Table Tennis: Men's Team




Gold medal match

Singapore3 - 1England
Singapore 3 - 1 England
NameCountryScoreGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5
Match 1Jiajn ZhanSin351161111
Paul DrinkhallEng21151172
Match 2Ning GaoSin3111311
Liam PitchfordEng09113
Match 3N. Gao/ H. LiSin111683
A. Baggaley/ P. DrinkhallEng38111111
Match 4Jian ZhanSin3111111
Andrew BaggaleyEng0489

Bronze medal match

Nigeria3 - 1India
Nigeria 3 - 1 India
NameCountryScoreGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5
Match 1Sharath Kamal AchantaInd3111111
Segun ToriolaNgr0957
Match 2Harmeet Rajul DesaiInd178115
Quadri ArunaNgr31111911
Match 3HR. Desai/ Arputh Anthony Ind21195119
O. Onaolapo/ S. ToriolaNgr331111911
Match 4Sharath KamalInd191175
Ojo OnaolapoNgr31131111


England3 - 1India
Singapore3 - 1Nigeria
England 3 - 1 India
NameCountryScoreGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5
Match 1Liam Pitchford Eng311891111
Sharath Kamal Achanta Ind24111156
Match 2Paul Drinkhall Eng3111111
Amalraj Anthony Arputharaj Ind0589
Match 3A.Baggaley / P. Drinkhall Eng2111481111
HR. Desai / Anthony ArputhInd371611713
Match 4Liam PitchfordEng31111101017
Harmeet Rajul Desai Ind256121215
Singapore 3 - 1 Nigeria
NameCountryScoreGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5
Match 1Ning Gao Sin311119711
Segun Toriola Ngr27811119
Match 2Jian Zhan Sin1712129
Quadri Aruna Ngr311101411
Match 3H.Li / N.Gao Sin31111811
B. Abiodun / S. Toriola Ngr142117
Match 4Jian Zhan Sin32111111
Bode AbiodunNgr111478


Singapore 3 - 0 New Zealand
Nigeria3 - 2Australia
India3 - 0Scotland
England 3 - 0 Wales
Scotland 0 - 3 India
NameCountryScoreGame 1Game 2Game 3
Match 1Gavin RumgaySco0656
Soumyajit GhoshInd3111111
Match 2Craig Howieson Sco0778
Sharath Kamal Achanta Ind3111111
Match 3S. Doherty / C. HowiesonSco0786
Hr. Desai Hr / S. GhoshInd3111111
England 3 - 0 Wales
NameCountryScoreGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4
Match 1Paul Drinkhall Eng311111111
Ryan JenkinsWal113995
Match 2Liam Pitchford Eng3111111
Stephen Jenkins Wal0714
Match 3A. Baggaley / P. Drinkhall Eng3111211
D. O'connell /S. Jenkins Wal07108

Group stages

Group A
Sri Lanka3 - 1Ghana
Sri Lanka0 - 3Seychelles
Sri Lanka0 - 3Singapore
Singapore3 - 0Seychelles
Singapore3 - 0Ghana
Ghana3 - 0Seychelles
Group B
England3 - 0Jamaica
England3 - 0Trinidad & Tobago
England3 - 0Barbados
Barbados3 - 2Jamaica
Trinidad & Tobago1 - 3Barbados
Trinidad & Tobago3 - 1Jamaica
Group C
Northern Ireland3 - 0Guyana
Northern Ireland3 - 0India
Northern Ireland3 - 0Vanuatu
India3 - 0Vanuatu
India3 - 0Guyana
Guyana3 - 0Vanatu
Group D
Nigeria3 - 0Bangladesh
Nigeria3 - 1Mauritius
Nigeria3 - 0Kiribati
Mauritius3 - 0Kiribati
Mauritius3 - 2Bangladesh
Bangladesh 3 - 1Kiribati
Group E
Scotland3 - 0Uganda
Scotland3 - 1Canada
Uganda0 - 3Canada
Uganda3 - 0UR Tanzania
Canada3 - 0UR Tanzania
Group F
Australia3 - 0Saint Lucia
Australia3 - 2Malaysia
Australia3 - 0Zambia
Zambia3 - 0Malaysia
Zambia 1 - 3Saint Lucia
Saint Lucia0 - 3Malaysia
Group G
Wales3 - 0Papua New Guinea
Wales3 - 2New Zealand
Wales3 - 0Kenya
Papua New Guinea0 - 3New Zealand
Papua New Guinea0 - 3Kenya
Kenya0 - 3New Zealand

Classification - for teams that did not advance from group stages

Classification final

Trinidad and Tobago3 - 0Ghana

Classification semi-finals

Ghana3 - 1Jamaica
Trinidad and Tobago3 - 1Guyana

Classification quarter-finals

Jamaica3 - 0Bangladesh
Ghana3 - 0Vanuatu
Trinidad & Tobago3 - 0Uganda
Guyana3 - 0Kenya

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