Andy Murray v Marin Cilic: Queen's final as it happened

Live video, radio and text commentary as Andy Murray beats Marin Cilic in three sets to win his third Queen's title.

16 June 2013 Last updated at 17:32 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 1830: 

    That's just about it from me. Thanks for your company and contributions as always. Here's Piers Newbery's match report in case you missed anything and don't fancy re-reading this live text commentary.

    We've got live tennis from Eastbourne for you from Tuesday onwards and then, of course, the big one - Wimbledon, which starts a week tomorrow.

    And you can watch the charity match - which features Murray, Henman, Lendl and Berdych - online and on BBC One before the celebrities - including Richard Branson, Boris Johnson and Michael McIntyre - get on court. Boris has a wooden racquet, so I don't hold out much hope for him.

    So until next time, it's a good evening from me. Bye.

    Andy Murray

    Champion Andy Murray on BBC One: "I don't how many of you know, and I hope everyone can stick around, but we're playing an exhibition right after we're done with this nonsense. My best friend Ross Hutchins was diagnosed with cancer about six months ago, he's dealt with it incredibly well. He's been so brave and just finished his last treatment on Thursday, so all the money we raise is going to the Royal Marsden [Cancer charity], so if you can stay round it would be much appreciated.

    "I honestly want to win this match more than the one we just played. I have to spend the week preparing at Wimbledon with him [Lendl] so if me and Tim lose he's going to be on me!"

  3. 1820: 

    Next up on court is a charity match - the Rally Against Cancer - which will see Andy Murray and Tim Henman take on Murray's coach Ivan Lendl and Tomas Berdych.


    Runner up Marin Cilic on BBC One: "It was a great match from both sides, a great level of tennis. Andy showed he's a great fighter, congratulations for his win here. It was an extremely good week for me, I enjoyed all my matches. I had some tough fights and enjoyed today in front of a full crowd. I hope I can continue with my good form and come back next year."


    Joseph Holding: "Murray wins at Queen's Club. Bravo, Sir."

    OfficialDunmowwolf: "Murray looking superb. Can't wait for Wimbledon."

    Ashley: "Murray is going to take some stoping at Wimbledon if he plays like that."

    Russell Fuller, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Andy Murray knows how to work a crowd these days. His speech went down extremely well."

    Andy Murray

    Champion Andy Murray on BBC One: "I worked very hard in the time that I had off to try and get myself back in the best shape possible. My team helped me a lot, they were patient with me and it's why I was able to come out and play so tough in last couple of matches.

    On his slip in the first set, Murray said: "The courts have taken a bit of a pounding this week - it's been extremely wet - and I just slipped. I was a bit sore in the groin area, thankfully it wasn't too bad."

    On his opponent Cilic: "He's one of the best grasscourt players in the world. We've played each other since juniors. We had a lot of close matches and I was lucky to come through at the end because he was playing such good tennis. He played very well."

  8. 1812: 

    Cilic receives his runner up trophy and a round of applause, but his silverware is dwarfed by the 32-inch trophy which Murray gets his hands on for winning this prestigious tournament.

    Nick Bollettieri, Coaching great on BBC Radio 5 live

    "Murray is getting better and better. He's just got to come in more and force the issue. His movement is certainly a big asset."


    Kirsty Jane Irvine: "Well done Murray!! It was still a frustrating match!"

    Jack Blackburn: "Terrific fight from Murray to complete an excellent comeback week with the Queen's Club title. Bring on SW19."

    Jamie Mills: "Superb Murray!"

  11. 1808: 

    When I started this live text commentary, I wasn't even sure we'd get a final today as the light rain persisted. But eventually the clouds parted to leave Queen's basking in sunshine - and the final was well worth the wait.

    John Lloyd, Former British number one on BBC One

    "It was a fabulous performance from Murray. A couple of little wobbles, getting a little irritated, but once he got his mind back on the game, his service games were immaculate. He did not let Cilic breathe, applying the pressure and it told. He could not have asked for a better week's preparation ahead of Wimbledon."

    Champagne moment


    GAME, SET AND MATCH- Murray 7-5 5-7 6-3 Cilic

    It's a confident start from Murray who takes the first point and then benefits from a mishit forehand that just skips over the net to move to 30-0. The Scot loses a challenge on the next point, but responds on the next to give himself two match points. Cilic then dumps a forehand in the net to give Murray his third title in five years at Queen's.

    *Murray 5-7 7-5 5-3 Cilic

    Cilic eases to a 30-0 lead on serve, but he appears to be running out of ideas. Murray takes advantage to secure his first match point, but a backhand cross-court error brings the score back to deuce. A booming serve gives Cilic advantage. Murray's ball is called out but he successfully challenges the call and they replay the point. Murray wins it - and we're back to deuce. An erratic forehand sails long from Murray to gift Cilic advantage and the defending champion wins the next point to hold serve and make his opponent serve for the match.

