic*

    A double fault is the only blot on an otherwise faultless performance from Del Potro. A colossal ace to the wings, his fifth of the match, wraps up a hold to 15 for the former US Open champ.

    James Auckland, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "This is exactly what Tipsarevic wanted. He needed to tough out the first game and he's got his nose in front. I think it helps psychologically that he is serving first. If you are up in a set, you just get that extra chance to put pressure on your opponent when they serve."

    *Del Potro 6-0 1-2 Tipsarevic

    Tipsarevic seems to have found his rhythm and is no longer looking like an embarrassing uncle dancing at a wedding. He holds to love and as he heads for the changeover a young boy appears on court with couple of newly-strung racquets for the Serb.

    Del Potro 6-0 1-1 Tipsarevic*

    Tipsarevic failing to fathom a way of negating the Argentine's huge serve and it's a comfortable hold for Del Potro against an opponent who, once again, opts for a change racquet.

    *Del Potro 6-0 0-1 Tipsarevic

    The tennis Gods smiling on Del Potro as his backhand tickles the net and bounces beyond the hapless Tipsarevic for 0-30. The Serb shakes his head. What else is there to do in such situations, I suppose. He saves break point and moves to within a point of securing his first game but no matter how hard he tries, endlessly targeting the Del Potro backhand, the Argentine's defence holds strong. An ace, a double fault, it's all par of the course for the Serb, until he finally holds, with Del Potro ending a see-saw rally by netting a backhand. Rapturous applause from thousands of supporters eager to get their money's worth.

    Russell Fuller, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "I really hope there's more of a contest in the second set in this match. There have been some terrific contests here this week in singles and doubles, but this is looking like one-way traffic."

    Del Potro 6-0 Tipsarevic*

    Library quiet is the only way you can describe the 02 at the moment, a handful of Del Potro fans breaking the silence when their man reaches two set points. Ruthless stuff from the world number seven as he ends the set with an ace. Ripples of applause, but the crowd seem to be as dumbfounded as Tipsarevic.

    James Auckland, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "Tipsarevic needs to find a balance. He needs to play fast on the court, but just be a little calmer between points if he wants to find his way back into the match. He needs to give himself time to think. This set may have gone, but there could be another two to go."


    Dennis Peter on Twitter: "Tipsy is just drained. He will need a miracle to win any set from this match."

    *Del Potro 5-0 Tipsarevic

    A worrying hush around the arena as Del Potro easily engineers three break points at the expense of the faltering Serb whose radar is badly malfunctioning. The crowd erupt when Tipsarevic reduces the arrears, directing a pin-point forehand winner beyond his lanky opponent for deuce. The Olympic bronze medallist squanders two more break points.... Hope for Janko... but a dash to the nets proves to be forlorn - his outstretched racquet directing a dabbed volley into the barrier - and Del Potro gains the initiative in a baseline slug-fest, with the back-pedalling Serb biffing a backhand wide.

    Del Potro 4-0 Tipsarevic*

    The umpire has the dulcet tones of the athletics announcer in a 1980s computer game, but hearing the man with the mic saying "30-love" is sweet music to the 24-year-old's ears. Del Potro has won 11 of the last 14 points and clinches his 12th with panache, galloping towards the tape and sending Tipsarevic to retrieve a volley in vein.

    James Auckland, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "A fantastic start by Del Potro. We talk about a lacklustre start by Tipsarevic, but Del Potro is moving well around the court. He's a huge guy and it's not that easy to get around when your legs are as high as skyscrapers, but he's doing it."

    *Del Potro 3-0 Tipsarevic

    A rip-roaring ace surprises Del Potro - and a few in the audience by the sounds of it - and after an ominous start the 28-year-old is level at 30-30. Both players content to slug it out from the baseline and it's the Argentine winning the important points, another break point edging his opponent closer to the precipice. A marvellous hip-swinging Del Potro forehand touches the line and sends Tipsarevic free flowing over the edge.

