Andy Murray v Novak Djokovic: Wimbledon final as it happened

Andy Murray becomes the first British man to win the Wimbledon title since 1936.

7 July 2013 Last updated at 19:39 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 2033: 

    As the snappers' bulbs fire in the dying light on Centre Court, it is time to pack away Wimbledon 2013 into a special secure section of your memory banks.

    Andy Murray's win is a little over three hours old, but is already the subject of acres of reports, miles of social media and at least a few hours of video.

    You can check the BBC contribution to all that with the Piers Newbery's match report, video of the moment victory was secured, Andy Murray's own take on his victory and Novak Djokovic's gracious words in defeat.

    The pick for me is a video that tracks his progress from his first appearance Wimbledon in the first round against George Bastl as an 18-year-old back in 2005, all the way to last year's final.

    It's been quite a journey. Goodbye.

    Sue Barker, BBC Sport presenter

    "The dream is now a reality for Andy Murray, he will forever be a Wimbledon champion."

  3. 2020: 

    Kristina Mladenovic and Daniel Nestor win the mixed doubles title with a 5-7 6-2 8-6 win over Bruno Soares and Lisa Raymond.

    Marion Bartoli was returning the favour that Mladenovic paid her in the women's final by supporting her friend. She missed the celebrations though. The Champions Ball is calling and she has a turn to do on the dancefloor.

  4. 2013: 

    Out on Centre Court, we are into the final set of the mixed doubles final where Kristina Mladenovic and Daniel Nestor are about to serve for the title against top seeds Bruno Soares and Lisa Raymond. Nestor to serve...

  5. 2011: 
    Fans on Henman Hill

    Have a closer look at this picture. While the security guard on the left attempts in vain to stem the flow of jubilant fans after Andy Murray's win, his colleague to the right looks about to tear off his uniform and become one of the happy throng.


    Judy Murray on Novak Djokovic and his battle with her son Andy:

    "He's a great champion, a great fighter and a great athlete. You have to work so hard to put him away on points let alone matches. Before we knew it Andy lost four games on the trot, but I'm delighted he finished it when he did because I'm not too sure if my nerves could stand it."

  7. 1958: 

    Andy Murray was not the only Wimbledon champion crowned today. In the men's wheelchair doubles Frenchman Stephane Houdet and Japanese partner Shingo Kunieda have triumphed. Over in the women's side of the competition, the top-seed Jiske Griffioen and Aniek van Koot have picked up the silverware.


    Multiple Olympic gold medal winner Sir Chris Hoy speaking on BBC TV about Andy Murray's achievement:

    "It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, I'm so pleased for him and his family. He had the whole nation expecting him to win, he is tennis in the UK, so for him to step up I don't know how he did it. It was one of the great sporting moments in this country of all time."


    William Murray, Andy's dad, speaking to BBC TV on his son's historic Wimbledon win:

    "It's a terrific achievement, it will take a few weeks and months to settle in but it feels pretty good right now."

  10. 1952: 

    Andy Murray ended the tournament with the second-highest ace tally with 89 (behind Jerzy Janowicz on 103), the second-highest tally of points won returning first serve with 151 (behind Novak Djokovic on 180) and won more break points than any other player with 36.


    Andy Murray on the support his family and friends have given him:

    "They saw me after last year's final, how I was and they deserve a lot of credit for picking me up from that defeat because that was a tough one."


    Andy Murray speaking to Sue Barker on BBC TV:

    "I have played in a lot of Slam finals, all against Roger or Novak. Roger is probably the greatest player ever, Novak is one of the mentally strongest ever. I never had experience on my side, to beat him was so tough, it was such a tough match."


    Andy Murray pays tribute to his coach Ivan Lendl on BBC TV:

    "He stayed away from the game for long time, and he believed in me when other people didn't."

  14. 1940: 

    Andy Murray has just revealed to Sue Barker that he had a dream last night that he was going to be playing Czech world number 45 Radek Stepanek or American 105 Denis Kudla in the final in the morning.

    When he woke up it took him a moment to remember it would be Novak Djokovic on the opposite side of the net.

    His subconscious is a cruel mistress.


    Andy Murray speaking to BBC One: "That last game pretty much too everything out of me. I was just thinking if this goes the other way I don't know what is going to happen.

    Andy Murray

    "It was tough speaking after the match there are a lot of people who have worked with me over the last 10 or 15 years or so.

    "I didn't know what to do with myself. The noise levels during the whole match were just incredible."

    Watch his on-court interview with Sue Barker after winning the Wimbledon title.


    Unklerupert: "Right at the very end of that BBC Wimbledon men's final coverage, did that wee spinning totem carry on spinning."

    Lucy Thackeray: "Nothing like a BBC Wimbledon montage to make you cry on a train."

  17. 1924: 

    Mats Wilander, the Swede who won seven Grand Slam titles in the 1980s, believes Andy Murray could be on course for a similarly spectacular haul.

    Wilander said on Live@Wimbledon: "I think Andy Murray can win six, seven, eight, nine, 10 majors. The only man that can stop him is Novak Djokovic.

    "These two here are going to decide who gets ahead in the history books. I hope they both decide this is a rivalry that's just going to grow and become great on all the different surfaces, in all four majors."

  18. 1918: 

    If you watch the video of Andy Murray's celebrations again you can see a Wimbledon institution at work. David Spearing is an Honorary Steward tasked with looking after the two camps in the players' box.

    As Murray almost forgets to hug his mum in the midst of all the excitement. the Stetson-wearing Spearing ushers forward Judy to exchange a word with her son before he drops back down to the Centre Court surface.

    Two minutes and twenty seconds in is where you can see 16 years of experience being put to use.

  19. 1915: 

    Roger Draper, the chief executive of the Lawn Tennis Association, said Andy Murray's victory would help get more people playing tennis:

    Draper, who leaves the LTA in September, said: "Andy has provided British tennis with its finest moment, on the world's greatest tennis stage. Just as he did last year, at the Olympics and US Open, Andy has proved himself to be an inspirational role model, and he has given British tennis a fantastic opportunity to get more people playing tennis."

  20. 1913: 

    1977 ladies' singles champion Virginia Wade, speaking on BBC TV on what winning Wimbledon means:

    "It makes such a massive difference to your life because Wimbledon is such a goal for any tennis player. Wimbledon is still is such a classic event, and it means everything in tennis."


    "Just landed, so sad to miss this historic moment!! well done sir @andy-murray !!!" - world number six Tomas Berdych.

    "Dreams do come true when you work hard! Congratulations @andy-murray. @judmoo must be so proud!!! #tears." - Former world number one Tracy Austin @thetracyaustin.

  22. 1907: 

    Fancy reliving that last joyful rally one more time? Of course you do. It is up for you to replay to your heart's content on the BBC Sport website.

    Andy's fist-pumping grimace, Kim with hands slapped disbelievingly across her forehead and Judy sobbing tears of joy, it's all there. Lovely, lovely stuff.


    "Can't believe what's just happened!!!!!!!" - Andy Murray's first tweet as a Wimbledon champion came less than 90 minutes after his victory.

    "What an incredible day!! So proud of my lil bro! What a champion!!" - Jamie Murray.

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Andy Murray has been speaking about Fred Perry, the last British winner of the men's singles Wimbledon title, until today:

    "He is someone I never met but is quite relevant in my career. I have spoken to a lot of people about him, met people from his family and I used to wear his gear. It's a weird one, it's a name I've heard so much over the course of my career, and it's shame I never got to meet him."

  25. 1901: 

    Even in the wake of his greatest victory some members of the press still manage to irritate Andy Murray.

    After a few questions about hypothetical conversations with Fred Perry, a voice piped up from the back of the press room and asked him whether he was going to settle down and propose to girlfriend Kim.

    "No, I haven't thought about that," he said. The look he shot the guilty party to go with those words was full of dark expletives. Understandably.

  26. 1853: 

    Andy Murray was asked about his reaction in the immediate aftermath of winning the title, with a reporter suggesting that he was looking elsewhere rather than at his camp in the players' box.

    "I wasn't thinking before match point if I'm going to, but that's where my eyes were fixed on," he said after revealing that he found himself looking at the press box straight after the final rally.

    "We've had a difficult relationship over the years, it has got better in the last few years. I know for you guys it's important that I win this tournament. I worked as hard as I could to do it."

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Scotland First Minister Alex Salmond, speaking to the BBC News Channel:

    "This young man deserves every bit of his success, he's not just overcome adversity it is all about constant improvement. He does everything to continue his game, if he has to build himself up, he builds himself up, if he has to train himself to do things he didn't like doing, he does that.

    "Everything about him is about self-improvement, and he deserves every bit of his success. I've been watching him for 10 years, he is a different man out there and he's different to last year, he's getting better all the time."

  28. 1846: 
    Andy Murray

    Here are some stats to put Andy Murray's win in a little context:

    It took him eight attempts to win Wimbledon - only Goran Ivanisevic with 13 unsuccessful campaigns before lifting the title took longer to reel in the big one.

    After victory at London 2012 and at Queen's in the build-up to this tournament, Murray is on an 18-match winning streak on grass.

    Only Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have appeared in more consecutive Grand Slam finals than Murray's current run of four.


    Former Wimbledon champion Jimmy Connors: Andy Murray ends Wimbledon curse on Brits with some outstanding tennis. Congratulations - and also to Ivan Lendl for a job well done.

  30. 1842: 

    Here's more from Novak Djokovic, talking to BBC Sport's Phil Jones:

    "The crowd was loud, it was an incredible atmosphere. I tried to stay composed, I didn't take my chances but he did. He used his first serve when needed and he deserved it.

    "I enjoy our matches, they're a big challenge, very high intensity and hopefully our rivalry can develop over the years.

    "I know how much it meant to the crowd. It was an absolute pleasure to play this match, it's the most valuable tennis tournament in the world. It was the perfect setting, and hopefully I'll come back stronger next year."

  31. 1837: 

    Novak Djokovic has been speaking to BBC Sport's Phil Jones:

    "Obviously I'm disappointed but you cannot win all your matches, I lost to the better player today. He was more patient in the important moments. I'm sorry I could not come up with my best game when I needed to.

    "I felt OK, there were lots of long rallies for both of us. It was not easy, but that's what we expect. There was a lot of physical and mental pain, I had a five-set semi-final on Friday but I have no excuses."

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Andy Murray's father William Murray has been speaking to David Law on his son's historic victory:

    "That was terrific, fantastic, absolutely wonderful to see, we really enjoyed it. It was a spectacle, and it was great fun.

    "I thought Andy did a thoroughly professional job, he had one little wobble and in the last game he really worked at that one to get over the line. Other than that, I thought he did a great job.

    "It was a bit surreal to see him lift the trophy, I'm sure it will take a few weeks and months to realise that the Wimbledon champion is British."

  33. 1835: 

    Just to say, following Andy Murray's triumph, there are a couple of important schedule changes to tonight's TV:

    Highlights of the final - Today at Wimbledon - will now go out at 2225 BST on BBC One after the news.

    And an updated version of the documentary "Andy Murray: The man behind the racquet" will now go out on Monday night at 2100 BST on BBC One.

