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Sunday, 24 July, 2016
Saturday, 23 July, 2016
Saturday, 16 July, 2016

Sunday, 24 July, 2016
Scottish Cities & Counties Championship Final For The Andrew Hamilton Trophy At Blackhill:

East Lothian Bt Dumfriesshire 110-109

(Rink 1 R Thomson, D Whitson, T Young, G Blair Bt J Jarvie, R Menzies, N Shearer, R Graham 21-10,Rink 2 C Johnston, M Mccorback, J Higgins, *captain S Kennedy Bt C Allen, A Jess, L Moffat, M Rice 18-15,Rink 3 M Osborne, B Cormack, B Dunleavy, B Young Bt B Peacock, G Rice, A Potte, G Adamson 21-19,Rink 4 S Thomson, C Mcleod, A Kennedy, A Marshall Mbe Lost To J Kerr, W Rice, A Lauder, D Jess 19-22,Rink 5 G White, J Gordon, Wwwood, J Mccrorie Lost To Z Gray, D Borthwick, D Kiltie, S Lowther 17-21,Rink 6 J Mower, G Pryde, C Valentine, B Mellors Lost To R Linton, C Ramage, R Thomson, A Colthart 14-22)


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Saturday, 23 July, 2016
Women's Under 25 Junior Home International Series At Bridgend, S Wales:

Day 1

England Bt Scotland 85-67 (S Tolchard Bt K Harrison 25-13, K Smith Bt C Walker 27-19, L Kuhler Bt M Grantham 18-12, J L Winch Lost To K Dodds 15-23)

Wales Bt Ireland 86-66 (C Davies Bt E Smith 31-9,E Gittins Bt C Mongomery 21-17, Y White Bt A Mckee 19-18, J Sims Lost To M Wilson 15-22)

Wales Bt England 83-80 (E Gittins Bt K Smith 30-8, C Davies Lost To S Tolchard 15-24, Y White Lost To J L Winch 20-22, J Sims Lost To L Kuhler 18-26)

Scotland Bt Ireland 109-55 (C Walker Bt C Montgomery 40-12, K Dodds Bt A Mckee 29-9, M Granthan Bt M Wilson 22-13, K Harrison Lost To E Smith 18-21)


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Saturday, 16 July, 2016
Scottish Cities & Counties Championships for the Andrew Hamilton Trophy:


Dumfriesshire bt Renfrewshire West 114-102 at Houldsworth, Wishaw:

R Graham bt S Fisher 25-9

A Coltart bt G Sloan 25-17

S Lowther bt J Ross 23-15

L Moffat lost to J Fleming Jnr 13-15

G Adamson lost to K Wilson 16-22

D Jess lost to S Wotherspoon 12-24

East Lothian bt Lanarkshire West 122-109 at Broughty, Dundee:

S Kennedy bt R Brown (Blantyre) 29-15

B Young bt A Kelly 22-17

J McCrorie bt G Prentice 18-13

G Blair drew with G Prunty 21-21

B Mellors lost to R Brown (Eddlewood) 20-22

A Kennedy lost to S McLaren 12-21,

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