Formula 1: The new cars for 2014

Red Bull: The RB10 maintains a more elegant downward curve in response to regulations that demand a lower nose for safety reasons
Mercedes: The W05 integrates the camera mounts on the nose into the aerodynamic design, by mounting them on r-shaped pillars on the top of the nose cone
Ferrari: The F14-T features a dramatically shaped front, with bodywork swooping down to a much wider nose tip than has so far been seen on rivals' new cars
McLaren: The MP4-29 features an 'anteater' front-nose design that has arching support pillars down to the front wing, which rules dictate must be 15cm narrower this year than in 2013
Sauber: Also featuring a new 'anteater' look, the unusual nose allows as much airflow under the car as possible for optimum aerodynamic performance
Caterham: The CT05 features a nose extension which comes out from underneath the chassis and has been labelled "ugly" by some Twitter users
Force India: The VJM07 features an entirely new drivetrain, supplied by Mercedes
Toro Rosso: The STR9 is a conventional-looking car, with the exception of a narrow protuberance at the front of the nose. Toro Rosso have switched from Ferrari power to Renault for 2014, bringing them into line with senior team Red Bull
Williams: The FW36 features the new 'anteater' nose popular with many teams, who are trying to get the best performance from the new regulations
Lotus: The E22 will feature a split-nose design, with two prongs separated by a gap, bucking the trend for an 'anteater'-style nose.
Following a delay Marussia have unveiled their 2014 Formula 1 car at Jerez. Technical issues delayed the MR03's launch to day three of pre-season testing. Marussia have switched to Ferrari engines for 2014, having raced with Cosworth power since joining Formula 1 as Virgin in 2010.