  34. 1835: 

    2013 Wimbledon champion Andy Murray: "It was so tough. It was so hot. I hadn't played any matches in the heat of the day. I hadn't played at all in those sort of conditions and the first three games were brutal. It was a physical and demanding match. I think that last game will be the toughest game I'll play in my career.

    "Ivan Llendl just said he was proud of me which coming from him means a lot. He doesn't smile in public too much but when he's away from the cameras he's a very different character.

    "I think he believed in me when a lot of people didn't and he stuck by me through some tough losses and he's been very patient with me, I'm just happy to do it for him."

  35. 1831: 

    Andy Murray's evening plans don't sound like they are going to involve being sprawled on the pavement outside a central London nightclub.

    "We have to go to the ball, so I'll be doing that. We have drugs test to do," he says.

  36. 1828: 

    Four-time Wimbledon winner Rod Laver speaking to BBC Sport on whether Andy Murray can win Wimbledon again:

    "It's a lot easier after the first and he has a long career ahead of him. He played great tennis, volleyed well, did everything well, and he will know he's played pretty darn good. It's great for the British Isles, they've always wanted a second Fred Perry and they've got another one now.


    Footballer Rio Ferdinand: Hard work pays off. @andy_murray congrats and well deserved fella.

    Singer Little Mix: Massive congrats @andy_murray n his team! Brilliant game :D proud moment for Britain xxjadexx.

  38. 1828: 

    "It has been hard over the last couple of days just because of how big the tournament is and how much history there is," says Andy Murray of the build-up to today's final.

    What will the mood be like next year? The 77-year hunt for a British men's singles title was a heck of a narrative. What will replace that?

  39. 1824: 
    Andy Murray waves to his supporters

    You can tell the magnitude of Andy Murray's win by the way that it reduced the inhabitants of the Royal Box to just another face in the crowd.

    In the aftermath David Cameron made his way through the Wimbledon media centre and got only a mere glance from most. Carl Froch was among those wandering the walkways pretty much entirely unnoticed.

  40. 1820: 

    Olympic gold medallist Sir Chris Hoy on compatriot Andy Murray's Wimbledon triumph: "It has been an absolute privilege to have been in the box with crew and family and friends. It was a special moment to share with them and they must have wondered if it was ever going to happen.

    "It looks like a walkover with a three-set win but it was a real battle. Andy took everything Djokovic threw at him. Now after 77 years, we can celebrate a British winner at Wimbledon.

    "You can see the difference the Olympics win had for him, it gave him the extra confidence. It is an amazing achievement and there is no reason why he can't be a multiple winner of Wimbledon."

  41. 1818: 

    More from new Wimbledon champion Andy Murray: "My head was everywhere in that last game, he was hitting some unbelievable shots and I think that is why at the end of the match I almost didn't know what had happened. The last 30 minutes have been a bit a bit of a blur. I just don't know what to say.."

    Andy Murray looks emotional drained. You just want them to let him go, have a bath and a nice barley water.

    They won't though. Not for a long while. Full quotes to come.

  42. 1815: 
    Andy Murray

    Andy Murray was the coolest man on Centre Court in his post-match interview. It was like he had was being handed a prize at a village fete rather than the most elusive trophy in British sport.

    He has just been given a standing ovation into the press conference room. Let's find out if it was just taking a bit of time to sink in...

    Former GB Davis Cup captain John Lloyd, BBC Sport

    "Andy has to look at being number one in the world now, he can win multiple Grand Slams - why not?"


    Prime Minister David Cameron speaking to BBC Radio 5 live on Andy Murray's victory:

    "It was an amazing performance from Andy Murray, but also amazing day for British tennis and for Britain. He never gave up and it was magnificent."

  45. 1809: 
    Andy Murray hugs coach Ivan Lendl

    Is it too early to ponder the future? Murray is still just 26. With Rafael Nadal creaking and Father Time nibbling at Roger Federer, he and Novak Djokovic are going to duel it out over Grand Slam silverware some time very soon.

  46. 1805: 

    And with the magic of the internet Mike Henson is back off the Hill and at the commentary box keys to give Ben Dirs a quick break.

    "Where were you moments are few and far between, and usually involve learning of celebrity deaths. That was a genuine, but far happier one.

  47. 1802:  
    Mike Henson, BBC Sport at WimbledonON THE HILL
    Fans on the hill

    "People stand staring at the screen, eyes flitting back and forth between Murray's face and the trophy in his hands, as if unsure that this isn't a cruel piece of Photoshop wizardry. Dazed and dazzled, no-one dared make plans for this outcome. Going back and watching it all over, without the tension, seems like a decent idea."


    Paul in Aylesbury: Arise Sir Andy? And an honorary knighthood for Ivan Lendl?

    Isaac in Cambridge: I still remember Murray fighting cramp and yelling at himself in his fourth round Wimbledon exit in 2006. He has come of age. In tears here.

    Jim in Fulham: Is there a classier player in tennis than Novak Djokovic? Three hours of dealing with an annoying crowd, and he is only complimentary to his opponent. True champion.

    Three-time Wimbledon champion Boris Becker, BBC Sport

    "He'll be with his close ones now, and he will only just realise what he has done. He has rewritten tennis and British sports history. Now, he will understand: 'Wow, what have I done?'"

    Andy Murray
    Former GB Davis Cup captain John Lloyd, BBC Sport

    "He made the court so small for Novak, for Andy to hit at that speed was quite amazing, and Novak just could not find a way through."

  51. 1758: 

    News reaching me that Ivan Lendl is being treated by St John Ambulance after his face ceased up from smiling too much - it was clocked at 38 seconds in total and the effort of changing back to his usual frown was apparently too much for him.

  52. 1752:  
    BBC Radio 5 live

    Andy Murray's mum, Judy, on BBC Radio 5 live: "I was an emotional wreck but now it is the best feeling ever to watch your son win Wimbledon. I can't remember what happened in the last game but he was gutsy and determined to win that trophy today.

    "I have been shaking for about three hours now. I have been around tennis for many years, you can never sit back and relax and think it is in the bag. The minute you start thinking too far ahead, it is dangerous. Never count your chickens, just be as supportive as you can be but he got through in the end. He has been strong and composed all week.

    "Novak Djokovic is such a strong competitor and to bury him, you have to play really well. I knew he had a chance to win if he brought his A game and he did that. It will be a mix of relief and joy. He will be absolutely over the moon."

    Three-time Wimbledon champion Boris Becker, BBC Sport

    "It is reality now, and for where he's come from and what he's gone through, it's an incredible performance."

  54. 1748: 

    Murray up on the balcony, showing off the trophy to fans who never made it onto Centre Court and now here he is banging out some autographs for wide-eyed kids...

    Four-time Wimbledon semi-finalist Tim Henman, BBC Sport

    "It's absolutely fantastic. It was the sheer will, that ability to find a way to get the job done when Djokovic would not go away. He was serving for history, 40-0 up and Djokovic saved three match points.

    "It's an unbelievable achievement for him and one we're all incredibly proud of. He always in his heart of hearts believed he could win the tournament. He had the huge disappointment of losing the final 12 months ago but knew he could do it.

    "This is certainly one of many more Grand Slam titles for Andy Murray."

    Former GB Davis Cup captain John Lloyd, BBC Sport

    "What a performance. It was a strange match, lots of ups and downs, I could not have predicted straight sets. Losing three match points, what was going through his mind? It was an unbelievable performance."

    GET INVOLVED- #bbcwimbledon

    India Block: "Can I request another lingering shot of Bradley Cooper before the upcoming Epic Montage, BBC?"

    Dan Brown: "No pressure, Andy, but would you mind awfully winning the Australian & French Opens now too?"

  58. 1744: 
    Andy Murray

    Well, you don't get too many genuine 'I was there' moments in life, even as a sports journalist, but that was one of them. Let's just hope there'll be a few more of them...

    Former Wimbledon champion Richard Krajicek, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Something really happened in the last 12 months between Andy and the fans. It was really nice to see the genuine way they celebrated together."

  60. 1741: 

    Many thanks Tom Fordyce, this is Ben Dirs with all the post-match fluff and nonsense. Amid all the garlanding of Andy Murray, spare a thought for Ronnie Wood - the Rolling Stones's new guitarist is the only person present on Centre Court to have also witnessed Fred Perry's last victory at Wimbledon in 1936...

    Former Wimbledon champion Pat Cash, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Who would have thought it was going to be a straight sets win? Over Djokovic in the final? I would never have picked that. It was a wacky tournament."

  62. 1738: 

    Runner-up Novak Djokovic on BBC One:

    "Congratulations to Andy you absolutely deserved it, you played incredibly. I know what it means to you guys in the whole country so well done.

    "It makes his success even bigger because I know the pressure and expectations he is under. It is a great achievement. I gave it my all and it was an honour to be in this match, in this final."

  63. 1738: 
    Andy Murray

    More from the new Wimbledon singles champion Andy Murray: "I have played Novak many times and when everyone finishes playing, he will go down as one of the fighters. He did the same today and that is what made it tough. I understand how much everyone wanted to see British winner at Wimbledon and I hope everyone enjoyed it.

    "I hope you guys enjoyed it. I did my best! I did forget Mum, but then I did remember. My team have stuck by me through some tough moments. This one is for Ivan as well, I know he did everything to try to win this one when he was playing. He's fantastic, he's been patient and I thank him."


    More from the presentation: Sue Barker: "How much do you remember of that last point?" Andy Murray: "I haven't got a clue what happened..."

    GET INVOLVED- #bbcwimbledon

    Paul Thompson: "Thought Murray losing last year's final was emotional but this tops it. He really does deserve it, all the hard work paid off."

    Sam Chambers: "That's sports personality of the year wrapped up!! @andy_murray what a hero!! #bbcwimbledon"

    Craig Laws: "C'mon David Cameron, declare a national holiday tomorrow so we can spend a day baking in the sun."

  66. 1735: 

    Murray keeping it together out there, which puts him in a club of one in the UK at the moment. "That was one of the toughest moments, today was an unbelievably tough match," says the new Wimbledon champion. "I don't know how I came through the final three points, I'm so glad to do it."

    MURRAY'S HOME TOWN- Clive Lindsay, BBC Scotland in Dunblane

    "Murray mania takes over at Dunblane Centre as they greet their very own Wimbledon champion. Choruses of "Flower of Scotland" were soon to ring around the packed community centre."

    Dunblane's celebrates
  68. 1734: 
    Andy Murray

    Murray with Sue Barker: "It feels slightly different to last year..." Doesn't it just, old boy, doesn't it just.

    Mike Henson, BBC Sport at WimbledonON THE HILL

    "All rules of personal space and social etiquette are shredded. Strangers swap sweat and tears in ecstatic embraces. Drinks shower down from on high. No-one cares. No-one cares at all."

  70. 1730: 

    Be honest. Did any of you really have that as straight sets? Novak Djokovic takes the applause for his runners-up spot, but the roar now is beyond deafening. Andy Murray walks slowly across the Centre Court turf, puts his hands on the golden trophy and raises it to the beautiful blue skies.

