Picture gallery: Carl Froch v George Groves II

Fight organisers have less than 24 hours to get Wembley Stadium ready following Friday night's international football friendly between England and Peru
However, it all comes together on the night as a record crowd of 80,000 pack into Wembley. Their first live glimpse of the two fighters comes when George Groves enters the arena aboard a red double-decker bus
Lasers light up the stadium for the entrance of the defending world champion Carl Froch, with some spectators taking pictures on their mobile phones
Legendary master of ceremonies Michael Buffer introduces both fighters before bellowing his famous catchphrase, "Let's get ready to rumble!"
After a cagey opening round, George Groves begins to land some powerful counter-punches in the early stages
While George Groves is shading the early rounds, Carl Froch dominates from the centre of the ring and catches the challenger with some powerful shots
There is little to separate the two fighters, with George Groves managing to counter most of Carl Froch's thunderous shots
By the fifth round, Carl Froch manages to draw George Groves out and the pair trade punches in the centre of the ring - the champion landing the heavier shots
The end arrives in the eighth round as Carl Froch connects with a devastating right hand which sends George Groves tumbling to the canvas
The decisive punch sees George Groves's legs crumple beneath him, and the referee quickly steps in and stops the fight in the eighth round
Carl Froch, after successfully defending his two world titles, is lifted aloft by his delighted team while doctors rush to check a dazed George Groves is OK
There is no doubt about the winner this time as Carl Froch is declared a world champion yet again
When the pair of fighters do manage to embrace, Carl Froch tells George Groves he should be proud of his performance
In the aftermath of his victory, Carl Froch unofficially asks his long-time partner Rachael Cordingley to marry him - it only being unofficial because he had no ring. She says yes.

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