Motherwell captain and electrician Keith Lasley reacts to Aberdeen floodlight failure

Pittodrie experienced floodlight failure soon after kick-off
Pittodrie experienced floodlight failure soon after kick-off

Motherwell captain and qualified electrician Keith Lasley joked that team-mates urged him to try to fix Aberdeen's floodlight issue.

Tuesday's Premiership match between the sides was abandoned when a generator failed in the first half at Pittodrie.

"I was thinking that at night-time it would have been time-and-a-half and a nice little earner," Lasley told BBC Radio Scotland.

"I think I'll start taking my tools to the game now just in case!"

The lights in the stadium had been running on a generator following recent power problems in the area but went out at one end after six minutes.

After an 18-minute break, play resumed at 0-0 but, almost immediately, the ground plunged into near darkness.

"There were a few suggestions from my team-mates to get myself up there and take a wee look at the generator," said Lasley.

"But my manager warned against that on health and safety grounds."

Aberdeen and Motherwell players leave the pitch
Aberdeen and Motherwell players leave the pitch

Lasley, 37, is in his 15th season with the Fir Park club and joked that he was tired after the shortened league encounter against the Dons, which was a 300-mile round trip to play less than 10 minutes of football.

"I'm knackered!" he laughed. "We still got back quite late, it was after midnight before we got back down the road.

"Although it wasn't a full game it was still a late night and I'm sure it was for the fans as well. But no long lies in this house - I was up early on the school run. No sympathy from the kids in a situation like that, just have to get on with it.

"It happened so early in the match then to go back in and back out. You think about injuries maybe becoming a problem with it being so stop-start so it was a strange, strange experience.

"Once the lights went out a second time you did have the feeling that was it. Hopefully everything can be done to compensate the fans."

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