Eight weird world records that could be yours

Lemons: Beyonce might make lemonade, but we're going to throw ours

Watching the sport, thinking you could never break a world record? Well, you're wrong.

Whether it's blowing peas around, raiding your wardrobe for t-shirts or mashing potato with all your might, you too could be a record breaker.

Yes, it might be silly - but it's also fun! So check out this list, and take your pick...

1. Most telephone books torn in three minutes

  • Women's record - 21
  • Men's record - 56

Back before smart phones held all the information in the world ever, telephone books were used to list the contact details of everyone not considered famous enough to be exempt. They were also used as platforms for mistletoe kisses in Christmas adverts, but now we're just ripping them to shreds. You'll need some muscle for this as each book must be a minimum of 1000 pages, but it'll be fun to give pure destruction a go in pursuit of glory.

Football mascots
2. Spongebob Squarepants and 15 mascots taking part in a record attempt for the most penalty kicks scored by a team of mascots in one minute. Got 16 friends and a costume shop? You could be on to a winner!

3. Farthest distance to blow a pea - 7.51m

Reckon you've got epic lung capacity? Well this could be the record for you! The record is currently held by Germany's Andre Ortolf and he managed to puff the pea a huge 7.51 metres. You'll need a smooth surface and a standard pea - frozen ones won't fly (or roll) here. Then just imagine it's a really competitive version of blowing out your birthday candles and go for it.

4. Fastest time for two people to make a single bed - 14 seconds

We all hate making the bed, but your mum might have done you a favour when she asked you to straighten up that duvet. Two nurses broke this record in 1993 which might indicate it's a little harder that it seems at first. You'll need one blanket, two sheets, an undersheet, an uncased pillow, one pillowcase, one counterpane and hospital corners - anyone who's worked in a hotel, this one's for you.

5. Most mashed potato eaten in 30 seconds - 266 grams

Potato's not traditionally associated with competitive eating, but German André Ortolf wolfed down 266 grams of it to collect his world record. We're unsure of the mechanics in terms of measuring exactly how much he got down, but we trust the folks at Guinness World Records to give us a fair bite at this one.

Cooks making a 2m wide potato pancake
6. Belarussian cooks made a giant potato pancake to try and establish a new Guinness world record, in March 2016. If you have any leftover potato from #5 (and a pan that's over 2m wide), this could be an option.

7. Most lemons caught in a minute while blindfolded - 25

This one might be more about practice and trust than anything else. Usually if you catch or hit something with a blindfold on, it'll make a noise. Ever heard a lemon whistle through the air? Me neither. Find a thrower you rate highly - you'll need to catch one for every two seconds, but don't be bitter if you fail.

8. Most t-shirts put on in a minute - 31

We've all been there and wound up a friend by wearing all their clothes at once. Just us? Well in our experience, you just need to be clever about starting with the smaller t-shirts and working your way up to the XXL - this record attempt will be hampered by not being able to get your 32nd t-shirt over the ones you've got on already.