US Open day three as it happened

Defending US Open champion Andy Murray cruises past Michael Llodra in round one, while Britain's Laura Robson reaches round three.

29 August 2013 Last updated at 04:08 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 0500: 

    Next up for Murray is fellow 26-year-old Leonard Mayer of Argentina. Their only previous meeting - on the hard courts of Valencia in 2009 - ended with the British number one coming through 6-4 3-6 6-3. We'll be here to talk you through that second-round match on Friday, but before that make sure you're back here for the day four action on Thursday. Thanks for your company, bye for now.


    "We had a long wait to get on and I tried to get off to a good start. He played well at the beginning of the second set. He's a very flashy, very unpredictable player and I had to stay strong. Once I weathered the storm early in the second set, I got better.

    "I thought I moved well and played very solidly, with very few unforced errors. That's important. You want to build into the tournament. I hit winners and passed well - I'll try to take that into my next match. Ill get back, rest and sleep. There are a long few days ahead for me, so I need to recover as best I can."

    Andy Murray

    Nick Garbutt: Don't think I've ever seen someone serve underarm in tennis... especially in a grand slam playing against Murray! Madness!

    Louise Sanders: The long wait was worth it. Thank you Andy for keeping your match short and very sweet!


    "It was tough to concentrate because he is so unpredict - he hits through-the-legs shots, under-arm serves and backspin drop shots. He's capable of anything so you just have to concentrate. It's really special to be back here. Last year when I won I was in a bit of shock, It know it is late but it was great playing to a packed-out crowd."

    Andy Murray and Michael Llodra
    Martina Navratilova, 18-time Grand Slam singles champion on 5 live

    "Murray was waiting so long to finally play his first match. Llodra offered no danger - Murray had beaten him three times previously. Andy is in great form and the numbers don't lie - he hit 34 winners and only five unforced errors. He must be really happy with that.

    "The monkey is off his back now he has won a couple of Grand Slam titles - he can relax, he's in his prime and it's great to see. Rafael Nadal has the best numbers this year, but Murray has played the best tennis. He's playing great tennis, he's healthy and the sky is the limit."

    Murray 6-2 6-4 6-3 Llodra

    Llodra knows the game is up at 0-30 and resorts to wowing the crowd with some dives, tumbles, arm-waves and racquet spins. The pranks bring smiles aplenty but Murray is unfazed and easily breaks serve for a one hour and 38 minute victory. Job well done.

    *Murray 6-2 6-4 4-3 Llodra

    There's really no need for Murray to be getting annoyed with himself here, but he is. Clearly a reflection of the incredibly high standards the 26-year-old sets himself. A forehand into the net precedes a forehand into the tramlines. Llodra hanging on in there.

    Murray 6-2 6-4 4-2 Llodra*

    From the sublime - Llodra goes toe-to-toe with Murray in a beguiling rally - to the ridiculous - Llodra plays lazily into the net. The end result? Another comfortable service hold that edges Britain's finest towards the finishing line.

    Piers Newbery, BBC Sport in New York

    "James Blake thumps a forehand into the net and they will go into a fifth set on Armstrong, with shouts of "Ivo! Ivo!" ringing around the stadium for their man Karlovic."

    *Murray 6-2 6-4 3-2 Llodra

    A majestic midcourt overhead catches the sideline to give Llodra a hold to 30 and a stay of execution.

    Murray 6-2 6-4 3-1 Llodra*

    The Llodra challenge may be fading, but he's still got trips up that luminous green sleeve. He shows typical French artistry to fight back from 30-0 and draw huge cheers from the crowd. However, Murray simply cranks up the intensity to serve his way over the line.

    *Murray 6-2 6-4 2-1 Llodra

    A sloppy Llodra forehand finds the net to give Murray two break points - the first goes begging but the second is taken with a savage crosscourt backhand service return. Murray closing in on a place in round two of the US Open.

    Murray 6-2 6-4 1-1 Llodra*

    The riposte is emphatic. Murray cruising.

    *Murray 6-2 6-4 0-1 Llodra

    He may be in total control, but Murray is still geeing himself up in his strive for perfection. The world number three chases down Llodra's latest failed drop shot to dispatch a crosscourt forehand for deuce. Llodra digs in to secure the hold with a routine put-away at the end of a sensational rally - point of the match.

    Michael Llodra
    Piers Newbery, BBC Sport in New York

    "Murray might have been kept waiting but, at the rate he's going, he might not be the last to make it through round one. A healthy crowd on Louis Armstrong Stadium is willing James Blake, who announced his imminent retirement on Monday, to victory over Ivo Karlovic. The American leads by two sets to one. Meanwhile, Benoit Paire and Russia's Alex Bogmolov Jr are into a fifth on Court 13, and Frenchman Paire has been chucking bottles of water, given a code violation, gesturing at line judges. All good fun."

    Martina Navratilova, 18-time Grand Slam singles champion on 5 live

    "Andy picked it up when he had to. Now it looks like smooth sailing - hopefully for the rest of the round."

