BBC Sport - Get Inspired: Celia's swimming challenge

Celia's swimming challenge

Celia is a young and ambitious woman. Celia is also very conscious of her body image and this has prevented her from participating in what is now her most beloved sport: swimming.

In the past, Celia only used the pool if it meant she could hide away from people. She decided to take on the Swim Challenge as way of confronting her phobia and of dealing with the psychological barriers that prevented her from swimming in the first place.

Celia has found confidence in a swimming community that celebrates people not for what they look like, but for their strengths and vulnerabilities.

As a novice swimmer she wanted to regain her love for the sport. But learning to swim is one thing: can she push herself further than lengths in the swimming pool to take on a mile in open water?

Use this guide to find a way to get yourself in the pool and into swimming.

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