ATP World Tour Finals: David Ferrer v Stanislas Wawrinka as it happened

Switzerland's Stanislas Wawrinka beats David Ferrer to keep alive his World Tour Finals hopes.

8 November 2013 Last updated at 17:16 GMT

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As it happened

  1. 1709: 

    And that's a wrap for this afternoon's live text commentary. Thank you, as always, for joining us. We will return at about 2000 GMT this evening to guide you through Rafael Nadal's clash with Tomas Berdych so don't forget to log on or switch on.

  2. 1704: 
    Andy Murray talking to BBC tennis correspondent Russell Fuller

    BBC 5 live's tennis correspondent Russell Fuller spoke to Wimbledon champion Andy Murray today for an interview which will be broadcast later this evening. The word on the street is that Murray's view on Viktor Troicki's 12-month suspension makes for interesting listening.

  3. 1700: 
    BBC coverage

    Sue Barker and Tim Henman are saying their goodbyes to viewers on BBC Two, but they will return to our screens on Saturday to present live coverage of Roger Federer's Group B clash with Juan Martin Del Potro on BBC Two. The winner of that match, of course, will join Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and A N Other in the semi-finals.


    Jack Walker: Looks like Stanislas Wawrinka is the new Swiss NO.1 now! Good job mate! I can see you winning a grand slam after that.

  5. 1653: 

    Wawrinka has done all he can and must now wait for Rafael Nadal and Tomas Berdych to slug it out this evening. Should Nadal win, both the world number one and Wawrinka will progress to the last four. Should the Spaniard lose, however, then Berdych and Nadal who will reach the semis.

    Tim Henman, Former British number one and BBC Sport expert

    "It was very difficult to predict was was going to happen. Stan played very well at the start and was dictating but Ferrer does not give up and got back into it. Wawrinka slowly turned it around and he played a great third set."

  7. 1649: 

    "What can I say?" says Wawrinka after his second win of the tournament. "I'm so happy right now. It was really tough. He's playing so good, I had to fight so much to get the win. To win a match like that is so important to me and, again, the crowd was amazing today so thank you very much."

    Stanislas Wawrinka

    The Swiss is then asked whether he'll be cheering Rafael Nadal when the Spaniard lines up against Tomas Berdych later this evening. "For sure, I'm going to be a big fan of Rafa," he says. "I did my job all week. I did the best I can so now I'm just going to watch what is going to happen and I'll be really happy if Rafa wins tonight."

    GAME, SET AND MATCH- Ferrer 7-6 (7-3) 4-6 1-6 Wawrinka

    A double fault from Ferrer gifts Wawrinka a 15-30 lead but, just as you're set to type that the Spaniard looks to be lacking some zip, he buzzes to the net and comes out on top of a quick-fire exchange of volleys. The Spaniard then misses a simple volley. Match point. How will Wawrinka respond? A winning backhand return, of course, and the debutant is a step closer to the semi-finals.

    *Ferrer 7-6 (7-3) 4-6 1-5 Wawrinka

    Raucous cheers as the vociferous spectators, sensing the match is nearing its conclusion, applaud another beautiful backhand winner down the line from Wawrinka. It's a comfortable hold and surely even Ferrer hasn't the resilience to come back from here?

    Tim Henman, Former British number one and BBC Sport expert

    "It was only an 84mph second serve but Wawrinka rotated his body fully and ripped the ball down the line for the winner. He recognises how important that game was."

    WAWRINKA BREAKS- Ferrer 7-6 (7-3) 4-6 1-4 Wawrinka*

    The game is tantalisingly poised at 30-30. Hearts begin to beat faster as the duo battle it out from the baseline... Ferrer is on the defensive... but he always finds the target... and Wawrinka looses patience, slapping a forehand into the tape. But the Swiss reins in his man to deuce, collects a break point and ruthlessly secures it - pouncing on an 84mph serve to launch a sizzling backhand return down the line and the crowd look on in wide-eyed wonder.

    Dominic Inglot, British doubles player and BBC Sport expert

    "It's not just the fact he's being patient that is wining Wawrinka these points, but also that they are leaving a bad taste in Ferrer's mouth because he realises he has to do more than he was and that is not his comfort zone; that is when he makes mistakes. So this approach from Wawrinka is doubly successful."

