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Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg

Was Hamilton right to undermine Rosberg?

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Lewis Hamilton leads the world championship for the first time this season after his dominant victory in the Hungarian Grand Prix, but in some ways events after the race were just as important as what happened on track.

Not satisfied with the inevitable psychological blow to title rival Nico Rosberg that must have come with the knowledge that Hamilton had gained 49 points on him in just six races, the world champion openly undermined his Mercedes team-mate in the post-race news conference. While sitting right next to him.


'One of the greatest laps of all time'

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Lewis Hamilton had effectively won the British Grand Prix by the time the race was six corners old.

When the cars were unleashed after five laps behind the safety car on a wet track following a downpour 15 minutes before the start, the world champion produced what was surely one of the great opening laps of all time.

Mercedes F1 driver Lewis Hamilton

The difference between good and great

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As Lewis Hamilton came up to complete the final lap of his Monaco Grand Prix victory on Sunday, team-mate Nico Rosberg's Mercedes was within sight, a lap behind.

The circumstances that led to this crushing advantage were not completely to do with Hamilton's superiority, but as an illustration of the gulf between the two title rivals on this day, it was as good as any.

hamilton and rosberg

Hamilton & Rosberg: A rivalry reignited

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In a cloud of dust, a touch of wheels and two broken Formula 1 cars, the pressure that had been building inside Mercedes through the first four races of the season was released.

A confluence of unfortunate circumstances led to a conjoining of the two silver F1 cars, and Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg ended up in the gravel at Turn Four on the first lap of the Spanish Grand Prix, each nursing their own resentment, even if they tried to hide it afterwards.

Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton

'The odds stack up against Hamilton'

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"My concern is not about beating Nico; I don't have a problem with that," Lewis Hamilton said on Sunday evening, at once revealing the innate sense of superiority he feels about his team-mate Rosberg, and diminishing - inadvertently or otherwise - the merit of the German's victory in the Russian Grand Prix.

Except, right now, Hamilton does have a problem with that. Both in the micro sense, in that he keeps hitting snags that prevent him challenging Rosberg in races. And in the macro, in that Hamilton now faces a gargantuan task in overhauling the deficit he faces in the championship.

red bull

How Red Bull could blow title race open

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Lewis Hamilton's defence of his Formula 1 title could be about to get a whole lot harder courtesy of a surprise interloper - Red Bull.

The world champion already has a fight on his hands following his troubled start to the season, which has left him 36 points behind Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg after just three races.