    Murray 5-7 7-5 5-2 Cilic*

    It's another "come on" from Murray who moves to 30-0 up on serve. An uncharacteristic forehand error opens the door for Cilic but Murray wins a punishing point and then closes out the game with ease to move to within a game of his third title at Queen's.


    Dan Marks: "Fantastic return from Murray. Shot of the tournament!"

    Adam: "Murray is playing so well now! He's got rid of those frustrations and is unbelievable."

    Dave Smith: "Andy Murray is well and truly on fire at Queens."

    Jonathan Overend, BBC Radio 5 live

    "That was the best tennis of the afternoon. They are rewarding us now. The crowd have had to be patient but they are getting something to remember here. Murray is chasing the ball into the corners as if his life depends on it but Cilic managed to hold serve."

    WHAT A SHOT!- *Murray 5-7 7-5 4-2 Cilic

    Cilic kicks up the chalk with his first serve that catches the T and gifts him a much-needed first point of this game. But an error is followed by a poor overhead smash that gets buried in the net. Murray is on the ropes in the next point, but some sensational court coverage sees him pick up an unlikely backhand down the line and guide it cross court for a winner. What. A. Shot. Cilic looks on in disbelief but manages to regroup and force deuce and then his advantage, but Murray passes the defending champion with a corker for deuce. Murray is in a spot of bother in the next point, but he just won't stop running, reaching out for a backhand that drops in. He then goes on the attack to force his third break point of the game. However, the Scot finally runs out of steam and Cilic reels off the next two points to stop the rot.

    Andrew Castle, BBC Sport commentator

    "This is quite something to watch, the pressure seems to be off Murray and he is enjoying himself now. We were concerned about him in the second set, but this whole week he has looked the man to beat."

    Jonathan Overend, BBC Radio 5 live
    Andy Murray

    "Murray has really knuckled down here and got his mind on the prize. I think he fancies finishing this quickly now."

    Murray 5-7 7-5 4-1 Cilic*

    Murray slips into top gear and really lets fly, backing up his big serve with some brilliant forehands. He quickly reaches 40-0, finishing off the game with a forehand winner down the line. Cilic drops his head as he heads for his chair. Can the 24-year-old respond?

    MURRAY BREAKS SERVE *Murray 5-7 7-5 3-1

    Strange game from Cilic. He moves 30-0 ahead but three backhand errors sees Murray pick up an unlikely break point. It's a good serve in response and though Murray manages to get the ball back it sits up for Cilic to surely put it away. But no! Cilic hits it wide and MURRAY BREAKS!

    Murray 5-7 7-5 2-1 Cilic*

    Cilic finally wins a point on the Murray serve but the Scot rattles off three points, including a looping lob which just curves back into court. The Scot then finds himself sliding on the grass, in a controlled manner, as he attempts to return an angled cross-court forehand but he can't make it. No bother, he wraps up the game with the next point to take the game.

    *Murray 5-7 7-5 1-1 Cilic

    Clinical game from Cilic, responding with a love service game of his own to level things up as we approach the two-hour mark.

    John Lloyd, Former British number one on BBC One

    "At the moment, Andy Murray is serving so well. He is backing it up too if Cilic returns the ball. The last three or four service games have been spot on."

    Follow the match on BBC Radio 5 live or BBC One.

    Murray 5-7 7-5 1-0 Cilic*

    So we've got a one-set shoot-out on our hands, folks. Can Murray feast off the momentum or will Cilic reach into the reserves and rustle up an attack. Murray fuses attack with defence to move 40-0 clear and a big booming serve ensures his third successive hold to love.


    Steven Whyte: "Murray kicks it into gear just at the right time. Never takes the easy route to victory."

    Ben Perrins: "Yes Murray! You can do this! Turn this match around!"


    Shaft actor Samuel L Jackson on BBC One: "I like tennis a lot. This is my first opportunity to come to a quality tennis event in the UK. I've been to the US Open once. Watching the speed of the ball and the number of shots you have to know how to play on this court is pretty amazing."


    Blue skies at Queen's Club and the fans who have braved the weather are in danger of developing a tan. Out comes the fist pump as Murray sends a beautiful lob spinning over Cilic's head and into the left-rear corner to seize the early advantage. A couple of errors aside, Murray finally creates a break-point opportunity with a super return of serve that lands plump on the line. Can he convert to level the match? YES HE CAN! "Yes," roars Murray to take this final into a decider.

