Andy Murray v Jo-Wilfried Tsonga - as it happened

US Open champion Andy Murray progresses to the World Tour Finals last four with a 6-2 7-6 (7-3) win over Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

9 November 2012 Last updated at 22:26 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 2158: 

    That is your lot for this evening though. Thanks for your company, I'll see you tomorrow for the latest Federer v Del Potro installment at 1345 GMT followed by Ferrer v Tipsarevic from around 1945 GMT. Why not check out Piers Newbery's thoughts on the action over on the BBC Tennis pages before turning off the screen for the night? Sweet dreams.

  2. 2155: 

    Looking back on the match stats, it looks like Roger Rasheed has a particular bit of work to do on Jo-Wilfired Tsonga's second serve. The Frenchman won only 38% of points on his second serve compared to Murray's healthy 63%. When he gets his gander up, Tsonga is a force to be reckoned with though as he proved late in the match.


    BBC Sport's Piers Newbery on Twitter: "Murray wins 6-2 7-6 (7-3), a good evening all round as he makes the semis but Tsonga gives the crowd a match in the second set."

  4. 2149: 

    You never know what might happen. But it is going to take something special to ensure that Andy Murray is playing someone other than Roger Federer in the semi-finals. It will require Juan Martin del Potro beating Federer in straight sets and, even then, possibly a few more snookers in terms of scoreline.


    Andy Murray: "It is quite a tough scenario and I was lucky to get off to a good start and there was some good tennis at the end of the second set. Jo started playing better. When he was imposing himself as he was in that second set, he is a hell of an athlete and very tough to play. I'm not sure who I will be playing next, you never know what might happen. Juan and Roger have had some great matches, this year especially. I think at the London Olympics they went through to 19-17 in the final set and then Juan recently in won in Basel."

    Murray 6-2 7-6 (7-3) Tsonga

    Tsonga cuffs a forehand wide on his own serve to give Murray 6-2 and three match points. The first goes to the wall, but now Murray has two on his own serve to try and convert. You don't hold out a lot of hope for Tsonga and Murray rains down a concussive ace to knock this one on the head.




    Lipsy Pennell on Twitter: "I'm not even watching it but from the #BBCTennis Live Text...I AM STRESSED. C'Mon #MURRAY!! #ATPFinals"

    *Murray 6-2 6-6 (4-2) Tsonga

    Jo-Wilfried Tsonga produces his first ace of the match in the opening point of the tie-break, and is close to stealing one of Murray's two service points with an attempted winner that strays a whisker wide. Tsonga is the first to blink in the shoot-out though, firing wide again to give the Scot 3-2 and a mini-break. Murray edges further ahead, holding his serve for 4-2 before the switch of ends...

    David Law, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "I don't think I've seen Murray serve better than this week in terms of consistency and power."

    Murray 6-2 6-6 Tsonga*

    Andy Murray is mining the Jo-Wilfired Tsonga backhand for easy points, serving hard and wide into that wing to ensure himself a risk-free route into the net. The tactic brings up 40-30, but then a double fault keeps the game ticking on. And it almost blows up in Murray's face. Suddenly the Tsonga backhand bites back, with a sharp angle and a cushioned volley taking him to advantage and set point. Tsonga is wide though on his big chance to extend the match into a third set and Murray pierces his defence with a whipped forehand down the line. We are into a tie-break.

    *Murray 6-2 5-6 Tsonga

    Andy Murray works up two break points at 15-40 with a lovely little lift in response to Jo-Wilfried Tsonga's drop-volley. The Frenchman batters away a big first serve to deny Murray the first and an overcooked return accounts for the second. Murray is not letting Tsonga out of this game without a fight though. He almost turns himself inside out as he strains successfully to make a get and then pings a return winner past Tsonga. It is eventually all in vain though as Tsonga bundles him out of it and the Scot misses with a couple of line-seekers.

