Australian Open 2013 day five evening session as it happened

David Ferrer beats Marcos Baghdatis in straight sets after Maria Sharapova hammers Venus Williams to reach the fourth round of the Australian Open.

18 January 2013 Last updated at 12:01 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 1151: 

    Righto, that's me done for the day. David Ferrer will play Kei Nishikori of Japan next, Nishikori likely to be the next man to have his heart broken. Goodbye.

    Mark Woodforde, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "That was an exceptional, professional display by the number four seed. He opened with an early break and kept the pressure on Baghdatis. The Cypriot was unable to sustain those patches of brilliance."

    GAME, SET AND MATCH- Ferrer 6-4 6-2 6-3 Baghdatis

    Baghdatis going down swinging, and here's Ferrer putting a forehand wide. Another monster, monster rally is finished off by Ferrer with a forehand down the line before Baghdatis misses with a backhand volley into the net. Ferrer has got some wheels on him and that's the match, sealed with an ace plum on the line. Clinical and brutal at the same time, no man would want to play him.

    *Ferrer 6-4 6-2 5-3 Baghdatis

    Ferrer long with a forehand return and the Spaniard at least has to serve for the match...

    Ferrer 6-4 6-2 5-2 Baghdatis*

    Realising the end might be nigh, Baghdatis might decide to start living a bit, and here he is putting away a good forehand winner. But Ferrer pricks the optimism again, just doing what he does, nothing spectacular, but enough to get the job done.

    *Ferrer 6-4 6-2 4-2 Baghdatis

    Bagdhatis with an ace out wide and that gets the crowd fizzing a bit, they're clearly on his side. Easy hold, just what the doctor ordered.


    Greg Matthews on Twitter: "Ferrer reminds me very much of Henman. Not in style of play, but results wise. Just hasn't quite enough to reach a major final."

    Ferrer 6-4 6-2 4-1 Baghdatis*

    Sumptuous work at the net by Baghdatis including an angled volley to win the rally. But Ferrer kicks the door in Baghdatis's face with a big first serve and wraps the hold up courtesy of another.

    *Ferrer 6-4 6-2 3-1 Baghdatis

    Break point Ferrer as Baghdatis finds the net with a backhand and Baghdatis misses with a forehand to hand Ferrer the game...


    Danny Charity on Twitter: "David Ferrer, best player never to have won a major?"

    Ferrer 6-4 6-2 2-1 Baghdatis*

    Ferrer tugs a backhand wide for 0-30 and that's a break to love, a Ferrer lob landing long after another fearsome baseline scuffle. Maybe Marcos isn't done just yet...

    *Ferrer 6-4 6-2 2-0 Baghdatis

    Ferrer has certainly got some tricks for a baseline jockey, that pick-up at the net was as cute as a button. Ferrer with a peach of a backhand lob and he follows up with another outrageous forehand pass. Smiles from Baghdatis but that's three break points... takes the second, Baghdatis being pulled apart out there like a ragdoll...

    Ferrer 6-4 6-2 1-0 Baghdatis*

    Baghdatis wins the first point of the third set courtesy of a ripper of a forehand down the line. Ferrer blows a forehand long for 15-30... SHOT OF THE DAY! What a shot that is, Ferrer laying the drop-shot and Baghdatis sliding into the ball and shovelling over a winner on the forehand wing. Break point but Ferrer shows his class, chasing down a Baghdatis drop-shot a fizzing a forehand winner past his opponent. Ferrer holds, that could be the Cypriot's chance gone...

    Mark Woodforde, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "Baghdatis has to try and be proactive against one of the best defenders in men's tennis. He has to try and shorten the points, if he makes some errors, that's OK"

    GAME AND SECOND SET- *Ferrer 6-4 6-2 Baghdatis

    Ferrer threads a forehand winner down the line and all of a sudden the Spaniard has three set points. Done deal, set dusted in 42 minutes. Ferrer is, quite frankly, and absolute nightmare of an opponent, there's no getting back into this for Baghdatis unless he can up that first service percentage.

