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  1. American Justin Gatlin wins 100m gold in 9.92 seconds
  2. Usain Bolt comes third in 9.95 in his final solo 100m before retirement
  3. Gatlin, banned twice for drug offences, booed by fans in London Stadium
  4. American Christian Coleman takes silver in 9.94
  5. Muir & Weightman qualify for women's 1500m final
  6. Johnson-Thompson wins heptathlon 200m heat - up to fourth overall

Live Reporting

By Mike Henson

All times stated are UK

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Watch: Gatlin stuns world by beating Bolt

Gaitlin wins 100m gold as Bolt finishes third

Worth watching just once more before you head to bed.

It wasn't the storyline most wanted, but it was the whole lot more dramatic.

Join us tomorrow for the conclusion of the heptathlon and a 100m final where Jamaican Olympic champion Elaine Thompson will attempt to take up the title that her pregnant compatriot Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce won in 2015.

Bye for now.

Watch: Manyonga wins gold

A lot of talk about the rights and wrongs of drug bans tonight.

If you are feeling a little down and deflated, you should take five minutes to read the back story of long jump world champion and reformed crystal meth addict Luvo Manyonga right here.

There are inspiring stories out there tonight if you want them.

Manyonga wins World long jump gold

Watch: Bolt's race fell apart - Johnson

Michael Johnson analyses Usain Bolt's race

Medal ceremony controversy

Gatlin beats Bolt to gold

The medal ceremony for the 100m final is tomorrow.

Quite possibly just after Jessica Ennis-Hill is handed up upgraded gold after being beaten by a doped Tatyana Chernova at the 2011 worlds.

The atmosphere for that should be...interesting.

Watch: Bolt said I didn't deserve boos - Gatlin

London 2017: Usain Bolt said I didn't deserve boos - Justin Gatlin

Gatlin's backstory

Gatlin beats Bolt to gold

Justin Gatlin
Getty Images

The awkward part about Justin Gatlin's victory for even the most forgiving observer is that the science suggests that once 'dirty' as an athlete, you can never get clean.

Research by University of Oslo scientists in 2014 established that muscles can retain the advantages given by anabolic steroids decades after the point at which they were taken.

But, that whole 'twice-banned doper' tag.

Gatlin failed his first test in 2001 when amphetamines were found in his samples at the USA Junior Championships.

But it was accepted that medicine he had been taking for 10 years to control attention-deficit disorder was the reason for the failed test.

Watch Bolt 'sad' not to deliver in final 100m race

London 2017: Usain Bolt 'sad' not to deliver in final 100m race

Watch: Bolt reviews his shock defeat

World Athletics Championships 2017:Usain Bolt reviews his shock defeat

'London fans are savage'

Imagine becoming world champion only to have the fans boo you and chant the name of the guy in 3rd place. London fans are savage #London2017

'We can't judge his career on this'

Gatlin beats Bolt to gold

Colin Jackson

Two-time world 110m hurdles champion on BBC TV

Bolt will have been very disappointed with that. He didn't perform how he knows he can. He will look at the clock and realise he was capable of a winning time. But we can't judge his career on this.

Usain Bolt

'Gatlin has been through the mill'

Gatlin beats Bolt to gold

Denise Lewis

Olympic heptathlon gold medallist on BBC TV

Justin Gatlin has been through the mill and whatever side of the fence you sit on, it is sport. He was crying and that moved me. He has worked hard. He still has to train as hard as everyone else and turn up and deliver.

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Mr Tooze: Torn with the #bolt result. The whole idea of reform & changing character is defunct if you can't accept Gatlin's win

'I really appreciate Gatlin'

Gatlin beats Bolt to gold


Usain Bolt, talking to BBC Sport: "When I got out you have to transition. I didn't get the power in that transition. I tightened up at the end and that is something you should never do. It is just one of those things. I didn't execute when it mattered.

"I am not fully comfortable in those blocks but you have to work with what you have. I can't complain about that.