    Andrew Castle, BBC Sport commentator

    "These two have battened down the hatches. Andy Murray has been quite vocal today but he has maintained his competitive edge. You never felt for a moment that he has taken his eye off winning it."

    Murray 5-7 6-5 Cilic*

    The crowd greet every Murray winner with a huge roar and round of applause as they try boost the world number two's confidence. It's another impressive hold to love for the Scot - he just needs to make more of an impression on the Cilic serve.

    *Murray 5-7 5-5 Cilic

    "Come on Andy," groans Murray as he pushes a return into the net cord to go 0-15 down. Things don't improve for the Scot who makes a couple of errors to move to 15-40 and though he puts up some brave defence, picking up a smash, Cilic refuses to relent and eventually puts the ball away to seize the game.

    Russell Fuller, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Murray is sensing something here. There is more purpose and zip to his groundstrokes. Both players are wrestling for control."

    Follow the match on BBC Radio 5 live or BBC One.

    Murray 5-7 5-4 Cilic*

    Anything you can do I can do better. Murray responds with some big serving of his own to cruise to 40-0. The Scot pulls a drop shot out of his top drawer and though Cilic gets to it, the resultant lob goes well long. Another good hold for Murray who nudges ahead once more.

    *Murray 5-7 4-4 Cilic

    A stunning lunging backhand volley from Cilic sees the ball hit the net and trickle over. An attacking forehand and two big serves seal the game for what was arguably the defending champion's best service game of the match. Testing times for Murray right now.

    Murray 5-7 4-3 Cilic*

    We've passed the 90-minute mark in this final, with the sun continuing to shine in west London. It's good stuff from Murray, who puts the missed opportunity of the last game to bed with a clinical hold to 15.

    *Murray 5-7 3-3 Cilic

    Superb from Murray. Just superb. The Scot hits a beautiful forehand deep into the right hand corner and follows it in with a textbook backhand volley to move to 0-30. The Cilic serve is starting to waver and Murray takes advantage to rustle up two break points. Both go wanting, though, and we find ourselves at deuce. It's a great stretching pick-up from Murray, way behind the baseline and somehow, Cilic fails to tip the volley back over the net. Advantage Murray. He can't take, er, advantage, though and we're back at deuce. Great defence from Murray, but Cilic persists and puts a smash away to move to game point and a lob from Murray goes long to gift the game to Cilic.

    John Lloyd, Former British number one on BBC One

    "That was a great game for Andy Murray. In the past when he distracted himself mentally, he would go two or three points in frustration but he has cut that down now. Ivan Lendl seems to have helped him a lot with that."

    Andy Murray coach Ivan Lendl
    Murray 5-7 3-2 Cilic*

    That's more like it from Murray. The world number two keeps the points nice and short with some heavy groundstrokes that find the corners and wrap the game up in super quick time.

    *Murray 5-7 2-2 Cilic
    Marin Cilic

    Cilic throws in two successive double-faults to give Murray a sniff of hope for the first time in this set at 15-30, but the defending champion snuffs it out with some impressive consistency. Murray unsuccessfully challenges a baseline call and then dumps a forehand in the net to concede the game. Cilic definitely has the edge at the moment.

    Murray 5-7 2-1 Cilic*

    The games are flying by thick and fast early in this set. Murray races to a 40-15 lead on serve but sees a forehand and a backhand sail long for the first deuce of the set. Murray draws Cilic out of court with a deep backhand down the line to gain advantage, but Cilic takes the next point and we're back to deuce. Murray moves to advantage again, but Cilic latches onto a short ball and whips a forehand winner cross-court. Deuce again. At last, Murray breaks down the Cilic defence and sweeps through the next two points to seal the game. Crikey, that was hard work.

    Nick Bollettieri, Coaching great on BBC Radio 5 live

    "I am very surprised that Murray's attitude is going backwards today. There was no reason for it but he's lost his confidence. If he drops this game he is in serious trouble because Cilic is serving much better."

    Follow the match on BBC Radio 5 live or BBC One.

    *Murray 5-7 1-1 Cilic

    Scrappy from both players but it's Cilic who keeps more balls in court. The games whizzes by to love and we're level in this set.

    Andy Murray falls over

    Murray looked in some pain as he went down late on in the first set, but the Scot's movement has looked good since which bodes well for the rest of this match and, of course, Wimbledon.

    Murray 5-7 1-0 Cilic*

    Murray is on the attack from the off, winning the first two points with some heavy hitting and great movement. The man means business. A big serve moves him to 40-0 and he takes the game with a clinical inside-out forehand winner to the delight of the crowd.


    Veep: "This was NOT in the script!"