    Murray 6-2 5-5 Tsonga*

    These undulations in form are something that Andy Murray looks to have consigned mostly to his past. His service game is water-tight and he works his way around a net-cord, adjusting to send a spitting forehand away for the winner.

    *Murray 6-2 4-5 Tsonga

    Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is starting to dictate, engaging his own tennis brain and sapping some of the energy out Andy Murray's quads. The Frenchman is in at the net again to gleefully hammer away a volleyed winner after forcing Murray onto the back foot for 40-30. Tsonga then wrong-foots the home favourite with a nice bit of disguise on a forehand to nose ahead for the first time in the set. Allez! But better make it double-vite Jo-Willie. He needs to keep this form coming.

    Colin Fleming, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "It just goes to show, at this level you can't afford to take your foot off the gas for a second. Andy made two unforced errors that we have not seen any evidence of so far tonight."

    Murray 6-2 4-4 Tsonga*

    The rally of the tournament so far? It might just be. Andy Murray and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga trade big blows from the back of the court, stretching each other on either wing before Murray brings Tsonga to the net with a drop shot. The Frenchman runs it down and Murray's lob back over the top is a whisker away. That brings up a fairly extraordinary scoreline as well: 0-40 to Tsonga. The Frenchman rifles away a return to convert the first of three break-back points. Is there a contest in danger of breaking out?

    *Murray 6-2 4-3 Tsonga

    Jo-Wilfried Tsonga stays in the hunt with a hold. Andy Murray was threatening to steal a double break, but Tsonga has a little bit more about him in this set than he did in the opener.

    Murray 6-2 4-2 Tsonga*

    It is feels like Jo-Wilfried Tsonga might have worked out his tactics and got his eye in just as this match is ending. The Frenchman works his way to a promising position at the net at 30-30, but a Murray bullet is too hot to handle and there is more grimacing from Tsonga as the ball drifts long off his strings.

    David Law, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "Kevin Spacey has just been introduced to the crowd! He's on his feet and gets a huge ovation. He's my mate is Kevin Spacey - I interviewed him at the US Open final. I say 'mate', I doorstepped him so he couldn't get away."

    CELEB SPOT!- *Murray 6-2 3-2 Tsonga

    Jo-Wilfried Tsonga heaves himself through a service game, coming to the net to slot away a backhand volley to seal it. Kevin Spacey is courtside evertyone! The crowd's reaction prompted the exclamation mark. They were much more impressed by his appearance than that of ex-Arsenal winger Robert Pires who is also in the posh seats.

    Murray 6-2 3-1 Tsonga*

    Andy Murray folds in two as though punched in the stomach such is his disappointment at double faulting to allow Tsonga to move to 30-15. That reaction was a little amateur dramatic, even for Murray. He is given a little bit more cause for concern as Tsonga advances to bring up 30-30, but a big first serve shuts out the Frenchman in the next point. A disheartened Tsonga doesn't bother to challenge a close call of 'out' on his final deep groundstroke. It rather sums up his night to see on a virtual replay that it just brushed the line.


    Abid on Twitter: "W/o Nadal men's tennis doesnt seem to have same gloss altho top 3 are a class in their own"

    *Murray 6-2 2-1 Tsonga

    There is a break point for Andy Murray at 30-40, but I think the crowd are almost relieved when Jo-Wilfried Tsonga sees it off to make it to deuce. It is a little awkward to see such a welcome guest in such strife. Tsonga pulls through as he attacks and drives his eay to the net on successive points to dominate the rallies. It seems like his best tactic with his groundstrokes misfiring so spectacularly.


    BBC Sport's Piers Newbery on Twitter: "Nothing troubling Murray, apart from a double fault on set point, 6-2 and he's in the semis. He's playing well but Tsonga poor."

    Murray 6-2 2-0 Tsonga*

    Another strolling hold from Andy Murray and there is talk that if the match is done too quickly then the ATP are obliged to put on an exhibition match to give the crowd their money's worth. Carlos Tevez v Sergio Aguero anyone?