"He (Gatlin) is a great competitor. You have to be at your best against him. I really appreciate competing against him and he is a good person."

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Patrick Green: I do have space in my heart for Justin Gatlin. Congratulations, the fastest man on Earth

Alex: Well done #Gatlin on your gold medal seeing as everyone else is focused on #Bolt

Watch: Bolt reacts to defeat

Men's 100m final

London 2017: Usain Bolt 'sad' not to deliver in final 100m race

I did what I had to do - Gatlin

Gatlin beats Bolt to gold

Justin Gatlin
Getty Images

World champion Justin Gatlin: "I tuned it out (the boos) through the rounds and stayed the course. I did what I had to do. The people who love me are here cheering for me and cheering at home. I thought of what I would do if I did win but I didn't do any of that.

It is Bolt's last race. I have had many victories and many defeats down the years. It is an amazing occasion. We are rivals on the track but in the warm-down area we joke and have a good time. The first thing he did was congratulate me and say that I didn't deserve the boos. He is an inspiration."

'You will not find that in the archives'

Men's 100m final

Michael Johnson

Four-time Olympic gold medallist athlete on BBC TV

He has never really had a great start. He wasn't able to close the gap. Once he gets up into his running is when he is able to take advantage of the long stride and close the gap.

He is grimacing and that is something we have not seen before. You will not find that look in all the archives of Usain Bolt.

He is a great technician and tactician but when you come under that pressure there is nothing to do but go to that athleticism.

Bolt's legacy

Men's 100m final


How much does tonight really matter in the end?

This won't be the race that Usain Bolt's career is defined by.

His legacy was secure long ago. Tonight we saw another side of the sportsman - how he could take defeat and disappointment.

And he was pretty good at that as well.

'My start killed me'

Usain Bolt, speaking to BBC Sport: "This was wonderful. I knew they would come out and support me. I'm just sad I couldn't come out and win.

"My start killed me. Normally I get better through the rounds but it didn't come together. The fact I didn't get it is why I lost.

"The support has been outstanding. They have stood behind me and pushed me and I really appreciate that."

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Rory Moir: Shame Bolt couldn't finish his career with a final gold but what a legend of the sport he's been!

Alan C. Smith: We wanted the fairy tale. The Legend is just a man. A Legend written a long time ago. #immortal

Adam O'Neill: Usain Bolt will forever be classed as a legend in the sport of Athletics. As for Gatlin, the less said the better

Coleman is the next in line - Johnson

Men's 100m final

Michael Johnson

Four-time Olympic gold medallist athlete on BBC TV

Coleman has a bright future. It was a long season for him and this was probably one race too many. He has turned professional and has a bright future. He is also a very good 200m runner.

Justin Gatlin is 35. He may decide that this is the end of him as well as Usain Bolt.

'Difficult moment for the sport'

Mike Costello

BBC Radio 5 live athletics commentator

This will be really difficult for the sport. Russia has been expelled indefinitely from the sport, but Gatlin has been banned twice and here he is winning gold in the most precious event in the sport.

The crowd perhaps ought to be booing the IAAF rather than the athletes.

Watch: Gatlin beats Bolt to gold

Men's 100m final

If you couldn't take it in the first time, it is worth a re-run.

To paraphase Sir Alex Ferguson; sport, blinking heck.

Gatlin wins 100m gold as Bolt finishes third

Gatlin learned from 2015

Men's 100m final

Darren Campbell

Former British sprinter on BBC Radio 5 live

You have to give Justin Gatlin credit. He lost the 100m title last time around but this time he wasn't worried abut anyone else because he was in lane eight. He has learnt from that mistake.

Finishline reactions

Men's 100m final

The immediate reaction of Usain Bolt and Justin Gatlin after the finishline was interesting.

Gatlin jeered throughout the competition, initially exploded with defiant joy and put his finger to his lips.

But he changed tack pretty sharpish, bowing down to Bolt.

Bolt himself was magnanimous, offering his immediate, genuine and smiling congratulations.

