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  1. Murray wins 6-4 6-3 in one hour and 23 minutes
  2. Live commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra
  3. Get involved: Will an English manager win the Premier League? If so, who and why? #bbcsportsday.
  4. Tonight: BBC Radio 5 live 19:30 BST - Out of their League - Why has an English manager not won the Premier League?

Live Reporting

By Jamie Lillywhite, Michael Emons and Luke Reddy

All times stated are UK

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Andy Murray
Getty Images

And with news of that Andy Murray progress we will wrap up this extended Sportsday live service. Fear not though, there is another live starting soon.

It's Champions League football as Monaco look to fight back from a couple of goals down after their semi-final first leg with Juventus. That live text will be rolling at 18:30 BST give or take.

For now though, thanks for all the texts, tweets and love today. Sportsday will be waiting for you at 08:00 tomorrow.


Murray 6-4 6-3 Copil

Getty Images

So the Andy Murray charge towards the French Open, Wimbledon and beyond gets another small nudge forward. There will be bigger days though and for sure there will be bigger challenges.

Perhaps most impressive there was how he just gritted things out. Far from sensational, he never looked in danger and didn't have to face a single break point.

'A good day'

Murray 6-4 6-3 Copil

Russell Fuller

BBC tennis correspondent in Madrid

Andy Murray
Rex Features

He signs the camera lense as Marius Copil leaves the court to applause. He's had a good few days but Andy Murray goes through. 

Nine unforced errors for Murray on the day. He can be well pleased with his day's work. He took one hour and 23 minutes to progress.

Murray wins

Murray 6-4 6-3 Copil

Andy Murray then, the floor is yours. 

A forehand winner down the line gives him control at 30-0, the masses in Madrid sit quietly as they await the final parts of the play.

Marius Copil has brought bits and pieces today, he's made it mildly intersting and a flashing backhand from him reminds us he's still here, that's 30-15.

But Murray brings up match point and takes it ruthlessly. He comes to the net, pats his beaten opponent on the tummy and that my friends is that.

*Murray 7-6 5-3 Copil

Getty Images

Marius Copil will serve then to prolong the pain here. Still, his outfit is superb and he even wore it against Roberto Bautista Agut in round two. 

He reaches 40-15 but then gets a slice of misfortune as a Murray backhand crashes into the tape before dropping over. 

Murray looks focused on getting this done in the next game as a long backhand had all the hallmarks of a man just waiting to get this game out of the way.

Here we go then...

One game away

Murray 7-6 5-2 Copil*

Russell Fuller

BBC tennis correspondent in Madrid

"Murray could have himself a fairly straightforward passage into the third round now if he keeps his concentration."

WTA reporter Counrtney Nguyen adds: "Murray has locked it down, just six unforced errors so far."

Listen to live commentary, just click 'live coverage'.

Andy Murray
Rex Features

Murray breaks...

*Murray 7-6 4-2 Copil

"Murray hitting a few high, looping balls. Almost the boxing equivalent of the boxing jabs," says WTA reporter Courtney Nguyen.

The tactic helps the world number one to deuce on the Marius Copil serve.

We see the rally of the match, with Murray looking done on more than one occasion. He hustled to just lob a high ball back into the court whilst on the run and later hooked a ball back when stranded. It pays off as Copil eventually breaks and hits the net. 

Break point it is and Murray pounces again. Turn out the lights, this one is surely over.

Courtney Nguyen

WTA reporter in Madrid

You get the sense Copil can't do much more to hurt Murray. Murray seems to be spotting some patterns and movements which can now help him.

Russell Fuller

BBC tennis correspondent in Madrid

Murray is looking mildly threatening in the last few minutes. Like a runner timing his run and getting ready to pounce.

Murray 7-6 3-2 Copil*

Manuel Santana

That last Marius Copil smash hit four-time Grand Slam winner Manuel Santana in the head.

The 78-year-old, the tournament director in Madrid, sees the funny side and he's all good.

Santana won the French twice, the US Open and Wimbledon between 1961 and 1966.

*Murray 7-6 2-2 Copil

Andy Murray

This could be a key moment as Marius Copil surrenders a 40-0 lead on his serve to fall to deuce. The man in yellow shows some guts though and holds on. He gets Murray on the run which leads to an easy smash put away.

How it's shaping up...

Elsewhere out on these courts Dominic Thiem - who beat Murray in the semi-finals of the Barcelona Open less than two weeks ago - took his first set 6-3 against Jared Donaldson.

Pierre-Hugues Herbert won a first-set tie break against Lucas Pouille and it's 4-4 in the second.

Croatian's Bora Coric is awaiting the winner of that match in round two. The winner of that encounter will then play the winner of Murray-Copil in round three.

Murray 7-6 2-1 Copil*

Marius Copil holds easily and takes the first point of Andy Murray's second service game in this set. The third ace of the match for Murray gets him back into things and there's an air of inevitability about the vibe around this court now. Those in attendance seem to be just waiting for Muzza to twist the knife a bit.