    Chloe Wools: "Come on Murray!! You can do this!! Someone please tell him to calm down!!!"

    Emeline: "I wish Andy Murray would stop throwing a tantrum and just get on with it."


    Dr. Cox: "Murray needs to calm it. Frustration has never been good in tennis."

    Andrew Castle, BBC Sport commentator

    "Very impressive from Marin Cilic, back from 4-1 down and the defending champion is a set up. What can Andy Murray do now? It will be interesting to see if he can dig deep and find something."

    GAME AND FIRST SET- *Murray 5-7 Cilic

    At last the sun has come at the Queen's Club to reward those fans who have spent most of the day sitting in the rain. Some great defence from Murray sees him move conjure up two break points at 15-40 to shift the pressure back onto Cilic. The first one goes begging as he dumps a sliced backhand into the net and he suddenly finds himself at deuce after a big serve from Cilic. Remarkable scenes as another big serve move Cilic to game point and the 24-year-old then grinds out what feels like one of the longest rallies of the match to take the set. Murray has to pull himself together - and fast.

    Nick Bollettieri, Coaching guru on BBC Radio 5 live

    "It's a strange match. Cilic is back in it - Murray has let him back - and right now it doesn't look good. He has to change his attitude and get back into the swing of things again. All he is doing is complaining. He might want Ivan Lendl to finish this off for him."

    John Lloyd, Former British number one on BBC One

    "Murray has hit the strings of his racquet hard on to his foot in frustration and broken his racquet. These last few games have been because of the slip and Murray has gone off the boil. His shot selection has been questionable and he is not happy with his movement."

    CILIC BREAKS SERVE Murray 5-6 Cilic*

    The score-line is flattering Cilic somewhat, as Murray has definitely been the better player so far in this match. However, the 24-year-old is hanging in there and takes advantage of another dodgy looking drop shot from Murray to move 30-15 clear. The Scot's racquet bites the dust when he smashes in frustration after giving his opponent two break points. And another forehand error from Murray gifts Cilic the break. Well, that wasn't in the script. Cilic to serve for the first set.

    *Murray 5-5 Cilic

    Cilic races to a 40-0 lead, largely thanks to a raft of Murray errors. Cilic throws in a double fault, but swiftly makes up for it with his first ace of the match. We're back level, folks.

    John Lloyd, Former British number one on BBC One

    "Murray looks fine after that slip. At the time, it didn't look like he was OK at all. You don't like seeing your favourite sportsman on the deck in the foetal position."

    Actor Samuel L Jackson

    Shaft and Die Hard star Samuel L Jackson is in the house this afternoon, sporting some sensational specs.

    Jonathan Overend, BBC Radio 5 live

    "If anything was up injury-wise at this stage of the summer you would be calling the trainer, so Murray must be OK. He wouldn't be risking Wimbledon by playing on. He crumpled into a ball and at the time it looked really nasty but he's now a game away from the first set."

    Murray 5-4 Cilic*
    Andy Murray

    Murray looks uncomfortable out there at the moment and two loose shots see him down 15-30 on his own serve. As the game progresses, the Scot looks to be moving a bit better but he finds himself facing a break point at 30-40. A booming serve gets him out of trouble again for deuce. Cilic slips slightly as he's wrong-footed by Murray for game point and the Scot nails another big serve to keep his nose in front.

    Piers Newbery, BBC Sport at Queen's

    "Murray broken, then falls nastily, sound of cameras whirring everywhere but he seems OK - 4-4."

    *Murray 4-4 Cilic

    Murray takes up his place for the return while shaking his head. Is the Scot rattled after seeing his advantage disappear? His hitting in the first point suggest not, Murray finding the corners on both sides of the court to go 15-0 up on the Cilic serve. Make that 15-40 as Murray starts to really open up that forehand, dragging Cilic from one side to the court to the other. Cilic wins the next point and then has Murray scrambling behind the baseline when MURRAY HITS THE DECK. The Scot goes to change direction and as he shifts his weight to his right side, his foot gives way. The Scot lets out a worrying yelp, but after a few seconds he's back on his feet. Cilic sweeps through the next two points and we're level for the first time in the match.

    Andrew Castle, BBC Sport commentator

    "A poor game for Murray. From a neutrals' point of view, they will be delighted Cilic has broken. It has brought the final alive."

    CILIC BREAKS SERVE - Murray 4-3 Cilic*

    Murray persists with the drop shot, and although this time it goes over, Cilic has no trouble scooping it up and putting it away to draw level at 15-15. Some ferocious hitting from Cilic sees the 24-year-old hit a deep backhand down the line followed by a forehand down the other line to move to 15-30. A wild shot from Murray makes it 15-40 and two break points but two sloppy shots from Cilic see those go begging. It's Murray's turn to hit an erratic shot that gives Cilic another break point - and this time he takes it! We're back on serve at the Queen's Club.

