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With so much sport around have you ever worried you'll miss something? Fear not, with our our fantastic range of services we can make sure you won't miss a moment of what matters to you.

Alerts and more

Want to know about the biggest sport stories the moment they happen? Sign up to news alerts in the BBC Sport app and you can have breaking news and the best content sent straight to your device. With five major sports on offer along with a headlines option, you'll always be in the know.

You can also follow your team from wherever you are with our massive range of event alerts. Across five sports - football, cricket, Formula 1, rugby union and rugby league - we cover every major moment. Line-ups, kick-offs, and half-time scores, goals, wickets, tries and conversions, results and times on the wave of the chequered flag. We currently serve more than 250 teams, with more to come.

The app also comes with a radio player, Chromecast integration, a widget and personalised menu options. It's free and easy to download - simply head to the relevant link below:

iOS - Android - Kindle - Windows Phone

For more information on each feature and getting set-up, visit our app FAQ page.


Want the best of BBC Sport sent to you in a daily, easy-to-digest newsletter?

We'll send you highlights, news, features, analysis and funnies too. Head here to sign up.

Social media

BBC Sport are, of course, on Facebook. And Twitter. And Instagram. And YouTube. And Snapchat.

Simply head to your social media platform of choice and search for BBC Sport. Follow us for behind-the-scenes access and exclusive Q&As with sport stars and BBC presenters.

And if you're a big football fan, you can follow Match of the Day on Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. You can also join world-famous cricket show Test Match Special on Facebook and Twitter or our Twitter accounts for Formula 1, Get Inspired, rugby union and tennis.

Live Guide

We've got a live stream and text commentaries for hundreds of sporting events, so how do you choose what to watch? Simply head to the Live Guide and you can see all the available events.

You can also set a reminder for an event by going to that session in the app and hitting the 'set reminder' option. That way you'll ensure you never miss the sports you're passionate about.

Personalise with MySport

By signing into the website or app, you can create a personalised sport experience.

You might want to add cricket, tennis, athletics and squash - by doing so your My Sport area will display the latest articles and videos from those topics, and also relevant information such as latest scores and results.

My Sport also works across devices, so if you set preferences in the app, they will work on the website and vice versa, as long as you are signed in. To set up a MySport account, head here - if you've already got a BBC log-in you're halfway there.

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