    Listen to commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra.

    *Ferrer 7-6 (7-3) 4-6 1-3 Wawrinka
    David Ferrer

    Ferrer grunting and groaning as he fetches and retrieves along the baseline, eventually snatching the opening point by frustrating his opponent. Wawrinka, though, pushes Ferrer on his heels before scooting to the tape to unleash a deadly crosscourt winning volley for 15-15. Wawrinka then lets loose, as if to say 'there'll be no dramas here,' concluding a trouble-free hold with an ace down the middle.

    Ferrer 7-6 (7-3) 4-6 1-2 Wawrinka*

    Wawrinka spraying his returns here there and everywhere to let Ferrer advance to 40-15. The two rivals then slug it out from the baseline, Wawrinka trying to outwit Ferrer with a drop-shot but both players simply watch the ball drift wide and off they trot for a changeover.

    GET INVOLVED- #bbctennis

    Max Jones: The Swiss bells are ringing!! Come on Stan!!

    *Ferrer 7-6 (7-3) 4-6 0-2 Wawrinka

    Swoosh! Wawrinka opens with a crisp ace and closes with an ace - three aces in total in that game - and the momentum is with the 28-year-old.

    WAWRINKA BREAKS- Ferrer 7-6 (7-3) 4-6 0-1 Wawrinka*

    At 30-30, Ferrer's backhand goes long and Wawrinka has an early chance to assert his authority. The Spaniard steps in towards the net, but screws a forehand into the tramlines and once again he is unable to save a break point.

    Tim Henman, Former British number one and BBC Sport expert

    "The vibe here is great. It's packed, there's a lot of energy and that's what Ferrer needs right now. He has to say, yes, it's been a long year but I have one set left and let's lay it on the line and try to come out with a victory."

    GAME AND SECOND SET- *Ferrer 7-6 (7-3) 4-6 Wawrinka

    Wawrinka wins the first point to settle the nerves and takes a 30-0 advantage with a booming serve down the 'T' which Ferrer can't return. The 31-year-old Spaniard responds with a dash to the net and an irretrievable volley and Ferrer, tigerish, relentless, then levels before a vicious serve leaves him looking despairingly towards the ground. The seventh seed goes on to gather some daylight between him and his opponent and gives out a stentorian roar as he watches a Ferrer forehand bounce wide.

    Ferrer 7-6 (7-3) 4-5 Wawrinka*

    A curling forehand into the middle of the court followed up by a backhand volley takes Wawrinka to 15-30 but Ferrer ploy to level is equally as delightful, ending in a crosscourt volley which his mum cheers and Mrs Ferrer has further reason to applaud as her son goes on to hold. The Spaniard is hanging in there.

    *Ferrer 7-6 (7-3) 3-5 Wawrinka

    Will Wawrinka hold his nerve or will he crumble? He forces Ferrer further behind the baseline with a series of punishing groundstrokes, levelling at 30-30 before nudging ahead with a classy ace - his eighth of the match. On the next point, Wawrinka advances to the net, places an overhead beyond Ferrer and moves to within a game of the set. Easy.

    Ferrer 7-6 (7-3) 3-4 Wawrinka*

    Wawrinka pushes his backhand return long, giving Ferrer a 40-15 lead and although the Spaniard falters slightly - leaving a dash to the net a tad too late - he comes through the game unscathed and still in the fight.

    *Ferrer 7-6 (7-3) 2-4 Wawrinka
    The view from the O2 Arena

    Ferrer once again angrily mutters some phrases in his native tongue, perhaps he's impersonating a cast member from One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest or maybe he's annoyed with the number of unforced errors he's making, which allow Wawrinka to hold and skip ever closer to the second set finishing line.

    Ferrer 7-6 (7-3) 2-3 Wawrinka*

    A Wawrinka backhand drifts into the tramlines, the 28-year-old goes on to net a forehand return and the game belongs to Ferrer. The Spaniard strides purposefully back to his chair to sip some concoction.

    *Ferrer 7-6 (7-3) 1-3 Wawrinka

    Wawrinka as cool as a cucumber which has been, erm, wrapped in an ice pack and stuck in the freezer overnight, serves out to 15, confidently ending the game by stepping in to crunch a forehand winner beyond his grumpy rival.

