Shaun Harrad: Torquay need more funds to keep striker, says boss Kevin Nicholson

Shaun Harrad
Shaun Harrad spent the first part of last season at Worcester City, having left Cheltenham in May 2015

Torquay United manger Kevin Nicholson says the club may lose out on the chance to re-sign striker Shaun Harrad due to a lack of finances.

Nicholson has remained hopeful of agreeing a new deal with the 31-year-old, who scored three goals in 18 league games last season.

"Funds are very low at the moment," Nicholson told BBC Sport.

"Shaun, as is his right, needs a certain amount to be able to carry on playing for us."

Nicholson says a lot of work is being done to generate extra money for the National League club - which is still the subject of an ongoing takeover bid - to enable him to sign the former Northampton, Notts County and Bury forward.

"We're trying to raise as many funds as we can through sponsorships and through the players' fund so that maybe I can go back to Shaun and offer him something that can get him to come back," Nicholson added.

"But at the moment we're stuck in a little bit of a stalemate as I haven't got enough money to offer him, but I don't want him to leave.

"So until I take the deal away or until he signs a with somebody else, I've still got hope on that one.

"I get on really well with Shaun, so we both know exactly where we stand, but I'm having to put some work in to try and raise some money."

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