Andy Murray v Roger Federer - as it happened

Roger Federer produces a stunning display to beat Andy Murray and clinch his place in the final of the World Tour Finals in London.

11 November 2012 Last updated at 22:07 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 2202: 

    Thanks for your time and company. Commiserations if the result wasn't what you wanted and congratulations if it was. I'm sure we will all get the chance to see Andy Murray and Roger Federer square off again soon in 2013. I certainly hope so. Bye for now and hope to see you back here tomorrow evening for the final.

  2. 2159: 

    Novak Djokovic v Roger Federer. The world number one against the world number two. The Australian Open champion against the Wimbledon champion. They are 2-2 in 2012 with wins for Djokovic on the clay of Roland Garros and Rome weighed against Federer's successes at Wimbledon and Cincinnati. If you have a better plan for a Monday evening I would like to hear it. BBC Three will have it live, as will 5 live sports extra and this very website from 1930 GMT.

  3. 2152: 

    Roger Federer makes a decent stab at signing all of an ever-replenishing mass of tennis balls and programmes that are shoved his way as he pauses on his way down the tunnel. His efforts will be repaid in even more boisterous support in tomorrow's final against Novak Djokovic I'm sure.


    Ethan Friskey-Adams on Twitter: "Every year people write Federer off as too old or on his way out. Every year he proves people wrong. Roger is the King."

    Osahon Okungbowa on Twitter: "Murray's problem is his lack of belief in his ability to play the needed shot. Fed's shot selections are unbelievable."

    Jason Harrison on Twitter: "Federer class as always. Will be a great final v Djokovic. Murray should be pleased with his best year in tennis to date."

    Barry Flatman, Sunday Times tennis correspondent, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "We were saying that Andy Murray had won over the British sporting public after reaching the Wimbledon final and winning gold at the Olympics, but this is a Federer crowd."

    Barry's right. That didn't help either.

  6. 2145: 

    A montage of a frustrated Andy Murray thumping the heel of his hand and the frame of his racquet into his head play out as the players head for the tunnel. At least he has located the problem. From the locker room, with Ivan Lendl's words fresh in his ear, he was snarly, punky and focusing all his energy down at the man opposite. Once he got bogged down knee-deep in some serious Federer resistance though that fire was trained inwards and he helped Federer show him out the door as his game at least partially imploded.


    Roger Federer: "It was a special match. It was the third time in London this year for the two of us and the crowd was electric. You really made it for both of us. I have been around the block a few times and that was something. I can't thank you enough for that. You can't tire of nights like this. That is why I keep practising in front of no people, it inspires you to keep working hard."

    Barry Flatman, Sunday Times tennis correspondent, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "I have an admission to make. A couple of weeks ago on Twitter, after he lost to Juan Martin del Potro in Basel, I said that we might be starting to see the beginning of the end for Roger Federer. How wrong I was. I hold my hands up. I was wrong."


    Matt of York on Twitter: "Go on Roger. Class act. Still streets ahead of Murray and maybe the rest when he plays like he has at times tonight."

    Jamie Hogg on Twitter: "Thought Murray would put up a better fight in the second set but Fed's been on fire today."

    Adam on Twitter: "Federer decided he wanted to win, so he did."

    Federer 7-6 (7-5) 6-2 Murray

    Roger Federer makes no mistake. There is no Lazarus moment for Murray. The Swiss wraps up the match with another pinging backhand and it is difficult to imagine that the roar from the crowd would have been bigger if Murray had won.



    Alastair Eykyn, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "Dazzling tennis. Really dazzling tennis. A pleasure and a privilege to be here to watch it."


    Reece Brown on Twitter: "Murray gets off to a good start and thinks he's got the better of his opponents. Happened against Novak, it's happening tonight."

    Alastair Eykyn, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "That was vintage stuff from Roger Federer."


    Adeolu Akomolafe on Twitter: "Fedex is on fire. What a shot!!!"