    Murray 6-2 6-4 Llodra*

    Having weathered the Llodra storm, Murray is now demolishing the 33-year-old. The Scot wraps up set number two with a love hold, sealed by a blistering forehand pass. Long way back now...

    *Murray 6-2 5-4 Llodra

    The Murray march goes on with a cushioned forehand pass taking him to deuce and within two points of a two-set lead. But his radar then goes walkies when a backhand return is flashed into the baseline, Llodra at last has reason to be cheerful. That said, Murray is about to serve for the set.


    Louise Sanders: Need Murray to stay ahead. I'm twitchy during his matches at best, let alone after several buckets of coffee.

    Murray 6-2 5-3 Llodra*

    Murray drop-shots his way to 40-0 and Martina Navratilova in the BBC Radio 5 live commentary box jokes that "he's just showing off now". Another authoritative hold from the number three seed.

    Russell Fuller, BBC tennis correspondent at Flushing Meadows

    "Llodra is a perfect host for Murray's opening night party: very entertaining and with a style of play that immediately puts Murray at ease."

    *Murray 6-2 4-3 Llodra

    Turnaround complete in the blink of an eye as Murray engineers two break points and is gifted the advantage when Llodra jams a backhand volley into the net. The body language now says it all - Murray chest out, Llodra shoulders slumped.

    Andy Murray
    Murray 6-2 3-3 Llodra*

    A hold to love and the pattern from the start of this match has been restored. Llodra's trying every trick in the book, but Murray picks him off at ease. Every time the Frenchman comes in, Murray drives one in at his feet. He's got the Parisien's number,

    Martina Navratilova, 18-time Grand Slam singles champion

    "That changed the momentum, just like that. Llodra has got to be frustrated - he played a great game on his serve and Andy still breaks. Great stuff."

    *Murray 6-2 2-3 Llodra

    The focus returns - and how. Murray befuddles Llodra at the net before passing him with a crosscourt backhand service return. That's why he's up there with Novak Djokovic as the best returner in tennis. Read it, moved and executed with little backswing but brutal precision. Two break-back points to Murray and the first is converted with a forehand pass that wrong-foots 6ft 3ins Llodra. Back on serve.

    Martina Navratilova, 18-time Grand Slam singles champion on 5 live

    "Llodra has picked it and he's making the shots he was missing in the first set. He's rushing Andy and not giving him enough time to set up for his shots. If he could play like this consistently, he would be a top-10 player."

    Murray 6-2 1-3 Llodra*

    Anxious looks in Murray's player box as the British number one finds himself at 15-30 and two points away from trailing 4-0. But he's not a two-time Grand Slam champion for no reason and shows plenty of grit to get himself on the board with a hold to 30,

    Kim Sears and Judy Murray
    Martina Navratilova, 18-time Grand Slam singles champion on 5 live

    On US Open scheduling: "The fact that they plan on playing the first round after three days is wrong. We've had some women finish first two rounds and Andy hasn't played his first-round match yet. That shouldn't happen.

    "TV scheduling plays a part but you should play the first round of the tournament and adapt it to TV. I don't agree with it. They do have that extra day on the tail end for the first time this year, but it's just not a good way to plan it - and then hope

    "It really throws up your rhythm. Some players play their first-round match on Monday and then don't play 'til Thursday. It's hard to get into a routine."


    Alex Haworth: Would appreciate another 2 sets like the first from Andy, I could do with a couple of hours of sleep before getting up for work.

    *Murray 6-2 0-3 Llodra

    A knifed backhand and perfectly-weighted drop volley help Llodra to 40-15 and a huge, swinging serve down the middle seals the deal. Emphatic start to set two from the Frenchman. Murray has no answer.

    Murray 6-2 0-2 Llodra*

    Llodra does indeed get a look at the Murray serve - in part because of his newfound aggression, but more so as a result of a loose game from the defending champion. Murray finds himself faced with two break points and pats a backhand long to concede the break.

    Michael Llodra
    *Murray 6-2 0-1 Llodra

    Very impressive start to set two from the world number 49 for Paris. A hold to 15 is secured when Murray goes long and he might fancy himself to have a look at the Scot's serve now.

    Piers Newbery, BBC Sport in New York

    Murray takes the set 6-2 in 26 mins, sharp as a tack. Rihanna booming out at the changeover. Very modern...

    Martina Navratilova, 18-time Grand Slam champion on 5 live

    On the pressure of being defending champion: "The pressure is off in a way because now you've won that Grand Slam. I could rest on that - I didn't have to worry about winning it for the first time. You feel like a defending champion at Wimbledon more than anywhere else. It gives you an extra pep in the step."

    Murray 6-2 Llodra*

    Murray needs just 26 minutes to wrap up the opening set. He races to 40-0 and three set points before Llodra unfurls the most ridiculous crosscourt forehand winner. He can't follow it up on the next point, though, instead finding the net as Murray wins the set and skips back to his chair with fists pumping.

