Pacquiao v Marquez in pictures

Manny Pacquiao prays before his fourth fight with Juan Manuel Marquez in Las Vegas - the first was drawn and the Philippine superstar won the next two
Marquez has his arch rival down in the third round, the first time Pacquiao has been off his feet in 39 rounds between the two men
However, Pacquiao, 33, claws his way back into the fight, floors Marquez in the fifth and is leading on all three judges' scorecards at the end of the round
But in the sixth round Pacquiao walks onto a picture-perfect right hand from Marquez and is out cold before he hits the canvas
Pacquiao is counted out by referee Kenny Bayless and lies motionless for two minutes while Marquez savours revenge for his two controversial defeats
The victory cements Marquez's place as one of the Mexican greats - the 39-year-old has 55 wins, six defeats and one draw in his 62 professional fights
Fans in the Philippine capital Manila, where Pacquiao has god-like status, can scarcely believe what they have just seen - where their hero goes from here is unclear