Women's World Cup 2017: Warm-up fixtures

A clock counts down to the 2017 Women's World Cup
Taunton, Bristol, Derby and Leicester will host the group games - with the final at Lord's


19 New Zealand v India, Derbyshire (venue TBC)

19 England v Sri Lanka, Chesterfield

20 West Indies v Pakistan, Leicestershire (venue TBC)

20 Australia v South Africa, Oakham

21 England v New Zealand, Derbyshire (venue TBC)

21 India v Sri Lanka, Chesterfield

22 Australia v Pakistan, Leicestershire (venue TBC)

22 West Indies v South Africa, Oakham

The tournament proper starts on 24 June - full fixtures here

Fixtures and start times are subject to change. The BBC is not responsible for any changes that may be made.

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