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  1. Kipchoge wins men's race for second year running
  2. Sumgong recovers from fall to win women's race
  3. Hug & McFadden win wheelchair races
  4. 39,698 runners were set to start mass race

Live Reporting

By Luke Reddy, Caroline Chapman and Matthew Henry

All times stated are UK

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Congrats and goodbye

London Marathon
BBC Sport

As more runners pour across the finish line, I'm afraid our race is run with this coverage of the 2016 London Marathon.

There's been plenty of drama and emotion but the most important thing is to congratulate everyone who has completed the race and wish luck to those still out there.

Over 39,000 people took part in this year's race one of whom is the London Marathon's millionth runner.

What a day.

When someone you know is finishing

Simon Needle

Our reporter on the ground

This is what it means...

What it means when someone you know finishes

It's over. You've done it...

On this weekend, 400 years since Shakespeare's death, I think it fitting to leave the final words to the great man.

The conclusion is victory
Love's Labour's Lost, Act 4, Scene 1.

You can have a go at finding the best quotes to suit your needs with this interactive tool.

Time to clear up

Simon Needle

Our reporter on the ground

After a hard day's work supporting, it's time for some clearing up before heading home. They won't get those on the tube/in the car.

Ore Oduba

BBC Breakfast Presenter

'Looking sharp'

Simon Needle

Our reporter on the ground

What's the best phrase to shout to someone who has run over 25 miles?

Champagne moment

What a special moment. 

BBC London are reporting one gent running in today's race has just proposed to his wife at the side of the course. 

Thankfully he didn't lose the ring en route! Not sure I'd be running back to mile one to find it!

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Amazing Janet Davies running today for "Make a Wish" in memory of her son Rhodri who would have been 18 this year, keep going Janet, that champagne is waiting. X

Alison and Mark

You only need a stick and bell

Simon Needle

Our reporter on the ground

Some great enthusiasm at the side of the course from this group..

Hats off from the sprint blocks

To all those who took part in the London Marathon today well done. However I do not envy you *he says wrapped in a warm duvet on the sofa* 😏

You have to do the training - Raworth


BBC newsreader Sophie Raworth knocked an amazing nine minutes off her personal best and finished in 3:35.20.

She, like many others, says she watched the London Marathon for years thinking "I couldn't do it" - but you can!

World record


You see those two people inside a boat at the top of this page? They've just crossed the line in just over five-and-a-half hours.

Closely followed by the four firemen (see 13:05 BST) - who have set a new world record fastest marathon in a four-person costume.

Weir with ideas for improvement

David Weir

Great Britain's David Weir - a six-time winner of the men's wheelchair race - had to settle for third place today.

“I always want to do well here, it would be nice to win but I have a marker on what I need to do for Rio now," he tells BBC Sport.

“I know there are certain things I want to improve on. When you're that close in a sprint finish I gave it my all."

Asked what events he will do in Rio, the six-time Paralympic gold medal winner replies: “I'll do the marathon but I'm not sure on the track yet. It will come down to the distance from the village to the track because driving could take all day and I don't want to be living at the track. London was different, you were five minutes away.”

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I think this perfectly sums up how the London Marathon can inspire people.

#getinspired my son wanted to go for a jog after watching #LondonMarathon here he is after 2km

#getinspired my son wanted to go for a jog after watching #LondonMarathon here he is after 2km

30,000 finishers


London Marathon
Getty Images

30,000 runners have now finished, Queen's 'Don't Stop Me Now' is blaring out - that's the message to the 9,000 left out there.

Supporters still doing a fantastic job


Simon Needle

Our reporter on the ground

The supporters and bands are still doing a fantastic job helping the runners to keep on going.

Here's Van Morrison's 'Brown Eyed Girl' being performed by the Romford Cadette Corp.

Reaction: Sumgong's fightback

Elite women's race

Jemima Sumgong

If you are just joining us, we saw drama in the women's elite race earlier as Kenya's Jemima Sumgong picked herself up from a fall with roughly 5km to go to win the race.

She tells BBC Sport: "When we were heading to the last 5km mark to take water we did a mistake of maybe criss-crossing each other. I was just concentrating on my running. It was very painful -my head, my shoulder and my knee but I feel OK. I enjoyed it."

Our reporter Ore caught up with Puff the Asthma Dragon earlier and here he is making his way over the finish line. 

He's been shortly followed over the finish line by Spongebob Squarepants. A fine effort.

BBC Sport

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Send us your messages of congratulations and we'll pass them on.

#LondonMarathon #getinspired Congratulations to all the runners of today. You're all heroes !!!!

Celebrity Catch Up - here are some times

There have been a host of celebs completing the Marathon today - here's a handful of finishers and their times:

Former England footballer, Danny Mills: 3:14.46

Ex Wales rugby union winger Shane Williams: 3:32.26

BBC newsreader Sophie Raworth: 3:35.20

Game of Thrones star Natalie Dormer: 3:51.21  

Top Gear and Radio 2's Chris Evans: 4:39.53

Chris Evans
BBC Sport
Here's Chris with his wife Natasha at the finish line

Anyone can be a runner - Radcliffe


Earlier (see 13:39) we told you about the Couch to 5K Challenge and Paula Radcliffe - the women's marathon world record holder - talked to Gabby Logan about the 'family of running'.

"It's free all you need is a good pair of trainers, that's the beauty of it," adds Gabby.

