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  1. Golovkin beats Brook in fifth round at London's 02 Arena
  2. Trainer Dominic Ingle throws towel in
  3. Unbeaten pair fought for WBC & IBF middleweight belts
  4. Haskins beats Hall to retain IBF bantamweight title

Live Reporting

By Alex Bysouth

All times stated are UK

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And that's just about time to wrap things up. If you want to read up on the fight then dive into Ben Dirs' report from the O2 right here.

Thanks for joining us and sharing your thoughts on a fight that will no doubt be talked about long into the future. 

We'll have to go a long way to match it, but until next time...

Brook vows to return

"I'll be back," those are Kell Brook's final words. 

He's suffered defeat at the O2 Arena, but having jumped two weights he gave Gennady Golovkin some trouble at times - trouble the fearsome Kazakh is not used to dealing with.

Brook also suggests he may be more suited to light middleweight, and says he'll be keeping tabs on Liam Smith's bout with Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez next week.

Watch this space...

GGG to return to London?

The intensity of that fight was incredible. Four rounds fought at a frantic pace, both boxers trading barrage after barrage of blows. Hardly time to catch your breath as a fan, never mind being in the ring and on the end of a huge body shot.

If Brook, like he said, was feeling nervous heading into the bout then he certainly didn't show it. And he was still standing proud despite the stoppage in the fifth. As for Golovkin's first visit to London, will that O2 crowd be enough to entice him back to the capital?

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Neil Leverett: Kinda refreshing Ingle waved the white flag. Not enough trainers have their fighters in mind.  

Adam Wildman: Brook/Golovkin was a modern day Hagler/Hearns. Brilliant fight.  

Kell Brook has gone to hospital as a precautionary measure to have his eye socket checked out

Brook GGG's toughest test?

The bookies had Gennady Golovkin odds-on to beat Kell Brook tonight, and as is so often true, they didn't get it wrong.

But would things have been different had Brook not sustained that eye injury? He said he was seeing "three or four" of GGG, after all, and "didn't know which one to hit". 

Brook, stepping up two weights to challenge the middleweight champion, held his own through the first four rounds, but the fifth was punishing. Too much so for Brook's trainer Dominic Ingle.

But was that the ruthless Kazakh's toughest test of his career to date?

Ben Dirs

BBC Sport at O2 Arena, London

If you missed it, here's our man at the O2's recap of that five-round thriller...

Kell Brook’s audacious bid to dethrone middleweight king Gennady Golovkin came to nothing as he was stopped in the fifth round at London’s O2.

Sheffield’s Brook, the reigning IBF welterweight champion, jumped two divisions to challenge for Golovkin’s WBC and IBF middleweight belts.

But while the challenger showed tremendous bravery and got plenty of shots through Golovkin’s defences, he was finally ground down.

And with clubbing shots raining down on Brook in the fifth round, his trainer Dominic Ingle threw in the towel.

huge respect to @SpecialKBrook ‼️ made GGG look ordinary! at times like this, I wish my dad was still around👊🏻💥👀

Great effort by Kell, done himself proud. Dom Ingle should never have been booed. I thought GGG was more impressive than what people r sayin

Golovkin to fight Saunders?

Gennady Golovkin says he wants a unification fight next, and that means adding the WBO belt to his collection - is a fight with Billy Joe Saunders on the cards?

GGG hopes so.

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Golovkin v Brook

Towel is thrown in

Helles Mannut: Intelligent decision by the corner,he would have taken tremendous damage for nothing,he has proven he's a great fighter already.

Jordan Winter: I defend Ingle. If he didn't throw it in it now it would've been two rounds later. Destructive from GGG.

Andrew Priestley: That's a brave, ballsy call from Brook's corner. There was obviously a lot of fear and concern from their camp of GGG's raw power,

Steve Bunce

Boxing pundit on BBC Radio 5 live

This has catapulted Kell into the middle of a serious boxing category in America.

'Kell deserves respect'

Kell Brook looks on
Getty Images

Promoter Eddie Hearn: "He would fight all night, but you can't be fighting a guy like Golovkin when you can't even focus on the guy. No one else wants to fight Golovkin, and he's given him a hell of a fight.

"I would have liked to have seen the fight go on, but Kell deserves a lot of respect."

'I didn't know which one to hit'

Kell Brook: "I'm devastated. I expected him to be a bigger puncher, in the second round I think he broke my eye socket. 

"I was starting to settle into the fight but I was seeing three or four of him out there. Believe me I hurt him. When you are in a fight you can see every movement and I saw his legs buckle a couple of times.

"I would fight him again. I hope the fans enjoyed the fight. I wish it could go on, but I didn't know which one to hit.

"We will go back to the drawing board, I think I would be suited at light middleweight. I know Canelo and Liam Smith are fighting next week.

"I'm a warrior I want to carry on, you have to kill me in here."

David Haye

Former world heavyweight champion on BBC Radio 5 live

I was so happy Kell Brook's corner took a compassionate stance. I was in the same position once and seven fights later, I was world champion. 

Us boxers are the last people to know. You don't know when you're in there that you can't win.

'Brook is not middleweight'

"He is a very good fighter and I'm sorry he's not middleweight, he is his weight," said Golovkin.

"I know my style and I respect him, he is good, but not so strong. So many punches, but I don't feel. I respect Kell."

Steve Bunce

Boxing pundit on BBC Radio 5 live

We saw one of the greatest modern fighters forced to go toe to toe. He had to fight in every round. Kell Brook refused to wilt.

Gennady Golovkin celebrates

So it's Gennady Golovkin's by TKO, taking him to 23 consecutive wins by knockout and 36 in an unbeaten career in total.