    *Murray 4-2 Cilic
    Andy Murray

    A couple of unforced errors creep into Murray's game to allow Cilic to ease into a 30-0 lead. The defending champion takes an aggressive approach to the next point, following in a cross-court backhand before clinically putting away the volley. Murray takes the next point but a poor attempt at a drop shot gifts the game to Cilic.

    Murray 4-1 Cilic*

    Murray is playing well within himself at the moment, rarely troubling the lines with his groundstrokes. But that consistency is what is giving him a sizeable edge over Cilic at the moment - that and his serve which is working beautifully right now. He races to a 40-0 lead, and though two sloppy shots sees Cilic close to within a point of deuce, Murray closes the game out as Cilic sticks a backhand in the net.

    *Murray 3-1 Cilic

    Cilic, who has only beaten Murray once in nine attempts, finally gets his first serve going, racing to a 40-15 lead. A limp return from Murray ends up in the net and the defending champion is finally on the board.


    Liam Beck: "Great start from Andy Murray - he's definitely getting warmed up for Wimbledon! Come on MURRAY!"

    Tony Ridal: Is Murray trying to get this over with quickly in case it rains again?!

    Send us your thoughts on this match to #bbctennis or via text on 81111 (UK users)

    John Lloyd, Former British number one on BBC One

    "It is not a bad idea for Cilic to attack Murray's second serve. He has been rolling them in at just 70-80 mph and needs to take his chances on them."

    Murray 3-0 Cilic*

    It's Murray who is in trouble at the start of this game, going 0-30 down as Cilic throws in a bit of variation with some low backhand slices. Two big first serves sees the Scot pull back to 30-30 but he finds himself a break point down as he scuffs a lob well out of court.

    "Come on" roars Murray as he pulls it back to deuce and then Cilic sees another two break points go begging as Murray's first serve comes to his rescue again. At last, the Scot manages to win two successive points and another booming serve seals the game. One way traffic at the moment.

    Jonathan Overend, BBC Radio 5 live

    "The explosion of pace behind that forehand from Murray is what makes us so excited about what might happen at Wimbledon."

    MURRAY BREAKS SERVE- *Murray 2-0 Cilic

    Cilic puts himself on the back-foot immediately in his first service game of the match to go 0-30 down. Make that 0-40 and three break points as Murray successfully scrambles to retrieve a dipping backhand slice. The Croatian hits back in the next two points but Murray takes advantage of a short ball to blast a forehand cross-court and break his opponent's serve.

    Piers Newbery, BBC Sport at Queen's

    "Several bottles of champagne later, thank goodness they're starting," says one gentleman. Too right.."

    Murray 1-0 Cilic*

    We're away! Murray follows in a deep forehand with a crisp forehand volley to the right-hand corner to take the first point of the match. A couple of unforced errors from Cilic makes it 40-0 but Cilic hits back with a brilliant cross-court forehand which draws Murray out of court. The Scot gets it back, but Cilic hits a delightful drop and Murray, try as he might can only put the shot in the net. No sweat, though, as Murray sweeps through the next point to take the game. Good solid start from the Scot.

  73. 1529: 

    Marin Cilic won the toss and has elected to receive. The players give their faces a final wipe with the towel and head out onto court to get this final under way, and not a moment to soon.

  74. 1527: 

    Good news for Roger Federer fans. The Swiss has won his first title of the year by beating unseeded Mikhail Youzhny 6-7 (5) 6-3 6-4 at the Gerry Weber Open. It's his sixth success in Halle.

  75. 1524: 
    Marin Cilic and Andy Murray

    There's not an umbrella in sight as Murray and Cilic start the warm up.

  76. 1520: 

    Hurrah, here come the players. Marin Cilic and Andy Murray make their way down the stairs and out onto court. Fingers crossed for more than a couple of minutes of warming up this time around, eh?

  77. 1510: 
    The covers are pulled on at Queen's

    Former British number one and BBC TV analyst John Lloyd reports that we can expect the players back on court at 1520 BST. Let's hope we don't see the covers return between now and then.

  78. 1505: 

    While Andy Murray and Marin Cilic have been confined to the locker room in London for much of this afternoon, over in Nottingham, things ran more smoothly for Britain's Elena Baltacha - ranked six in the country - who won her first title in two years with victory in the ITF Nottingham Challenge. The 29-year-old beat Tadeja Majeric 7-5 7-6 (9-7).