    GET INVOLVED- #bbcwimbledon

    Aaron Campbell: "That game alone felt like it lasted about 77 years."

    Paul Denny: "I'll never be his biggest fan but I'll tip me hat to him for that. That was proper."

    Former GB Davis Cup captain John Lloyd, BBC Sport
    Andy Murray

    "Can you imagine what Murray was thinking when he lost those three match points? Unbelievable to still hold himself after that."

    Three-time Wimbledon champion Boris Becker, BBC Sport

    "He still cannot believe it, he's in a state of shock."

  74. 1727: 

    Murray sank to his knees as the 16,000 exploded to theirs. He will climb into the Royal Box now - hugs for Kim, high-fives for the coaching team, a lovely whisper in the ear for Mama Judy. It's happening - it's really happening...

    Tennis correspondent Jonathan Overend, BBC Radio 5 live

    "It seems ludicrous to say it, Andy Murray is Wimbledon champion, just brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Novak Djokovic has been well and truly beaten. Incredible, what scenes on Centre Court."

    Andrew Castle, BBC Sport commentator

    "The waiting is over, Andy Murray is Wimbledon champion and you simply cannot give more. A performance of supreme control, power, touch and most of all resilience."

  77. 1727: 
    Andy Murray

    Centre Court takes off and flies through space. Andy Murray has beaten Novak Djokovic in straight sets, and the lost ark of British sport has been brought back home.

  78. 1725: 
    Champagne moment

    Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone/ Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone/ Silence the pianos and with mighty drum/ Shout from the rooftops - MURRAY'S WON WIMBLEDON!

    GAME, SET AND MATCH- Murray 6-4 7-5 6-4 Djokovic


    Murray 6-4 7-5 5-4 Djokovic

    Brilliant from Murray - fourth championship point!

    Murray 6-4 7-5 5-4 Djokovic

    Big, brave forehand from Murray, setting up a volley winner. Deuce.

    Murray 6-4 7-5 5-4 Djokovic

    Unreal. Djokovic with a dash in and cross-court flick from the gods. Break point.

    Murray 6-4 7-5 5-4 Djokovic

    Forehand cross-court - Murray's saved it! Deuce. How's the heart?

    Murray 6-4 7-5 5-4 Djokovic

    Net-cord from Djokovic, the ball dropping half an inch into Murray territory. Break point to Djokovic.

    Murray 6-4 7-5 5-4 Djokovic

    At last a big first serve. Deuce. I feel sick...

    Murray 6-4 7-5 5-4 Djokovic

    Murray forehand into the net. Break point Djokovic.

    Murray 6-4 7-5 5-4 Djokovic

    First serve missed. Backhand from Murray - it's long! Deuce, three championship points gone...

    Murray 6-4 7-5 5-4 Djokovic

    Second serve, Djokovic clean winner down the line. 40-30. MATCH POINT

    Murray 6-4 7-5 5-4 Djokovic

    Djoko volley at the net, 40-15. TWO MATCH POINTS

    Murray 6-4 7-5 5-4 Djokovic

    Bedlam. Sheer, ruddy bedlam. Djoko long! THREE MATCH POINTS...

    Murray 6-4 7-5 5-4 Djokovic

    First serve into the net. Murray forehand winner! 30-0!

    MURRAY SERVING FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIP- Murray 6-4 7-5 5-4 Djokovic

    Here we go. Breath. Believe. Djoko long, 15-0.

    MURRAY BREAKS- * Murray 6-4 7-5 5-4 Djokovic

    Djokovic long, but he'll throw down an ace for 15-15. In you come son - you can make that, you WILL make that, Djoko lobbing, Murray chasing back - and batters back a winner! 15-30. He's onto this one again - there's a gap - he's found it! Two break points - Djokovic nets! MURRAY WILL SERVE FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIPS! I'm going point by point, of course I am...

    Mike Henson, BBC Sport at WimbledonON THE HILL

    "Message from the Hill to Andy: 'Tremendous stuff so far, loving your work, we know you only need one of the next three sets, but it would be awfully appreciated if you could make it this one. Nerve ending and fingernails are fraying badly. Much and expanding love'."

    Andy Murray fans
    Murray 6-4 7-5 4-4 Djokovic *

    Fabulous contest now - it has been from the start, but this last hour has been wonderful - the best two players in the world going toe to toe, the momentum seized and torn away, the pace unrelenting. Nothing on serve straightforward - Murray hangs on to this one with the aid of two forehands that bite the outermost edge of the baseline. My giddy aunts.


    Carolyn in Sunny Dorset: Sat in glorious sunshine in a park with my kids - who've had to just explain to a stranger 'Mummy's listening to Wimbledon' Shouting at my radio and feeling sick - not my finest parenting hour...

    Freddie Mills: My dad said he'd take us to the Rolling Stones if Murray pulls through... Please Andy

    Three-time Wimbledon champion Boris Becker, BBC Sport

    "Djokovic is thinking, what do I have to do? A break up in the second, a break up in the third, and he comes back every time."

    MURRAY BREAKS- * Murray 6-4 7-5 3-4 Djokovic

    Murray fighting, scrapping. Forehand into the torso of Djoko at the net, 0-30. In to the net, full-length backhand volley - netted. Big chance. Clubbing forehand cross-court on a wicked angle, the court left exposed for the backhand winner back the other way. Two break points. Fresh belief. Big serve, one saved. Next serve, plonked back - Murray's into him here, he can dash this one away - oh, can he ever!

    Four-time Wimbledon semi-finalist Tim Henman, BBC Sport

    "Momentum is a funny thing, we can't see it but we can feel it, and the momentum is certainly with Djokovic in this set."


    Scottish actor Douglas Henshall: Djokovic is never going to wilt ever. Andy has to keep beating him until he's beat.

    Former heptathlete Kelly Sotherton: #Djokovic is world no.1 for a very good reason. #murray hasn't won yet!

    DJOKOVIC BREAKS- Murray 6-4 7-5 2-4 Djokovic *

    Murray upright in his chair at the change-over, an ice-filled towel over his heaving shoulders, white cap turning dark with sweat. First genuine wisps of smoke coming from the Scottish engine as another Djoko dropper brings rewards again - 0-15 - and a tight forehand long from Murray makes it 0-30. Jammy net-cord from the Serb, Murray bending low off his backhand to shovel an ugly but effective passer down the line. Not this time - backhand clouted into the net for 15-40, alarms sounding. First serve missed. Second slow - he'll get a chance on this mid-court forehand now, and - NO! Stuffed halfway down the net, four games lost on the bounce, Djoko doing the old Lazarus act...

    Three-time Wimbledon champion Boris Becker, BBC Sport

    "It's a funny sport isn't it? Djokovic is a legend in the making himself, and he is not giving up easily. Murray has to regroup, forget his last service game. He has a lot of positives."

    * Murray 6-4 7-5 2-3 Djokovic
    Murray's support team and girlfriend Kim Sears

    We knew it wasn't going to be easy, didn't we? How quickly this game can turn around - Djokovic was two games down and 0-30 on his serve in this set, but he's found a seam of the old magic when the lights appeared to be going out. Big support from the Murray box; an anxious fizz and murmur from the cheaper seats.


    Great Britain and England hockey captain Kate Walsh: Never mind Murray's post match recovery I'm going to need an ice bath and some relaxing yoga after this epic game! #comeonmurray

    Tom Lambert: Slow down Andy, I don't want my 'Where were you when' answer to be 'stuck in traffic in the back of a hot car'.

    Jude: Andy needs to get his eye off the prize and back on the ball.

    DJOKOVIC BREAKS- Murray 6-4 7-5 2-2 Djokovic*

    A desert sun beating down, smearing the court with fierce heat. Murray calls a challenge mid-point on a Djoko backhand that he thinks lands long - right call, wrong challenge - and then puts a forehand long. 0-30, old paranoias raising their heads. Fine serve out wide to the forehand, one more the backhand, back to 30-30. Oh, that is glorious tennis - an exchange of escalating finesse, unreal touch, Murray in to a dropper, Djoko flashing cross-court. Break point. Murray with a volley to snuff it out - oh, fresh horror, he's stuck it wide...

  106. 1646: 
    MURRAY'S HOME TOWN- Clive Lindsay, BBC Scotland in Dunblane
    Elaine Shirley

    "Big tennis fan Elaine Shirley from Livingston has travelled to Dunblane with her three friends from Canada and others from Tweedsmuir and Dalgety Bay. "We have been planning this for a year - that we would be in Dunblane to watch it when Andy would reach the final and win it," she said.

    "I met Judy Murray four years ago in Edinburgh and told her that he would win it one day. She was a bit sceptical at the time, but that was just a mother thing and this is his time. I am absolutely ecstatic."

  107. 1645:  
    Mike Henson, BBC Sport at WimbledonON THE HILL

    "The pro-Murray fervour hardly needed stoking, but Djokovic's Hawk-Eye challenges have lobbed a little more tinder into the furnace.

    "The Serb started the match as Andy's affable friend, who sadly had to lose. Now he is being jeered like a panto villain. Guess they are probably not doing that on Centre."

    Three-time Wimbledon champion Boris Becker, BBC Sport

    "Djokovic is losing focus. He does not know what's hit him."

    Novak Djokovic cools down during a break
    * Murray 6-4 7-5 2-1 Djokovic

    Djokovic listing, water pouring through his hull, timbers creaking. More errors, fault upon fault, and he's out at 0-30 again. Gaagh, Murray forehand onto the tape with Novak nowhere, and that was the moment - the Serb serve starts to power up, and he'll escape - for now. How are you handling this? Anyone else feel a bit sick?

    Andrew Castle, BBC Sport commentator

    "This is it. These next 10 minutes Murray can put Djokovic away. Murray's won the contest, can he finish his man?"

    Tennis correspondent Jonathan Overend, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Strange things are happening here, strange things. This just does not feel real right now. Do we have spaceships landing outside and green men?"

    Murray 6-4 7-5 2-0 Djokovic*

    Two sets and a break up. This is fantasy stuff for the home nation, impossible to believe. Murray races through his service game, and there's a giddy, unreal atmosphere about this old sporting cauldron. Extraordinary, thrilling, frightening, impossible...


    Maik in Chichester: Djokovic lost in New York losing his patience in very windy conditions. If he can't keep his patience in today's heat, he's done for!

    Nathaniel Clark: On a train to London - announcement by the conductor that Murray had won the second set, followed by a hearty round of applause by passengers. Surreal unity.

    Susie in Sussex: Spectacular match! The excitement is almost too much. If Kate is watching I predict a delivery soon!

  114. 1637:  
    Mike Henson, BBC Sport at WimbledonON THE HILL
    Fans show their support

    "Hope is baked to belief out on the Hill. The roar for the first set was tempered by memories of last year, the one for the second is full of gleeful giddy abandon. We are here is nearly we were there."

    Three-time Wimbledon champion Boris Becker, BBC Sport

    "Sheer determination from Murray, he can smell the roses but he's a long way from it. He needs to keep going. We've never seen Ivan Lendl so agitated!"

  116. 1633: 
    GET INVOLVED- #bbcwimbledon

    Rob Moriarty: Most brutal tennis in temps near 50C. Watching is exhausting, both deserve an ice bath between sets, never mind a banana.

