Lewis Hamilton: Could he become a legend at the British Grand Prix?

Lewis Hamilton at the British Grand Prix
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The weather's not great and the place is so flat it feels like you can see the curvature of the earth, but Silverstone remains one of the world's truly great grand prix circuits.

For Lewis Hamilton, it offers a chance to create history this weekend. On Sunday, he will attempt to equal Nigel Mansell's British record of four F1 wins at the Northamptonshire circuit.

Several drivers will say that the track is not as good as it was before the newest layout was created for the 2010 race, replacing the Bridge and Priory corners with the section that runs infield to Village and The Loop.

But, thankfully, they left the best bit intact - and very few places anywhere in the world match up with the section from heart-in-mouth Copse through the breathtaking Becketts sweepers.

It's a place where a Formula 1 car can breathe, where its driver gets to extend its full capabilities. And to watch a great driver through there is to marvel both at the laws of physics and man's ability to master and exploit them.

No matter how many times you see it, you still can't quite believe it.

british gp winners: Jim clark 5, nigel mansell 4, lewis hamilton 3
Can Lewis Hamilton equal Nigel Mansell's total of four wins at the British Grand Prix?

A little lift and then flat - at nearly 190mph - through Copse. This was where Fernando Alonso passed Sebastian Vettel around the outside during the race in 2014.

Then it's flat through the kink at Maggotts, a dab on the brakes into the first right-hander at Becketts, then left and right again - shedding speed all the time, but with neck-snapping G-forces, and never less than 120mph - before flooring it through Chapel and out on to the Hangar Straight.

This section alone is worth the price of admission. But there's a lot more to Silverstone.

With the venue packed out for three days, no matter what the weather, the fans are as knowledgeable and enthusiastic as anywhere in the world. They create a unique atmosphere that just has to be experienced. And it's not a bad place for racing, either.

It's not as crazy as Suzuka, as amazing as Spa, as spooky as Monza or as glamorous as Monaco.

But Silverstone has something special all of its own.

And even the traffic's generally OK these days, too.

Andrew Benson, chief F1 writer

The track

British Grand Prix graphic

Best corner

Kimi Raikkonen going through Becketts
The flat-out thrill of the Becketts complex - loved by the drivers

Best race

1987 British Grand Prix
It's difficult to top the excitement of the 1987 race as Nigel Mansell reeled in Williams team-mate Nelson Piquet in the closing laps, to win, before being engulfed by thousands of track-invading fans on the slowing-down lap

'Quick, get the tarpaulin'

Royal box at the 1950 race
No wonder Bernie used to complain about Silverstone's facilities - look at the state of the Royal Box when it staged the first Formula 1 World Championship race in 1950

What will the weather do?

Lewis Hamilton at the 2008 British Grand Prix
This is Britain, so expect rain - there was plenty of it in 2008, when Lewis Hamilton won brilliantly

'Look out!'

Crashed cars at the 1975 race
It can get messy when it does rain: A torrential downpour brought a premature end to the 1975 race, as cars aquaplaned off at Stowe corner

Drivers are getting younger & younger these days

Young boys dressed as Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button
It is not just in football where you can get replica kit

Celebs Spice up Silverstone

Spice Girls and Christian Horner at the British Grand Prix
Loads of celebrities turn up at the British Grand Prix and some of them, such as former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell (second right) even marry F1 types such as Christian Horner. Maybe it was a boring race...

Nico's in the doghouse

Nico Rosberg in his garage
Well, the garage. Working out. "No rest," Nico Rosberg writes on social media. Nice scooter...

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