Aberdeen unhappy at early kick-off time for trip to Kilmarnock

Kilmarnock's Scott Boyd (bottom) and Aberdeen's Wes Burns
Kilmarnock's game with Aberdeen in February has been rearranged for live TV coverage

Aberdeen have contacted the SPFL to express their "disappointment" at the rearranged kick-off time for their live TV clash with Kilmarnock.

The Dons face a 336-mile round trip to play Rugby Park on Sunday 19 February, with the game starting at 13:00.

No train services from Aberdeen run early enough for fans to get to Kilmarnock on time.

They have also questioned why Dundee against Rangers on the same day was given a later kick-off.

"The considerable Aberdeen away support, which is an important source of revenue to many clubs, find themselves in a position where train services on that date from Aberdeen will not enable supporters to get to Kilmarnock on time and the likely impact on the attendance will be considerable," said the club in a statement.

"The Dundee versus Rangers game on the same day kicks off at 3.15pm and it would have, we believe, been a sensible option to look at reversing the times."

The club had also complained to the SPFL earlier in the season when they were forced to travel to Hampden for a lunchtime kick-off when they played Greenock Morton in the League Cup semi-final.

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