BBC Sport - OJ Borg gets down and dirty with cyclo-cross

OJ Borg gets down and dirty with cyclo-cross

It's muddy, it's intense and it's physically demanding - so what is it about cyclo-cross that makes it one of the most accessible and fun forms of cycling? We sent OJ Borg off to a cyclo-cross event to get some answers.

"You're going to see broken bikes, you're going to see people unrecognisable because of the mud, but generally what you'll see is loads of smiles" says event organiser, Steve Crapper.

With competitors from age four up to 75-years-old, the activity really is for everyone. But how will OJ do on the cyclo-cross course?

If you want to try cyclocross then check out the British Cycling website for more information of clubs and races near you.

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