    Federer break serve- *Federer 7-6 (7-5) 5-2 Murray

    Hawkeye confirms that Roger Federer is a whisker beyond the baseline as Andy Murray limps on to 30-30. The Scot cannot make the most of that let-off though. Murray misses his first serve and his lob is hammered away as Federer chips and charges off his second. A break points at 30-40 and Federer snatches it up with a trademark backhand of 24-carat quality. Murray creeps into the net and is picked off as a glorious cross-court sweep skids past him to take the game.

    Barry Flatman, Sunday Times tennis correspondent, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "Has there ever been a better indoor player than Roger Federer? He very rarely loses indoors when it counts. I think Federer has got this match exactly where he wants it."

    Alastair Eykyn, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "Murray is a frustrated man. He has lost his rhythm and Federer is rarely missing."

    Federer 7-6 (7-5) 4-2 Murray*

    Roger Federer wraps his own serve up in cotton wool and, considering the shoeing that it was getting from Andy Murray in the first part of the first set, it now looks safe and secure. A hold to love and not a whiff of a Murray challenge.


    Aoife O'Sullivan on Twitter: "Murray has had a great year but he won't dominate or 'rule' like some have said. Rog, Novak and the returning Nadal are still better."

    Keep your thoughts coming please, via Twitter using the hashtag #bbctennis or text on 81111.

    CELEB SPOT!- *Federer 7-6 (7-5) 3-2 Murray

    Andy Murray holds to love to steady the ship, but is the belief that he can overhaul the Federer serve still alive and flickering in the Scot? Some quick courtside celeb spotting to lighten the mood for this rather angsty scene? Go on then. Sir Ian McKellen and Kevin Spacey are in the house.

    James Auckland, Former British doubles number one, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "This is going to need a huge momentuim change if Andy Murray is to get back into it. He's tried a couple of changes, but he looks a bit lost at the moment."

    Barry Flatman, Sunday Times tennis correspondent, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "I tell you what Andy Murray needs right now - a rain delay! He could do with being able to get back in the locker room and regroup."


    Andrew White on Twitter: "A great first set and great work by Federer to bring it back, but I still fancy Murray to win this in three."

    Paul Christie on Twitter: "For all his brilliance, Murray will never win multiple Grand Slams until he gets more first serves in. He gifted Fed a break there."

    James Williams on Twitter: "No way back for Murray now. He doesn't have the self belief after Djokovic went up a gear to beat him earlier this week. Federer's game."

    Federer 7-6 (7-5) 3-1 Murray*

    Andy Murray's head drops as roger Federer strokes another pearler of a forehand winner past him for 30-15 and the Scot is off on one of his rambling on-court monologues as he pumps long to give Federer the next point as well. A horribly limp attempt at a drop shot slides down the net like undercooked pasta against the kitchen wall to hand the final point to Federer. The body language suggest that Murray is fighting an even bigger internal battle than the one he is having with Federer. That is not good news for the home fans.

    James Auckland, Former British doubles number one, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "It's exhibition tennis now. Andy has only just started playing drop shots. He's gone from 15 games without playing a drop shot to three in one game. It looks as if he's changed his game in response to the way Federer is playing."


    Olz Ofe Manu Adz on Twitter: "Federer Vs Murray: why couldn't this just be the final? I always want these two in the final!"


    Amanda Benson on Twitter: "Come on Andy! I've got tickets to the final tomorrow and I want to see you versus Novak!"

    Barry Flatman, Sunday Times tennis correspondent, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "That's a big psychological blow for Andy Murray. You just saw the glimpse of self-doubt there, and Federer saw it too. This is a match being played in the mind, and no-one's mind is clearer right now than Roger Federer."

    Federer breaks serve- *Federer 7-6 (7-5) 2-1 Murray

    That Murray drop-shot that infuriates so many of his fans rears its head with its owner at 30-0 up. It is a particularly ugly specimen, far too heavy and obvious, and Murray only gets away with it because of some desparate scampering and a pinpoint lob. The Scot is not so fortunate in the next rally though as he lazily unfurls the same shot and Federer nails him for it with a punishing forehand. It is the first of five successive points for Federer off the Murray serve as the world number three finds a seemingly secure game whipped from under him in a twinkle.