    *Murray 5-2 Llodra

    An easy backhand volley into open court gives Murray 15-40 and two break points and he is gifted the double-break when Llodra chucks down an untimely double-fault. With suggestions of more rain to come, Britain's finest could do with getting this over and done with sharpish.

    Andy Murray
    Murray 4-2 Llodra*

    In fairness to Llodra, he's moving Murray from side to side, forward and back. Problem is, the Scot has an answer to everything. He chases down a drop shot to dispatch a crosscourt backhand for 40-0 and confirms the game when his French opponent miscues.

    *Murray 3-2 Llodra

    Serve and volley, chip and charge, slice and dice... Llodra has a bit of everything and it's all working pretty well. He's a break down but remain within touching distance.

    Murray 3-1 Llodra*

    It's a red top, black shorts and matching shoes for Murray tonight. Llodra opts for a fluorescent green polo shirt, black shorts and multicoloured trainers. Murray wins the fashion stakes and he's on top in the match too. Full marks to Llodra for his approach - refreshing to see somebody playing with such individual style in the modern game - but Murray is clearly the better player.

  40. 0306: 

    "I'm looking forward to it. It's been a long few days and I just want to get on court now. It will be a great atmosphere, it's just a shame the schedule has been disrupted. The last few days have been so humid that the court is not playing quick. The first few days after we got here it was playing quick and the balls were bouncing high."

    *Murray 2-1 Llodra

    Llodra responds with a carefree hold to love.

    Murray 2-0 Llodra*

    Murray consolidates the break of serve with a comfortable hold and that is just what the (British) doctor ordered. Nerves settled.

    *Murray 1-0 Llodra

    How better to open - especially considering the circumstances - than with a break of serve? This is clearly going to be an eye-catching encounter because 33-year-old left-hander Llodra loves coming to the net. He, Murray and the capacity crowd enjoy a comical volleying exchange at the net to warm us up.

    "I haven't seen that in men's tennis for 20 years!" enthuses 18-time Grand Slam champion Martina Navratilova on BBC Radio 5 live.

    Murray comes out on top in that tussle and registers a break point, which is converted when Llodra sends backhand long.

  44. 0250: 
    HERE WE GO...

    The only drawback of being reigning champion is that Murray was forced to wait until day three to start his title defence. And then being a global superstar, he was selected to open the night session. This was all well and good until rain decided to play havoc with the schedule.

    So, it's coming up to 10pm local time - 3am in the UK - and only now is Murray getting his campaign under way. Many of the women - including Britain's Laura Robson - are already through to round three.

    But let's put that to one side and focus on the task at hand. ANDY MURRAY v MICHAEL LLODRA in the US Open first round...

  45. 0245: 

    This time last year, Andy Murray arrived in New York with a perennial question lingering over his head: will the Scot finally end Britain's 76-year wait for a Grand Slam title? A fortnight later, Murray had rewritten history and changed his life forever.

    The intervening 12 months have seen him rise to even greater heights by winning Wimbledon - but Arthur Ashe Stadium will always hold a special place in the 26-year-old's heart.

    Today Murray returns to the scene of his first major triumph, hoping this is the beginning of a journey to glory once more.

    Andy Murray
  46. 0023: 

    That's all from me, folks. Thanks for your company. We'll be back later on this morning to bring you live text commentary as Andy Murray begins the defence of his US Open title. Until next time, it's goodbye from me.


    Stephanie Siu: Yes Robson! This 19 year old is impressing us all. Onto the third.

    Dom Breslin: Excellent match from Laura Robson, looks every bit a seeded player. Na Li will be a worried woman tonight.

    Jamie: Good, mature performance from Laura... now turning attention to the Williams-Zheng match, which has turned into a brutal tussle.

  48. 0019: 

    That was a gutsy performance from Laura Robson who'll meet Li Na in the third round.

    Robson 6-4 7-6 (7-5) Garcia - ROBSON WINS

    Garcia strikes first, grabbing the mini-break to lead 1-0, but we're soon back on serve. Garcia then stabs a return wide to give Robson the mini-break at the changeover to lead 4-2. A double fault makes it 5-2 and then sends her return long to bring up four match points. The first one goes wanting courtesy of a double fault. Garcia saves the second with a lovely angle volley. A blistering forehand from the Frenchwoman sees another one go begging. But the last one is on her serve and Garcia sends the return long and LAURA ROBSON IS IN THE THIRD ROUND.

    *Robson 6-4 6-6 Garcia - ROBSON BREAKS

    "Laura's attitude has changed, she talking to herself," says Nick Bollettieri on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra. "She knows she missed an opportunity."

    Garcia brings up two sets points against Robson, the 30th seed. The first goes with a double fault. The second disappears too as Robson hammers a backhand down the line. Garcia gets it back, but it sails long. We're at deuce. Garcia messes up her ball toss. Is she getting nervous?

