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  1. Neymar: "I am not motivated by money."
  2. Champions League play-off draw: Hoffenheim v Liverpool
  3. Celtic v Astana
  4. Ties to be played on 15/16 and 22/23 August
  5. Europa League play-off draw: Everton v Hajduk Split
  6. Ties to be played on 17 and 24 August

Live Reporting

By Shamoon Hafez

All times stated are UK

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And that is your lot for today.

How exciting was that??

The Football League gets under way on Friday evening, stay across the BBC Sport website for all the action.

Until then.

Morata and Batshuayi together?


And finally from Antonio Conte...

"We must have the will to try to win the game. It won't be easy but we have to try to start in the right way."

The Italian add playing new signing Alvaro Morata and Michy Batshuayi together is an option and he wants to play the Spaniard as a number nine this season.

New signings needed

Community Shield: Arsenal v Chelsea (Sun, 14:00 BST)


Chelsea boss Antonio Conte: "We need more players to improve our squad' both in terms of quality and the size of it.

"It is important the club know his position on how many new players we need, and not the press.

"Eden Hazard is very happy to stay at Chelsea and start his season with us when he has recovered from injury."

'First trophy of the season'

Community Shield: Arsenal v Chelsea (Sun, 14:00 BST)


Chelsea boss Antonio Conte: "We want to try to start the season with a win. I hope to see a good game from the players and for the people.

"This is the first trophy of the season. It is an important game. We want to play a good game with good intensity."

Community Shield: Arsenal v Chelsea (Sun, 14:00 BST)


Eden Hazard and new signing Tiemoue Bakayoko are unavailable for Sunday's Community Shield match against Arsenal.

Boss Antonio Conte says "both players are working very hard to recover from the surgery in the summer" and are unlikely to be fit for the opening Premier League game against Burnley next weekend.

It's all systems go today.

With Neymar done and dusted, attention now focussed on Sunday's Community Shield between Premier League champions Chelsea and FA Cup winners Arsenal.

Blues boss Antonio Conte has been facing questions...

Hit the play button below to hear Neymar in action...

I wanted a bigger challenge and my heart chose PSG - Neymar
One last word.. Paris Saint Germain? Oh yeah!

This was the moment Neymar came back to the mike and said his final words, "Paris St-Germain, ooh yeah."

That is one way of embracing the fans.

He loves it.

Tbh, I don't think that £200m price tag is going to bother him.


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Stew Brown‏: Who are Neymar and PSG kidding? It's all about the money. Where will it end?

Dan Charles‏: Why doesn't Neymar give the money away if he's not motivated by money?

Fissuh Hailu: Neymar is only after money both for himself and his father.Had he left a week a go,his father wouldn't have earned millions.

Best line in the presser was from PSG chairman Nasser Al-Khelaifi, who said: "We will be very transparent with Financial Fair Play, I have a strong team with me. If you are thinking about it, go have a coffee and don't worry about it."

Get him booked for Live at the Apollo.

And Neymar and his boss Nasser Al-Khelaifi trot off the stage and out of sight.

What did you make of that then? No easy games in Ligue 1, says Neymar. Hmm.

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Neymar has the obligatory 'new signing photo' by holding up his t-shirt and comes back to the microphone.

"One last word," he says. "Paris St-Germain. Ooh yeh."

Hold on, hold on.

Talking over, time to put your boots on and do your talking on the pitch lad.

No pressure.

Did you leave to move out of Messi's shadow?

Neymar: "No, quite on the contrary.

"One of my motivations to play for Barcelona was to play alongside Lionel Messi, he was my role model.

"There was no pressure at all there, only during the first week at Barcelona where I was nervous to train with my role models.

"But after that first week, I was relaxed and to play with the best is very easy because every player wants to play with the best in the world to win titles together.

"I want to thank Messi because he welcomed me so well and I learned so much from him in our four years together.

"But now I'm here at PSG and I want to help my team-mate in the best way and win titles."

How do you view French football and its level?

Neymar: "I heard people criticise Ligue 1 and I have spoken to players about it. There are no easy games here. It is a big challenge for us to win the league again. We have great potential to be the greatest club in the world."

Football cliche right there.


