Get Inspired: How to get into ice skating

Children struggle to get to grips with ice skating

How do I start?

Find a skating rink near you or if you're a beginner you can check out Skate UK, - a 10-stage programme to help get you started.

But what is it?

There's figure skating and speed skating - sports you may have seen at the Winter Olympics. But skating doesn't have to be competitive. You can put on a pair of skates (which you can hire at rinks) and start gliding across the ice. It's best to make sure you can skate in a straight line before you attempt jumps and turns.

Is it for me?

Ice skating is for anybody and easy to learn, whether you just want a bit of fun with friends or are serious about joining a team.

What to expect when I get there?

  • If you haven't skated before, you might be scared of taking a fall on the ice. But don't worry, most people will take a tumble at some point and you'll be surprised at how quickly your balance will improve.
  • There's an emphasis on quick foot movement and supple knees, so you'll also improve your flexibility.
  • The focus on lower-body movement will help build leg muscles.
  • Concentration is key, so ice skating can be mentally stimulating.
  • You can start young - Skate Tots is a training programme for pre-school children to enjoy.
  • Inclusive Skating is an organisation that is striving to make ice skating accessible, and they have devised a scoring system that allows disadvantaged skaters to compete alongside able-bodied competitors.

To get you in the mood ...

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Christie teaches Williams to speed skate