    Ferrer 6-4 5-2 Baghdatis*

    There are times when you watch a David Ferrer match and you almost forget he's there. Then you look up at the scoreboard and realise he's two sets ahead. Baghdatis piles into a weak Ferrer second serve for 40-30 and Ferrer drags a backhand into the net for deuce. Deep, heat-seeking hitting by Baghdatis but he eventually misses the line with a backhand. This time Baghdatis skims the baseline with a forehand and we're back to deuce. Ace from Ferrer, right on the T, and he wraps up the game with a fizzing cross-court forehand.

    *Ferrer 6-4 4-2 Baghdatis

    Baghdatis spreads his wings and puts away the backhand volley for 30-0 and Ferrer nets with a backhand return to hand Baghdatis an easy hold. Just what he needed.

    Ferrer 6-4 4-1 Baghdatis*

    Nice work from Baghdatis, pinning Ferrer with a chipped backhand into the corner, and here are two break points. Ferrer saves the first and then the second after a marathon exchange, Baghdatis eventually finding the net with a forehand. Baghdatis misses with an attempted drop-shot befoer yanking a backhand wide. Ferrer climbs out of a hole, this might not last as long as I thought.

    *Ferrer 6-4 3-1 Baghdatis

    Double fault from Baghdatis makes it 0-30 but that's a ripper from Baghdatis, an off-forehand winner that has Ferrer clawing at the court with his racquet. But here are two break points courtesy of a 25th unforced error of the match from the Cypriot and Ferrer puts away the first, a rock-solid overhead doing the job.

    Ferrer 6-4 2-1 Baghdatis*

    Ferrer with the off-forehand for 30-0 but he follows up with his first double fault of the match. BOOM! Ace down the middle for the game...


    Prof_Amus on Twitter: "Likely to be Thomas Berdych vs Novak Djokovic in the quarters......and looking forward to Sharapova vs Serena final."


    Matt Ramsay on Twitter: "Surely people can't be serious saying Sharapova's not as good as she's made out to be in the media? She's won a career Slam..."

    *Ferrer 6-4 1-1 Baghdatis

    Ferrer takes this game to deuce as Baghdatis nets with a forehand before the Spaniard blows a forehand pass. Baghdatis being taken to the limit in this game - this is what Ferrer does, even if he doesn't break you he'll break you. Baghdatis being forced to go for the lines and he misses with a double-fister down the line. Great volleying by Baghdatis for the advantage and he finally outfoxes Ferrer with a dinky drop-shot.

    Ferrer 6-4 1-0 Baghdatis*

    Ferrer moves to 30-0 with an away-swinging ace down the middle and Baghdatis pokes a backhand return long for 40-15. Baghdatis curls a forehand long and that's a comfortable hold at the start of the second set.

    Mark Woodforde, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "The exciting tennis is coming from one end, Baghdatis has a little more sophistication about his game, but, in the bigger moments, he is the one that is making the errors first."

    GAME AND FIRST SET- *Ferrer 6-4 Baghdatis

    Unbelievable rally, Baghdatis finding some serious depth with his groundstrokes but Ferrer hunting everything down and the Cypriot eventually putting a forehand long - two set points Ferrer. Magnificent backhand down the line from Baghdatis to save one but he can't save the second, Baghdatis plonking a forehand into the net.

    Ferrer 5-4 Baghdatis*

    Baghdatis has the Melbourne crowd eating out of the palm of his hands with a spot of Mediterranean smiling and shrugging but Ferrer is undeterred, another fairly straight-forward hold...


    Steve Cooke on Twitter: "The idiotic British press have fallen for Sharapova again. She's not as good as they make her out to be. Never was."

    *Ferrer 4-4 Baghdatis

    Baghdatis doing the right things here, mixing things up rather than stand toe to toe, realising there's no future in a punch-up. Not for him, anyway. Baghdatis hitting his lines now - he's a streaky player and he's hit a streak. Ferrer into the net with a backhand return, easy hold.


    Tomas Berdych: "I like to play here and I have quite a good record. Serving is key to my game, if I serve well I can put other guys under pressure and win some easy points. Kevin Anderson [next opponent] has a huge serve so it could be like playing against myself. He was great today, all the times I have played him it has been close."