    MURRAY BREAKS- * Murray 6-4 7-5 1-0 Djokovic

    31 unforced errors from Djokovic now, another weirdly feeble forehand into the net. 0-30, a big serve bringing it back a fraction, Murray's under-pressure backhand off another levelling it. Oh, wonderful from Murray, rocketing in to Djoko's dropper, his forehand too hot for the Serb to handle. Break point, break point... I think that's long from Djokovic - come on, line-judge, that's never good - Murray to challenge, Hawk-Eye in motion... out! MURRAY BREAKS!


    Novak Djokovic v Andy Murray: Aces 1-4, double faults 2-0, 1st serves in 62%-73%, 1st serve points won 70%-72%, break points 1/3-2/5, winners 11-11, unforced errors 12-5.

    Former Wimbledon champion Richard Krajicek, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Djokovic had a chance for a double break and now he just looks like a lost man on the court. Murray is playing well and not looking tired but 2-0 up and a long, long way back for Djokovic."

    Listen to live commentary on BBC Radio 5 live.

    Former GB Davis Cup captain John Lloyd, BBC Sport

    "I think Murray can get the job done now, absolutely. Looking at Djokovic, physically he has looked OK but mentally you can see how irritated he is getting and it is affecting his play.

    Novak Djokovic
  121. 1627: 

    Thanks Dirs, splendid shift. Well, well, well. We're in uncharted territory: Andy Murray two sets up in the Wimbledon final, Novak Djokovic out of sorts, plagued with errors. Both players dash to the locker-room to use the facilities; we might all need to take a few breaths here, wipe the palms on a towel, shake out the limbs.

    Four-time Wimbledon semi-finalist Tim Henman, BBC Sport

    "Murray's courage and conviction to come back from 1-4, level at 4-4, then to get the break, and to finish off to love is fantastic but he's got to do it all again now."

  123. 1625:  
    Mike Henson, BBC Sport at WimbledonON THE HILL

    "Dress code violation. The Wimbledon dress code is hardly Royal Ascot, but it does demand that patrons wear shirts. A security guard takes a young man dressed for the lido rather than lawn tennis to task. His heart is not really in it though. 'Yeah, sure, I'll put it on in a minute,' and the offender is waved through."

    GAME AND SECOND SET- Murray 6-4 7-5 Djokovic*

    This set now 66 minutes old, the match two hours and six minutes old - some day this war's gonna end… Djokovic tugs a backhand wide before Murray heaves down a monster first serve for 30-0. Here's Djokovic plonking a backhand long and here are three set points for Murray... ACE! This looks interesting, here's Tom Fordyce with the third set...

    MURRAY BREAKS- *Murray 6-4 6-5 Djokovic

    Here's Murray teaching us what Billy Bragg learned many years ago, that there is no real substitute for a ball struck squarely and firmly - juicy backhand, Djokovic can only net with the volley. And Djokovic has suddenly lost it, and he's being booed and hand-clapped by the Centre Court crowd. Djokovic thought that shot from Murray was out but he's run out of challenges - despite his remonstrations, Hawk-Eye shows it was in. Djokovic nets with a forehand, here are two break points for the Scot... booming overhead by Djokovic, no getting that back, but the Serb hands the break to Murray with a yanked forehand into the net. Start to believe, Great Britain, start to believe...

    Novak Djokovic
    Murray 6-4 5-5 Djokovic*

    Even David Cameron's got his jacket off in the Royal Box although he is rather naively wearing a pale blue shirt, he won't be raising his arms over his head if Murray wins. Murray floats a forehand long, he's delivering from the troublesome end, sun-wise. Murray into the net but Novak is unable to pass him on the backhand flank and here's Murray with an ace down the middle, that was snorting its way down there at 131mph. Djokovic paints Murray into a corner with some hearty groundstrokes before plonking a backhand long - the Scot has a 13% success rate on second serve at the moment - but Djokovic makes a right old mess of this return, despite a second serve so slow it was almost travelling backward. That's a hold.

    *Murray 6-4 4-5 Djokovic

    Djokovic with a leisurely smash behind a good first serve and he follows that with a delivery out wide that Murray can only outside edge to backward point. Djokovic gets on his skates, hits the deck and pulls off a fine angled volley on the stretch, and that's a comfortable hold. And, my, we needed one of them...

    Andrew Castle, BBC Sport commentator

    "Tennis is just littered with sets where people have come back from 1-4, Murray has to keep this going. Is this his moment?"

  129. 1609: 
    Henman Hill

    Fans on a packed Murray Mount, with the Saltire flag held proudly aloft. For more photographs visit BBC Sport's Facebook and Instagram pages.

    Murray 6-4 4-4 Djokovic*

    This second set is already 43 minutes old - and you thought the first one was brutal. Djokovic has been hit out of his stride for the moment, here he is slicing a backhand long and here he is poking a backhand volley wide. Murray into the net with a backhand for 30-15 before the second seed balloons a forehand miles long. Djokovic with an overhead for break point but Murray retaliates with an ace out wide, despite a challenge by Djokovic. Solid first serve out wide by Murray for the advantage, but he follows up with a bunted forehand into the net, despite a 130mph delivery. Djokovic gives Murray the runaround with some deep, penetrating hitting from behind the baseline, and here's a save by Murray after some mind-boggling scrambling by the Serb. Stick a dummy in its mouth and pop a bonnet on it - that shot was as cute as they come by Murray, a dinky backhand drop-shot. And that's a very important hold...

  131. 1603: 

    Djokovic wins three points in a row to set up a break point but Murray saves it with an ace and we have deuce in the eighth game... Murray leads 6-4 3-4.


    Comedian Jack Whitehall: Spotted: John Terry on the district line on his way to Wimbledon with a carrier bag containing a Serbian and a Scottish flag. #beprepared

    Comedian Frankie Boyle: If Djokovic wins he's Serbian, if loses he'll be a citizen of the former Yugoslav Republic

    Writer Caitlin Moran: Imagine if the people who queued for two days to sit on Henman Hill knew it was on telly. They'd be so angry.

    Former GB Davis Cup captain John Lloyd, BBC Sport
    Novak Djokovic

    "That was a significant moment. A great game for Andy Murray but Novak Djokovic has already served three double faults. Murray is anticipating the first serve well and Djokovic is getting frustrated."

    Mike Henson, BBC Sport at WimbledonON THE HILL

    "As the players sit down for a changeover, people on the Hill go in the opposite direction, standing to allow sweat beads to trickle out from the back folds of knees.

    "Raiding parties are being sent forth for drinks while sentries stay behind to protect hard-won territory. There are more haggered looks and earnest discussion than before Scott of Antarctic's final solo journey. Albeit a few degrees warmer."

    MURRAY BREAKS BACK- *Murray 6-4 3-4 Djokovic

    Murray into a 0-30 lead as Djokovic claws a forehand long and the crowd begin to murmur... that's outrageous by Murray, a revved up, top-spin forehand over the highest part of the net for two break points, like a man starting up a stubborn chainsaw. To be fair, that clipped the top of the net. One missed chance for Murray courtesy of an errant forehand, two missed chances, this time courtesy of a muffed backhand into the net. Murray paddles a backhand return into the net, to his obvious frustration, but the Scot follows that with a drilled backhand return, cross court. Tremendous stuff from Murray, getting the better of a sliced backhand exchange before winning the point with a flat-batted forehand and here's a double fault. When the fat lady's singing, Murray will still be swinging, all day long...

    GET INVOLVED- #bbcwimbledon

    Enzo Gambaro: Now they're both wearing caps I have no idea what's going on.

    Angela: I think after today's final, Murray and Djokovic are going to have really bad tan lines.

    Murray 6-4 2-4 Djokovic*

    The stats reveal that Murray isn't taking anywhere near as many balls inside the baseline in this second set, he's dropped to 5%. Murray rocking a cap, now, as if it wasn't difficult enough to tell them apart... Djokovic isn't happy with the umpire - he thinks a ball has landed long but misses with the resulting backhand before challenging, which he can't do. It hit anyway. Djokovic yanks a backhand wide, Murray is not dead in this set yet...


    Former US Open champion Andy Roddick: "Just creeped past the match time of the ladies final yesterday. #notquitedoneyet...These guys won't be able to stand if they play 5"

    Four-time Wimbledon semi-finalist Tim Henman, BBC Sport

    "Djokovic has started to boss the baseline rallies, with some great examples in the last Murray service game where a 30-shot rally followed a 28-shot rally. If Murray lets Djokovic dictate he's going to have to do a lot of running in these warm conditions."

    *Murray 6-4 1-4 Djokovic

    It's a case of 'beware the silence' out there on Centre - it can only mean Novak has done a bad thing to Andy. Djokovic hits the deck behind the baseline after a wrong-footing backhand winner by Murray and the British number one has a glimmer at 15-30... Murray's eyes light up as he sees a Djokovic second serve coming towards him but he hooks his backhand return wide. That's cute as a button from Djokovic at the net, a rinky-dink forehand volley from a crouch position, and he finds a big first serve to consolidate the break.

    MURRAY'S HOME TOWN- Clive Lindsay, BBC Scotland in Dunblane
    Tingle and Macnamara

    "Matt Tingle and partner Davina Macnamara are visiting Scotland from London and diverted to Dunblane after Andy Murray reached the final. Matt said: "We weren't going to get into Centre Court, so this is the next best thing." He was already confident that the Scot would win but is even more so now that he won the opening set. "I thought would lose the first set but come back to win," added Matt. "I think he is going to do it."

    Four-time Wimbledon semi-finalist Tim Henman, BBC Sport

    "It's interesting to see Djokovic moving forward like this, is it for tactical purposes or for physical preservation?"

    DJOKOVIC BREAKS- Murray 6-4 1-3 Djokovic*

    Murray finds himself out of position, just inside the baseline, and flicks a forehand into the net. That's outrageous from Murray, scurrying backwards and putting away the forehand down the line, Lovely bit of touch at the net by Djokovic, an angled forehand volley after another tortuous baseline exchange. And here are two break points for Novak after yet another brutal, 30-stroke punch-up... Murray nets with a forehand and the Centre Court crowd falls silent...

    *Murray 6-4 1-2 Djokovic

    They look like rutting bison, in a mad way. But bison with racquets. Djokovic slides into the net but is unable to put away the backhand volley and here's yet another muffed forehand into the net. The Iron Man is showing signs of rusting. Not much rust on that forehand, Djokovic makes it 30-30, and the Serb follows that with an ace that kisses the T. I say 'kisses', it grabbed the T by the cheeks and rammed an aggressive smacker on its forehead. That's a hold...

    Novak Djokovic
    Three-time Wimbledon champion Boris Becker, BBC Sport

    "There's a sense that Djokovic is a little bit rattled right now, he's talking to the umpire and there's a few unforced errors."