    Robson on the attack, bossing the point and winning with a cross-court forehand which wrong foots her opponent to bring up break point. Robson then leaps onto a return, whipping it down the line TO BREAK! We're into a tie-break.

  51. 0002: 

    Andy Murray will have to wait a little longer as Guillermo Garcia-Lopez takes the second set 7-6 (7-5) to level things up against Juan Martin Del Potro.

    Robson 6-4 5-6 Garcia* - GARCIA BREAKS

    Robson in a bit of trouble on serve, the Briton finding herself 0-30 down. Garcia takes a chance on a second serve, whipping a backhand cross-court and it's a winner. Three break points - her first in this match - on the Robson serve. Robson saves the first, but gifts the game to Garcia with a double fault. Garcia will serve for the set.

    Nick Bollettieri, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Laura should have come into the net on that first point. She could have been 0-30 as she won the next point. You need to come in at certain times, you're not going to reach your potential by sticking on the baseline."

    *Robson 6-4 5-5 Garcia

    A big miss from Garcia on the forehand side lets Robson back to 15-15. The next two points are shared to keep the pressure on, but Garcia then hammers an ace to bring up game point. A shank return from Robson levels the set once more.

  55. 2353: 

    Venus Williams is back on level terms with Jie Zheng on Louis Armstrong. The two-time champion lost the first set 6-3, but hit back with two breaks in the second to win it 6-2. We're into a decider.

    Robson 6-4 5-4 Garcia*

    Lovely stuff from Robson on serve, the Briton finding the corners and then firing a forehand down the line to win the game to love. Garcia will serve to stay in the match.

    *Robson 6-4 4-4 Garcia

    Robson has a sniff of an opportunity at 30-30, but yet again Garcia finds her first serve and saves the game.

    Nick Bollettieri, BBC Radio 5 live

    "That's maturity right there Laura, coming back and winning that game."

    Robson 6-4 4-3 Garcia*

    Robson in a spot of bother here at 0-30, but some good serving and heavy hitting brings it back to 30-30. The Briton puts a loose defensive return away to move to game point and it's an ace to close out the game. Well rescued.

    *Robson 6-4 3-3 Garcia

    Robson heaps the pressure on at 30-30, but Garcia's serve comes to the rescue and we're back on level terms. Robson still going for her shots, her wrist, which she had taped up the first set, looks to be holding up.


    Stephen Ward: Reckon @laurarobson5 could get at least quarters at @usopen

    Robson 6-4 3-2 Garcia*
    Laura Robson

    Rosbon's serve is working like clockwork right now, the Briton recovering from 0-15 down to rattle off four points in super quicker time. Robson has won 90% of the points when she gets her first serve in. That compares to 68% for Garcia.


    I've got good news for British interest. Colin Fleming and Jonathan Murray, the 12th seeds, bounce back from losing the first set to beat Carlos Berlocq and Eduardo Schwank 4-6 6-3 6-4 on Court 10.

    *Robson 6-4 2-2 Garcia

    Garcia is back at 40-15 again on her own serve, but encouragingly for Robson, she's able to hit a crisp backhand cross-court that hits the corner. Her wrist looks OK at the moment. A double fault follows and we're at deuce. A game point goes wanting. And then another one. But she takes the third one. A big hold for the Frenchwoman, but Robson put her opponent under some good pressure in that game which bodes well.

    Robson 6-4 2-1 Garcia*

    It's another serve hold to love for Robson, the Briton picking up her towel and bouncing over to her chair. So far, so good in the second set.

    *Robson 6-4 1-1 Garcia

    Terrific hitting from Laura Robson, smashing a backhand cross-court into the corner and then whipping the return into the other corner to haul her back into the game after going 0-30 down. But two big serves from Garcia are enough to seal the game.

    Robson 6-4 1-0 Garcia*

    Some huge hitting from Robson here, her first serve doing the job to bring up 40-0. Garcia gets a return in on the next point, but Robson simply lashes a forehand down the line to take the game. Just five shots required to win that game. That'll do nicely.

  68. 2317: 

    Laura Robson is having a medical timeout to have her right wrist re-taped. The 19-year-old left-hander injured her right hand in practice and before arriving at Flushing Meadows, she played just two matches since Wimbledon.

    *Robson 6-4 Garcia - ROBSON BREAKS

    Garcia coasts to 40-15 before Robson leaps on a second serve to reduce the deficit and then watches as a Garcia groundstroke sails long to set up the first deuce of the match.

    Robson is starting to get some real depth with her forehands and that helps bring up her first break point. Another stunning return kisses the baseline and forces Garcia to over-hit a forehand which goes long. Robson breaks and takes the set. "Come on," shouts Robson, pumping her fist and purposefully walking to her chair.


    Bad news for two-time champion Venus Williams who loses the first set 6-3 to Jie Zheng on Louis Armstrong. The American hit 15 unforced errors to her opponents seven which might have something to do with it...

