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Fast Answers
Why get into boxing?The constant moving and throwing of punches means you are giving your body a full cardiovascular workout while improving muscle strength.
Who is it for?There are numerous weight categories in boxing which means almost anyone can participate.
Is there a cheap option?You can get the health benefits of boxing by working with a punching bag and a pair of boxing gloves
What if I want a proper workout?The training before you get into the ring is intense. Some clubs also offer more fitness-based sessions.
Can I take it to another level?There are many boxing clubs where you can start your programme and progress to competition level.
Is there a disability option?There are pilot programmes in place to include people with disabilities in non-contact boxing sessions.

Boxing is a dynamic sport that teaches physical and mental discipline, and the best way to get started is to join a local club. The Amateur Boxing Association's club finder can help you locate your nearest centre in England, while in Wales you can contact the Welsh Amateur Boxing Association. The Amateur Boxing Associations of Scotland and Ireland also contain further information as to how you can get involved.


Muhammad Ali

Boxing is fast, technical and requires high levels of fitness. Scoring is based around technique with bouts decided by judges and the result is based on the number of punches that land in a 'target area'. As well as an all-round workout, boxing has helped people with self-esteem. It's a fun and effective way of developing communication skills and most clubs will offer social events too. GB Boxing has some great resources so that you can see what boxing is all about, and have a better idea of the rules and regulations.

Getting started

Amateur boxer Farah Jamil

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Farah Jamil joined Bellahouston Boxing Club in Glasgow just to get fit and now boxes competitively.

The best way to start boxing is to find a beginners session at a local club. Of course it's important you stay safe so it's vital all contact sessions are overseen by a qualified coach. If you enjoy it, the programme in the club should enable you to progress gradually and at your own pace. Some boxing clubs also have fitness-based classes to help you build confidence as you start on your boxing journey. Good luck!

Women's boxing

Nicola Adams with the Us Girls group

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Training like a champion with Nicola Adams

Almost 40% of boxing gyms have classes that specifically cater for women and girls. Some women start by taking part in fun, recreational boxing in schools or youth clubs, or through boxing-related exercise such as Boxercise (see more below). Others go straight to a boxing club. The ABAE run the Women's Box Series which provides greater competitive opportunities for women. Boxing gyms are set up move people from beginners to an advanced stage, so you won't be the only one there who has never boxed before!

Youth Boxing

GB's next generation of boxers

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Jack Bateson, Sam Maxwell and Joe Joyce share what it is like to deal with intensive training at the England Institute of Sport.

Boxing is a fantastic way for children to develop coordination skills, build strength, flexibility and endurance. At 11 the real fun starts as they can compete in spars against other juniors. Boxing can provide a real confidence boost to juniors who can enjoy the competitive nature of the sport in addition to building up key skills they'll need to become a youth boxer at age 17. Several schemes, such as the Advanced Apprenticeships in Sporting Excellence (AASE) have been established to help young aspiring boxers achieve their full potential. You can see more information on other endorsed schemes or contact your local governing body in your live elsewhere in the UK.

Boxing based fitness classes


Fitness classes that incorporate boxing moves and techniques, like Boxercise, are becoming more and more popular. They not only introduce you to the world of boxing, but also work on upper body conditioning - arms, abs, chest and shoulders - while letting off steam! Classes can be done in time to popular music and might include work with pads and speedballs, along with circuit training and skipping.

Coaching and volunteering

Boxing coach

Whether you have boxed in the past or just have a keen interest in developing talent, coaching opportunities are available through the Boxing Association in your area. Find out about becoming a coach in Northern Ireland,Wales,Scotland and England or find out about volunteering opportunities in Northern Ireland,Wales,Scotland and England.JoinInUKVolunteer Scotland and Volunteer Now in Northern Ireland can also help you find a club that needs your 'hands on' attention.

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