    Andrew Young on Twitter: "As a Brit I love Murray, but no-one in sport, let alone tennis, can compare with the mighty Feds! Genius. Artist. A joy to watch!"

    Rakhesh Martyn on Twitter: "How has Fed won that set? Fantastic hitting!"

    Will Pryce on Twitter: "Murray's first serves are dominating but Federer is controlling Murray's second serve."

    Keep your thoughts coming please, via Twitter with the hashtag #bbctennis or text on 81111.

    Federer 7-6 (7-5) 1-1 Murray*

    Roger Federer looks in the mood for round two as well. He stalks from the ad court to the deuce and back as he rattles through a hold of his own.

    Barry Flatman, Sunday Times tennis correspondent, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "There's a fire burning inside of Murray, and it's either going to come out through his tennis, or there'll be a tantrum. I hope it will come out through his tennis."


    Endika Porter on Twitter: "Mentally I don't think Murray is prepared. He has to believe!"

    *Federer 7-6 (7-5) 0-1 Murray

    In 11 meetings since beating Roger Federer in Doha in 2009, Andy Murray has not recovered from a set down to beat the Swiss. That is the sort of nonsense stat that Murray doesn't deal in, one of the many reasons he is on court and I'm on the keyboard. Unencumbered by such mental baggage, the Scot whizzes through the first game of the second set with a solid hold.

    Commentator David Law on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "An absolutely spellbinding set of tennis. Both players at the top of their games."

    Barry Flatman, Sunday Times tennis correspondent, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "Is Federer still in his golden age? On the evidence of the last 20 minutes, Federer is still very much in his golden age."

    GAME AND FIRST SET- Federer 7-6 (7-5) Murray*

    Nerves shredded as the pair of them poke and prod for openings on their opponent's serve. Nothing for the returners as Murray holds for 4-3 and then Federer digs out an ace and takes a forehand out of the air to climb int the lead at 5-4. Then the dam breaks. Murray nervously chops into the net off his backhand to bring up 6-4 and two set points for Federer. An accusing look at his racquet from the Scot and he goes to his bag for a fresh weapon. Murray sees off one of the break points off his own serve but is eventually undone as Federer pushes him wide and he fails to make a forehand. Federer roars his approval as he heads for the chair.

    Tie-break- Federer 6-6 (3-3) Murray*

    We are with serve through to 2-1 before the celebrated Federer backhand goes to jelly and he flops one well over the baseline to give Andy Murray a mini-break. Federer holds his next serve though before advancing to the net to swipe away a forehand, end a 22-shot rally and take that mini-break right back...


    Belleoftheforum on Twitter: "Considering how pale and tired the Fed looks, Murray should be doing better."

    Fahd S on Twitter: "I support Murray when he's against any player...except against Federer. Come on Federer!!"

    Barry Flatman, Sunday Times tennis correspondent, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "We haven't had a single Hawkeye challenge from either player in this first set. It's been real old-school tennis."

    James Auckland, Former British doubles number one, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "The tie-break is a fitting end to this set. We've seem some astonishing tennis from both players. But Federer leads Murray 4-1 in tie-breaks."

    WHAT A SHOT!- *Federer 6-6 Murray

    Andy Murray has the upper hand when he and Roger Federer are dancing the baseline jig. The Scot's movement looks a little more agile and precise when the pressure is on and two wayward Federer forehands give him 30-0. As if to warn him against getting too many high ideas about himself, Federer nonchalently flicks a brillant backhand winner down the line to nick a point back. Nothing more from the Federer racquet though in this game and it is tie-break time.

    Barry Flatman, Sunday Times tennis correspondent, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "This is now Federer in full flow. This is the man who has won this title for the last two years. He's a man who has won it six times, and he's intent on making it seven. On this form, it's going to take something special to stop him."