    Nick Bollettieri, BBC Radio 5 live

    "Robson needs to get that ball in play and keep her groundstrokes deep. That's when Garcia makes mistakes, she starts over-hitting."

    You can listen to live commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra by clicking the link at the top right of this page.

    Robson 5-4 Garcia*

    Good service hold from Robson who forgets the missed opportunity of the last game by sealing the game to love. Garcia will now serve to stay in the set.

    *Robson 4-4 Garcia

    At last, Laura Robson wins a point on the Garcia serve to move to 0-15. And a meaty return puts Garcia under pressure. Suddenly the Briton has 0-30 on the Frenchwoman's serve. Garcia recovers to 30-30 following two Robson errors and a fizzing winner down the line brings up game point. The Briton goes big on her next return, but she buries it in the net.


    Laura Lambert: Great match-up on court 11: 2 very closely matched rising stars. Errors from both show nerves, not surprising. Come on Laura!

    Robson 4-3 Garcia*

    A familiar pattern is starting to emerge out on Court 11. One player serves, the other dumps the return in the net - or for a bit of variety, out of court. Robson whizzes through her service game to love this time. It's catching.

    *Robson 3-3 Garcia

    Garcia is under absolutely no pressure whatsoever in her service games as she wins her 12th consecutive point on serve. Robson can only stare at the ground in search of answers as she sprays another return wide to lose the game.


    Laura Mackenzie: Good luck can do it.

    Robson 3-2 Garcia*

    Robson dumps a backhand volley into the net, but that's the only blemish in game which the Briton wins comfortably. Both players' serves are working well right now but neither are making much impression with their returns.

    Nick Bollettieri, BBC Radio 5 live

    "You should not give a way a love game, that's not a good sign."

    You can listen to live commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra by clicking the link at the top right of this page.

    *Robson 2-2 Garcia

    Robson yet to win a point on the Garcia serve as the Frenchwoman sails through her service game to level things up again.

  81. 2249: 

    Sixth seed Juan Martin Del Potro wins the first set 6-3 in his first round match against Guillermo Garcia-Lopez out on Arthur Ashe.

    Robson 2-1 Garcia*

    Robson's serve, which earned her so many free points against Dominguez Lino in the first round, is looking decent at the moment. Garcia struggles to put any venom on her returns and that allows Robson to dictate. A rogue forehand from Garcia goes well long and Robson wins the game to love.

    *Robson 1-1 Garcia

    Garcia, decked out in pink, belts down an ace to move to 30-0, her serve looking pretty tasty early on. Robson sends a forehand spraying into the tramlines to bring up game point and then sends a back hand sailing past the baseline to gift Garcia the game to love.

    Robson 1-0 Garcia*

    That's just the start Laura Robson will have hoped for, the Briton sailing through her opening service game for the loss of just two points to take an early lead.

  85. 2245: 

    And with that, we're under way on Court 11. Laura Robson has the honour of serving. Both players ready? Play!


    Lucy Johnstone: Laura to win in 3 tight sets today. I may be in France at the minute but allez Laura!

  87. 2242: 

    I mentioned this earlier when Laura Robson was set to play, but I though it worth mentioning again for those tuning in. Andy Murray first saw Robson's opponent Caroline Garcia play Maria Sharapova at the French Open a couple of years ago. Then aged 17, Garcia led Sharapova 6-3, 4-1 in second round before eventually losing. Murray tweeted at the time: "The girl Sharapova is playing is going to be No.1 in the world one day...what a player."

    Russell Fuller, BBC tennis correspondent

    Murray still scheduled for midnight but likely to be at least 1 hr later as Del Potro match will need to finish b4 they empty/refill stadium.

  89. 2239: 

    Juan Martin Del Porto is under way on Arthur Ashe. The 2009 US Open champion leads Guillermo Garcia-Lopez 4-2 in the first set. Two-time champion Venus Williams is also in action against Jie Zheng of China on Louis Armstrong. I'll keep you updated on both those matches.

  90. 2236: 
    Laura Robson

    It's good news for Laura Robson who had just finished warming up on court against Caroline Garcia when play was suspended. We'll have game-by-game coverage of that match shortly. It's even better news for Jill Baron (see 1840ish). She tweeted us earlier saying she was hoping Robson's match wouldn't clash with MasterChef on BBC One. You can thank the rain, Jill.

  91. 2233: 
    Works vacuum court

    Hello everybody and welcome back. The threat of lightning forced players off court earlier this evening, with organisers warning spectators to take cover - although not under trees, mind.

    The rain then followed - and hung around for close to three hours. A few matches restarted briefly, but they were soon off again. But officials have done a super job mopping up the water with squeegees and motorised vacuums to speed up the drying process and we're back under way.

  92. 2230: 

    The rain has gone, the skies look brighter and the opportunity for a spot of tennis is back on the cards. Lets. Do. this.

  93. 1900: 
    Athur Ashe

    The rain is still falling so with no play before 1930 BST at the earliest - and that looks unlikely - this live text commentary and myself will be taking a short break. I'll be back as soon as we're back under way at Flushing Meadows. See you in a bit.