  79. 1500: 

    The net has just been fixed in place and the grandstands are starting to fill up again. Some people are even donning sunglasses, but I think that's more about fashion rather than necessity.

  80. 1455: 

    Hello again. I'd like to say I'm welcoming you back to bright blue skies and gorgeous sunshine, but I'm not. We've got grey skies hovering over Centre Court, but the covers have come off - which is progress.

  81. 1340: 

    BBC One have gone off air and I'm going to do the same. We'll update you when we have a new start time, which we're not expecting for at least another 30 minutes. Stay dry and see you in a bit.

  82. 1335: 

    So close and yet so far. The organisers have made the call and the start has been suspended. Again. The players head back inside as the light rain continues to fall.

    John Lloyd, Former British number one on BBC One

    "This is the story of the whole week. It's been difficult but the standard of play, given the conditions, has been fantastic, especially the semi-final between Murray and Tsonga last night when they had been waiting around so long. Credit to the players all week because conditions have been dodgy, but they have gone for it 100%."

  84. 1333: 

    Andy Murray's girlfriend Kim Sears and his mother Judy are huddling under an umbrella. Murray, meanwhile, has got itchy feet and is up off his chair and pacing about.

  85. 1328: 

    Both Murray and Cilic have pulled up a pew with the ball girls dutifully holding an umbrella up for them. Murray sensibly puts him jumper back on. Looks like we're in for a bit of wait...

    Andrew Castle, BBC Sport commentator

    "It doesn't matter what tournament it is or how experienced you are, there are always nerves around when you're in a final. Murray has looked like the champion all week. He has played so well."

  87. 1324: 

    I'm mildly concerned about the number of umbrellas which are now popping up around Centre Court. Both Murray and Cilic continue warming up regardless.

  88. 1322: 

    At last, a ball makes contract with racquet as the players begin warming up for the Aegon Championships final. Let's do this.

  89. 1320: 

    Andy Murray gives the sky a couple of short glances as he heads to the centre for the coin toss. Yep, he's spotted a dark, ominous cloud lurking above.

  90. 1318: 

    A huge cheer as Andy Murray strolls out onto the court, with racquet already in hand. Crikey, he's keen.


    Virgin boss Richard Branson on BBC One: "I love playing tennis, but I've not played for a long time. I've had a few celebrity matches before, like today, and had a great time. I'm your typical average tennis player, with a single-handed backhand, and just thoroughly enjoy the game."

  92. 1311: 

    Good news, folks. The ball kids are in place, the umpire is pacing up and down alongside the net, and we've just received news that the players will be out in about five minutes' time.

    Piers Newbery, BBC Sport at Queen's

    "Weather forecasts continue to take precedence over tennis predictions at Queen's Club, and the latest suggest some play is imminent. In the meantime, the great Nick Bolletieri has been in chatty mood - obviously: 'Andy Murray moves extremely well, he's improved his serve, we all know he returns well, he's not hesitant in coming to the net, and he uses the slice as a change of pace - it's not his basic stroke, and I'm sure Ivan brought that to him.' So there you go, more Bolletieri on 5 live throughout the afternoon."


    Marin Cilic on BBC One: "I am liking it more and more, just enjoying my time on the court. I've had a great week and no I'm just looking forward to the final. Even to be in the final again is a great thing for me, it shows that I'm playing well. Just feeling really good, played really good tennis."

  95. 1306: 

    Marin Cilic has come through the draw quietly, and it's easy to forget that he's actually nine matches unbeaten on the Queen's Club grass.

    Tim Henman, Former British number one on BBC One

    "I've always enjoyed Andy's company. I see a different side of him, he's got a very good sense of humour away from the court but obviously on the court its business and he has to be serious."

  97. 1303: 

    Fine job by the court staff to neatly roll up the covers and get the net up in super quick time. Word spreads around Queen's and the grandstands start to swell once more.

  98. 1301: 

    The covers are coming off!


    World number one Novak Djokovic: Hello London! I'm back!!! :)

  100. 1258:  
    BBC Radio 5 live

    Tomas Berdych, who will partner fellow Czech Ivan Lendl in the charity match later on: "It's going to be really fun. The idea of this is really nice. It's for a great cause and an honour to be part of the match. Playing with Ivan is going to be very fun. He has a good sense of humour. I hope the people are going to like it."

  101. 1255: 

    Fans in the grandstand behind where the players will enjoy a rest during the changeover are steadfastly refusing to budge. The stand is packed and it's like they're trying to outstare the weather. The same can't be said for the rest of the arena, with most taking the opportunity to pop out and stretch their legs.

