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  1. World champion Kell Brook defends his IBF welterweight title
  2. Chris Eubank Jr wins British middleweight title
  3. Luke Campbell beats Gary Sykes to win commonwealth title
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Live Reporting

By Gary Rose and Nate Williams

All times stated are UK

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What an eventful night it has been. On the back of a superb win for England, Sheffield's Kell Brook retains his IBF title in two explosive rounds. 

And in London, Chris Eubank Jr was crowned the new British middleweight champion after a brave showing from Nick Blackwell over 10 rounds. 

We would like to wish Nick a speedy recovery from his injuries. 

Goodnight... and remember the clocks go forward. 

Well wishes for Nick Blackwell

Earlier tonight, Chris Eubank Jr won the British middleweight title in a brutal contest with Nick Blackwell over 10 rounds. 

The fight was stopped by the ringside doctor with Blackwell's eye closed shut and was later carried out on a stretcher and given oxygen. 

Hope it's just a precaution for @nickblackwell02 , warrior's performance, from a guy game as they come. 🙏🏻

Hope Nick Blackwell is ok 🙏🏼

Kell Brook is pressed by Sky Sports on what that big fight might be that he wants.

"I want that WBC belt," he says. "Danny Garcia. Or Manny Pacquiao. Or Timothy Bradley."

That's the mid-term goal. The short-term?

"I'm off to do an Easter Egg hunt with my daughters in the morning." 

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Great night for British boxing and the England win #bbcboxing #bbcfootball #bbcsports

'I want the big fights now'

Kell Brook v Kevin Bizier

Kell Brook

Here's what the champ had to say about his win.

"I have been training a long, long time. I wanted to warm up into it and have an all out war, but he couldn't stand up to it. 

"I want the big fights. I have my mandatory out of the way. I have power that can knock heavyweights out. That is what we have to do now - make a big fight."

'I've achieved my dream'- Eubank Jr

Eubank Jr beats Nick Blackwell by stoppage

Here's what Chris Eubank Jr had to say after he stopped Nick Blackwell in the 10th round to win the British middleweight title. 

"Its a gruelling career but the rewards of it are worth it. This is what boxing needs. Two warriors who stand and fight.

"I have respect for anyone who steps in the ring. It was nothing personal against Blackwell. All business. It's sad that he had to leave on a stretcher. 

"All I wanted was his belt and I've done that. I've achieved my dream of becoming a British champion." 

Kell Brook retains welterweight title

Kell Brook v Kevin Bizier

Kell Brook spoke about how he was looking forward to tucking into some Easter Eggs tomorrow after this fight. Let's be honest, he could have gorged on 10 before his ringwalk and still won with ease. 

Where next for Brook? He needs a tougher challenge, that's for sure.

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Sublime to ridiculous from Eubank v Blackwell to Brook v Bizier. Bizier massively out of his depth. Non event. #bbcboxing

Kell Brook wins in round two

Kell Brook v Kevin Bizier

My word! I was just getting in my groove and it is all over. Kell Brook retains his welterweight title with ease, soaking up some early pressure before launching an aggressive assault, dropping Kevin Brizier. 

Brizier beats the count, looks dazed but Brook sends him down again. Too easy!

Blackwell leaves the ring on a stretcher

Chris Eubank Jr beats Nick Blackwell by stoppage

Meanwhile, at the SSE Arena, after his brave showing tonight- Nick Blackwell is receiving medical attention. 

He was carried out on a stretcher with a tank of oxygen. 

We will keep you updated on his progress. 

Round one

Kell Brook v Kevin Bizier

"Yorkshire, Yorkshire, Yorkshire!" chant the crowd as Kell Brook gets in a few early warning shots, landing a few left handers and Kevin Bizier is cut already.  

Brook is firmly in control. A chalk and cheese match up on that first round showing.

Kell Brook v Kevin Bizier

How's that for timing!

Now, to Sheffield. Kell Brook is firmly in the zone as the crowd belt out one last cheer of encouragement before round one begins.

BreakingChris Eubank Jr wins in Round 10

Eubank Jr wins by stoppage in round 10 as the ringside doctor calls an end to the fight with Blackwell's left eye almost completely closed. 

He is rightly crowned the new British middleweight champion.

Meanwhile in Sheffield, Kell Brook is about to start the defence of his IBF welterweight title. Gary Rose will keep you updated.

Kell Brook v Kevin Bizier

Kell Brook
Getty Images

Kevin Bizier is going to have to channel his inner Rocky to inflict a first defeat on Kell Brook. 

He's got the crowd against him, as Sheffield roars for their native boxer Brook. What an atmosphere.

Round nine

Chris Eubank Jr v Nick Blackwell

Rex Features

With most of their energy spent after eight action-packed rounds, the pace has slowed a little with the two fighters trading jabs in the centre of the ring. 

Eubank is seemingly confident he will have his hand raised as he lands a huge left hook near the bell. 

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What a fight... Eubank Jr & Nick Blackwell 🙌🏼 #RockyFilm #bbcboxing

Round eight

Chris Eubank Jr v Nick Blackwell

The relentless assault continues from Eubank Jr with lightning quick hand speed. 

But Blackwell survives yet again blocking most of the challenger's work. 

It's about to begin...

Kell Brook v Kevin Bizier

We can't take our eyes off an absolute corker of fight at Wembley's SSE Arena, but Kell Brook and Kevin Bizier are readying themselves for the ringwalk. 

The fight in Sheffield is going to have to go some to out do Eubank Jr-Blackwell...