    James Auckland, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "That was a better game from Tipsarevic. It will have given him confidence. He's quite an aggressive player. He likes to take on the backhand down the line. That's what he needs to do to get a foothold in this match."

    Del Potro 2-0 Tipsarevic*

    Del Potro, winner of back-to-back titles in Vienna and Basel, should be oozing with confidence but he looks a little tentative, a wayward backhand gifting Tipsarevic a break point - although an ace down the middle rescues the situation. Tipsarevic's feet beginning to dance on the baseline but there's too much oomph on his attempted forehand winner and Del Potro consolidates.

    James Auckland, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "I think Janko will be fuming with himself. You could see on the first point, he looked a little out-of-sorts. If he takes too long to find his way into the game, he'll be back in the locker room pretty quickly."

    *Del Potro 1-0 Tipsarevic

    Tipsarevic is a man, according to Boris Becker at least, who has made the most of his talent. I think that is a compliment from the three-time Wimbledon champion. The Serb concedes two sloppy points early on, then double faults and Del Potro has three break points even though he has barely moved. An ace suggests Tipsarevic is preparing to crunch through the gears, but he stalls and is unable to prevent the world number seven from taking the initiative.

    James Auckland, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "It's been a fantastic entrance for both players. The crowd responded particularly well to both, but particularly to Del Potro. He's a bit of a fan favourite, particularly after his performances at Wimbledon and at the Olympics. He won a few hearts for how he responded when he won his bronze medal."

  34. 1958: 

    Standing on the other side of the net, seven inches shorter than his towering opponent, is world number nine Tipsarevic, a man who has qualified out-right for this competition for the first time. The Serb will need to negate his rival's huge serve if he is to achieve another first, that is defeating the former US Open champion. He's played the 24-year-old three times and suffered a hat-trick of losses.

    Russell Fuller, BBC Radio 5 live sports extraCELEB SPOT!

    "No Carlos Tevez here for Juan Martin Del Potro tonight, but we have West Ham's Kevin Nolan, Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny and Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero, who is in the house and he's cheering on his countryman."

  36. 1956: 

    What about Juan Martin del Potro then, eh? The Olympic bronze medallist is slowly recapturing the form which saw the Argentine win the US Open in 2009, winning four tour titles this year and earning a spot in this season finale for the first time since 2009. The world number seven did stumble at the third round of the Paris Masters last week but, perhaps rather ominously for Tipsarevic, Del Potro has lost just twice indoors in 2012.

  37. 1952: 

    "Ladies and gentlemen, please thank this evening's mascots," asks the announcer over the tannoy. The youngsters certainly did a good job in directing the players to their seats without hiccup while also holding a giant blue tennis ball. Tricky in front of such a big crowd. Tisparevic - flashing his toned torso by the net as he tightly fastened the chord holding his shorts in place - loses the coin toss and Del Potro opts to receive first.

  38. 1948: 

    Juan Martin del Potro: "I know it's going to be a tough match for me. I'm looking forward to tonight. I believe in myself and my game. All matches are tough and Janko is playing well."

  39. 1948: 

    Janko Tipsarevic on Sky Sports: "I'm feeling much better than I did against Roger [Federer]. It's a very important match for us. I'm looking forward to going out and playing this high-pressure match. Juan Martin is good in the attack. I'm going to try and mix up my game and be as aggressive as I can."

  40. 1946: 

    Yes, there will be tennis and going mano a mano this evening are Juan Martin del Potro and Janko Tipsarevic. Neither player has experienced victory yet in this eight-man tournament after defeats in their Group B openers, but hope is not lost on qualifying for the semi-finals. The duo, super-sized bags hanging fron their shoulders, are waiting to be announced to their audience.

  41. 1935: 

    Good evening! Toe-tapping music is reverberating around the 02, the dry ice machine has been switched on (hopefully) and the royal blue court is lit up by an abundance of dazzling spotlights. It can only mean one thing: a tennis match is about to begin.

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