Will Paris become the city of Neymar? Will you be as iconic as the Eiffel Tower?

Neymar: "I kind of anxious to write this history.

"I have to first get to know my team-mates and get to know the city.

"Paris doesn't need Neymar to be the most wonderful city in the world.

"Of course I'm really happy about the welcome, it's my new home and I want to build a new dream and achieve a new challenge with my team-mates and my family.

"I'm very happy to be another Brazilian to play for a great club in a great country."

What would success look like at PSG? What would you be satisfied with?

Neymar: "I want to write history at PSG, this is the only reason. There are new challenges and I want to help write history. Our biggest challenge is the Champions League, but want all the trophies."

Nasser Al-Khelaifi: "Before Neymar the value of the club was $1bn, now it is $1.5bn."

Is there a Messi-equivalent at PSG who you wanted to sign in order to play with?

Neymar: "When I signed for Barcelona, one of the main reasons was to play alongside Lionel Messi.

"Here in Paris, it's the club itself and the PSG project and all of the players.

"It's not one specific player. It's players like Javier Pastore - who gave me his number 10 shirt.

"I would like to thank him, I was surprised by that and hopefully I can repay him."


Is the ambition to win the Champions League this season?

PSG chairman Nasser Al-Khelaifi: "You are trying to put pressure on us and Neymar, we love it.

"Our ambition is to win the Champions League, that is always there. We want to win the maximum trophies we can. It is our dream and we will fight for it. The players need to enjoy it.

"We paid the buyout clause, not Neymar."

What about possible discrepancies in the deal?

PSG chairman Nasser Al Khelaifi: "There is only one decision that matters and that is with Uefa.

"We are working very transparently with Uefa.

"We don't care about speculation in the media. We care that what we are doing is transparent and completely legal."

PSG chairman Nasser Al Khelaifi: "He was trying to delay the process out of respect for Barcelona's players and fans.

"He left as a gentleman. It's not fair to compare him with other players.

"We were putting pressure on him and his team to finish the deal but he really wanted to go in the right way.

"I'm shocked by the question - I don't know how you can compare Neymar with others."

People at Barcelona are frustrated and are comparing you to Figo...

Neymar: "I have done nothing bad. I am sad about the fact that the fans think that. I hope it is only a minority. I never lacked respect to the fans and I think every player should be allowed to stay or leave a club.

"You are not obligated to remain at a club, if you wish to leave then the player has that right.

"Once again, I want to thank the fans, the club, the players."

Neymar: "There was a lot of pressure around me - I thought about everything.

"It was one of the most difficult decisions of my life but I took it two days ago.

"What I did at first was inform the coach of Barcelona [Ernesto Valverde]. He was the first to know. I respect the club and him very much.

"Of course I'm very happy with my decision, I'm excited for the challenge.

"Nothing is easy in life but God has something planned for me."

Neymar: "Me and Gerard Pique were having lunch together and he posted a picture. We were having fun, I told him not to do it (post the 'he stays' picture) because I did not make my decision. I was thinking about so much and he wanted to make a joke. He is one of my close friends. I wish him the best."

Gerard Pique and Neymar

Will you sign any more players?

PSG chairman Nasser Al Khelaifi: "We have the biggest firework here and the media want more and more.

"But let's focus - the world's best player is here and let's enjoy this transfer first."

What did you think about PSG when you played against them?

Neymar: "Almost all the games I've played against PSG, I've been scoring goals against them

"I feel privileged because we have high-quality players in our team and I'm looking forward to playing alongside them to help PSG.

"Everyone wants to play with the best players in the world and we have some of the best here."


Neymar: "We have a bit of pre-season and I only stopped practice for two days. I have seen the pitch and I am ready. I want to put my PSG shirt and boots on, but I will speak to the staff.

"I do not know where I will play. I have not spoken to the coach about this yet. I will play in the position the coach chooses."

Neymar: "I feel like any other Brazilian citizen, I have a lot of happiness in me.

"I thank God for showing me the path to follow to arrive here today.

"I'm very happy to wear the PSG shirt and represent Brazil wherever I go."

PSG chairman Nasser Al Khelaifi: "He's already handsome but with the jersey on he looks very handsome."

Is there a release clause in Neymar's PSG contract?