At 30-30 he's on his second serve - touch of pressure - but Copil makes life easy with a wayward return. They trade powerful blows and Murray dollies one back a bit short, Copil will punish this... no. Into the net. Possibly the easiest shot of the rally yet it's the one that gets away.

Murray 7-6 1-0 Copil*

Andy Murray

There's nothing I like more than a drop shot followed by an easy pass into an area of the court a player has forced his rival to vacate.

That's the picture here as Murray drops one from deep beautifully and then just nudges the ball back over the net. It's the highlight of this service hold. 

The court is now covered in shade and Murray will hope the way he pinched that first set will have sucked the air out of Marius Copil, who prepares to serve.

That time of the year? Well, nearly...

We're right in the middle of the clay-court season but in south-west London, thoughts are already on the grass... app users may need to select the link to view the video below...

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Russell Fuller

BBC tennis correspondent in Madrid

"I think 'solid' is the word for that set."

Murray breaks and wins first set

*Murray 6-4 Copil

Now would be a good time to find a first break of the match and like many top players, Andy Murray senses blood. He jostles for position at 15-15 and floats a forehand into the corner, prompting Copil to send a ball long.

Pressure on the underdog and he feels it, a brilliant volley from deep in the court from Murray finds the target, passing Copil. Break point, set point and with a big fist pump Murray gets it done.

A Copil return kicks up off the net, allowing Murray to get over a ball which bounces kindly and fizz it at his opponent who can only dribble it back into the net.

Andy Murray had smiles two days back. As I've just said, definitely a parking ticket or something... app users may need to select the link to view the post below...

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Pique in the house

Murray 5-4 Copil*

Barcelona and Spain defender Gerard Pique is in the stands taking this in as Andy Murray holds to 15. Still, not a smile to be seen from the world number one. I think someone handed him a parking ticket before he came out as he seems positively angry with life right now.

Getty Images

*Murray 4-4 Copil

Marius Copil
Getty Images

"Copil's looking a million dollars, having a great day out," says BBC tennis correspondent Russell Fuller on 5 live sports extra.

We see the finest point of the day as Andy Murray races to the net to meet a drop shot, makes it and then has to adjust as the ball comes back his way quickly. He defends well and then guides a gorgeous forehand up the line, passing Marius Copil.

Copil stands 6ft 4in and couldn't get near it. We reach 40-30 to Copil and he crushes a serve to take this scrap to 4-4.

'Good poise'

Murray 4-3 Copil

As Russell says, we are at deuce on the Andy Murray serve. He finds a solid point, getting the ball back repeatedly with gusto. Marius Copil digs in and is dancing around like a dog chasing a ball at the other end with Murray directing the play. Eventually the pressure is too much and Copil hooks a forehand wide.

"There was good poise through that point," says WTA reporter Courtney Nguyen on 5 live sports extra.

Murray sees the game through. All on serve so far in the second round if you're just joining us.

Andy Murray
Getty Images

Murray tension

*Murray 3-3 Copil

Russell Fuller

BBC tennis correspondent

The gent in front of me is filming on his phone. It also tells me it's 28 celsius at the moment.

There's some tension from Murray. He knows he has a lot of ranking points to defend in every single tournament he plays between now and November.

Copil with a smart volley at the net and he takes Murray to deuce on his serve here...

*Murray 3-3 Copil

No doubting which of these two men have come out with some blood-pumping tunes ringing in their ears. Marius Copil is more aggressive. He gets over a ball, rotating those hips with pace to slam a forehand up the line, Murray doesn't move. That was a 10th winner from the underdog compared to three from the Briton.

A loss of footing from Copil lets Murray briefly back into the game but a heavy backhand is followed by a dire drop shot into the net and that's 3-3. 

Murray in first gear and chugging, Copil already opened up with the roof down.

Murray 3-2 Copil*

Andy Murray bounces the ball five times and lampoons a serve up the middle, catching the ball after a bounce as Marius Copil sends it long. This 26-year-old looks quite smart around the baseline though and sweeping shots whilst on the run wrestle him back to 30-30.

The threat ends as Murray serves solidly and the Scot trudges back to his seat in the shade. Not much bounce about his body language to speak of, business-like.

Copil wipes his face feverishly with a towel. The opening 23 minutes have seen half the court in shade but it looks baking out there regardless.

*Murray 2-2 Copil

Andy Murray of course reached the final here last year, going down to Novak Djokovic in a deciding set. He's started slow this time about, spluttering to 2-2 with serve. Marius Copil held without dropping a point in the latest. Two aces to his name in two games. Booming.

Russell Fuller

BBC tennis correspondent at the Madrid Open

What is Andy Murray muttering about? Has he had a dodgy dossier on Copil from his team?

*Murray 1-1 Copil

Courtney Nguyen

WTA reporter on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

"Murray has been muttering to his box and his team from early on in this.

"He's trying different things, some top spin, some drop shots. 

"I'm seeing more variety from Copil than I expected. I thought he'd be a classic baseliner."

You can listen on 5 live sports extra, just click 'live coverage'.

*Murray 1-1 Copil

Marius Copil will move into the world's top 100 next week and he's clearly feeling good about life as his outfit today is daring. A bright yellow t-shirt, sky blue shorts and bright yellow socks.