    Federer 6-5 Murray*

    Murray is a little too quick into a Federer second serve and cuffs wide at 30-15 when he had a chance to put a little heat under the Swiss's feet. Federer is finding his range now from the serve and he batters an ace through to turn the focus back on the Scot.

    Barry Flatman, Sunday Times tennis correspondent, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "This is absolutely stunning quality tennis. We've had some great matches, but this is a cut above."


    Abhijeet Vardhan on Twitter: "Federer starting to dial Murray's number now! He is pumped up!"

    Simon Dixon on Twitter: "Come on Muzza! Give the Fed-Express a tennis lesson!"

    Peter McBride on Twitter: "Murray started of well but Federer is going to be hard to beat, as usual. Go Andy."

    James Auckland, Former British doubles number one, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "Andy is desperate to keep it off the Federer forehand. If you are to dominate a rally against him, you really have to keep it on his backhand."

    *Federer 5-5 Murray

    Roger Federer is padding around the O2 now, as sleek as a panther and as slick as an oil spill. He charms a couple of points off the Murray serve for 15-30 and his supporters in the gods are getting excited. Murray breaks the spell just in time, putting away a smash at the second time of asking and then drawing a stray backhand from Federer, to take the game. Their is nothing between these two now as they head into the decisive stages of the opening set.


    Ryan Hanson on Twitter: "Lendl has taught Murray to break serve in the first game of each match. I would simply tell Murray to win every point."

    Barry Flatman, Sunday Times tennis correspondent, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "This is a real test of Murray's nerve now. Momentum is so important in tennis, and in the last three games, all of the momentum has been with Federer."

    James Auckland, Former British doubles number one, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "Federer has that experience, with those 17 Grand Slam titles, to be able to deal with the possibility that things don't go his way at the start of the match, and he can respond to that. That is the sign of a champion, and that is what Roger Federer is showing here."

    Federer 5-4 Murray*

    It may have taken a couple of games for Roger Federer to get his 31-year-old frame going on a chilly November evening, but the elder statesman of the men's game is looking like he might just negotiate his way to this first set. He holds serve relatively comfortably. Prepare yourself for a big offensive to break for the set next.


    Holly Evans on Twitter: "Federer has changed so much. Giving away cheap points to an excellent Andy Murray. Come on Muzza!"

    Graeme Turner on Twitter: "C'mon Murray you can do this."

    James Auckland, Former British doubles number one, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "A mass of Swiss flags have suddenly appeared. This must be a strange experience for Murray, playing at home, a break up, and suddenly his opponent breaks back and there are a flurry of Swiss flags waving in his face."

    Federer breaks serve- *Federer 4-4 Murray

    Roger Federer's turn to ask a few questions.The Swiss has 0-30 and there may be just the suggestion of a crinkle in Murray's brow. There is a sliver of space for Federer to aim at at 15-30, but he finds the net as Murray rushes across to close the gap. Federer chips and charges to hustle Murray into pumping a backhand long though and has a break point at 30-40. Job done as a lovely deep backhand form mid-court defies an advancing Murray's expectations. Even stevens.

    Commentator David Law on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "There are still danger signs for Andy Murray. As well as Murray is playing, Roger Federer is just starting to turn up the dial."


    Craig Campbell on Twitter: "It's great seeing Murray improve like this. I really hope he wins this ATP Tour. Much deserved after great season."

    Stewart H on Twitter: "Murray has so much more belief these days and that's entirely due to Lendl."

    Immy Dudman on Twitter: "Murray's serve is taken for granted. Because he's such an all-rounder! So much love for Muzz!"

    Federer 3-4 Murray*

    The most comfortable service game so far for Roger Federer. Murray, who as been snapping on return like a terrier at the postman's turn-ups, is not quite as ferocious as he has been in the opening six games. Federer serves and volleys to see the game out and maybe the prospect of that rush to the net has sowed a seed of doubt in the Scot.


