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What an amazing bunch of #bodypositive stars!

BodyPositive team

Thanks soooo much to all our contributors in the studio tonight - and to everyone who's got in touch with us! You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Join our body brigade! #bodypositive

Are you happy, John?

Lots of support for Evie tonight

@BBCR1 @BBCBodyPositive @evievsbrain killed it! When you come out, you can't let other dictate your transition. You have to do it for u!

Now that's what we call a pout.

Stina Sanders shows the Lean Machines how it's done!

@BBCBodyPositive @gemcairn need to take your advice! Sometimes you find out who your real friends are and you know it's time to move on!

We're never that hard on the people we love, but we're so hard on ourselves."

Mel Wells
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Under pressure

Kimberly Wyatt chats about how we can all get caught up in pressures far too easily.

What did you make of the show?

We'd still love to hear from you and we're reading through all your comments. #bodypositive

We couldn't have put it better ourselves

Gemma Cairney

So many people are beautiful for so many different reasons!

Gemma CairneyRadio 1

Gemma and Dr Radha in action

Gemma Cairney and Dr Radha

@BBCR1 @BBCBodyPositive when you're getting changed and your partner looks at you and gives a smile of approval/makes a compliment ☺️

Our #bodypositive Evie is loving life right now!


We should embrace our quirks!!! :D. @BBCBodyPositive 🤓😇😝😘 #bodypositive

Out and proud

I'm a trans girl, I'm proudly out and I'm confident.

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@BBCBodyPositive @gemcairn @Deb_rahCoughlin How about not worrying at all? Greater knowledge of how the body works as a 'machine' helps that

@BBCR1 @BBCBodyPositive 3 days ago there was a granny in supermarket that told me I was extraordinary beautiful. It made my day!

"Recovering from anorexia is so bloody difficult... Definitely needed this tonight! Thank you so much! xxx"

Laura Jane via Facebook

'Be fearlessly authentic'

Strong words from Kimberly Wyatt. Are we too obsessed with comparing ourselves to others? Is the 'fauxtography' on some people's social media accounts making us feel bad about ourselves? Tell us your experience using #bodypositive

Don't compare, congratulate

That's the advice from health blogger, yoga instructor and cookery writer Madeleine Shaw. A wise mantra for anyone who wants to be #bodypositive! 

She's also just described chia seed jam as 'magical'. You'll have to convince me on that one...

Madeleine Shaw

Stina Sanders keeping it real and honest...

I'm a woman who has it all; IBS, anxiety, hairy nipples, you name it, I've got it

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So now you know...

Dr. Radha

Hairy nipples are totally normal

Dr RadhaRadio 1

Attempt to pout?

The Lean Machine boys pose for a piccie- at least hold the card the right way up, John!

Our caller Richard makes an interesting point

Richard has lost seven stone (three cheers from the BP team), but it's left him with loose skin and he feels a little self-conscious about it. The Surgery advice? That loose skin represents an amazing achievement and great progress. Turn it from a negative into a positive! Do you have any advice for Richard? You know the drill.... #bodypositive

@BBCR1 @BBCBodyPositive I found receiving or giving a simple smile from or to a stranger makes you/me feel absolutely awesome.

Keep your comments coming

We're getting loads of #bodypositive tweets tonight. A few of them coming up....

I'm loving the #BodyPositive surgery tonight on @BBCR1. I learnt to be happy with my healthy normal body- human bodies are amazing things!

I'm listening! Such an honour to be part of a fantastic campaign❤️ @BBCR1 TUNE IN @BBCBodyPositive @gemcairn

I'm listening! Such an honour to be part of a fantastic campaign❤️ @BBCR1 TUNE IN @BBCBodyPositive @gemcairn

While you're listening to Justin....

We told our guests a joke. A man goes to the doctor with a piece of lettuce sticking out of his ear. "That looks nasty", says the doc. "Nasty?", the man replies. "It's just the tip of the iceberg!". 

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Repping for the men out there!

I look good in a pair of briefs!

Leon from The Lean Machines
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@EmmaRoberts1104 waiting for #BodyPositives in RACH Brighton . This girl is kicking #CF @BBCBodyPositive

@EmmaRoberts1104 waiting for #BodyPositives in RACH Brighton . This girl is kicking #CF @BBCBodyPositive

Shout out!

Big shout out to our other #bodypositive girls tonight. Nicole and Nikki can't be with us this evening but they've got brilliant stories to tell. We'll be hearing more from them over the next few months. What do you make of their stories? Let us know! 

Nikki and Nicole