    Dominic Inglot, British doubles player and BBC Sport expert

    "I'm pretty sure that broken racquet is down to Ferrer's fatigue. You start doing uncharacteristic things when you are tired and Ferrer is getting frustrated now. He is fighting so hard but let it slip and he cracked his racquet. I can't remember the last time he did that."

    WAWRINKA BREAKS- Ferrer 7-6 (7-3) 1-2 Wawrinka*

    A shake of the head from Wawrinka as his looping backhand bounces beyond the baseline, allowing Ferrer to proceed to 30-15 but the world number three double faults - his first of the match - to give the Swiss some hope. It turns out to be more than hope, though. To deuce we go. Ferrer drags a forehand wide - break point Wawrinka - and embarks on a furious monologue. The Spaniard then nets and reacts by whacking his racquet on the floor. Deary me.

    Dominic Inglot, British doubles player and BBC Sport expert

    "There's frustration from Wawrinka. He was 5-2 up but somehow Ferrer hustles again and again and holds on to his serve and then Wawrinka starts missing his own serve. Ferrer makes it harder and harder and the ball keeps coming back at you. That can marinate in your brain and cause you to do stupid things, go for it too much and then you get angry and before you know it you've lost the set."

    Listen to commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra.

    *Ferrer 7-6 (7-3) 1-1 Wawrinka

    Ferrer, of course, cannot qualify for the semi-finals after straight-set defeats by Rafael Nadal and Tomas Berdych in this group, but the 31-year-old can scupper Wawrinka's hopes of reaching the knockout stages. The Swiss, looking deflated and downbeat after being pulled back in the second set, comes up with an ace to save a break point, but a tired-looking backhand volley presents Ferrer with a second break point. Another ace comes to his rescue and he goes on to wrap up the game with a snazzy backhand down the line.

    Stanislas Wawrinka
    Ferrer 7-6 (7-3) 1-0 Wawrinka*

    Ferrer has switched to a radioactive green T-shirt and, although it could just be a coincidence, he starts the second set brightly, holding to love.

    GAME AND FIRST SET- Ferrer 7-6 (7-3) Wawrinka*

    The sound of spectators screeching and groaning echoes around the arena as the pair embark on the kind of routine which wouldn't look out of place in a circus. A dazzling deep volley from Ferrer.... Wawrinka responds with a lob... Ferrer turns on his heels and retrieves... and eventually, after some more oohing, Wawrinka nets to gift Ferrer a 4-0 advantage.

    The Spaniard looks in command but he has a slight blip before another error from Wawrinka - his 29th of the match - presents his opponent with three set points. Another battle commences from the baseline... Ferrer defends and defends until Wawrinka waves the white flag with another unforced error from his unpredictable racquet.

    WAWRINKA BREAKS- Ferrer 6-6 Wawrinka*

    A forehand into the tape from Ferrer presents Wawrinka with three break points. Has the Spaniard the energy to fight back? No, nope, non. A rash forehand into the tramlines and to tie-break we go.

    Tim Henman, Former British number one and BBC Sport expert

    "That was a really good game from Ferrer. The 5-3 game where Wawrinka served for the set and made three unforced errors, that's where he'll look back on it and missed opportunities."

    GET INVOLVED- #bbctennis

    Grant Young: Time for LTA to give clubs with no indoor facility help. Local clubs wasting away with lack of investment.

    Ana Ivanovic Fanpage: Charging people a lot of money to use the courts during the summer months and people can't afford it just to play for an hour.

    Tracy Hunter: Clubs needs funding to improve facilities & access, also need to stop hearing it's elitist because that's really not helping us.

    FERRER BREAKS- *Ferrer 6-5 Wawrinka
    David Ferrer

    "Come on," grizzles Wawrinka as he sends Ferrer scampering to his backhand side, leaving the Spaniard bedraggled and unable to keep his response on target. The duo then trade blows from the baseline and Wawrinka is the first to falter - a tired forehand into the tramlines - and to deuce we go. Wawrinka's racquet errs once more to gift his opponent a break point but he makes amends with a lethal forehand which Ferrer does well to dodge. Wawrinka roars. The crowd cheer.