Brook earns Golovkin's respect

Kell Brook after the fight

Wow, well Brook looked almost surprised when he spotted Ingle waving the towel. But the trainer could see his man taking a beating and knew he couldn't have taken much more.

Kell Brook stood up to Golovkin, but in the end it wasn't enough. Stepping up two weights was always going to be a monumental task and after earning GGG's respect a round earlier it seems the Kazakh realised he had to do something to stop Brook. And he did, in ruthless fashion.

GGG takes it in the fifth

Golovkin v Brook, fifth round

The towel is thrown in from Kell Brook's corner
Getty Images

Here goes Golovkin, body shot after body shot that thud into the gut of Brook who needs to quickly get away from the ropes.

Brook enjoys a brief reprieve, he's standing up to GGG, but each time he does the middleweight fires back.

And there comes the towel from Brook's corner, it's over. Trainer Dominic Ingle furiously waving away as Brook continues to take a barrage of GGG punches, and it's stopped. It's over for Brook.

David Haye

Former world heavyweight champion on BBC Radio 5 live

Kell Brook with trainer Dominic Ingle
Getty Images

I gave that round to Triple G but Kell Brook has covered himself in glory tonight. He is really and truly in the fight. He's proved a lot of people wrong.

Golovkin v Brook, fourth round

Well Golovkin may be on top but he is being tested by Brook, who is so far withstanding each flurry of punches that comes his way.

Brook bravely steps into the centre of the ring and looks to take it to the middleweight champion, but anything that makes it through Golovkin's stance barely seems to trouble the 34-year-old.

Brook catches GGG with a left, and the Kazakh almost acknowledges it with a nod towards his opponent. But each reply from Golovkin lands with such ferocity and he's the one finding the eye-catching punches.

David Haye

Former world heavyweight champion on BBC Radio 5 live

Kell Brook started looking busted up in the last minute of that round. Taking punches really does sap your energy stores.

Kell Brook takes a hit

Golovkin v Brook, third round

Brook stumbles in the third, just a slip it looked like, and he's quickly back on his feet to face up to Golovkin.

Golovkin has started lively and goes after Brook with a jab, followed by one to the body. Brook's eye looks to have been caught, and having rocked the Kazakh in the second it's Brook on the back foot in the third.

GGG works his man into the corner, but Brook is determined to squeeze out and attempts to hit back. What intensity from these pair, these first three rounds have flown by.

Steve Bunce

Boxing pundit speaking on BBC Radio 5 live

One of the finest three minutes we have seen. That was pure quality. I think that was Brook's round.

Golovkin v Brook, second round

Kell Brook throws a punch

Gennady Golovkin lands another strong right hand on Kell Brook early in the second, and his defence holds firm as the Brit looks to edge his way back in.

Good attack from Brook, but he's not yet moving the Kazakh who continues to step into Brook and attempt to find his range. 

A couple of wild swings going missing, and Brook grows into the round as an upper cut, followed by a three-punch combo gets the crowd going. Much better from the challenger.

David Haye

Former world heavyweight champion on BBC Radio 5 live

Golovkin walked through Brook's punches and landed at will, while Kell's shots bounced off him towards the end of the round.

Golovkin v Brook, first round

GGG is straight on the attack, before Brook lands a jab that barley moves the Kazakh fighter.

And it's Golovkin that is firing shots into Brook again, opening up and sending the challenger towards the ropes in the first round. What power from the middleweight champion.

Brook has slipped a couple through the defence of his opponent  towards the end of the round, but Golovkin isn't moved.

We're under way...

Gennady Golovkin and Kell Brook in action

What a sound coming from inside the O2 Arena as the first round begins in London. 

Time for the @SpecialKBrook Can he do it? It's is GGG too strong? me and brook about 10 year ago ha! #GGGBrook

Time for the @SpecialKBrook Can he do it? It's is GGG too strong? me and brook about 10 year ago ha! #GGGBrook

Get Involved #bbcboxing

Your Brook v Golovkin predictions

Vincent Watts: GGG will adjust to the speed and it won't go past 3, as much as I hate to say it..

Jarleth Eaton: There aren't many better things in sport than hearing Michael Buffer say: "LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

Kenny Jarvis: Desperate for a Brook win, my head is trying to find a way to match my heart, but I just can't see it.

Anthem time

Gennady Golovkin ahead of the fight

Kell Brook stays poker faced, eyes on his opponent, as the crowd and his backroom team belt out the national anthem, before the world champion breaks out into a little clap.

GGG pulls one of those golden gloves to his chest as the Kazakh anthem is played, he looks calm and collected.

It's nearly fight time....

David Haye

Former world heavyweight champion on BBC Radio 5 live

There's a supreme confidence emanating from Triple G tonight. Golovkin walked to the ring without a care in the world.

Time for GGG

'All of the Lights' by Kanye West is Brook's choice to enter the ring, and now it's Triple G's turn.

He won't be fazed by sections of the crowd who have a little boo. Those are soon shut down, as 'Seven Nation Army', as always, accompanies the most feared middleweight in the world in the ring for his first fight in London.

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Your Brook v Golovkin predictions

Kell Brook walks out

Kris Catley: 'Kell Brooks on fire, GGG is terrified' Quality chant from the crowd.

Coolj3t: Think we need to see how well Kell takes Golovkin power but I'll have go with my fellow Brit and say decision to Kell.

Peter Coleman: I hope that I'll be proved wrong but I think Brooks is kidding himself. Two weight divisions is too much.

Here comes Kell...

Michael Buffer announces Kell Brook

The lights go down in the O2 Arena, the countdown begins, and here comes Kell 'Special K' Brook.

If they weren't already, the nerves will be kicking in now for the Sheffield fighter who has stepped up two weights to fight the unbeaten middleweight champion.