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  1. Reaction as Neymar is given permission to leave Barcelona
  2. Brazilian set for £198m move to Paris St-Germain
  3. Given permission to miss Barca training
  4. Get Involved: #bbcsportsday

Live Reporting

By Libby Dawes

All times stated are UK

Get involved

Thanks everyone for your input today. How we got to where we did, I will never know but I enjoyed myself. I hope you did too. You can stop calculating the Freddos : Neymar ratio now...

Keep up to date with the latest in the Neymar saga on the BBC Sport website.

Coming up tonight we have live coverage of Liverpool's Audi Cup game against Atletico Madrid.


I am sorry I made you do this with your Wednesday afternoon Banny....

But it is appreciated.

RE: 15:32, the Eiffel Tower has 930m3 of steelwork, freddos to m3 is 73,611.11 per m3, x 930 = 68,458,332.3 freddos, at 25p each that's £17,114,583.08 in freddos! Don't think it'd be too structurally sound mind!

Banny, Cornwall








Neymar clones
Getty Images

According to Forbes, the cost of human cloning is around £1.29 million pounds (Forbes). Why spend £198,000,000 on 1 Neymar when you could clone 153 Neymars at that price?

Thomas from York


So, you are saying PSG don't need Neymar - they could just make their own Champions League trophy...

Cancel the bank transfer!




Before we go, here are a few more of your contributions to #NeymarMaths .....

You lot have entertained and amused throughout the madness and mayhem of Neymar Day...

By the way, the 2nd of August will henceforth be known as Neymar Day.

The man himself has replied to his pal Messi to say thanks for the emotional Instagram photo montage...

The translation is: "Thank you brother.... I'll miss you man"


I have no idea how we got to this point either Will......


77 Lee Cattermoles

Earlier - at 10:50 GMT to be exact - we worked out that one would be able to buy 77 Lee Cattermoles....

Freddie has something to say about that:

Following on from the Lee Cattermole comment earlier on, as there is only one Lee Cattermole, it would be a better option to buy him once and tie him down on a long term deal. If he still retains the £6 million price tag from when he went to Sunderland, that would leave £192 million to spend on his estimated £2 million a year salary. This would allow him to sign a 96 year contract, taking him to the age of 125, which is a far better option than Neymar in my opinion.


I think we are making #NeymarMaths an actual thing


What IS Neymar worth?

#bbcsportsday or text 81111

EPH : A crate of 24 x 0,3l bottles of beer costs €9.99 in the Netherlands. Neymar = 1,29 crates of beer for everyone here in NL!


Right, we've done our calculations and Neymar's value in Freddo bars is 14,256 tonnes of those chocolatey treats. Almost twice the weight of the Eiffel Tower.... I think I need to get back to work...

Alex & Andrew from Soho

Wait, what we all really want to know is how many would you need to build a scale-replica Eiffel Tower in chocolate.....?

Sportsday readers are relying on you, guys - your boss will understand, surely?

(I repeat) Show your workings.....

With the number of €50c coins needed to buy Neymar, you could create a single line from Sao Paolo to Paris and then Paris to Barcelona and have enough at the end to pay the entire population of Barcelona €5 #ProductiveLunchBreak

From Charlie in London

Worth his weight in....?

Text 81111

At approximately 68kg in mass, and costing 222 million euros for Neymar to be "worth his weight in....", he would have to be made of Plutonium, which costs $4,000 a gram.

James, Oxford

How much IS Neymar worth?

#bbcsportsday or text 81111

Chelsea Warrior: Neymar is better than Pogba and Lukaku. £100m tops.

Ed: What is Neymar worth? Whatever PSG are willing to pay for him #SupplyAndDemand

Mudiaga Akpotor: Neymar is worth breaking the transfer record, but definitely not for £198m

Alright, here is a question....

How much IS Neymar worth?

In "football" terms, yes he is worth a lot of money but if you don't think it is £198m, then how much is it?

Get in touch - #bbcsportsday

Keeping us waiting...

PSG are clearly in no rush to announce the world's worst kept secret...

When PSG right-back Thomas Meunier tweeted to ask how things were progressing, the club's official account simply replied: "Wait a little longer".

Stick with us as this story continues to develop throughout the rest of the afternoon.

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You lot blow my mind sometimes...


Somehow, I don't think Barcelona fans will take too long to get over it...

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'It's been a pleasure' - Messi

If you are using the BBC Sport app then you will need to use the link to view this post but trust me, it is worth it....

Lionel Messi has a weakness - apparently it's his brother from another mother, Neymar...