He begins serving well but at 40-15 takes his eye off things a bit and Murray fights back to earn a break point. From centre court, the Romanian whips a forehand beautifully, leaving Murray helpless.

We reach a third deuce and Murray kicks a few balls up, the bounce asking a question which Copil can't answer as he goes long. Now, can Murray break this time? No. Almost hidden in the shade behind the baseline he flicks a backhand long after some solid forehands arrive from his opponent.

We tick over eight minutes in the game and finally it's put to bed. Copil goes firm up the middle with his boomer of a serve and Murray can only send the ball long. 

Murray 1-0 Copil*

The Andy Murray serve comes under zero threat as we get the ball rolling, he races to the net and shows delicate touch, sliding to meet the ball and get the job done.

Murray to serve

Murray v Copil

Time for some of the Murray man.

Andy Murray
Getty Images

The world number one made it to the semi-finals of the Barcelona Open roughly a fortnight ago as he gets the game in check ready for the French. 

He should be able to knock a few rough edges off again here against the world number 104, Marius Copil of Romania.

Here's Murray


BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

Andy Murray has just gone on to the court in Madrid, so here is Luke Reddy to guide you through all the action from the world number one's second round match against Romania's Marius Copil.

Remember, we have live radio commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra, which you can hear at the top of this page right now.

Jardim hopes an early goal can lead to a shock

Juventus v Monaco (19:45 BST)

Monaco need to be at their best tonight if they are to reach the Champions League final.

The Ligue 1 leaders are 2-0 down to Italian Serie A leaders Juventus before tonight's semi-final second leg in Italy. 

Monaco coach Leonardo Jardim has said an early goal could be the catalyst for an upset.

"We have to stay confident, try to play our game and put on a good performance and if we score at the start of the game, maybe that could change things," he said.

Monaco were the last French side to reach the final when they lost to Jose Mourinho's Porto in 2004, but would have to end Juve's four-year unbeaten home record in Europe and a run of six successive clean sheets in the competition.

Getty Images

'We have absolutely not sealed our qualification'

Juventus v Monaco (19:45 BST, 2-0 after first leg)

Despite winning 2-0 away from home in the first leg of their Champions League semi-final, Juventus boss Massimiliano Allegri says he is not ruling Monaco out in tonight's second leg. 

"Monaco will play an open and care-free match," said Allegri. "We will have to be careful because they have great talent."

"Monaco are a side with great talent and we have absolutely not yet sealed our qualification. We need to win the second leg."

Getty Images

Jones unfazed by Luton play-off 'curse'

Nathan Jones
Getty Images

Luton boss Nathan Jones insists he has no worries about the club's supposed play-off curse - because his record is far better. 

The Hatters face Blackpool on Sunday in the first leg of the League Two play-offs, having failed in four previous campaigns in the last 20 years. 

But Jones told BBC Look East: "The old Luton record has nothing to do with me. 

"My play-off record's quite good. I've been in three and been promoted in two, so I'm happy with that."

Wenger responds to Monreal 'christening' criticism

Southampton v Arsenal (Wednesday, 19:45 BST)

Watch as Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger gives his response to Phil Neville's description of Nacho Monreal looking like he was "at a christening" in the tunnel before Arsenal faced Manchester United.

Neville was unhappy that players were joking in the tunnel before the match, a contrast to how it was when he was playing.

Arsene Wenger responds to Phil Neville's criticism of Nacho Monreal

Murray up next


BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

Simona Halep is into the third round of the Madrid Open with a 6-3 2-6 7-6 (7-2) victory over Italy's Roberta Vinci, which means Andy Murray will be in round two action against Romania's Marius Copil shortly.

There will be live commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra from 16:45 BST and there will be an extended Sportsday to cover the match.

Thomas third in latest Giro stage

Road cycling

It has been a good day for Team Sky's Geraint Thomas, who finishes third in the latest stage of the Giro d'Italia to move second in the overall classifications.

BBC Sport app users may need to click on the below link to see the tweets.

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Madrid Open latest


We're waiting for Andy Murray to get going in the second round of the Madrid Open against Romanian Marius Copil, the world number 104.

It is next up on the Manolo Santana court, but it may be a while. Italian Roberta Vinci was serving for the match in the deciding set of her second round match against Simona Halep, but Halep has just broken back to take it back on to serve at 5-4 to Vinci.

Andy Murray
Getty Images

International newspapers

The Courier Mail (Australia)

Now, this does not look like the most interesting of front pages but Australian newspaper The Courier Mail says Australia are serious about finishing top of the medal charts at next year's Commonwealth Games, which will be held on the Gold Coast.

The paper says 15m Australian Dollars (£8.5m) is going to be spent on training and equipment for Australian athletes before the 2018 event.

At the 2014 Games in Glasgow, England won 58 gold medals (174 medals in total) compared to 49 golds (137 medals in total) for Australia.

The Courier Mail
The Courier Mail

On this day

In 1936 footballer Bernard Joy played his one and only game for England against Belgium. A member of the successful Corinthian Casuals team, he was the last amateur to play for England.

Bernard Joy
Rex Features