Round seven

Chris Eubank Jr v Nick Blackwell

Eubank Jr cannot miss as Blackwell's face is battered and bruised but he still stands there launching his fists at his rival. 

If Blackwell takes much more damage, the fight may soon be over. 

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How Blackwell is still up after these uppercuts I will never know #bbcboxing

Round six

Chris Eubank Jr v Nick Blackwell

No matter who wins this fight, these two are giving a good account of themselves. 

They trade hooks, uppercuts, lefts, rights but Blackwell is taking the lions share of the damage with a bloody nose and cut eye. 

The tempo is about to get more exciting as we go into the second half of the fight. 

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The power in the punches of Eubank Jr is frightening. But Blackwell has landed a couple of punches that have shaken Eubank Jr. #bbcboxing

Round five

Chris Eubank Jr v Nick Blackwell

Eubank Jr is relentless as he pummels Blackwell on the ropes with a series of wild hooks and uppercuts. 

He showboats a little with a shimmey of the shoulder but he got a little too complacent as Blackwell catches him with a big right, almost knocking his gum shield out. 

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Say what you like about Eubanks, he is a proper boxer. It looks like he taking all of this and giving it all back twice as hard. #Bbcboxing

Round four

Chris Eubank Jr v Nick Blackwell

Give credit to Blackwell in that round. He takes Eubank Jr's best shots and stands there shouting 'come on!' 

But how many more brutal shots can he take? 

Eubank Jr is stepping up a gear as the fight goes on. 

Round three

Chris Eubank Jr v Nick Blackwell

Rex Features

Wow! That was a show of pure aggression from Eubank as he landed a few thunderous uppercuts and hooks to the body. 

Blackwell is struggling to respond as his nose is dripping blood on the canvas. 

They end the round by hitting each other at the same time. Great round. 

Round two

Chris Eubank Jr v Nick Blackwell

Nick Blackwell is trying to put the pressure on by bullying Eubank Jr into the corner. 

But Eubank Jr regains control in the centre of the ring using his jab to good effect. 

That round was hard to split. 

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@BBCSport great 1st round, Eubank looks like he can take it up a gear anytime

Round one

Chris Eubank Jr v Nick Blackwell

A good opening for Eubank Jr as he furiously pops his jab out at Blackwell with the occasional assault on the body. 

A ferocious uppercut lands on Blackwell with the Trowbridge fighter on the back foot early on. 

Thanks Gary. Eubank Jr looks focused and ready for this one as he walks to the ring with typical Eubank swagger draped in a British flag. 

Nick Blackwell joins him in the ring as he coolly approaches the ring and steps through the ropes.

Meanwhile, in Wembley...

Ringwalk coming up at the SSE Arena, I'm keeping an eye on matters in Sheffield, but Nate Williams is all over Chris Eubank Jr v Nick Blackwell.

All over!

Campbell v Sykes

Luke Campbell

Just as I was about to write a third-round update from Luke Campbell's match with Gary Sykes, Campbell gets job done in round two! He is the Commonwealth lightweight champion.

A strong left hand had Sykes on the canvas and although the Dewsbury fighter beat the count, he could not cope with the Campbell's power - pow, pow, pow - and the towel came in.

'I hope ugly Eubank Jr gets knocked out!'

Chris Eubank Jr. v Nick Blackwell

Chris Eubank Jr and Billy Joe Saunders
Getty Images

WBO middleweight world champion Billy-Joe Saunders hopes Nick Blackwell can do him a favour and knock out his bitter rival. 

"I can’t say I’m too excited about seeing his ugly face. I’m going to be supporting Nick Blackwell and I hope he knocks Eubank out spark cold,” he said.   

Saunders, who is a pundit for Channel Five tonight, was the first man to beat Eubank Jr on a split decision in 2014.

If Eubank wins tonight, could a rematch be on the cards?

'Blackwell doesn't impress me'

Chris Eubank Jr. v Nick Blackwell

Chris Eubank Jr and his father
Getty Images

Despite Blackwell racking up a run of seven straight victories, Chris Eubank Jr says he has nothing to worry about. 

"I've watched his last few fights. Nothing I've seen impresses me," he said. "He's a British-level fighter and I'm world-level.  

“He's definitely not making it through 12 rounds. Whether he quits, gets stopped or gets knocked out, he's not making it to the final bell."

Head to Head

Chris Eubank Jr v Nick Blackwell

Chris Eubank Jr and Nick Blackwell
BBC Sport

After a comprehensive win against Gary O'Sullivan last December, Chris Eubank Jr wants to add his name to the British record books. 

Standing in his way of claiming a British title is Nick Blackwell, a tough man from Trowbridge, capable of going the distance. 

The odds of a knockout are strongly in the hands of Eubank, who has stopped 16 of his 22 opponents. 

Either way, prepare yourself for a good British dust-up. 

Luke Campbell and Gary Sykes are in the ring in the Sheffield, Chris Eubank Jr and Nick Blackwell should be doing likewise at Wembley's SSE Arena in around 10 minutes.

The action is about to get going.

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Can Kell Brook become one of the world's greatest boxers?

#bbcboxing Definitely, he knows what he's on about :) fantastic night this is :) England have dazzled in footie & then dazzle in ring :) :)

The start of a great night of sport?

I'm going cross-sport here, but over in tonight's football action England have just completed a stunning fightback against Germany to win 3-2. Belting match. If we get anything like that in tonight's boxing we are in for a treat.

We've still got a bit of time until the main event, so if you fancy a quick gander at what exactly just happened in that game, head to our live text coverage here.