    Murray 6-4 1-1 Djokovic*

    Murray tossing into the sun, he had problems at this end last time. But he puts out a plum of a first serve to start before Djokovic gets a juicy slice of luck on the next point, a 32-shot marathon that ends with Murray being outfoxed by a net cord and bunting a forehand long. Murray follows up with an ace that skims the T before Djokovic tugs a forehand into the net. Murray running at 82% of first serves won and here's Djokovic piling into a powder puff second delivery, that was a monster, monster forehand. Murray nets with a backhand for deuce after some wicked sliced backhands from his rival but here's an ace out wide from the Scot... Djokovic tugs a backhand long, that's a hold...

  147. 1527: 

    We've gone to deuce in the second game of the second set on Murray's serve...

  148. 1525:  
    Mike Henson, BBC Sport at WimbledonON THE HILL

    "The Hill rise as one to salute the safe delivery of the first set. Flags that were previously draped across crisping shoulders, get a brief flutter. A quick count suggests Union Jacks outnumber Saltires two to one before they are quickly replaced."


    Novak Djokovic v Andy Murray: Aces 1-5, Double faults 1-2, 1st serves in 60%-63%, 1st serve points won 54%-84%, break points 1/5 - 2/8, winners 6-17, unforced errors 17-6

    *Murray 6-4 0-1 Djokovic
    Novak Djokovic

    Djokovic fires a forehand long, he's incontinent with errors on the forehand wing at the moment. Murray nets with a forehand of his own for 15-15 before knifing a backhand into the tramlines. Murray misses with an attempted backhand pass, shovels a forehand return wide, that's a relatively straightforward hold, at least by the standards of this match...

    Former Wimbledon champion Richard Krajicek, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Andy came through that set and it has been great tennis. They must both be feeling it physically because I'm feeling it."

    Former GB Davis Cup captain John Lloyd, BBC Sport

    "Wasn't there a record from The Carpenters called We've Only Just Begun? That's how it is here."

    *Murray 6-4 0-0 Djokovic

    Many thanks Tom Fordyce, this is indeed Ben Dirs. It's compelling tennis, don't get me wrong, but you wouldn't call it joyous - it's a grim, grim struggle, with both men needing to kill each other three or four times to win a rally. Before going back to drive a stake in their opponent's heart. Before attaching stones to their body, dropping them into a well and bricking it up. And even then they might not be dead.

    Fans on Henman Hill

    Leigh, Midlands: On airport runway about to fly out. Match coverage about to cut out- good luck Andy!

    Haroon, Birmingham: I swear Djokovic's tactic is to tire Murray out, even if it means losing the first set.

    GAME AND FIRST SET- Murray 6-4 Djokovic *

    Our learned chums at BBC Weather believe this is the hottest Wimbledon men's singles final since Borg beat Nastase in the heatwave of 1976. Murray to 15-0 as Djoko goes long, to 30-0 with a crisp ace down the middle. Big serve out wide, Djokovic into the net. And again! Murray's bagged the first set in exactly an hour - chaos around Centre, bedlam on the Hill. A reminder that Murray also took the first set in last year's final before losing the next three to Roger Federer, but as starts go, this will do, it'll do very nicely.

    * Murray 5-4 Djokovic

    Chances here - Murray at the net at 30-30, but he can only reflex his volley wide. Djokovic with a backhand cross-court that Murray gives up, and he's held on. Murray to serve for the set. Breathe deep.

    Andrew Castle, BBC Sport commentator

    "Murray looks like he's been sparring with Carl Froch, one of his boxing heroes. I wonder if he should be wearing a hat in this sun."

    Four-time Wimbledon semi-finalist Tim Henman, BBC Sport

    "Talk about the players being under pressure, the umpire made the correct call, but when the players carried on he did not have the conviction to interrupt."

    Murray 5-3 Djokovic *

    13 unforced errors from Djokovic in the 40 minutes of this battle, lovely numbers if you're in the home camp. But what's this? Double-fault from Murray as the sun's rays bore into his eyes - oh no, and now another - 0-30, gifts tossed away. Better first serve to claw a point back; brutal deep hitting from Djokovic to set up two break-back points. ACE! That'll do, that'll do. Brilliant rally again, Murray to the net, fading away a forehand, somehow fetched back, volley with nose over the net - yes yes, made to fist-pumps on all sides. Djokovic not happy with some of the line calls, and he will remonstrate with our umpire Mohamed Lahyani. "Come ON, Mohamed!" Maybe the ire stokes his fire, because he will hit with fierce pace and length again for another break point. Battles within battles, contests within contests. Brilliant from Murray - heavy forehand out wide, scampering in to dink away the volley. He's hung on, and now the Serb must hold to stay in this first set.


    Rachel from London but in Cambodia: Cheering Murray on from Battambang. I have no one to cheer with and cry with but at least I have it live on TV. Could be a long night!

    Susi in Huddersfield: I'm at work until 6.30. But by the sounds of things, I might get to see some play!


    American actor Kevin Spacey: May the best man win, with my hopes on the lad from Dunblane. Go Andy!

    Former Wimbledon champion Richard Krajicek, BBC Radio 5 live
    Andy Murray

    "You can see how quickly things can change. Murray was up, down, complaining about his shoes and now he's up again. He needs to consolidate his serve after a break though."

    Three-time Wimbledon champion Boris Becker, BBC Sport

    "I'm shocked at how high the quality is, there is so much at stake. They have a history of long matches, and it will depend on who has the most left in the tank."

  164. 1455:  
    Mike Henson, BBC Sport at WimbledonHOT, HOT, HOT!

    "Just been down to the media centre to get a drink and the referee's office says that the Centre Court temperature at 1350 BST was 49.8C in the sun.

    "Sounds mental but went to the referees to check. Apparently your regular TV forecast temperatures are measured in the shade, hence why it is so much higher."

    MURRAY BREAKS- * Murray 4-3 Djokovic
    Novak Djokovic

    Interesting again - Djokovic misses with a backhand down the line, after Murray has almost cut him in half with a backhand pass. Djokovic... long! Challenge that all you want, that's long every which way you look at it. Three break points, Henman Hill in ferment - netted! Djokovic mired in errors, broken again, and Murray is charging.

    Murray 3-3 Djokovic *
    Bradley Cooper

    Bradley Cooper in the Royal Box. I'm often sent tweets congratulating me on the cut of his suits, which baffled me until I realised that fashion guru Tom Ford's Twitter handle seems to autocorrect to mine. Does Tom Ford sit baffled in LA as mis-directed tweets reach him about top-spin forehands, off-breaks and 800m splits? Super hold to love from Murray, punching away winners to the capacity crowd's partisan roars.

    Four-time Wimbledon semi-finalist Tim Henman, BBC Sport

    "It is like two boxers trading blows, and neither one of them wants to take a backwards step."

    * Murray 2-3 Djokovic

    Djokovic is cruising at 40-0, but suddenly Murray will tear into him. Forehand onto the outermost particles of titanium dust; Djoko with a dreadful forehand volley that would have been considered slap-dash on a park court. Murray now with a forehand to slap away into the open court - gaaggh, he's muffed it, clattering net-cord with Djokovic gone.

    Four-time Wimbledon semi-finalist Tim Henman, BBC Sport

    "It is hot out there, but compared to the conditions they sometimes face in Australia and New York it is very manageable for them."


    Olympic gold medallist skeleton slider Amy Williams: What a perfect day, Played in park with niece all morning now watching @andy_murray v @DjokerNole #wimbledon.

    DJOKOVIC BREAKS- Murray 2-2 Djokovic *
    Andy Murray

    Djokovic dons a white cap at the changeover, and his eyes narrow underneath its brim as Murray top-spins a forehand wide for 0-30. Djokovic will pummel a forehand into the far corners and Murray can only flay desperately long. Three break-back points, and Djoko won't leave those on the table - Murray drags a forehand into the net, and parity is restored. Fitting riposte from the best player in the world. You knew it was going to be like this, didn't you?

    Mike Henson, BBC Sport at WimbledonON THE HILL

    "'Freedom!,' bellows a Scottish braveheart over the cheers as Andy Murray goes a break up. Alex Salmond up in the Royal Box would approve. It is slowly dawning on everyone that with only three games gone and 20 minutes on the clock what they have signed up for."

    Andrew Castle, BBC Sport commentator

    "Twenty minutes played, just three games and a little bit early for a national celebration, but not a bad start."

    GET INVOLVED- #bbcwimbledon

    Matthew Simmonds: "I have a dinner reservation at 8 and I'm not confident of making it."

    Stacy Phillips: "The players look knackered already in this heat. Can they keep up this hard hitting? Great athleticism on show."

    MURRAY BREAKS SERVE- * Murray 2-1 Djokovic

    Murray might have missed those early break points, but he's exerting all sorts of pressure on his great rival's serve once again. Djokovic tosses in a backhand slice that skips off the net-cord and drops wide; Murray in to double-fist a backhand away off a monstrous forehand. 30-40 - into another wonderful exchange of slicing, the ball dying on the hard-baked surface, then a sudden explosion of pace on the forehand - 20 shots, 21, 22, Murray forced out wide, stretching his forehand... wide. Gasps of astonishment at the quality of this contest. Murray with another chance now - in to a strange drop-shot, must put this awa - no! High off the frame, a bizarre mis-hit. Djokovic making an uncharacteristic number of errors here - another forehand missing, this time into the net, but Murray blows the break point with one of his own, off-balance, into the same spot. Djokovic will err again though, and he's a strange shadow of his usual relentless self - Murray cracking away a forehand at the net for a fourth break point, all over the Serb's second serve, a space down the forehand side... MAKES IT! Murray breaks in an epic of a game, and the crowd go ripe bananas.

    Three-time Wimbledon champion Boris Becker, BBC Sport

    "If we thought we needed time to see the players warm up a little bit, we were wrong!"


    Dan, England: Come on Novak. If I'm going to support a foreigner it may as well be the best in the world.

    Chris G: Andy has done so much for British tennis. At last we can be proud. Go Andy! the next Wimbledon champion.

    Four-time Wimbledon semi-finalist Tim Henman, BBC Sport

    "A good hold to get first service game under his belt but he would have liked to have won both games having had three break points on Djokovic."

    Murray 1-1 Djokovic *

    Murray, his back to the rammed Royal Box, motions for a pair of balls from the ball-girl, rotates them in his palm, tosses one away and prepares to serve. Very solid start - Djoko forced wide with a backhand, an ace down the middle, and he's on the board. Blisteringly hot out there, a day for peeling noses and the emergence of freckles you never knew you owned.

    GET INVOLVED- #bbcwimbledon

    Paul Thompson: "If the first game is anything to go by, we are in for a classic. These two look so evenly matched, it's too close to call."

    * Murray 0-1 Djokovic
    Prime Minister David Cameron in the front of the Royal Box

    Here we go - the world number one to open out, his first serve long, his second returned with fizz - probing, relentless rally, shot after shot, 16 of them, 17, 18... Djokovic wide. If that first point is a portend of what is to come, we could be here until Tuesday. Wide again, and again - blimey o'reilly, it's three break points for Murray in the very first game. Oh, good, deep first serves - Murray wide off the forehand, forced to slice into the net off another, and Djokovic has shut the door. Murray with a backhand into the net, and despite a five-minute opener the Serb has clung on.