  102. 1249:  
    BBC Radio 5 live

    Tournament director Chris Kermode: "The forecast I saw last night was for no rain at all today. It's been a challenging week, but we're used to waiting and juggling things here. The ground staff and players are ready to go when the it stops.

    "The annoying thing is it's such light rain, but it produces a film and you just can't play on that. We would probably be playing if it was on a hard or clay court. Hopefully it will be fine this afternoon.

    "The British are public used to this weather, it all part of it - the equivalent of going to Glastonbury and getting rained on. Hopefully it will clear and we'll have a great final this afternoon."


    BBC Scotland's David McDaid at Queen's: I've just heard Jonathan Ross trash-talking Michael McIntyre ahead of this afternoon's #rallyagainstcancer at Queen's.

  104. 1245:  
    BBC Radio 5 live

    Fashion designer Ted Baker at Queen's: "I think Andy could do with a bit of help. I've seen his off-court look and it's not wonderful to be honest with you. But I'm glad he's wearing white trainers on the grass - those black ones he wears are no good."

  105. 1244:  
    BBC Radio 5 live

    Comedian Michael McIntyre, who will be playing the charity match after the conclusion of today's final: "This is my first time at Queen's. I've never experienced rain like this. I have a car with those automatic windscreen wipers and they would never come on in drizzle like this. And yet we've got people sat here under umbrellas and in rain jackets. Why can't the organisers just take the covers off? It's easily playable. It's raining every three to four minutes. Right, I'm off to get some practice now and maybe get some tips from Judy [Murray]."

    Peter Fleming, BBC Sport

    "Whether Murray wins today or loses it has no influence on how he will do at Wimbledon. He certainly looks fit and is moving well and hitting the ball sharply. Whatever he did during his weeks away it served him well."

  107. 1243: 

    It's still drizzling in west London, with the covers well and truly on Centre Court. The good news is, the sky looks a bit brighter so there's a smidgen of hope.

  108. 1240: 

    You'll be able to delve into the life of Andy Murray next week, and see the man behind the racket so to speak, when a documentary airs on BBC One next Sunday at 2225 BST. It follows the Scot's life on and off the court over the last 12 months as well as speaking to his family, friends, rivals and famous fans such as Sir Alex Ferguson and, er, James Cordon. You can watch a teaser on the tennis pages or by clicking the link at the top right of this page.

  109. 1236: 

    They've reached for the Andy Murray v Jo-Wilfried Tsonga semi-final tape over on BBC One, joining the action at 1-1 in the third and final set. The wheels are about to come off for the Frenchman.

    Colin Fleming, British doubles number two on Radio 5 live

    "On a day like today you'll send one of your team out to come see what it's like and they'll realise it's only spitting, which means the covers could come off at any moment. So they'll stay warm, they won't put their tracksuits on and they'll limber up because if tournament director Chris Kermode comes and tells you 'it's on' you'll go straight out and be playing within 10 minutes.

    "If there was a downpour, the tracksuits would be put back on and you'd relax. As it's not like that now, I think they'll still be ready to go. Murray and Cilic get on well but they have a big match ahead so they'll be keeping their own council and doing what they need to be ready individually."


    Angie Young: Rain, rain, go away....we want Murray to play (-:

    Shaun Ferguson: Andy Murray to boss the tennis, clean 2-0 sweep! He's on top form and hard to beat, 6-3 6-3. Come on Andy!

  112. 1233: 

    A host of celebrities, including TV presenter Jonathan Ross, Virgin boss Richard Branson and London mayor Boris Johnson, will also dust of their rackets and head out on court as part of the event. And if the rain persists, they'll head indoors.

  113. 1229: 

    I know I'm probably getting ahead of myself based on the current weather situation, but once the final is done and dusted, Andy Murray will be sticking around to play in a charity match.

    British tennis player Ross Hutchins, who was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma at the end of last year and is currently undergoing treatment, launched Rally Against Cancer earlier this year to raise funds for the Royal Marsden Cancer charity.

    And as part of the fundraising, there will be a GB v Czech Republic match after the final, with Murray's coach Ivan Lendl and Tomas Berdych taking on Murray and former British number one Tim Henman in a one-set shoot-out.

  114. 1225: 

    And now the covers have been dragged over the court. "What a shocking week it's been," says BBC tennis analyst Peter Fleming.

    His fellow analyst John Lloyd chips in: "It seems to me that this has been the worst Queen's we've ever had [in terms of weather, obviously]".

  115. 1222: 

    I've got bad news, I'm afraid. The umbrellas are popping up all around Centre Court, with a couple of fans even pulling on some rather fetching cagoules. The net has been taken down, too, which means the start of play will be delayed.


    Ben Russell: No chance Murray losing this - he's looking in top form.