    Tennis coach Brad Gilbert: Looking a bit better still spitting a bit.

    Piers Newbery, BBC Sport in New York

    "Li Na is a happy woman after racing past Sofia Arvidsson 6-2 6-2 before the rain came, while potential next opponents Laura Robson and Caroline Garcia must wait to get started. "It's tough for them," said Li. "For me, [now I can] just relax for the day and just do whatever I want to do." Li was a victim of Robson's breakthrough run at last year's US Open and is keen to get another crack at the Briton. "After last year I think both players improved a lot," she said. "I'm really looking forward to play against her. For sure she's really challenging, lefty, aggressive player. Also, I can see whether I can do better than last year."

  96. 1840: 

    Our man on the ground at Flushing Meadows, Piers Newbery, reports that organisers say there will be no play before 1930 BST at the earliest.


    Phil Smith: Baffled by the US Open scheduling. The defending champion should open a tournament, not start two days later than the second seed, not to mention the fact half of the women's draw will have played twice before he has even started!

    Jill Baron: I was so worried the Laura match might clash with Masterchef, then relieved it wouldn't... but now I'm not so sure!

    Zainab Walji: We're not going to get much sleep tonight in the UK, are we?

  98. 1835: 

    The afternoon rain should not affect Andy Murray, who headlines the night session and is due on court at 0000 BST, if the rain stops and we get a dry evening. The defending champion has yet to hit a ball in this year's tournament. If the rain doesn't clear, he could have to wait until day four to start his campaign.

  99. 1832: 

    Earlier this month, the US Tennis Association announced plans to construct a retractable roof over the main Arthur Ashe Stadium at Flushing Meadows. Work is scheduled to start in October with an estimated completion date of 2018. It can't come soon enough.


    US Open Tennis: Fans on site at the #usopen, we ask you to evacuate from all open areas and seek shelter at the nearest covered location.

  101. 1822: 

    It's now raining, quite a lot.

  102. 1820: 
    Martina Hingis and Daniela Hantuchova

    Martina Hingis' doubles comeback continues as she partners Daniela Hantuchova against number one seeds Sara Errani and Roberta Vinci in the third match on Court 17.

    The Swiss player's comeback hasn't been all that successful - she hasn't won back-to-back matches in any of her four tournaments. Hingis and Hantuchova also lost to Errani and Vinci 6-4 6-4 two weeks ago in Cincinnati.

  103. 1815: 

    Before play was suspended, 17th seed Kevin Anderson of South Africa had a 4-1 lead in the third set of his first round match against Daniel Brands, having shared the opening two sets.

    Mikhail Youzhny, the 21st seed, was leading 6-4 6-4 and locked at 2-2 in the third against Nicolas Mahut.

    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Zimbabwean 10-times Grand Slam winner Cara Black: "Laura Robson loves the big moments, playing big tournaments and matches. And she's not scared. She loves this game and has a great character. It's really exciting to watch her, and the future's looking very positive."

    Steven Hill and niece

    Despite the suspension in play in Flushing Meadows, Steven Hill and his little niece are waiting for Laura to come back out on court.

    Use #bbctennis to send us of your photos of you enjoying the US Open.

    David Felgate, BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "It's not rain, it's because of lightning. We've seen the flashes and all the people in the stadium are being encouraged to leave and take cover...though not under trees!

    "But hopefully this might pass and they can get straight back out there. Unfortunately for Robson she was just about to start her match. They had done their warm-ups and she was ready to go."

  107. 1803: 

    There are warning messages going up on screens around Flushing Meadows warning spectators not to stand or sit under trees or block any exits because of the threat of lightning.

  108. 1759: 

    So close, but yet so far. Just as Laura Robson and Caroline Garcia take to their chairs after the warm up, play is immediately suspended because of the threat of lightning. For their safety, both players gather up their things and head off back to the locker room.

  109. 1756: 

    I've got good news to bring you from Court 10. Britain's Colin Fleming and Jonathan Marray have taken the second set 6-3 to level their first round match with Carlos Berlocq and Eduardo Schwank.

    Piers Newbery, BBC Sport in New York

    "It's the, er, afternoon after the night before on Court 11, as Laura Robson hopes to avoid the fate of Heather Watson. Robson is a big draw judging by the chatter, and the fact that coach Miles Maclagan has a bit of trouble finding a seat. Rain is expected at some stage but it's bright enough now, the bit of cloud cover offering a break from the hot conditions of earlier."


    Laura Robson on second round opponent Caroline Garcia: "I have seen her play a couple of times here and there. I think she's a pretty smart player. She plays with quite spinny shots. I will just have to wait and take my chances in the rally."

  112. 1754: 

    Andy Murray first saw Laura Robson's opponent Caroline Garcia play Maria Sharapova at the French Open a couple of years ago. Then aged 17, Garcia led Sharapova 6-3, 4-1 in second round before eventually losing. Murray tweeted at the time: "The girl Sharapova is playing is going to be No.1 in the world one day...what a player."