    Mike Henson, BBC Sport at WimbledonON THE HILL

    "Royal Box patrons should be aware that Andy Murray's Wimbledon finals are becoming an annual popularity poll out on the Hill. Kim Sears is the big climber in the charts from last year, prompting hearty cheers. Victoria Beckham's appearance on the big screen flatlines the crowd - a murmur of recognition rather than approval or otherwise. Politicians of all stripes spark jeering."

    Former Wimbledon champion Richard Krajicek, BBC Radio 5 live

    "I said Novak Djokovic is the underdog because everyone no-one has say he is going to win. He is the world number one, how strange is that. Andy Murray has the crowd behind him and it will be the X-Factor, the 2-3% extra that he will need in the fifth set, if it gets there.

    MURRAY'S HOME TOWN- Clive Lindsay, BBC Scotland in Dunblane

    "Tennis clubs in Scotland are expecting an even bigger jump in membership and participation should Andy Murray win his first Wimbledon title. Falkirk Council has just held a competition that attracted 2000 pupils from 47 schools.

    Peter Gordon, East Region tennis manager with Tennis Scotland, says that, just four years ago, as Murray was beginning his rise to the top, "we had almost no tennis" in that area down the motorway from his Dunblane home. Andy's local club now has 200 youngsters supervised by its coaching regime when, a few years ago, that number was lucky to reach 30."

    Dunblane Tennis Club
  185. 1408: 

    How are the nerves? Butterflies the size of vultures? A special day, a wonderful sporting treat in store. Both men strolling around the baseline, hammering down practice serves, a happy buzz of conversation and anticipation filling the baking mid-afternoon air. I think we're good to go...

    Three-time Wimbledon champion Boris Becker, BBC Sport

    "This is a nerve-wracking place, they are human after all and they don't do this every week! Can you imagine what the atmosphere is like and what it is like to play in it?"

  187. 1404: 

    Novak Djokovic leads the way, Andy Murray on his heels, varied lackeys hefting racquet-bags and towels behind them. The weather as perfect as it could ever be in an English summertime, the court a fading green with expanding patches of bare brown beyond the baseline.

  188. 1404: 
    GET INVOLVED- #bbcwimbledon

    Shabnam Younus: "It's a good job I like montages. They're trying to make me cry BEFORE the game though!"

    Tom Blakey: "Come on, Andy! No matter the result, we should feel nothing but pride that this man represents us."

  189. 1403: 

    Rich sunshine, the crowd straining necks, the noise building - here come the players - wonderful atmosphere around this old arena, giddy cheers and frantic flag-waving...

    Three-time Wimbledon champion Boris Becker, BBC Sport

    "It was a psychological boost winning the gold against Federer, Murray feels good about this court. He won't be thinking about the loss to Federer last year, but winning the Olympics."

    Four-time Wimbledon semi-finalist Tim Henman, BBC Sport

    "He has to be focused, he has to go in with the game plan discussed with Ivan Lendl and execute it. It's about the big points, who plays them best and who takes their chances."

  192. 1359: 

    Thanks Aimee - Fordyce with you for this glorious ding-dong. It's time. Shall we?

  193. 1357: 

    Tom from Cheltenham via 81111: No matter what the result, he's done us all proud once again. Come on, Andy. End the streak!

    Emma: Been playing netball at the Corporate Games this weekend. Knockout competition this morning. Lost our game on purpose so we were finished by 12 and back for the final!

    Barbara, Blackburn: Problems ahead at 2pm. Can't record both Grand Prix and Le Tour AND watch tennis!

    Former Wimbledon champion Richard Krajicek, BBC Radio 5 live

    "At this moment now when I was in the final, I was waiting behind the door, thinking about how special it is and just trying to settle the nerve so you don't fully appreciate what is going."

    Four-time Wimbledon semi-finalist Tim Henman, BBC Sport

    "Now Andy's through to the final, it's more predictable because he knows Djokovic's game so well, and there won't be any surprises for him.

    "The crowd have a big part to play, Andy has got to get off to a good start but they can help Andy ride this wave for British sport right now."

  196. 1351: 

    Sue Barker and Boris Becker to the front of me, frilly parasols and pink nosed ladies to the right of me but it is to the left the snappers are directing their lenses, peering into the Royal Box even though only two unidentifiable figures are perched there.

    Three-time Wimbledon winner John McEnroe, BBC Sport

    "If they both play their best tennis, Novak is the more complete player, but Andy is a little bit better moving on this surface. They are so similar, it is about who is going to handle their nerves better, and the crowd will be important.

    "Andy Murray in five sets, and I hope it goes five. This is going to be great."

  198. 1347: 

    More from Judy Murray, Andy's mum, on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "He's been in big finals a number of times now so he knows what to expect. He has got Ivan Lendl in his corner and he has also been in many of Slam finals. They know what to do and prepare. Let's hope that he goes out and can play his best tennis today."

  199. 1345: 

    How do you do on this beautiful day in SW19? Aimee here because Ben Dirs has left the commentary box. He's gone searching for the 'tortoise man' apparently which, according to Dirs, sounds like a horror film. Plenty of slow moving creatures around Wimbledon, the heat ensuring the masses are walking - and sweating - as if they're carrying boulders on their backs.

  200. 1344:  
    BBC Radio 5 live

    Andy Murray's mum, Judy, on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "Last night, we had a quiet and normal dinner at home. Roast chicken, potatoes and vegetables. I'm not sure what he was watching on TV. I was reading and I think it was some kind of boxing. He is a boxing nut as you know. It was a very normal, calm and quiet night before. Then this morning we had breakfast outside in the sun because it was gorgeous. I guess he's as calm as he could be and then he left at 10am to do what he does before a match."

    Listen to the build-up on BBC Radio 5 live.

  201. 1342: 

    Novak Djokovic has been talking to BBC Sport's Rishi Persad about his rivalry with Andy Murray:

    "We grew up together, we went toe to toe in junior events and we made the breakthrough to the ATP at same time. There's only seven days between us, our games are very similar and it's going to be exciting. With our past matches, you can expect a long one."

    Three-time Wimbledon winner John McEnroe, BBC Sport

    "This is the greatest court in tennis. There is something so magical about it, and it will be interesting to see how one-sided the crowd is.

    "In the Olympic final it was about 90%-10% in Andy's favour, and Roger Federer didn't like that. Andy's got the monkey off his back in winning the US Open, but it's not going to be easy."

  203. 1337: 

    "Is anyone looking for the tortoise man?" says a security guard at the back of the commentary box. I'm pretty sure I'm not. Those large men in ill-fitting polo shirts you hear talking in loud Cockney voices as you walk up to Wimbledon from Southfields station are called 'touts'. But it sounds like they're in the wrong place: a pair of tickets has changed hands for £15,000 on ticket website Viagogo, with another pair listed for a staggering £71,000. That's a lot of dough to see Murray lose...


    Nine-time Wimbledon champion Martina Navratilova: Good luck Andy and Novak- it's going to be a cracker:), may the best man win!!!

    Three-time Wimbledon winner John McEnroe, BBC Sport

    "Lendl has been key in Andy's success, he had the credibility to say to Andy that he lost his first four Slam finals, and then he won eight majors."

    John Lloyd, BBC Sport

    "The mental side of Murray has improved night and day and that was what kept him from winning a Grand Slam title. He has been able to control his emotions and that has been the key to his improvement under Ivan Lendl."

  207. 1329: 
    Aimee Lewis, BBC Sport at Wimbledon

    The gregarious neighbours are hosting their annual party, the sort of shindig everyone's going to be talking about in the morning. They've been boasting for days that the eyes of a nation will be on them, rabbiting on about 1936, and all they've asked you to be is a cloakroom attendant. But, sometimes, it's in the quietest corners that the most fun is had. "It will be rammed in here later," says a young chap guarding the entrance to Court Two. "They'll start sending people over here once the hill is full."

    Three-time Wimbledon champion Boris Becker on his rivalries, BBC Sport

    "My first difficult rival was Ivan Lendl. I respected him but I wouldn't say I liked him. I played Stefan Edberg in the Wimbledon final in 1988, 1989 and 1990, and he was my nemesis. I never felt anger towards him and I liked him. That took away a little bit of the edge every now and then."

    Mark Petchey, BBC Sport

    "Andy's well aware of the weight of history, but he has to keep himself in the place he has been for the last two weeks. The opening set is crucial because they are both such good front runners."

  210. 1323: 

    Nice package about rivalries on BBC 1 now - and what is any sport without them? Only when you have rivalries do you get to the very core of a sport's meaning.

    Former GB Davis Cup captain John Lloyd, BBC Sport

    "They both cancel each other out, they are both so quick and their defences are so good. Andy's playing the best player in the world and it's going to be so close, and I can guarantee it will not be a quick match."

    Four-time Wimbledon semi-finalist Tim Henman, BBC Sport

    "Andy Murray trains phenomenally hard and is dedicated to the job and all that effort is for days like today, for the biggest prize in our sport."

    MURRAY'S HOME TOWN- Clive Lindsay, BBC Scotland in Dunblane
    Fiona Bennie

    "Fiona Bennie, tennis convenor at Dunblane Tennis Club, knows the Murray family well having been taught the game by Andy's grandmother, Shirley, and having been at school with her daughter, Judy. 'I am nervous for him and I am just sitting here,"'she said of the big-screen viewing of the final she has organised at the club. 'Goodness knows what he must be going through thinking about what is ahead for him. I have a good feeling about today. Djokovic is great and Andy must be at the top of his game, but he has beaten him before and the crowd behind give him an extra five percent.'"


    David and Piers nr Wimbledon: We have just walked past Marion Bartoli doing star jumps for photographers -not every day you see a Wimbledon Champion on your road!

    Three-time Wimbledon champion Boris Becker, BBC Sport

    "You have to enjoy playing a Wimbledon final, being put in a spot where you can make history. If you're afraid of it, you'll never embrace it and you will never win it."


    Golf's US Open champion, Justin Rose: "Andy will be nervous but all great athletes understand that nerves doesn't mean poor performance. It is the years of practice that come through today. You have to put yourself in the situation and learn to handle it.

    "There is no substitute for experience and hopefully all that experience can help him today. It is important in sport to stay in the moment and not get too carried away, but that moment when you toss the ball up and serve, I can't imagine it."

    Four-time Wimbledon semi-finalist Tim Henman, BBC Sport

    "Fred Perry was an amazing champion and one the legends of the game. I would like to hear his name less and this is Andy Murray's chance, it's hot out there but fingers crossed he will get the job done."

    Fred Perry statue

    Ian in Ayrshire: Andy Murray to further enhance his reputation by beating the world's best today and add Wimbledon to the US and Olympic titles he holds, go on my son

    Jenny from London: On my way to Potters Fields hoping to get a good spot in front of big outdoor screen. Reading BBC build-up commentary on the bus and got butterflies already! C'mon Andy!

  219. 1306: 

    Pinki Sonkar (11), from India, will be performing the coin toss to decide which player will serve first between Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray. Pinki will be representing Smile Train, the world's largest cleft lip and palate charity.

    Three-time Wimbledon champion Boris Becker, BBC Sport

    "Who can control their nerves and emotions the best? Poor Sabine Lisicki could not hit a ball straight yesterday, that's what Centre Court does to you. Both these men have won Grand Slam finals, they know what to do.

