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Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton

'The odds stack up against Hamilton'

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"My concern is not about beating Nico; I don't have a problem with that," Lewis Hamilton said on Sunday evening, at once revealing the innate sense of superiority he feels about his team-mate Rosberg, and diminishing - inadvertently or otherwise - the merit of the German's victory in the Russian Grand Prix.

Except, right now, Hamilton does have a problem with that. Both in the micro sense, in that he keeps hitting snags that prevent him challenging Rosberg in races. And in the macro, in that Hamilton now faces a gargantuan task in overhauling the deficit he faces in the championship.

daniil kvyat

How Red Bull could blow title race open

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Lewis Hamilton's defence of his Formula 1 title could be about to get a whole lot harder courtesy of a surprise interloper - Red Bull.

The world champion already has a fight on his hands following his troubled start to the season, which has left him 36 points behind Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg after just three races.

Lewis Hamilton

'It's a good job Hamilton likes a battle'

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Lewis Hamilton spent much of the Chinese Grand Prix weekend saying how much he liked a fight. Well, he is certainly in one now.

Three races into the 2016 Formula 1 season, the British world champion is staring at a 36-point deficit to Nico Rosberg in the championship, after finishing seventh in Shanghai while his Mercedes team-mate continued his clean sweep of the races so far.

Mercedes F1 drivers Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg

'The battle we all wanted is brewing'

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This Formula 1 season is revealing its secrets slowly - but there is enough evidence after the first two races that a tight battle is brewing for the world championship.

Nico Rosberg is in a strong position after wins in both of the first two grands prix in Australia and Bahrain, thanks to Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton managing to convert both his pole positions into bad getaways that extinguished his victory hopes within seconds of the start of each race.

fernando alonso's mclaren

Would the halo have trapped Alonso?

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The ease with which drivers can get out of an upturned car will be investigated before finalising the introduction of head protection next year.

Crashes similar to those suffered by Fernando Alonso in Australia on Sunday will be part of a risk assessment into the 'halo' device, planned for 2017.

Nico Rosberg and Sebastian Vettel

Analysis: 'Ferrari messed it up'

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The silver Mercedes train marches on, but the first grand prix of the 2016 Formula 1 season will be remembered as one that Ferrari threw away.

The podium in Melbourne had a very familiar feel - a Mercedes one-two, with Nico Rosberg leading Lewis Hamilton home after the world champion made a poor start, and Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel third - but it was a race Ferrari let slip through their fingers.


Why Formula 1 is one long holiday

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It started with a cantaloupe-and-indigo dawn, the Antipodean sun rising over a limitless horizon, climbing into a cloudless sky at the start of a picture-perfect day.

Cockatoos and swallows danced on a warm north wind, the pine and eucalyptus trees scenting the air in verdant Albert Park. Not even the vaguely hallucinatory gauze of jet lag could blur the luminous clarity of the light.

sebastian vettel interviewed by the media

Turns out Ferrari could have caught up

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Sebastian Vettel says he believes Ferrari's new car will bring him "closer" to world champions Mercedes at the start of the Formula 1 season.

The question is, how much closer? Well, the indications from the final pre-season test are that it might just be enough for Ferrari to make a fight of this year.

Lewis Hamilton

'Amazing' Mercedes already ahead

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Formula 1 pre-season testing reached its halfway point in Barcelona on Thursday evening and one thing is abundantly clear - Mercedes are once again in formidable shape.

Rivals were awestruck by the amount of mileage the team were able to manage with a brand new car.