    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Former British number one Jeremy Bates: "I think this is a very winnable match for Laura Robson. She'll be looking to build on the form she took into the first round. Laura is very much the favourite, but Garcia is an incredibly dangerous player when she's on form. But I'm fully confident, if she continues her serving form, that she'll be able to progress to a third round meeting with Li Na. "

  114. 1748: 

    Laura Robson has begun the walk from the locker rooms to Court 11, along with her opponent Caroline Garcia. The duo are negotiating their way through the crowds, each with a security guard for company. You'd be able to easily identify Robson in the melee, she's the one in luminous orange trainers.

  115. 1745: 

    Marcos Baghdatis of Cyprus beats Japan's Go Soeda 6-4 6-3 6-1 which means we're a matter of minutes away from Britain's Laura Robson's second round match against Caroline Garcia. Get the kettle on, folks.

  116. 1742: 
    Juan Martin Del Potro

    The last time Juan Martin Del Potro came into the US Open as the sixth seed, he went on to win the title, beating Roger Federer in five sets.

    Argentina's Del Potro, who plays Spaniard Guillermo Garcia-Lopez second on Arthur Ashe, has had a strong summer, winning the title in Washington and reaching the semi-finals in Cincinnati.

    Del Potro's best performance in a Grand Slam this year was the semi-finals at Wimbledon. In contrast, Garcia-Lopez has lost in the first round of all three slams.

  117. 1739: 

    Third seed Agnieszka Radwanska beats Maria-Teresa Torro-Flor 6-0 7-5 on Arthur Ashe, which means it's time for Juan Martin Del Potro to make an appearance for the first time in this year's tournament.

  118. 1737: 

    Spain's 18th seed Carla Suarez Navarro beats Coco Vandeweghe of the United States 6-3 6-4 to progress to the third round. She'll be joined by Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, the 32nd seed, who beat Ashleigh Barty of Australia 6-4 6-0.

  119. 1730: 

    Britain's Andy Murray says one of his favourite things about winning Wimbledon earlier this year was the way it brought his family together. The Scot's parents separated when he was a child and, although they often both attend Murray's matches at grand slams, they never sit together. But he was seen embracing both of them in the players' box after winning Wimbledon.

    Murray told USA Today: "My parents got divorced when I was younger so they didn't spend a whole lot of time together. It was just nice to have everyone really happy, just everyone being able to enjoy each other's company, which hasn't always been the case."


    Andy Murray: Raining harddddd in manhattan! But play still goes on at flushing meadows, hope it holds.

  121. 1726: 

    Li Na on Laura Robson: "I lost to her in the third round last year. After one year, both of us have improved a lot. I would look forward to playing against her [if Robson wins to set up a third round tie]."

  122. 1724: 

    China's Li Na advances to the third round with a 6-2 6-2 victory over Sofia Arvidsson of Sweden. She'll play either Laura Robson or Caroline Garcia.


    Leroy in Andover, via text: A little nervous for Laura today. Garcia is a skilful, consistent player when Robson prefers the flashy big hitters like Kvitova. Also her grand slam performances would be more impressive had she not faced Serena Williams in all 3.

  124. 1717: 

    China's fifth seed Li Na has moved to within two games of the third round as she leads Sofia Arvidsson 6-2 4-2 on Arthur Ashe.

    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra analyst and American tennis player Jill Craybas: "Agnieszka Radwanska is an unusual player, with such unusual strokes. She's very consistent, moves well, anticipates well and sees what her opponent is going to do some much earlier than others do - and that's what makes her a top 10 player."

    Piers Newbery, BBC Sport in New York

    "Not a spare seat to be had on Court 10, where Jonny Marray has a serious case of the yips on serve. The Englishman cannot buy a first serve and two double faults hand over a break, leaving partner Colin Fleming to try and raise his spirits on the changeover. Berlocq and Schwank take the set, 6-4."

  127. 1707: 

    Bad news for the Brits on Court 10 as 12th seeds Colin Fleming and Jonathan Marray lose the first set 6-4 against Carlos Berlocq and Eduardo Schwank.

  128. 1702: 

    Russian 21st seed Mikhail Youzhny has taken the first set 6-4 in his first round match with Nicolas Mahut of France. World number 37 Alexandr Dolgopolov, who says he would have been a rally driver if he wasn't a tennis player, has won the first set 6-2 David Goffin, but he's down 3-1 in the second.

  129. 1659: 

    Britain's Colin Fleming and Jonathan Marray are locked at 4-4 with Carlos Berlocq and Eduardo Schwank out on Court 10. On Louis Armstrong, Maria-Teresa Torro-Flor is making more of a fist of it against Agnieszka Radwanska. The Spaniard, who lost the first 6-0, leads third seed Radwankska 3-2 with a break.