    Ferrer 4-3 Baghdatis*

    Ferrer races into a 40-0 lead on serve but that's a naughty lob by Baghdatis, measuring his opponent up at the net before dropping him in the coffin. Ferrer nets with a backhand before Baghdatis shows slicks at the net, putting away a backhand volley. Deep backhand return from the Cypriot, that's a break...

    *Ferrer 4-2 Baghdatis

    Baghdatis holds serve comfortably, it's a little bit more of a contest than Sharapova-Venus - know what I mean? Berdych has just brushed off the challenge of Jurgen Melzer over on Hisense, 6-3 6-2 6-2.

    Ferrer 4-1 Baghdatis*

    Ferrer booms an ace down the middle but misses with an attempted backhand pass for 30-30. But that's another hold for the Spaniard, he's in full garage door mode at the moment...


    Andrew in Newcastle, via text on 81111: "Berdych is looking supreme on Hisense. Could be a great match in the quarters if, as suspected, he and Djokovic get that far."

    *Ferrer 3-1 Baghdatis

    Baghdatis covering the net well, stretching a putting away the forehand volley. But that's a peach of a drop-shot from Ferrer on the backhand wing, break point... a forehand by Baghdatis lands wide, Ferrer with his nose in front...

    Ferrer 2-1 Baghdatis*

    Early signs that this is going to be a real 15-round punch-up, Baghdatis being pulled all over the place behind the baseline in a lost cause. Tremendous hitting from Ferreer and he finishes that rally with a forehand down the line. Tremendous volley from Ferrer, the Spaniard lunging and scooping the ball over the net to secure the hold.

    *Ferrer 1-1 Baghdatis

    Ferrer with an off-forehand for 0-15 before Baghdatis sends down his first ace. Marcos does very well to hunt down a net cord and put Ferrer in trouble but follows up with a knifed backhand volley that lands wide. Break point for Ferrer but Baghdatis comes up with a solid first serve to save. Game Baghdatis...

    Ferrer 1-0 Baghdatis*

    Ferrer wins the first point of the match on serve and the second as Baghdatis finds the net with a backhand. Bit of touch from Ferrer, leaving his rival for dead with an angled drop-shot, and that's an easy hold.

  39. 0948: 

    Right, time for the men. Ferrer and Baghdatis knocking up on Laver, two minutes. The Spaniard leads 3-1 in head-to-heads but Baghdatis did him in a five-setter in Melbourne in 2010. Interesting...

    Jeremy Bates, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "With Sharapova in that form and Serena Williams playing her best tennis, I wouldn't like to call it. That would be a real treat for everyone."


    Maria Sharapova: "I was really determined out there. You treat every match as if it's the last you're going to play. After not playing in Brisbane I was able to come here and get a few more matches on Rod Laver, playing against some of the Australian boys was very competitive."

    Piers Newbery, BBC Sport at Melbourne Park

    "If any of Sharapova's potential opponents had the evening off, let's hope they didn't switch on the TV. Williams is not the force she once was, but to drop just four games in reaching the fourth round says everything about the Russian's form. The highest seed remaining in her half of the draw is Agnieszka Radwanska, and with an 8-2 record against the Pole, it's hard to see Sharapova not making the final."

  43. 0935: 

    Tomas Berdych is giving Jurgen Melzer is a damn good hiding over on Hisense, he's 5-1 up in the second having taken the first 6-3. Next up on Rod is the match-up between fourth seed David Ferrer and former runner-up Marcos Baghdatis - this one could run and run and run...


    Tom Bache on Twitter: "Have been watching Querrey v Wawrinka on Margaret Court and Sharapova's grunting is annoying from here!"

    GAME, SET AND MATCH- Sharapova 6-1 6-3 Venus

    Williams sticks a forehand long for 30-0 but Venus claws her way back to 30-30... Sharapova finds a plum of a second serve, Williams misses with the forehand return, Sharapova seals it with an ace... Venus Williams just got smashed to pieces, and doesn't Sharapova just love it...