The Barcelona captain has posted an adorable video montage of the two of them together on the field and off it, complete with cheesy soundtrack.

He posts: "It was an enormous pleasure to have shared all these years with you friend @neymarjr I wish you luck in this new stage of your life."

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All the feels....


I don't know quite how to react to the brilliance of Matt Cawkwell here.....


Hang on.

Things have taken a dramatic turn....

#bbcsportsday or text 81111

James Ballantyne: On Neymar, that the equivalent of 74 million *generic supermarket* meal deals, & if you laid out the sandwiches it would stretch 5 million kilometres

(But how long if you add the drink, crisps or fruit bag? Please show your working....)

Earlier we worked out you could buy 792,000000 Freddos with the transfer fee of Neymar Jr....

James has taken it a step further....

Get Involved


Mark Bray: Neymar scored 13 league goals last season! How is that worth £198 million? Harry Kane got 29, what is he worth?

Recap time

Hello to those chomping on their lunch/dinner/night-time snack - depending on where you are in the world.

You might have seen the news that we all sort of knew was going to happen:

Neymar says he wants to leave Barcelona, with PSG set to pay his 222m euros release clause.

That's 222m!!!

Here's the story so far.

“If Brad Pitt can make $20m a film, why can’t Neymar earn as much?”

Got a minute...? Listen to this:

It's the biggest transfer in football history but is he worth it?

Brazilian journalist Fernando Duarte tells BBC Minute that Neymar's move to Paris St-Germain is about more than just football. The deal represents 'soft power' for the French club and also for PSG's owners in Qatar.

Also, it helps that Neymar is a media star.

'Unlike Messi, he isn't awkward on camera'

'Success must be the Champions League'

Richard Conway

BBC Radio 5 live sports news correspondent

Having secured the World Cup in 2022, Doha sees PSG as one of the ways through which the state can achieve its ambitions.

Uefa's Financial Fair Play regulations have certainly tempered PSG's elaborate spending in recent seasons, and Neymar's arrival would represent a serious challenge to the club in this respect - but there's confidence within PSG's boardroom that it will not be a significant issue.

Ultimately this deal will not be judged in the governmental salons of Doha nor on a spreadsheet. Instead, success must be delivered through PSG capturing arguably the club game's greatest trophy, the Champions League.

'This transfer has a distinct political overtone'

Richard Conway

BBC Radio 5 live sports news correspondent

"Revons plus grand"

PSG's motto is hard to avoid at their stadium, Parc de Princes.

The translation? "Dream bigger"

PSG's owners, Qatari Sports Investment (QSI), are the upstarts within the European game and determined to disrupt the old order.

QSI is an arm of Qatar's sovereign wealth fund - so PSG's ambitions are backed by the enormous natural gas wealth of the Gulf state.

Qatar is locked in a bitter dispute with its Arab neighbours - so this transfer has a distinct political overtone as it seeks to show it will not be diminished or cowed by an ongoing trade blockade and a diplomatic war of words.

Sassy Richard Conway is great but he is even better when delving deeper into PSG's big money offer for the 25-year-old Brazilian superstar....

Watch all of Neymar's 2014 World Cup goals...

Brazil star Neymar lights up 2014 World Cup

Grab your headphones and cup of tea/ brew (depending on where you are in the country) and enjoy this...

What's that?

Oh nothing, just 'Sassy Conway' trolling PSG...


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*shocked face emoji*

I forgot to show you one of the graphs!

It's a good one too...

Uefa statement

via Radio 5 live correspondent Richard Conway

"We have not received complaints from anyone regarding this matter.

"All clubs in Europe must respect financial fair-play rules and must demonstrate that they do not have losses of more than 30m euros over three years.

"As part of the continuous monitoring of clubs under financial fair play regulations, UEFA will look into the details of this transfer in due course to ensure PSG are compliant with FFP requirements.

"The transfer of Neymar to PSG will have an effect on the club finances over several years but the impact of such an operation cannot be judged in advance, notably as PSG could well sell several players for a significant amount.

"We shall therefore only make calculations at the end and make sure that they respect the rules."

No you are all graphed out, I can bring you a statement from Uefa regarding Neymar's fee and the potential of breaking Financial Fair Play rules...

A bit of background:

Two days ago, it emerged Barca were ready to push for a Financial Fair Play investigation if PSG signed Neymar

That came after La Liga president Javier Tebas threatened, in an interview with Mundo Deportivo, a legal response against the former Ligue 1 champions if European football's governing body failed to take action.

Uefa have said this today...:


How productive are MSN?