    Ros Holden on Twitter: "On a late train back to Newcastle, having been in London for the tennis. Gutted I couldn't stay for this one! C'mon Andy!"

    Abdullar Gandapur on Twitter: "It's not the same Federer any more. He's giving away easy points."

    Bambi on Twitter: "Argh! Don't know who to support? The Britain or my idol!!!"

    Barry Flatman, Sunday Times tennis correspondent, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "There was a lot more threat from Federer in that game. Credit to Andy Murray for the way he responded."

    *Federer 2-4 Murray

    Andy Murray's serve by contrast is popping. The Scot pushes the speed gun up towards 130mph with two monsters that help him out from 15-30 to 40-30. Federer pegs him back in the next point but Murray raids to the net twice from deuce to slot away regulation volleys. Federer's attempts to plot a path beyond the Scot have not been successful so far.


    David Brilley on Twitter: "Great start for Murray. Love how he chooses to return serve first because he knows how much pressure he can put on his opponents."

    Hannah Jones on Twitter: "There can be no doubt that Lendl has helped Murray improved greatly."

    Arya Tabrizi on Twitter: "Federer looking flat early on - long season emotionally and physically."

    Keep your thoughts coming please, via Twitter using the hashtag #bbctennis or text on 81111.

    Federer 2-3 Murray*

    Andy Murray is clambering all over the Roger Federer serve in the game's first three points. The Swiss is finding it increasingly hard to find spots in the service box where he won't be attacked from. Murray takes the first two points for 0-30 before Federer changes tack and comes forward to the net behind a wide serve. That tactic pays dividends and he rattles off four points in succession to dig out to the light. The Swiss is under the cosh though and he does not look comfortable with the balls at his end.

    Commentator David Law on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "What we should remember is that the Wimbledon final started very much along these lines, with Andy Murray winning the first set and doing well into the second too. And then Roger Federer turned on a little switch that perhaps only he has available. He produced tennis in that Wimbledon final that I don't think I've ever seen from him before."

    *Federer 1-3 Murray

    A thick net cord dollies up a free mid-court for Roger Federer at 30-15 but the Swiss chokes his forehand right into the net as he attempts to put a winner beyond Andy Murray's reach. That might have been his way into the game and once he misses his turning there is no getting back on the right track. Murray, who has a remembrance poppy emblazoned on the sleeve of his tennis shirt, whisks the remainder of the game away.

    James Auckland, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "Roger Federer doesn't want to get caught in too many baseline rallies with Andy Murray, because I suspect Andy will come off better."

    Barry Flatman, Sunday Times tennis correspondent, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "History proves that Murray has long had a good record against Federer. But this disdain he is showing towards Federer here is pure Ivan Lendl. This is the sort of thing Lendl has put into Murray's head. Lendl has really turned up Murray a couple of notches."

    Federer 1-2 Murray*

    Andy Murray is pressing again at 15-30 and a roundhouse of a return to the Federer second serve carries him to deuce. The Federer serve comes in for the full treatment now as Murray cracks an attempted winner just wide straight off the defending champion's tee-off. Federer is on the board as Murray nets, but he is the one stilll working the creaks out of his game. Murray is already firing on all cylinders.


    From Sam in Harrow, via text in 81111: "Whoever wins this match will win the final. Djokovic looked shaky and vulnerable against Del Potro and a better player would have beaten him."

    *Federer 0-2 Murray

    Roger Federer forces Andy Murray wide on his backhand wing and the Scot flattens out his response a little too much, trailing into the net to give Federer 15-30. A hint of danger here for the Scot. Murray summons up the spite off that same wing though to overpower the Swiss and move to 40-30. Federer is the one guilty of biting off more than he can chew now as he clumps an attempted forehand between the tramlines and Murray is through his first service game unscathed.


    From JG in Portsmouth, via text on 81111: "How can Murray's win at the US Open be devalued because he only met one of the top four en route? Ridiculous statement - not Murray's fault that Federer lost to Berdych!"