    Jack Isaac: Why is this even a question. We all know Murray will boss it 6-2 6-4, Game Set Murray #KingAtQueens

    Nikesh Prajapati: Think it will be a clean 2-0 win for Murray! 6-3 6-4? Whatever happens it will be a strong finish for Murray, ready for Wimbledon.

    Amber Adams: Andy Murray to win today and become Queen's champ 2013 and Wimbledon champ 2013.

  117. 1220: 

    Andy Murray says his run to the final at Queen's has set himself up perfectly for a tilt at the Wimbledon title later this month.

    "Sometimes I've come in here maybe not that worried about getting the matches, just trying to get used to the grass," he told Radio 5 Live's Sportsweek programme.

    "But it was really, really important for me if I wanted to do well at Wimbledon, to give myself a chance to do well at Wimbledon, to get through some matches here.

    "By getting to the final. and getting five or six days' practice at Wimbledon after the tournament, I should be ready."

  118. 1218: 

    Sunday Politics is done and dusted on BBC One, which means we're a matter of minutes away from moving pictures. This is your two-minute warning.

  119. 1216: 

    While the focus of our attention today is Queen's, we'll also be keeping an eye on Nottingham, where British number six Elena Baltacha plays seventh seed Tadeja Majeric of Slovenia in the Nottingham Challenge final.

    Down in Eastbourne, British number four Tara Moore faces unseeded Czech Karolina Pliskova in round one of the Aegon International. There are six other Britons in the main draw, but none of them play today.

    At the Aegon Classic in Birmingham, 16-year-old Croat Donna Vekic - coached by Britain's David Felgate - takes on Daniela Hantuchova of Slovakia in the final.

    Last but not least, five-time champion Roger Federer aims to win his first title of the season when he meets Mikhail Youzhny at the Gerry Weber Open in Halle, Germany.

  120. 1214: 

    Spits and spots of rain sounds bad, admittedly, but encouragingly the covers are off, the net is up - though sagging slightly in the middle at the moment - and no-one in the stands feels the need to pop up and umbrella.

    Colin Fleming, British doubles number two on Radio 5 live

    "Grass-court sharpening goes out of the window today - it's all about winning the trophy."


    Times tennis correspondent Neil Harman at Queen's: Spits and spots of rain in the air at Queen's. Extremely frustrating

  123. 1212: 

    Not long until the first ball is hit on the pristine lawns of the Queen's Club and I'm pleased to say you'll have a super range of options in which to follow it.

    TV coverage starts at 1220 BST on BBC One, HD, online, mobile devices and the BBC Sport app, while radio commentary on 5 live runs alongside this very live text.

    Tennis starts at 1230 - the final has been brought forward to try and avoid the rain which has dogged the tournament this week and is forecast for this afternoon. Have the organisers managed to outsmart the weather?

  124. 1209: 

    Murray returned from injury with back-to-back victories over Nicolas Mahut and Marinko Matosevic to reach the quarter-finals. The Brit came through a tester against Benjamin Becker and then produced a superb three-set victory over fourth seed Jo-Wilfried Tsonga to make the final.

    Cilic ease past Ivan Dodig in his opening match and a three-setter against Feliciano Lopez to make the last eight. A tight two-set victory over Tomas Berdych and another three-set win over veteran Lleyton Hewitt ensured the fifth seed made his second successive Queen's final.


    BBC Scotland's David McDaid at Queen's: As his special guests, Andy Murray has invited two Scottish juniors - Maia Lumsden and Anna Brogan - to watch the Queen's final. Nice touch.

  126. 1206: 

    The organisers will be hoping for a more streamlined affair for this year's final after David Nalbandian made the headlines in 2012 for all the wrong reasons.

    The 30-year-old Argentine was leading Cilic 7-6 (7-3) 3-4 when he kicked a panel in front of line judge Andrew McDougall's seat, causing his leg to bleed heavily. Nalbandian was disqualified and the match abandoned, handing the title to Cilic.

  127. 1203: 
    Marin Cilic

    Hello everybody and a very warm welcome to final day of the Aegon Championships. Defending champion Marin Cilic is the man who stands in the way of Murray maintaining a perfect record on grass this year ahead of Wimbledon.

    If the stats are anything to go by, the Briton should win this comfortably - he leads Cilic 8-1 in the head-to-head - but as we all know, things are never that easy when it comes to Murray.

  128. 1200: 
    Andy Murray

    Have you just woken up to the realisation you've forgotten about Father's Day? Well, fear not. You've got just enough time to nip out and buy a card, whizz back and sit your dad in front of the telly in time to see Andy Murray attempt to win his third Queen's title in five years. Job done.

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