    *Sharapova 6-1 5-3 Venus

    Venus serving to stay in the match. Williams hoicks a forehand long before the American shows off her doubles skills, getting the better of a rat-a-tat exchange at the net. And again, putting away the overhead for 30-30, and Williams makes it 40-30 with another smash following some hefty hitting from behind the baseline. Signs of life on the Williams side of the net, Sharapova forced to serve for the match... again...

    Sharapova 6-1 5-2 Venus*

    Stan Wawrinka has wrapped up the match against Querrey, winning 7-6 7-5 6-4, and he'll play top seed Novak Djokovic next. Williams has had one break point in the match and not been able to take it, but here are two more, Sharapova having a little stumble before the finish line. The Russian saves one and another as Venus balloons a forehand high and not so handsome... Crackerjack backhand from Williams for the advantage but what a recovery that is by Sharapova, a cross-court forehand pass from a few feet behind her own baseline - even Williams's poor old mum raised a smile at that one. But we've got a break!

    *Sharapova 6-1 5-1 Venus

    This is the sort of one-sided kicking that might persuade a player she can't compete in Slams any more and that it might be an idea to hang up the racquet. It's brutal stuff out there. Extraordinary forehand return on the stretch from Sharapova and there's absolutely no way the Russian has ever played as well as this - Serena, beware... one break point blown as she misses with a forehand and Williams saves the second courtesy of some weighty groundstrokes from behind the baseline. Another clean winner from Sharapova before the Russian plonks a backhand into the net. Sharapova yanks a backhand wide but wrests back the advantage and seals the break as Venus fires into the net. Berdych has won the first set against Melzer 6-3.

    Sharapova 6-1 4-1 Venus*

    Venus battling hard now, showing a true warrior's heart, as Sharapova ends that lengthy rally by plonking a forehand into the net. Word reaches me that Venus's worst Grand Slam defeat before this was 6-1 6-1 against Martina Hingis at the 2001 Aussie Open. Venus with a glimmer at 15-30 before Williams sticks a forehand long and sticks another into the net following a decent return. Sharapova putting everything into these backhands of hers and Venus eventually buckles, Shazza back on track...


    Will in Cambridge, via text on 81111: "Her groundstrokes are as good as ever but it appears Sharapova has spent a lot of the winter break working on her serve. It's been a proper weapon this week, as it used to be before her shoulder injury."

    *Sharapova 6-1 3-1 Venus

    Sharapova is hitting winners from parts of the court I didn't know existed and Williams' mum is reduced to shaking her head in the stands - can't be nice to see your daughter being beaten up in this way. Three more break points but Williams shows a pulse, Sharapova hitting a forehand wide before Venus ekes out a point courtesy of a crisp, cross-court forehand. The crowd buzzing at last as Williams hammers a serve into the body of her foe and Sharapova misses with a backhand. Williams with a forehand down the line - SHE'S ALIVE!

    Jeremy Bates, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "It is absolutely staggering. So far, Sharapova has made only six unforced errors in the match. She's winning every point - coming up with a winner every second or third shot."

    Piers Newbery, BBC Sport at Melbourne Park

    "They're back. The ominously skwawking birds that circle Rod Laver Arena whenever they sense a tennis player in meltdown. In fairness to Venus, and although the forehand is letting her down far too often, she's just getting blown away by the second seed. It's hard to fathom watching this how little sister Serena can so regularly do the same to Sharapova. A few embarrassed chuckles around the arena as the demolition job continues."

    Sharapova 6-1 3-0 Venus*

    Sharapova is absolutely mangling Venus here, wrapping that game up with a 181kph ace. I almost feel sorry for Williams. Over on Margaret Court, Wawrinka has a break in the third and is 3-1 up on Querrey...

    *Sharapova 6-1 2-0 Venus

    Anything short being dispatched by Sharapova, it's like bowling to Robin Smith in his pomp, and the Russian is all over that first serve, rifling a backhand return down the line. Wrong-footing backhand winner by Sharapova for three break points and she only needs one of them, marmalising a forehand cross-court return. Not sure Sharapova's run of form reflects well on the depth in women's tennis but you have to say she's playing magnificent.