  130. 1653: 

    Li Na breaks Sofia Arvidsson for a second time to tie up the first set 6-2 out on Arthur Ashe. The winner will take on the winner of the match between Laura Robson and Caroline Garcia. Let's not forget that should Robson face Li in round three, it'll be a rematch of the same fixture last year when Robson came out on top.

  131. 1648: 

    Marcos Baghdatis takes the first set 6-4 against Japan's Go Soeda in 36 minutes out on Court 11. If the Cypriot takes the next two sets to seal the match, we can expect Laura Robson on court around 1800 BST.

  132. 1645: 

    Very few bums on seats over at Arthur Ashe for Li Na's second round against Sofia Arvidsson. BBC Radio 5 live tennis correspondent Russell Fuller reckons there's only a couple of thousand in the 22,000 capacity stadium. Li won't mind, though. Not only will she have millions watching her back in China but she's also leading 4-2 and looking very comfortable.

  133. 1642: 

    How do you rate Laura Robson's chances of beating Caroline Garcia and advancing to the third round? And how do you think Andy Murray will do when/if he finally gets on court later tonight? I say if because rain is forecast in the area which could potentially push the match into day four. Tweet us using the #bbctennis hashtag or text 81111 (UK only).

  134. 1639: 
    James Blake

    Unseeded American James Blake has the honour of playing big-serving Croatian Ivo Karlovic on Louis Armstrong in what could be his last professional tennis match. The 33-year-old earlier this week announced he will be retiring after the US Open. That's the fourth match and will not take place before 2230 BST.

  135. 1633: 

    Li Na is in good shape out on Arthur Ashe, the Chinese player has a 3-0 lead over Sofia Arvidsson of Sweden. Li's best performance at Flushign Meadows is a quarter-final which she achieved in 2009.

  136. 1628: 

    Third seed Agnieska Radwanszka is in a hurry out on Arthur Ashe, the Pole losing just two points on her serve against Maria-Teresa Torro-Flor as she blitzed through the first set 6-0 in just 21 minutes.

  137. 1622: 

    As if all that British interest wasn't enough, we've also got some big names in the form of defending champion Serena Williams, her sister Venus and former US Open champion Juan Martin Del Potro in action across the main show courts - Arthur Ashe and Louis Armstrong.

    Piers Newbery, BBC Sport in New York
    Victoria Duval

    "If Heather Watson's defeat was the lead story on day two in British terms, 17-year-old Victoria Duval's stunning win over 2011 champion Sam Stosur made all the headlines on the US breakfast shows. The Miami-born Haitian-American teenager has an incredible back story, which includes her father surviving 11 hours trapped under rubble during the earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010. He was courtside to see his daughter set the tournament alight on Tuesday evening, with the noise echoing around Flushing Meadows and over the stands on Court 11, where Watson endued such a tough evening.

    "The British number two was understandably distraught after her three-set loss to Simona Halep, saying 'it hurts so much', but she has the chance to put it behind her, to some extent, when she plays doubles with Vera Dushevina later today."

  139. 1618: 

    While Heather Watson is out of the singles', the Briton will be hanging around to play the doubles with Russian Vera Dushevina. The duo begin their campaign against Sandra Klemenschits and Andreja Klepac in the fourth match on Court 6.

    But Britain will first see Colin Fleming and Jonathan Marray, the 12th seeds no less, take on Carlos Berlocq and Eduardo Schwank in the first round of the men's doubles. That match is already under way on Court 10 with the Brits 1-0 up in the first set.

  140. 1615: 

    But before Murray comes Laura Robson, who is the only British female left in the singles' draw following Heather Watson's loss in three sets last night. The 19-year-old takes on France's Caroline Garcia, also 19, second on Court 11 at approximately 1800 BST.

  141. 1612:  
    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    BBC Radio 5 live will have commentary of Murray v Llodra later this evening, with legend Martina Navratilova joining the team. But if you want live action now, switch over to BBC Radio 5 live sports extra.

  142. 1609: 

    The stats bode well for Andy Murray, who has never lost in the first round at Flushing Meadows in eight previous appearances. He also holds a 3-0 lead in the head-to-head with serve-and-volleyer Michael Llodra, most recently beating him in the third round of the 2012 Australian Open for the loss of just six games.

  143. 1606: 
    Andy Murray

    So Andy Murray must wait until 0000 BST to begin his US Open defence against Frenchman Michael Llodra. In contrast, Rafael Nadal was done and dusted with his first round match midway through day one.

  144. 1603: 

    Hello everybody and welcome to live text commentary of day three of the US Open from Flushing Meadows, located in the borough of Queens and just a few hundred metres away from the Citi Field Stadium, home of baseball team the New York Mets.

  145. 1600: 
    Laura Robson

    Thanks to the unique way in which the US Open organisers create their schedules, Britain's Laura Robson could potentially have sealed her place in the third round - or equally booked her flight home - before defending champion Andy Murray has even struck a ball in his opening match at Flushing Meadows....

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