Spot anyone you know?


London Marathon finish-line cameras

There are still 12,000 runners to come - including the one millionth finisher in London Marathon history so don't forget you can watch live coverage from the finish line until 16:00 BST on Connected TV and online - just click on live coverage at the top of this page.

This Rhino is a little lost. Can someone give him directions to London Zoo?

BBC Sport

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He's well into mile 16 and going strong! #getinspired #oldestmalerunner #51marathons #marathonman #LondonMarathon

He's well into mile 16 and going strong! #getinspired #oldestmalerunner #51marathons #marathonman #LondonMarathon

There's still plenty of people still out running and streaming over the finish line. 

You can still watch our finish line coverage at the top of this page and if you're out and about send us your pictures!

36th London Marathon aged 82

Inspirational Marathon stories - Ken Jones

Ken Jones
BBC Sport

82-year-old Ken Jones has run every single London Marathon since the first one in 1981. He likes to inspire the older generation to run and stay healthy and makes a point of running the race slow enough to talk to as many people as he can along the way.

Ken, race number 24363, grew up in London and was evacuated during the war as a child. He was in and out of hospital as a youngster, and didn't take up running until he joined the army at 18.

"I am passionate about running, and want everyone to get out there. I believe it's essential for a long and happy life."

You can read more inspirational London Marathon stories here.

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Lee Smith is running for the Autistic Society. It's his 7th marathon in 7days to raise £7000 for the Autistic Society!! His son has Autism & he wants to raise money to help the next child who's diagnosed with Autism!! He's in agony. He had Shin Splints which is very painful but not completing is not an option. We all love him to bits & admire his strength. Thank you!!


I'm not sure which equations our BBC Sport colleague has used to work this one out but it sounds heartbreaking for Eliud Kipchoge.

Kipchoge missing out on the world marathon record by seven seconds is the equivalent of missing the 100m record by 0.009 seconds.

More record breakers

I'd love to hold a Guinness World Record one day, just like this pair, but I'm not sure this is the record for me.

Dark horse: Surgeon @endoscope_i broke fastest marathon in a 2 person costume record in 04:21:22 #LondonMarathon

Dark horse: Surgeon @endoscope_i broke fastest marathon in a 2 person costume record in 04:21:22 #LondonMarathon

'The whole race is magnificent'


Here's 82-year-old Ken Jones - one of the 12 runners who had run every London Marathon - after crossing London Bridge.

The colour of the London Marathon really is one of the sporting sights of the year...

London Marathon
Getty Images

Marathon Stories


Here are four more stories which make the London Marathon so special.

From running a 15th London Marathon following heart transplant, to returning for Marathon number two for awareness of donor registration. 

From 'Moose's Mad Marathon Men,' to running 220 miles from Lancashire just to get to the start line - meet Richard, John, Lucy and Mike.

Marathon Stories: Richard, John, Lucy, Mike

You can catch up with more Marathon Stories by watching A Million Reason to Run on BBC iPlayer.

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Wishing John Bannister, the very best of luck today in completing his monumental Ben to Ben challenge. Completing the national three peaks, and cycling from Ben Nevis between climbs to then cycle to London and finish the challenge with London marathon, raising money for Pendleside Hospice care Burnley, Lancashire


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So happy to see Lindsey and Dan pass our cheer station! So inspirational! #getinspired #LondonMarathon

So happy to see Lindsey and Dan pass our cheer station! So inspirational! #getinspired #LondonMarathon

Four men in a boat


Simon Needle

Our reporter on the ground

Christian and the Wolverhampton bobsled team crossing Tower Bridge.

"It's been heavy," he said.

"It's all the pushing and pulling - you all run at different speeds, so it's tough."

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Jessica: Everyone's London Marathon stories are making me so emotional - life is such a wonderful thing

Sarah H: To all those people running the London Marathon today I salute you!

Sinéad Cullen: Watching the marathon coverage & the stories are very inspiring!best of luck everyone.

Record breaker

Jon Astronaut
BBC Sport

Jon, the man who trains astronauts to be fit enough for space, has just broken the record for Fastest time wearing a replica space suit.

"How did he find it?" Gabby asks.

"Extraordinary, in every single way. I thought I set off at a reasonable pace but I hit the wall at 14 miles but thank you to all the people who stopped and helped.

"I thought I might beat Tim, but congratulations to him a job well done. He gets to hang out just floating, I wish I could do that."

BBC Sport

Our coverage has come to an end on BBC Two but, fear not, you can still watch action from London. 

You can watch coverage from the finish line on The Mall on Connected TV's or Online at the top of this page.

Failing that we'll keep you up to date right here up until 16:00.

Brendan Foster

Olympic medallist and BBC athletics commentator on BBC One

"We are currently watching ordinary people doing extraordinary things and, for me, that is the most important thing."

'I'm not happy about it'

Kenenisa Bekele was third in the men's race today but something's made him angry...

Kenenisa Bekele says he missed his drink five times during the race. "This is a fast race and you need energy! I'm not happy about it."

Running the London Marathon blind

7 marathons, 7 days, 7 continents - blind

Ever wondered what it is like to run the London Marathon blind? 

Well Dave Heeley knows better than most, having ran the race 14 times. 

"I love the marathon, it's fantastic," he says. "The camaraderie is incredible and the support around the course is wonderful."

Read more about his story and stories from other blind runners here.