    Piers Newbery, BBC Sport at Melbourne Park

    "Big queues around Rod Laver Arena as latecomers make a bid to fill the empty seats. Bearing in mind the weather in the UK, I wouldn't dare suggest it's a cold evening, but compared to last night's bikram yoga session this is an ice bath. Last night, a pretty ropey start turned into some kind of epic between Robson and Kvitova. Tonight's match between two of the game's biggest names has been much anticipated, but it's hard to see Venus and Sharapova needing three hours to settle this."


    Steven Hill on Twitter: "Wow, that was some set from Sharapova! Serena and Azarenka will be watching with interest!"

    Sharapova 6-1 1-0 Venus*

    Switzerland's Stanislas Wawrinka is two sets up against Sam Querrey over on Margaret Court. Back on Rod, Sharapova has now won 30 of her first 31 games in the tournament. Make that 31 out of 32, sealed with a howitzer of an ace...

    GAME AND FIRST SET- *Sharapova 6-1 Venus

    Venus being bullied out there in a way I don't think I've seen before and Sharapova creates three break points with a ripsnorting forehand return that leaves Williams rooted behind the baseline. One saved... can't repeat the trick, Williams has been ambushed and given a right royal kicking...

    Sharapova 5-1 Venus*

    Sharapova with an ace down the middle but she follows up with a double fault - no, overrule, remains 30-15... Williams with a backhand return into the net and a beefy second serve by Sharapova is enough for the hold. Fifth seed Berdych with an early break against Melzer over on Hisense, the Czech leads 3-0...

    *Sharapova 4-1 Venus

    Sharapova a virtual wall at the moment, somehow managing to hook that backhand return back and Williams finds the net with a forehand. Williams with a fizzing forehand winner, cross court AND LOSE ARMSTRONG FROM THE TOP OF THE WEBSITE, SHARAPOVA HAS DROPPED A GAME!

    Sharapova 4-0 Venus*

    Williams fires a forehand long for 30-0 and Sharapova is all over her like a cheap suit at the moment - the Russian is tall, she's blonde and she's angry. Double-fault Sharapova but she holds courtesy of a thumping forehand down the line.

    *Sharapova 3-0 Venus

    Sharapova climbs into that second serve from Williams, rasping home a humdinger of a backhand for 30-30. And that's another game for Sharapova, 27 in a row now...

    Sharapova 2-0 Venus*

    Williams gets chocs away, lashing a forehand return down the line for 30-15. Williams with a break-back point but she's unable to take it, finding the net with a forehand. Sharapova hitting her straps, shreak-wise, early in the match and we've got a wag in the crowd doing his best impersonation. No need for that. Or is there? Sharapova holds and that's her 26th game in a row...

    *Sharapova 1-0 Venus

    Venus to get the match under way. Williams with a crisp, wrong-footing forehand for 15-15 before Sharapova gets the better of a chunky baseline exchange, and another - two break points. The first is saved as Sharapova hooks a forehand long but Williams can't repeat the trick as her Russian foe seals the break with a forehand down the line. Remarkably, the Russian is yet to lose at game at this year's tournament.

  66. 0808: 

    Players on court now - Sharapova sticking with this lemon dress with white trim, Venus resplendent in tie-dye. Three minutes...

  67. 0800: 

    Tough one to call between second seed Sharapova and 25th seed Venus - the American leads 5-4 in all previous encounters and 3-3 on hard court. Their last meeting was last year on clay in Rome, when Sharapova won in straight sets, but Venus won on hard courts in Luxembourg last October. Who ruddy knows?

  68. 0750: 

    Morning all and many thanks to my colleague Mike Henson for his overnight shift. This evening in Melbourne we've got a potential barn burner between last year's runner-up and 2008 champion Maria Sharapova and 2003 runner-up Venus Williams. After that on Rod Laver it's number four seed David Ferrer against former finalist Marcos Baghdatis, which could be still be going on in March. Join me.

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