    Colin Fleming, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "That was a very impressive first set, he kept the errors down particularly at the start. He'll want to maintain that level, if not up it, to go into the semi-finals with a lot of momentum."

    *Murray 6-2 1-0 Tsonga

    A leaden-legged Jo-Wilfired Tsonga succumbs with a double-fault in the opening game of the second set. The crowd sigh sympathetically and that will be murder to his ears. Coach Roger Rasheed looks on from the stands. It is almost like this performance is a public cry for help. Murray has been solid and consistent so far, but he has not had to stretch himself with so many errors littering Tsonga's game.

    Murray 6-2 Tsonga*

    Jo-Wilfried Tsonga looks disconsolate as he goes at a topspin backhand with all arms and screws wide. His attempt to slice some of the sting out of the Murray forehand floats long on the next point as he slips 40-15 behind and offers up two set points. Two semi-final points as it were. They both go begging though, the second via the Scot's first double fault of the match. It is only a brief hold-up though. Tsonga is far too heavy with his return and drifts long. And all the tension seeps out of the match like air from a day-old party balloon.




    Hetty Knox on Twitter: "I love the Tsonga celebration but I don't think we'll be seeing it tonight"

    *Murray 5-2 Tsonga

    As if Jo-Wilfried Tsonga needed anyone else getting on his case, Lady Luck joins in. Andy Murray flukes one in to bring up 30-30, raising his hand in apology. Tsonga rouses himself to polish off the serve-volley that we have not seen enough of so far. It does the job to carry him over the line. It is a bit late to discover that now though. Next he has to break a Murray serve that he has taken just four points off so far in the match to keep his World Tour Finals hopes alive.

    Murray 5-1 Tsonga*

    Jo-Wilfried Tsonga guesses right to get to Andy Murray's attempt to whack away a mid-court ball at 30-0, but he can't punish the Scot as the court opens up invitingly for him. A Murray ace yorks him entirely on the next point though and the game slips away to love.


    Amr Nail on Twitter: "Just win one set to go through? A walk in the park for Andy"

    Bambi on Twitter: "Murray - win. That is all"

    Let us know what you think of tonight's match at #bbctennis, or via 81111 to UK mobiles.

    *Murray 4-1 Tsonga

    Jo-Wilfried Tsonga makes his first imprint on the scoreboard, but it had as much to do with Andy Murray taking his foot off the accelerator as the Frenchman upping his game. Maybe he just needs to sink deeper into the mire before to really feel he has nothing to lose...

    Murray 4-0 Tsonga*

    The body langauge of Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is stinking up the O2. After a promising opening to the game, he punts a return over the baseline at 40-30 to fold his hand. He limps disappointedly back to the back of the court to contemplate his service game to come.


    Colin Fleming, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra: "Andy is just manoeuvring him at the moment, he's not looking like he's going for any big winners, he's just playing a very smart match. Tsonga's got a lot of work to do to keep his hopes alive."

    *Murray 3-0 Tsonga

    Andy Murray is firmly in control of these opening stages as he breaks again with relative ease. He darts forward to pick up a Jo-Wilfried Tsonga drop shot and the Frenchman lacks the touch to cushion his volley back past Murray. 15-40 and two break points for Murray who is gifted the first as an angsty Tsonga plunges into the net again and winces up at coach Roger Rasheed.

    Murray 2-0 Tsonga*

    Jo-Wilfried Tsonga attacks Andy Murray's second serve at 30-15 and is rewarded as Murray overcooks a response long. Tsonga's footwork is already well short of the hey day of his supposed lookalike Muhammad Ali's though. He butchers a backhand as he overreaches at the back of the court, and the game is gone. There is plenty of chirp from the crowd in favour of the Frenchman as well. Isn't London supposed to have more French residents than the fifth largest French city? It sounds like some of them are in the house tonight.