PSG chairman Nasser Al Khelaifi: "We have put one in."

How does it feel to be the world's most expensive player ever? Will it be a burden?

PSG chairman Nasser Al-Khelaifi: "Today is expensive but in tow or three years? I do not think it is expensive, we will definitely make more money. This is the power of PSG. It is an amazing transfer. We will be very transparent with Financial Fair Play, I have a strong team with me. If you are thinking about it, go have a coffee and don't worry about it."

Neymar: "It is not a burden, I am 69kg and do not have a burden on my back."

Neymar listens during a press conference

Only moving for money?

PSG chairman Nasser Al Khelaifi: "Neymar came here for motivation, a project that he believed in.

"He can get much more money than we give him, that's for sure.

"If he came for money, he could go to other clubs for even more money.

"He wants trophies, he didn't come for money, he wants to write the history of this club."

What would you say to people who think you only came to PSG for the money?

Neymar: "What I say to these people is they don't know anything about my personal life, I was never motivated by money.

"What I think about is my happiness and together with my family, I want them to be happy.

"If I was following the money, I would be somewhere else, with other clubs in other countries.

"I'm really sad that people still think that way and I'm glad that PSG believe in me."

Did you train all week? Are you ready to play tomorrow?

Neymar: "I am hungry for football, I always want to play so yes, I am ready for tomorrow against Amiens.

"I have a lot of friendship and respect towards the Barcelona fans and I was very happy for the four years. I am not sad, quite contrary I am very happy. I wrote my chapter there won trophies and helped them in the best possible way. You cannot make everyone happy.

"Thank you to the Barca fans for their friendship."

Neymar Jr Press Conference

Would you have come to PSG without all the other Brazilians being here?

Neymar: "To be really honest, that wouldn't have changed my approach.

"Of course I have friends here, but I arrive here because the global environment is very positive.

"It was not easy - I had to think a lot, I had to think what I wanted to do with my life.

"A lot of people wanted me to talk about it but it's difficult to communicate when you're not 100% sure what you want to do.

"But as soon as I made up my mind, I started communicating.

"This is what my heart told me to do. I always ask my heart every day and my heart told me, 'Go to PSG.'"

Who did you talk to at PSG that made you sign for the club?

Neymar: "It was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever taken. I was at a great club at Barcelona, I have friends there and it was not easy to leave at all. It was very tense moments, I had to think and re-think about what I wanted to do in my life, I leave very good friends behind, but that is football. Things go fast in football.

"I want to thank all my friends at Barca, they welcomed me so well but it was the right time to leave. I spoke with the Brazilian players here and they were happy for me to come here."

Neymar speaks

Neymar: "It's not as simple as saying the challenge was not big enough [for me to sign last year].

"I felt in my heart this is the time to sign for PSG and I did it.

"The challenge might be similar or even bigger this year.

"I just want to start, train with my team-mates play games and be happy at the club."

Neymar: "This is for ambition, they have a similar ambition to mine. I want something bigger,a bigger challenge and my heart made that decision and made me follow. That is why I am here. I want to give my best to help the club win trophies.

"I wanted to come to Paris and it was only linked to finding a new challenge. It is not because I was not THE star at Barcelona, I fitted in very well there. This is not what I am looking for here. PSG deserve trophies and I will have new trophies, this is what motivates me, I want to dream bigger."


Neymar's opening remarks: "I'm very, very happy - thank you very much Mr Chairman for those kind words.

"Thanks for this new challenge - I'm really happy to come to Paris, to PSG, which is a great club in a wonderful city.

"I really can't describe what I'm feeling in my heart.

"I'm really looking forward to practice with my new team-mates, to play games and achieve the objectives I have."

PSG chairman Nasser Al Khelaifi: "I am very happy to be here to present Neymar to you all.

"Neymar is an idol for the whole world for football and sports lovers. For me personally, Neymar is the best player in the world.

"He has brought so much positive things already and our fans have dreamed of having him here. That is a reality now.

"Our project is getting bigger and stronger and our league championship is getting more visibility worldwide.

"Neymar signed with us to win all the trophies and we want to write history for Paris.

"Thank you Neymar for coming here. Welcome to your new home."