Jessica Ennis-Hill

London 2012 Olympic heptathlon champion on BBC TV

There is not a feeling of disappointment. We all wanted Bolt to win but he always entertains us. He will be happy. He has had an amazing career. For us to witness this is amazing. It is not gold but it remains amazing.

Bolt legacy remains

Mike Costello

BBC Radio 5 live athletics commentator

Bolt's reputation as the greatest sprinter of all time is secure. His body has been at this for half of his life and this is the one occasion where he could not shake off the injury. The times in previous years would have been well within his reach but his reputation will not be in question despite this.

Usain Bolt

Justin time

Tom Fordyce

Chief sports writer at London Stadium

2015 was supposed to be Gatlin's year to dethrone Bolt. He's been booed through every round here. And now the man banned twice for drugs has taken his revenge. A party has officially been pooped.

Justin Gatlin

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Susan E: Gutted for Bolt but he'll always be the #GOAT - Coleman is definitely one to watch for the future

Richard Afrifa: Gutted for Bolt that he couldn't go out with Gold, but what an athlete! Legend!

Susan C: Well that was a shock. Oh dear. But that is sport.

The top three

Men's 100m final

1. Justin Gatlin 9.92

2. Christian Coleman 9.94

3. Usain Bolt 9.95

You need some things in black and white and in triplicate.

Darren Campbell

Former British sprinter on BBC Radio 5 live

We have to suck it up and see. We have had a fantastic championships but now all the talk will be about Justin Gatlin.

'Bolt will not be upset'

Men's 100m final

Michael Johnson

Four-time Olympic gold medallist athlete on BBC TV

I thought Bolt would be challenged but by Coleman not by Gatlin. Bolt was under pressure. He didn't have to be here and you have to give him credit for putting himself out there and give people the chance to beat him. Two did beat him and I'm sure people are upset. I can guarantee you Bolt will not be upset. He is a competitor but he realises that life goes on.

Bolt finishes solo career with bronze

Men's 100m final

Usain Bolt ends his individual career with a bronze medal,

Christian Coleman took silver just ahead of him.

Gatlin beats Bolt to world gold

Men's 100m final

Gaitlin wins 100m gold as Bolt finishes third

Justin Gatlin's winning time was 9.92.

Usain Bolt was finishing fast, but just left himself with too much to do - and he has to settle for bronze behind Christian Coleman.

London Stadium is initially in shock, but has turned this into what they wanted anyway. Usain Bolt is heading around the stadium to an ovation as if the previous 10 seconds never happened.

Justin Gatlin wins gold
Getty Images

Gold - Justin Gatlin

Men's 100m final

Confusion as Justin Gatlin, Usain Bolt and Christian Coleman converge on the line as one.

A look up to the screens.

And it is Gatlin.

The crowd jeer and he shushes them with a finger to his lips.

Photo finish

Men's 100m final

On the blocks

Men's 100m final

Su, Vicaut, Bolt, Simbine, Coleman, Gatlin, Blake, Prescod.

Here we go.

100m field ready

100m final

Usain Bolt gurns as his face appears on the big screen.

He strolls up the home straight, taking it all in before flashing his index fingers in the air to acknowlege his public.

Christian Coleman is not clowning though. He could not look more business like if he had come out in a bowler hat.

Bolt on track

Men's 100m final


Each of the men's 100m finalists gets a personal introduction, running out from behind a sightscreen and into the cauldron of noise.

Reece Prescod is first out and gets a hearty cheer.

Usain Bolt is last out and gets the full Spinal Tap 'turn it up to 11' reception.

Bolt looks ready - Johnson

Men's 100m final

Michael Johnson

Four-time Olympic gold medallist athlete on BBC TV

I think what we are about to see is a fantastic competition. People come to see Bolt because he is a legend. Coleman can challenge Bolt but Bolt looks ready. He is not going to be at that 9.60/9.70 second range. He is going to be around 9.80.