Nottingham Forest owner Fawaz Al Hasawi understands fans' anger

Fawaz Al Hasawi
The Al Hasawi took over control at Forest in the summer of 2012

Owner Fawaz Al Hasawi says he understands why Nottingham Forest fans do not trust him after the collapse of two takeovers in less than six months.

Al Hasawi claims he has spent £122m since buying Forest in 2012, but has been widely criticised after a sale to a US consortium fell through last week.

The Reds are managerless, without a chief executive and just five points above the Championship relegation zone.

"I will let actions talk better than words," he told BBC Nottingham Sport.

"At the moment I am not going to sell the club. I would like to focus on the club, and I would like to build a structure and put the right people in the club.

Nottingham Forest protest
Nottingham Forest are 19th in the Championship, having won just one of their past nine league games

"People will think that I am lying or just saying things that will not happen. I can say many things, but at the moment we are putting this in the right way to build the structure."

Many supporters have become increasingly angry and disillusioned with the Al Hasawi reign, which has seen the club fail to pay bills on time, be placed under transfer embargo and part company with seven permanent managers.

Last week's 1-0 home win over Bristol City was their first win in eight matches, but was played against a backdrop of unrest as fans protested against the Forest owner.

"I [have] spent over £122m for Nottingham Forest, from the time I bought the club to now," Al Hasawi added.

'I am not a thief'

"Every single month I put between £2.5-£2.8m of my money into the club.

"People ask where is the money for Oliver Burke and Henri Lansbury. People think that I put the money in my pocket. All of it is in the club.

"I am not a thief. I build everything from before. I bought Nottingham Forest and I invest lots of money."

Academy director Gary Brazil is in interim charge of the Reds following the sacking of Philippe Montanier on 14 January.

Al Hasawi, who first looked to sell the club to Greek businessman Evangelos Marinakis in the summer, said he is talking to potential new managers and said the deal with the US consortium led by John Jay Moores is now "finished".

He said he was now determined to get things right.

"I spoke to many people who love the club and know me very well," he said. "We are trying hard to put the structure for the club again.

"Because I was committed with the buyers I cannot do anything, say anything or pick managers of players unless I go to the buyers. Now there is no buyer. Now it is Fawaz on his own.

"I would like to keep the club and would like to keep Nottingham Forest, and I would like to get the club in the Premier League; it would be like a dream for me."

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