Goodbye from BodyPositive: Our last Top Eight

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BodyPositive best bits

It's been a great six months, but now it's over - all good things must come to an end, and that includes BodyPositive. But how can you be sure you haven't missed anything? Here's our last ever Top Eight.

1. One of the first inspiring stories we told was Evie's - a trans girl who spoke to us about her transition and then again about how much confidence she's gained in the past year through telling her story.

2. Don't have PCOS? Chances are you know someone who does - Polycystic Ovary Syndrome affects millions of women worldwide. Annika's experiences really struck a chord with us - she's finally in control of her body.

3. Kaner Flex is an amazing, amazing dancer whose moves went down really well with our Facebook crowd - he has autism which, far from holding him back, has helped him reach new levels with his art.

4. Next up: Dakota Ditcheva, the 17 year old Muay Thai athlete who grown women are afraid to fight. She's in a male-dominated sport - and she's body positive. Would you take her on?

5. We've told quite a few stories of women who've had eating disorders - Kathryn Slater's struggle with anorexia was emotional and inspiring. In her article she advocated more body diversity in the media - we couldn't agree more.

6. We've had quite a few celebs jump aboard the BodyPositive wagon (big up to Peter Andre, Hayley Hasselhoff, JB Gill, Josh Devine, Pixie Lott, Michelle Heaton, Katie Thistleton and many others - we love you!), but Kelly Osbourne's video for us about her struggle with addiction really stood out. It made it across the pond to be featured on US television and had us all weeping at our desks.

7. Think being deaf means you can't dance to a beat? Think again! Chris Fonseca proved to all of us that anyone can dance - and he himself teaches others, despite becoming deaf in childhood after suffering from meningitis.

8. Last but not least: our #bodypositive ballerina. A Team BP favourite, this beautiful video features Jessica Bell - a ballet dancer who was told she would need to change her shape if she wanted to dance. Watch as she proves her detractors wrong.

So - thanks to everyone who tweeted, DMed, and emailed us - we've loved your stories, and we hope you've loved ours.

Now it's up to you to finish what we started and tell the world your story, whether it's by starting a blog, sharing your thoughts on social media or just starting discussions with people. Let's be brave and make the world a more #bodypositive place!