    A reckless forehand from Wawrinka means a second break point comes Ferrer's way, as does a third break point, and a fourth break point. A crazy Wawrinka overhead for a fifth break point and the Spaniard eventually, finally seizes his chance.

    Dominic Inglot, British doubles player and BBC Sport expert

    "This game could be the turning point for the match. Wawrinka looks like he is now muscling the first serve too much. I think he needs to be a bit smoother and stop trying to hit it too hard. He's not getting enough first serves in and that's pretty basic."

    Listen to commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra.

    GET INVOLVED- #bbctennis

    We asked you what are the biggest challenges facing British tennis in getting more people to play the game. Here are some of your views:

    Cejha Raj: Lack of free facilities, many areas have none, those that do are either locked up of in a state of disrepair.

    Matthew Roache: Why not set up a scouting system like there is in football? Loads of talent at local clubs in my area but no one to spot it!

    David Woolstencroft: British weather. Clubs need indoor facility ie bubble or indoor courts to play all year round.


    Share your views on what are the biggest challenges facing British tennis in encouraging more people to play the game using #bbctennis.

    Ferrer 5-5 Wawrinka*

    Ferrer, ever the tireless competitor, seems to have been energised by his comeback. He sprints towards the net, tongue out like an eager puppy, and runs around to his forehand to ping a winner into the corner. It's a beautiful opening point which sets the tone for what looks likely to be a clinical hold as he breezes to 40-0, but Wawrinka nicks two points to sow some seeds of doubt before Ferrer silences the doubters with a winner which grazes the line.

    Andrew Castle, Former British number one and BBC TV commentator

    "It's horrible when you get your service game interrupted between the first and second services. It's just enough to throw you off your rhythm and an opponent such as Ferrer is never beaten in a match."

    FERRER BREAKS- *Ferrer 4-5 Wawrinka

    A 117mph serve out to the wings full of spin and bite gets Wawrinka on the scoreboard at 15-30, but the Swiss is a touch sloppy in this game. He tamely finds the tape, presenting Ferrer with two break points and it's the meekest of meek surrenders - a double fault.

    Ferrer 3-5 Wawrinka*
    David Ferrer serves

    A series of blows to the Wawrinka backhand corner before a crosscourt volley sees Ferrer move 40-15 ahead. The man from Lausanne, though, is not easily tamed and the game rolls to deuce thanks to a fierce forehand down the line from Wawrinka. The Spaniard digs in, secures the game and forces Wawrinka to serve out for the set.

    *Ferrer 2-5 Wawrinka

    The O2 crowd, clearly delighted, whistles and applaud as Wawrinka produces a cute drop-shot to ease to within a point of holding, and he confidently closes out the game with a tip-top ace. A puff of the cheeks from Ferrer.

    Dominic Inglot, British doubles player and BBC Sport expert

    "What great variety from Wawrinka. That's what makes this guy world-class. His backhand is as good as his forehand. And he hits phenomenal angles. Ferrer was six feet out of the doubles lines and there was nothing he could do about that shot."

    Listen to commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra.

    WAWRINKA BREAKS- Ferrer 2-4 Wawrinka*

    The cameras have captured mamma and papa Ferrer watching their son ringside and they will no doubt have been heartened at the way their son is constructing his points. A booming forehand out wide followed up with an overhead volley for a 30-15 lead. Though they will be less enamoured at the sight of Ferrer dragging a forehand into the tramlines for break point. Wawrinka goes for broke, he swings from the hips - but the forehand clips the cord and agonisingly bounces back in his direction. The Spaniard sprays another forehand wide, though, for a second break point and Ferrer's resistance wilts, the Wawrinka backhand causing the damage.

    Tim Henman, Former British number one and BBC Sport expert

    "Wawrinka is not only powerful but he's really hitting his spots and finding the corners with his serve."

    *Ferrer 2-3 Wawrinka

    Faultless serving from Wawrinka. Ace for 30-0, another humdinger down the middle for 40-0 and Ferrer can take no more so he nets a return, allowing both players to skip towards their chairs for the changeover.