    Russell Fuller, BBC Radio 5 live sport extra

    "Murray outfoxed him there, he's playing with his mind already and he has the early break."

    *Murray 1-0 Tsonga

    Andy Murray relishes getting Jo-Wilfried Tsonga bogged down in an exchange of bankhands that he always looks like coming out of better. Tsonga nets for 15-15 and is then undone by a deep forehand that gets right up his nose at the baseline. Supreme Murray scurrying keeps retrieving everything that Tsonga can summon up off his forehand wing and draws another mistake to bring up 15-40 and three break points. Tsonga pockets one with a meaty forehand, but is spooked by Murray's approach to the net on the second. Murray lands first in this straight knockout fight.

    *-denotes NEXT to serve


    BBC Sport's Piers Newbery on Twitter: "Murray v Tsonga about to start, AM needs one set and JWT needs two. Seems fair."

  42. 1958: 

    The players are ready. Let's get it on.

  43. 1958: 

    Before this match Jo-Wilfried Tsonga has been learning the ropes of being a ball-boy with some of the O2's top fuzz-fetchers. You can check out how he compared with Novak Djokovic's efforts last year. For me, that quick-fire multiple ball return that the Serb's got going on is something next level. And the exaggerated stand to attention? 6.0s all round.

  44. 1953: 

    Andy Murray wins the toss and chooses to receive serve. He and Tsonga bounce back to the baseline to get their eye in.

  45. 1950: 

    Andy Murray can barely acknowledge the 17,000-strong crowd's cheers he is so laden down with his bags and the responsibility of shepherding one of the young mascots around the advertising hoardings.

  46. 1948: 

    The players are side-by-side in the tunnel, both Andy Murray and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga sling a bit of a man-bag over their spare shoulder as the pulsing 'heartbeat' music begins to accompany their walk to the O2 court.


    So how dangerous an opponent is a cornered Jo-Wilfried Tsonga? Send your thoughts about tonight's proceedings to #bbctennis, or via 81111 to UK mobiles.

  48. 1945: 

    So Tsonga is backed up against a bit of a wall, but he is not the sort to quietly submit in such situations. Two sets down against Roger Federer on Centre Court at Wimbledon 2011, the Frenchman emerged from the trenches, all guns blazing, to send Federer spiralling out and leave the SW19 crowd slack-jawed with surprise.

  49. 1940: 

    The good news for Andy Murray is that in all seven of the Tour-level matches they have met, Murray has taken at least a set off Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. Indeed the Scot has won six of them.

    The last time Tsonga managed to take a set off Murray was on the Challenger Tour in Nottingham back in 2004.

  50. 1937: 

    Once he has that first set in the bag it doesn't actually make a difference if Murray wins the match or not. Djokovic is through to face Group B's runner-up and the Scot will face the winner. So what is there to keep Andy Murray honest?

    Well, as well as being the sort who desperately wants to win the wishbone-breaking at Christmas, there is a cool $130,000 for winning each round-robin match. That should do the trick.

  51. 1933: 

    With his destiny in his own hands, the maths is looking a lot more favourable for Andy Murray tonight. The top line is so long as he wins one set against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga tonight, even if Murray loses he will progress as the Group A runner-up behind Novak Djokovic.

  52. 1930: 

    Evening all. Last night Juan Martin del Potro, perhaps feeling sorry for the crowd after dispatching Janko Tipsarevic in a swift 6-0 6-4, invited fellow Argentine Sergio Aguero up for a bit of a knockabout knock-up.

    Rewind three years and Del Potro's rather sub-standard hitting partner was Carlos Tevez. The dead time Del Potro was killing on that occasion was caused by mathmatical confusion in the ATP offices over who should progress from the last four. In the end, it was Andy Murray who was on the wrong end of the equation.

    Let's hope that the appearance of a dimunitive City striker on court at the O2 this year is not some sinister omen for Murray.

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