BBC Sport - BodyPositive: Meet Evie - This is her story

Meet Evie - This is her #BodyPositive story

BodyPositive will be following the journey of people just like us in our series of real life stories.

We'll be hearing honest, heart warming accounts from young people as they share their innermost feelings in the pursuit of being #BodyPositive. And in doing so we hope you feel like you can share your story too.

Evie is 25. She's a management consultant, has an MSc in maths and did a post-grad research project on the human brain. She is also transgender.

'Transgender', or 'trans', is an umbrella term to describe people whose gender identity and/or gender expression (how they outwardly show their gender) differs from the sex assigned to them at birth. The Gender Identity Research & Education Society (GIRES) estimates that about 1% of the British population are gender nonconforming to some degree. Trans people may describe themselves using a wide variety of other terms - a number of trans people are non-binary, meaning that they do not experience themselves as being either female or male.

Many trans people are prescribed hormones and/or undergo surgery as a way of expressing their gender identity. However, not all trans people take such steps and trans identity does not depend on undergoing any form of medical treatment.

This is her story.

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