    Ferrer 2-2 Wawrinka*

    Ferrer varying play nicely, a dart to the net culminates in a super volley for 30-0, while he then decides to stick to the baseline and a couple of Wawrinka errors - the last a faulty return - allows the Spaniard to level.

    GET INVOLVED- #bbctennis

    Nick Wall: I think Wawrinka has a genuine chance of winning a major next year. Bar Nadal, he has been the player of 2013.

    *Ferrer 1-2 Wawrinka

    Impeccable serving from Wawrinka as he skips to 40-0. Ferrer gambolling on the baseline line, acting as if he has oodles of energy despite it being the end of a long old season. He bites back with a canny volley, grabs another point for 40-30 but an ace from the seventh seed quashes Ferrer's hopes.

    Ferrer 1-1 Wawrinka*

    The Spaniard untroubled on his serve. He aims out to the wings, Wawrinka balloons the return and it's a hold to 15.

    *Ferrer 0-1 Wawrinka

    Ferrer leads the head-to-heads between these two 7-4, although Wawrinka was the victor in their last encounter, which ended in a straight-sets win for the Swiss in Portugal. Back in London, a mistimed forehand into the tape allows Ferrer to go 30-15 ahead, but an ace restores parity then Ferrer plonks a return long before another thumping serve wraps up the game in Wawrinka's favour.

    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    British doubles player Dominic Inglot on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra: "Wawrinka needs to be aggressive. He has a very good serve and that should set him up for his groundstrokes. His single-handed backhand is a great strength and he is going to have to hit that down the line really well. That could throw Ferrer off his game and give him the advantage."

    Listen to commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra.

  54. 1425: 

    The warm-up is over. The players are ready and, as luck would have it, so are we.

    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    British doubles player Dominic Inglot on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra: "The music is reverberating into my spine sat up here. I can't imagine what the players are feeling and even the little mascot there. Ferrer has lost twice so far but is still in the tournament fighting and has to find a way to pump himself up. I'm sure the music and the atmosphere here will help him."

  56. 1420: 
    David Ferrer took in some of London's famous landmarks on Thursday

    There wasn't a glimmer of a smile from David Ferrer, not even an appreciative wave, as he was introduced to the fans. The Spaniard's lack of joie de vivre is perhaps understandable, given he is yet to win a match in this tournament, but you would have thought yesterday's itinerary, visiting Buckingham Palace and the such, would have lifted his spirits.

    Andrew Castle, Former British number one and BBC Sport expert

    "Stanislas Wawrinka has to work so hard for every point, and it is not going to be easy for him to hit through Ferrer's defence. This is not a foregone conclusion today, despite Ferrer being winless up to this point. This is a very important match in the season of Wawrinka."

  58. 1416: 

    As always, the afternoon would lack a certain je ne sais quoi if we were unable to sprinkle your musings into the live text. Can Berdych not only qualify for the semi-finals but also beat Nadal? Lob us a text on 81111, tweet us using the hashtag #bbctennis or click on the BBC Sport Facebook page.

  59. 1413: 

    Stanislas Wawrinka must beat his opponent today if he is to have any hope of participating over the weekend, although even victory might not be enough. There are seven qualification scenarios in this group, far too many to mention. HOWEVER, all I know is that for Wawrinka to go through he must beat Ferrer and hope Rafael Nadal sees off Tomas Berdych later this evening.

  60. 1408: 

    As always, we will focus on the day's two singles matches and, just for convenience, here is a list of who plays who and when.

    David Ferrer (Spa) v Stanislas Wawrinka (SWI) 1400 GMT

    Rafael Nadal (Spa) v Tomas Berdych (CZE) 2000 GMT

  61. 1406: 

    Hello! Welcome to live text commentary of the final round of Group A matches. World number one Rafael Nadal has already secured his place in the last four but there is another semi-final spot up for grabs and over the next few hours or so we will learn whether that place will belong to Stanislas Wawrinka or Tomas Berdych.

  62. 1400: 

    If only life were simple. If only we could live by Abba's rules where the winner simply did take it all. If only. Sometimes winning is not enough, no matter what Benny Andersson wrote all those years ago. Sometimes, even if you achieve that victory, a place in the semi-finals of the ATP Tour Finals is not your destiny.


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