    Matt McGladrigan on Twitter: "Envious of every single person in the O2 tonight, watching my two favourite players."

    Laura Lambert on Twitter: "So as Murray enters, he takes in the atmosphere and makes sure he doesn't take in too much smoke! Looks confident! Muz to win in two sets."

    Stewart Mills on Twitter: "Let's get behind Fed tonight. He won't be around forever and we'll miss him when he goes. Guess I'm in the minority tonight, though..."

    Murray breaks serve- Federer 0-1 Murray*

    This match sucks in your attention straight from the off. An uncharacteristic flap of a backhand from Roger Federer frames up towards the rafters to hand Andy Murray 0-30. The Swiss pulls out an ace to the pointed cheers of his fans, but he is the first to blink in the exchange of forehands that follows and Murray has two break points. Federer claws one back with some forceful baseline manoeuvring but he falters again as Murray takes fire from the back of the court. First blood Murray.


    From Andrew, via text on 81111: "Is it cold in the O2 Arena? Andy Murray looked like he was trying to warm his hands up coming out of the tunnel."


    It is getting noisy down in south London. Let's keep the cybersphere and phone networks similarly busy. Call the outcome, predict the decisive factor, comment on the players' dress sense, it is all welcome on #bbctennis and 81111 for texts from UK mobiles.

  77. 1954: 

    Andy Murray has won the coin toss and opted to receive. Roger Federer is decked out is all black and there is something of the cat burglar about the Swiss great as he poses for a pre-match photo at the net.

  78. 1952: 

    The players have emerged on to the O2 boards. There is a real gladitorial feel to tonight's affair with Federer registering just as high on the decibel levels as the home favourite. People do tend to go a little gaga for the Fed don't they?


    Andy Murray: "I grew up playing indoors in Scotland and usually enjoy the surface. I need to play well and be aggressive and not let him dictate the play."

  80. 1949: 

    There is a a spot of history up for grabs as well for Murray over the next 24 hours. Bjorn Borg, John McEnroe, Pete Sampras, Murray's own coach Ivan Lendl on five occasions - all have won the season finale. If Murray was to put his name up amongst them, he would be the first Briton to do so since it began in 1970.

  81. 1947: 

    No comfortable route to the trophy for Andy Murray this time. He will have to bump off both the players above him in the rankings if he is to clinch this event. Novak Djokovic booked his place in the final as he came back from a set down to beat Juan Martin del Potro earlier today.

  82. 1944: 

    Roger Federer has been interviewed before the semi-final. The 17-time Grand Slam champion assured the camera that he always knew that Andy Murray could join him in the Majors, because he had consistently beat Federer himself, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal outside of the year's big four events. "And at the US Open he did that by beating Novak," Federer concluded.

    Is it just me or was there a hint in there that the US Open win in September was slightly devalued by only having only beaten one of the 'Big Four' on his way?

  83. 1940: 

    Roger Federer is a bit of an old hand at these season finale shindigs. He has won it in six of the last nine years.

    His first title was a straight-sets win over Andre Agassi as a 22-year-old in Houston in 2003. By contrast Murray's last match of that same year was a 6-0 6-0 defeat by world number 403 Jan Masik in a Futures event in Gran Canaria. The Scot has come a fair way since then.

  84. 1935: 

    Of course, we have already had one Briton in semi-final action this evening at the O2. Jonathan Marray and doubles partner Frederik Nielsen, winners at Wimbledon, have been beaten 6-4 6-3 by Spain's Marcel Granollers and Marc Lopez. A creditable performance considering the pair have hardly played together since their SW19 win before coming together for this tournament.

  85. 1930: 

    So, best of five then? In the year that he established himself as a fully paid-up member of tennis' big beasts, Andy Murray has played Roger Federer, the original king of the Tour jungle, four times. Via finals in Dubai, Wimbledon, the London Olympics and a semi in Shanghai, the score stands at two apiece.

    Winner takes all tonight at the O2, including a spot in the final of the World Tour Finals against world number one Novak Djokovic.

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