    "This year will be completely different for Andy, last year he played well in the first set but was overtaken by that it was his first Wimbledon final. I don't think he'll be too nervous out there today."

  221. 1304: 

    The boys' singles final is under way on Court One, and it's South Korea's Hyeon Chung against Italy's Gianluigi Quinzi, who beat Kyle Edmund in the semi-finals.

    Four-time Wimbledon semi-finalist Tim Henman, BBC Sport

    "If you reflect on the tournament and the upsets we have, Murray has spoken about the added expectation of getting through to the final and we saw a bit of that come through against Fernando Verdasco in the quarter-final.

    "Deep down, this was the match he was looking for and there is more pressure this time around than 12 months ago. He has his Grand Slam title now, an Olympic gold medal and I feel this is his day."

  223. 1258: 

    And on Court 14, Britain's Lucy Shuker and Marjolein Buis are locked at 5-5 in the first set of their women's wheelchair doubles semi, against German/Dutch team Sabine Ellerbrock and Sharon Walraven.

    THE VIEW FROM ANDY MURRAY'S HOME TOWN- Clive Lindsay, BBC Scotland in Dunblane

    "Peter Gordon, Tennis Scotland's East Region development manager, is feeling more confident than ever about an Andy Murray victory. "Having won Olympic gold at Wimbledon and the US Open, he now has the belief he. An do it and, more than ever, he now has the Centre Court behind him," he said."

  225. 1255: 

    Over on Court 12 is the women's wheelchair doubles semi-final. As it stands, Britain's Jordanne Whiley and Yui Kamiji of Japan are 4-4 in the first set against Jiske Griffioen and Aniek van Koot of the Netherlands.

  226. 1251: 

    Czech top seeds Barbora Krejcikova and Katerina Siniakova have won the girls' doubles final, beating Ukrainian/Belarusian team Anhelina Kalinina and Iryna Shymanovich 6-3 6-1.

    David Ornstein, BBC Sport at WimbledonMURRAY PRACTICE

    "Murray fires an outrageous crosscourt backhand winner that draws gasps from all observers and brings his work-out to end in style. Even coach Lendl has a glint in his eye after that one.

    "There's no time for a post-session debrief on court as we've seen previously - Murray is drenched in sweat and heads off straight off to the locker rooms via a back exit.

    "The autograph hunters are disappointed but Murray has business to attend to. He'll shower, eat lunch, have a massage and a rest before stepping out on Centre Court to play Djokovic in the Wimbledon final."

    Andy Murray
  228. 1240: 

    Andy Murray described his thoughts on the eve of the final in his exclusive BBC column. He sounds in relaxed mood, keeping all the hype firmly in perspective.

    "Obviously these events are shown all around the world and there are hundreds of millions of people watching," he said.

    "It's a bit strange when you think about it, so maybe it's best that I don't.

    "When I look back at the end of my career I'll be satisfied that I trained as hard as I possibly could and gave myself the chance to compete against these guys."


    Andy Murray's mum, Judy Murray, has been speaking to BBC Radio 5 live about how her son has been preparing for today: "This is what you play for, the big moments, the big occasions, the finals of Slams are what you play for.

    "I didn't see him too much yesterday. He had a light hit with his hitting partner Danny Vallverdu, and he had a quiet dinner of roast chicken, vegetables and potatoes. He watched some boxing on TV last night, it was all very calm and quiet.

    "He's as calm as he could be, or he seemed to be. He knows what to expect, he has Ivan Lendl with him, he's been to eight Slam finals, they know what to do, so let's hope he can play his best tennis today."

  230. 1236: 

    Nice little quip from Andy Murray following his semi-final victory on Thursday. When asked by an American journalist how he'd imagine a conversation would pan out if Fred Perry were to return from the dead, to schoolboy giggles from the British press pack, Murray replied: "He'd probably say: why aren't you wearing my kit..."

    David Ornstein, BBC Sport at WimbledonMURRAY PRACTICE

    "Murray looks remarkably calm for a man about to try and end Britain's 77-year wait for a Wimbledon men's singles champion.

    "This has been a more intense session than Murray usually undertakes on a match day, especially given the heat and fact he could be involved in a five-set final shortly."


    The newspapers are a mix of mounting Murray mania this morning

    Jim Holden in the Sunday Express writes: "Murray is a tennis player at the peak of his powers at a time of unequalled excellence in the history of the sport. Victory in a classic duel in the sun would surely blow away the remaining doubters."

    Simon Briggs in the Sunday Telegraph spells out what a Murray victory would mean for British sport. "After 77 years without a British male winner, it would be more historic than the Lions, more resonant than the Ashes, harder-earned than Justin Rose's maiden major title, when you consider the quality of the field he is up against."

    And Andy Dunn, writing in the Sunday Mirror, believes we should salute Murray whether he wins or loses. "Chronicles of sport will always be sprinkled with the stardust of the flamboyant, the extravagant, the tortured and the troubled," Dunn writes. "But there should always be a place for those who are unrelenting in their quest to make the most out of what life has granted them. And I doubt there has been a British sportsman or woman as unrelenting as Andy Murray."

    Four-time Wimbledon semi-finalist Tim Henman, BBC Sport

    "My gut feeling is it is going to be a great match, and the result is an Andy Murray win in five sets.

    "There are a number of factors. His experience from 12 months ago is important, I think that match against Federer was so intense, the expectation was even greater than it is today.

    "The Olympics, not only winning gold but beating Djokivic on grass is a factor. Grass is a better surface for Murray than it is Djokovic, although Djokovic is a great player on grass.

    "Winning his first Grand Slam title at the US Open, away from Wimbledon is another small thing. And the crowd have a part to play today."

  234. 1231: 

    Who's in the Royal Box? And, frankly, who cares? Actually, I do. We've got Scottish actor and star of How to Train Your Dragon 2, Gerard Butler; the president of Serbia, Tomislav Nikolic; star of the Hangover, the magnificently-maned Bradley Cooper; Laver, Rod; Austin, Tracy; Rooneys, Wayne and Coleen; US Open golf champion Justin Rose; Smith, Stan; and 1987 men's singles semi-finalist and Novak Djokovic's fellow Serb Slobodan Zivojinovic. And Posh Spice, David Cameron and Alex Salmond. Oh, and Ed Miliband.

  235. 1220: 

    This is Ben Dirs for a bit and I bring you news that there is actually some proper action taking place on the lawns of Wimbledon. Over on Court Three top seeds Barbora Krejcikova and Katerina Siniakova of the Czech Republic are 5-3 up in the first set of the girls' doubles final against Ukrainian/Belarusian team Iryna Shymanovich and Anhelina Kalinina, seeded eight. I started writing that entry at 1045...

    David Ornstein, BBC Sport at WimbledonMURRAY PRACTICE

    "Andy Murray earns some wolf whistles and a cacophony of camera clicks as he changes T-shirts before getting started with hitting partner Dani Vallverdu. The Scot is taking plenty of liquids on board to keep him hydrated in the baking heat and I don't imagine this being a particularly long session."

    Andy Murray
    THE QUEUE- Aimee Lewis, BBC Sport at Wimbledon
    Fans queue

    "Steve Weatherall and Richard Wyles seem to have carefully planned their outfits but, unfortunately, not their queuing strategy. They've arrived from Canterbury, mahogany tans topped, refreshments in the bag, and thought they'd be cheering Murray from the hill at 2pm. 'What are we going to do now? We've not planned this well. People have been queuing since Friday? Really? You're kidding me...' Someone give them a hug."

  238. 1210: 

    Fred Perry may have launched a successful sportswear brand in the wake of his Wimbledon triumph. Andy Murray probably won't need to worry about polo shirt sales.

    According to Nigel Currie of sports marketing agency brandRapport, he is likely to lag behind only David Beckham and Lennox Lewis in the biggest-earning British sports star in history if he wins today.

    David Ornstein, BBC Sport at WimbledonMURRAY PRACTICE

    "This Murray practice session is following exactly the same pattern as any other during Wimbledon 2013, despite the Scot being just two hours away from one of the biggest matches of his life. It started with some baseline rallies and Murray then worked on his forehands and backhands into the corners before some volleys, overheads, passing shots and serves. Interestingly, from the deuce court he was only serving down the middle, and from the advantage court only out wide. Both will test Djokovic's stronger backhand side. Dani Vallverdu is now sending down deliveries from midcourt to tune up Murray's return game."

  240. 1205: 

    The last time a British man won Wimbledon, Fred Perry didn't just beat Gottfried von Cramm. He thrashed him 6-1 6-1 6-0.

    Great Britain still has more men's singles champions at Wimbledon than any other nation at 35 winners.

    On the downside, the 77 years that have passed since mean that we have been waiting more than twice as long as any other Grand Slam to have a home men's champion.

  241. 1156: 

    How Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray have spent their down-time at Wimbledon maybe shows the different paths they are travelling down off the court.

    Novak Djokovic has been visiting a nearby Buddhist temple.

    "I don't do that. I watch TV, comedy TV. But I don't, yeah, go to temple," said Murray.

    Mock the Week can put you off your meditation.

    David Ornstein, BBC Sport at WimbledonMURRAY PRACTICE
    Andy Murray practice

    "All eyes are on Andy Murray as he arrives at practice ahead of this afternoon's Wimbledon final against Novak Djokovic. Cheers, applause and shouts of support ring out from the gathered spectators as Murray makes his way to Practice Court 15. One boy asks him to sign a jumbo tennis ball and the Scot jokes 'Let me practice first!', but he promises to return and fulfill their requests once he's done."

  243. 1145: 

    Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray go back. Way back. With Murray just seven days older than the Serb, they were regular rivals on the juniors circuit, first playing each other as 11 year-olds.

    They have been good friends coming up through the ranks, but there have been hints over the past fortnight that their relationship has cooled as the have become increasingly isolated at the top of the men's game.

    "I think we have a professional friendship now," he said.

    "When we were younger it was more friendly. I still message him sometimes and we've spent a lot of time discussing various issues within tennis and doing what I think was best for the sport, but I don't think it goes more than that right now.

    "I would hope that when we finish playing it will be different. But it's just hard because playing in big, big matches, with a lot on the line, you can't be best of friends."

    GET INVOLVED- #bbcwimbledon

    Celebrities have been Tweeting their good luck messages to Andy Murray.

    Kevin Bridges: Good luck to @andy_murray today. Come on big man!!

    Colin Murray: If Andy #Murray wins #Wimbledon today I pledge to change my surname by deed poll to match his. Dedication ;)

    Charlie Adam: Good luck to @andy_murray in the final.#allinformurray

    Jonathan Ross: Wimbledon Final. Going to be massive. I'm supporting Andy, but hope the crowd shows Djokovic the respect he deserves as a great sportsman.

  245. 1137: 

    Here's a a video showing how the Hill in front of the big screen turned from a grassy slope to a mass of pink limbs and picnic baskets in just a few minutes when the gates opened at 1030 BST.

    For some reason all that mad chasing around in such a British setting makes me think it should have the Benny Hill theme as a soundtrack.

  246. 1131:  
    Ben Dirs, BBC Sport at WimbledonTHE HILL

    "Announcer: 'Wear a hat, drink plenty of water and apply plenty of sunscreen.' He failed to add: 'Don't drink two bottles of pinot'"

  247. 1131: 

    BBC Sports's Paul Birch on Court 18: "Novak Djokovic has really upped the intensity of his practice session now and is demanding that his hitting partner Dusan Vemic directs backhand slices at him - all of which are returned with interest straight back over the net and bang on the tram lines. Word has obviously spread and the stands of Court 18 are really filling up as fans get a rare opportunity to see a Wimbledon finalist practice up close."

  248. 1129: 

    Novak Djokovic's sparkling form in the early rounds saw him dispose of Florian Mayer and Bobby Reynolds in straight sets before he completed an 86-minute demolition job on Jeremy Chardy 6-3 6-2 6-2. The world number one did not make a single unforced error in the first two sets of his win over the Frenchman.

    Tomas Berdych slowed him up a little in a repeat of the 2011 final before folding out 7-6 (7-5) 6-4 6-3 before arguably the match of the Championships so far in the semi-finals.

    Juan Martin del Potro forced the top seed to dig deep into his reserves before eventually being bounced out 7-5 4-6 7-6 6-7 6-3 in almost four and three-quarter hours.

    Total time on court: 14 hours 26 minutes

  249. 1123: 

    Andy Murray began his 2013 campaign at Wimbledon against Benjamin Becker, dispatching the German quick-smart 6-4 6-3 6-2. Straight-sets wins followed over one-time Olympic conqueror Yen-Hsun Lu and Spain's Tommy Robredo before the combustable Mikhail Youzhny was defused 6-4 7-6 6-1.

    Then things got a little trickier.

    Fernando Verdasco gave Britain severe tea-time indigestion by going two sets to love up on Murray in the last eight, before being pegged back 4-6 3-6 6-1 6-4 7-5.

    Jerzy Janowicz demanded that the Centre Court roof got an outing in their semi-final, but taking the match indoors didn't derail Murray who prevailed 6-7 6-4 6-4 6-3.

    Total time on court: 14 hours 51 minutes

  250. 1118: 

    For all the shocks and upsets of this Wimbledon fortnight, with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal both failing to make it into the second week, this is the final that the seeding committee predicted all along.

    Both have been taken to the brink of elimination, but have fought back from the cliff edge. Let's take a look at the form guide coming into this final.

  251. 1115: 

    Ben Dirs, BBC Sport at Wimbledon: "John from Elgin got his ticket from a tout but won't say for how much, except to say 'the kids won't be going abroad this summer'"

  252. 1114: 

    Paul Birch, BBC Sport at Wimbledon: "Outside the BBC Production office window lies Court 18 where low and behold none other than Novak Djokovic has just appeared and is hitting a few gentle forehands in front of a handful of lucky fans who have snuck in. He looks very relaxed in the baking sunshine."

    Novak Djokovic
  253. 1111: 
    Aimee Lewis, BBC Sport at Wimbledon

    "A lot of people aren't going to get in," a steward tells me. He glances around at the thousands of wannabe Murray Mounders whose dreams are likely to be dashed, shrugs his shoulders and then looks to the ground. There's sadness in his eyes."If they get in, it'll be after the final... which could be 6pm, you just don't know." Stragglers are still arriving, but a lady bellows: "We've reached capacity!" (If she's said it once she's said it...) Their response is a deflated-sounding "oh"."

    David Ornstein, BBC Sport at Wimbledon

    "There's a mixture of excitement, nervousness and exhaustion in the Wimbledon ground pass queue this morning. Excitement because everyone lined up is going to get into the All England Club, nervousness because Andy Murray's big moment is now under four hours away and exhaustion because it's absolutely roasting hot.

    "Some people are painting each other's faces with Union Jacks and Scottish Saltires, others playing ball games or listening to music and a few setting up for brunch, al fresco style."

  255. 1104: 

    Tim Henman is just one of the former champions and tennis writers whose predictions have been noted down by BBC Sport in the build-up. Sixteen opinions sought, and the results are 12-3 in favour of an Andy Murray victory. A little bit of a home-favourite tinge to those takes on today's events? Perhaps.

    Nine-time champion Martina Navratilova was the one to sit on the fence.

    "Andy now has a real chance, but I think it is too tough to call," she says, which maybe the most honest opinion anyone can offer. It is like calling a coin toss trying to detect a winner between these two.

  256. 1059: 

    Anna Thompson, BBC Sport at Wimbledon: "Brothers Brian and Jim Mitchell had driven down from Edinburgh overnight and were told the queue was already oversubscribed when they arrived at 0815 BST.

    "We came down on a whim," said Jim. "Ah well, we'll find a pub nearby to watch Andy instead."

    Brian and Jim Mitchell
    GET INVOLVED- #bbcwimbledon

    Diane Maughan: Last year we had hope - this year we have belief. C'mon Andy!

    Struan Elliott: Watching all the way from Christchurch New Zealand #cmonandy

    Oliver J Cook: I'll be watching from my grandad's hospital bed "A heart attack won't stop me I've not missed Wimbledon in 20 years!" He says!

    Four-time Wimbledon semi-finalist Tim Henman, BBC Sport

    "Andy will wake up with a massive amount of excitement. This is what all the hard work on the track, in the gym and the practice courts is all about.

    "When you're playing in a two-week event you get into a pretty good routine and know what the schedule is going to be. It will be very much a case of trying to keep it business as usual. But no way will Andy get away from the fact that this is one of biggest matches of his life.

    "The biggest advantage for Andy is that he has been through this before. There's a massive amount of pressure but it will be less stressful for Andy, than it was last year, because of the experience he has gained in the last 12 months.

  259. 1050: 
    Aimee Lewis, BBC Sport at WimbledonIN THE QUEUE

    "I've bumped into Agi, Camille and Melissa in the back end of queue. Actually, I accosted them but they were more than happy to chat - and were in good spirits even though they've been queuing since 7.30am. "I've just been doing a pub quiz on the phone," says Londoner Camille, explaining how she's whiled away the hours.

    Apparently 90 people will have to leave the All England Club before the cheerful trio can even hope for a spot on Murray Mound. Agi, from Poland, is rooting for Djokovic but I said I'd keep that quiet. "I'm not a big tennis fan," adds Melissa. "I'm just here for the occasion." And what an occasion it'll be!

    Fans in the Wimbledon queue
    David Ornstein, BBC Sport at Wimbledon

    "Andy Murray's fitness trainer Jez Green is already down at Aorangi Park in preparation for the British number one's 1100 BST warm-up on his favourite Practice Court 15. Other members of Murray's support team are also milling around, but I'm told David Beckham - who is managed by the same company as the Scot - will not be in the Players' Box this year as he is in Singapore. Beckham's wife Victoria, however, is in attendance to support Murray."

  261. 1042: 

    The ropes were dropped by the stewards at 1030 BST on the dot to allow ground-pass holders into the All England. Usually they accompany it with an instruction not to run. If they bothered today, it was ignored.

    Headlong sprints to grab prime viewing spots on the Hill ensued and there is hardly a patch of green remaining.

  262. 1038: 
    Fans queuing

    Thousands of fans arrived at Wimbledon Park overnight to queue to get a ground pass so they can watch Andy Murray from Aorangi Terrace, a.k.a the slope of hope.

    By 0800 BST stewards were telling fans the queue was full and they would not be able to get into Wimbledon before the men's final had finished.

  263. 1035: 

    The Wimbledon crowd has a big part to play today. Finals weekend at Wimbledon may the most British of occasions, but there is no time for any of those old values of reserve and decorum.

    Never has Andy Murray looked so at home at the All England as in London 2012 when Centre Court was rabid with Olympic fever. To get a pointer on the sort of behaviour that is required, look back at highlights of Murray's 7-5 7-5 semi-final win over Novak Djokovic. And then double it.

    Tracy Austin, 1979 and 1981 US Open winner, tells BBC Radio 5 live’s Sportsweek:

    "Who do I think will win? Murray. The whole nation is holding its breath but there's so little to choose between these two. The best part of both of these players' game is their return of serve. They're both fit and neither will have a problem if the match goes into a fifth set. Novak has been a Wimbledon champion before while Andy beat Novak at the Olympics."

  265. 1026: 

    Ah, Virginia Wade. That reminds me. She was the last British singles champion at Wimbledon, back in '77. It is 77 years since Fred Perry won the men's crown at the All England, and today's date in numeric form? 7/7.

    If Dan Brown was writing the script for the final there wouldn't be any point Novak Djokovic turning up now.

    Virginia Wade, Britain's 1977 Wimbledon women's champion speaking to BBC Radio 5 live's Sportsweek:

    "They know each other so well, they played juniors together. It is just going to be who manages the occasion. The crowd is going to be bananas and Andy likes it. Novak knows that and will manage it. He is so mature now. It is going to be too close to call.

    "It's just depends how Andy feels off the court. If he feels it is his moment he will feel relaxed. If he is a bit iffy about his game he will feel like the crowd is more like an opponent.

    "I'll go for Murray."

  267. 1019: 
    BBC coverage

    You have got until 1250 BST to get your viewing set-up sorted. That is when BBC One's coverage starts. But BBC Radio 5 live have been scratching your final itch from 0600 BST with plenty of build-up and analysis already.


    I can imagine that you might want to have your say on what unfolds this afternoon. The gates are wide open on Twitter via #bbcwimbledon or from texts from UK phones on 81111.

    Along with the obligatory predictions, let's hear how you are combining a corker of a day weather-wise with today's action. I imagine that the national supply of extension cables may be running low as people attempt to take the telly outdoors.

  269. 1009: 

    So, here we are. Welcome to a picture-perfect day at Wimbledon. The All England Club is already throbbing with heat. The Centre Court is pristine, with only a bit of wear at the baseline to show for all the thousands of spectators and hundreds of rallies that have come and gone in the 12 days before.

    In just under four hours time, Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic will step out to contest the men's final. As the nation takes a collective nervous gulp.

  270. 1003: 

    Since then Andy Murray has broken his Grand Slam duck at the US Open, won Olympic gold, overtaken Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer to become world number two and reached the final of every Grand Slam event he has entered.

    It is now his rivalry with Novak Djokovic that defines the top of the men's game.

    If Andy Murray can win the latest of their contests today, a 77-year wait, that stretches back past Nadal and Federer, Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras, Boris Becker and Stefan Edberg, John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg, will be over.

    And Britain will have a Wimbledon men's singles champion.

  271. 1000: 

    Twelve months ago, it felt like we might have seen the end of something on Centre Court.

    A tearful Andy Murray, beaten by Roger Federer in the Wimbledon final, had lost all four of the Grand Slam finals he had appeared in.

    In the weeks that followed he would dream that the match had ended with him lifting the title, only to wake up and find that the trophy stayed the other side of consciousness.

    It seemed that trauma might fatally damage his belief that he could join the very top rank of modern players.

    It didn't. That defeat in the drizzle was not an end, but a start.

    Andy Murray and Roger Federer

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